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DjangoCon US 2017: Lightning Talks Day 3
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at the and the and
and the thing
tho I'm tossing Holly I spent the last 7 weeks at girls to code and I wanted to share that experience and so if you haven't heard of
girls who code it was founded by Russian like many of us you notice the gender gap in the computer sciences and technology and what she site was
that many young girls are actually very interested in computer programming and the scientists and but as they get older that number can it drops by the time when they get to college there's very few from left so she came up with 2 different ways to kind
of get girls interested in keep them interested in computer science so 1 of them is an after-school clubs is the 1st 6 the 12th graders who hang out maybe in a teacher's classroom they get exposure to computer science and the fundamentals and the
other is the summer immersion program which is a 7 week program of the summer for a 10th 11th graders where they cover the fundamentals of happened Bill various programs and up 2 different languages also gives an exposure to many different are women intact and as well as you jobs tax so this is me and my 2
2 years for the summer I'm Chairman John
and we tried to encourage our sister heard as well as the the qualities here there you know making our girls brave resilience are socially just emotionally intelligent intellectually curious so everything we did we really encourage the girls to feel this about themselves and embody these these things
and so the 1st thing which we stop them was actually scratch so you can kind of see on the screen there is so little cat icon and they had drawing pictures if you're not familiar with scratch it's block kind of puzzle like language the teaches them about conditionals and functions although the basics of programming
after scratch we went into Python and so they have they were drawing shapes with the eternal library and they were writing on tax adventures and by the next projects they were using other
pole library to dissect the pixels in an image and put the filter on it and I thought some of the coolest images were actually mistakes in their code and so the the blurry 1 here is actually 1 of the pixels was not written to the file and so were created this kind of crazy looking image and then they wanted me
know they're playing with the LED lights
and they were also hopefully these will load yes and they also talk
then to dance and sing a song the audio 4 point and that's OK that they we did a lot of code reviews together so we went through the code we debug it as a class are we went over some things that when you did this really well he appears that we learned from this and the video showing is actually are escape bots they had sensors on it and as it ran into walls it was supposed to come back up and get through the maze there's a little bit of idea just wanted to really right into walls in out as part of the fun and
we also talked and HTML CSS and jobless scripts some of them came out of the summer with a really well done professional looking for fully site some of them still quite something I built in the
nineties cannot spend and we
have do journals through every day kind of document in their their journey in the process the and then we covered what we call the core for so we talked them variables
which happen loops and conditionals it and
functions and I'm not gonna lie the screenshots actually stole from websites so they don't the the and finally the last 2 weeks we
have been focusing on final projects so they came up with various ideas of what they wanted to build for the last 2 weeks the program and it picks up where they want to work on as a group together
and so once they have the group at 5 different it's total monthly had the group we have them wire frame and storyboard what they wanted to build and at the very end when they
had built that they've had uh poster board here that had the inspirations the process along the way the problem they were trying to tackle moles of solution that they came up with and 1 of the
projects was called new Irish there was a chap bothersome girls built for the depressed the lonely in the upset I'm another always environ to encourage
recycling my favorite part my
my T. actually had this from her time across to code we had a subchannel named or and and she was the SIFT and we give out every day to a different girl who embodied 1 of the 4 concerts and these are various
pictures of them with raw maybe at nite with pads with a hobby
is at the very end we actually gave each girl their own individual rights if you see me taking pictures of mine around and that's what it's about so I encourage you all get involved
and it was a great summer for me locals arguments were and use a constant sponsor the teacher the a few who numerical sure you might know me from read the dogs and or at the world today I'm going to be talking but the Python suffer Foundation please raise your hand if you know with the Python suffer mission is the keep hand but if you know where the Python Software Foundation does here it's about 70 67 % so my talk today is what is the Python Software Foundation and why should I care so got it from us these goes to Eva who is our kind of data she's really even think a is the CEO of the PSF she's given talks Pecina she also Turnpike on a lot of this data and anecdotes come from her that so really the PSF is is us PSF is you and and anyone who spends 5 hours a month working on Python related community projects written documentation writing code helping people and IIsi really just doing anything that furthers the mission of Python in any way that is eligible to become a member of the PSF so that you can go on a python . org or to school you know Python PSF and you can find out more information about joining the PSF so what is being a member of the PSF mean that means you get to elect the Board of Directors Board of Directors who are the people who actually run the PSF I learned this by being elected to the board of directors about 2 months ago so I have had I'm still figuring out how all the stuff works and trying to explain it folks as well because the PSF is a really really can a special organization not many other software languages have organizations behind them to do all the good work that we do to increase diversity to make events happening all this kind of stuff so all the membership the PSF votes to basically democracy you select the board then the board that oversees the staff the PSF has 5 full-time staff who work on operating the patterns of foundation and so what is the PSF actually do for the operations that happen inside the PSF the the big thing the PSF does is run Picon US so the big Python conference the just happen in Portland that had 30 500 people the PSF actually runs that events Django and O'Connor actually run by a separate nonprofit the DSF and definite are separate nonprofit surging account is run independently of the DSF that's 1 of the big differences PSF India suffer similar also and we hold the IP rates for the language so the trademark of the word Python is held by the PSF Django is held by the DSS I We also hold as the PSF at the Pike on trademark pilot trademarks was in the US in Europe and other places a kind of the legal entity that says when somebody talks about Python they're actually talking about the programming language that we really some Python that a word that is like so you know we're talking about when you get Python the other big thing that we do supply kind every year makes money that funds the operations of the PSF we also give a large amount of money away so in the last year problem 2016 we gave over 250 thousand dollars in grants to conferences so the Django calendars sponsored by the PSF that was done through a grant almost a majority of all jingle girls events all across the world and much much better PSF almost every Python Conference all the regional events all the international events are supported by the PSF so we bootstrap a lot of events bootstrap a lot of communities we really trying to give money to places they're really can have an impact in growing the diversity and just the global outreach of the Python language and last year we had to give money to 45 different countries the to support the Python communities in those countries such when the bigger things that we do so how can you get involved with the PSF you know by being a Django con almost certainly doing 5 months 5 hours a month of work on gender or Python or anything like that you joint working group so we have a few different working groups you can join the do different things in the community and you can become a member and actually vote and choose the borders choose who is kind of directing the PSF being run for the board if you think you know PSF should be doing in you actually know stuff about nonprofits unlike me agnostic in venture company to donate the Python agendas offered foundations we continue doing this could work it also volunteer apply kind or jingle con or any of these other things a get less thing we can also do more like the PSF is just this kind of thing that's giving out money I really want the vision of the PSF to be more than that to help operate things like PIP up IPI dozens currently have no thought like official funding so something I'm really trying to work on the lasting become the cascades which is ending Coover January 22nd and 23rd so more northwest on some things they give fj hopefully nothing else in the world my name is large and I am a pattern developer in New York City and I am somewhat involved with and that work which is the index site for Python videos I'm in a lot of the python conference is put up the videos and a lot of the times they 1 when you tube summary of size the thing is it can be very hard to find the videos and define videos by specific speakers on specific topics because you to is full of things like that videos and videos that make up and monster trucks and so we've created by video to make somebody is easier to find and this is art homepage you can see toxin has provinces you can see comfort talks conferences that you cannot attend for whatever reason you can see God a toxin conferences on the other side of the world and you can get a hallway track without guilt because you can go back and watch videos later we have 2 talks organized by tags and that's our main tag speech for your convenience and we
have the best tags so
we also have talks organized by speakers see you can find everything that somebody has said on a particular in their career so we also have the event that talks organized by events so if you wanna look at do the talks from this event you can find when they get puts it and we are also an open source project so if you would like to help you can go to that URL and you can start seeing which videos we have not yet posted but we are based on pelican which is a Python-based static site generator the video entries adjacent objects and we are a relatively beginner friendly and there a couple things that I would like to sort out that would make it even more a beginner friendly but if you are interested in getting involved in open source we're very good 1st project I'm unfortunately will not be sprinting but this is a good place to start students does it have any . org and enjoy videos without me be readout pads code thank you so follow Django Kandace's fun channel my name is Jeremy gains I'm here from Philadelphia the world this spread presentation is gonna be index about Django channels and also by Pablo Picasso so as an intro art is a lie that makes us realize the truth and this piece is woman in a hat I'm also the the the K. against remain a I am I only have 5 minutes but I can talk all day about myself on the news where professional at words the award winning research platform of the Wharton Business School of i graduated from each hand college on the Tom Petty fan who does Web design in that order often referred to as a degenerative disk offer much of my free time on spending chasing its we jangle jangle at the world-famous sadly Woods this golf course in the question but this call please combined check again the point of all this why we here learn the rules like approach he can break them like an artist and this is girl before mere group of it so what the talk is on agenda channels I wanted to learn a little bit about it j kind because of his unfamiliar with that and the best way to learn about a subject is presented a year alone so channels is something that allows for more than plain http request I find that allow you to really have a fully functioning website that both the front and a back end are completely synchronized the prover this good artist borrow great seal as we all know either as an open source there there's no use reinventing the wheel this is a piece of Picasso is dorm on alive I found what the would Django channels what I found the value in it is as a web designer who'd like to do projects on the side I able will offer added functionality to my clients of which is really great like the 1 thing the 1 use case that down is offering a chat for the website so if they get e-commerce website a lot of times people put something in the cart but by having the chat functionality and Connie giving had a myself you'll be able to uh finalize more purchases or at least acetyl so the purpose action is the foundational key of success this it is this is dorm the Picasso piece thank you so I wanted to build something we're here we're doing Kolko role don't finds that I want to make a rock paper scissors game using Django using gender channels and further for those who are not familiar rock-paper-scissors is a hand game in which each player simultaneously forms 1 of the 3 so shapes with an outstretched hand paper covers lot Rock breaks scissors and so on and so forth the thank you so
this is what I made here this is part of and as you can see it has the logic and it tells you right now OK gives a score at the bottom apologize for all this on LaRouche coding this 5 minutes ago the the human possible of the
moving so yeah I think in the even with the simple design Hey I Toronto ROC time and so on and so forth 0 hey you wanna play again now good
look stuff doesn't work OK
the conclusion only put off until tomorrow what you're willing to die having left undone the course this is Picasso was 1 of his most famous pieces the 3 musicians and finally a live demo OK what could go out OK this is the
who wrote at that I came up with the following the tutorial he put in my name the can but simultaneously if you went through this also this chapter the what you
yeah yeah missed something in times of a OK nobody wants to see how the game is and I says that might have been me about that's true so you gotta go you got the gold in the future so that and that's all what I think the amount of money they can have agreed obviously this is forced all of a lighthearted Introduction to compare currency of how to lose all your money trading cryptocurrency 1st you do that is take advice for presentation conference I the 2nd way is to listen to somebody that only doing a 5 months and then the obligatory this is not financial advisor Fuser Layamon it's not my fault and so the 1st places starters of Bitcoin this is kind of an introduction into cryptocurrencies and if you never taken a look at a before which like someday need to figure out the basics of that the 1st thing is you don't need to understand the technology that should be able to deal with because other all kinds of basically it starts out you have a coin and it really is just a piece of numbers on a warm really long string on the block chain watching the basically distributed database and that's all you need to understand for the moment to get further and deeper into like researching other topics of this so wallet address at the top and actually produces this a a QR code that people use with their wallets or explain that the the award applications which I'll explain in a 2nd and by the way if you currently have something you could send me a tape using this QR code and would appreciated out so there is kind of our 3 types of also that you can generally think of there's a Harbor harbor wallets and there's a hot wall and then there's a paper wallet the harder also so kind with USB stick that you can plug in your computer and it pops up you can actually do other things but there's a hot wall which is something like a Jack's j x j x X which is a what I use for my day-to-day interactions over the internet and but it's not actually stored on 1 of the information is the stored on my machine along a node publishing the much further into the details but then there's a paper wallet which is actually really fascinating to me and basically right on a whole bunch of stuff on the spit put it in a safe deposit box and the only way anyone to us all so the goatee paper there's your safe deposit box plot that paper type in those numbers into a specific piece of technology and then basically all it is at the end of the day that you to understand it as a whole bunch of words and however you know many were password that you need to save somewhere so that you can restore they're all at at at a little a later time basically all its are is a long string that I showed you in the beginning of the save so basically 1 twos and threes and either you know 123 bitcoins are 0 . 0 1 2 3 bitcoins however you want deal with that but I just strain sort numbers so petty December coined the easiest place I find people stars do cycle . this you can basically touch your credit card or PayPal account were your checking account and you can immediately issue but by some of the coins and in disordered on your behalf from there you can actually move through wallet you through the 4 wallets of Bitcoin from 1 location to another but by using that address as so
how we just to all points all coins or in a derivatives of Bitcoin that's how I kind of started and then other people started developing similar watching technologies and that they too have a wallet similar that long string the holds 1 twos and threes and whatever combination that you need and you can you traders back-and-forth was basically or point to some sort of value that other people place on another time phonology working at a small points you can get to other types according base the where point-based is it's easy place to start the theory and and like coin and they're debating other new Bitcoin cash and at some other point you bring out on work so that kind of gives you a place to start but there's 800 different altcoins how do you get those well you go
a step further negotiations shapeshift and you can start shifting from 1 or point to another but through there all I forget how mean likes 30 year 50 or something like that to stop were to get the other 800 potentials you start with exchanges point to
the cracked an orgy Dr. top ways but to be change and this is how you make your money during day trading a a lot of information out there about that so it's good to
have a more was lose money randomly by all coins by without doing any research by and so on emotion and don't buy and sell on emotion explain that wants to at all on anything about the trading and don't pay attention to the market finally don't start and then on uh let go Django among but Lindsay on Twitter go free to simulate pointed what they and few we can still see remained resort as I said I aims and might need to handle it is at a which shake underscore and I several people ask me why I use overtake it's because I'm in the professional amateur of list so I figured I'd go through and because any practice speaking in front of people gears history about
the other so the 1st like the 1st sort of OBO is actually all those and hope they don't butcher this and it's a fluke that was done used in Greece and arm it they believe that it had a double reed which is what the oboe is the double reed instrument so the all those is either 1 or 2 cylindrical tubes that you blow into and you place itself there's a fund made about how the the Apollo cursed and Midas with donkey years speakers there is a competition and mightest it's clear that Apollo did not play better than the person competing against and so that's 1 and but the next 1 that I could find was
the did Duke this is from Armenia there are many different opinions about when this 1 actually originates time that the Armenian historians say around 12 hundred B. C. and if you notice it has the double read at the very tip of it it's a rather large read and and itself closer to an English horn which is kind of like the tenor oboes so it's kind of it's a lower voice and it's still used today it's normally played with 2 2 Dukes 1 of them plays kind of a drone or 1 tone and the other 1 plays a melody on top of it and you get a really interesting thing it kind of sounds like the bagpipes but not on such that the big then there is the zona or this or not depending on where in the Middle East you are in there is at it shows up all over the Middle East and there's stone tablets with Persian quirked isn's playing these are not and so that's a lot of fun with it she is normally about this long which is not very long if you know most instruments it's pretty short again it is the double reed and you read it is about half the length of the modern all those read so it's about the size of the tip of your thumb and but again and then most all those in renditions come after this actually derived from designer there's the sooner which is the Chinese version they believe that it builders record but they have of the sauna is from the Jade dynasty and they're pretty sure that it was showed up before then but they're also pretty sure that it didn't originate in China so they're pretty sure that it is probably 1 of those things where it like the user or the sauna I I showed up ends this was created after that this summer is still used in China it's used for funerals marriage it is and some military well in ancient history was used for military maneuver similar to the way the Scots used bagpipes kind to give the signal cause it's a really really really loud and it's not something you wanna play inside I and it's really fun when you get 1 that's made out of all brass instead of wood and brass that's fine and this 1 I just mentioned I was I don't have chance to go into all the ones in Africa there's about 5 different ones in Africa as well and but I just thought I'd mention there there to remove into Europe now this 1 is the direct descendant of the and the shaman but it's in Europe and there around 1600 they started adding all different sizes so that you can have an entire course so there's this panel to the base all of them which then led to the original although which had 7 holes keys on it and then we got to the modern oboe which has about 15 different holes in it and this is the 1 that I play so see the 3 of them together and after
that there no like 10 of them
but they're not used very often there's 1 of them where there's only 2 pieces that have ever been written for the instrument and there's only about 3 of them in the entire world so how can we make that the independent that I few already so that he has just been said we are having a solid hearing now on the 21st which I do not want to laughter only is going come gender on and authority it's send few days after will most of the day and then this eclipse which was into this into women along riding the clears the 30 seconds of totality but it was something that all of them in the for the rest of the loss so this is a bit of a Wal-Mart food for next week so this is a this is near where we have totality happened which is in the South Australian desert which is a very Baron places you can see the out from the further the and it wasn't the clips that we know 1 they have like say that big at the big Grange with I for people on and I could be 100 miles across so 200 miles across and it's it's going to use i which means that when you add selecting sought to get it to the user could she she really key for getting the call for all the cities from friends that cannot from aligned we had to do because I love this big Deutch that they managed to grab the columns of this of this says that we had a state-owned before because the eclipse I widest like a forgone aligned talk finishes up fault and shop totality happens and then it got it got I and
so so is the boys with their various harm might die instruments looking at the eclipse out before totality you can't look at it through the nite on and when you look at the sun when it's happiness God or itself it will cause you pion and look what but when it's close to the totality it 1 course you kind but the damage is still happening so you have that need to be very careful and a bit when it's total you can look at it directly but only when its total so he's was looking into reflections so in these divorces is the made up which because it was light in the diet which show next week 1 the as I could really use use the slope of the heart of strain and all to put those divorces or but the thinking this forest blurs take this to 2002 antigen comes when a new newsgroup good Beckman but the light would still look brought but actually wasn't brought it was actually really got but the sun was about non focusing covered by this stage and which is the the the shot forms on cameras in a really long even know it brought but it wasn't
formally it starts to get done and I took some pictures with a with a
film camera and which have been stained and he is a photo of the sun with a filter and and soak coaches quickly Flickr you through as the moon begins to appear which is about an hour and a half before 10 and it spends its stone cruising however the Sun's phi swallowing when it's looking like the look up in the sky when it's like this if you actually were looking actual a filter it doesn't really look different to a normal guy talk a a the sun even just thought the same covered 5 % listen-only coverage is still just a small it's only when the you see that man is slowly but surely covering more more knowing it is varies seeing frozen the it still looks like diatonic now getting really dark but I had the filter over the common so when I'm looking is 20 prisons maybe I can type that trough say that then I take the filter often this is taken unfiltered in his life but of last you and then I see that we all the which is the last direct sunlight fighting we can start to see the chromosphere the Sun which is the real thing and because only had 30 seconds out whole plan for what I was going to do in terms of further exposure abandon the bang-bang like this guy coming up to me 30 seconds is torn from there to here sorry say the by the base we see the the beginning of the show this solar all occurrences via I and then the the that's gone then being
the start of the Sun from the other side and a solar eclipse you never forget them and so my name's Mike Hanson I'm an engineer at rover of and today I want to talk to you a bit about prefetching behind the scenes and so how many people here have you start at least heard of the prefetch related with intended so quite a few of them will probably not everyone has taken a look at what the code is that doing some under the hood in order to make this work on I found a number of times that it's been useful to know what's going on on and so I wanted to give an overview today it just sort of kind of the main functions involved and main pieces so that if you may need to customize how you such data that know sort of know what's going on and so you will have a little toy example today with dogs and toys you have to have a simple jingle models and the thing to notice is that on the toy but there's a foreign key to the dog model and so think of the toys as toys belonging to a dog the and so what happens when Jane evaluates this query set of will 1st thing that happens is it evaluates as if you hand them prefetch related at all so it's just like the same thing when you evaluate the urging about objects of jangle ransom sequel and and build a list of dogs so here we have a new European Megatron which are my 2 little to walls of efficiency and so once it has a list of dogs and then it needs to perform the prefetching so the main function that does all of this in Django is this prefetch related objects function it lives under i Django that DB that models that query and that sort of where all the prefetching code lives and what happens is Django calls that function it passes in the list of dogs that that we got from before as well as our our prefetch related lookups so the 1st thing that prefetch related objects has to do is it needs to find a prefetch and a prefetch is any object on that has a get prefetch queries method on so Django has a number of built-in classes that have these methods but you know you could very well make your own and just any sort of object that has get prefetch queries on the code that gets the prefecture is this get prefetcher function and at the end of the day in our example basically all it will end up doing is it will not take the 1st dog analysis adults and get the toys that tribute here we can see it's a related manager on and that this related manager does indeed have again prefetch method so once it has had this aprovechar but we need to use it and so the function that does this it is prefetched 1 level I am and we call that get prefetch query man and get prevents resentment that I we pass in a list of dogs and we get back by objects so if you want implement 1 of these things you just have to return these 5 objects I'm all briefly go over what they are there is this related preset which is here it's always toys filtered by the the dog ideas but you could return any sort of interval I for that gender doesn't really care that it's agrees and we have related object that which takes 1 of these toys and returns an identifier for which targets associated to on insincerity it's a dog and also returns and an identifier and that's how it matches them up from a single means there can be but it's also there could be more than 1 point dog and eye-catching forward a so once we have this we can iterate over all of our the that agrees that will get our list of toys we can use this a related object at a function to build a list of PoI object a dictionary mapping the identifier to the toys and then we can iterate over dogs and associate the toys with them so here if you look on key there's I prefetched objects catch and that's a mapping with that between this cat's name and here we have a query set with the toys already on the and you can see if you do me a 2 . 2 is that all you're actually getting this object from the cash i and so thanks I if you're interested in like efficient data fetching Nintendo or pretty much anything else feel free to come see me also rovers hiring so check out our cruise page and also or engineering 1 and the I However and I I'm Canada rights if you know what I and it's probably from the request project which I created and you talked about about a new product amine coated bands which it is intended to replace you usage of kept in virtual ends on a day-to-day basis so when the problems that kept in virtual and when you using them is that and uh there's 2 ways to use spectrum with requirements files 1 of them if he is the state flower of the sale of it is and the idea is to specify requirements in a very human-friendly format like this where you are just specify the names of dependencies that you want but unfortunately when you go push of production this is not very stable build some of them are best practice way to do it is to ask can all of your dependencies like this uh in this is called the depends attending effectively so the ways in due both the same time there's some great tools available for that kept tools and and I recommend using those tools for use in depth and it but I wrote to called them which I'll show you a noun which I can give you the best of both worlds so in a seedier make making a directory called demo so can be random project count them now and and you get and an eminent stall agenda and I created father project is to create a virtual and for the project forming prisoners that's what I wanted to you and it'll take a 2nd for to burn installed gender because the internet connection is not that incredibly fast we connect map can this be things that hopefully when the area connect area common area and son
gender excellent so that is doing is it's creating new follicle look at file which is going to be something is built into kept in the future and it's a new standard for specifying year dependencies so now if we look at the file is and it's nice human-friendly format tall and EC january cool star which means I got specify version GenGO so I'm saying can use any rigid gender and indicate and block which takes a few seconds because the wicket works I unfortunately can't say tell me you go get tell me the latest version of gender passed down and again uh the can do could file that lock and just like in Bonn learn all other tools now and we have uh it generates a deterministic file you can use to rebuild your environments Agenda requires version 1 . 1 1 . 4 and quite easy and 2017 that's you and so did that all for estimating at the of that so you can just start a project and you can install it would install the right version if you had a locked filing their and everything works trade in golden about this is I can I'm using the default version of Python analysis on it switched to Python 3 I just to pick them dashed as 3 it will destroy my virtual lands in creative Python 3 and fonts which to to find a duplicate can catch catch to and the same thing so is managing miniature never transforming it's kind of like replacing virtualenv wrapper and k and all those things combined by using an utilizing all those tools together sale 3 a 3 hour time for questions that the thing I like about this the things that you will the ashes of media kits file so that we know when it's not getting the view of the file in Ozonoff Ireland in the I will also yeah of it blocked as fast as well including edges for all the time them when you install yes that's disabled by default because different versions of Python will move down the different packages and and will have different patches it was they used to be on by default yes it and started that had you can find out about it and our in yes Albert Speer windows that was not easy you the word it says this follow-up work yes you can in effect files say it there there's a cap for this it's kept 538 I believe in it you can specify any other of the version markers and 1 of them is it requires Python and then you can write in that you can specify any version of Python in there and then you can rank against Shaq and it will affect also require less you I and the me