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Take a Deep Breath Before Making
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Terrorism, cancer rate research, prosthetics, and election monitoring are topics often put out of the Maker movement's reach. But in many countries in the Middle East, these are central issues not addressed by the government or industry. Here, hackers setting up communities and project to deal with socially relevant problems themselves.
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hello everybody hello I that soldiers and ready for the next session and so just before we get into it when I ask you to take a deep breath taking a depressed well some people are still
moving around Saturn anything during that agree also into close actually get back on yeah OK so he says you need to have at least 1 person next to you as you take a deep breath is that we have we have organized OK great so at next is a
fantastic guys name is locally from everywhere that gives you a list and God knows about having he's giving us a very thought provoking question what will we make when we can make everything or anything sold bill over to you and thanks so I was really serious please get close to somebody it so that their their close to you and if you are comfortable with holding hands of that person that that's even better so what we're going get that 30 I so my name is
then and for the last few years I've been helping share the idea that you can make anything you can imagine and this is 1 of the tools is becoming available for more people to take things in their heads and to make them real who here has like kind of experience what people calling the DIY the maker movement and feel like more capable to create right there's some people here right this is the attitude
that I'm trying to share especially in the Middle East and so a couple years ago I went with a crew out to about sizes Cairo and xi up with these fine young gentlemen and I get donated make about sort
make about us what is a make but is a 3 D printer does anybody or came from yet the
basis of the maker by came out of the repr a project which came out of university but the make them by the maker by him out of the hackerspace which is a community space were people sharing resources and tools what NYC resister he's got the right idea this this this this heckling I encourage the hyperlinks and so
yet this thinking about of NYC resister using on the open source platform that riprap created and so they date they'll donated to Egypt's because and they wanted help inspire more people to create and so I've been working on this kind
of stuff for a while and it's really really exciting Serbia was looking to the future is your hand in creating it but after working in the Middle East for a few years now I'm beginning to realize that some of the things that were creating have nothing to do with the environment and work for creating them and I'm gonna suggest something today that will hopefully get us to engage in creating the things that makes sense the set of just creating stuff and to do that I would like you to hold the rest of the person next to you know ITER probably close the and if you could please hold the rest of the prison next you and connects to the person's poles all you and anonymous which the the going to do this for 30 seconds the everybody got is everyone on to do
this and so I think you think you have a it's crazy it's crazy I guess you the moon got it they're not if you from the false bed OK so take a deep
breath the a the OK so that's the heart of that beats inside of all of us and this is the thing that I think can transform the creative potential that is being developed within the maker movement within the DIY movement within the open source movement and let us see that we
can create beautiful things in the world to support each other so it's making from the heart and so on everyone has some thing that they love and this is my niece she is for she's
really cute and this this picture is simply a segue have a happy because I love my at at ACC and on that so you about a couple of projects that I did that I think got a bit ahead of
themselves they were very grounds that I was a very thoughtful and I'm going to show you a couple these projects and then you use more projects I think are really really inspired so the 1st project is um my cousins age
he is an amputee because the but you know what I mean close I use MBT because in uh at offering the sanctions there was
a period where it was hard to get uh diabetes some medication and so lost his leg and I was really getting excited about the community space that we were developing and before that of of space and so why I thought to myself like what if we started using these tools that we have in the hackerspace start like solving a problem and I I was thinking tools 1st and so I drew Zadeh's light with some markers and then I use an
application called 1 2 3 D catch to scan his leg and I turned it into this process this specific positive cast and I learned from my friend David Singh A. who made multi-material prosthetic
sockets which are basically the basic premise is if you put hard stuff on soft stuff and soft stuff on hard stuff you prosody becomes comfortable so blown into squishy muscle on the heart and then your socket become something that could stand so I want to replicate that using some DIY technology and here's a
symbol that is with the Father is aimed was a wonderful decade all you like 17 father high hope you hear this because I was going to say that you're you're also and that I'm really proud of everything you're doing as 0 he and I were working on this for the rest the thickest is true we made this wax mold and
we found that the answers aids like and it was kind of cool I mean it really did address some of his problems but in the end the thing that turn out to be the most useful wasn't making the 3 D model that wasn't making if fit exactly the contours of is like it was pouring it into a baking 10 and cutting
the strips and putting into is like so that he had different Durao meters of silicon different hardnesses enterprise is like and so you know maybe got a bit ahead of myself there
and if there's somebody recording this is just because I'd I don't like to talk about projects in a negative way in
public can you please just like stop the recording and stop this other stuff just a little bit OK and so there's another projects where on people so hearing about this work that i've been doing taking DIY technology and taking it to places of conflict and working on trying to address some issues and this guy reaches out to me whose somewhere in California and he says I wanna go to somewhere in Africa to help create prosthetics for this person and it's a very specific individual very well branded very will marketed he brought like 1 engineer and for cinematographers and so I said he feels strange but some the really exciting things like at that time I therefore the scanning Richard and Richard made this thing called
the role and the role hand is this 3 D printed prosthetic hand and Richard is possible OK so Richard uh is a cut was a carpenter from South Africa he chopped off a couple
of fingers during an accident and you like it was can fix this because you about 3 printers and I'm really excited about them he said like printing iteration after iteration and like model after model and he found a really wonderful way to make city can't and so when I was 1st day I got super excited I was like dhiu'lt
which this is also my own 100 this hand on take this to that some place in Africa and help people by like making prosthetic like hand pathetic lab and so I spent a couple of days with rich in the team and we develop this process and we use this orthopedic plastic and we took all these DIY approaches to making useful the cans then we call the person and the doctor at the hospital there and you see I'm putting string in
right now and other K and we need strained yes have string and the doctor was like no no no no no string the cooking identify environment you must have fishing line right like people must fiction is like and no no no fishing line like OK OK well Help the fabric we need fabric so maybe we ought to bring all the orthopedic passed with few fabric in the proxy is like no fabric node epoxy and then I said realizing that the problems in this place and there's going to double the set of 3 deepening prosthetics lab were like where the way
beyond the couple of people that were amputated and we were not using an important part of our body which is on
this part so I think that project address the 1st part of the heart rate is at least trying to pull on the
heartstrings of people to motivate them to donate to work to act and he definitely convinced me and I was on board but on the took me a couple of
days into and a lot of convincing for my friend to realize that I should also be using my head and so there's this wonderful thing it's called a logic model and a logic model
is a strategy for making sure that the things that you do connects to your heart but actually address the things that you're trying to address you know you can get really accept loose here's been excited about a project just like that so absorbed in it and they kept thinking about and
dealing in working on it OK that's a really great state the began but sometimes it really dangerous because if you don't really pay attention to what you're doing you might get ahead of yourself and start working and things that you don't
really expect to be working on and the logic model is the cyclical thing you can see there's no arrow going
down and then all around in the back so I of about an example but basically you start with an example and you try to model the world and you say they what do I want to do To address this model would say that your model is smoking rate I want people to stop smoking because the killed my uncle and really passionate about this smoking to my uncle and really passion about this don't smoke and there's the of and I want our final solve it and so you you you model the world you'd say things like only an anti-smoking campaign this is can be great into Twitter saying we make sure that people tweet about not smoking and then and you figure out what the outcomes are like having a monitor it and if you get the effects and that
you keep going back in the circle to make sure that what you're doing addresses the stuff they're working on and so this stuff that we're doing a figure
space with the prosthetic socket stuff I realize not 1 was not necessarily V the thing that we're looking to create and I just wanted to show this plague video really goofy so you think about the
lord of all of the but the thing that really would have any effect of space with all these
projects was these Ching these these other little I allow the goods really getting together and setting up a community space where they were and looking beyond the differences into a future where they can be more productive and creative with each other and so this is a really nice video and what I really love about this video is that this is of visitors figure states just talking about how much
he likes it documentary to talking some
the founders and I hope you noticed that everyone is like 16 that I this anemic playground equipment and the other thing I love about this is all of the comments this is a video that has 470 views and has a ton of engagement in a town of comments from people involved
that an around-the-world being like yeah go pick space
and so on but this is this is where the real positive outcomes but I think a mn out of the the hackerspace
and another thing that is really trying to connect people to their best selves is my friends most abundant this awesome workshop but called uh dream Workshop where we want to figure spacing of that and everyone said what the drums to do and we went a big circle everyone tried to give the resources that they had to help the other person accomplish their dream and then try to
give them their e-mail addresses in context so they can stay in touch with it because it is a recording I was is vegas possible at that thing but if you like to record now again OK and so this over here is I this is we're gonna going out of Beirut where there's a community states for
lumber labs and we're gonna show how people are taking this DIY stuff to feel something and then to act on it so I believe it was a homeless person
in a Beirut
who everyone kind of knew he was a fixture here literally like a fixture people would kind of walk over him as they walk to class kind of passing by and shortly after this picture was taken he died and you'll see also on this 1 picture there's a lot of engagement but what I love about
what these people did in their notes is that they use the tool that you might be familiar with
um who should he and they took this open-source tool the customized it and they started making this thing called find IT invisible no more and you try to find
an ID and each of these little
nodes is actually uh searchable database of people putting up little snippets about the the the homeless people assume the streets to make sure
that they're not invisible no more and so 1 of these links shows that on 2 homeless people in the Coca-Cola bridge 1 has been there for 2 years the 2nd and there's been therefore you're less every day 1 emitting workers you to almost and sleeping in the cocoa so instead of having this thing be
invisible and not talked about just by making this website like raising of awareness and getting people to have a conversation about these people and this is 1 of the really great users of open source software that's coming out of the Middle East and I think it's a really wonderful things
I now have OK so I used to work sort of thoughtlessly involved that I was like hey I wanna bring in like 3 D printers people are getting together and playing in working and 1 day I was involved that and I really wanted to go to the hackerspace because we had a workshop and the columns so
people again don't worry about it and you know like if you're stuck at home both so the blood up of the guards around my house and so they lots of the entire neighborhood and the figures based people and we're just kind of blowing it off like it was nothing like you know you probably be open up again at 4 PM and we can do the workshop then no problem has like 1 and of not having 1 of the what's the problem and it's it's a real big problem and it's and affects me more and more so I I I I decided to start taking some of the open
tools that they had available to me to just do something you really know what to do and so is calling our projects and I learned from maybe 14 they're bloggers conference uh some data visualization stuff and I thought would be a great idea to try to let people know how bad the the problem was not that so this is a really quick processing script when you run it it creates the square that
changes with the size of the number of people that have died
and then I worked with on what Tobin both dead but to create
this video which the which
just takes the the audio file and every time there's a car bomb it plays a beat and then the entire city gets a little bit more pledged and so that the fast version of
that sounds like this so try to imagine that each of those high hats is a day so every day that goes by and below that since the Americans pulled out sound like that and every day there was a car bomb and we made a drum go off and the amplitude of the drum is the number of people that died like a little draw a little beep means only 6 people died and a really loud B means that I'm 62 that but I to the to the further out from this not a problem to me that Murphy muscular persuading arousal income out when you can and this is really work to
change my attitude about what we should be using our tools for you know like I like Wilbur that's great I can pull up the phone and get a cab and go somewhere but I would prefer there to be no more violence in the countries that I and 1 from and so encourage that
I'm hoping to highlight a couple of these or projects another really funny project that I'm taking on is so that's historic data rate that's
people in the past uh that have been blown up I want to make a real-time representation of that and so I have more writing some code called we aware which passes the Twitter feed and finds events that could be car bombs and validates them with a volunteer team so people say like yes there was a car bomb today and it sucks and um the idea is to make a interactive sculpture where every time a carbon was of the uh sculpture that represents the history of Iraq gets turned 1 turn so it's
crushed slowly over time and so another project that's come out of Beirut is hey that inner this is a really great projects where the people are talking about like civil liberties and Internet activism and showing that online the violence in in Lebanon the what sometimes
it is referenced as people dying in a mn as a martyr and people so getting pissed off and so they started a social media campaign called I am not a model OK and they wanted a points out that the EV by calling this thing martyr the sort of justifying the causes that are at play in causing the violence and the they started putting up pictures and tweets and hashtags and I think that more of this kind of stuff should happen more conversation on social media more kind of art works that talk about the violence in the Middle East is really needed and you can find that kind of
stuff hey that you know where the other the great
projects that came out of Beirut is is
this thing called the the Lebanese elections there this is really also you have to play with
this tool OK so Mark my and some people
at the 11 Lebanese hackerspace started this project and
and then a I If see and so if you go into this website
and which would you wanna see but see voted friends by confessions were fed by confessions is
awesome green means that there are more of a registered voters and people voting in this country from the sector and red means that that sector has pulled out from that district in their less borders and so this kind of invisible thing that is I'm having in Lebanon is now made visible through this on DD 3 have uh representation so you'll see that here there was a an exodus of some news is red people have left and if you switch over to the she and you'll see that turns green so that 1 district this transition and you can see what happens with the Maronites you have to do is you can see whether the Greek Catholics and you can also pick 3 years and they
do all sorts of things this is a really important
1 so widen invalid votes this is how Lebanese people protested governments on and still participate in the elections they go and they put in white valid votes and this is the representation of the districts in Lebanon and how many people have been some not voting basically are voting with a weight of so this is another great
projects and that was uh
worked on by some the numbers innovators
hackerspace it because you can't really have a
talk about the Internet open-source culture without cats I from the scatter in Tunis this also a turtle to terrorism I think as your things you know his his a cat OK so now let's get to a place
where were a little bit more using our hearts and our minds this is a project that vector space is working on this is idea in is not Mads that's the figure space hackerspace this is what it looks like in both that's pretty dusty end that there was this
doctor in the south or so there's this this guy who was just a father but his son that cancer and he wanted to know why and he started doing his research and it appears that is like a problem with depleted uranium there's a lot of like speculation that this material that was dropped in excessive amounts during the Gulf Wars both of them are you like 1 thousand 400 tons ligase really heavy on the egg pick that up the was up
all over the country and in gray concentrations in muscle and he helped set up an organization for cancer research or cancer assistance for parents to know how to treat the children and also for the getting medication for the kids they have a school the plan and when he met me I had brought with me this device which is a safe Safecast Geiger counter so
here's here's the thing where we realize that we have the capability to create and solve our own problems this came out of who knows of the safe Costas the John explain and 0
done again now I explained the safe just as I the exactly so as a device is a Geiger counter and this is a device GPS sensor from I think ate a fruit and this is a data logger from spark fund and the odd we know is the platform as the
back and so that's an open source microcontroller and after the tsunami in Japan in Japan the the Tokyo hackerspace Sean Bonner people internationally as a part of the open source in hackerspace movement got together and
made this really quick the device that they were able to distribute faster than the government was able to neural to give people data they can keep them safer faster than the governor was able to and was going about their heads I ran into the Sharm buyers like to Sean I need of size 1 be I need this device so that I can like start investigating the problem of the of radiation in in the country and so I map with late for the father of that kid that cancer he saw this device and we decided that what we really need to do is do a tour of both are and uh
take 2 surveys 1 survey that maps the population where they got sick and the other survey which maps from the areas that are really affected by radiation I discovered a lot of things about conspiracies and radiation mapping and some of the challenges of working with the data and I can I
can talk about that later if you like but from the project is now turning into an open data projects so that everyone is ever run a study in that it out on depleted uranium and on radiation and on the adverse health outcomes like burst effects in cancer were encouraging them to share their data so that we make a make some clarity around the situation which is strictly variances so here's the figures based on playing with the radiation monitor learning about how works and we're hoping to take them down to a and before that was able to attend to the monitoring well and have less time than I thought so
this is Kathy and this is why I've been having a bit of a rough time some cats yeah is in a refugee camp was in a refugee camp in cerium and I was there last summer and especially the cricket super
q the broader legislation made here
shows that I had had a new elements on the men and I had was that head but I I think back and you're he did some workshops with them we're thinking about alternative education spaces in conflict zones and in refugee camps I had a really hard time I was there I thought I was going to something and I got overrun was
really to be like really big challenge on but last week uh capture and her friend were killed when the Syrian government dropped from the missile on her and her school I and so that was really bad and there is something that I want to do since down to do something about it my friend and I were already working on this project it's called for the dead I was thinking about commemorating a people that were lost and before that during the sectarian violence the thousands and thousands of forgotten people and so we made this website and
most of us most of the web say comes from my
friend Joe for the dead a this money is by
here so for the dead is a website where you can
commemorate the people that have died with a good deed and it's done so however stuff a pathetic OK so
these are some of the people that have died this is my friend's mother who died in Afghanistan during the hotel shooting last month this is my uncle who died because you smoking Geraldine men dead it looks like on and this is culture so you
click on culture and you have the ability to commemorate her with a positive action this is kind of a lot of sort of a judge which means continuous good deeds and so what we're trying to create a web site where people can and do positive actions for people that have died whether or not they died environments and I think this is a really great way if you can only hope in commemorating culture identical until build the stop the violence in Syria as much as we like but even just being kinder to each other I think it is a really good way remember it
and lastly some I guess
what I really hope we and as for us to see what people are doing with these creative tools and like the tools that we have available to us and use the stuff that's happening in the Middle East and Africa I have examples from Africa to iden nature them and share them with the rest the world and so this is a really quick projects called for the answer here it's called the Lebanon would be better if survey should ease and he just 1
around really DIY low-tech grungy spray paint on the wall saying Lebanon would be better if that that that and encourage people to put up their ideas
sends the money cannot what I find really amazing is that this project and there's no international is called project
that that's why I wanna see I wanna see the Middle East Africa and all of these places they're having a really serious challenges take all the increased capability for creativity in production is being produced by the open source movement at large and show leadership and
make wonderful things that we can do with them and I wanted to have this be more of a discussion but I guess I spoke slower than I normally do so I'm sorry no thanks and
thank them