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Opening Keynote - Is it too late to learn how to program?

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Opening Keynote - Is it too late to learn how to program?

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Opening Keynote - Is it too late to learn how to program?
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Alicia will discuss the challenges she faced as an African American woman in becoming an iOS developer at the age of 51. As a self-taught developer, she created a mobile app dedicated to helping victims escape domestic violence and abuse. She has seen the best and worst of the tech community. As demonstrated by her app, she believes that the tech industry can improve and change lives if we open our arms, embrace change, and think about how women can change the way we see and create apps.
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morning ladies and gentlemen thank you everybody out there on the key into this is the least far in my talk is about how I got to this point in my life I do not expect this to happen but this is something that every person to here of how social all the development change my life the I you can follow me on Twitter lead and finally when I have a on the Net of of women about the and technology and not realizing that in technology many with intra-community
also want to follow the homeland and along the wire in all theory is that all the all the all the all the nodes where it is the women are those grants and about so we expose women to that this event so what's my elevated rates
plot fish is that on the 1st African-American itself or I was of that new burdens on that was a joint at the age of 51 In thank you have all been loosely meaning that we have of the of the of you know that use of using the award and no holes all built on the right by the way I look at this because they're hard to it that's what is the lack of it as a prior so well along the way and reliability life also people ask you know how they feel about you know are you you know what you no she would and I don't know you have a lot in which I was like OK
so if you have a right to have an argument was well it's really more and more of the of the use of what will their food right away show again whatever of the 11 so long so the just look him right you would at at at at all so I winning a sudden my
research look at the school Big Nerd Ranch was looking in Atlanta but they wouldn't take me in because they wanted you have to pay for the whole thing is called a hotel tone our site 1 1 giving money for whatever downstream you that's not what happens so I have reached out to me that group in Atlanta caught a I was about was group fundamental or he held me with the bigger ranch book which I was into that I I hate reading and every time a reader was given was something creating this app for a moment I was on object sequence this is the 1st time on an objective the objective he took me a year to have i'm because I didn't feel confident enough to believe that I knew what I was doing on you know as the woman we have to build a confident manner you of all modern well covered uh so I wasn't I mean my problem was what did I have the ability to learn object to say so October I was September around 2013 and somebody posted booking warned of actually made up will I was that of of 425 dollars the book was 3 mobile camp which all know right now about 104 in front of a book in shoes or price if it actually that 3 months learning object to see I learned it understood it had no problem with it and at the end of that time out of a recent amendment to us I wish you you know the chapters on the the tutorial and what to do is said will we know while we you know where to go and build of domestic violence that and I was I started crime because my in my family my friends I've lost a girlfriend from domestic violence you get shot the driveway my mother was a victim my art with the victim my daughters were victims of the mass my best friends for victims of domestic violence and I have been there when he mentioned it that was something I need to do minimum confocal how we wanted to build so I went additional and when I did I did a lot of research is to to figure out what should be in there so when I did that the 1st version of the
app was for I pocketbook it was and my son helped me build a full enjoy not being had but has when it but he did do for me and he succeeded incompleteness so that version is more and is actually still on who play I I had to be changing a could there was a conflict of interest with purple purse which is all states so they reach out to me and told me I had to and they said it was a conflict and I need to change names latitudes in the course of or but only but it hasn't changed is Google Play it the better because you consider both so in 20 and 40 at the 2014 I'm that build AP and 3 months transmitted apple all hell broke loose that applicants only reject me too many in time so and it was because the size of the at this screen size in all of the wrong so the region when I was in our building at the 1 way the bigger weight as the screen size will follow still small so I had to go in and change all the screen size to what the AP was actually the font size was and that's took a couple of hours are fixed this made it was approved in our apple and the 2nd at an forget that they know forget a day when it took months to submit I mean so later on ABC 2015 we had to change the name to people so the regional Abbas now purple evolution people Of course it and when the
call came along and around the tunnels but that I would have problems wanted a members of the coal who's not a developer Help me fix the problem so we went to stop words can we went to the apple form and we found the what the problem was and that's how I came upon when co because I realize that the the when I reached out to the to the men in was more so I felt uncomfortable as a soap their own it with the motion thinkers you what some of the men were being very controlling and you know it with it that is so comfortable talking to because I don't want be and Bill is that I 1 that that I was already an emotional strain because it was the most about that any somebody did they actually say sit down the school do it we found issue this fixed issues and that's how I became a Member the co are created of group women coke women I was developers group to help women to learn how to hold on 1 Objective C on from the error on the don't help me with the at making it more successful was everything so being a part of when the call was laid out was it was fixed it I was
so happy I would just so happy so once I got there inside the my of the my group 1 of the right to say hey Alicia do do you want had we got sick as the golden double BBC pertains is a scholarship do you want me to do you want a lot like 0 yeah I replied called don't apply for free stars apples me everything from what I heard moment he has this do it as tho efforts we've gone back and forth they exited avviare said this was a bar and then our doctors on the that if I say I'm going I to the redundancy 15 for flight all hell broke with the mouse the under look much involvement the real mother was like did ceramics there that could pose a threat to a lady actually I was going to have an and but no matter what my husband went with me and so on the the think it week and they they gave us a hotel we stay in a hotel you have to get to know that but he did get to go we know their monarchs leak into other things like the sponsors coming up the the scholarship on events and stuff like that so well let's call to prevent before that what I did was I had a mental or because they you may at told of I'm gone apple I guess a lot of you over there with the base character of interest of 1 have high use only but I'll be accumulated you like pollution they don't give a damn about your high heel shoes and dresses he's said on goal to sell your part talk about your app help would get a teacher plenty should ask me about the pro pocketbook as OK is it you know when hatch about a politician don't care attitude but what I did was I dual some notes on about the teacher said thank you the BWC which is when the code for give me a scholarship to Governor 15 and I was so e if you're but I was so happy I was so happy I said the Arabic Apple will call number 4 in and everybody and this is what it looked like when I got there Apple was looking for me and and they said we will highlight you and all of thinking us OK so when I say hot became loss of we want you to when you take pictures and it goes to screen right before the velocity here that 1 Petunia OK is which of the above Part 3 morning like the class the think but that we add the about 545 I was like I was exhausted as 0 what happened was is this
Apple had me on on the king of and that's exactly what they did was the 1st black woman to be highlighted at the king on 2015 and actually the first one they put their name on it but not full but they put my name out there which was an amazing so I was already excited about that you know and so on life went on and so they contact me
again next year this time they wanted to find people that actually build apps for social cause so you know how Apple went with them you know and will have all the data they want to everybody in are stored in our down to a couple hundred then they interviewed on it went down to less than 100 then did they contacted me that the documenting company contact me via e-mail I thought this was some grave crazy as 1 stock so like a wiki Bacanal pointers to verify that the number works called a work permit resolution she tells me we wanna interview you we won't talk about as we did your farm then we did interview on Skype then we had a simple pictures that was a Russian this because I really don't give a damn editing was real the so basically side she calls me of that which is now and it is now I'm find out to see your 1 I can understand so isomorphism of family MCIs and everybody she came and she interview people rounding to link for applied from the director is apparently you know you know it was a look like the interest in of like this the so I was happy I was doing other things that not work and other things would cold and our also had got a scholarship to go to Google I O and so on while was there at the keynote which was less than 15 and to start I get a call from documentary people come into Atlanta well they we on the baby can do them order we conducted happened she she's that ball was a problem school list of school everybody's got they want on a free hand them all and then can do that world in California we we stand homeowners to Georgia and yeah by the Rybicki is for and so on average could be there but all my children was able to be there so with that I had to have that act also more to Apple Standard for them the even put me in the video so I was communicating with somebody apple to actually help me fix the estimate current I was because I objected scenes with an ear it wasn't play nice all it was like panic you and so the guy who I was talking to I psyche so which which let me see my I said I would have a code of your pinky toe if you know what 1 thing but much so and he said no as in the and so he actually came down its he came to a ladder and he actually come we fix my code in 1 day and I was so worried about the on the fact that the court might call the soul ugly it wasn't clean and he in site I'm sorry you know it's not what I want to look at embarrass hemocoel look Silesia your code is better than in E of the developers on working with right now so I was all right with that so added I was all he fix everything we they have we go crazy places a heavy Robin down the street what I will show you what happened on with it I hope I have found with this I really don't hello
this 1st year that I could get it in the beginning the biggest change is not
having access to a computer at the 1st line of
code over it was about single it
would out on the screen in the edges may come in I think the 1st lower side
of what to do this it was too
so I remember the 1st time I didn't
word it was like that all I
can do anything with code and the items in
the agenda would enable the use of our
is really a sort of looking at the
5 and this was the algorithm that
can provide it to the cover time of
our it should because life to give
life but if we compress all
these health I find him
small so I'm 1 person this
sort of thing creative solution
to stop for a if a woman in
domestic violence and what we
want what we we just didn't exist
a and so at
some point you just say OK well let's do it ourselves to be
the best I can
and a 1st
step in the past has planned we start with that little glimmer seed of new
fresh ideas this year of code
and it's harder it's inaccessible but
actually it's not someone who doesn't even know
good all they really studied some
simple swift could probably
be able to understand anything possible medical comes 1st at the moment you can
use the money and the guy
in download landing on hands go out with the end of all my
graph for that prior to this
using something he something he
was also maintains
and I live in my field and we are made of electricity my from made
from around the and again that this
is a process by the
end of 2000 women living in the
city of New digitization delivery on the people come together in public
spaces so critical of advertisment
creates a kind of like healing effect for this all I here
here and he has a lot of
the things I think it reaches a list
of pages and I wish I had actually
has sincerely over over these
tools are something that that when
tries to change the more
people you can let let
us more problems himself and
his wife and kids that can actually change the way people and this is
so what I have
1 of the users of these and call
it is off the chain senior developer where everybody comes to me of like can you fix this and I'm like yeah like and I'm going have this table the goal in the plot of data in the life what you can do this OK I
thank if
the 1st black woman to be highlighted In an apple on How would you say video and and the other group Europe was also the youngest before it was a young which is a young black woman young girl to be highlighted apples well and Europe has been doing apps I mean she goes apps full-time time and I'm so proud of her because I'm told us that we need to get you speak more as a young grow a conscience to explain to on to people like like your idea that women and young girls for very very passionate and when you talk about cold we every item cold you know the slight from a dyslexic persons cold come but then let's get to the real part of being an a woman developers the and said things have changed from steerage icable stereo gerial typical scares me could you wearing no glasses where the and gadget answers on all with the ladies hot Gage's that's me this is not only meant on today women who are more into techtrends men but before I get into the fax Liskeard into history
so before i x a question here are some historical data on coding hardware that is true so if you imagine a computer program is young man yeah that's true that is very true but it has always been that way for decades when pioneers are computer programmers but that support a history that not everybody know about so when create coding program because men felt that coding was an admin job M. and that is to remember this is something that I think that measuring and chance we talked about this and we talk about this a lot in and out in women community I am Ada Lovelace and I'm not
at all just give it an edge of the real offer this and if you need to build research this is where you need to research this is just a snap snap it up work in Lovelace places the woman who created it she's the start of all ages and the film and women in and who cold and all these other women organization make sure that our women are aware of these issues were aware of the historical on historic historical information of programming and encoding came from then there's Jennifer
Jenkins party she was hardware as well as software and so on just to see the fact that they had the hands on it am allowed his moment only didn't even at that time no of each other on Grace
Hopper we as women we all always happen from a new book cities so Grace Hopper is the 1 that came up with but debugging because there was more often the computers so if you if you hear the word debugging and you had a remember that Grace Hopper is the 1 agreed created a and so then you talk about they human
computers Katherine Johnson was the 1st black with a mass of everybody's to notice if you haven't seen Higgins hidden figures and I watch it 10 in times of that's what my favorite with the with the comparable to those of our favorite but I continue to watch it and each every time I want to cry because I to relate to so many things as in there that as a woman relates to me so the summers ago media your research on so when you go and I would say is when you go back to work and when assessing if any you can be the most knowledge 1 2 you may have all year Grace Hopper she agreed were debugger and then the guy like as natural as because I do research so so now you know
and so think about every time you write on a computer play music files all added numbers with your i . calculated you are using tools that might not exist without a woman on but in technology and and so I wanna ask this question this is just the where would you hide as person now what you read that 0 this person has such a computer and IT inference and had issues in high school OK no Emma stars the bayes on tha on 1st just got a burst of a database programmer on were done hardware miRNA HTML the discussion of the Oracle on the but plasma Java this person the cold like technology which I have high this person funny people were hired as person this end cell tha that's my resonate this is why you would this is why you would me and this is this is where the unconscious bias said in I have real some of major companies in whether that line summing California but Apple acknowledge me s a developer Apple acknowledgment told me how good I was really highlighted the twice we get nobody will hire me because of those 3 biases and what's is that have to co I love technology I do a talk on home automation J. kimono houses automated technologies and i t to t skills ownership so and that's a cause of my husband but when I go for interview and I told them that I build an app and his men that has not build in that In a bill Apple social cause you still get the question was the syntax how do you know what function a little of array and 2 is haven't I builders at I haven't you know cold in a little bit because I'm pushing is abnormal for child but yeah because I don't know if I will get a job so that the mean nothing but if all male had the same skill set but didn't build an that they will get a job and I'm a more experienced enough I have the product of 2 as somebody asked me about localization or along but it would but it a gene mention that output although on different languages India that she was losing but I've done that light that was wasn't 20 15 Houma hello remember that in 26 thing it out so that becomes a challenge for me as being a developer members talk about the 6 only 60 % of white women are computer programmers and software engineers only 5 per cent of Asian women are in computer programming solver engineered only 5 % of women of color on and that 5 is considered is included with Hispanic women as well with the 5 % and the last 1 % of women are mobile developers and less than 1 % of that is meat so there's not too many women my agent technology you know and that is not that is said but then on I love what I'd eloped technology so you got like I know something about here that like moms and dads no there's partly my age and the little about technology but you got to do not use iPhone so and here's some questions that I really right axis cells why are you not considering women's ability when there is a maze are on your desk there's a lot of people don't look at at women's rights make and the question their abilities on I have but 1 examples and met a young lady Seattle at a conference and she signed her boyfriend processing job she's smart and she has more skills they pass over her resonate interview him and then he came to her and said Panama remain NET learn called as you like hello matej you've go get them but to other from because a mean she's mad I would I would be mad to level like why they're all you think he that good OK and then you to you show you go ahead and put to them that you know at the end we see a lot of them you know when I talked to a lot of women why on women and people color but where accessing questions you can and that's another thing that's not In all costs a board of how do you know a person does it fit a new culture joint interview for another thing is is dead on women don't mind resonates if we put our and in the past if we put our hands on it and we we what if we don't know if fully will not put our resonance because the chances of us being questioned about it is going to be very highly and period if a man put on it it does make a big deal so that's the whole you know that's the issue that we deal with while women not people mode OK so I talk I was at a conference in this 1 dice at all and that when the cold and have woman working for me but the problem I have with women is then really to they take all time to take care of the children that's the wrong thing to tell me a because of like Danaus like you like talking to the wall 1 right now because I wanna say but also I would you we have in 1 thing women is where we are everything we do everything and we do everything many yodel do everything and we take about children take you would take care of the house some plastic animals I tell run out so when I was working the of America at 6 years the my husband a lot my husband and I looked into that pre selection here this video and I get up at 4 o'clock in the morning and cook his breakfast the I his lunch the and make sure he's in the car with his green tea to go to work while was learning I always some object to see I got a 5 o'clock morning did same thing learned how to code in 3 months and still do that the and a lot of men to understand that that woman who push you off to work and help you get there also have 2 challenges when they go to work of being being but then what is unconscious bias affecting her as so you gotta understand that when you see your if you see that happening just imagine that woman in your office going to the same day there's a lot I mean we're taught that men all the men of the household they pay the bills to taken by you take the children you take of a house but then you gotta understand the same managers work of 4 had the same by a stinkin
as so you have to really really out thinking about change like right now man are now being more active in a family but does not been hold against when they have to go take the child to adaptive whereas a woman is the that's been whole against on when a guy would take a child to adopt a so we have to always think about that unconscious bias that we're putting it is not that Japan we all have unconscious bias that's what I bring to talk OK so we give a professor at my unconscious bias is I hate to see men patients hanging off the the so 1 day I was driving home in a sort of man pains hanging down to his the underneath is as an as light and I'm slowing down said the but all of them plan to and so you know I don't hear everybody ignore me and so the last will add here where the sentence so now OK so again I analysis to women's ideas in me and I hear a lot of women going to that right now and then you know the understanding is that the more than sure make will feel uncomfortable that is why the novel women and technology is going down and we all I mean for me is I on the How does the something what you would have been the X is out of the the I would I'll actually give spiders actually I got written up once they are developping to how was the best looked up and they're all they all right when I vote in all this is the thing that because in and if a man was he said it would be more like what is not in itself doesn't want the there's something that's most common ones now so if a man tossed over you he's being called being a man he's a man of his talk of you ever wanna talk of you she's a bossy bitch and so you know should again and if the 1 on top of you know that he she got children they on nerves the she had like know yacht John stop if you know she was a that never because I the children of xi does that whenever she knows how it is to be treated a certain Conway and wanna get help for Sarah something to think about timing women are working in your group how many people of color working group why which you hire of unqualified white male with potential but not a woman or a person of color or well qualified the the and we see a lot of active in we see around and there's several young women a graduate Kevin Alanna their resonate enable off to change and call against males and tool-the women how resin ways possibly they have excellent projects all there there no actual team members of the blue camp was not could they have to rate everybody's resin and they all gave them high ratings on a resonate when they went to the interview and they will compete against men not 1 and got selected 1 was asian while Hispanic and my girl and a China it took a year to actually find a job but is actually on internship and the other young lady she felt like you know she felt bad about it but then you know we have certain people that made it clear that you know that they're going to go and you never give up when a woman or a person of color report to upper mansion or a chart there is known to be some bias so and that is a lot of women lot of a seen that with Cooper when Facebook weird Apple on if H R and known therefore experience to H I will always take the side of the other person and that's why you seen a lot of these position come up as VP of diversity and inclusion where Google with Apple to be the medium between each are management the so what can we do hi woman can change the problem in the tech community but made and you can be change and I say this because I want to detect the tech talk me was about this 1 guy I talked about how domestic violence domestic violence to be the change but it has to be amended to do the changing in the goals of a Goals but all I take all communities right now In the company's but technology with a huge Gwen in and I'm telling you right up with technology is going to bite check where a change in the world right now where set the standards and as you can see where the of media is holding take responsible and so we know I know for a fact Wal-Mart service some issues they say that it is the NRC articles about it and this other companies besides that are having issues but guess what tech companies of being the 1 hell responsible so now we have to be the 1 making the change as so I'm saying this there's ball you out there no work quantity and don't no that if you all man or woman by just putting 1 woman military that change the numbers to company and so that's where 0 I'm trying to reach out to you all to say you know think about the in that woman of technology in there I always think about did they don't always think about unconscious bias always remember that we all have it is never going to change but then just by thinking about just putting that 1 female about 1 woman of software engineer in the mixed Pinto told changes specters in that also remember that your need us we gave birth to you all and we're your sisters you you world motherer your wife and your daughter and I know for a fact I have met many of the old man who say it 1 person was to hurt their daughter yellow well preserved In so think about how you talk to women at your job because your which is saying a real job is mean distance I is the school it was we are left office so you have digital nations center there's but is is that awareness that you have to think about what you say in what you're doing and you need to be all advocates you know you need to to start if you see something wrong when you see something that should take if disrespectful or you see how she how she local how she feels about it on to say something you know of a lot time shop in your 1 what dies and erotic I don't think it's cool which is remember even if it's just all the guys is still not cool you'll still so young and you know you should say that you know you know it's funny but users say anyway is also think about how you can help us because we can't not do any we cannot change anything unless your we have your support you know cause women yeah we can unify we can argue we can march so you see what happens when we have a large they should happen do you feel they grow you all that but of powerful but male go back to work so let's let's do that let's all work together so if you if anything your need your local for women to come into your organization reach out to call reach out to the community there's plenty of women organizations out there they can help yup with those women in their and so I was saying mean you
follow me in my adventures I detector I that's a girl at school taker or is actually cools I listen the apps that women talk all I don't hedging go over on it but it's about all women of all coal of all nationalities talking coach of Python everything because we all have a body represent us where token come to talk about code and also you find you find black women on and I so thank you Django going know that yet I don't think know they're all of them all world the thank you everyone and not so have the same