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Peer-to-Peer – Learning for a wi(l)der knowledge
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Delia, one of the co founders and the President of P2PU, will showcase some of P2PU current and future cool projects - and some of the surprising results that come out of learning by the seat of your pants.
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that was that was
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the it's nice to be here I to think that
you know that the contents of minds as the sponsors for making and possibly to come to this amazing content is my 1st time the public and I just think that's a mind-blowing amazing event so I'm based in Sydney on an estate in copyright policy like that works for the state useful sector in the Australian vocation education system and part of my job obviously is dealing with copyright issues to do education of which life and I occasion is an increasingly important part when we're trying to harness ICT as a means of actually delivering a great educational outcomes and so but what about what about copyright today I may mention that slightly so that have the end of the room screaming and go on to talk to you about today is about at the university which is on 1 of the co-founders of which was started in 2009 and with 9 people seeing what we could do on the we're trying to create sort of of an online social an experiment and to our surprise climate in 9 pilot programs we found that there was an incredible designed by people to harness at any opportunity education and since then they would probably you know uh rather 550 horses so i'm just start with a really startling kind of projections
that for from shared John Daniel who is the president and CEO of the Commonwealth of Learning and if you look at those produced in year 1 3rd of the world's population is under 15 to data
158 million people enrolled in tertiary education projections suggest that participation OK at 263 million in 2025 so basically to accommodate the extra 105 million students we need to build major universities every week for the next 15 years that this style and this is at way we can meet the current demand for high quality education but by building brick and mortar so what we need to do is try and has the the internet and phone because you need people not just the internet to create online all open meetings and work our way so we need you to participate and get access to greater education brightly in so we have a lot of a triangle him with a problem and because the cost and that annexes is this huge I'm 1 of the last term in in i companies image originating in probably of my accent so that on 1 of the last the last generation they got a free university education museums I know that many places like Germany had still a fabulous free tissue education system in many countries around the world New-Zealand Canada the UK and America Asia you have to pay off a lot of money to go to university and in the usual way of doing this to a student loan so this is a kind of problem and also people in developing
countries and transition economies in and had the same opportunities to go differences in the heart of the Free University Humboldt or London School of Economics nodes important each 1
there are ways that we can get a little including an integer cations of a slight change in people so this is the other issue we had another that worried about this because you're all sitting
here at the moment and you could be or like this in a minute but keep going on this but that basically and additional ways to be linear in various settings is really boring and so we need to think of ways of ensuring that education all remaining becomes a great big adventure
rather than being something that you know you must do to get it is difficult to get a job and another graph here which basically
shows us just how engaged we are in a traditional learning environment including you guys to you in the audience so this is a child of a very small experiment that was done at MIT Media Lab
and the student was then as a proxy for engage in activity not look at the result on the side if to right right hand side of the yellow markers there which talks about the class activity being in the lecture hall
and you can see different activities where at the node labels with a son who might let doing household chores you homework load activity a social as of that so now the frightening thing about this show that is based on the lowest level of activity recorded using these proxies was we knew in and classroom intellectual but even sleep has a higher activity label then it is sitting a class you had a high actually just watching television and that drives me crazy so it tells us something about the wording education and may not be working so again this is a really kind of telling thing to do do now I promised you many shielded about copyright today so far I've done in the axis remixing sharing culture and so is a really big obstacle education
particularly open online education the
Internet is changed everything that has devised huge opportunities for to give millions of people around the world access to education for novel very very low cost but we just saw simply can't copying and communicate other people's maturity even if it's freely available on the internet we have to buy the long winter if they get permission from the copyright owner or we have to rely on free use exceptions and they differ from country to country to country and some countries have more flexible
educational use exceptions like America with its they use regime in career and Israel and other countries have like I 45 and exceptions in the privatization which is suited for protocol appear in a video recorder it just does not so much the new age of the classroom at and incorporated
learning it doesn't say remixing culture and this you know and this is going to be a big long fight to get legislation around the world and in in trade treaties just trying get the balance
right so what we have to do instead is harness the open movement open-source software open education resources by the nexus publishing open science open data to make to make use of this the sort of information materials as a way of actually giving
people would education so as I said the column model is pretty broken so here's this kid OK commendable that's
well basically what we have here is trying to do it is that we want to give you more opportunities for lifelong learning even even if the people official development all you wanna because you're curious and so what we wanna do is help make education more accessible open have and and creative so we want to build a basically for things you wanna build new and interesting ways to link together and we want to use the Web as a platform for learning we don't wanna build a new portal will use the use of that form we wanna use open source software and content as as as our material and you wanna support encourage group work and community engagement we don't want to focus on doing massive delivery of content we actually 1 to small
quality in GATE content we wanted to the school for a very very low cost wanna do it on a shoestring budget my head I'm doing at any 1 also share how we doing with everyone else so they can also do that if they want to uh that's all by
themselves that's what you you want to do so what and not university in the report of cells in the universe and we're a small agile and grassroots and not-for-profit organization exists virtually and we are University of the we're sorry that is at built by the European community but we're quite different from what was your density at the loss of institutional basis we are doing meaning outside institutional we have recall that here's the physical value is openness and without courses are completely open the licensed under CC BY share like you to do what you like with them you can deliver the offline integrate them you can translate into anything you like as long as you comply the CC share license the 2nd core values community we are an open community while causes that and designed and run by volunteers hundreds of we all help each other out so we very course we designed for some of you when you cause that we reviewed the register when they get to
monocotyledons out with units the or your summons passionate so that so that community we would not exist at all and that's really really important part of it as well and what what we also this is
not a place the does come and take of course as a place which you can come to learn how to take the a course or to make courts so we now have developed since 2009 intra-community of practitioners
at with people that the expectation of identity a online outside of it that it almost but the alone and that is also a core value as well and what we mean by we have committed to it because we think feedback improves in both of the person giving feedback and the person receiving the feedback also closely associated with a very good skills of communication conflict resolution negotiations see an interstate under this incredibly important skill that we need to be at developing and encouraging so what we're trying to do is that the self the value so I missed that fear that you can see the report peer-to-peer visit that I've missed it so what we're trying to do is develop a place that you can come and find the best of them to also in get inspired by some examples of what we've done we can give you receive this start your own projects out which you can take a course on how to make a call so you can get help from a community of like-minded people to help you going through the process and basically some of you here might achieve inspired not partner with us and introduces himself on the on the on the guy sorry his out
different model it's all about the kind of people working together project based learning and
having passion it's about trying to create passionate in and amazingly it does seem to we seem to have got some secret sauce they get people doing crops the so
this will not talk about some of the cool stuff that we've
been doing in until that some cool stuff going to doing direct conference by into thinking what could be possible now we have we appropriated and that the moniker or the idea of the school constant on the additional education universities and basically got some crank collaborators who have helped us create our vision of schools which is basically linear communities around particular topic areas so we've got the School of items are told about a minute with Creative Commons with the school of education that has a number of different partners like MIT Media Lab at MIT course where I how shallow over a huge Foundation and some great kind I've and inspirational teachers we had scored over a profit of very very very useful that we do with Mozilla and that you know which we started in 2010 has gone from strength to strength with the school of dance and that is something we're doing in partnership with Open Knowledge Foundation so I talk about some cool stuff
that we've done but the mechanical model and this is something that we did in 2000 and threatening sented thousand 13 began thinking that well what we do is that was something you could do it to try and sort of had the mode and then somehow use technology to bring people to work to
live together in intimate communities so we basically got content MIT so of course there some communities surviving studying is an exercises encode rejoin more
together with the mainland coordinated attitude activity in several robot up the that's not how he with another way to talk to it now and basically the big mechanical work or the robot just acted like a meaningless that allowed organizers to loop into various components as soon as they're not signed up In doing so the activities the e-mails of up to remind them socially that during the word and so that that was
actually a really interesting kind of thing now we used that same concept to mechanical work in other courses and it's
it it basically no cost that you had other Cervantes was like that so and again with both source code and documentation to show you how you can use a mechanical moved to do something different is that there's also library showing the various things we can do that now also been doing another great porcelain science and this was heightened young academics and you know and Young and young Scientist all edges to try and make them you know champion
things and on that using light science so using you know in bringing in a whole lot of people from the open science communities in various organizations to give panel discussions and which we call on Google hangout and again the idea was that in telling people how you can actually start
doing in science and I want to about this of the School of Open we've had because have loads of this initiative credit commons there's been lots of stuff done ABC for Liberians and and Columbia
Europe-wide in Spanish but not the copyright for for academics and culture people in Romania we had and the medication that can and island could look see of China which is helped I ellipsoid sources to a very remote
community with that with that of a lost generation was the parents with mainland China and I knew that she gets system resources but so the school of Open adjectives is a great example of a global reach of the Internet how actually not we can do this by actually giving local communities power so what happened in the and in union we had
to settle stories and till stories is this the to do with as caught the eye the vitamin Kinnear we had a bunch of students who would kind of set of having to carry water unfriendly didn't class statement coming in as well as evidence calling Kaneohe and so of wine during the courses through the school of I and that web
development in that continent but managed to kind of find on Twitter and use everything's access to a real common in the Netherlands it being taught them how to make the incoming system so they actually solve the problem of actually not
having to carry water in more after Dejan classes that is an amazing story the 2nd 1 thing out with a high school student who began finding in MIT course there on the internet and YouTube videos we thought well what must be a great opportunity for us to sort of lied perhaps harnesses take these Octavius and develop some open education courses in English to have causing in single they all speak french so he worked with this
English club and it's called and being developed a holding this program on this stuff as well so again amazing things happen you got the school of dada is also happening with the
European uh Knowledge Foundation just to
that of the school of education to look at the some online but let's look at some of the stuff that
that and so at 96 think this course is actually due to come to start and this is the cost will play with your music as the new edition of the course
and it's often in collaboration we we do most of our major because of collaborators with the New York Times an school and with Peter Gabriel the
recording artists including an audio in 0 1 of his his percussionist and the son of orders that was involved in 1 of his and uh reports a so so yes so what is doing this and this this is giving us out of his attracts SB-HMM is 1 trait is giving us the other 1 is in your arms and basically anyone of any musical ability can come into the schools in your learning how to use to major and songs using the latest tools in the where are you
also have some access to expect in a group on song songwriting and order it if it makes you also give a shit this on SoundCloud so this is this is an amazing collaboration and between you know at the Neil Simon fallen the university and so
that is something I encourage you to have a look at online now player you and your music it's OK to get your stocks on this stinkin sign-ups alright now the next thing I talked to you about is this school into the Internet of Things is another new school just probably gonna launch sometime in 2010
so the Internet of Things the new landscape aware our daily objects and environments that in each of these need so we think that offers some meaning some interesting opportunities to discover relevant everyone when so
because that developing some courses that introduce you to the new technologies and things and you can use to be specific tolls to analyze design and make you are an Internet of Things projects so as not just about making it a sheet of schools actually and getting getting you do with others to design another your and items with the others to analyze it before you actually being at designed to make it so that's another exciting project as well and of course the other we repositioning got a group of 2 point com this is very exciting
so this is kind of a dedicated to helping those are not a college to teach at other people we set support of a profit teaching people to code never going to the level which is teaching people to teach others how to call current and this is our school of
about 2 point and I think this is kind be great and this is launching on May the 12th in 3 of 40 trade trade data 14 tossed helping people learn how to teach the development which he hangouts Twitter and you know I mean it's again be encouraged to make weekly makes ablative teaching kits for others and again this
is all done by volunteers so I'll just off the and and like you
and your audience we we we want you know to to invite anyone to come and have to play and live in an experiment of us but it's freed it's by open
and close to the same constant and you can't you're welcome to come experiment your learning or develop your own projects and need welcome to take up right away and another level we also welcome to stay in keep experiment that's thank you very much for your time the right of
figure in the middle of a few for questions all the questions yeah the cameraman it can be
yet so about this film in the cover race no I I've sort of to
to the camera on the back of my recent they have debates about learning on the Internet and universities and understand the trends describing the 1 of the things that I did you find here that you and I couldn't unfortunately so you all the types of mutual maybe said something about that but I wonder in universities when you have some not roots of the context in educational was more universities has been have been created the staff of the cost of the bigger and 1 of the big complaints is that there is no one-to-one interactions and with with his duties you have any ideas all you could apply a better way of interacting on an individual level with your students what you think there is a danger that the trend of online universities is going to create and another fear of general of universal levels we have that leads the Möbius secondly it means so the universities and the online will become something for the only
wall as if the Christian looked universities and and they ask like they are struggling at the moment and I think that you've you've got this this struggling and since that do you actually get better from going having a traditional university education that obviously due to doing things like law medicine or architectural some is the fictional there but I think that the problem we've got is that
complex universities funding and you might you might so the find some are going to survive in the next 20 years you might see a reduction in universities and that may not be
good for us either and so I we try and work alongside in this case we
don't see ourselves as competitors and we also tried to things that she fled of the universe is answer which may be able to adapt and play with us in science some but there is a danger of university is
becoming too elitist and the fuel and so maybe we do need to start exploring opportunities things like that university or things like the University where people can get access to different official development if you're a minute it's it's a
really dangerous time I think for education enable questions below so that it looks like it here
and in