The Power and Responsibility of Unicode Adoption

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The Power and Responsibility of Unicode Adoption
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Communication is difficult. Whether between humans, machines, or a combination of the two, trying to translate meaningful information is a lossy process. Converting programming languages to use the new Unicode standard is hard, but once it’s in place, you get this marvelous feature-add: emoji compatibility. No longer do we have to make faces with symbols or use platform-specific emoticons. Rejoice in the extended character set. Emoji have a rich history as a way to allow the communication of ideas in a reduced amount of data. They date back to a time where this was important: SMS communications in Japan. However, as social networks feverishly try to clamber onto this bandwagon, their implementations of the standard create issues with miscommunication that aren’t possible with a 12×12 pictograph. We’ll discuss the history of emoji, cross-platform adoption, the Unicode standard, and emoji accessibility in web applications.
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time i this this talk the for the 1st time and Ginneken Europe in Budapest and this is what we lost among given at Agenda Cont in the US that's kind of freaking cool I also I do acknowledge that there is an emerging movie and these dancing units 3 8 there the way carriages honey the actual energy online thought OK that's done OK and so on all gonna look over the side now I the official emerging the conference by the way the evergreen the Unicorn had a yearly 1 because conference I guide I and carry on my Twitter handle is hidden somewhere on this slide if you like to tweet me during the talk I can't apply to you during the talk but I will endeavor to apply to you after the talk and I'll will be taking questions in the coral after the talk yeah i it's yellow again grade the that high I love emergy I love how ver can and it is because 0 my gosh so Delia up because
computers we have this thing called unique
a unique code is great you should all be using you normally see you in the form of say
UTF that you wanted to write is that is the flexible encoding that everyone should be using to make sure that everyone can use your software if you want to represent the character and using UTF-8 you have a string of ones and zeros but if you wanted to represent the character how it is used a couple more ones and zeros you can use more or less and you can have all these done saved because it's a flexible encoding system it's all right the ones and zeros really had to type out of time so we we just
use this sort of shorthand syntax this particular code is I and this particular unit code code will work on every single machine a Support so you can send out a from 1 machine to another and get it back and it'll be great but and you can also do it for cool languages like Japanese and have an I as well and you can do cool stuff where you have say these and then you have an accent and you put together and it's in accent and that's really great because it means that would you code you can
encode every single language character sets in the world mostly except the Japanese the I was in
japanese earlier I think is you coach back in the day I did hear about katakana country what it did do was emerging so back in the dawn of time in the 19 nineties the Japanese had pages who remembers what pages out of their cages were cool because they had little characters on all these really cool little
12 pixel by 12 pixel characters were created by 1 of the mobile phone networks so you could texting and said like cinema and it would go cinema or zoos and we're busy with England and was really cool and was of great engagement strategy for the different networks in this is that in the nineties but this was all in Japan and nowhere else so all and there's also a small problem where there are 3 major mobile networks they all had their own encoding and they didn't match so fusion of course your friend may come up is like a pig the anyway I'm not a solid and all this in the early 2 thousands and was really great because once they got all that together they can go to the user's current Consortium which is a wonderful group of people that would make a much more better movie than the actual emerging moving and they I with a little help from Google backing unit conversions 6 in 2007 encoded all these emerging in into you and nothing happened to until Apple came along here knows what Apple is here had an Apple IOS 4 5 thorough back in the day I'm talking 2010 yes yes yeah so story goes apple strand break into the Japanese market so they dual if like here's our foreign it is very complicated it and the Japanese like that there's no magic so Apple put MAG in the very early I always vision to version 3 friends and I was right because the Japanese are likely a and then I was like I think we should this to everyone so that I was version 5 a emerge added interview especially as optional setting deepen the settings we have to enable it as a key 1 option story goes that 1 day some final defined looked at when yeah how it's and pitcher pitt to my friends there and so this is the picture of a and some necessary what and then it spreads as to does on and so the adoption of a major new Western world sky rockets and everyone loves energy and the única consortium starts adding more emergy such as in 2014 we
get such wonderful emerging as a monkey and the static and also in the bottom right there are many in business it levitating yeah who remembers Winding's backwards compatibility is if they if you happen to have a fault that is kind of popular and you add a character in there just because then you'll end up in Munich and it's apparently representation of the developers of favorite scab and how long and so we have many businesses levitating because of course we don't how and every year since 2014 we get new major characters we get our wonderful things such as our unicorn only a couple years ago now as trillion Smiley which is very useful and popular because the topic on and just as you got a whole nother set included I cowboy emerging dark OWL experience and a need to know you know which came 1st out of particular note of the 1 on the bottom right corner here again is a
combination of characters is the 1st come character and A. Fitzpatrick modified to give the skin-tight this means that we can have more characters that we can create based on the existing existing at points we have so say for haircut in most of the most updated mobile Frankie once you have when you type the character you're actually getting out
press we can cut and then at the margin of modified so it's actually 2 separate characters which means that if you change it to a male modified
and put it back together you get not getting haircuts which means you can have wonderful combinations like this combination which when you spread it out is actually
made up of many men this is where the emergy tax comes in because they may have been a medium article released in the last couple hours saying that a whole bunch of female and G and different color skin emerging take trouble characters this is why this really doesn't normally manner except the text and Twitter where your limited to characters you can use but the fact that you can have these the fact that everyone can get them and share them around all the different computers means it's really cold and we can also get flags which is really great so only recognizes the slide yeah this flag is made up of 2 separate characters this the characters you and hits the
putting together and the fact yeah I using all the ISO standard by country codes you can get all the different ISO standard country-code flights just by combining the 2 characters so in
Python we can play a lot of fun stuff with the meiji but only if you're using Python 3 you should use Python 3 it supports emoji In Python 3 if you input unique i . and then you can give it a single character and return the name for it you can also use a state characters without actual name to return back the meiji and you can do the same with those codes that we saw earlier uppercase you in this case means you're always going to give it our 8 numbers so strict indicate that he take a lower case you that I've been using is for ITT to effect so we can have a snake and we communicate escape it and we can get a byte stream with its specific character point and we can make back again which is great because Python supports emerging and apple supports emergy and this is where it gets interesting I'm so if you're a dimension that Apple with those ones to do it and everyone was like all I can improve accuracy group of and right is the thing androgen have emerging and so they may have rushed that a little bit which is why we get some interesting things in Android emerging this is a yellow how to it is it is represented as yellow the name is in the encode standard use black and white this particular pattern 5 dates back to British held the shields and this particular sequence adults means gold or yellow this is a yellow hot this is yellow yellow yeah yeah the
this is what Android did the 1st time I introduced color emerging and and yeah but this is something that
this is a flushed face from Apple Twitter emerging 1 and Google Android Google Android and regular every single 1 except the Android 1 looks like a 0 no what I do but the Google 1 looks like a long which can be really good news sending 1 to a friend that the apple and you will know context gets lost and all doesn't stop there again this is jazz hands yeah this is deaths and I think these are all the same character all that this is up there class and and so what I can do is we know it's I'm not sure how long can actually do that before the attack starts to really hurt the it does is something FIL was to take a guess what this character is you I want and this not a scientific papers that go through and work out the fact that yes this is the thing and it's not just something I noticed I'm this is a that those governments the only difference is the bias and given I meiji started in Japan back in the back in the back in the day this makes sense in japanese culture because Japanese culture has a whole great big thing about the eyes in mind and they as a Westerner they look the same to me which means if somebody sensing 1 and the other I've no idea what's going on so they have a lot of emerging began
emerging every year how do we actually get new emerging única consortium the savage arbiter of the set you so I will talk of their whole bunch of decent and don't if you want to get an emergy added but is up the public's emission you just submit a form with all the right things in it and they will take you consideration under figure request under consideration things that will get you added if your talking about improving compatibility across platforms who recognizes the Americans at the top there where they from young messenger the only reason we have a cowboy emerges because young messenger had a cowboy I'm completeness
is also factor of if the up until unique code 7 they didn't have characters every single zodiac 1 so that's why they added scorpions and the rest because zodiac is apparently a thing that people care about I'm frequently requested
as well when you get in tire chains that make talkers asking for Taco meiji you'll get a talker emerging but also unicorns subsample on things that
don't count overly specific there is a smoker and there's a subset and there's an ice cream sundae meiji when up again a BananaSplit emerging any times I'm sorry I'm also you can never never never never never never never have any logos or brands these are the apple renditions that look like Apple products because Apple apple apple apple I at a level Apple an apple I also know fanciful means which means
we can never get a static emerging there's a static image anyway as been bring eulogy older
systems get out of date and then we get this wonderful issue of the
Replacement character which is when the computer goes I'm also known as much about case in japanese all major bank because of western and passed as a pronounced pronunciation of anything including my language apparently I'm if you don't have a friend
that's up-to-date enough you can end up getting missed characters and see counting and Smiley it's really side how basic acres is act that now I'm a
wonderful gent out as city has made a I'm MOG sensor act which means that if you put it on crime or now Firefox if you to take a completely random tweet that I did not generate specifically for the purposes of this talk and make it so every single emoji doesn't exist it starts reading really root and this is also a reason why you should use emerging in line because you end up seeming like just a silly thing from the internet simulations isolate things I 1 thing where does what the emerging will most
definitely work is your else this is a real website stigmergy don't W S is a website that I've created a cost me and 22 sense because the WS on but it refers to speed and ends being theory which is a mental health thing about having a spins in your day to get the things I'm there's an entire RFC which had determines exactly how you get from other treaty a characters into Latin characters and back again so this is the actual URL that website but if you go to that URL depending on your browser it will change into a spin emerging browsers and emergy have some interesting eccentricities on speaking of which have browser tabs you can't have analogies in the title of the website you can also have a very that make you title of your website look like it's secure because there is a pattern the major the extent in Safari they
don't render that if you look closely here the other 2 terms in this safari view have the emergy that's being represented and then the name of it but the locomotive isn't there this only happens at the moment in Safari which means that your eye terrible terrible website once to get information active helpless people can't actually look like a secure website and that's actually secure but when the circuit exists now on anyway that image into
things up at the keyboard because that's how you only input stuff all as all of yesterday and Google Voice now supports the meiji dictation I'm sorry
I'm back on on devices that actual keyboards you normally see out like they on Android and then you get entries and which
all being cute if you're on IOS there's like a set a a smiley face which is really easy on but on Mac if
you generate you know you can press pound command control space and you bring up a wonderful searchable interface that allows you to search for all your meiji which is really great Nancy number max in the room so now you know and all if you know honorable rely on soft keyboards you can always just connect
together 14 hardware keyboards 1 for every single emerging character like a difficult Tom Scott did and so what he mechanical keyboards may be as big as this stage but already that's now out day because there's several believe that major characters and this is where the same gentleman that made
emerging the network yeah I can imagine how will that went to I and there were like and they were approached by venture capitalists yeah anyway where
websites and such because there is no where the region I can use women rigid and they still have
some sites if you wanted entry in your energy they have wonderful little soft petals in there so you can search for your stuff cell Twitter and as of a couple months ago you can actually search for merging into whenever you have been able to the Instagram for awhile including hashtag all the she knowing the eggplant emerging hash tag on Instagram does not work out I yeah I'm I'll between our continent training and a link to the slides and this entire and engineering blog articles from Amsterdam and how they actually get hashtag major stuff to work because there's some really big rejects that really big I'm speaking of which if you don't have to try to get you a soft keyboard and stuff they always use short codes on if you want to enter in take you could have a say on slack and undercut calling K columns and you get cake and this is really great when you used to say the other hardware keyboard on your laptop that doesn't have a major keywords except if you've got a touch by now on the formats because anything in a major key words of but the thing is that this doesn't work everywhere because this is a vendor-specific implementation which means it's a chat you need to use brackets and so the colons and make it doesn't equal the slack cake visited completely different types of take Y is a short time and 1 of the KKK and the not the same I say here is familiar with slack yes of party parity is not an emerging it is an emerging call and you can add it specifically to a specific slack network but not all slack networks you have to add it manually she did squirrel is not memory
g this is something specific to get hot you can also imported into various applications that it is not widely recognized this is erotic this has been a public service announcement by me
I if you're going to use ensure currents in your system please for the love of all things nice let me disable order correct I don't know how many times a paste in 6 codes and automatically corrects to like their old I'm also
single colon end bracket is a smiling not a super hyped up Smiley I Smiley with T showing and if I'm embarrassed I really don't think I'm vomiting money the especially because on Australian and how money anomalies in very except the really big ones actually never mind the 100 delimits green age so I would like to bomb that these and and there's 1 slack 0 slack does not
keep their energy up to date they haven't for a couple years now which means that yes you can get shipment and popcorn be conquered getDoc unless you added manually so people on slack by coming I'm read things back again most systems if you update them will automatically do this for you based on their system platform encodings but also when you have complete control so you can make it really nice the people that can't by the newest iPhone every year to update their meiji so if I can
make 1 suggestion that he take back with each day the develop websites enable fullback
please use fullback images for any emerging 1 to use in your website because you cannot rely on the system the meiji being very even if you use agents you can rely on people having more up-to-date systems just so that I have people that have black and white emerging on Android and context can be lost so useful back images fullback images the next slide is the only slide that actually has a measure on everything else I've been using today has been like images most sleep so I can show the difference between vendors that undramatic Mrs. Helm you
look on a Mac they're really really really shiny now will accept the new ones still won't work and some of the older unit code 2 and 3 on actually emerges that the text representation on if you go to this URL I had this exact thing that shows you how the different the meiji actually show up on different platforms but they can look shiny now I guess I'm but if you run a website and you want to have a really easy way to enable fullback images at Twyman emerging . js is the Twitter implementation of fullback for just images what crystalcom come now uses this by default which means that if you have a Web Press combo all your emergy will work for every user has a was they had images enabled which is great images and JavaScript-enabled but the come but we can raise the bar here not only can we have image fullback but we can also do things like having highlights
high lights becomes keep coming I told him now service and
on Web accessibility in general so instead of just using and default system imaging we can enable these things which makes for extremely rich desktop experience the people who want to be able to actually see what emerging mean and be able to have screen dictation work so this is how you
should be doing fullback images in your web sites you have isoleucine which would be the i encoding of the UK character please use SPG not everyone supports SPG png is a good enough and they also a better over a performance thing and there are a whole lot of ICT ends that will give you access to our case versions of William Agee and neck CDM believe does Twitter and but if you use the Alzheimer Larry labeling that 1 of the things like false because if you use alt with the actual emoji in there if you copy and paste entire string of text which includes your image your major in image you will copy the actually única character until clip or Dominican pasted again which is really cool also did you know that also different textiles because if you have title and mass over it will tell you what the the major is suppressed which is great the people that need glasses to be up to read this screen and people who are over 40 and the rest of it I'm not knowing where all these little why is the Al purple I don't know what that is is it supposed to be a jump from gee I don't know all too now that's great and also a ARE label for super bonus points means that when a screen reader comes across a website they will hear emoji out in the middle of your string which means that they can understand your website you want people to understand your website because understanding website is good I basically because of that all this for you aren't you install still image of a k 2 is a Django template that will automatically translate content that you have includes a major characters and translate this into the proper when accessible image fullback system so you can use it as a i template tag then passing your content through a filter or you can use the full template tag on your site and it will automatically do this for all the code is on github and I've got a blog post their explaining a whole bunch of how it works am 1 the general use especially in the web world plays enable UTF-8 by default because by default you will have the 2nd thing is mainly on ascii for which is the and I don't I'm anyway the future and I have minutes left that this is great I'm just what's happening morally if you the hand structures there is a has and you didn't even see the handheld emerging we just Lord and broccoli imaging and dumpling emerging had seen Kobe emerging and we had to dinosaurs now not just a T. rex I'm headscarf emerging which is wonderful and we also have some wonderful ones just in time for Halloween so we also have sentiment we also have zebras and partly because the prior is uniform what's up with that and the right and
mind 1 which is also now emerging also some interesting things when on the old St. jet lag generating through the unique codes that at whatever time a day is in whatever time then you are on this a really interesting little subtle changes that came in with unique content including the fact that you little sweat and meiji isn't supposed to be on the face it's supposed to be an anthropomorphic long bring in front of the head so for the various vendors that are supposed to have the current vendors that are currently I'm conforming to physics get on that am also in Munich 10 which is really important to me no longer is they just a male and female modifiers and faces or just child adult older person there now gender neutral faces which means that you don't just have a we not supposed to have any more just and males I mean females of the by the fault or the characters as was to gender neutral and then you add your modifies on top but so this hasn't really been implemented properly ever before because it's really knew which means when you have say of rock climbers the top 1 being Twitter the bottom 1 being Facebook the man on the left the woman on the right yeah good have and a time in my maybe just kind of here it's it's exactly at time so that's a pretty spooky coincidence I don't believe we plan to go away I have like
more slides that I can stuff now
know all we don't like the idea that I heard something up here label the so how can you have to do that he died everybody really there is now not just the default woman density meiji there is a man dancing imaging which so so like Saturday Night Fever again there is a Russell major now I know of would you like to see my review of the emerging movie while we wait yeah anyone who doesn't want spoilers covered now we present that what a lot of 1 of the main plot points in the emerging media is that they have to get to the drop boxes to be on the cloud we have a 1 so I you know I did as we continue I these are the new rock climbing emerging for male and female what is supposed to do is any character that doesn't have a specific modify especially gender-neutral the problem it's that on Twitter at the moment gender-neutral rock-climbing looks like a man and on Facebook the gender neutral for reclining major looks like a woman hopefully vendors will fix this stuff and I knew this will then on because it's really annoying when you wanna represent yourself and you have no idea how the emergy is going to look so get on that other updates
on a wonderful issue before all the grimacing face is now fixed In apple so now the grimace actually looks like that's right that is the grinning face in different versions of Apple it no longer looks like premise Alex like gritting so you no longer think that somebody is really upset you I'm did that enjoyed his
wholesale fixed they're on different imaging so this is the same flushed face from earlier in different versions so it's gone from new or too bad to dock although the elephant in the
room there has been an elephant emerging in there for several years by but the actual elephant in the room this is the grading emergy them Android 7 and then the Android 0 you data they have prevented the kerning energy into the old format they have also apparently taken an Internet and a free version of Photoshop with gradients and recreated all their emoji I and the more fake orange the yellow orange yellowish blobs I thought these were perfectly fine new versions hurts my eyes I mean I don't know whether this is an accessibility thing or knowledge that I don't want to upgrade my phone if that means and have to look at the whole thing which is really bad coming from me because unlike a security not and I really like having updates on my friends inside my friend is to kill but it's OK because on Android phones going back to our 2013 versions there is going to be an major support Library edition which means that apps don't have to rely on system g they can download the emergy font for Android and replacing all they're ready which means you know no longer get magic back at the problem is it's all the new terrible major failure on is windows no
winners emerging got also the new Windows 10 emerging look frickin amazing there it's like Paul parts and they no longer look like the in the non and it's great and they fix the clapping emerges also is also you know this is the 1st platform to support inter racial inter-gender couples reacts and if you
click the windows button period you get your own
research but now that's cool Linux get on this on the meiji 1 have also had a recent updates are crowdfunded have freemium platform so now all their mode you really shiny and it's cool I as a point this is the 1st version of the maid you could get in sufficiently open source license and was all kick-started and they're really cool and they like my tweets and growing up
on the alimony looks like it's going Argyle and jumper on and they're also professions so you can have as an emerging that looks like you because this
emerging looks like the and around I'm many things that are coming out of there
are a whole bunch of that have been suggested to be implemented for next year including cupcake energy In clean today energy and including all those horrible
of feeling emerging from Facebook I
but you don't have to rely on the emerging consortium magic and sort of unique consortium
it is wonderful CSS to make your analogy if you want to including of wonderful multicolor hearts I'm and you could say have
your banana and your Sunday and make a bet on
Sunday or you could have your and your will chipmunk and your hat and have and have a
ship that they all will OK you
can't really have with the pi part but you know what I 6 it for you your welcome is that as of last week potty parity has been recommended to be added to the unique code standard next year you'll well and this is now a new exclusion parameter that may be because of the exclusion factor carry faulty comparison the MAG don't include all and 2 different types a camel do not justify adding different varieties of the same kind of animal I'm sorry I broke emerging way
anyway if you want to know more information you can look up Wikipedia at MIT pedia . all which is a wonderful have website there's also the faking a consortium who may or may not be an the I'm actually show you should also tweak the because they really Kato management in talks is also the encode consortium on Twitter and you can also how adopt an emerging to give the money to help with a wonderful things about doing that does include things ontology including making sure that like indigenous written texts can be encoded in unit code so quickly some takeaways and yes 1 that's going on there's a lot of power in speech meiji add an additional level of communication but there's a whole bunch of responsibility in the implementation and accessibility that we need to as web devs be aware of that we have think the ad Theraps
fanned ng o hmmm 0