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the lord and and so I have been a lot of slides here and no holders microphone so so I mean sort of to cover a few of them some the basic some of these things and discussed as well so I just skip over them so as I told you earlier orientation is something we do here Django kind good excuse me felt new people become more comfortable people who were introverted ought to be a large crowds that so the 1st things I wanna cover is issues relating to RIC OCI code of conduct and if you run into any sort of violations there or you feel like you need to reported incident and the reason I point this out in the beginning is because 1 of the primary concerns that we the organizers have time is that everyone who is a general kind has a comfortable experience and experience where they can learn and and and meet new people if you as safe as possible and it's not a thing that we do because someone told us we should do it it's not we don't have a code of conduct because everybody else has a code of conduct we do this we have a code of conduct and we make efforts to enforce the code of conduct and to let attendees know that the code of conduct is something we take seriously we do that because the actually important to us and it is important to us as the organizers the each of you have the best Django kind can possibly have on and unfortunately if something goes wrong which we over doesn't I we want you to know that the things that you can do so if you go to the Django com website that intelligible as that him How intelligible is attacked on the slides OK and this was a moment and distant background so we and helping people closer it will be more eligible for a bond that little more than half that so if you have a website that have website there's 2 sigh COC you'll see the actual code of conduct listed there again we wanted it to be savored output in time all atingle kind if you feel that you need to say something to someone don't be ashamed Adobe embarrassed about that we literally went through a certain process to have a code of conduct in have Co-funded violation reporting mechanisms we did that on purpose because we want you to be able to make use of them if you feel you need to so much I might be it might send them head on poppy point but in a situation or something you feel something goes wrong we what you want you to be comfortable knowing that you can actually say something to someone so could you say something to an the little block ataxia very few here is a list of our 1st responders in their phone number so 1st name is me I and the large man the red thing on his head so that even without a phone number I should be that hard to find but formed Russell useful had the learner who was 1 of our definite board members definite you see the you know last book when Jeff triplet and just triplet of definite definite is a Django events Foundation North America best the nonprofit organization that oversees jingle con so myself had the engine for all board members of definite and so those a contact number for us you can reach us at those numbers by voice or by text so again just wanted to be clear that if you feel something has gone wrong who should speak to about it right so now on the more fun things about
the conference so the idea of staying connected quite have the conference some in some these things have things that Ed mentioned if you wanna volunteer at the conference on that income website if you go to the website click on the news link a series of blog posts there's 1 about volunteering opportunities I think it's the title is help run jingle time and so there's elicited volunteer opportunities there is also a link to a Google spreadsheet that you can use to sign up for the volunteering opportunities so we we have volunteer opportunities for people to be session runners to help introduce speakers in and run the different rooms of the torture going on we also have large opportunities that registration that was the fate as we go along because people will be more people will be your registered there also volunteer opportunities to volunteer at the sprints I am also the sprints share and so again you see more B then you like to on so take a look at that if you include in volunteering wanting to learn how conference around house competent organized if you someone who attends a meet up in your home nanotech meet up in your home town area where every locality is this might be an interesting way for you to see how another organization another group runs the that's and you might get some useful ideas there or may inspire you to go home a structure and I've met people at Django kind of the concept you say 0 well I don't I live in a small town I wouldn't use in Texas the 4th largest city in the country emerged from Washington DC the nation's capital I lied there are lots of people but everyone is in that situation a lot of people come from smaller places I've met people who said we don't have this need upper that made up in my town well maybe you help organize limited-angle Connor another conference did some ideas and then you can get something started In Guernica words as they say so 1 was also way to stay connected with other people if you don't know other people here what if you volunteer wider here that in the other people were volunteering you make make new friends at with a shared experience the but the Twitter hashtag understand that everyone uses Twitter around but I've heard on many occasions Twitter is useful especially for conferences this year is to keep track of things meet people as also did sort of low cost low afterward and keep up with people that you meet so the official Twitter hashtag forging about is going around you can capitalize it you can not capitalize it this also slack channel which I would like to send out to and so if you saw who who likes like a wish to use like you can stay in touch with your various comfort attendees in the sectional so we loaded ways to stay connected especially for someone who maybe it's super comfortable in large physical crowds stay connected this way digitally can be helpful of off you volunteer you specific task to focus on you don't have to worry so much about the over I say this person you can just focus on the task at hand and work together and make new friends teamwork makes the dream work that's true there a natural science so what are your Django kind US experience what are you hoping to get this and again I had he was so recall of you would you could get a dangle kind and so I think is important to consider what your goals are always here come here a lot of you here at your 1st and comfort for tangled on why you hear what you wanna get out of it such a good thing to think about some of things people call the earlier this that uses a few basic things people are focused on the wanting to learn from that of the the theory of
them they want to learn about the euro you doing job searching all your hiring so maybe you're looking for a job or maybe your company needs to hire someone and you thought it was the 1st people so is that 1 of your angles or are you just trying to sort of meet other people in the industry again I'll talk about people who come from smaller areas maybe you don't have a big need obscene or big tech scene in the city or in your area and so you'd like to know other people so just so that that's been to your head measure here and think of you know what my really trying to do here general were really hoping to get out of it and just go on to that thought process will help you got so your later decisions and then when you look at the different talks on the schedule and find it I would touch you going to go to what you do with your time let those goals be your guide because if you're you know mostly here for the learning then focus on the talks original you 1 of the things that you want to it is even of all like learning when trying to learn more technical things are you trying to learn more soft skills like did you recently become a manager for tech lead and figure will have why how even people I don't know how to people I would like to learn how to people better so there is possible happy with that verses 1 to learn more about say good that channels in Django kind Thomas intergroup profit of put don't have the above so again when you choose talks and you're you scheduling just try to figure out which overall goal for the covered then just make decisions that support that um had as conference questions in conference etiquette this comes up and of property is the ideas when you when someone speaking there's often opted for questions and answers if there that you actually please please I have a question don't have a comment is that common answers it's question answer so please please the question also comments come to 1 for but said the we call the hallway track and so the hallway track for those of you who were new detect conferences is the sort of unofficial name for all the things that happened the point in the actual section so just people on the whole we talking just as the hallway track it's at a much fancier name for what it actually is is of order and basically what it ordering of but the hallway track of the watering crime the hallway track fancy to covered thing so it's better it's better has where we use that
so again for your when you US so what is something you know lunch people people like food right you to people by the so there was some of the people have food you can make friends of bunch of 1 of the goal maybe stress with you but you don't know and so that we can make new friends now if you're here by yourself that's pretty easy to do but I there sometimes is our tendency to so just sit with people at your word that if you try to save the different set of people each time we have a mail to good way to meet new people make new friends talk to folks that sort of thing I realize that can be a little uncomfortable sometimes they're called culture European had on and you want to so strange people 5 you but not from the well and we are given a due to try once see how it goes you burst in the flame then maybe tried again Amen again if you really anxious having strangers you can probably find me again I'm user-defined but I'm on the organizers most of my friends your organizers so we'll probably have a job and so just keep that in mind but the limitations of some lightning talks the they're like answers that mentioned a good way to get started on 1 of the reasons we do this sort of thing is to help people come the community become contribute to a community and so lightning torture way to do that a short talk about registration information for electrons will be available soon it has been if you wonder why I haven't seen it was because it has released yet that find coming soon somebody consider giving right . 2 5 minute maximum I also delighted torture so again on everywhere guidebook if you have and you have mobile phone which it was really do there's a guidebook aperture you can get and the guidebook act will have a lot of information that I see what the guy with gap is you can go through see the schedule for the conference and then you can select different session that you want to go to a create your own personalized at all so that way you have your own personalized at all the stuff that you wanna go to you can see easily if you got scandal half of that sort of thing so that book is helpful In this lecture note mentioned before and that other events so there's some other things
going on besides just the specific itself Monday nite were having the Welcome Reception Monday nite that's tonight action so we're having uh the welcome reception I type these in the past and now it's now the present time travel it's hard and so there is a welcoming reception going on tonight or or tomorrow nite Tuesday is board game nights and something is information about that on the on the website as well I personally I have a laptop at for playing video game that might bring that to the beginning it is you know the game is a game that it's a it's a board game it's on a on a motherboard but still and to the board game I think that's that's the thing and then it was denied I but there is an event
happening campus the the the with 1 of the local newspapers is hosting an event here in this information about that the GenGO work gender coverage as well so final thoughts and I had this
in the giant letters because it's I think it's an important visitors with the organizers honestly wanted have the best most fulfilling most informative time you get angle pi that's literally why we do this at most of us aren't from Spokane or even from Washington state or really most of us are from the Pacific Northwest I think there's like slew of us may be from the force northwest and so that this is far from where I live in from where my barriers and and this is true for most of the organisers in wireless is because this to sort of emphasize the point we really truly honestly want you to have the best experience you can hear and that's why we organized a conference and that's what we've done all this and so if you have questions if you have concerns and if you just confused you don't know where to go warrior your feel sad or you know whatever from talk to uh the organizers talk to someone we've got the the little red badges that say ask me or the fragrances say organizer we want to have the best of possible so please keep in mind any
questions are at any question that 1 has you can ask me that in person or again I'm the obvious is defined you can also find me on Twitter I'm transition on Twitter we can find another organized so that if anyone has any questions and about a wonderful job on the best them and maybe that might be the far with so with that said we're gonna wrap up this session and the keynote is happening in here in the next few minutes next 15 Grüninger so so little relax and looked a laptop immobilizes because that's what we do not presenting the so thank you very much for your time and most importantly thank you for attending gender time it literally doesn't happen without you all the other without you all this just like me in the other organizer just Hang on immunodominant other and that's that's a whole different things that you view time into their or
if for some of