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Mit Sicherheit scheitern
The End of One-Internet
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Eighteen years ago, John Perry Barlow derided the "weary giants of flesh and steel" — today, they control the Internet. The idea of a communicational one-world has been superseded by the giants' power-grabbing approach. This talk discusses different types of possible Internet security institutions, their viability, and their ability to achieve traditional Internet values embedded in open source ideas. The choice between technological cosmopolitanism, a fire brigades-design, an Internet government, informational hegemony, and noospheric empire fundamentally influences which values the Internet can yield.
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without the thank you very much the well in 1996 years Congress discussed the 1st wave of serious legislation of the internet as a response to carry john perry barlow wrote his declaration of Internet of independence of the space is a companion left and the right of legislative well fuck them were words so you have as we now know the re read giants as call them have struck back traditional at national security institutions all over the world but mainly in the UK and the US that have owned the internet at the recent blackout conference the work of a whole for the pony Awards in the category epic only which deserve to be given to the NSA their deals Simon dependence because once and for all being crashed crushed by realities sons of international relations are too familiar with this problem and this concert the constellation how do you protect legitimate security interests without endangering the humanist values how do you balance ideals and reality in the late 18th century philosopher Immanuel Kant was among the 1st to discuss globalization and the appropriate design of political institutions his goal was to solve the problem of war and peace on a global scale and can't call as a solution called for a cosmopolitanism cosmopolitanism global civic society truly cosmopolitan institutions what he faltering and global culture would help unfold reasoning on the global scale and help unfolds human ingenuity the forms of proper political institutions cosmopolitanism font represented reasons but then realpolitik kicks in the real world nationalism law and treaties grand strategies all these things and reason no longer seems to be viable as a theorist as a theorist and think about in imperfect world so you have 2 options you can either develop ideas that are viable still somewhat somewhat attractive but actually lack normative ambition the 2nd option is you develop ideas that are there are truly ambitious but clearly lacked any chance of realizability you can observe this mechanism the the development of a 1 world thinker 1 world where 1 word thinking reemerged in the latest and the line to use 19th century and the 19th century when the Committee was an old 1 were of wars all over the world that was the ambitious goal combined with this 1 world ideas to end the wall plate area of the late 19th and early 21st century it resulted in an imperfect political institutions on a global scale being perfectly of nations the imperfect United Nations and a bunch of other global institutions but cosmopolitan global unity has been unrealistic both before and after world war 2 year deal of cosmopolitan global unity has never become real so the option you has have as a theorist an analysts of the political sphere is try support these imperfect United Nations molar of our global institutions and military alliances all becoming kind of could supporting unrealistic ideas of global warming world hugging and and and and way the the Internet's promise has been to foster civic ideas on a global scale it has been a cosmopolitan idea of global conversation on a common platform for deliberation for global discussions among equal citizens and 1 of the most appealing promises related to the internet has been the rise the emergence of the build of ideas and theories and practices of open source and peer production these ideas what lead to all democratize also sort of lot retires all societies societies in the in various ways and tremendous ways and it might even lead to a democratization democratization offered global security institutions of institutions to produce security forces on the defining characteristics if you look at these open source and P. approach involves the defining characteristics are distributed this openness and socialists that distributed in so far that there is no dominating center central authority but no legally binding entity that imposes its will their old men so far as you can access this production platform you can now not access control you can use the output of these production platforms and they'll social in society and culture to the have you will have to and we're without being forced to buy role of any kind of peculiar incentives so it's distributed open and social those where the ideas of the Internet but now Internet political has kicked in and Internet governance no longer is OK because Internet security governance is is not called the governance of Internet security is in the hands of institutions that are flows centralized the rocket through but yeah you could still call the Internet open if you want to suddenly it is still is open like a shopping mall you can come in and you'll be monitored have you on your make have a better take the and so we have a new reality and will not go away theories norms and the whole story telling of the internet so you probably need to be adapted you you could call this and the political theorist and the model is decoded the reason reality funnel have reason on the 1 hand and vision have the microphone in the other you have a reality on the other and the idea is with with the ideals that they influence the reality but the reality also influences ideals and you hope that the ambitious ideals influenced the reality so in a way the title of my talk and which contains and of 1 Internet in a sense it is wrong it is not the end of 1 Internet it will certainly be reborn the concept but is a stripped down version of are adapted to the realities with less normative ambition that
and I this 1 lots of discussions about Internet security but there is 1 way we should not respond to these discussions by denying the need for it there's no point in decrying the necessity on our on debates on security there is a need clearly need and necessity for security and therefore it's institutions so you want a reason for this look no further than the mother kind uh with a diet you may describe the character of the human species we call them we call them in a group of persons that can't do without peaceful togetherness and yet can't help but constantly love 1 another so basically said but we needed shot each other but are just constant senior faces all the time and this kind of thing needs to trouble eventually occasionally in politics and the wells sold as as I said we clearly need Internet security institutions we need security institutions and we need to discuss them our traditional security institutions are hidden secretive bureaucratic centralized the reasons why they are like this but now we have entered a new domain they have entered a new demand that protecting a pervasive global communication infrastructure we need to understand different approaches to security and different kinds of security institutions and approaches so that could solve this problem so we need to understand them and to come up with new designs probably so for the remainder of this talk i'm going to that and give a quick a rough sketch of the models of security productions models that are in place all of the proposed it's a complex debate and it's only a brief appetizer I can I can give you the so let's let's look at the 3 forms of security production information in Germany feudal security and the so-called brigade model the the what you Robert Kahn 1 of the designers of the TCP IP protocol set in the 19 seventies College there would be no global control at the operational level and code I think that's history the Robert was a former senior defense and intelligence executive but for most probably known as an influential thinker in the field of international relations and copious call for their Williams so proposed an information age successor to the nuclear umbrella the nuclear umbrella observe the US in the times of the Cold War to both protect itself and its allies it helped them you can brother helped to keep allies dependent on security services provided by the US so now I unknowns were looking for successive for that back in 1996 that is we need the following crowed thing it's seminal and no we need to understand that nothing think describes the status quo better than the following that
so these capabilities dominant situational knowledge point to what might be called an information like extended nuclear deterrence they would form the foundation for mutually beneficial relationship the United States would provide situational awareness particularly but not exclusively particularly regarding military matters of interest to other nations other nations becomes so they could share this information about an event crimes since we have more time to work with United States just as nuclear dominance was the key to coalition leadership in the older on information dominance will be the key in the information age or it shows 2 things 1st the NSA gchq 5 mind 14 eyes 14 lies in dragnet has been envisaged almost 20 years ago 2nd it nicely describes the essence of it Germany and the relation between the image of the hegemonic leader and its followers and hegemonic constellations and this kind of security clearly is not distributed Altman social but it is here to stay the 2nd
model of security production is there a that is frequently mentioned has been frequently mentioned as fuel security version i has written a bit about it and you wanted to find a term to describe some of the relation between Internet giants who protect us from viruses malware online extortion and so forth so turned to the medieval Europe and that they called him in medieval Europe people would pledge of their legions to feudal lords for event logs protection so translated to well this Reed say Google Apple facebook I just you should trust me and I'm nice I play to your rules you can trust me but please to protect you and that's the deal should have shouldn't we I so for me as a medievalist and it's a bit of a funny show feudal security because feudalism for the underlings usually mean men the opposite of quite the opposite of security the problem of security minus in yeah we're
and the 3rd thing is the fire brigade it has been there have been calls for an Internet hybrid gate and the 1st summer red about it was and was proposed by by Johnson's a train in 2009 and suddenly we have heard a Google BP vise president then serve talk about its August of since 2000 line and he said that we would need of cybersecurity silo fire department to defend from text Jones out we we have the equivalents of the fabricated already we have a network of global services but more boldly there's a whole superset of global security communities and composer uh consisting of technical staff and security exploding word lists to train once called them the unsung heroes to perform random acts of niceness of kindness sorry and and this is a been institutionalized deceptive network of community is of quite interesting interesting thing and they perform much better than that and the sense of the whole distributed an old man social the production of securities
that but let's go back to this reason reality funnel and send them to a town tears when reality clashes with ideals say goodbye the 1st thing is say goodbye to the old ideals and the old norms of distributed social and open all continue to preach non-viable ideas and become kind of a cyber cyber charities cyber treaty hiker abysmal 3rd alternative at the anti and think deep and hard and long about how distributed this openness and socialist of Internet security institutions could increase because it's pretty complicated it's a long term thing and there tons of hindrances and it might most likely not be feasible but there's still this
thing the memory of the former validity Machiavelli knew that to make you really knew that inhabitants of republics of conquered cities and territories that once enjoyed freedom would not be able to let go of the memories of the past year old Croat but in republics there is mortality greater hatred and more desire for vengeance which will never permit them to allow the memory of the former liberty to rest Machiavelli market valley propose has been laughter Prince the 2 options to deal with such a conquered territories quote the safest way is just destroy them all to reside there unquote and I think you the Internet community you will the visit to thank you and thank you very much for his enlightening inspiring talk now we have some time for questions from the audience of any questions over there you know you be at all that much at the end of the but you some things for the very interesting talk especially for me as I operating and account for the continent 1 world go from 1 world 1 of the things that I found my fashion which worried that the Internet and is some kind of a monopolar like very expensive to build a cheap to operate so they can be only 1 or 2 say it will divert into multiple networks of something that while China has 1 has so we have to kind a bit of well they have their monopolists services that Twitter equivalent and on top of Jimmy me like it's almost did disconnected it there and I think there will be 1 in the way that technical technically and and the 0 at any more questions to the topic well um I a question I mean it's it's it's a really interesting situations of image of the situation that you paint here right now and would like what could we do accept of thinking about those images right now at this very moment we have ideas and not I mean you were talking in the end of the of the talk about new concepts to think about and there were some of the presentation is hard to think of things to come up with ideas with a viable ideas with viable security institutions and that still support around in this form while ideals of the distributed this distributed social and in the prohibited way because you have in the security domain these things like poem poet gambles the need for secrecy because there are some of the evil antagonists in and these are fundamental hindrances to these ideals of of this and and the other 1 of and this is hard stuff to think about that takes a long time to come up with ideas and it's not a one-dimensional is a challenge for 4 of society within the OK they get think our time is up and thank you again for a 4 inspiring talk let us all think about those new concept I think it's upon us and them and applause piece for the few
and back