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The CoC committee is here for you
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Since a community-wide Code of Conduct was adopted in 2013, the Django Software Foundation has had a Code of Conduct committee. The committee deals with CoC violations on e.g. mailing lists, aggregates reports from conferences, can check speaker lists against CoC reports and provide general advice and support. Django events tend to have their own CoC with their own CoC team. Not everyone in the wider tech community is fond of Codes of Conduct. However, a lot of this reluctance is rooted in misunderstanding about what this actually entails, and what the committee and teams actually do in both their active and reactive roles. That’s why this talk will give a peek behind the scenes of the work of the CoC committee and CoC teams, how incidents are actually handled with various real life examples, and how this leads to a better community for everyone. Including you.
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at the end of the day and
I have to do and the issue of
the thank you and a few things
I wanna mention before I start I want to stress that this style is not an official position of the set or the Court of Honour Committee like I think will agree on a lot of things but uh something that makes are process from also is that we don't always agree and we have different points of view and that's how we learn also from each other so if you want an official position you should e-mail that he said article from the committee and yet a stress is that a lot of the things the good of the good things that we have now in our community there here also because of other people so I'm talking here about it's about ideas come up at all the things and then introduce them at and a lot of people have worked really hard to make these things priorities not community long it and lastly i'm going to share a number of stories and examples and a lot of them are closely based on things which are really happens but not all of them because more important than this talk is that we uh follow through into the confidentiality that we promise to people who report 6 to us so how's with introduce myself
using me on slack time for Reiter pieces grows to have a long story I can ask me later and so many such
day-to-day I work for gesture were small piton company back in Amsterdam so this conference is the 1st I've ever been away from home and I've been using and competing contributing to jungle for a really long time I can there is a bunch of code to Django co-organized generative could force 3 years contributed to to scoops and I do a ton of other stuff and the best way that I've ever been insulted on the internet is when someone called me a neo emotional
crusader it because I care about people's well-being and even although this choice of words is a bit strange it is true that I care about these issues lot because to me the 2 hardest problems in our 1st
people like the people that we work with the people in our community that people who use the things we make an appeal to whom we set examples in what we do and 2nd hottest convincing others that the hardest problem
is actually people an atom that perspective I have a bunch of for strong feelings about diverse and inclusivity which is also why I feel that refusing to
adopt a code of conduct in a community this displays an appalling lack of even the slightest interest or awareness of making people feel safe or welcome your community I see if you can't be bothered to write down that harassment in your community is an OK and will be acted upon it's basically permitting it and the only reason I feel strongly is because I know how much is can matter and had that bad things happen in our community but especially tagged as a whole but because I have such strong views are isomers and up in discussions with people who don't always entirely Greece of the ovary skeptic and they say things like I g is the code
of conduct is full of sexist and harassment and gender that people really active savages before the last few years a wave of political correctness isn't the kind of people like to watch other people enough and no people did not actually act as savages everywhere before this wave of political correctness and in an ideal world saying to people the kind and be polite is enough but that's not really the place where we are because technology open-source we'll have a report track records in ensuring everyone feel safe and welcome especially people from marginalized groups have been basically systematically mates to feel and even solids and then even shame into silence if you want to talk about what happened to them and things have there been improved especially in the general community but were not completely variants because like even in our own community some people in the community artists fossils at some horrible people try to find a range or community and beyond that there it happens a lot that people do things there's quite inconsiderate and what I found when I talk to this kind of people that have this kind of use of codes of conduct and that it's a lot of the skepticism comes from not being aware of things that happen in communities because they don't hear about them and sometimes there's also people who are inside it's uh to believing that there is some kind of a massive social justice conspiracy that's going to take over all of text and then all free speech and will ban any 1 of you slightly disagree with and I've heard people refer to cut of committees as the secret political tribunal or even the cultural gestapo uh it's referencing like I don't think you remember what that was it and so that's why that's why 1 strands light of some of these things because I do strongly believe that codes of conduct with good processes they improve things for everyone including the people that violate these codes and of course it also matters so much for people who are at the receiving end of that behavior like my friend who was still that and see her talk would have been taken much more seriously if you you would just have addressed more professionally or when someone made a string of jokes to me about how people apparently only think about sex and even weirder things that I accidentally 1 repeat or when people say things like
this pay folks you think it's safe to use the party at integrated paid balance now saying yes unless you're searching them from China Russia or Nigeria I don't consider racial stereotyping as being racist but you wouldn't be wrong to be suspicious about this imagine reading this when you are especially if you are from 1 of these countries and applied to contributed use Django and it's like when you 1st interaction site and think aloud come back and these are some of the reasons why we have this code of conduct and this issue you typical things that you try to achieve with 1 and the 1st
is like to help everyone feel safe and included which means that if people come into our community for the 1st time there's also an expectation of what behaviors OK those means that if something bad happens to them when they're renew our community that they know that this isn't the normal behavior here this is something that is bad here and that way they will be turned away from our community straight away and that we have a policy and process to deal with that things closely related that is building trust
trust that if you report something that we will say well you know you should ask for it wearing death when you do that that we will say like like known that person wasn't sexually solving you that's just like normally this is what is like and like no it's it's fine it's is it didn't mean it that and these these are responses people actually gets as so building the trust that this isn't the kind of thing that we do that we don't do victim blaming that we will take things seriously if we know about them also if it's uh about for example a known community member in a position of power that we still take us usually and that will protect the confidentiality of some reports of its it also sets a standard of expected
behavior to everyone so uh and that helps because we are a very diverse community with people from from all over world with different backgrounds and so being nice is not a very clear thing to everyone and you can be 100 % explicit these kind of things that a good complement gives people serving guideline of where to go and this also helps other people to call out the behavior likeness without necessarily a whole complement processor like a you know the jokes not cool don't do that kind of thing the the the
the the end lastly in the code of conduct and having a good enforcement diet is also the start dealing with an actual report so I use it to assess like has a chordal common violation happens uh is this space covered by this and what action should we take and this is a very essential because you have a code of conduct which doesn't have an important process is basically use a serious say nice things but you have to be able to act on them so to handle all of this
the jealous of her phonation has a code of conduct committee and there is the primary group that deals with issues around code of conduct in the wider down community so something happens on a mating is an Irish channel even on Twitter it could be uh and they see the colorful Committee is the 1st point of contact for places that don't have their own thing so if it's at a conference they often have their own kind of committing their 1st place to go to then and so we support code of committing conferences uh we provide uh inputs in forced to changes and things like that and there's uh 10 full members
currently there's also ideas have bought observer were from places all over world uh some of us have been in the community for years like me some of us are very new and and so we are large enough to make sure that we always have a bunch of people that can deal with something and we run a rotation where every week we have a primary person and secondary person were basically the 1st point of contact for dealing with something that comes in and and bigger events like this
conference they to be have their own code connecting the code of conduct at events and like in the wider community to have a lot of overlap but there are some things that are different like typically at an event run a much higher time-pressure because of Connors committee takes a week on average uh ain that would not be accepted by the communities have to act within hours after well and so the 2 affinity matter conference ABC deal with things themselves directly but they can also consult the code on the committee and Anderson overlapping people also and important with handling an
incident is that you follow a specific process and it you need this to make sure that it is done carefully that is done consistently that he don't missteps and take decisions rashly and because especially some might have to take the things decisions and stressful conditions or it could be something that is reversed the sensitive to me as so then it's all the more important that we follow a proper process and sometimes the answer is really obvious and use base you know straight away like this is the only way we can do with this uh but often it's not because the way you handle report you have base
have to consider the interests of all the involved and affected parties and also the wider community so the person that was harmed by situation is perjury important but also part of what is reasonable and fair to the person who committed a violation and what I mean by that is not that what I mean is that not everyone who by circuit from others like an inherently evil person that's gonna be horrible in our committee forever and most of them are actually their their misguided they they didn't realize what they were doing so the and so when I talk about being fair to uh to a person that committed the violation I definitely don't mean to say like 0
you know I guess the serious harassments but like let's not ruin this person's promising career that is not something that that's I mean or
or to say like 0 you know I suppose of sexual so but I understand how hard it is to control yourself when she's racist a short address these settings people actually here sometimes not in our community as far as I know and what I mean more into say is
like you could say like and as a poor joke but I don't think this person actually was intention doing that so banning them from the Committee for every successive so there's there's some balance also in looking at like what is a reasonable way to deal with this
and lastly like adding the distinction was reported to make and then there's also the wider community consider because uh also they see every case is judged individually is that that individually there's just handed flow chart for doing things uh there should be some consistency in between thing so decided and it can also get very high-profile very quickly so we sent out an e-mail from a lot of fun at Committee to our from out could be number 1 Hacker use it has to be something we can stand by as a community so to point love care but there's also some time pressure and and I will give you are typical process of dealing with a report the
so this in a a cofounder produces such that they report it might be the person who was hard by something it could be as someone who saw that happen it could even be a member of the Code of Conduct Committee that's see something happened and so it's research
and the person who is primary on duty basically sends a standard acknowledgements and they become sheriff you should they become responsible for uh keeping an eye on deadlines communicating to the person outside and things like that uh and this 1st acknowledgment should happen within 24 hours so that's like we don't necessary say what we feel about what happened is a like thank you for saying this report we will we will start looking at is and like if you new information presented to us and
we have to do a quick assessment of like whether or something that must urgently be done so if something uh it there someone being abusive on a mailing lists we may want to remove them from the mailing now into we've had time to properly assess the issue but like at least not allow the situation to keep going that it goes to be like if of physical safety is an immediate risk that we may have to escalate law-enforcement uh these things are rare like usually it's not urgent and then they say we have a
period of 1 week where we have to come to a resolution and part of that is to figure out what actually happened so some of is very easy a public mailing lists we used to look at the records of the mailing lists we can look at i she logs have but if is something happened to people in person it can be hard to figure out exactly what happens uh so there are limits which knew we also store copies of things like tweets so that later we can look back and like what did we actually assess at the time and once you know who was involved what actually happens as far as we can figure out I want presses doesn't Duncan from applied to this kind of case uh often this is easy like it's on the meaning is is set a general conference but there are some cases that aren't so straightforward and then there's also uh looking into other relevant things that you can find about 2 people in both like have these people then will think of committed since in the past uh they had warnings about this kind of behavior before you can also look at other resources like Twitter so if somebody makes a racist joke and answers are uncertain and mean it that way and their tweets are full of tweets about being a Nazi then I'm not so likely to believe you that you did that intention up and
eventually we have to come to a conclusion so once we get all the information and basic and do a number of things we could say we do nothing because say this is not a violation uh because if someone a private reprimands a public recommends asking them to take a break from a community of partly community we could give them a temporary or permanent ban or we could demand a private or public apology from that I really need to have a rough consensus on this in the entire committee so obsolescence is a lot of discussion because we are a diverse group with different experiences uh that uh eventually we always reach agreement the them on the space of solution we have to communicate
that's to the person who reported its uh and they can offer feedback on that they can say whether they agree or not we don't have to change our decision but we can and also with all of the communication we do externally with like someone who violated someone who reported something uh we always go through the exact you know that is going to be sent out with at least a few people so like except if it's something very urgent that really can't wait nobody 1704 Committee on their own because it's so sensitive because it's easy to miss communicate so we don't need any room for that X. that is like a standard template replied the if we found that some
action should be taken uh we then have to do that to perform action so that the the forms uh means informing the person who would that violate the code of conduct but in many cases this is a private reprimand silicate no we noticing happens that's not cool don't do this again and often people respond to the well to this and they say like what sorry I didn't realize that this would have an impact on the person I get carried away uh thanks for pointing it out it will not happen again and in most cases it in this does not happen again because we check that the if some response hostile waiting or their reply itself is a new violation of the code of conduct basically from there you can escalate up as so like the point of giving someone a prior from man is to stop this from happening again and to make the person aware of their behavior if of to that then you may need to escalate further to keep the community safe lastly we re
courts all the reports and all the outcomes including if we decided not to take uh action and that lets us track whether people have repeatedly done the codon violation so someone for the 5th time used the same excuse I she had this happen but if you if you will use the same issues every time then we wanna know that like you've been warned about this before now that's not acceptable anymore and we'll see is that for speaker and attendee list of conferences so let's say that a process from something that might appear on general usage this is not a liberal comment but I have seen this several times uh especially in a wide open source community this kind of not yet kind of communication if you tried eventually that's kind of
code to any per I'm responsible for I would find out where you live truck you into bits and feature body to the depicts so like that is pneumocytes and and you so this is for me personally I would say that this of by the 2nd conduct so but for like initial assessment like this is basically a death threats that given the context I don't think it's very likely that this person is actually gonna fly out to find the other person and murdered and so we were we don't have to involve law-enforcement and so we don't need to take immediate action if it was general users component of applies and the people in e-mail communication are generally clearly identifiable I would probably lean say we should do a public apology or public reprimand uh like I don't think this person is actually someone was going to go after community members and murdered and for approach intrusions but and I think they actually didn't realize how this would come across but like in a way a very personal death threats makes the someone for their style of coding so that's definitely not school I can understand the strong emotion I can get strong emotions about the quality but this is just pushing it too far and we can leave something like that in public without a response um especially also because it is so personally aimed at someone and that would make some any kind of private communication we too weak for me uh if this is a 1st incident I would firstly think a banned it would be too strong and so on which applies to that say like well you know I mean sorry like I just got carried away my emotion uh your II diluted this is not cool and they follow up and then that would probably relieve the metadata and that's the most commonly people response but it doesn't always happen uh and a little while ago that we get this replied function 1 sorry I'm not
sorry I will not attend and dictatorship conference that does not respect natural also please read more books of didn't quite understand is 1 and the background was someone who gave some very strong opinions against the code of conduct in a way that was itself a violation like you don't have to like the coat of committees have to follow it the so um they see from the committee we know them that if they did not practical conduct there she process to change if we have a process for this but until that process has been completed it is hazardous and everyone will follow it and if they felt so strongly that the code of conduct was so impossible that they could not follow it then maybe they should just no longer participate in a community and and disburses up like to attend anymore so I guess that's good but these examples also touch on something that's very important in how to deal with issues have both as a committee and as a community which is that you intend is a matching but it
does make a difference because a lot of minor violations of course of common people making joke using words that are harmful to others there are more often than other people who are inept who don't realize what they're doing war oblivious uh not really paying attention and then that they actually mean series bad intent like they are actually people in a community who have balance and also how war debts their behavior is just so horrible that it doesn't actually matter anymore already did this by X and is like this so bad that this is not an issues so someone writes on pull requests where they have some complained about this say like 0 this is so gay that's like that's not school and I was considered politically violation but I don't think that is someone who is DP homophobic like I just think they are unaware of what they're saying and the impact of it it is me is not harmful anymore but it does make a difference and but like if someone assaults a community member then I want accept like all you know I thought it was OK here like at like I've been races like no it's like if you do something like that that is the ineptness is known issues in more and there's a very big gray area this is 1 of the things that makes code of conduct process heart because this is part of what you're trying to figure out like if we allow this person to take part in community is going to get worse or is someone as we need to set on the right path and delayed and that will then everything be fine like
this example before the show about uh sourcing from China Russia or Nigeria people saying that racist serotyping is races for me this is a great example of malicious behavior or it's at least so bad that there is no reasonable person who could ever argue that like they didn't realize that this should be against a call on it or otherwise be a thing that's OK to say and and I I generally I'm sure that none of the people on this that were in this conversation belief that their behavior was inclusive ordered was welcoming or that their behavior was harmful I do believe that none of them care but not in no and so these are basically kind of people that would call me a new liberal emotional crusader and I was saying this should be a serious incident where in emphasis on issues but is there more complicated things and this was about
coach fewer Somerset just number like Linus and and then pretending to be quoting lines store folks who has indeed Cyprus come in commenting on code he says Fuck you your code sucks I hope you get rates get AIDS and die and then corrected them so a number of times up apologizing that that wasn't really appropriate and so it is a story not OK right I think we can all be clear on that uh I would say that looks more like a brain for songbird out trying to parody Linus Torvalds I don't think this is someone who would actually go out and harm other people in our community they realized quickly that what you were saying was absolutely inappropriate and acceptable but it's still pretty serious so there should be a might be code of conduct action if something like this would happen and ones from the by the sofa Fundación minutes for someone said I that even prole developers have good
intentions and Somerset they are good at hiding it and I think is a good example of in that people like imagining Apple-developed render 1st interaction it by the community is that people say should like this about you and I think it's really a marker me as so don't think it's very funny 3 at a joke but I do think these people were oblivious to the effect that their language hat and a 1 source again it intends isn't magic right if you do something out of ineptness it doesn't make it OK it doesn't stop it from being harmful but is different from being something maliciously and also the way you should be we should do it as a community it also
the but and so responding to come violations it on the most visible tacit were most well known for uh we take our own action on incidence uh less than 10 times a year so this is not actually a major thing it does take a lot of time to deal with an instance we also get reports from conferences uh and so we support Commerce like jumping US also in their own code of honor 1st so before the conference a list of all the speakers and all the attendees is sent to the Conference Committee to check against people who are known issues in the community so that if someone is banned from being part of the community we captured in time and uh they will not and appears to speak attendees so basically like which occurrence for like this Mr. something that you should be aware of and it means that the Congress can with some special attention to what someone or even just decide not to allow the middle and also a bunch of commerce ascenders reports of things that happened and how they handle them and uh and and how the other person respond and so we add that a so someone does something for which unhcr in Europe then down the US will know not to accept them as a speaker i not required for general community competence to do this but we do encourage it and also if there's a change to the code of conduct I propose that we are 1 of 2 groups that has to prove the challenges if you do
violations is that uh you may run into conflicts of interest so it could be that's uh some committee members in both an instant or more often that there is someone involved in the incident in any role is someone that I know well and they see this is why we have a procedure that you declare a possible conflict of interest as soon as possible so uh which might be because like you uh someone might someone in both might be a friend of mine and what happens then depends on like serve how close to this so like it was like someone that I sort of know that is probably OK but I do make clear in advance that that's going on if it's someone who is very close to me that I mind to take distance from this issue because like it is like so much that I don't think I can uh independently still haven't been about this that I need to step back or you could also do a is that I do participate in the process but I'm not the person communicating to the outside but rather that the someone that doesn't know this person to keep a bit at distance out there so suppose we get a report is made against a committee member in which case we suspense that person until the solution is reached so it is a very important process but we we need to formalize that better and then there's also a lot of myths
about the code of conduct and a lot of them basically come from people being misinformed and not knowing what goes on in the community and some are because people are being an asshole and they don't want the code of conduct to stop them from being an ass the community and the set of thing sometimes they cost under communities even do not adopt a code of conduct all ordered 40 like this conference at Bagram we don't believe in the need for a
formal code of conduct as there should be no need to codify good behavior we expect everyone to behave with common decency and we expect that everyone is treated with equal respect staff will take any measures necessary to up to uphold these golden rules of life and this is better than the year before because images is that we don't have a code of conduct because there are no instance in our community as so yeah
it's the acts and still talking with them about this this is where the largest by the Conference in islands and I'm ashamed of that so easily 1st made
this like there's no problem and people say things like 0 you know why should we fix what isn't broken all alike has anyone ever actually I don't feel comfortable contributing negotiation no code of conduct or even do we actually have any cases where people request was rejected because of race and and presumably like if I haven't seen it then there's no problem so there's only 3 components no because I got and also a bunch of the others and putting are from actual discussions in Ruby and PHP communities about the code of conduct signed up to a thousand of these comments and so these are like so those common sentiments you saw there and I think both communities now do not have a code of conduct also and but like the thing that like no instance happened borders means there were no incidents is a misconception like these incidents were happening is is that nobody's told you about it because like why would that you don't even have a code of conduct so in my case if I know about these things like I don't tell the organizers I just make sure that it did not go on I just make sure that my friends know that this conference is bad news and my friends shared info with me before I go to a common sight of no I check in with other people like you know it's do you with that stories In fact we say like we don't need a coconuts because uh there are no issues you are inherently also saying if you an issue you must be a liar because we stated as organizers there no issues in this community and so you're almost pushing people to stay more silent or in other words if you don't hear
about your friends and colleagues experiences with sexism chances are they don't think it's safe to share them with you if you think the explanation is rather they don't experience and their rights to think so at get are most common 1 is uh people who start talking about freedom of speech
and that's that like you know we have freedom of speech and other liberties uh this is a little misconception also because freedom speech doesn't actually guarantee that you can come into this conference and say whatever you want it's about the government not arresting you like you but literally have an a General conference where all the speakers are racists and say the most horrible racist things and I would be able to stop you I could stop you from being part of this community after but like freedom of speech is like is not about being able to see hear whatever you want that it protects you from the government and so in private events you can be much more restrictive this is the most common argument see from people are like I know I'm being an asshole and 1 keep doing that so don't stop me because also like covering and that's freedom for people to say things doesn't actually mean freedom for all people because it inevitably leads to execution and oppression of marked my scripts but the other more common 1 is that
enforcement is going to be super harsh Drusus like you'll say like given to people in the wrong hands the code of conduct can be used to disrupt the products uh product and annex violence and this would introduce a secretive tribunal where political and I logical opponents can be silence and punished at what's your station with the cultural Gestapo hand are even shorter code is good but you called her a him so no contributions are tainted and will be removed from so for 1 like the company still allows the lot of freedom right you have political views that and entirely mine and depending on who you voted for in last year's election I may think very negative here you as a person but who you voted for is not a Code of Conduct violations and and also filing apart from that doesn't actually result removed coat is also still perfectly OK to say that you don't like PHP or my sequel database as it's probably OK to call out for design decisions in them it is not OK to say that everyone uses my Siegel is with an idiot and doesn't belong here or make jokes about how PHP programmer should back and pronouns are often brought out in these kind of put a comma discussions which is something personal to me this has 0 basis in fact I use a them pronounced we'll get it from literally all the time but I know it can be hard to so it's OK and I would never partially on someone or report an issue except if someone was very clearly intentionally and obviously doing it to hurt me and so yeah and and and the other 1 is that
people should just like speed up it's like to be non-uniform O'Connor from a process is like the wishes because and if they don't then it's on their own and this is 1 of the most pervasive and harmful once I think and because speaking up has a lot of risks for the people involved uh and it touched upon some you mentioned earlier which is that 1 of the challenges that I see is building enough trust to actually get people to report as I mentioned a conference where somebody made a level string of jokes about real people to me and I didn't report that to the Conference Board of conduct scene because that person was an organizer and I didn't know the rest of the team well enough to know how this would go so I figured and is not going to take the risk and get involved in this last year I was a speaker at a conference in Amsterdam and at the speaker denied before I had long talks with the Contras organized about from like this he gave him a summary of this talk i and the next day at the party i knows a banner is also in a sponsor slide deck from a huge supermarket chain in animals who was recruiting incest and
look at the table on the I mean what a print out little which means finally an IT job you can explain to your mother and so for me like this is at the very least sexes ages nobody would make this same banner about father it based on the harmful serotype that people were mothers are inherently come when it comes to detect as already pointed to organize like a I think I think this is the then I was gone this I was running so separating dislike violence recover from that and and it was a there embracing guided ahead long talk with about those comic unimportant pros and what's important and harmful stereotypes this would that's was he's like well yeah I you know I guess a survive but removing the slide
so hard it's too complicated you can do it I select body to that's like this select the right here on the lectern like like I keynote don't I can help you learn what it is like 30 seconds is the basis of I don't know it can be it can be done and so a humans later actually heard people make a bunch of racist jokes about some made a contest and as you can imagine I pushed report because I lost all confidence in this uh conference and now I 1 reference against attending also because like like if you got it if you can deal with the basic fun in some like this if something bad happens you will be completely lost
the and so this is why it's important to me if we handle reports well it doesn't mean that everyone always gets the outcome that they wanted but they should at least feel like we took their concerns see that we have compassion for a situation that we make them feel like we're happy that you reported this because it helps me to community better and another angle of this is that we will almost never involve law enforcement they see the only exceptions are is like the very serious crimes can always like if someone gets murdered at a conference you probably can't keep that endorse I don't know of any cases where happens at all like if there's like an immediate safety risk like if we don't enforce the law of course people will be seriously harmed or if the person for it added and that we will not do it even if we know that this is probably a crime and the reason for this is that a low-margin most people have had bad experiences with law-enforcement and they can be reluctant to involved and they're also like not realize processes like I've had some things where I wasn't spaces where there was no code of conduct and things haven't which work for technically crime that I was like I'm not gonna report this because I wanted you would cost and risk of this so I said nothing it is also reported to communicate well but for example some nice people aren't sure about reporting so recently we added to the general code of conduct if you are unsure whether you're in so a
violation or whether the space is covered by the Code of Conduct we encourage you to so reported we would much rather have a few X reports where we decide to take no action rather than this report of an actual violation we don't have negatively on you if you find is not a violation and knowing about things that are in violation sort of have an outsider spaces can still help us improve our code of conduct and the process surrounding it and so this is how we try to encourage people to like it you're not sure let us know we don't think that the if you we do quite well
and jumped me do and comes to love this that uh we're learning all the time and the code of conduct and the processes are absolutely not flawless the main things that I want to work on that you made knows that I use quite a lot of examples from a generalized to travel and I ducks through 3 years of January she history to find all of them so some interesting exercise and so these numbers are all love them are like before we formalize this process really will and they still have to no and it's very hard to deal with them because you often need to intervene immediately like not in 24 hours that like in the next 5 minutes you often can identify the people involved so I regular process doesn't really work here uh individual moderates in the channel of to pick things up but I think we need to formalize this a little better and everything that I think we need to do is uh have a proper process for reporting incidents about a member of the committee and it's something that I hope we don't need but even if it's never use like having a process in place will increase the trust people have that like even if it's 1 of us we have a special process that you don't have to talk to this person and they won't notice report
the not the so having been involved in this for a while uh 1 of the lessons I learned from experience is that this is really hard like because when you deal with a report there are a lot of interest to consider that a lot of things that you have to weigh your innate human people who all have a different background um and it also this interval so of empathy involves a lot of emotion there to figure out like what should we do what is the right thing here how do we deal with the community the best so it can be draining an exhaustive sometimes at the same time it can be really rewarding also so if you're trying to do these things yourself you have to do them in a team like it it's an event but it's at a uh uh in another community way you try to a introduce the code of conduct or when your like the person dealing with cut off from the instance you need allies in need multiple people to deal with this kind of things because otherwise it will actually burn you out and
so my own favorite got of kind of story and favorite I mean here not as in like I still wish this incident happened but favorite ass in like this is why I think it's worth that were doing all these things and why why this is important and those said at a conference and someone uh cost to incidents in 2 separate years due to excessive drinking um and the columns organized team didn't want this to keep happening so this it'll this person this can never ever happen again like if you ever do this again you can never come back to a conference ever and also will try to expand this to the hold our community and and so because like it's like there was no way this could ever continue and dispersion own up to their mistakes and they have since they're still a member of the community they have not drink excessively at any event or cross-border incidents and and xt wrote at the time uh about this that the
nature which which the team dealt with the complement is entirely appropriate from my point of view is constructive and helpful to have someone actively and openly say be some get drunk at our conferences rather than have fusion of dealt with and when I ask permission to include this quote there's a set that still now they think that this code of promise that was a really helpful and positive thing for them to get their issued an order and so the way I feel like it even someone who was basing told like get a certain order or you can never ever come back in the entire community if they even still status then I feel like we've we've achieve something and so it is so I tried to show
you a little bit of how the could of come across how process around its wider important what kind of considerations apply and wouldn't show you how this makes our entire community better that's uh both myself and we as a committee we understand that people make mistakes we know that not everything is done because their people are horrible person so people do the things out but that doesn't mean these things are OK but we do understand that there's different backgrounds and and it also not out to bad people massively but rather a look for what is the best way to make the community safer and inclusive for everyone like especially also people who have had experiences in communities like ours where they have been hot and while at the same time so understanding that we are all human and we all make mistakes and at the same time we won't hesitate to act harshly and swiftly against people who are being intensely harmful and O. 2 meals feels like if you understand the need for having a test suites then essentially that is exactly the same reason why should have code of conduct and I do strongly that by doing all of this we are making a better community for everyone even the people violated its uh and also you and so thank you very much a
few things so I'll start asking questions so it is an organism that is treating the the code of conduct by Malaysian how would you suggest to you you basically uh so it's like and I usually in a there's a separate team accepting of the organizing team that deals with come from instance it is and the organizer base you need to have build enough trust you need to communicate clearly that's like it's only decoder connecting decimal that service and other organizer uh that they will know about it it is a member of the code from the theme of the conference then uh you would like this to not include a person in the discussion and the to communicate that and in a way that those of trust that's hot if I also feel strongly about a and could conduct relations and would like to be involved with the Committee how can I do some and so currently where basically full uh but uh we January on a 6 months up then so basically 1 someone joins the Committee and they will basically only be on for 6 months and as they say I say I'd like to state so eventually like people suffering out again and then will be another call for volunteers for the committee the that were used as few
heme while we were the