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You’ve probably heard the buzzword by now - “serverless”. It’s a new type of application architecture where traditional web servers are replaced by ephemeral cloud services. But what does it mean for the average Django user? Hint: lower costs, more scalability, more capabilities and less ops tasks to worry about! First, this talk will explain what “serverless” really means for you, and provide an overview the advantages and disadvantages of event-driven server-less architectures. Next, we’ll demonstrate how easy it is to migrate your existing Django CMS application to run on AWS Lambda by using the Zappa framework, including some real-world issues you might bump into. Then, we’ll show how to implement some of the most common Django patterns as part of a server-less architecture - uploaded avatar image processing, batch and timed sending of email, and long running tasks like statistical aggregation. Finally, we’ll show how to scale up your server-less application to trillions of events per year by distributing your app to dozens of data centers all around the globe, and do an ultimate cost analysis of your new system. You’ll leave with new ideas on how to save money and stress on your existing applications and cool new ways to implement features in your next app!
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on and on
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service using that this talk
about the accelerate the real fast I leave it at that the people of the board in
the sense that it the graph the going on around the world her the to
and grade but the 1st question on whether it was 1st of the lower probably all heard a lot context but the the the permanent in the using the services that all the time and you have to get the there's still a lot of
this sort of work on very I think you're here is to restore them world so that VisualEditor is
going to more that that's the way it next pattern this constantly listening and questions come in but didn't turn the questions you will hear about that we easy to would certainly you won't work with the jails processes that we use or the use of web services that client which there so that it problem all the research question we want to In the future along the way and in the process of time of the year of the time I have
about the status of the
requests from the light comes in through the source of this in the next room dictionary is used all the all the key element of that you don't have to worry about it that way but this theory is create in the server that the birds that the mapping the 2 more with the object being that if he she did go to the mall and returns response to the that only the server not of and it was that wants to know process
of variables the by the time you read
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only disease you don't have to use all the time and then
I don't know how to do this this was the 1st letter that is it's a professor of law so each request
corresponds to 1 you temporary migrant by the end of
the request to the server just
as in Europe because all the time
so literally people to the top of the that the server can hear about it and
it's this is also the less expensive so we use the the paid by the time we are going to do is to to know that you you don't have a problem with the reliance of
and also your research area where you know a lot about the concept of a reading of the 1st things that
you were brought the on or digital and what we know about whether or not theory about the right the here and
the and we will that a of the of the of the you know where that result of of the pioneering you you you you have to
to your agency but because there's no way in the
the growth of of the words in the at of operating system so the regions here and so on and so forth so is so that the of
the down from a and
that I I think that you have the to have some
of you will all be part of the theory of the period the all
of the basically the whole list is often not as well as other than that because you know there's something you file
of during the about that
if want any you know how it is
what it is that you have heard of this that's all you want
you want to think of it like that
I like the last the role
that you the well in I
call it a spin of world
works eliminated at the heart of the matter is the lowest of the criteria used for the
full accurate recruited environment
variables that we used here so this is this is both a
function you were they 1st to the title of the book that was of the time for all of them have been around for a while
it has a cost
so of you know that the energy that you were going to have and you know what you
want to to get in the way of the use of
the the past work in the the speed of
light the way all the the frameworks of there the that we call this the only thing we that have to take you were aware of it exactly the back to your old or whatever you know you know me
and I felt at this point in the introduction of the government has use a with the so
of OK works with all the data so that
the problem the last year in all of
the of the the the the the dimension of the whole of the who used
to be a better way is to reverse the incidence
of all of the things that you're producing work and school and you're doing you're in the whole world and all of that this was the period of 2 years of work you don't have a good bit yeah of in and out of the way you look at it from that
file and user is that you would have this part of the environment and you want to call it a lot that you would think this is that the evolved of the universe and file this and all of these things and we have all the time they call that
way I would this
which you holds the whole project will want to play the role of the of the new products that were on the you s of middleware layer of the words in the middle of that region the the of rest of the function of those who do you really need to get rid of the groups of nodes and so on and so we want to do this sort of last year and this is just the same way and
then I will use that
instead of you know you need to know if we still have to read the book you can to do with the goal of the men only the test where on
the data of a lot of the number of people in the areas of data and was
followed by this name to know when I'm around so you
hold it up to the root of the first one is all out of
the so rooted in the the automatically generated when you're all of were were the origin of the name of the the the of the way that in which we use in our all of the and you're a
little bit of a cold but uh they
got his files this is is always
a bit of a weird we
to and the all of the things on that is going to be
responsible and talk yesterday for the story is just a year
but only 1 of my talk is the the next to us and
then at the end the you so that's a very important thing that we the whole collection from the limited the updates of the whole of this year and you know
you're all that working
day and not just this
debate over the winter because is it like
someone in throughout the world needs some or all of the form of a database of the of the
of the but he actually have a lot of your all i where all of his theory is going going to have to actually it so the circles are
in place at the and you can use the words here so that try to from the term possible I
so that this is over all the other and incredulous sort of way of replacing the
the the storage and use the 2 months of the year of the this just because they were not and you have permanent objects stored in the title of the event was you
another example of how 1 this is that we also have the part factors that it was that doesn't have a database but still have lost field the things I find that were really asked a and it all
that well because yeah I love the law and then we want read the In the
grudgingly you know but it's
what you want to use a non spot yes there is there in the database or the ceremony on the to which the money in the treasury just as the at the end of the loses its form of where you are this year and will
provide you with the with the word right about when now I have
a request to
the answer of this
usually T L E R is the use
of virtual network inside your view users with the security of the point of this is to
prevent brand of pertinent facts from what you on your did you have the walls of your own cloud but also
allowing them to release the next to the of there or a
lot of and here there is no 1 size fits all and on the of or organization
so far what you're asking about what it was like really and
then a
and B so you need to let go of this is you can do this with the Council of
you have a single little Red clouds
with you right so that you get to the point that the the work
uh here allows traffic to some examples of this on work by you know what's 1
access outside of the network and the unit as opposed to the end of the that the that is the way that people
live in the word a picture of the talk this the yeah
if you were going to say that the function that of an
original copies of the
you may have a parallel and
access to power and gender populated
by the end of the of the of the copy of this you will see that the 1 with the
years now because of is inside the firm about here you know how job shop or whatever were thinking access inside the private clouds from outside so what
do you think is really meant in general all of of the course of the next to the database socialization from the inside of this part of the this
leads to a computer that you want to have a group of that so fuel content so want you to know that the presence of the salt that you use all the
projects fall OK now that we have a new and you want to bring in the walls of 2 projects from the
inside and you can the results of that of the and they the
removal of a new version run by a new form of the solution we have
user of the user will marry this the thing so that
more of the the energy we use a lot of people user can plug
into our gender relations for a moment when the narrative of the of the of
a few
of the final thing that the that those for the rest of
the results of the whole overview of some of the authors of the 2 groups of of the of the of the of the of the of the because you know that both these units and so
there's a copy of the people around us so that we will use all of the rest of the of the the world the call that a
certain on word domain wall of the work that you have of course and so all of you in the previous result
to a lot of so that even for
a major part in this part of that so you agree that we can still do whatever I can not major architectures and the rest of
the this the executing so you response to an user query you so
attractive is the overlapping the above all of the continents and should be used with sorry I also in group of related to the size of the of the of the of the of all the time and so it is
in a very practical examples and we use the of course was so
you have you know don't that the the or use of it but we want to to I mean I don't know which of of the architecture of this you
look at this you know rather than thinking of directly to the 3 because there's a lot of you know the freedom or well or that you know we're going to turn a profit that this theory and said it would be
so because Costa the principle but the only thing that matters is the end we really know is that of in the form of a where the users of the state is defined to be the case in the context of it and that is of this form here he which will show a lot about you wouldn't bother to remove the rule that it can interact with the human rights will be out of the side of the 3 of you that's a lot of the points to the density of points to a function of we this thing so profit out of you so that it's a funny is source of the daytime and object displayed on the side of this everybody in time if he is the with all that schedule
will register all the events of the 2 going to
talk about talking about over here is
usually don't get stuck in of the of back it really should be going to the data and saying that was half in the research in the field of so it was this or I have to say about it 1 of of the of the of the war and that's where
the theory of that is in
the direction of so the distance
to that 3 and then you go and look at the time is also of a source that we have so let's say this is
what we want notification to the origins of of the statistics of there is a
version of the function the lattice issue of the objects of the users of these and I were created for our use of world light and that of the 2 so the there's that of the problems
they say you really which is the source of the history of the state in between for hours calls the calls the scale of the scandals that so you of that
is the what I
used on a the reason that
the variance in the light of the question here what you want to
wait for a given that all the
the functions of asynchronously by the time you have on your left so when we do this by using so the
the a and we have
a super simple onto the table so that we can get a really really big big k over the members of the file we can be a good on the of because
in have respect by operations of the investigation of single if less than half of the so what we do is
use that in the past all we have to do is write or up to his graph or the function of this past generated and that you are at
the end point of just hold the the the the the point is moving with a view of the word literally the immediately and then in the separate observer of regional servers in that they were so you don't have to
think of In a complete
this goes to show
you a 1 in 1 of the the the the
2nd or you can
know I have a lot of things so this is the last of everything that was there all when you make a mission-critical the entire time of the result
of globally of all service or this 1 you know the people that's
not what I want to get out this is your 1st that 1 at the
people that is where the the the so that the lowlands Oregon so the
cloud cover you know the handle
those around the new this year
last year we used to have a
lost all all of you I want you to all in of the
of the the of the 2 moons shown that that the uh that I
don't know of any of the people that work in the
full name on there was a
breach of the principle that I don't
think this is the so far
from my arms to Ohio cities we also from the point of view of the these 200 seconds to get to and the
sponsor of that so here
we have provide all users in the state of the art of the of of the
the of the 1 reason that
it will that all the time and you sentence that's
trillions of years of
1 of them so if theory
of the different regions of the
of the of the regions you know this going to be on the on the data
the topic of this so I
don't have the right to respond to the grammatical
financial personal and you get the
attention of that but you don't want to talk what all the axis of the you the I don't
know who you are and
you have up to the he never
said that the user with a lot of the questions
that can ask you what we call the way you call this the y yes yes but
I have to get back to where you want to learn of he this is the will that the
way that all of the all orientation to render the world of
the use of the and that was in the example that the use of the response you all of
the decision on the right all
the time you know
the people with the world of the other so the product the result
that the user has to be where
we were trying to the 1 used
in step with the theory and
the is is work of the
chain of so it is useful to you
in the world of a bunch
of remained at the base
of the it is a
good thing we got the 1 time we did this in the case of all right so that will allow you you go to the heart of
the realities of the world really
are coming from a single source in the right part going to the ones
that a lesser than the newer regions and that the
rest of the world that the only part of
the general to the most of you have lost your
databases and of a file were promised a replica of the great classical some of the other 2 response based on the actual JO knowledge using the year of that you different databases were all the things you can
do won't say it to solve for others to read the
I don't think it back and is read from all the slow rates of things that you
use the yes so as you were in the same form that the low don't have have the page belongs to John Stuart so they don't like star that way In the long and the same time will offer
the applications there the
downside the factory were the world
is that of all over the
and that of its use in the explosive growth right so will use of you want to you know
weary have over the last few years is the 1 that
we use to go from the
from the band and
of the set of it with the help of
what is that there is full of material on the web at
the end of the line
and it has to be with that of
the of the how of the well of the origin of the name of the rule of the law in this line of
the form of a group or something you don't to have in the in the in the the activities of the soul
similarly you use a uniform away from some of the this is the kind of thing that documentation
that's the Orioles and or not
addressed and that the the the number of particles actors plants but also to sort
of elaborate on a bunch of people involved in this if we could all the old little things around for us here in this in this little thing in the way the solving it uh and who will be the kind of cells in
the form of the Special
thanks to buying lecture in hopes of you talk to you on your Service at a higher you know that
the sorry to close
on here on the
thank there's the
WSIS here what is the