Defending Human Rights worldwide - Learning from the best

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Defending Human Rights worldwide - Learning from the best
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The world is waking up to injustices and inequities. And it is happening simultaneously in various countries and communities. And now these communities are beginning to inspire and help each other. This phenomenon, facilitated by the internet and technology, is leading society into completely unchartered territory. We will discuss how and why this is happening, and where this will lead. NOT TO BE MISSED!
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morning and so it lessons in morning and telephone is working on in pleasure to have you here I'm really excited to have some very eminent guests with us today and I'll introduce you in more detail later but Bianca Jagger is going from London and um and colleagues of Philippe and offer have flown in from Brazil for this event so I'm very excited to have them here and
the i want to set the states initially for a few minutes talk about on this event are panel since uh discuss basically what some of the learning is that I've had over the course of the last 2 years work in the area of human rights activism uh cheesemakers etc cetera so my assessment is that's a lot of activists are usually very frustrated and very angry it is a dual lot of very very hard work and they don't always see major successes or any successes so I'm interested bring some good news and then somehow and the reason for that is that's from the work that we're doing we've seen some trends you identify some trends that may not be immediately obvious so that's what I wanna talk about very briefly and then the unfriendly that will give you more details of the work that they're doing but so we're an organization that works were lied when you that form and we've established how great the contact with networks activist networks news networks grassroots bottom-up networks all around the world and through that contact you von we've had a lot of very deep insights into many phenomenon worldwide that may not be hitting the headlines of the moment and if so the assessment is that we are very near when I Serrania I am speaking in civilization timeline to a brand new horizons I know it sounds like a cliche but I will try to explain why I believe that I got a new horizon would still be very different than anything we're used to annotate you've seen before a yeah so there is a few interesting trends that you observe 1 of them is all the different ways in which our society is divided and the debates that we have the narrative that established and the way we we divide ourselves some and there's always a new way in
which we can divide our so that society so it there is at least more Servette western what divide this left wing was writing eyes you most of you would consider yourselves that finger right on liberals conservatives different political parties and countries nations themselves are a positive vision and grace is our cause a division is very easy to differentiate to divide people by race because something very visible as very obvious and it and it's that elicits a lot of emotions and religion again is a very obvious way to divide people but so the reality
actually that that we you come to the conclusion is that all of these edges destruction it's not this divided actually
real their manufacture so the real divide we believe is between the
empowered for the entitled so all the powerful and the disenfranchised and this is the claim on making is that this is a divided is universal is not by country or by race or by religion actually a universal divide that's only divide that actually matters that's a real device that's a divide that needs to be overcome it
so how what are we doing about it and what what can be done about it so
what is happening is the 2nd category the disenfranchise the on empowered
there are now beginning to come together for the 1st time while they're always been coming together but I would say that coming together like never before in a very anyway facilitated by technology and the Internet so that's really the new thing that the the team using that is happening that is going to change our work in the coming years yes but and this is becoming a global movement so if you noticed um the headlines over the last few years the Brazilian riots that started with the and the bus fare
situation started out in the same year as the occupy movement in the US in right center at the uh the arab spring all of them
happened in the course of 2 3 years so there is something happening which is which is global and which represents the disenfranchising on empowered to actually coming to a state a realization that all the games that have been playing on the global stage have nothing to do with them is a game being played between different empowered people and now they're saying actually is not about you guys is not about left or right it's not about different political parties is about us so that is a very new thing and I hear that all the time in different countries and within different communities and and that's really begin to break down the artificial barriers and focus on the thing that is important yeah and this about self-empowerment at assessing the most
important word I can use today is self empowerment right so the empower and entice unless had absolutely no incentive to empower the UN empowers the only way there's going to be changed is when the UN empowered is you power and only where there was no that is by 7 power right and that is actually happening in a big way what where it
then the next important thing is that so so you have these people on power were not empowering themselves and they have already started organizing themselves into different groups and networks and all these networks are spread around the word in different communities based on different things so it could be for example a political movement in Brazil for it could be a social movement and LGBT movement in Asia and Hong Kong why could be a source of political movement in it's a etc. so they all um networks based on a certain location or a certain thing and that the new thing that is happening that we observed by being again tested on these communities is that they all now beginning to coalesce to begin to come together the being to
learn from each other they're being to be inspired by its other so this this is becoming taking on an exponential of form and so this is the key
point is that independent networks were actually very busy developing their own following their own and the
users um uh they're all influence are now beginning to work with each other around work right because a barriers but across word having broken down by the internet by the slides people can can slide easily get to meet each other looking same in the eye and say what are you doing and how can we help each other also by by new collaborative consumption concepts like every saying each other's policy Benito's cultures around the words this very grass-roots but it's very powerful at the same time and so this is the prediction right it's a
ball 1 but the prediction is that in the coming years the collective power of the UN and power were overcome the unique power of the empire and that's what's going to create a new society and where we fit into this why am I
talking about this so we established a new network all around the world use that form quality and 1 of the things we're doing is we're becoming a network of networks this is again a very new thing so we're beginning to connect existing networks that I was talking about earlier so some example there many more examples of some of them are a Sudanese independent journalist network a median injure grassroots activist organization Brazil you to hear from in a 2nd Global Voices I'm sure most of you are familiar with all voices their frequent speaker in this event a drink uses a validation grassroots organization did you want here uh makes reviews about neglected communities in India and brave new influences as a Hollywood producer and they make films about um uh basic injustices happening in America for example the prison industry complex set so all these are not coming together on 1 network
and the power of this network is basically going to surpass the previous or existing power structures so that's that's our
assessment and because of that we believe that the war in the coming years will be very different from the word that you ever seen before we can plot even imagine that most of us tend to accept the late the past into the future and we believe the word would be incrementally better but
actually we believe there's is going to be a point of inflection a tipping point beyond which you will see a very very different word word that is much more just much more equal and must warfare I know it sounds like a dream but I believe that in the stick with everything that we're doing 1 of us then that thing is not too far away so good that I will
introduce you to on to be under Jagger but yet has been involved from for many decades 3 decades in the fight for human rights or just review were our bio the better that is a founder and chair of the others side of Human Rights Foundation Council of Europe goodwill ambassador and
member of the Executive Director of views of Council of MS Amnesty International USA a prominent international human rights social justice and climate change
advocate for over 3 decades has been a voice for the most vulnerable members of society campaigning for human rights civil liberties peace social justice and environmental protection throughout the war she is the recipient of numerous prestigious international awards for human rights and humanitarian work including in 2004 the right libel award also known as the alternative Nobel Prize 97 Amnesty International USA media spotlight Award for Leadership 94 or the united nations of Earth Day International Ward 2006 the word Citizenship Award from the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation pleasant for word Achievement award by Mikhail Gorbachev of 97 the blue green global Award from the Rainbow Alliance set etc. so you get the idea and she has 3 doctorates onerous cows are the doc Figure law from the University of East London in 2010 adopted of human rights from Simmons College Boston entered 2008 and adopted of humanities from still in college Massachusetts in 83 and we're really really order and proud for her to join us today so that it would be and the
few so I that the word that the thank you and for that kind introduction please can you
do me a favor there are some empty seats in the front and I would love to see you rather than to have you so far away so if you become come closer to me and it is very exciting to see you and to see so many people from all walks of life willing to live by Gandhi's to be the change you wish to see in the world I'm you know I have lived by that principle i'm because I believe that individuals can make a difference and I know that this conference is so as special because
you know the people here I believe that we can make a difference and we can and we must realize that no matter how powerful this special interests corporations and governments who do not want to do what is necessary to save our planet they will listen to our if we are not together cohesive and if we understand that we have the power to make a difference in the world and so contrary to some celebrities as some people will say to you don't vote I will say to you please be engage please vote please make sure that it is 1 of our studies elected to office that it is 1 of us that is elected to rule the world and to hold you countries the world today stands on the caps of various Debian points environmental economic
nuclear we are going to need every 1 of you to make a difference for those of you who don't know me and I hope that a lot of you understand English I know that Germans are good at speaking other languages contrary to many other countries I am I have campaigned for over 30 years for human dried social justice and environmental protection I was make Council of Europe have for the abolition of the death penalty in 2003 and I was honored to receive the ri livelihood reward otherwise known as the alternative Nobel Prize in 2004 and with the prize money I founded the Bianca Jagger human dry Fundación bj try in 2005 to be a force for change and a voice for the most vulnerable members of society I am in great pain so I hope that I will be able to convey my message to you but I thought it was really important that I come to believe in a city that I love to speak to all of you I would like to tell you a letter about myself because it is not good for you to see people that common gives speeches and you don't know anything about them and what has motivated because often people ask me where why what make you change what made you the person that you are and some people think that perhaps I change today I divorced my ex-husband but I wanted to let them know that no I didn't change they I was I was born in Nicaragua I was born under an oppressive government and that is what made me change when I was 10 years old my parents divorced and my mother found herself single without a profession with 3 small children to care for I watch it being discriminated because of had gender and status this painful experience inspired me to commit myself to speaking of a woman's right during those years I believed that I could have made a difference because of what my mother taught me unctad teenager I felt powerless when I learned of of the terror inflicted by samosas National Guard i in Nicaragua and all I could do was participate in demonstrations against the government's brutality earlier early in my life I made a decision to seek an education that would protect me from during my mother's I was determined not to be treated and regarded as a second-class citizen because of my gender or my status I never wanted to find the powerless in the face of discrimination of atrocities committed by powerful prices and that is why I have such a hope when I see all of you here together when I know that young people are not on the young people are determined to see a change in the world was my mother's support I left Nicaragua with a scholarship from the French government to study political science they have been very is simply for me in my life perhaps the most important 1 was in out when I was visiting a refugee camps in Honduras when the death squads enter cross the border entered the refugee camp and intent to adopt the refugees to take them back to be killed in In a Salvador and I was a member of a the US congressional delegation and the 5 of us blast the relief workers the mothers and the daughters and the families of the people that have been adopted we decided to follow the death squads which where about setting people and they were wearing bandanas and our military equipment and add radio sophisticated writer and act out 47 and and that so we decided to follow them along the river the river bed and at 1 point they turn around and they say to themselves and we could always hear that that the son of a bitch are catching up with us and 4 MB known reasons perhaps because it's thought that they will have to kill us all and that we were screaming Spanish that they will have to kill us all but that they could get away with it happened that they turn around and the left and go well I want to tell you that and that was for me a turning point to know that because some people with that some people perhaps that they start where American I am not and British Nicaragua because they thought that perhaps it will have to kill too many that they decided to relieve the refugees and that was the beginning of my and my life as a human dry defender and I came back to the US to testify about what I have seen in Central America and to warn the Americans that was the regionalization of the war and that was just before but the Contra war in Nicaragua my
foundation has various campaigns and the most important campaign at the moment that we have declared that is to end violence against women and girls and to
call on 2 where leaders to include ending violence against women and girls not in the Millennium Development Goals would you believe that in 2000 when they met where leaders forgot to include ending violence against women and girls i don't know you have been following what is happening in Nigeria it made my blood boil I couldn't sleep last nite when i so if that tweet weeks later the president of Nigeria has finally spoken about the 270 something there that were abducted that until today we don't know what they are doing anything to be able to recover those girls I am I know we can make a difference and when we talk about making a difference what is really inspiring for me is to see that women today I'd really determined to end violence against women and girls they are 16 million girls on the way to school that are and sexually assaulted and so I call on 1 Mrs. Merkel to be the leader that will call on other leaders EU include ending violence against women and girls on the post Millennium Development Goals in 2015 it is really important it is crucial I I know that what they can do they can do it and they must do it and so 1 of the things that I would like you to be able to do is pleased to use the hashtag ending violence against women and girls in 2015 and to focus yourself on what is happening today in Nigeria the the the gesture has another a company which she's we calling for a reform of all model of development a model of development that the includes respect for human rights and good governance on and respect for the environment not what we have throughout the world i companies that on the name of some progress and development have been destroying our environment and 1 of the work that I have been doing supported indigenous peoples throughout the world and perhaps if we can talk about successful campaign is the campaign that will launch in India together with Amnesty International and action because I believe that we can do more and we can be more effective when we work together I believe that if we work with grass-roots organization if we work with you people throughout the world if we organizations instead of working 1 against each other we work together we can make a difference and it is what we did in support of the common people in in your reset India and the common people want in the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court that decided that they could say whether they wanted this big mining company called Vedanta which he's 8 at in English company from India that wanted to come to mine bauxite in that in that in that much in the beautiful mountains that they believe that it was sacred and what is it what I did well I wrote a letter to the prime minister of india Out my hand seen at the time I wrote a letter to the Chief Minister ovaries who I knew before he became the Chief Minister I put that on Twitter I put it on facebook I got people to twitter about it and to make a noise about it I went there I went to see and I went the action a and I work together with with an Amnesty International unattended the annual shareholders meeting it is so important for us to be at shareholders meeting it is so important for us to buy 1 share so that we can go in it is so important for us to have all voices among them it is perhaps you would say it is easy for you beyond the to be able to bound to be a shoulder to shoulder with this people well I'm not sure the 2 shoulders with it but I want them to hear my voice I want companies like chevron who would destroy the environment and really in danger the life of people in Ecuador to know that we will hold them accountable that we will not forget what they doing that we will demand that they be hold accountable in a court of law and the other and campaign of the Gangetic human driver nation that that I'm that we're working on is to establish crimes against present and future generations so that we can not only hold accountable companies but that we can hold accountable see all under management for the decisions that they make for irreparable damage to the environment for grave human try and for grave human tried crimes but you know if you follow me on Twitter at the and the Jagger you would see that every day I try to give a voice to those who have no voice I tried to hold accountable companies I tried to not give you all the information that you need about Monsanto because I believe that we must defeat a company like Monsanto because I believe that we must and move away from fossil fuels and
embrace that renewable energy that we must move away from nuclear power I believe that we can
achieve all of that I will be really believe that we can make a difference because all planet he said states and we have the capacity and we have the power to be able to make a difference in the world so thank you very much for being here and thank you and I hope that I will see you on Twitter the if it and In this work and they could younger as always extremely inspiring and what hardware others pizzas Olin you to and every time I here's the idea is even more excited inspired and in our next panelists next and last panelist is Philippe Altun further uh he is thrown in from Brazil or the the founder and chief editor of media ninja itself an organization
that you that you already heard often if you haven't uh you will soon come to an end you should uh mean just stands there in English it won't translate very well for the acronym but it stands for independent narratives journalism and action in Portuguese it doesn't work in English does on the other hand is a Brazilian free media collective 2000 collaborators in more than 200 collectors connecting Brazil and Latin America and is also responsible for organisational of an off axis circuit which runs more than 150 independent festivals in Brazil and the thing that strikes me personally most about Philippe and their 2000 collaborators is that they actually live their dreams delivering collectives and their full-time 24 7 occupation is to create a deep social change in Brazilian society some again very honored to have Felipe here have uh well enough to know what everybody an calling of firewood truly words with those on and you're removing something the why we talk uh well 1st of
all it's very special to us to be we tend to the Republican administration to standard and not just for invite us to be here but the trees viewing a new platform we 1st and the idea to be here talking about human rights in I think that the best way that I can collaborate it's just sharing our experience things that leaving the resu but in a reality where we had to transform a lot of difficult into opportunities and the region Joneja as any th is not something that came from 1 idea is not some like you guys brainstorming and saying well let's create an independent channel it's something that we just have because of a process of historical processes already and the our 1st step that initially at 5 years ago 6 years ago a winning resu we had the quality of the music industry and there was no underground scenario being structure rated before sold the opportunity have that we had in this situation is to propose a new practical Mouldo but to give a new life to 1 of the most available string of the Brazilian future which is our music uh so we just realized that we could change the old model so that it works basically we've already shown recording called bunnies major commercial rituals to river late very few artists beer and we could change it into a very grassroots important experience connecting independent festivals all over Brazil a we started all this feeling that kind of a very favorable environment uh we had to move those government starting seems 2002 true we have a sure better she was ministerial future uh so it was a very good time to start toward collectivity and she started to connect match works all over Brazil so we kind of grew very fast we started collecting 5 collectives and after 5 years we were talking about more than 200 sees uh we start making 5 independent festivals and very 1st we were talking about a platform with 150 events use words like 5 thousand the experi years it's about 30 thousand independent arts using this new met that tribute with lots of people In 2011
so we just felt that our Paul said they all
x and it was something that we started collecting far away from so following huge gender and then we just felt that we were already good point to move to solve follow and start to shake the feeling from 1 of the major cities of Brazil and when she went to solve follow some very interesting things happen our you w's don't you 2 of those things the first one is that tube you just met fossils much work we always had to do our own media thing that pre-fault since the beginning it's OK the traditional Brazilian regions used and will take a long time to understand what we are and once they understand it they will not like it a lot because enjoying to break the way that the work uh so we just created our own media platforms since the beginning and once removed to solve all we start to get closer to more traditional social movements and we started to apply our independent media to not just to promote an underground music scene but to give visibility to lots of different social fights and social issues so we get together uh with the environmental movement doing campaigns about some laws that were being we get together with the movement that it is proposing a new drugs policy to is 0 we get together with the movement which is fighting against the homophobic crimes in this kind of thing we get together with groups that it we're working with you urban mobility questions and we start to have dealt with these people and get our we use them as a more active these major system and another thing that happened that no we started to be like interviewed by lots of journalists we leaving the quality house with 30 people a lot of journalists went there to see 0 how are you guys hold your water and once they had experience to be combined with 1st the like it that and we started to talk together and we get a very interesting conclusions we saw that we were living in the communication industry in Brazil a very similar kind of crisis that we could observe 5 years ago in the music industry so we just plot the prefix seem to put together people that came from acute to created with journalists with activists to start a new media system and that's where the genuine just came from but we just really a
Facebook page we travel to Tunisia last year to toward social follow it was our 1st Coleridge it was good to be there Tunisia is the place
where started the whole Globo spring feeding and award social 4 weeks a very important event for the Brazilian movements so we just get back to our beginning to start we came back to pursue we went to the gym part of the country called ring some environmental fights and then suddenly into 1 of the last year it's just started off very big wave of protists actually starts with people fighting against the radius of the bus fare but police did a very brutal repression and his repression a big wave of and huge crowds of like million people 60 100 thousand people 700 thousand people start you went to the streets to produce not just for the bus fare but for human rights for data democratization of the major sea stand for a new drug policy for politics that
feeds better utilization of the public space and whatever it is moment our traditional major was just unprepared to deal with this situation so they were like fuming defeating from a helicopter and speech in 4 ways to enjoy miles away from the produced and we just get our mobiles over cameras we went very into it and did a real-time Coleridge so when people get
back to their homes they was watching the massive major they were being criminalized be repeating college vandals and when they went to our page there was all like strongly emerges they were feeling much represented and is made has grown very fast in terms of visibility and credibility have died yet of uh
it was a nite it during the Confederations at the it was a poker call panel of polystyrene we saw ball adult and after approaches of group of other kids they just went to destroy disband and is moment there was no major very cold
there actually any kind of life Coleridge and we were lifestreaming it with a mobile and some believe thousands of people we started to watch just was mentioned in the end of the nite we have you reach 180 thousand people but using the presidency things to measure to the audience is the same that 2 points and there's lots of TV channels that have to spend lots of money to get the point to point and a half so it's still totally shake the communication debate it was that mobile like it of its a broken iPhone with Fourier I use prepaid plan and we got the same Augenstein lots of TV channels we shake the debate of communication and it was interesting because then the major started to treat like a team in the morning after that nite our blocks just walk up with these lots of interview requests only we want to talk to you guys see what's this new feeling it is moment we got 2 options so we could have a more radical posture and say OK you know we're not talking to massive major we we don't believe you we wanna keep on our way and we will abuse our credibility or defense but we have another option that it would be to offset this dialog and understand that it would be our best opportunity a tuple a step ahead on a
classical challenge of the Free Media Movement reduced to pulp to more people that for the ones that already follow the political debate to talk to the not organizing people so we just effects challenge we went to lots of major exposition and then we had a 2nd boom and we started to talk with restive origins sees very cheap platforms once they are cheap and once they're technologies are very simple but we could also share our technical knowledge of a spectacle knowledge and we helped to inspire a very big match work has lots of qualities to the much here it's some mining Dr.
study that was produced will be 1 of the main . 4 weeks of producing numerous all those names here they are independent media qualities of sold when they are connected by talking about the same gene on the networks so we are able to reach even bigger audience and to try to face you know people to equal challenge will with the traditional massive me just thinning resu which are very conservative major system and we need to break it day by day so after we realize this is bigger movements uh
we started to be very consistent in very important public questions so we are getting more visibility to the social fights like of the indigenous those people are like the things that are happening in Rio Janero now we're very close to the word go and there's a pacification policy going on the ascending lots of military diaries is an idea to the father was to have the the people column to the World Cup so there's lots of violence for you on the country is leaving lots of of projections and we are involve
a and giving visibility to these issues there the moment the trees leaving now it's a very intense here the doing of football that it so you're we've to half we have before let word go up in the 1st half we would elections In the 2nd 1 and what we
believe in this moment is the moment where the activities and the movements uh we need to be very creative we need to be very smart because if we all to try to march again during the word cup we will be repressed by DIV gets during the security of the city now and you have the public oppinion based us because everybody wants to see the football matches of so the matter is how can we be specifically how can we use the body characteristic to the movement so what we are planning to the Word
Cup is to be a kind of we a kind of occupation in a very big square in downtown Rio de
Janeiro where will be collecting a lot activities of lots of different social movements and it's the moment where the the whole war at we'll be looking to pursue and we just know that it's the proper time to send a message to get this false at the tribute of narratives and to shoulder ward of prototypes of new possible words using what we call social technologies is when you recognize that the popular knowledge produce outside of the university it's also science if you systematize to you if you share it so we can learn about a lot of pursuing this moment about being creative about being solidarity that is images very good he would yeah it's up the street cleaners strike and they just stop their work during the time before we knew rewrote this year it's a moment where you want the million tourists in the town of so the garbage just started to roll over and in the beginning of the mayor when to global the biggest TV channel and he just said OK this is dry cleaners but they are not
all the workers is just a minor group who is forcing the stripes
and we just get again the mobile use the cameras we went into it and we just show that note that it was workers that they had a very fair re-vindication and after 1 week of strike the secede and but the very significant you've raised but that was what those was saying before too close is that we we have a very special moment in was you we have very of very intense enviroment of qualities of much works with lots of experience to share and we're here in a in a very special moment to us announcing this new platform that we are building together with proximity it to be a major major . oximetry don't call and it's put things in them a much better perspective wants you will be able to check already translated the cold and reproduce it for all our collaborators in was you well we're here more
days will be lots of time to change a G. as we will open now for some questions and think you the have they you fully flag in very very inspiring um 2 very different approaches to
pursue the same objectives as we were today but on if you're going to the work of uh in Brazil this year a while you can was at all on of symmetry you will see the words and the 1 that the real version of what's happening in Brazil as which is what I believe in his organization will be talking about input train worse is the official version of the shiny uh clean happy version that you will hear from mainstream news media and Bianca wanted to talk about uh more work and observations about Brazil's of these guys
it is better for me to stand at this many people have a very close the image
of what's happening in Brazil but I wanted to tell you that come in Brazil and under the government of President Dilma Rousseff you have she has a project to build 40 dams in the Amazon currently they're building the monsters from let project of Monday the Belo Monte dam will be if it's ever built will be this said largest and down in the world I wrote an article for the have imposed at about development to down being an environmental crime now the that amount to dam is causing tremendous harm to many indigenous tribes inside Brazil very little is known about that even though that is a huge campaign going on a gains development it down and and get many people don't understand that of course in Brazil they could have renewable energy they have the sun the wind and every opportunity to be able to have renewable energy to substitutes down and to to substitute fossil fuels so if you ever can you please support the campaign of the indigenous people against element it but I wanted to talk to you as well about because I didn't have time to say that I was born in Nicaragua and currently Daniel Ortega which is no longer at the great Daniel Ortega that many of us supported when we supported the Sandinista revolution the near Ortega has change the constitution 3 times and now you can be elected president-for-life he has a monstrous another monstrous plan to build a canal in Nicaragua a canal that will destroy our natural resources that would call peak would cost billions of dollars and he's doing that with a Chinese partner and that that will destroy not only the 2 great lakes that Nicaragua has but he would could destroy rainforest so there you have 2 countries Brazil a very powerful country that doesn't understand the at present that doesn't understand the value of the rain forest which is not only a value for the Brazilians but is a value for the entire world and who is going to but cause it tremendous damage to the cultures of indigenous tribes that depend on the Xingu River go so I I I I urge you to please go to some the articles of Bianca Jagger in the in the having opposed the American happen post where I write about all of these issues but let's let's when we leave this conference let's not just go and have left another conference let's seeing how we positively can make a difference how we can possibly a state and it together and how we can possibly make a difference in the world how can we influence our government and in fact I must say I admire the Germans because he was you resilience it was you commitment to demand from you government that you did 1 nuclear power that the government changes you we can and we have not been able to do that in the UK they we have a president that promote and not only nuclear power but the remote tracking and so fracking will cause there's a tremendous amount of damage throughout Europe and the US and many other countries so if anything I can say is less stand together against fossil fuels gains mall major dams like development if it gains fractal and against every scene that is destroying of planets and begins months and thank you very much
have think about it if it is very clear reader passion that our time is have for the the the the work they're doing some of we
have about 5 minutes left I'm aware like to hours audience if you have any questions for for any of us but while you're thinking about the question I would like to ask that question suppose if you a challenging question sold beyond all the passion the all of the great work you're doing can you share a real success stories that you have and been through and define it and explain it was what the problem was what you did and what was a successful result all in 1 minute each the and how well you do for us
it was going to do is I step by step of making difficult to interpret to it's in
the beginning there was no independent seemed to bands to play we started to organize festivals there was no people knowing about it we didn't do visibility to bad that we need money to finance all that we create an alternative human space a gold systematizing of work and we moved to some follow and the thing just blow as as I told it is fast sampled and the recent rulings on neck neutrality that you were
involved and that's a very good topic and I think there's a feud of interest here but there's a
long it it was a proofreading resu of 2 weeks ago it's domotic closer view of the Internet is like a 1st package of laws to about the internet and we get granted 3 vital points it is net neutrality net private privacy and freedom of speech and his law it was a complier of this you society the document it was rolled collaborative the for 400 people in a website we put it into the call as it was 4 years due to pressure a lot to a strong campaign to social metrics and use golden help but there's a lot because when he went to brazilian television at Delhi about that you well was being spied but if you just get more visibility so we're thinking and it has to do that beyond
those like a succession is success stories well is more than a success story
during the 90's I went to Bosnia and I was asked to evacuate 2 children Sabina Mohammad and Mohammad was suffering from it blue baby syndrome which is mean he was born with a hole in the heart and he was 8 years of age and Sabena was suffering from leukemia I was I was asked to evacuate but of course the international community did new 1 2 allowed refugees to that comes you know of running to Europe and to the US and open the floodgates
so I had to an ever play at these 2 children together In
was a half successful story but Muhammad was able to come back with me to the US and to have an operation and he was say even though I was a very difficult thing to do and Sabena unfortunately we waited so long and the United Nation High high commissioner and and the emperor for but the protection force is the new 1 2 allowed us to use the Arab or in Tuzla and by the time so the net and Mohammed and we got to speak Sabena had a brain hemorrhage each but if they have provided us with a helicopter she would have had an 80 percent chance of survival I so many children throughout the world what dining wars who we do not want to help out that the international community has a responsibility has a responsibility to the children that are dying today in Syria that has a responsibility to the people of in Burma and all total indifference to that yes there was a success story but there is so much more than we the international community and governments can do to stop the killing of innocent children thank you excellent for the northwestern
elective finished here
cells like there aren't any sold on that finish a thank you very much for for coming in attending this into to us patiently and good luck the as the conference will be here or um most of the 3 days and would love to talk to all of you thanks a lot of fear
is a man