The 10 Commandments of Community Organizing

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The 10 Commandments of Community Organizing
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Welcome to the advanced class on community organizing. You’ve got a decent amount of members in your group, you hold events fairly routinely, maybe you’ve pulled in some legit speakers at your last conference or event … and you want to do more. This talk will focus on community organizing for growth and longevity by building out teams, improving communications, implementing processes, and most importantly will discuss how to maintain sanity in your work-life-volunteer balance. If you’ve ever had to answer the question “Oh, this ISN’T your full time job???” - this talk is definitely for you. If you’re just starting out organizing and don’t want to fall flat on your face, this talk will be very pragmatic for you.
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saying in a time of the time museum you had the have hydrogen Monday you yeah i of course and so hopefully a in this room if you on it would like to start organizing events or be if you've ever got the question all this is that your full time job as an event organizer of a little bit about myself I do work full time as a software engineer but I also run a massive massive community and blow people's minds the fact that I do but what cell of a lot of this talk content is going to be about that how to do it effectively and a lot of things I wish I wouldn't on 4 years ago when I started and so little bit about me component like what did study on Twitter the war and I do watch the bachelor bachelorette bachelor paradise and we watch like Monday nights and I do like to eat this your 1 warning but like I said before a jobs developer community organizer and diversity advocate I'm obviously as a woman in technology have spent a lot of time being isolated or being the only woman which is why a lot of my community work is very focused on increasing diversity efforts at helping bring people up who may have a hard time so I want to give you the overview because if you're not from Kansas City probably not heard about the work ideal and so many years ago I decided that a non-profit called Kansas City women in technology because I was sick of being the only thing I want and I want this organization we had this really big like you got about like 3 and people attended and I don't know if I ran into a single other female developer at this so that there were women who wanted to get in tech careers their educators wanting to know how hiding bring the code the classes and I want to share this because it really I'm kind of set the trajectory of organization and so from there it became very clear that we could just you know like put out 1 called action and unite although all the female engineers across the city and so we put in place a lot of programs space I mean you request and request the governor feedback on the 1st 1 of those is our Ojo chapter has anybody heard of heard of before and I got a couple unsupported O 2 is a global nonprofit that was founded over in Ireland with the idea of of creating in that code for kids learn to code and the really cool thing about it that much like Django girls as they can a package that rendered it made it very easy for the cities to pick up in much of more than happy to talk here all day about the dojo telling how 128 city on find you Tweet but our chapter serves both boys and girls kids cases well in with this program is to create idea gender blindness the at the concept but it's not really be of wearable writing code to seveties rocking outlining about having a good time from another key element here is we don't teach kids article we teach kids how to teach themselves out house because what we wanna do is create really viable skill sets for them to go and be the engineers of the future and create new rules and blow past any boundaries and do things that are written book simply because they haven't done and so from there we once a program called coding case case came out and promoting coded Joe and I would get the program desert the all the god this sounds awesome signed my daughter up but I would get a very different reaction from a lot of mothers who had the courage to incite new editing my daughter would like that medial bring my son in so already were fighting this kind of like disposition that parents have as against coding is acceptable hot your group path for girls so what we do the gradient making we make it early and all the sudden this program sold out every month for the past 3 years we've been running it so yet I wanna get a menu I get excited we want him to get exposure coding in a positive light and Midwestern and chat is a selectional I run down for developers all throughout the Midwest I coding in cocktails are deleterious for women because again 1 of those on things that came out of our community work women say you're with intact required to teaching the how to code and there are a ton of great have organizations around the country girl develop it that do this but this is our own branded version specific to his city based on our needs are community and then of course we went on a general girls workshop every year on and talk about a little more about that later in the presentation but if you have heard a general growth before and I would encourage you to check it out again very easy and bold model did manual communities the curriculum is is Stella and half the half problem around running a coding education program is writing curriculum it's sucks Gentaro's that work for you that of the white and commandments but this actually came out of the joke is not flat but you know that I was talking about we do have a group or community organizers man and somebody was bitching about some problem that happened and I was like doubt shall confirm the venue for right and so can begin this running joke and just as is I've spent time running events in in doing community organizing these kind of firms have started pop it happened that I wish I would've known about like the plan and execute better from beginning so that's the basis of the stock so they give you a quick overview of so and so I was raised catholic I'm not religious anymore but the 10 minute thing is a joke God knows that rules down opposes the brought and stones the ones that have the 3 that were the most important amendment and then the other 7 and so on but not like as big as those big 3 and so this is very is very much the same way these are your 3 big ones that absolutely take priority and the other 7 a doubling and keep your sanity the some of a quick bachelor practice self-care minima number 1 batch shall become an expert Communicator community of that still manage
expectations number 3 and I should not neglect by volunteers thou shalt plan as far in advance of Helen Gurley possible Basel confirm new phrase but don't shall arrive at least 1 hour before starting time special test the Wi-Fi and this is have the designated chaos lead and I shall focus on process improvement wherever possible I would like to prioritize that that last 1 but that's a whole other talk in and of itself so let's talk about self care of hidden as an organizer in the community it is so easy to get so excited and passionate because what has so many problems we want solve right but you can very very quickly by of way more than you can chew and all of a sudden like starting off a calendar year is juniority burned like crying yourself sleep tonight is so stressed out really introduce all in there still your day job which is suffering badly and so avoid burnout all costs in talk about ways to do this but I'm very big on self preservation because your community will suffer if you do not prioritize your own self care I take on small task and tasks in improvements of this is really big because again you see all these different from the 1 solved but if you wanna be affected if 1 of would burn you wanna break this down into very small pieces for instance would get feedback from all the programs to run and will take that the that will say OK here's the big picture I don't like let's say motivating the kids to take some new challenge how do we break that down into smaller pieces words not this huge implementations and when all once so stop winning Losser documents are processed them piece by piece and implementing the idea that we come up with so breaking down the tasks in small improvements in thinking what can I feasibly get done as a volunteer somebody who does not do this full-time and not my life give yourself office hours on this is huge when it comes to responding to e-mail because that's what gets me every time is evil it my inbox and I think I have the answer right away then actually break I flow of whatever like project I was working on at work with like this massive refactoring I was reviewing and so what I do is I give myself office hours racing OK I'm going to check in 1 e-mail you know 6 170 and get back at 80 and in signals for another hour and then I saw my work and I and I take great for dinner and then I go back to people answering e-mails in between I love love love inbox by Gmail because it has this news feature which you can customs that your e-mails to alert you again it will save your life and you will look like such less of an asshole when it comes to the knowledge Communication nothing makes me feel worse than when I get that you from of being like high and I don't mean to bother you you can respond left the only guy so sorry please 90 i in the worst I do care about you you letters respond that that so I boxes feature highly recommend a God who were time carefully you were time is the biggest asset you have to offer and sometimes that's going saying no sometime that's going mean prioritizing something over something else so if you use to working on a product with features in you know the sales team comes to they're like will I want a B and C and has to be done work million and in no maybe I can give you I I think at the start of the but manage other people's expectations and God time because that is the most precious asset you have no is a complete sentence the speaking of guarding time gender 1st 1st law they perceived incompetence in e-mail is directly proportional to the likelihood that they will massively wasted again this is 4 years of experience speaking that when so many e-mails me about something and it's just like on it and only now back and I'm like I'm sorry can you please understand a what what time of day for the thing that you will be shot back to the what your target demographic audiences so I can know the way of presenting more what kind of thing and you know see some of the question if they can't answer 3 simple direct questions and continued wanted at me for another 3 e-mail threads I know this person if they can communicate effectively in e-mail are going to waste my time I made this mistake I lost 2 hours of my work day volunteering to scale that this woman was endlessly berating me about and it was a poorly run and then by time and it was my turn this book speak I have literally 30 seconds with for the people behind the and we were at a market time where none of us were going to communicate what we're there communicate because this event was so poorly units so mishandled and there were only 4 people EI again on 1 of those 4 people might have been valuable but me is my me and my time are very valuable and I need to guard and protect because I'm going to be more effective as a community organizer in lead if I'm prioritizing where I'm spending my focus instead of adding words for define your personal scope and don't go outside it the yeah as the diversity community since day 1 of launching we received so many requests from the community and it's really really hard because you wanted you everything would solve everything would be everything for everyone but that's not feasible that is not something you was a single human being can do so this is where you need to define your personal stuff here and say OK I'm gonna take on x amount of the speaking engagements per quarter I mean all that those whether it's a form based on validity here or on you know who needs it or whatever your personal preferences but understand you can set a personal scope and don't step of what outside it that's covered things the
finding task tracking system that works for you but shallow is the big 1 through is the use of Dirichlet this at breakfast on this idea really bad anxiety sometimes when I have so much on do plate that I found most effective solution for me and yes this does great against me because I'm a software engineer right but I write it down and is a paper and I don't know what that step is that all this and I feel so much clearer in so much more coherent that have this was done I guess that this is what I'm need get done and this is what I'm going to get on Tuesday I have to get this done by Thursday and and so that's been really helpful for me yeah and again utilizing technical tool setting calendar deduce are crucial and their life sets that and talk about that in a few slides now in our own kind of the way we run our program so we set calendar reminders nature always following up on the certain details that we need on your calendar of how times have you like when it is set up a meeting with somebody and there's like war back and where e-mails and with this framework we will this time work free will that 0 no actually communication anybody yeah I no I give you Kalinli so is a service where you can basically set up your own personal calendars things beards Google calendar and so you can walk up time slots like for instance I have my 95 work there right I don't take meetings during that time except twice a beagle have a 45 minute mentoring window open if somebody is trying to get mentoring in large organizations like 1 my 1 exception but then from there I have a morning meetings immediately meeting so we were interviewing the team members for organization alternate count how Lincoln excited talk use dental something that works for you know calendar dies so there's no back forth that away so much less of my time this is 1 of the best tools I'd ever use it does have a three-tier on my user page 1 because it gives me multiple of different flight time slot options it also has an option so my leadership team has access to like my hidden calendar availability the the general public only has this other be so this tool has saved my life building criticism I I don't see it as the stereo but if you do anything whether it's running event and getting you know and for the community as a leader speaking you will get criticized you will be criticized a lot some of it will be valid some of that will not be some of it will people have no understanding of the limitations that you're up against but that will not stop it so I I like to kind of brief people on because I was not prepared for the amount of criticism I received when I started running our organizations especially if it's an organization that supporting minorities that bullet on your back that target on your back for criticism is going get that much bigger because what about like that sorry so hidden and so the key here is learning to decipher the criticism is incredibly hard when so many criticize your event your organization something new is created you have created it's really hard to not take that as a criticism of yourself because you created it it was your decision it with your thought process that was you know these things that are tied to yourself that made it 1 that light in this is incredibly difficult to you know not devastate you and make you wanna quit because you didn't do something perfectly of perfect is the enemy of God so the trick is learning to decipher I love this
book by Hillary Clinton take criticism seriously but not personally if there's truth or married to in criticism try to learn work otherwise let it will write off you story time we had a leader on our team and who came on she was very excited very energetic really wanted to do the role and this is what you told me repeatedly however she consistently didn't do ruled and fulfill her task responsibilities and would consist only know called no-show war board meetings and were very flexible organization and a lot of the women involved with our organization have families and sometimes they can get the duties handled or anything like that and so I'm very I'm big what I call work like volunteer about all we need is clear communication us know what's going on around a figure out a way to help each other out work as a team and however this person was repeatedly not communicating which is no call notion this person would then was very passive aggressive messages on a slack community pertaining to information that she a myth that meeting and he did not read in the meeting minutes that were sent everybody else to follow up of so this this was kind of happening and I this is that when I give people more chances of it but the lesson learned and so I I was interest in asking her to step down that 1 like the numbers like college going the job transition chance will this person then range quit middle or board meeting by sending the nastiest e-mail about me to our entire leadership team that I've ever received 4 paragraphs of why was a horrible human being why I was in type and it's like all this stuff 90 per cent of it was just horrible and her trying to point fingers because she realize that people realizing she wasn't doing all however each block of criticism that she had against me I knew started from somewhere so was my job to say OK along this is unwarranted this is preventing this is her trying to point fingers and throw shaded me that being said what was the trigger point for this common what could I have done my behavior or or in the way I was communicating to trigger to get to that escalation and so that's the real spiking media criticism is understanding when people are just being crazy but understanding you were you were part in the role in figuring out how you can communicate better I'm not saying that you were the 1 in the wrong I'm not saying that they're not completely wrong but it will save you have external line and you will feel better about yourself the decisions you make when you kind of get this this clarity embraced the marking J I'm assuming everyone has seen under games yeah but I very strongly identify with cactus because she just set out to be like this this 1 good thing right I just wanted to launch organization for women developers but the thing that happened I was not prepared to handle it was becoming a lightning rod becoming the symbol also and I was the token woman in tagging in the city it was once thought like that I was not prepared for but I remember our 1st kickoff event had gone off on stage and I literally just like slamming shot suburban because my hands are shaking I'm terrified and so scared of having that spotlight on him people looking at me and I was not prepared for this and I struggled against that for a very long time but I realize as a community leader is an advocate people want something to look up to they want something into words and so instead of letting my insecurities take over I had to learn a way to kind of embrace the marking J. embracing that symbol and learn operate at world in the context of what people needed to be but those network of community organizing and leadership roles can be lonely because you have a certain level of of stature and we need precise yourself and sometimes that means that we will talk to him about certain issues you're going to have a rogue volunteers you're going to have awkward difficult conversations of codes of conduct the way were being inclusive or exclusive these are on conversations that 1 group think so the more you can find other community leaders to talk to your problems on environment or mentor other planning community leaders because you don't wanna do this for the rest of your life and only the only 1 we want the multiplier effect and the more you can do this the better your network will be but I really low connecting with other community leaders because I'm going to read the shit like some stories I have to tell people people's minds but I want them to be prepared for that because we were prepared for that in coded Ojo we had to that's almost get into a little bit 5 and you get there's no class on community organizing United DS lead to bad right and so the more we can share stories and for each other and how to figure out how to also be very proactive about situations that might happen the stronger evidence for the launch delegate and
so when I started my organization 4 years ago I went with a committee of women and it was like herding angry that she can so everybody had a different idea everybody was going a different direction and there is a lack of unity there is a lack of vision and because it was a committee nobody had specific roles and so a couple of growth and marketing background and if they are RK thickness meeting time let's put up a social calendar that's outline events for the next 6 months will they be there for 2 hours a come back to me and tell me well we need to change logo so I mean what mistakes along the way the point that we operate now as an organization is I write actual job descriptions yes mirror volunteer organization but if you come minority and you have a job description you have responsibilities you have quarterly Goals and Objectives again keeping in mind this offers of work like volunteer balance and we make sure that all were close the responsibilities or manageable from that time and if it gets to be too much well that's when we start recruiting more people to help but this is huge in delegating because some people you can't just like blob a general Tasklist that they do that sometimes you was a leader need to take it on yourself to better prioritizing delegate I love this photo this is for merging Roosevelt this year this is our 2nd year on the 1st year I did almost everything myself on everything from marketing to communicating in recruiting men tours to all the communications to you on dealing with the vendors to get our food and dietary restrictions cover it was a lot of work but but this year I started early and heard this amazing team and the fun thing about this was later when I did the year before and they doubled they did so much better than I as a single person could ever do a lot they brought with more mentors and they got we were attendees and they on the news talking about this network work this to include in Bloom idea mind in the best feeling in the world that you can have an organizer to do something and then have a team come together and do way way better that the multiplier effect that's how we grow and build sustainable communities as by bringing other people in the full to then supersede everything we've done before so learning to delegate is huge if you're typing right a control freak like me In effect them the most onsen stress relief other documentation is clearly key creating clear defined roles and on making it easy for people step and that's that being said a mistake I've been passes on the model I and I like to protect my people I probably called up coddle way more than I checked in so sometimes hurt me that I've not I try to solve all the problems for everybody instead of getting my leadership team key of opportunities to solve their own problems and then become Yale efficient in that area so that's something to keep in mind is if you like me you might want to check everybody make it easier like nature provides a manageable but make sure you were not blocking their opportunities for growth of leadership all right those are the big man I doubt shall become an expert communicator communication I pressure is the problem behind every issue poor communication so this is something I really really hot 1 the I never assume people areas in and your organization as you are so I want to bring this up because of when you're working time and when you're running something on the side it's so easy to get tunnel vision right because you're training linear train execute but it's easy to assume that everybody is on the same page everybody's operating on the same level of priority about more focus that you are and this is not how the world works you going on with their own shit and so that's why communication is key to make sure that what you have is being communicated other people who might not have as high on the list the but I have a lot of communication patterns just like you know design patterns code that I use all the time for effective I I like to make things easier for people with lists and call out important information and like I mentioned those word bonnet e-mails earlier no do not work on that is so if it takes me 2 or 3 times to read your e-mail to gain valid information from that you just wasted my time and reduce my willingness to work with you and so I have myself that same standard if I wanna communicate to a group of people I'm going to write craft re read and tweak this e-mail until I know that they can glean all the information that they need necessary and it's not going to be a pain in the butt for them to digest 1 of the things I do that I like to call out is when I mention a day I do this certain date format I say the day of the week so like let's say Friday the actual data that we could say on August 18 and the time in the times zone of those little culture commitment to work who would tell me about trying to get people follow up on things and if you can include the some time zone it was very easy for people to be like all like that that like 6 o'clock in the evening at 6 o'clock in the morning of so these are kind of safeguards you can put in on to let people know exactly what time when you're communicating especially fear and planning and have to have certain things in place giving not sort of deadline that will easily stick in people's brains great like if you were to just say you know August 18 when you know often have head within a week at that was unless you have something else going on on Friday August 18th so this is just the tiniest little trick that can help you can get other people in your same level as of remembering when things that
so this is probably hard to read and this is an example of an e-mail I sent at the beginning of the month my leadership team and that's about 23 people right now and they're all across the different programs that we're the the and so I kind of like to lay out again people television what the focusing on so here's bright color everything arena have going on with the money without the format but overall updates any big sponsorship of days like from working chain noted for the new forms a newsletter and any leadership members we might be interviewing of I also always include an opportunity for one-on-one meetings my calendar again with earlier that you know when nuclear sometime e-mail e-mail I I think I could been better about pulling up and saying hey if you have any concerns please let me know hey if you have any criticism of feedback for me please let me know and instead of letting it just escalate to this point where she won the well naturally excitations people and I think it's you will not like it people are not psychic so this is a problem that hit me very early in my own my organizing career because if you like me time is important and I'm go that I'm gonna read all the text on right page to know where the venue is under know exactly what's happening i'm going to know exactly the essentials of things and so I just assume that everybody operates on this baseline ideal of reading what is that they're going to this is not having a lot of special pair and and so will come in not having red and the having expectation that they have red signal I thought it was gonna be that's and that's where the contention happened that's when people get 50 that's when they get upset said that things were the way they were expecting so the more you can do to communicate effectively whether it's on event descriptions or sending out e-mails or whatever works for organization to better manage people's expectations less bullshit criticism and complaints are going to get of bohemian there'll job so I mentioned as the beginning the talk of this question a lot this is where thing that happens the volunteer organizations the people just 6 assume that you're not restricted to traditional business restraint that economies of skilled on top applied you because of volunteer and at the same thing like when you get an upper freely out story like expect way more than enough to pay a dollar for just because it's for free right they can do everything and so this is something that's very easy to fall prey to because people don't understand sometimes you'll have to explain that I I you can have mentioned at least once a year a lot of our balanced please sleaziness for volunteers they give up their Saturday morning to help the kids code so please keep that in mind were not the here sometimes people need not remind grace is going to correct well look what I get from the bachelor is like half my favorite 1 of all time so I want to say that no matter how well you do and managing expectations in clearly communicating some people will never be pleased of running on time but I'll additional storage is hysterical and so and I got a we when like would have had private for a period time this dude we should got about my work consisted technologies like when trying to you know your your websites programs you the phone number and then later when we don't have a phone number listed on that so I was 1 of them but my account of private so you can see my tweet of which I realized after the fact but we had an attack talk which are 1 of our general networking events that Wednesday nite we're doing it this arcane box and so the manager started like I'm sitting facing the door and 2 girls just walked in and they're sitting years we're talking is raise you looking to like it pop that here like block me a beeline them ship this can get and so he immediately began playing in me about this the fact that his daughter is interested in computer science and goes to school like 47 so I N choose and entered friends make fun of referring interesting new science reading about this and you know just like OK I'm sorry sir like were still small organization we haven't been able to expand other colleges yet yet you know absolutely wanted your everything we can to support were still small and growing in trying to build up no satisfying users really my ass and so finally like you know I'm more than happy to give you my e-mail address for your daughter like I understand what was like your daughter I was definite fun for my computer interesting like like you do that she will listen to me anyway and so I was like well OK you literally just here to ditch me out there was no conflict resolution you were looking for you just wanted to yell at Chris is they're right ch and the so another issue I run into is being a good community partner because when you're launching organization other organizations and I wanna partner at the and end I I firmly believe that you need to secure your organization's oxygen mask 1st before parting with other arts partnering with other organizations you need to get your house in order to be an effective in partner and it's OK to express that and so get your house in order then you can build building begin building partnerships and helping others and I should not neglect by volunteers this was what content to get but but do not make your volunteers heard cats I don't know if you ever showed up to an event before where was a real structural shopping your excited ready to help and this is a million things going on you can't get instructions for what to do like nobody really has a place and you feel like maybe your time was wasted on if you wanna volunteers to come back have everything structured ready and set up for them don't ask them to go to all this sensing problem solving and cat hurting it's not find especially if you don't know what's going on you don't have contacts in Iraq control it's too stressful and make things easier for your volunteers make parking arrival instructions clear have emergency contact available have clear instructions duties and responsibilities for your volunteer as much as possible kinda volunteers out of the line of fire of criticism 0 earlier phrases that occur and I don't like putting my people in the crossfire of people that I know will never ever be happy this when event that assigned a volunteer study of notice on I like sitting out reminder e-mails creating calendar invites are the key here is to make sure that 1 person is in charge of communications and their volunteers are getting communicated with multiple people that may have conflicting on priorities again falls back to communication excellent communication is clear in keeping your community volunteers in your renters happy find ways to think you volunteers unsolicited feedback in and act on it we want retrospective after every single 1 of our events and we after mentors for their feedback because we wanna keep them coming back so we want to take the input and internet what we can to make the experience better on opera leadership opportunities and so as we've grown instead of trying to begin a control we can handle everything we very much trying build our bent on volunteers are mentors out a lot of vacant Organization rules builder resonates on gives the leadership practice provide nice volunteer shirts across features that don't fit in everybody else does too so please prioritize that I play appreciation innocent parties on after the big event sometimes in realized nice to wine down at all you know nice cocktail so this is something we always prioritized and actually think you to run for sponsoring arbiter appreciation for this year after it about it was quite lovely of promote their efforts so uh developers especially women are always the 1st step up to write about themselves so bright for them this is just the teeniest tiniest thing that you can do to show how much you appreciate a volunteers they're working on an open source project 3 a little bit about that offered a to them and what did you have more of a platform to offer them but nominate them for awards I'm so excited my organization is needed to do this for like almost 4 years but we finally recruited seller PR chair and 1 of our roles is simply to take on all the amazing woman organization get information some of them for again back to that me being the token woman in in Kansas City problems were very actively trying to dispel that by getting all these other women in the spotlight so if you knew that for your volunteers images you already know the governing the timing are good people and in doing great work so let's make sure they get recognized thank and again this is going to take more time and more effort on your part but will keep the volunteers coming back to feeling happy and also recruiting other volunteers to come and enjoy your organization the rule national plan is foreign advances calendar calendar early possible as the worst for and effective 1
the 2nd flight of good well of theories
and that sort of thing but knowing and so the plan events in advance of easier book speakers volunteers and then use on granted you have so if you can get on the schedule earlier on the sky to do that or a and wedding you have to book a venue at least a year in advance so keep that in mind and you have diversity goals make efforts sooner rather than later nothing drives me up the wall more than some organization putting on some of that and e-mailing the less than 24 hours for this event because they suddenly realize they don't have any women on the panel name get you apple lack diversity like sorry Dave if you really wanna make a diversity of 4 and I can be a token woman 24 hours in advance like do a better effort from the get-go the even now shall conform to the new thrice of cover your ass on we had before word had retained monthly events and then I shall not like 1 month and knocked at the door nobody's there the space is the mass user arriving who looks like a jackass here it's me it's not the vendor so anything you can do to keep your vendors in your venues on the same page with you the better you will look up again more on your but you will you will have better feedback and you will have solid events if you make sure that your notifying everybody and reminding them because they have more to focus on that just or events here we go again with my but of all local like jackass I this is something that I fell prey to early where I would you know take get feedback like well they should just known or I'm a volunteer so you know they should know I only have 5 minutes left at special riot police when hour for certain times that will always take longer than you expected human speakers will be later than usual show early for region range and the girls already showed up 2 hours early are are all of your stuff was in an area you're still getting off work and setting up the value of so it happens to be where b here for that sort as the life I am bringing supplies needed but bad life I will take your technical that in a heartbeat it's not fun there's no coming back from it but that being said test the test and if you can and really key have the phone number the contact information for the person who made wars where the router is the can unlock where the router is an 3 receptor router bring all the known laws I firmly believe that some speakers winner equipment but again you're the 1 who's gonna look like a jackass so be prepared that have a designated athletes on Murphy's law what can go wrong will go wrong no matter how well you play in an event there is something that will happen it will not planned for at the the I'm assuming a racing is given for and but they're always the problems you can plan for the 1 thing you don't have as your leadership team authority in charge of running event being those people running around salt problems on the fly so have a designated carefully somebody was there simply to deal with all things out it will be parameter backroom we've got a random person to go make a cost of running a lack of that did happen in New York City general roles and by the way like terrified me ever since I heard that story of constant vigilance and again it was scary from community organizing I just wanna I like to send letters and about their right so I want I want you to know everything that can go wrong see all detected events in where that on national buddhism improvement wherever possible and we do retrospective after all events we solicit feedback from attendees from moment worse from our volunteers from the parents of our attendees and we think this feedback we collected and there's something items that we can tackle right away but there's some small things that we can't we can add to our process improvement on that allowed us to run really great events over time but over the past 3 years are retrospectives about shorter and shorter and shorter and so on and finally they got to the point where we have anything to say in a like alright with the next big challenge innovator died and talk about well within the wealth and what can we do better next time if you've never been to retrospective before I'm repeat e-mails you get a lot of e-mails asking the same question those questions should be on your back stage they should be on emboldened in your backstage people messed up on the back stage make it easy for them to read and identify European points and work on those 1st and again biting up was feasible the devil IdentiFinder white your leadership team is spending the most time on especially if it's on the not nothing can be automated I'm still shock and process on a social media wherever possible I am sovereign generic circuit socially unless it's like putting a bachelor either very amazing team does that instead there's so much better than I would ever be I began gathering down in the back as soon as you can on giving his processes of place are the best thing you can do for continuing group and also going up a sponsorship money you can say hey these were these were the numbers we had that Lester this is what we're doing is here this is projected for the next year on that can really be great neutral about summary the user and organizing under the phone on Twitter I'm working on a book that summarizes a lot of this and a lot more and so if you wanna get more information that will be a good place to look at the slides are available I get habit that link does anyone have any questions
thanks for the great talk in the tips of regarding the box by Google and county of my question is I have an 11 year old niece who was index of Florida and user search no brother who is really embrace writing Python code with the Python library the but what resources would recommend that many can access online uh perhaps a specific resource on coded Ojo or a book I can order for her to give her a fair opportunity to get excited about code of socially now that I want she I think 18 months in the arrangement of 3 is a characteristic of lecture right which is the sole caterpillar you can connect to equal program it's not good for her age it's an issue is capable of reading I usually so the part that usually is then the yes so we start our kids on scratches the drying drop you idle by MIT that instead of at a conference couple weeks ago I just gave a talk on dual what which is programmable jury found by searchers chips to the founder of protocol and so there's a programmable bracelet then it's basically like the fact that we know that they cannot see the Bluetooth new connect with her friends and have a really great community and Italy library docs so I'm interested in getting something like this so my community but I'm wondering in How do as a middle to idea women do comparable to come to things like that we're on their respective roles yeah i in I get this possible I we've actually got a women take técnicas group intended by by Kyle Ryan so because he's played a little or something that if you start their relating wide and created for women and men are going on that 1 step and enjoy your leadership team so that people like if you start looking just like laughter that wall get things going and help support women you wanna come up and and lead it that's the best way to go as so winter terms of community organizing migrated to the processes that you're we proposing here they definitely something really great and we do remember the great events of them the also some we particularly timely to receive and I was wondering whether you find that you should not work life balance and are you able to sources see like other hobbies or like how much of a life to you have if you spend only 3 hours a day answering e-mails how does that work I totally that player like for our the right and often and knowledge so this is that a lot of work from the get go this so much time with so many like 9 like kind of like struggling but once I got to the point in getting the proper place in building leadership team I often nearly that much time anymore like if I had better now i have a set of leadership and role in that a delegate from the get go which is like in this talk I would have had a lot of time the and so the 1st time i've been on so we mean the composing e-mails like managing the leadership team in dealing with the brain like if you think about that calling that only 5 hours a week like if the low enough that the active because it talks about 3 so just put in the hard work 1st and then will allow the loser spurious drill a bit more about it I run an organization as well and I've started to delegate the problem having this kind is you talked with an e-mail you send the beginning of every month Kenwood level set and beaches to talk just a little bit more about your experience when she delegated how you kind of started to see communication be useful to those people make sure stopped involve the cracks to make sure that you teach him up to you and back down and just how to manage that the and half making the thing and everything just so I can have like a bird's eye view again and try not to the set of all lined given opportunities there but so having sees and communications and we have several different program considering on their own scandals Ireland attendance meetings I just after the on the calendar and the meaning of everything radical will drive and you monthly board meetings where we do all we have everything that's going on the were where I'm aware of those making will approach me if there is an issue that I need in all of and then as now you quarterly objective meetings of the quarter there for 3 hours a really big like past everything out like talk about the big picture vision and so that's yeah related and actually has last question here 1 of my uh so on a community organizes well and how you put yourself accountable for their like support groups for this kind of thing but no I'm working on that OK yeah so I'm trying to organize and living retreat away that organizes the going on if you let it likely that the life out all of the house and if you put more questions afterward environment where Islamic while confining and we're all like only if they have any level of etiquette like like like 20 minutes but I have so I make it out the shuttle you have some region here the
cost if the if you are