The Amish Futurist and the power of buttermilk

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The Amish Futurist and the power of buttermilk
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We look forward to this nostalgic stopover on our journey into the future - a session filled with digital self-reflection and a chance to ask ourselves who we were, instead of who we are.
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wonderful if we can have everyone is in the back a little bit come for we do we need to be a congregation
here so if anyone in the back wants to come forward and now if everyone can stand out we're going to start the service with
a little bit of a confession to stand up get out of your apostles stand so just the after me I think that
this yeah In my
loneliness it's not a Britney Spears
song that I had that technology did cracks me
yeah from others
In my vanity I have taken so used what any self
promoted on social media all I ask you fellow users health delivery
from the false intimacy
and 3 others as people a man
you may now be seated we're gonna start with the
reading from our 1st of fossil yeah and and at
the on shown weird so art uh a IV planes uh is less than or equal to move on the reader and the the selection removal of the development dividend from our they created
and the those letters and
read through the for each an a if x is less than or
greater than out and barracks to uh it's those so and that's who we're uterine return concatenated to extort there yes this is the
where it's stored radiator thank you
and half and now in the poem so will lead us in ensure
in please find enjoyment in the courses and 10
is come in line with no real cool way to we don't to them on the internet is on into the brain so the
world still the text would still the on different users playing on tank we on saying I'll blow reed lowering and use the air
blower right I have a new media ballroom lowering in
the EU we have tags truth is not actually being I
mine eyes have seen the glory
of this thing you the really take his time playing L Aldebaran and a monopoly view of tag used the fateful mind there this terrible so it's
smaller text through we saying uh on
global variable ordering can use here below a long time
and in the blow reed lowering
the new year tags choose we mind saying
I've done things
you wonderful
the I'm now going to
share as short sermon called the power of butter
many of you or perhaps here today because of your love of watermelon the power of quantum out is the Power of Tradition butter is good is good is it this you don't need to innovate it's a matter for for recognizing that something certain goods and don't need innovating and at some traditions are worth keeping I won't talk about the power of watermelon added time when the
text scene offers vacuous promises for disruption in pivot and growth cracks
added time 1 more break morons are trying trying to fulfill our spiritual needs by offering us doses of belonging as consumers and as employees at a time when I received the infrastructure and
tapering spaces have been dismantled in favor of accelerators happen crimes and
conferences we are living within the tyranny of the urgent and urgency I believe is a waste of time you see I do
some land pasta Pennsylvania distillate on balance I traded in my
agrarian operating an Amish slide life further limps into the belly of the
beast the text I spoke to people about their 1st memories of technologies for the 1st time in a chat rooms using a cellphone or navigating from the
whole search engines and when people talk about the 1st memory of technology you know it's like they're talking about magic people spoke about you enjoyed
delight feeling a sense of wonder but a lot of that wonder has gone away today
we're overwhelmed with push notifications transactional online relationships and addictive user designs DEC is turning us into a zombie use 120 is told me when I use digital task for extended periods of time I don't like what it does to me in my mind comes on
focused on static it the more I spoke to people the more I realized that we all have been in a honest shyness toward technology of rumbling or
critique digital technology makes this commit this on autopilot these theories are built into the design on the basis of my agency is reduced to would like my narcissism and vanity are encouraged the I can modify myself and engage with others as commodities bronze being brought up the Amish community and raised with a belief in the power of opting out and taking a stand against the destructive forces of modern life
I know this desire to hide out and retrieved but at the same time there's a part of me that wants to desperately be of service to shape the machines that are coming to control
us and that's why I invited these apostles here today these are
people who were working on reshaping of our relationship with digital technologies these apostles were making sure that our digital technologies have a sold their engineers with
the conscience they understand the power of buttermilk and are using their hearts and had to build tools that connect us with the best parts of
our humanity please look them them
fj thinking goes for joining as you can see this is the universe and were maybe a tiny microscopic part of this universe and so when you look
at it to have seen what is the latest that matter you know how do you think of technology we then this is a question of why we're here wire we building these machines and
apostle J I wanna start with you and I think this is very interesting to to
explore the search as observe at the moment within the text seen even there is this question of why we're actually building these machines I was at a conference on the Internet of Things last week and most people in the room where the urging each other to search for meaningful ways to use this technology to find the means whereby they could actually useful in all reality there wandering around with a funny shaped hammer looking for a name and the the right shape they were trying to apply a solution that was shiny and sexy and attractive to real world problems that were an ill-fated for what they were searching to today and the reason they were doing this partly it's sexy and it's quite and it's interesting and excites them but that's not enough you if you want to do it as a toy maker this pull admit that your plane but try and try and make it relevant and tangible to the world and it's not the real driver is that the venture capitalists and um investors are interested in this because these are high risk situations so money is driving us into this bubble of quite the idea is expanded beyond its true meaning and we have to look at the world around us and look at real problems and think
what will this problem we really trying to solve and how do we can present and how do we be that
and how we use are human skills to solve these problems rather than fleeing on our all cells in the search of technology as a savior of wonderful
that in many instances an apostle
Alex does that do you relate that I mean how do you feel like there is you mentioned post technology earlier when we're
speaking but what you feel like about this technology that is enabling us to actually get in touch with what it means to be human is that something you're working on I completely agree with
stable concept that it's like you you do for 1 9 2 4 that's used a hammer but you can like that economically driven there's this this innovation and just because it's possible you try to use it and I think like take from unions
like stepping 1 once that they're looking for a needs like really what we need and
then looking for solutions for this 1 and not the other way around and I was like just a venture capital and with the economic system driving everything when you look at at Facebook about of the companies they spend millions just of engaged users just make more people online just to the entire that you are there and that's like with very adult and we try to to enable to really
let you customize your connectivity also
that you have a vector Corrigan to really like and and like just enough and not be driven by this order is another modification there's another need for looking the status update whatever so it's like stepping back again giving you the freedom and despised supreme again and so like come
up again with the father bias can be more here and so yeah just like you that you not tries Trifi by the out of and you're building something called off
time how what how exactly does that work and do you feel like you know 1 of those sort of emerging trends that we're seeing is this sort of nostalgia attacked wave of people
building technologies to actually
enable us you know an act of self control for example to and enable us to disengagement at the village that way you're building as part of a passing friends or is it a part of the permit solution is kind of infrastructure my optimism I hope this that suggests that we find all balance than that like the
children now growing up with text they just find
their own balance holds they engaged I think our generation like have been thrown into this like was 50 thousand years of evolution but there wasn't like information was really readily accessible and the last year so it just radically changed and readjustment really a trip to just change of of of accessibility and so yes I I hope that it's changing but right now I think we need we need to is the need to support and I
think it's some people say 0 you just need to discipline to to disengage
and but this is also needs to you have to have out and you you you spend energy off of of up to your your own energy of this affecting all to disengage the things
that you can spend with other things which are much more useful if engaging of other people cannot keeping up this energy and also like keeping up with this energy before Facebook cooler and whatever all the other companies want driven to to optimize the algorithm that they
really look for uniqueness to bring you back on line that's like a fight you can only use and so I think we need technology really that different sort of technology which also like looks after technology like technology which enables us as well
not to use technology because that's there to help us so I think it should also be there to to enable us not to use technology it's interesting because a lot of these
kinds of programs it's almost like where outsourcing our morality skew technology so we need rather than just practicing self control which means the in use religious systems used to help us that kind of regulation now returning to technology to actually enable certain human virtues and an act software that I wanted to tend to you as well and has only seen a nostalgic attack I think the literary side Europe part of is very interesting because it's bringing back Dickens idea and you know this serialised context so rather than just giving someone a book you release it a little bit of a
time at a time and it has this very charming old-world annotation
and me tell me a bit about this period and when you're working on a huge amount and so this is publishing company called the pigeonhole which is launching later this year and like uh the Onishi chess saying and what we want to publish books in in serial format like they were commended years ago in the news pages which led the technology of the day and and which everybody could read at the same time discuss it and and follow the story altogether and so we wanted to bring back that kind of communal feeling of reading a sharing the story a bit like
how you know people watch like TV and discuss it all in a when when receiving something artistic and cultural becomes
something the happens through time that you do in the world with other people as opposed to just being a product that you download and then scribble away by yourself trying to get in engagement but not enough I'm not a techie and put a safe I'm not I'm not real tacky and I I find this all very fascinating the sort of
self-referential world that I find myself of that but when I say
engagement I mean actual engagement rate interactions and the idea that
you can have an artistic experience actually that rate in a real way we want to try and get back at his in the industry that I came from which is the traditional publishing industry people on people not engaging with that more people aren't reading the not really seeing that that format the book format as
relevant anymore and it's and I guess what we thought was that a story and
narrative that can make you think deeply about the world or by yourself is actually tied into the format that is delivered and it just happens to be that the last hundred years has come in the form of an object but but there are other ways and so it was it was that West radiative of rethink how you tell stories how share stories and what I love about what you guys are building is
you're actually enabling authors and readers to the implicit conversation to so this whole barrier between author
and reader is dissolving a little bit I'm which is nice they always hated this ideal like this it's like writer who just world away in an attic and this way you actually get to see what's going on in the mind of the author as the problems yet know we've had really interesting conversations with doses because some authors really want to the 1st sit an African produced a great work
about and so the let it do the talking for them
and other other writers really want to talk to reduce directly and at the moment the main ways you can do that by speaking at an event like this to maybe a hundred people all of kind of arguing with them to Amazon review comments which is that the process is the only at a different story fake reviews exactly that
does have quite a lot so they're trying to find a kind of uh a bullshit free way of actually talking together online is so is what we're trying to achieve with that as well but it is fitting it will direct you to form an apostle
day wanna return to some of their earlier reflections and and really asking around what you feeling can use the same landscape looks like within technology like where you know you encounter
abilities these facts that you the various places in you have of mounting fatigue I
guess that for everyday asserted uses technology what you what sort of since you feeling technology makes us man of things and I would use the term
used by the hand was offset by a lot of and but also things like we we're all victims of this in in some way shape or form and but I think the greatest thing 1 URI touched on which is kind of the the disconnect like that
on 1 hand we're trying to connect with 1 another and use the technology as a tool to connect to 1 another but on the other hand we disconnecting from our surroundings renal being present in the world we're not observing news around us and we we could be
immediately immediate contact with the centre always searching for something more
it's almost like being a kind of like the network of an event no you can't personally talk to you and the way counting room for somebody else to talk to they're always going to somebody more interesting
due to come along with somebody that's relevant for the for the network all business or whatever and is a kind of using people in a very cynical man from just being present at the just actually taking the time to look at who's around you have what's in the world and they exist and and connect with it in a in a meaningful way and I think this is
really important and we really need to get back in touch with us because we're not mindful of the world around us then will will forget why it's important and why we rule important and we
we should valued relationships so we have and also those we don't and pay attention to and
widely philic we forget this figure
why why why is there a focus on these tools rather than some of the bigger challenge is going on in the world at these things that we aren't we could really pay more attention to and I feel like it to connect category mistake that we made between tools
and the message behind them will that the use of the 2 men that is kind of what this boils down to is that we think that interaction uh processes on social media for example are communication they're actually not
that that 1 step away from least 1 but that I feel like it's it's it's to do with how we're how a we have to
accept simulation our life and now when a new type of IXa saying the algorithms 7 developed to kind of get says the
reactions after us we if we don't if we don't stop and think about what we're actually it is is a tool or is this actually this is a sexual
and communicating how and communicating and as you stop and think about that it's very easy to just go down that path and then for you'll uh feel framework just to reduce to those processes and it's not just communication technologies that that's happened to me we we do that in our across the whole lives we end up reducing just a series of processes and judging our successes or failures based on those 11 instead of
what they mean and that meaning takes deep thinking and you know time and and maybe that's in that energy and discipline going but the world is to lazy and you pick up
on that laziness thing I think is because actually technology can be to a degree in the easier we feel it's easy and and
the easy also because it leads to a degree can be so shall it's not new wants to you call motion across the text
and we have a motor columns but they're they're limited and yet human to human
relationships is new Newmont's decide how we're feeling uh or emotional state of mind when we're engaging with 1 another our own uh language preferences
or religious background so of bringing more psychology in each time we relate to 1 another on a human to human scale we have to
renegotiate that that AP on 1 line that means of interacting with 1 another and technology can streamline out of it really does feel nice and easy and that we can easily dropping or just walk away from a conversation about anybody even but that's the that's also what's
dangerous about this it doesn't allow for that that and challenging growth the but did this reconnect from outside of the collective must place like different statements about being on and off line and what connects to
there's also like somebody wrote uh it's neither about being on and off line which is clear but it's more like giving you come from its own online and offline and just like getting out of this it's something that it's sometimes difficult and you've got just to get always of just like get out the reach out their become a
bit more conscious you be more mindful about those different things and also within the space
of reflection and also look for the emotions which come up when you use technology what's just before if you're afraid if this year if there's a choice or
whatever and says look what emotions there before you really interactive technology I think this is a reflection of the open up so many possibilities and not just like
being in this constant trifle just like yeah moving on mentions infecting an effect and for the
sake of infected and then just something else that that which is from what we really
stimulation junkies I think and and it's a little bit like we were talking about in our confession that we made altogether about being lonely and the something about creating very high levels of
affirmations or shall hold whatever they mention it has to be really he's an instance an and as J was saying normal human interaction is not like that you know even with someone who you have a very deep relationship with it's
not going to be sees the highs and lows over time it's probably going to be somewhere in the middle and a bit difficult to define and and you don't get that kind of hate that but you do things that you know so many of the programs we use regularly are designed
to create that but the problem is that you you experiences to the high for example we've experienced it on a you know like a needs so you
look they kind of which the next thing after some transient but so super stimulating
that it becomes addictive it's excuse justices know how that them in their ability to analogy between like the social media as a new chance comes in because like it's just like itself pieces information social information it just like humans we are connected to the spirit of like all dopamine leverages works on this and it's just a little thing and that's I put it's nice and it's the by the given it doesn't give off when attrition and you don't feel it immediately and it's nice and the show were cautious yup upon the long term you really have to see there you go and what's filtration and you receive and all you you feel it but you don't have to power like what's happening
in your mind you don't you don't see the effects as fast as you see the father nutrition you might think of this he and everything it's
like you get the next shot the next bit of
information I think this focus on emotion is is really interesting just you know because in theory tackles this vehicle that enables us to have a heightened emotional experience with others that we were
other ways people to have this human-to-human thing but there's also this emotion that you bring to attack as a whole as the media and and being mindful of that state of emotion you know Alex is you're saying before you before you lock them to face the 4 before you to be an understanding what's going on there seems very important and what other kinds of
emotions also surface so there is a mind is this Museum of endangered sounds where you can listen to the technology sounds that have gone extinct and 1 is like a fax machine and it's funny because it's you listen to them and there's some sort of pain of nostalgia and it really takes you back to these to these moments on and attackers becomes so embedded
in memory on an emotional processing in even sometimes like it brings up superstition I know if I'm on a computer and and I'm in my homage character and I a U of browser freezes or something and might I wasn't meant to get or are
you know like it activates these weird the kinds of emotional do you guys
have a any particular emotion and emotional attachments to technology there and it was read or even noises that techniques like what is what is your relationship with its objects you know there was a funny that we did when I 1st came to Berlin that was about sex robots and so we we begin to understand you know what if you had
these like personified robots how would that change the emotions involved in in having sex this you know what I can do I don't have any superstitions to say that I'm really
nostalgic about season intended and all the sounds received Nintendo I'm a child of the eighties so that you know even if there was a little crocodile of 1 of the game made of sentence so that I just love and
even now if I hear a natural sound that sounds like that but a crocodile because found it just makes you feel good to know something it's a
real emotionally attached to compete again as
my relationship with technologies kind of defined by loading and crashing and when when when I was a kid we had a
Sinclair spectrum and we used to not be able to breathe and when it was later just make
fun meaning like latent sound and it would almost inevitably crashing after going to work out ways of like
keeping a still as we possibly could to a to avoid that crash with things like every new technical whether it's like moving into broadband Internet and TV streaming and everything else in my life seems to be technologically speaking punctuated by these kind of meditative windows of loading policies followed by play-like on and I'm not that kind of defines my relations with the technology to group
this opens up and another question in my mind this review could go in the discussion as well
as like the relationship are really like is technologies serving as of you solving technology what you say it sounds like a caregiver foreign and when I look after my emotion as well it's like my parents have
like 1 of the 1st mobile devices to carry a lot along at home so we didn't have this phone this line what you put the red character on mystery as the remember the
the when the battery was nearly flat and it's like to be like it back to the station and then had to carry there but it was almost like this need
he nearly died in social really pick it up and bring it there this was a chemical change so successful that the pet like
digital the adversary and so on and up to now is really open to the audience
3rd for additional questions for any of your reflections and
and religious join in the conversation here and talk about any technologies in that you feel like really present to you in this moment and any questions the apostles or for myself of around the role of technology and and human relationships
and that any questions of their own the
now there is 1 do we have a lot of this and it's not really a question this more like something with and this the recently that people and creating apps that actually their main goal is still disconnect
us from the other out which I found really really funny because why actually is enough for that this is like I think the way for the topic I had lots of lots of those things recently so yeah I think you may think let's let's take a few other comments
and then more open it up and the are high and very interesting discussion and I'm working this the kind of software developer in the energy market so I'm trying to grab the thought that this is completely like useless also
influenced by a photon with important and what I what I do is basically correct at 2 years from people ideas of all the the bottom of sheet or new potential new things that they want to do what I find a strategy for the network that operating so it's cheaper for federal anyway and and I'm trying to this is that the doesn't help people but I don't feel like this is by doing this it's it's a way to earn money and what do you think wonderful so the question about the
existential fission making technology great any other questions about it at the end of a believer that of a lot of us are in stage of technical indulgence were we build because we can not necessarily
because we have necessities of me decide that there's necessity because we have a software infrastructure to do it but sometimes we get caught up in the in the convenience of things we don't think about the people or the processes that are affected but at the same time if we don't build in the pursuit better we have stagnated and we'd all really want embrace Luddite which is leading technology for the sake of technology come to you do you think that we should and stop progressing and always yeah great so they
go for with those phenomenal open up again and soon free you guys I think that this last question is about stagnation and what's the right role technological development verses and this is on a higher level of Mennonite kind of world and the 2nd question is really almost you know this existential sort of point of what if you figure out what you're building isn't really meaningful in the wider
scheme of the universe what he did to I j filling you'd units and events and and and then I think the 1st point is really interesting which is now all these tech companies are really profiting
around building apps to get us to not use other apps and that seems like a bit of an oxymoron in online the get who and I don't know where I normally
have of thing of not using other so I think that my system as the like of developing apps that use and it's very consume and what you do stuff and there you have it and I think it's a
very tiny bit minority effects that should enable you using of other and the question why are you buy you have to use the value concepts just itself I
think everybody knows that by not using the phone in the morning on the evening and
then like in the morning to 4 things what you do is you look at your device or in the evening and then you've got to ask yourself OK why do we need excellent using at then reflect on my right to change of plan and I think of this very very strong about all the slides this stuff and I don't know how to say this uh and
there's there's this whole industry behind it just like looking for your weaknesses and gaps of ideas that the energy on just fighting with those forms and just like use technology to let fight for it than just help
them that's yeah musicality that really creates a space for yourself I think
that's that's the main thing what you should use don't use this support this that ever but just reflect the treaty that's Toulouse if you and you and really help you learn which tools to make you more like a slave of Anderson I'm might try and adjust the
at that address the meaning and the stagnation thing at the same
time you might be might incoherent but all all all try and on the stagnation issue I thing is also important to recognize that as technology progresses actually becomes more and more now is not becoming more and more open is is actually stagnating as a form of progress almost say the reason that trains and busses and calls the dimensions as L is based on the measurements it's 2 horses ulcers and it's the same with technology as it progresses we build boxes within boxes within boxes or idea of a computer is shake originally by typewriter combined with television all devices of progressing along this kind of intellectual availability of our experience of technology so the group degree
we're already stagnated and I think it's important that we look at the meaning 1st and foremost why are
we doing what we're doing and what kind of world do you want to live in because technology does shape our lives and does create the world in which we live and and I use a very broad term I talk about technology languages technology and works and writing on pieces of paper is a technology I use quite a lot of a lot of cases that connected the systems that we exist in the businesses they
likewise a technology and a shape our relationships with 1 another and they shape the lives that we had I would urge you to look at
the life that you want to have how you want to relate to the world how you want to relate to yourself and how you want to relate to the other people around you focus on that and how you can
actually have a meaningful existence
that fulfills the day in day out more than sustains don't work because you have to you don't work to keep going and then progress just for the sake of progress explore what really means something to you and then you can begin to
explore what technology can do to
assist you to get whether that technology is a space in your gone or small
use with a stranger or additional device if
you so choose to look 1st at the meaning and then you can look up what you can do to solve that problem on improve your like and finally
see inspire and all that the stagnation progress questions a lot
of effort to fight saying a lot of progress that you see is
actually incremental changes not not real innovation that just small small changes in that's kind of the way the business is set out below rewarded for making tiny tiny improvements and that's your moral which if you make a series of tiny improvements in if you're in and about something and when they go and and that's what I would call that progress that just enough because you has you know I kind of that was the point that they're really exciting innovations that happened throughout history be taken technology is being approached thing pledges to about it they will
come out of stuff people needed all were really really excited about sometimes you can invent something
by accident because you're really interested citizens just have to be you know because you having a crisis in the this sometimes it can be fun to classical but for the sake of making a tiny improvement is never good reasons to of a things and stake in 1 of the conversations on
this question of stagnation and should we
overcome ominous because that doesn't seem like a good reality there is the I was having a conversation with that kind founded on video and is now running something called DIY . org and his
perspective was interesting because he really got sucked into the started
seeing and then ended up building this kind of Hermitage in upstate New York where he got to go into the pine forests and and get away from Internet and so they built this whole structure of cabinets and things were people with common just the talks and now in San Francisco you have regular digital DetOpt strips for people i you have something called
grounded which is happening this summer which a summer camp for adults where you're not allowed
to the network and you're not allowed to use any kind of technology and you just have to like go user voluntarily go canoeing like maybe make out with someone as you did when you're 13
and I think the this this definitely points to something symbolically where were we are looking for these other experiences to
retrieve and to get away from technology and I think it's important for us all that have these kinds of Amish in stinks and I've spent the last couple months I rented a little
world Herman hideout in Pennsylvania and I think what I was basically trying
practices to bring the spirit of that permit life into New York City here enciphered land so that its of practicing and trying to on a regular basis just regular myself so that very much in touch with the mercy events sort of transcendental is
kind of inquiry that you can have in a log cabin but bring that into cities and bring that into urban environments and very much that's with satisfying
to you now based in San Francisco is bringing that i the talk other accredited upstate New York into the city experience wonderful so that's open it
up for a few more questions that we have about 10 minutes flat yet so so is a question
primarily for area you verify the home so early on in the talk he talked about speaking with some folks at the Internet
of Things they and how it seems like they come up with some cool technologies the past around the problem so in my own experience as an artist sculpture and technologists I find that until I learn and you still have to come up with the ideas that requires intelligent take well they have no predators courtly love and so as I learned that I had like 50 and so clearly like
coming up with a new thing and exploring possibilities to support at the same time it's important to find solutions to problems rather than problems and solutions that you have any tips about how to go through
that process intelligently and how to you
know make sure that investigations properly directives of the real problems yeah the thing as as a very interesting question
is 1 of exploring in the kind of the other side of my work so that the system the last 6 months and 6 months last winter also uh working in in the development sector serving working in US 1 looking at how we can work with the local population to solve the problems that they have the chance they have with the resources that they have available and the way I look at it is
the exploration and experimentation are definitely uh critical factors in that becomes more from a kind of I guess you try things and then you
observe also you observe what's happening in the world around you so you also that nature also the experimentation so that that the
permaculture principles of observing how blogs behave natural things happen I picked up the hosepipe in ASR 1 and it was kicking out piping hot water so I realize that a so the water heater that people with very and just hosepipe connected to about emitting a very long time point but
so like this this is the way in which we interact and engage with the world so is also constantly questioning and sometimes that question is for an action and an experiment and replace but always keeping the problem in mind on multiple problems in mind as you addressing and I'm not saying necessarily that it's bad to experiment with technology and the thing is very good thing in a very healthy thing because it helps us understand these new possibilities that the danger I the it is that we're trying to justify it as the solution or putting all our efforts into the solutions and not enough intellectual effort into the problems and exploring these problems with what we already have on the ground with voice readily accessible and instead of discarding that and jumping straight to the super high tech when actually often a problem could be solved with a conversation eye contact and this is why I think largely the problem that's inherent is that we're so obsessed with this the shiny and sexy and that's where all the money that we
just need to the intelligence what we have and how we use it to solve what we need to solve that wonderful story of the m the American NASA teams
spending many many thousands of pounds on that right to space and and after many years of research to live with this idea later you can write in space and in the rushes to stencil like this is to set the example of you know I think about the problem I don't think about what's fences with them so Internet and also
statistic is now NASA is actually thinking about what we can do on our so they they're designing a bunch of challenges to see how they can apply all the technology to actually solving basic development problems which i is is the effects here point and I think we're basically
generated 1 I think we have time for 1 more question yeah so when I heard about this idea of detoxifying by going to the forces something that it doesn't sound like a
natural solution it's kind of like getting methodology united States has friends and I
wouldn't sentences that I grew up there and what I do is adjustment to Seattle and that's the solution isn't unhealthy period culture needs to be destroyed reactor centralized corporate culture that create factors for the NSA for example for an underground nonviolently and and and really I think you know returning to nature is distance we have to change the nature in the direction you want Simon I agree to some degree of we have to do with free and open systems where we actually do not control and that's the thing
that's really missing from a lot of discussion about this that were checked kind of first-rate and more we need to do is just moved to totally different paradigm of how we control the means of production actually yeah I think that's fantastic and I couldn't agree on that uh I think so
1 of the 1 of the books that I'm working on right now is for the missing economy and in that project we very much look at different ways in which means it's are engaged in this agenda tapping cultural institutions and permits to me is an important character within that these are the people that actually are opting out of the system for a very good reasons and pioneering different kinds of alternatives all images
that this care so this is 1 of the other continents that I think that the insider misfits their implanted in some of our most powerful institutions today that
there are really trying to stealthily transform those institutions from the inside
and some of the narrative of we want destroy these institutions and others take a much more sort of intrapreneurial approach of wanting to change the DNA of those institutions but I think also to engage with this figure vision space sometimes you do it is the talk so this experience of feeling out of the system just 2 D program yourself and get in
touch with what it is that you feel like you need to do differently and you
Henry Corona was 1 of the most famous sermons after he came back from this amazing trend and that transcendental experience went to work at a pencil factory so people right back into the system that he was trying to escape and so I think we need better pathways for understanding how do you in fact systems and how do you transform them and there's not 1 theory of
change that I would wholeheartedly endorsed but I think there variety of sort of the orientations of positions that are helpful to them 1 of the
more I mean you guys would like to do is just take a moment of silence and so that we can all hold hands with the people next sentence you in antecedent moment close their eyes
we say something is a to see yeah if you
get bigger as they do a
lot of the features we