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National Final of Telekom Innovation Contest
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On May 7th, the first 10 national finalists of Telekom Innovation Contest will present their ideas live on stage. More than 300 ideas from 39 countries were submitted in the global contest powered by Telekom Innovation Laboratories, host of Lange Nacht der Startups, hub:raum, Kitchen Budapest and further national companies of Deutsche Telekom. The German final will kick-off a series of national finals all over Europe. The team which wins at re:publica will compete in the Champions Pitch in June.
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my name is jim and jim head of marketing and communication from the labs and also the founder of the long nite of the start ups monitor the start as a bullet outside the idea to present start ups to the burden community last year we had the first one it was that had over 70 start ups and out of 200 to applied on 1 location with over 2 thousand visitors in September and we'll do this again this year in September and the winner of the National final you will also be presenting himself there and of course uh and this is the goal of today's year as in is this is a national final will be sent to Krakow or the 20 7th of june 2 presented on the international final with uh from over 14 countries who have also national finals and have their and their them in the final presentation pictures so um that it has been in invented the idea so that the reader inform you that real quick is to absyssa from Berlin it's T-Mobile Poland as market telecom and this year also powered by will Palme as well as kitchen Budapest and several other national companies within the 2 telecom and also you Q rate which is also an internal incubator at Digital on
so we had this morning I don't know who was there of you on the pre-final as we had 10 start-up selected out of over 300 from Germany and to present at our booth earlier on
and now the best 3 teams predictable battle again and the goal is actually to win prizes worth up to 150 thousand euros so in the hard and software support office space um support from the different incubators we have and uh all over different start up a cities in Europe and before we start with the 1st and finalist that like to introduce you to the
jury here today so we have a mapping from labs here up front and then we have also axes from group homes here then we have also yeah could form ahead of warm program and have jolt head of kitchen Budapest also you so yeah you all welcome thank you very much before we start I'd like to explain
the rules usually experience to our pitchers are done very fast you have to bring your idea across the sort of elevator pitch and very fast business case use case how you want to gain customers 41 make money what is your business model so this is a very fast very in a lot of information only in 5 minutes so each start up has only 5 minutes time and afterwards and we have 3 minutes for the jury to ask questions if they have not presented them with a giving all the answers so that there is a need for more answers than they will ever get a few questions we will be very strict we will break the break up sessions here right after 5 minutes so if someone has not had a chance to say everything they is this sets then we have the possibility we have divided jury to ask of course questions missing and and she are so this is pretty much about the rules so that introduced and started the not enough introduce real quick at our 1st national finalists communicate from Berlin uh and here we go it's as
us and use the CEO of this young
start up and if you like to download it it's on uh the source of the iPhone you can download from for the iPhone and imagine the world as a huge kite part clean of buildings to block the view anybody that have something to offer can
simply flight kites for other people to see so let us fly thank you
uh and my name is assessed from the founder of communicant the before looking tinkling used to leave in Africa for several years with my wife and my son where
we will find out of their close communities where uh information was learning through fluently and he could discover local things that are happening that you could do and the is this when we moved to Berlin we didn't have this community anymore and realize that it's very difficult to get this information I mean I couldn't go out to the balcony and shall can always there anybody ever somebody has something like this or somebody or something like that it doesn't really what anymore and this is when we realize that we we might need a tool that will enable us to discover local opportunities in a simple way and this is how we came up with community communicate a mobile
app it's a location-based social platform that enables a anybody that has something to offer ask simply fly a kite and the people around can and see here the distance uh is visible by the size of the current so the close of the 1st 1 other kind is the closer it is and on each side of the Nikon but that wasn't the category these categories can be used for different purposes for
example on the left of the community right uh this can be used by communities to arrange connectivities uh socially the meetups and opportunities of the local events fight for things that are happening on that is the so this is right so if I'm a babysitter private teacher I can simply fly a kite and advertising my area instead of posting a paper multi sonically a street light pole someone in the city there there are many many possibilities of a that
many options that can be done many things that can be done with communicate In click you wanna kite opens the details for the for this sky to consider title the description you can sometimes even see the location if the user chooses to disclose its location by the citizens you can add a privately message the detect owner and also comment on right to know this common section on the opens a whole new spectrum of public discussions possibilities so for example if there is a catastrophe somewhere hire somebody can fly a kite about it and the people in the area can use this as a as an open fold to discuss and share information about whatever happened and if something needs to be done and so on is flying a kite disease-free free the title lasting for months up to 1 week so it means that the characters
always reviving the generating kites going guides are coming and of course of the categories are available as for free our business model is based on type of upgrades these kind of grades uh longer-lasting kites specially designed kites guides the correlations animated words for example you need to the pigeon in these examples the this kind of tight updates can be purchased up all can be found as the world for social activity so the whole social aspect of that is also game fight to some extent we think that the communitites a unique at its innovative in the way it looks the way fields and also what it can do a tool where in in a
society and we think that it can complement telecoms half portfolio in a nice way and of course generate that perfect here we are currently a team of 2 members myself and find the developer we've been working on this absence safely last year there we
list the fossils in 3 weeks ago it's already it's available for download like no and we think that we there's support of the telecom we can manage their their critical mass that we need for this up and actually make communicate a success uh no diff
feedback that we started receiving a on the and the 1 that is really good already having some downloads people are using it in a way that we that we like we see the kinds of people are flying in this is exactly what we thought about when designing communicate and we see that the thing is starting to look at our southern seeds in southern places and coming from his island in his level starting it to see uh Quality activity for with a kite so we're happy with that yeah In thank you very much you can
and you invited is omega of course and think you have to have the death of unnecessary and uh we have now 3 minutes time he was actually faster than 5 minutes so we have 3 minutes time for the
jury test questions so any new questions you have and it's the height the great
pitch MLE just regression among regarding competition and it looks like you're want to fight against all the existing horizontal of social networks and also the existing articles like for specific here Mama like some holes would keeping in whatever so my
what's your plan whole in this game what little thing is a different approach where this of this existing platforms fragmented so if I needed for example when they moved to Berlin if I needed to find a family ctivity illimitable to something platform and maybe register as a new user and then for finding a something else like a politician would need to go to another platform so what communicate is doing is not taking a little bit from everybody and showing you the things that are in your area so it's nice to have many many platforms but you what you need is actually uh and doing the things in your area so to to make it more concrete but I have Facebook so what else do I need because all my friends and all my all the people on Facebook so hard to get them when Facebook is friends this is all the people that you already know about the southern forms there are certain communities and this is this is where we actually see the competition for us this open platform that people can come and shall something but there for them but if you are traveling somewhere communicate is very spontaneous usury just opened up and see immediately what's happening around you and this is something that Facebook chemically offer you again you will need to go to specific goes to check these things but instead of having a quick overview
of really what's happening around and of course this interaction possibility that is offering and this doesn't exist for the competitors yeah the so another question yeah I really like the idea is to think of it in the morning it was written um the question is that like OK for
instance less favored the video the situation that you mentioned I'm traveling summer I would if I open the up in Barcelona and the and have idle tons of a tight around me and then I I really don't find what I'm looking for so uh what this what is your opinion that like OK the imagine like 10 thousand sites are flying around the the offered options you can fiddle by categories uh by intervals a search engine and of course in the future we want also to some kind of a Gould Salomon's so you can start your own group maybe you can look for based on interests so it could for moms uh that the family kind things about relevant for families and so on so to be easier to find the content of course we we thought about it not to get the up to populated also the kinds of a very limited time they expire after some time so this is something that can be bypassed with the freedom of other options OK this is a very good point and this here because the time is over give us of a big hand
have had a so um while we are as
switching you're there for the next which like to remind you that you can download and the iPhone app is available on the App Store and there's actually a kite flying right now here over this roof and with a picture of us off so you can commented share it would fly up new heights of focuses on the idea about what's really easy and smooth OK so minute that the next the runner-up this X so the next to most improve health care by
providing a 2nd opinion by re known as specialists so I'd like to invite you know and have and from addicted to pitch their ideas was seen as being done is the CEO and itself as an NDN and PhD in urological surgery so uh together with 2 other members they develop the idea for next so do more welcome and this you there which have
the you right well thank you very much for this introduction so as you already heard who we are and we wanna write jump in and explain it exit to you
1st of all I want you all to meet max next has had knee pains for the last couple of days and it's getting worse so Max decides to see a doctor after a while it's say 3 weeks
he finally gets an appointment with his computers and this author Peters tells him about a diagnosis and next doesn't really understand what it is and then he tells them that he needs a knee prostheses which max doesn't understand he there and the all in 15 minutes so Max comes home and is really unsure about what to do now and he goes on T onto the internet and they he finds an overwhelming number of information and also he finds
facts like that Germany has the highest surgery rates in the world and that insurance companies say that most of these surgeries and unnecessary so max now is really
insecure about his surgery what he needs as a 2nd opinion yes so he
goes to the internet again and he finds that X 0 and on the next so he can connect to a network of medical experts that he can get a 2nd opinion from and he chooses a doctor that has already have a lot of experience in the surgery and has also treats its star athletes and celebrities already so he goes through an easy online questionnaires and then uploads this medical documents and the best thing it's all for free because his insurance company is covering the cost so after less than 7 days next received his of 2nd opinion from the
doctor you chose and in that he finds detailed information on his diagnoses also an overview of all these treatment options and recommendations from the specialists and now makes us all the information he needs to make a decision for himself what to do next Max decides to not have the
surgery and go with the conservative treatments and that's actually what we recommend to 40 % of our customers and so what's what's the
benefit of it all want to summarize next is really happy because he gives the right treatment he doesn't have to have surgery the insurance company is also very happy because they could offer max a really meaningful service and they save the money for an unnecessary surgery the doctor
itself as happy to because he gets to keep max as a patient and can treat them in a conservative and of course we're
happy because we're making money with it so in the end we can say everybody wins so now I want to tell you and about the and things we already achieved in the last 2 and a month we armed sign contracts with more than number
15 health insurance companies lock them in and got in the meantime millions should possible customers yeah we signed contracts with more than 60 specialists in 50 medical fields we get done more than 300 2nd opinion so far without any sales and marketing we build illegally compliant online medical opinion system which we have the
1st ones to do so in Germany and you get an electronic patient data records which is approved and checked by the authorities regularly so what are you planning for the future and why do we want to some partner with you go we wheatear we would
like to on get a gain from the know-how of ICT solutions connect health care and of course machine-to-machine communication we would
like to on profit of the World users and partner network we would like to get access to work on the knowledge of data hosting big Data handling analytics and of course healthcare and is a big data security issue and and a big issue for trust so to a column would be a great part of what do we offer we offer on and access to more than 30 % of all insured people in Germany until the end of the year and access to more than 120 medical specialists we offer an electronic case data record them and actually it desperately needed products the 2nd opinion and of course an electronic case data records with a specialized network from is an easy diversified product
and we will have a break even in 2015 so let's make it be together thank you
very good just-in-time just-in-time and those great so we have 3 minutes now for the jury to ask questions to the 2 yeah good we question how do you bought dead doctors that they're than getting the advisers but would mean but how do we bought them but not your reward them all and then and then know how you select them and how you can make sure
that this would they're giving the voices are on the right level as it's still the guy who interested in is the studies and saying company don't know I understand somebody at building medical advisory board without specialist so all 1st time who are really on internationally read known and I'm actually made a couple of inventions in their own field and those advisors who did the 1st 2nd opinions you want to reach this higher and the people satisfaction and reached the inference companies to even pay the the these are the ones were checking specialist for us and what more could you can add something to that we also and we have those we have certain criteria that they have to fulfill but also they get checked the 1st couple of times they make 2nd opinions that gets re read by other
specialists are they get feedback they get visited by our advisory board to see how they work on site so we we check them
regularly and who takes responsibility for a bad advice the doctor himself from the the process is built said
on that couple of contracts what you go through the following crosses the couple of contract
signed between us and the patient and patient and specialist in specialist themselves needs to have an insurance for on any problems that might might a cure and so on and actually it's like when you go to the clinic the doctor or the clinic and so they take care of some of anything that might get a problem was and that's the same as us so the companies of some of these problems that might cure the
specialist themselves as the insurance that covers all the problem um for me this looks like in the in the execution play so what is your unfair advantage for how to use to secure your idea because know so what else could come in to the of the same thing and maybe a mom before boy aggressive from torture to can work Chih we were actually
thinking like that in the beginning as well but what we've seen is that and the process that we build it's not easy you because and to make a legally compliant online 2nd opinion is really really difficult and so this is something that you couldn't easily bills and just copied ends of because we already have signed so many insurance companies and were really trying aggressively to contract morph them is that we lock them in they can't have another partner that they do the same with all the comforts exclusively under not completely come to exclusively bad day um of far ahead of you yeah it does make sense for them what not completely was the last
answer and OK thank you very much big round of applause OK and the last so and but not least of course
international start up is black surfing um they will compete so the setting here for seed in our champion the pitch in Krakow and black
servings based in Berlin however Adam came to blue from the UK and Adams says he's obsessed with smart cities and so you introduce an apple empowering electronic vehicle drivers to find pay and blocks for charging the cards throughout Europe so a great applause for Adams last which the OK thank you very much and good afternoon so I'm
and I'm the CEO and cofounder of accessing the microphone the UK is in the audience to know we working in the field of electric vehicles more specifically we work with electric vehicle charging so I would imagine that probably none of you here today came in an electric car probably you
don't know anybody who owes miniature copies the natural fact the market is growing it is growing strongly so if we look at the figures from 2011 onwards mark has doubled every year for electric vehicles and this year with new models coming out and diamond BMW Audi Volkswagen all the big players were expecting humor to forecast sales of 1
million electric cars on the road in Europe by 2017 this sounds great but is still 1 major had 0 1 big problem that needs we need to overcome before a lecture customer mass adopted and this is charging so the problem we have at the moment the charging an
electric car is incredibly problematic because of this thing which is called range anxiety with people thing they can't charge up the electric that have to place that cost and the reason being is because of
this we take our electric I use a ahead recorded big at she wants to judge someone in a city that had to do this
she would carry need 3 different contracts with 3 different RFID cards with or the or the infrastructure providers in her city this is a lot of waste of time and a waste of money a actual fact if the wedge 3 then this wouldn't be so that the truth is that she wanted trick to travel across Germany she would need 70 different kinds she then needed to travel across Europe that could be about a hundred different cuts different contracts a complete waste of time and
money the fact is such a big problem that even Spiegel Online last November drew attention to this it said that what is missing from the
electric car market is a single unified payment solutions now the great news for us is that
this is all we do so we applied setting we make apps which makes electric car charging incredibly easy furniture car drivers throughout Europe so we have we make apps
which help people find charging points and then use this judgment points so we take another look at big it now when she's got the plot setting up with the then instead of carrying all of those cards or she needs is a smart thing to the 1 thing that you never leave home without she then finds a charging points with reflects 7 she doesn't
not even care who owns the judging point all what operations station its own he just
has to tap to stop had got to stop the braces charging and that's it and then we applied setting take a small cut a revenue every time she judges so here is a B AB once again is what she does she security and is a credit card details
finds a charging point taps to start charging and then she gets a monthly bill from us a block cipher this simple near the data market and strategy and current status so the moment holidays we offer our users already 1 free apps to download
which have to find charging points so we've got your biggest database of charging points we also symbolizes sublicense is dated to car manufacturers so we're or already making real revenue with rodeos right now we're also doing right now is beta-testing
our new app for the payment feature so we're doing this in collaboration with RWE we've also got 20 electric vehicle drivers all over Germany who were testing our ap netting as the how it looks amid doing this because we're launching it in May so this would be across Germany 1st of all and then toward the end of the year we will we will incrementally roll out to many different operators around Europe we've already in talks with operators from Holland from Austria from Belgium which raises senior be avid across borders and go everyone in an electric car just of the plot setting up is a quick
status updates so I mention we have an apple this is 15 thousand dollars of history have we've already adding revenue from the deals it we've
got which is 50 thousand last year we also managed to connected to many major players in the market such as object order beauty and the big energy providers and this is more coming soon in Europe is how we can work together with so we've got a great product all we need is we need bit better marketing
and communication channels we also need the billing experience a telecom this got especially in order to build a flat structure tariff structure to jury simplify how someone pays for electric car charging most of mobile-to-mobile communication every return a we can often is a really good thank you solution for connected content collapse as well as an intermodal transport solution the APS assesses Telecom offering the so is a competition you can see that we're most advanced to the moment where real fast believe in this space and
here's a team Yaqub and I of the founders we've got uh Gemmis each year the time is now so please come speak to us the you
them uh and also those EPA's available adjust all loaded although it on Korea but so what ever comes 1st right so little about the questions grounds please that thank you you were mentioning flat-rate as as they like the idea of having them in the morning it was great to angry breach uh you were mentioning that and would in different countries different
electricity providers how are you going to have a flat rate is poised as Germany's like I don't know I can charge marker for euro in Hungary for 10 years so what and and and I you I got differentiate this when in a trifecta amidst so much more complicated than that at the moment because it is you can't just defined between countries at the moment between different energy providers so this is how the sum of charge but can what sometimes time and some just session and the prices fluctuate so much there is yet no room market prices so before we even get to that stage where we can go internationally that what we need to do is get a product which the larger countries can do so much faith in that they then listen to us about how to structure their prices and weakening control the pricing structure and we can then make them trust us we're getting the best this
is something which we really doing and having good success with right now but as a small company it takes a long time to do comes up we did the officers now your depending on on the electricity companies because they are basically can charge or decide there's no charging for for for for these uh 1 of the things why you compliance with PCI DSS certificate so we don't have to be we have a payment provided which
is good at the end the the payment provider for 35 and many other major companies and they work with us as well in who stores the credit card and not as against all that so it's completely PSI complying we have tokenization so that we don't see anything just happening so what it what it's a cup of tea revenue you and much that if so we will look into take 50 cents per charging transaction on my because the
the common factor of producing the electric cars they will be built and into that cost many functionality to make sure that that not happens for what would you you mentioned just a furor in to get stuck somewhere and there's no charging something on to make sure that they usually additional features not build into their cars to make it as easy as possible for
the customers that life lecture because it the 2nd for the that by by made by connecting all of the different halves and then giving them 1 simple solution to latch onto so we do all the dirty work and then they come what may be from that was less than
20 seconds great so I the great applause for Adam hand uh words so maybe another applause for all 3 of them yeah thank you thank you very much uh like to invite the jury to come you with 2 million had to decide who will be the winner now we have the back office
space provided for you and uh you can have the decision there and uh to repeat that with quick I hope you get an idea what sorcerer pictures are like that stuff the short time the P at time is money kind of thing it's it's it's really fast to get you to pass on your information very fast and uh the question usually of the people very experienced founders itself found this year founders of the seas of people who have the money to you have to get the crust and so this is a very important thing so in case anyone has been inspired by a by the by the guys we just saw to found in company come
to learn enough to start up stage and we tell you how we can do that and a 1 of the incubators or of budgeted income we have them here is that in our somewhere that's good enough for amount the she is the head of
communication of who belong and she will introduce what an incubator does well waiting for the next few minutes to uh for the jury so please stay here for the final advice of the know what incubated us and and and I will tell you a little bit about the line of the start ups as well so in 10 minutes we will have the result from the jury that in any of the human know is a human cells legacy of me as well I
welcome and my name is that he has that and that and pride of the combination M times the international Accelerating incubator program of the dotted look what we basically MAC the dual as and with the incubator we
invest in early stage startups that except for investing we also offer coworking space here in Berlin just around the corner should adapt we have accomplished and at the TU common evasion every now and have urged as on Bagdad stop by if you around just stepping me and said somebody else and we can talk about what we do we also back them up with mentors we have an extensive network of mentors that mostly Sunni and the winners that have and propounded m on companies and have the experience and scan them talk to uh start ups and talk about the challenge challenges that you have to and how do the again like uh the challenges that have a founder and and
of course also at most important you like really great at the pictures that you were talking about said the possibilities that you have abducted T crime is of course we can give the access to directed to you can't which would be read and many other things and except fly there an
incubator we also offer an accelerator program which is M Freemon's and right now he in Berlin and that means you can have 3 months of coworking space for free no strings attached the difference is an incubator we invest up to 300 thousand euros and the team and then of course we have like a might minority stake the accelerators for free and for the team's well we're not 100 per cent convinced everyone invest in them and I think 3 months is the good and as a good time to see you know like college 6 after they are how with the team as an have undecidedly 1 invest or not so
this is what happens here in Berlin and this is why 1 of the prices could be like even investment on maybe like taking part in our accelerator program and I mean of course it's not only the coworking space way of of program which means we might alimentaires they can give you like them old my office hours way can talk with them about what you ever have problems with and that we offer workshops we add analogous to that of stuff happening just go to w w
who come come and you will see light events you are invited the events are for free there for the community and you're all start of so you can't part of the community and what's else of course as I sat there is also like or palm act how gap could have crackles here they offer basically the same of course you know like adjusted to the and central eastern European market being patterns are not as high lake in numbers as he in Berlin but of course you need as much money and that Poland and here aligned Nike I don't have to tell you that we make a mix in all that stuff that's and they also have like an incubator with coworking space not from the same and also like for the C E started so you you can apply for an to walk in g M accelerator program I think which will start in June and you can apply to a emit may so check that out everything on the web page and also we have uh duty here from Tel-Aviv maybe they can stand up site start if you wanna talk about the opportunities them them about it what UTC in Germany duty is the right 1 to talk so I think I'm already like over the time slowly
or if you have questions I'm going to be here for half an hour you can talk to me and M. essays that that in our family will find my name you can pay me I'm always open to talk with you guys and uh let's see was going to win I'm pretty excited thank you and Contact Thank you OK so at the end you realize someday them you work in the start up community here in
Berlin that that's 1 big family everyone knows each other and you always you seem to see the same faces and so when we laps which is a research and development department of budget Telecom started creating our own start out of innovation projects innovation ideas which didn't have actually a product manager at the 2 telecom we said well it would be a waste of money and time to just throw them back into the in the world Treasurer just want to live anymore we college hungrier before so a user so instead we said OK let's let's suspend them off and and create our own start up so I was a send out into the community to see the hunt for marker for for brand development for for communication concept into how all of this whole scene works and I can't all the standard events so it was the other 0 I don't mn name them but they were always the same speakers on stage there was always you
know the same faces the same people use really really nice guys but but very expensive events so I don't know if any of you it has been 2 of Serbia men so usually there are quite expensive
so we said OK they have an all and that is was never really give it getting getting the content of how a start-up gets really money and how you how how is it and how can we help the maybe pivot their business model or a you know a get get new context so that was always hidden for a few people who knew how that worked so the idea came up to say uh no 1 shows start really so everyone's talking start ups and then there's a study came out just recently just 4 out of 5 German don't even know what a sort of is so as we said this is a very very good opportunity uh to to to show off the great competence all different sort of have so this is how we this is how we came up with the idea of a long nite of the startups start that of the start of the platform where we show of start ups so in the last year we had and therefore categories actually was has been 5 but it was a games music a communication commerce with start invited with the B to the business model and uh and they had to have a product and they had to have an interesting way of presenting himself that was all there was to it and then we had over 200 applications we picked 70 and invited them for 1 nite from of the 5 o'clock in the afternoon till midnight to present themselves with over 2 thousand visitors I mentioned earlier and it was way beyond what we expected of the interest of the community would be and so we have been asked by the Senate given as
by the sea telecom to do this again so we will the September so the application is open how that works you can see that on the website of start up nights whoever's interested so we can check it out here on our stage and to give you and then an idea of what the long out of the star at the first one look like I brought
ashore video and when the videos over the guys the back should be ready for our 2 presented the winner of the contest
and so the
and you can
we can come and
and and you
know and and the use of a of of what you know about the time of the year and the and the and and
and and
and very and allows that the think that the general public land and then in the real world and on and on and on and on in the light of his life and and and
and and
and and
and and
and not only that not a lot of a lot of time in a lot of time on the right and and and and and
and the people in the world and yeah yeah that's why the line after start ups and really goes on so other bytes as I
done a loser divide would itself on the arm of then it's 120 units given load I've started and 0 speaking German right OK but up here so in case someone of the start who participated today didn't win here which is a but
actually 9 out of 10 very likely it is that you can apply there'd be part part of the long nite of the start ups because we will have additional features there so the Israel Embassy actually has an an event created cold-start Tel-Aviv where they will have a German wide pitch actions as national contest so we are hosting the German pitch and they will have uh uh sent the winner so we have a similar event here on stage of long enough to start ups and that the winner will be sent for 1 week to is a to to to for the DAT weak and all expenses go on the Israeli Embassy so then we have Berlin partner there's where they will send 1 start up also to New York City to meet the feces and business engine so this is quite an interesting and gathering their or there's entertainment actually the last people were left at 6 o'clock in the morning because reading a miser there and they give all drinks for free until 6 in the morning
and then we had to leave it to you OK so I have do we have a winner yes OK that's great so um actually I would like to ask the jury to come up on stage enters of course at like to ask the 3 finalists to come on stage OK so at the beginning i s so that some of you will yeah the say was 30 then of course announce the winner and maybe explain a give a few words why you choose the 1 ieee tooling for their telling us to the 3rd all rights so accident us why you decided who will be the 3rd now OK so our 1st of all it was a long day and thanks
to the teams of summer thanks to the jury on thinks your audience I hope it was a good show and common good pictures the whole day and not it was a tough decision and then of the 3rd place so the 3rd grader along this committee right on the and think you think I have to have certain great idea from the really solving a problem on will be the c a very big challenge in competing with the existing competitors and getting people out of existing communities um into your product but to you all the best and some market like and some of the thank you for coming and being a part of this competition thank you OK who's we have you have a
certificate yes reporters vision very good it so who will who will announce the winner you as well that's great so the moments in so the winners of plaque serving so
concatenation at the end
of the the and the the certificate for the reader and there uh the price is waiting for plots of thing for admission finals the so again be greatly round applause for more flexibly so
the weather goes through car call for the global final among them and the pitch with other 10 companies for the ultimate summer price of the 2 telecom and not the final will be the
end of June and the that we all support year from the German team OK thank you very much heat and OK then the 2nd of
course you will we have so it's just MIT axle great pitch a great
idea I we have found the summer season totals of about internationalising that's but the happy up to talk as you and see what we can do together
right OK and I guess as as the as the halls of today and the host of the of the like of the sun as I would like to invite all 3 of you to be part there and expose yourself to the broad audience and get
feedback there's so you would be very welcome to be there as well OK OK thank you very much thank you to the jury think it through to the the start ups
and thank you to you for for being here so please stay here for a picture of a good picture and thank you everybody for being a year of part of this I'll be like this if you like to have more information as good as you remember on how and why they picked that come up here if you like to get more information on the lawn of the startups comparable or to me and enjoys you stay at Republic of thank you for being here Thank you the kind and 0 1 1 1 has question sorry sorry server 1 1 last information we have a booth party here hosted by telecom innovation contest at 6 30 at a quarter to 7 at the long nite of the start of we have here and we have those act and there's all these join us their there OK thank you very much and not