DjangoCon US 2017: Lightning Talks Day 2

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DjangoCon US 2017: Lightning Talks Day 2
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and so on and so on and on and on and on
and on in New Canaan
and unknown in room r so I'm a lipid is by we herbal from physical and we work at the top of the partners on and we're going to talk is to my gender so how this started
when we use program and Anglo 1 and then 1 had this thing where whenever display an hour you could click on the link trying to console and you needed to Q are like a web page where you could see terminal there out fixated what was it and that was pretty good so we had
to do it for a general and that's when we created for general and we are going to show you another like them or not OK so this is so here is some clothes that has a bug case
so here is like Hope you can see it Hazor above you with a template that doesn't exist and then on the euro's I just try to use that view with and I go to local
stand open that view it shows that the broken terribly the does not exist and it stays that fix my general may have a solution for this exception when it we click it that it goes to fixed went on websites filtering by the exception type we just solved by which model we to was raise that by which line and then we can click and we are able to see more information about the exception the to respect that generates that exception disrespect id like sanitize it because it doesn't show you show the the environment before decide back is asleep you to not show your home homepage your home directory or something like that and then show how to have breakfast this boat and how to fix it you should 5 the things spell where as if that the but correct if the folders are correctly and configured on them plates setting in laughing at 2 suffix my generally just need
to beeping style fix my general and going to the settings and adhere to install that's and by doing this we override the the full in a page for general developments ever to be able to have doubt that this link that I showed to you if their sex
those in existing fix my general you can
contribute to it the so for example here another case where you can add there are to fix general and when you click it you see that we are i the gods they accept information that you just solved and we don't have it and you can add some information about how to reproduce and someone else can I help you all to solve this the right
so contigs my job is open source project it's on it has you through which you guys last fix my jungle out to the on and there's a of the
products we might regret is 2 years ago and we use it internally in at the but the the was we want you garrisoning initial data like after that we could not publicize more along with that's actually why we we can get this out because we didn't know much engagement even inside the company on and we think that's what's pretty much on because of the way we're doing stuff sub so we not in the show the link we on you would be good to like actually show the the full UN resolution in the gym were replaced page so our next absolutely we got a couple books are we do we stand a stop working on this of if it then go up and so we do have those we need to add support for other maybe there's some some ozone by country and on jungle delivers versions of so yeah we need to put displayed how to fix the theorists inside the the error by which we can and we would like to have a so you could like submit the that that that have the form for severest inside the gym whereby as well and on the would be good to have differing forest so like anyone could count on to it and so we'll be here for speeds and we would like to work on this and so if you want to help us out just but trust me give do you have and so we go to the you
seconds GM when of the
orange you lose it
and the yes
so this is said that we're from the zoo and we do have a bike on their title but in Brazil and it's going to happen from the 6th to 11th of October so if you to go is that we you know I can help you out with anything on unfortunately the talks of all in Portuguese so you might find my have central but you are opened by the universe few area guesses engenders all package I put together here so too slow but about me 1st strip instructor at boot camp in use called the dual credits I'm also using Django to build a Google system voice that's final answer part about that come see me after the talk if he said there's all words probably 80 per cent of you on your phone actually would bring it up and follow me on Twitter and the pizza Panther the uh so what is this and Django is just some tools I put together to streamline and get you started Django little bit easier and so I have a little bit of flexibility with the curriculum I teach so yummy magenta I wanted to teach my boot campers some Django so prowling a part of it was my fault laughter too fast but you know started seeing some of the pain points of getting newcomers to start tango there some of the pain points if found right you need rejects in your else that's not necessarily like an easy thing for a newcomer coming the programming and some of the stuff here is just with developing Python's not necessarily gender thing so gotta worry about package management you gotta worry about not committing your secret key and even I've done this after like 10 years of development of thankfully the that that guy he like follows all the public projects and make sure you know don't commit that the I got an e-mail so thank you whoever that is no there's no like built-in production server static files you worry about higher in the play that and then switching from your production your development settings so craters full package called as in the Django the kind of put this all together make it easier to start out so you know have necessarily worry about some of these things as is the 1st thing simplified Urals so still using rejects I stole like the flare style and basically you can Mitch makes a match between the axon your only agenda your l sexy just converting it to rejects for you but but I think that's a lot easier to understand I grew up on prolonging i.e. rejects for breakfast but I still know that like and rolling he's resurrects lot so I think this simplifies euros a lot from the see next thing package management so you get a requirements that text automatically generated with whatever packages are already there are my also included it saves so just like with M P M where you can install package and it seems that to your package file requirements that text so that's built in the some other generated get ignored no you had people began committing a database the sequel like databases so just get rid of that problem i . e v with your seeker but the again is initialized for you all have to worry about committing your secrets and the deployment so I think like a risky is pretty much the preferred methods of built that in from Jan you was my was the practice of package white noise for static files us all built in and then use the product template is automatically set up to switch between the years development settings in your production settings uh you can see down here at the bottom I put in a dead server seek and know what you're running best just actually an alias to run server and then when you switch production you just run the process server which will run Django Michael risk for you the the sorry so as to see if I can have a demo failure so I'm going go through here
so will do do a Python virtually in the here in 38 time for like network called the slow you hear uh it's so I made my virtual environment now I'm gonna do that install the Jason in you and get that installing sees installing a bunch of stuff for me and see if I can get to the final thing the so you just
start a project the instead of using Django stock project I the the In the current issue some recommended settings and I guess I shouldn't use test so this is that a and there you get you get ignoring the the requirements in if you can see here I think that in the area of these indices the the few that
few and the learner creator feature 1 with zeros from indeed so this is attractive this library what is attacking pixel it's a image stack typically you 1 by 1 pixel transparent and there's a unique URL that's associated with that and here this kind to typical flows you have this a small image that loads on an email or a web page when it's loaded when the user visits a opens the e-mail you then execute logging function a new law that this user visited the page so this is really useful because we like to track open rates you can model that data and then you can see click-through rates and so then if you have your own
tracking pixels it could do a b testing so I could try 1 subject line versus another subject line split among my users so his opening more of those e-mails of the goals of pitch act looked at various different ways people doing tracking pixels and and try to do the dying away with the best of those ideas someone there's no database and the data is based what we put inside of the URL you have flexibility with the metric so you're not based on a unique ID pitch i gives you you get to decide the metrics it's secure so these metrics are encoded and then encrypted into a URL and then it's fast when this decryption and decoding phase it happens and in oviduct production settings within an 80 ms are lower so here's a little below the like for p track so you know that the tag model that you look track template you can have arguments so here we have our test name unit test 1 and then maybe you wanna find some distinct information about user so you could pass in the user ID you could do some distinct in open rates etc. then what links that template to your lodging is you instantiate version of attacking pixel there's a callback routines holder court you have access to your request so you can see through that so what male clients accessing you or what users are visiting your web page and you can access the arguments and you can access a key-value arguments and finally but these say here custom tracking pixel you you register with the track so you can actually changes together so if you wanna split up the code how you do you're tracking pixels so it's up to you there's no guarantee on the order they execute but you can check them together the for a few extensions say you wanna do internal e-mail task so you wanna say you know people are opening my survey on e-mail subject as see what people are doing that you actually can do this so most no providers proxy your tracking your images so you can actually just posted from internal network where you can do here is you can deploy a mirror version of your of your site but you know just a thin clients is merely there for tracking and you have you can define after where the tracking pixel be loaded and then use secret key for encryption and decryption of the metrics but if you don't wanna use the encryption scheme that comes at the track we're using panacea out so you can define your own encoder and use there instead and and 5 entries supports coming soon so this is the 1st Django project indeed has open source so was pushing to get that up for this before coming here so after that will work on Python 3 and abandoned to be more to the community so here's our idea how you can actually that install using Django the track and 1 open if there's any questions thank you thank you few
alright I really you on color over rock on and we're talk about anomic Immigrations and go on to relates dogs
and only j goes was makes it you others so that the dog model and this is a name field of Granada Group the field to that of those dogs love receiving with they cards in the mail so the moment that I and II as database color Davies indexed so we can make real fast on the generation easy values comic migrations of new bars are your answer your more cousin but that works I it was but out-migration looks like
this on such a really really any future generations of subsystems on I keep track of dependencies that as of all operations going dudes data is independent so this is what I can run across Mauldin respect ends on a really any feature of the new actually wanna run your migration on productions urine migrate and will take the average Ireland make this sequel of this is data dependent so it will change the sequel slightly on the difference because this article here is the coding on but that it's pretty standard sequels were ahead and run that was due that's my sequel 0 that's the theories a system that we use a rover and I'm a sequel does this with
that and so what happened there is the but the both the altar column and adding the index lock the table for rates was doing that on and if you have a very large table table name operates for a long time means no users can add blogs during a time of which makes really unhappy users because people love to talk rather dogs and and add them to websites and so what we do about that also admissible by . 6
added some features for supporting from non-blocking operations on and how we measure those we can alter the sequel that
dingo generate for us all to add a couple of the more on parameters so that it doesn't block are just a quick side note here on all the table uses commas and create doesn't and if you don't get that right it areas what's indexes and I just it just infuriates me that's the case of
so I going back to the actual false here that they've added or the algorithm in place which cells from equally 1 use you placed sort of upgrade and of the table and not a copy operation which is these are other choice on a quick note it sounds like in place to be faster than copyediting not sexy slower and adds more loaded your database but has advantage of it doesn't lock things you can expect worse performance for the migrations like longer and they'll be doing more work but there are lot lot none here is sort of of the same same thing like please don't take any locks on it doesn't actually mean no locks it just means less locks for less time because it's bicycle so it's a it doesn't do it says I and I don't here is if you run it out like this and it has to take a lot to do the thing you want to do it will just stay away once I we downgrade to taking which is actually in the world right side we use
that would take go to jingo has a run sequel of migrations of operation so we can just specify when the sequel never supporter of variables are off the slide so but these are the same things result for the reverse of that is the operations so the migration system knows what's going on and and then you
like I ask them like this is what really well and then you realize that this
is part of the the docks describing all the limitations of the system so basically every single operation has a different set of limits and restrictions on how it works on I can't do that on a single site going really really tiny on those 3 because that's point out are you requires energy be your particle vibrance extra layer your requires your table had been freed in my school vibrancy show later or you have done a copy operation on that table on which you also can't mystical won't tell you it's done that is of the node based on the it's it's pretty annoying on yet but this doesn't exist yet will exist like you go there but nothing there but I like this is what I'm planning everything on which is adding the migrations of systems to ride ATVs back and that add these parameters for you on at the end this is
similar I a word for black on entity like Python Django or a dogs come talk to and few
so high so some of you may be worried about starting your 1st render application were writing your 1st bit of code I'm here to tell you that I have at least 1 minute and maintaining for over 10 years and I'm still worried but it gets better and you learn a lot of things so we tell you a little story when take you back to a simpler time when the world made sense to you 2007 and gender out for about a year and people kept coming up with these core so people kept coming up with these cool things they figured out how to do with genuine they wanted a way to share at that pipe on packaging wasn't that great at so this website called gender snippets . org which still exists but is maintained by other people and was please you could share these little bits of code you figured out but they needed a way to let people sign up for it and have an account there so I did something silly I started writing a Django application of misuse February of 2007 the initial commitment application now known as gender registration this has been around for a while it was originally Google couldn't version that it was material on bitbucket out to get on get help the gender registration was built on a thing that was really pushing hard at the time which is the idea that a Django application should do 1 thing and do it really well so in this case it was just about signing up user accounts nothing else not filling in a profile not you know letting them connect other things just sign of the user can unfortunately there some things that are heard so back then Django did not have class these views if you wanted flexible extensible apps that people could add on functionality to you had to add a bunch of arguments onto your function use a trade dutiful templates eventually try to do custom user models and also I had do real life in the middle of a group so this is the sort of thing you used to have to do with the function-based Django view you just kept piling in more and more and more keyword arguments there so the worst that I've seen as you go back and look in the gender repository just before we switched over class-based America you some of them have definitions that look like this because of how many different keyword arguments they had to take for all the functionality that they were supposed handle fortunately now we have class these views Jagger registration values class-based future SOS lesson number 1 if something is painful look at what gender was doing now and maybe see if you can steer it in the direction that it will get better in this case you solve a whole lot of problems yeah this when I was never able to solve people really really like having fall template to an application of the kids plug-in networks unfortunately it's really really difficult especially if it's something like say user registration where you don't know in advance even what kind of form they're going to use what kind of field to collect what kind of workflow it will have should be in a single set of templates that work for all of that is just impossible eventually I gave up every once in a while about twice a year someone still files in issuing get-ups and could you please provide the full templates and I say I would really like to but unfortunately I can't then Django went and came up with this custom user model thing before this gender registration only we had to deal with 1 user model and you would it look like he was jagged contrived model that user now suddenly anybody can have pretty much any user they what at 1st gender registration is kind of of cool we're not going to do that but now actually those support custom user models that was a bit of work if you want to do book in the true you can find lots of places where does get user model were forced to to setting stuff user model of for got there eventually although it is still probably can't but you the last 2 bugfix releases I've had to do involve custom users the is the real killer this is 2 views of my get up contribution graph 1 of them is what you see if you are logged in as median concealed the private repositories that I do my daily work and the other is what you see if you were a random person is not me looking and I get a profile as you can tell from this about 2 thirds of all Decoding I what happens in private repositories this means I have very little time time so for a couple years I can drop the ball on gender registration to people fought to try to keep it alive thankfully now I'm back with some time able to do this but it's a thing that happens don't be ashamed of that it will happen to you gender registration is grown some new things which you can read about in the release notes activation with each Mac preserve name validated disallowing sketching United's if you want your about sketchy unit come talk to me a the loss and there
will be a future that
forms and I'm here to talk about have flexibility said you money in and the character G diversity for less than 4 a alright inside the you know why the things work can to the old high chomel if if you think maybe company but is that someone was born then
I get educated the then I don't work for 40 years and the talk and formally the original but the thing is it that doesn't really work in the modern era because uh this things that have the people around the kids families have made sigh you might have a parent she needs help renewal of a k given so the older model of just this being born educating work and we're talking it just as doesn't fit the all Simon are you people really can do that and the other reason this has diversity implications is this impacts women more than men pretty impacting many more than it used to so this affects all of us and the answer is we major have flexible workplaces and I don't
think that owner just quickly go through 2 examples 1 is a larger strong in bank the CEI a few years ago stated that don't have flexibility in every position and I gotta find flexibility when people for there was no flexibility so like some jobs like at work from harm but if you're a bank teller you can't really were from time you need to be you know your customer fights but by and I went through and say well how do if someone's doing their work how much they actually customer-facing how much like if you got 10 people that are in the branch maybe only 3 actually testifies 1 point on so there is still an opportunity for flexibility and and so when I went about doing this and they're all this throughout the whole organization of the survey's by far metrics on attracting and retaining women a significantly increased but many of the of this stuff that would go off on family leave would die fall the progression back to work was far more round of stories and also worked much better we need having young children and and the the little simple things like the outer you move in dif different office so they could pick up the kids from and from from sport started to really coming in to apply the bank sees it is a key part of the competitive advantage because other employers is just just demanding that you would not right to whatever and show off your art today than 7 detained being as that out which is unfortunately that's really a it's a it's a myth for sustainable productivity so that's a big example I'll give a few personal examples from the the organization on involved in 1 use that we've got the we've got a 1 of 1 the people involved these as someone who is very skilled at ah she's got a few kids she can't would fall dies which doesn't want to work for others wait she certainly doesn't want to with far I she's going pick up the kids from school and her husband is a teacher and he can't get it at a different school and he can't pick up the kids and and she doesn't want to use after-school childcare and so on and I'm like you so far on in we're working collaboratively on a project and I need you to be present at particular times and she thought that's fantastic edges fits mind's eye for uh exactly what I want the 2nd example someone is also very skilled in the few universal degrees which is developed a condition where she can only really work that I so they're really productive idea what's and she cannot she's on a disability support pension she can't give tradition where cattle but she's a very valuable member of so I think the core message in all of this if you're involving a start up or or your in some position where you need to make these these codifying decisions then what are you going to miss out on if you're not flexible in the
light that you go there about installing people and here you few
already would really sort of work and then the reader work of Roman random durable and talking about interest but the rest would be suppose present GenGO no will make your entire life but but not really so words is where I worked at short forward research data services at a single source for leading global research databases so we have a lot of data and we have over 450 institutions worldwide who subscribe to our product and 50 racemic growth that an international over the past 5 years so the upshot of this is we have 50 thousand active users to access this these data by where SSH remote connects and we support SSH via the cloud sets are applied on the web and more I we have 358 350 rock terabytes of data and 2 petabytes of total storage that we've covered since 1992 and were continuing expansion beyond financial data when I started everything ran on a single son the 20 thousand but before we max of RAM CPU and pegged the CPU 1 and resent opacity in 2009 we switched over to sea of weight Linux boxes back by now that the we've used Sun Grid Engine AUC regret engine univer grid engine and held that the support that words scalability the permissions in ACLs are always a big concern for us because our 450 customers each of access to different financial datasets from different vendors and so you can do the math yourself on how many different permutations that but we also made some very dubious database decisions on smaller president has made everything that of all data was stored and sass data format in a cryptic format cults S 7 that we had my SQL for website data we then switched to sequel server for web site we then had research data except for the New York Stock Exchange trading ports database in oracle and we stole this problem with permissions so but subpart spreads to the rescue there is apprehension by the heads of our division that we're throwing yet another database into the Maxwell promising once again that this would be the 1 all the all solution and they were concerned that yes you're going to now have those present additional minus dual signals are assessed and if the include all that BTB and and you know where the cell but all research data was successfully loaded in the president's 1st and we gave that ever been able to do that sequel server failed miserably Oracle failed miserably my he well we didn't try that has grown as was that was back in JET presbyters now back gender for the website as well so Django and wagtail are now in our next instead of cold fusion PHP in WordPress so we have integration with L that and permissions ACLs and of a goal were still working on his making post-stressed the canonical source for all of these ACLs we need to apply to all of our data and we promise would eliminate at least 1 of these databases within 6 months and we've actually done you goodbye by my SQL so far and we've actually got in the entire New York Stock Exchange trades imports databases that's growing by 1 . 5 terabytes of month in the post press it's a very narrow database but a very tall database because you got imagine every betrayed program across the NYSE it's a hell of a lot of data um we have a shattered in closed or WordPress satellites Satan favorite wagtail which if you haven't used it it's the only see a massive use of my life that I haven't absolutely hated after a year and actually still 1 of us a given that I've got a give a shout out to torch parts this is absolutely well so results in sequel server around that that's gonna be the next way at the next 1 mostly on the way up some of our data vendors have a interdependencies may never get so Foundation complete now we want to build a RESTful API Kazakh and let people access directly through are Sass various other ways and but we never had a way that we could easily build a RESTful API and we have over 20 thousand basic datasets and tables available at impose present so when I when words was started in 1992 is made to dump data to Lotus 1 2 3 so Brian financial faculty around the world to use at all they knew how to use Lotus 1 2 3 at a time and in 2017 we created a RESTful API to anywhere because a Fortune 50 client of osmose required to business schools with got some corporate clients and really want to be able to work the arrest 1 point so we could use gender rest framework we automatically introspected post press to create serializes filters models and permissions can generate by introspecting postprocessed URL and we have Y. browsable and points for the use filters were created for any columns that were index impose you automatically so the let's do a quick quick quick quick them
in OK were going through the code there we've gone through the and
and right here here the to call the actual endpoint using IBM's users and right you were running it the actual and we we're gonna get every and among the phrase war idea since 1925 and fj
and this is what 20 thousand words looks like that you can of a hydro
and on make I they and I'm from UC Irvine is a very short lighting call for me is my 1st time philosophers but and this year 0 fewer and fewer people to find a job sold out of budget is known and they i yesterday I had to take it with the it not place and think tanks follows the case here and Tristan not make encourage me to spend here solve undergo voyage job here all
of the closed and all like user highly of unsellable admitting I'm willing to another on to have the right so was
employed understand go off in the time it is it the thank you thank you OK so I want to just give a quick talk about keeping these because it came up a breakfast this morning I am actually not a beekeeper my wife is a beekeepers she's awesome at running as in a barrier that we have at our house but because of all of the things I've learned from her I thought it would be called a share some of them with you and so this 1st picture about the all of the photos are from the bees that she keeps and you'll see that kind of class 8 but cone shape and it's not all high-income some of it is brewed cone and it's my understanding is it's shaped and they treat the wax and they stamp it out and so the shape of that classic uh hexagon shape is from the shape of the head as a press the last so if you
want to be as you'll need some boxes so there are grid boxes and by the typical way of keeping these is that others boxes are filled with frame so there's usually 10 frames in a box and that these will kind start building out there about the cold weather that's breed outcome more come in those frames and and so that's a photo of some of the boxes in inference that we we have this uh you might get those boxes filled with these you can actually buy tractors these they that come in these little boxes you see in the front of the the hives there and as I think is about 10 thousand there and there's a middle can has sugar syrup so that they have something to eat in transit but you just pop the lid off and then you take it cannot continue poor the bees into the box is a crazy thing like forming these of never seen that before but I just don't the 10 thousand is in there and if you don't have package these
you can collect this 1 but when you see like a bunch of these out there actually really docile at that point and they all come together and users just cut the branch off that the other hanging on any set them on top of an empty box and they just kind of meltdown in the basanite our now known as is really finalized in the that but this is a photo so
these they're on the front of the box is called the landing board because they fly in the land right there and you look really closely you can see the pollen desk is that they have like on its back legs they stuff and full pollen and they bring back the pollen is actually proteins so they eat the pollen besides the nectar all gather around and so you'll also notice there's that board that there's a kind like white strip there and there's
an entrance reduce that you can put on the hive once you 1st load them in their this house and defend their height so normally they have a nice big place on Madolehnihmw or they can come and go and buy at certain times a year you put the engines reduce on there and it helps them manage their hive and so the key pass out stuff like that so this is what a brood
frame looks like so they the queen lays eggs into the cone and then a cap it and then you have these that maintain and United is lift these frames right out a super cool and here I'm not receive you go to any year somebody that keeps bees and has them that back the box open and pull a frame and check it out it's really a light times might my wife we use and she has to be keeping see not stuff but sometimes I just go out there with the and you know just is don't use your bare hands it's usually pretty cool on and 1 of the interesting things is that these actually glue these frames and on something hot list but that's like a super glue is rediculous least long and hard and they will lose things together like the glue the boxes together the glue the frames down and and so you'll have like of the keeping tool I didn't have a photo of 1 that's that's metal kind of like nice looking thing that the diver's we used to crack the box is opened and break that probabilistic we actually scrape the purple is out and not down and then use it to do all kinds of different things so for instance like together like a bad cut on your finger something you can use it to like you would super glue instead of getting stages just blew it shut with probabilis it's crazy it's read it was me hods strong stuff but these also do something it's
interesting club purity of many gets hot they actually gather on outside the box and so they will cover the outside of the hives and actually look like the dripping down like a big beard and this photo punishes a bunch on outside the knowledge dripping but they and other interesting fact is they don't fly at nite and so in the evening they all kind of just walk around and they don't do any flying and so this is something I thought was interesting and
the waggle dance this is also something interesting and these do they actually do this they spin and vibrate and that kind of tells other bees where the flowers and sources of nectar located in it so well known that you can actually put set up a camera what's the bees is and and calculate where the sources of flowers and stuff or at the end you like slide thrown out there and go look at where these had and when they come back
from getting a the natural they produce honey in fact out differences of the thank you work if the were