Overcoming the Challenges of Mentoring

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Overcoming the Challenges of Mentoring
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​There is an ongoing mantra within the developer community: that there are far more jobs available then programmers to fill them. Which should be an indication as to the wonderful potential for both business and those learning to code. Yet what often follows such statements are not words of joy but rather a list of frustrations related to the difficulty in finding and retaining enough skilled developers to fill these positions. The challenge is not in the number of newbies entering the field but the number who leave because they are not able to bridge the divide between bootcamps, online tutorials, books, videos, etc. to an employable developer who is able to contribute to the team. Kim has years of experience working with learners of various ages in helping them develop the skills they needed to be successful at whatever their chosen goal. She understands that for businesses to be successful, they must develop more effective and efficient ways of recruiting and retaining developers in order to meet organizational benchmarks. The developer community is a overwhelmingly generous one and a well designed mentoring or apprenticeship program could be one answer that business leaders and newbies are looking for. The business costs associated with corporate hiring managers inability to recruit and retain skilled workers to fill current and future entry-level positions are increasing (Queen, 2014). 89 percent of organizational leaders stated that they are having difficulties filling open positions, which is causing them to either turn down orders, miss key deliverable deadlines or hire individuals from outside of the United States (Aho, 2015). Aho, K. (2015). The robotics industry: creating jobs, closing the skills gap. Techniques, (7), 22.
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uh rule of the you we welcome you may think you know the guy that's local from him to grades and I you can get all this stuff other way of please tweet I need people to know that I exist so to great and 1 that is my mates where there will be talking about in the mentoring which is my mentoring or lower website and selecting on we also have the the injured community engineer report which is my new high-caste that talks about its community of it diversity communities state spaces in text from an economic standpoint and an odd with you but to politics that I read you about of morals it's about about about so you want to compete you need to have could diversify perspectives inclusivity teens and I do any training and that helps you with transition in text on using a hashtag taken well with the this is what this is there is no path that is it is taming a wild west and because all the crap passing on query 1 that I just started just putting out we can pass and we can do better and respond to test that we can do better on that's our role I am a community engineer and if you don't know what that is of a was speaking at a closer West conference and 1 of the attendees came down in the name you cause it sounds like to figure out is that me what am I doing and the that art so he's saying communities aware of engineers you're community no FIL units I want to research the worst of a researcher so words mean something any so community engineer to me is that person so community is that hot stuff h a party mission assistive make people who really really cold all but his additional where is the engineering there you need to make the hinge from the hot stuff work it's the operationalizing emission your vision your goals on that's where people make mistakes so your printer they're put their vision in their mission statement on a website but just because you put it there that has a meaning so on that's what a community engineering and that at this time a slice of a because I am transitioning I in the last few months of my doctorate program I am thinking for those who class and I am thesis my some so a doctoral program is differ from a PhD program at the DBA of because steering I'm all about practical and I'm not trying to test theories and time with the reason the play so this my topic is successful strategies for increasing organizational knowledge sharing through mentoring on June developers that's what my topic is about and so on classic 2018 my story started
August 14 to that artist other wording is started before the end but on its starting with and always going to take person I was the person who would go to what what's the and Apple Keynote not just the what was coming out next but to see why they put them but their winding do then they always had a reason of the Buddha like at some level care the least again the reason it would drain battery life he did is to be that and also things are reportedly survived have to build a website I just want you to follow file something google . on were pressed found some good things and use it's the data that is stopped and do this topic do but that was the counter thank you I was I never saw massive as a producer rotate but I was more than a consumer 2 in 2014 as an only child my worst fear came I thought of the thought that the or religious not me out in my father and I live together and so he died constant 2014 but I did not it's always led me to think that let me back up I was an educator of the high school teacher I don't like the kids I don't like the kids we let me show can now so I really don't like the kids and it's a apart most of because you tell them how special they are and they're really not and especially you the and you really need to get rid of the real world because it was to complain about millenials but you got to believe it so Perkins and so on and so on and they have this often do but I don't like the A's OK so after that I like I and I I I I don't like these 3 it's not believe so I went away the Kamakura response or so I went away to now a week
yeah exactly when weak and as I was crime and it's not in in surfing and it's not in Crying ahead epiphany a set screw this I'm going detect so a back of sex necessary people would peronists it I'm going to take yes I put it in quotes because I said when I think analogy that's what it meant to me I had no place again this is the 1 I had no idea what I was doing so when I came back home and this is going to be interesting so when I came back home so i in the I mean illegal in the workshops and conferences in in me that in Atlanta in private community so for the 1st 6 months homozygote human against 1 you actually want 1 another thing and mean in in things all that thing has a name that was clearly a new about connected technology and it but I never and others put names of things I was like in all the 4 6 months and so I only the um so after I was for the 1st time being black female in the South was working for me I mean I was talking about the yeah that's the oxygen-free take is that everything that was apparently I was going to congresses out of 1st jobs of the lower jobs but what I was I was just sitting there like at some point somebody's gonna make sense it really didn't but I was there anyway and so I was like OK as I was going I was doing all kinds of things because trust in the in house she you she you got some free check check yeah unintelligible for so it's like how to spell it we're with that you got something for free it this way sometimes it and you know you would have seen home during the call here that's prompted a cylinder cone it's a lazy the the did I coding is not even so this led me to write this blog posts that line in these yeah the to stop doing it you're doing them a disservice to doing as the industry did service because yeah this is our the learning is hard period learn a language is even harder and so we ended do value what you do when you tell people that this is easy maybe you forgot what it was like when you 1st started all with this should work everything people really start going for the reason that we need people in the industry the jobs everywhere you know you have this much 0 my god there's so many jobs we can't find qualified people to feel 0 my god it's only a job as a game that I had this lecture I will really be heard so many jobs began it might be the field what are you gonna do about it besides online the challenge is not the number of movies that are common in the field is the number of new ways of stay in the the that's the problem we don't have a great way of of helping people actually to this this while less there is no pact if you do this at every talk can you raise your hand if you think of in the industry or you hired a you not suppose to be a professional when your eyes you not suppose that expert there's something that I think of not only are you not was was expert where your heart but you can't make mistakes because there's life so even when you're a custodian they expect you to know how the mark we you get a job with but this is being there is a soul you know i wanna make this thing is never been made before and also the logical that's because of was Google a stack overflow whatever you will get your hard not to be an expert in whatever this thing they may need you to create I'm so that's all for a lot of people on ridiculous career changes where you had to be export your whole life and I had particular problems with some of his own resources here analogous boot gaps have a problem camps so I'm and I'm happy that some of them closing down because of I pay 15 thousand dollars for costs there is no child left behind you can figure out how to make this work for me and the reason that the model is not working because it only works for a subset of people he works for people who have some kind of technical engineering background who look into the focus and can handle 12 weeks 16 with it whatever X the accelerator program but it because not enough of those people they start more ring in the marketing and sales people to reach out to people don't even know what a variable it's and there's no way a person doesn't know what a very role function is on day 1 is going to do well in a top 12 week accelerated class for every 2 days lot isn't new that it happen so you just wasted their money and most of the required to leave their jobs and we do this thing and I find it a great disservice you need to be so it definitely put out of business for that and again the developer community is also sold well malingerers so you have this pool of people need your help and you have this pool of people willing to help they just don't know really how to help because they in mentoring as this is the overwhelming thing and in the research remain this is this research and I've been art collector myself business costs associated with corporate hiring managers inability recruit and retain skilled workers is up to your current job is only increasing the fact an uncertainty of today's economic climate I have business leaders turn into mentoring as a strategy for increasing organizational knowledge and knowledge sharing at organizational leaders are reported that this is a big number that ineffective the employee mentoring in in a in impact in adequate knowledge sharing is costing to read 31 . 5 billion dollars per year magnetic and into the market I don't know what those so this is not a moral issue not a political issue it's a business issue is costing businesses much the of so we're going to talk about is I like to break this down into 4 quadrants we talk about the differences between personal and professional mentoring youth and adult mental so we're gonna syllables quadrants really start with the new mentoring you just focus on them when I'm entering a young person somebody on the 18 years old it's not about you know is about making sure that provide the person with the skills that
they need to become of text being law-abiding citizens hopefully happy that is my goal what I find is when I took on a person might take them home now I'm to these that's at the heart of this explains what this person is that in this way so there's a lot to go n it's personal you know you end up going to people's graduation thing and go on people's birthday parties in in his being with the family flight can be with you but you have to do this for this outburst the about mountain is different on adult mentors we usually focused on a specific career thing they're China accomplished so as not this and is nebulous ongoing thing it's something specific is focusing on making them better at doing something and the no call acquiring knowledge and skills of best practice is mutually beneficial I don't have to go to the doing with you but I do Italy satellite you of mentoring and as an avenue I have interest in people and slaves lower How it was your but because of Alabama have to suck up but but it is another dollar like to do this is about a year and so that there is an adult can be in the role of or Mitzi or both the you see that with people learning I'm have the skill so I'm gonna help you with this but I don't have the skill so can you help me with that so it goes back and forth and we talked about their personal mentoring that's that hold all come over and meet my grandma A is a set of be anything about what I bring a gifted is woman I've never met the universe on this stuff now and professional mentally of it's the best match trying to me is an apprenticeship program on it's where you bring people in our we have and we have a history that we have tons of research paper me repressive programs or I mean from the Middle Ages and beyond and these are things that we know how do we need apply them to development because the defined goals objectives again as the engineer part how do you take of sensing 10 how you think tacit knowledge from someone who knows it and analysis that learn experience which is different from its explicit knowledge so you take that knowledge to someone is they have because they learned it in and there is a kind transfer that to someone else that's work and that's the challenge but if you have identified goals objectives is easier so we're going to focus on and stop easier is less shall she is the don't like that word right so we'll focus on adult professionals some what metering is not mentoring is not StackOverflow mentoring is not slack speckle influence slack is like my house is burning please put it out particularly for new was not know what they're doing everything is a fighter needs to be put out so you need to think about that when your was the when you provide assistance 1st of all I don't mean jerks on stack overflow it is the question that they asked that somebody has before just direct into you don't have to be sniping about this is an appropriate level of good there is there are no rules when you come to speckle focus mostly people who it so I my issue was speckle football you if I'm offended you don't here so all you people who have were all StackOverflow like God's if there was a need when I Googled it is similar to a page with some rules then I was fire was set at 6 me directly to the answer I'm looking for any minor had been due to get off these people's but they don't know what that is told the global they don't know that the rules of overflow also when you're doing and what I and many times and somebody's working with me figure out which chopped off a whole colby's on that China and then they die and aware that when we began our work I don't know what they just leave you don't think of final assembly and of nothing you just in a way that is called the dual think of a major change it and you just got a whole you get so you can roll back something but that's it the exactly but a newbie using detector and what we know so I have to start over and they have no idea what do is so StackOverflow an arm and and select that there a fire my house is on fire please help me but in there there as it is in maintenance is changes so monitoring is a relationship 1 the reasons I built Junior genome entering it was always a web site where people can make a commitment for year to mentor or which someone what I found was a challenge where people again this you will have the best wintering then another give you have people coming up to meet him were you mentoring 1st I don't know where the hell you are so you asked me to give my time you have no defining goals what he wanted do web development you have brought that is a site known as the known known so let's start this back the slack channel that is very active is allow people to get on there and put out fires while building relationships so they can get a mid tour and then they can move to the website and the community because people are having trouble figure out how to build relationships you know people go out of of this whole going to meet up and passing out cards that is by I'm InterVA and that is the use of minors all having your part of corn and got here I don't know who you are I connected nothing to you we need to have a meaningful conversation something for me to connect who and what you are and what matters to me energy which should do it it's in what I wanna do so it's a relationship and like any relationship that you value that I'm about to personalize the announces 1 relationship that you value you put in time you respect the boundaries of anatomy there you say OK I need to reschedule your just drop the ball you know just ignore people even on the mentee Silenus work to be done you do when you get it done you don't waste people's time and it's a it's a commitment is like it to be a good on as you know what I'm going to mention you on this thing for I have a I have 6 must look at 6 weeks and all big projects coming up me tell me something you workin sort see this this semester do not work or how we can do that that's how don't mention words and is past professionally transformation of because I can't say I know very few newbies who gets junior don't develop a job not somebody stepping in and helping them out because they don't even know what people this is like it is walking on you go I think I hear you do not need to be there to make like for everyone on my on my feels it is blue blue you like what you see is what we
do is you don't know all being is going on just faces them blown out of your own the and you know what like there's an error by the weird that was not only tell me you know it's like stepping on world but you don't know how to do it so like here this is why you should do it mentoring the role of you need to understand that it's vocational support you're providing cycles psycho social support role modeling of a number a caveat to if you don't like people please stay away from newbies abandonment or is worse than having no were all going to repeat that because some of you act when I hear it abandoned having no matter at all on evaluate your motivation on its assessment of the time telling you temperaments realistic set realistic Goals and give examples on and output amid the reciprocity respect the relationship and identified on goes up enhancing source having no communities have no idea where every this the goal is because we would like to them so much about how it is that is they think they can go to the moon to model have no idea so take somebody to come in and say hey all you can get to the moment in agony did then hall we can you know step by step mean and then we say why reasons why development community needs mentoring we talked about all those things in the middle it's it's all about economics people need to be written on level up and positive relationships for those people who think that bringing in meeting in internally on the view we have a positive culture that supports positive mentoring nobody's would not leave they were appreciate what you've done for them and they would stay longer and then because who wants to go to another job you don't know what that is in maybe even worse so think about that MIT impostor syndrome is market the no reason I have a process in general you don't know shit you can't be you can't be an posture apostasy Jomo for people who have skills who are still doubt the seals but if you don't know anything you can have a passenger you want to have a baby you have a pass syndromic because you can roll over that mean this is absurd they just don't know you don't know unbearable not like you make common joke and I don't know what this thing it so this evening it meant so don't newbie recently there have a passing over event of that is label for the reason please correct and they do not have an office in standard OK because we start a little all my you know exactly I'm a we started a little late so OK that is that some of the slides have those mothers up on it so thank you so the cool thing you can because you book into a break we can definitely talk about your developer survey results and a of that so it's great time but let's just do it was still on so this is the back of a book about the meaning of great information and this is what people need to understand is a misconception that most people have CS agrees with me going to the computer science degree that teaching you a different skill your learning how to solve problems of algorithm at Lisa that using typed on whatever the using to solve problems and I think the language the user is for them like riding a using pill so you know the uphill so you know I don't know how to make appeals I use pills write that down so that's why they're using cold so that's why I wanna see as people come out a lot of code either because that's that skill they're focusing on but most people are assessed talked and so we need employers need to understand that that's what is mostly was self talk and most people have a lot of less than 8 years experience but if you look at most you have less than 3 years experience and you know it takes between at our state 2 years solid of some by working with some really say they can develop their color I really would because they you're being hired as a developer to solve problems and new we you can't solve problems you can sum up to give you some cold it you can fix it is broken when no 1 can get the chances of someone give me a blank slate and it is the problem solving is very slim if you knew the so that takes about a kinase that tacit knowledge you have to do something and build some muscle today to get so people are saying you know of formal education is not very important because we every see there's a lot of free stuff out there and most nite reasonably the was that plot and how they got to 125 % on it was 110 verbs and people are being them into programs and that has made them successful sort we of continent 25 % which is all religions but people say that that's was successful why we do 1 more it doesn't make sense what we're doing is more and so I say use project-based learning so I'm going to give you an example of how to use this as a project learning so someone says I was the state of web development is too broad would is going to use as an example so we are not so some and ineffective developer web development in the nose the affairs of state in and jobs with least minimally right so what I would do is say hey I'm project-based learning here's a document that has its own we discuss very similar was entitled and in the comic me explain why they use all stay at the poles of the text that lets me know what they learn do they understand holidays then I would say OK now at some colors a background or some other source so numbering is CSS but the because it's warning you take 2 steps forward in the sense that that back then I remember that so that's what need the times and needs that's that's what I cancer you to the time to time because you just doing this land use don't know what's going on so again they had coloring inside wall let's use approximate two-way that right there just just totally demoralizes lot people because now you gotta do with margins of figure was if this model is is paying book and with the thing is you do that thing there was beginning to see how I this could be made that they will just give them a whole project envisages and used as call scaffolding added to so what I need to know is that box that we just did not like nothing better but and so then I'm going to jot you know they learnable jobs were and then they make that a clicking the Indian all and then you just keep adding onto that that's how you do make the mentoring very making manageable manageable you make a miserable at people know is very objective is not subject and this is where our users of assessment but we don't have time I'll take any questions later but thank you again the but if you like it ball of a lot worse few
positions if we were