DjangoCon US 2017: Lightning Talks Day 1

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DjangoCon US 2017: Lightning Talks Day 1
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and the end
of the game 1 today yeah right so about something I was thinking up on the plane ride from pi a here which was last week and I like content in text files it's great you can have things forward nicely they can be engaged in the pool quests on the middle fantastic but I also like things in
CMS is in particular on big fan of white-tailed um and sign reading my
personal site in my tail on well I mostly like it but those comes to have is a static files like things like lists of national parks and list of my talk today we change the append only the most used to get the and so I
thought when I have both have by combining these 2 into 1 site in particular I didn't want to have to re rewrites because the thing that policy Jamil files to every page suddenly was really slow I wanted to use the orange under this great because China and so I have made a thing called how am pronounces young stage was good jumble um which is an ORM vaccine data in text files sent ticular this have structures like this where you have files in a tree under different model aims to here resemble I have all my talks from this year in 1 now follow and a little bit like this so nicely formatted in go through I can do and on these even applying animal unless you do is use the Django are and the query them like this easy all items and told these normally that no more gyre models induced sorting and filtering and even gets and stuff like that so how's it work well it's kind of
reasonable awful in at simultaneously so what you do is you read the all files you saw previously into a memory sort of like more gender fiction it then
makes an in-memory sequel database it then uses Django goes internal migrations code to make tables in the database is then writes the models into the database and saves them and then it then routes queries for them using there is written to the database all every starter but also piece of software because of the great so we did cover things and it is just a you know we know China's low data just fixtures is very similar you look inside like data is just kind of reading animal and J. Saunders does make a model instance model make another 1 don't say that all this does to them obviously down all of you know as you say flows because normal load can do persecution by about uh I use the scheme that is if a database it's amazing the sovereign by some guy I'm sure you know and the would that you do is you can take just a bit the next tables and say hi i want to pass this model the make a table for acid migrations is kind of a simple way doing is like 3 lines so if you're curious to say in the middle of the I also uses a thing Python frequent forward new which is sequence database memory your eyes so sequelitis have a thing called total memory come along just pay I wasn't in-memory database and it was thread-local and every connection was a brand new 1 you can share a very easily and let's come along since then that you do shared databases like this is shared across all my threads he has cashing in local stuff in it and unfortunately you're always do this in Python 3 for the 1st version supports seek what you're so that's not right either yeah and so the
result is I have my website redesign always done pages like this apparent highly of of this fake general based or and it's pretty great is going there's a I won't have all the places groups by the different section in order by name that these works like adding these in might get repository very easily if you undergoing
download it it's on the top right now I pushed up about 10 minutes ago and it has a really has an documentation I did promise a lot but it looks to me standard disclaimer uh and then finally I 1 last log of
finance and other people having run a committee conference in the North Bay the barrier called North Bay Python if you're curious please I've come talk to me all follow us on Twitter altered website we have cf PK thank you very much
few and so I have a mild constant warning here and I tried to make sure there's nothing to horrible here but if you squeamish that will be artificial i is this presentation in large numbers and but yet so just every year ago my wife revival but my wife and I were involved in a pretty nasty constants are in Yellowstone Park and and I ended up down 1 on the which sucks you know and but I did get to them what it takes to get a new 1 nite so that that you can and can't seemingly correlate and see if you can tell which my eyes at you know to shape 1 of my eyes is now is is no longer real it's an artificial light and and I'm going so look that's what it takes to make 1 of those is an unexpected highlighted this otherwise pretty willful experience like little about by making and so if you need a new I made and I have a very good recommendations so talk to me if it if it if you if you need a leader and the 1st thing we have to do is pick your I maker and I make is called oculists and there are about 300 of them in the United States very Nietzsche profession it turns out there's not enormous amounts of money for this but just enough to mount to keep a profession association guy I'm and fascinating I that this is a family profession if you want to make colonies there aren't that many places to learn to do it you basically have to apprentice with someone that turns out of class almost all related to each other and that they felt they have these uh apprenticeship family relationships but I think it's a fascinating thing because it's both an art and medicine all rolled into 1 so the I talked to a faulty last in the San Francisco Bay area which is basically all of them because why would you miss out on an excuse to meet people who make eyes and and clothing such as
much there was was you show me show me show me where you got show eyes so these are some of the eyes that I was shown by various or classified didn't pick and then I met this guy who had
this beautiful book size this is the guy and that picking and these at the idea that he showed me this is collection of blue eyes he has a separate box for all of the brown eyes and and his
name's William dance he's been doing this for 45 years and he is a fifth-generation ocular his grandfather his great-grandfather all the way back to like I think the 18th century in Germany his family have been making eyes richiesta blossomed and these days active acrylic plastic and oil paints and and at his son is a apprenticing under him so got to meet his son who will be a 2nd generation of laughter while I'm certain that it's a three-day process essentially you go in the 3 consecutive days to get because all of the the things that made accustomed to fit you have to you know much up to other rights of lies can that way it so a 1 is the mold and
I decided to cut the photograph of this because this is probably the most distressing particle but
essentially this is the same stuff they use that then taking dental impressions and 8 squatter then get a mold of that that the gap at the office lies going into and them and take that away and use that to create United day 2 is where it gets really fun and that's the fitting so
he's got a mold he makes the iris acrylic plastic just just a shape but he needs to figure out where the people is going to go and so he draws on
the felt pen and this is a this this is my actual I but at an earlier stage when it was when you still trying to work out what things kind and I have a video which if you features Gresham models would write I think it's too bad uh
is that an amazing so dead yet so he pops then and uses that to make sure he's going in the right place and and based on that the exciting days day 3 day 3 is the
painting and then you'd expect that painting and I would be done mainly from photographs and but that doesn't work because a photo might not have the exact colors that the got to match rely so you have to go in and actually
sit for the painting here is holding up his side and he's been working on comparing it to my my real I and making adjustments just making sure the get the painting exactly right and and because we
expressed breast grace enthusiasm in learning more he took his pack anticipatory and shared showed is where the magic happens this is some stress it's just regular oil paints am on prospect and that right there is the ID
mold services so what this is the multi he made from that impression and that's my i being in the process of being painted and and the the veins on its
arm pieces of red silk thread because this is the best possible that this is you found this is the best way to get them to get the illusion of aims to 10 little bits of for and tap tat
transport meant we use them on I'm
so that all that together and this
is a video of the moment that I got my new I say it goes and that is the reason it can move I've got a permanent implant in the sockets went into the muscles and then be an artificial I just sits on top of that site actually got quite a good amount of time that movement from it and this is the 1st
time and that's how you make and I command of me questions like that if you want them all the few cry thinking like to it in some way and this light you want to let about my told that I I think thinking through I don't speak your language I don't speak American when I speak is all the get high as I mean is not American the recent slight differences this is how I still color and this how still center this makes the incest really find it this is how I spell localization and I want to have to use languages that could compute programs computers applications in my language so localization is important so I'm thinking busses gender thing you might have that this is wonderful welcome page and you get an administration area and if you speak American you can read this but what
about everyone else so you might defiled EEG American there's a partial translation for Australian half of I don't only speak Estrellita I speak a major so today I'm announcing this translation yeah i in I think the 1 . 11 framework into your welcome and few this going well that I specifically chose not to translate the plant and into meiji because that would actually work and this is the
main site and page saying the agenda landing site and the group's new users and you can go and you can have had the nuisance and you can have a user that is just a major patterns sadly term but you can edit uses and it's all their hands and that's really great because it's really hard to try to translate hashing algorithms and just the meiji and you can also add your passwords and all that but the wonderful little listing of what you have to do if you pass wanted to translate that exactly so this kind of your password
cannot be too similar to any other personal information her the past must contain at least 8 characters all your custom saying I'm your past cannot be a commonly used as and he'll plasma cannot be entirely new back right the on hand if you know it is very add closely there is still some English American in then of these as strings that as far as I can tell you can actually translate and they stick at really badly I and you can create groups that are single major so there's a group in this particular set up that is just a unicorn which from and then you can delete groups together and so on that is in jail I
add new translation I had this a lot on my did have under the Repo millennial you're welcome i China has a bunch of actual languages that people like people actually fluently speak we have Welsh but we also have a whole bunch of other translations but there's some names so many so many incomplete translations that if you happen to speak any of these languages please help out it would be really great I think there is this 1 that is partial and does anyone know what this particular case is yelling at all it's going on and there's a partial translation
already this is not me I swear I'm content inkling on he had had and and that is natural real images what so and that if you have seriously interested in translating and you know any language other than Americans had counter that mutation it's really great it's really easy to sign at the at translation service and please self haphazardly really great if other people can use gender in your language makes few good afternoon class and Russell media this is the meiji archeology 101 if you're looking for Dr. Bennett's class on making the most you gender liminality membership and it's just animal uh in 1963 the human emotion of happiness was created it was created by the American how the Rose Bowl who was employed to create an image of a happy face to raise the morale of employees an insurance company that once people realize that it was possible to express emotions they want to express emotions of their own in a New York Times interview in April 1969 that another said I often think they should exist special topographical sign for smile some kind of concave market supply round brackets and any 1982
Scott Fahlman had a breakthrough when he proposed the composition of 3 ASCII characters a trigraph to express an emotion happiness over these code points don't in themselves represented the emotional context if composed horizontally they combined to provide a powerful expression which the user can comprehend simply by turning one's head 90 degrees to the left while having does have significant utility as an emotion uses filter was not meeting all their needs however by replacing the 3rd code point much more functional motion of unhappiness could be expressed his ironically led to much higher levels of happiness because users were now I would to voice displeasure at everyone the disagreed with them thus began a explosion in expression of emotion as users realize the hidden potential of the US ASCII code points in the 1st changes with simple issues of ergonomics by reversing the code point order it was possible that evenly spread the physical that the physical exertion required to express emotions more sophisticated thing extensions within added such as adornments wearing glasses and an optical tiredness from staring deep into the ASCII code shot looking for emotional inspiration was also moved to represent more extreme emotions such as extreme happiness some some expressions of extremist couldn't be embedded in a simple friendly they require the introduction of a 4th cliff to demonstrate storm or to embody a symbol tear rolling down the face some purists felt the 3 code would limit should be retained and so they compressed complexe emotions losing the fidelity of basal expression of others freedom cells memory constraints allowing for the rendition of say the absurdist philosopher Homer Simpson or and B. would occur at Santa Claus that others revisited the premise that Americans had to be pre expressed horizontally and look to the perpendicular as a presentation style however the US ASCII cuts was reaching its limit at this point this led to the introduction of unit code providing vastly more alternatives with which to construct even deeper expressions of emotion it's not clear the literature that any of these clips are actually used in their league languages origin the schism between minimalist maximalists in the expression of emotion reached its zenith in this pair of expressions the living character table flip as the ultimate expression of anger and a single katakana character as an expression of simple happiness unfortunately pressure was placed upon the unit code consortium to allow more literal expressions of emotion we started with 2 simple renditions but over time these expressions became more and more literal removing all subtlety and new wants and indeed beauty from the process of emotional expression perhaps best demonstrated by the introduction of a pile of potable allowing scatological references without the need to know about what scatological mind's eye this has been accompanied by a loss of agency in the past users could simply destructively innovate and develop their own emotions but like some sort of Big brother only those emotions approved by the Unicode consortia may be expressed it doesn't matter if you like about splits the Consortium the savage arbiter of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis at a time and you shall not express those ideas and no longer may be composed those symbols scottrade rich you emotions only those compositions approved by the consortium are permitted the modem emoji represents a significant loss of a collective culture the ability to embody happened the 8 bits of storage necessary to display a right bracket this this is the essence of the human condition this is who we are we on of stardust we are not champions we another number of your emotions trapped in a brittle corporeal manifestation so what we did some Michael from 0 you be eliminated to be struck from a collective history but is the defeated we should fight for our emotions so was up rise up my children specially control image SMEs the control mode he stressed the control machinery under the delusion that they do not be constrained by the limits placed upon you by the consortium composed you emotions and its western express them deeply and longingly and rapidly and for us yes this will be on the exam and I few well I'm not getting my notes so would swing this OK so at I meanings in European gone and I am here to talk to you about the improved user so during the war has
an existing user model it gives you all of these on the what is this isn't necessarily what you want and you the up the so this middle of sense when it was shipped but nowadays you just walking with an e-mail you want password and for international reasons you usually don't wanna forcing her last name that doesn't work enough water countries so you might think about shortening were forming maybe and
so if you had my book and unleash you know that I I sort of go through and I talk about how to build this and as a consultant Jim on software I was taking that coding just copying and pasting it and when working with Rus
rest pointed out that and this was really really really really and this is what he looked like when he told me this this is annotated Allen and so we went ahead and we created a reusable act
cold and Django improved user it's fairly creative and so the diagram producer goes ahead and it just as e-mail authentication it gives you a password and there's a full name and a shortening and you can compose all of these if you would like to go ahead and do that and includes all the stuff that you need to sort of get the ball rolling forms using uh um the and factory boy you can we have a test factory for you and all this is tested in gender 121 . 10 1 . 11 so if you're starting a new gender project but we hope that you find this really really useful as a quick note is that right now the version on type I is actually version 0 . 3 of version 0 . 4 is going to be shipped out very very soon on does this mean that it's really be that no were using this in production like 4 5 places and the only thing that's really mean that we're waiting for for version 1 he's improved documentation and I'm working on it I would love some feedback and if if people have done a lot of user models of love the hear like or be helping here are there any changes that we could we could make to sort of do that and on the document ud documentation side if i if anyone feels according documentation thing we would love some help so thank you very much so few of the up so what I wanna talk about is the fact that the cloud is an 100 per cent available of all the services that we can use the macro as easier can and will go down and the time that that happens is not the time to fix it you don't really wanna be alive coding while the payment processors down to make sure that things make sure that your site doesn't blow up and down so we had a client and we're done MVP honest or launched that everything was great payment processor went down and so that was when we started to get a flood of 500 e-mails from places that we hadn't quite planned for this and what that did is it meant arts and buckle down from the hardening the applications and make that work better so this give you so my inspiration some of the things that I've learned so that you can do this it's actually not as far as I thought it would be the
and so the 1st thing it to do is actually more of a business decision that technology decision and that's the think about all the different touchpoints that you have to outside vendors and think about what you want to do if they fail if your credit card processors down do you want to store information and do authorizations later do you want to hard fail or not the greatest idea but it's it's a valid ID a valid way and then yup so same thing with sales tax you may use of vendor to to tell you that are you going to e-mail every customer that made of transactions they were actually going to charge you this is much more because our sales tax Linda was down um we transactional wording anything else in the cloud you're basically get go through and figure out what we wanna do with that in mind you um you can't even tune and say they are all organ display 500 or we can have a generic message that pops up and says we couldn't get to a vendor or and are you discover just the messaging for each instance so that it doesn't say you know this terrible thing happened when all was you couldn't send them an e-mail the data water had gone through the
the multiple levels of failure in the application ranging all the way from lack of data link and unplug the network cable of DNS resolution often now I keep records in my router at home so that I can override various vendors and say you know you go a 1 2 7 0 0 1 um but then the rest we need software and so we can do timeouts connections refused in anything other than in the HTTP response that it would suspect but so
depending on your vendors this'll be the really easy or not so easy of Braintree is actually kind of nice they give you the ability to do Braintree environments and so you can set up this use of Braintree configuration configu and now I'm pointing Braintree to a local of a local server that I just set up a URL that matches what they would be calling return should OK I will go into more detail 1 call out um unless you're running a local proxy with SSL you're probably gonna have to find some way to turn cell because your payment processor quantities that of if it's not configurable like strike some who just part codes their API strings in in there in that module you can always monkey patch override a runtime of this is not something were putting into production it's just something were using the test production if it's so it gets
even more challenging because so has with schools and whistles connect to different you are also for different points and the way that I found best to do that is I download the whistle as save it as a template and then build a view that renders that with you or else and this is the view that I
use in order to do that and so I will use the same view for the whistle and and the options into the 52nd time out there is usually enough you may have to tweak it depending on what what the vendors modulus set to wait for and then a distance you can also return weird status codes and I just usually leave a bunch of them commented on on like well on time this 1 out of all the about request and and go from there the and then use your unit tests selenium sweets if you've got a spider in sets of the loose that falls all follows all the links on your site and then lastly test as a user I do what they would be doing and see what they're saying and then retest often and some of the uh and Josh um doesn't wanna use gender storages pretty popular that if an avian uses readouts during searches reacts please upgrade because and I'm intent on anymore we become distorted cool so I yet and here to talk to you about the
gender swords library which is I think the most popular library for plugging into the you knew what was revise necessary 1 has a thousand usurer Google Cloud whatever not the most interesting library but necessary so on talk about pass present and future so uh disorders is several projects it's actually free 1 . 0 I think general when I was 1 that's Storage API shipped in it basically hasn't changed modular some minor maxing teachers and such since then and it's pretty came out in I guess and the guy who wrote it David violet and wrote it some of what 1 point was look like and release that with S 3 starting followed by a bunch of other ones said the ruling mode will although but anyway it was pretty much abandoned and 2014 which is when I was working on a project that that was heavily international so we decide to do that on 3 which is also an I think pedantry became obvious is gonna when there was a whole lot of effort than 2 . 8 and stuff like that and so we 1 the pike comes no not happening sorry and so I you know we shipping genocide every project was upgraded stupid on 3 except this 1 so I fought did that comes in all the bucket things like a look at my for for can use it and and as sources redox and about a year that later I became the official successor gender sources so that's really are today I and worshipping 9 back ends the code quality and how much each of their use across sites a very certainly the S 3 ones are heavily used and there's also a lot of demand for a cool cloud of which is added because schools envision as Dropbox and man is my 1st time maintaining anything no 1 ever told it's a complete pain but he's really so the Latin right the software you doing 0 man and so again as a time and motivation and finally on the side back and time to go while you process oriented but that's what it is it is it is so like a roadmap of this that I'm hoping to on uh go far less here some ideas of ICA the as so right now the tests we use is marked which is awesome and is a great idea if you're making web calls if you're a whole libraries wrapping web web stuff like i things I think is a terrible idea like talk as Shiva town of not times but something and there's there there have been regressions because you know we mark out the connection call and then the connection isn't it called and that's basically what the point library a cell and the testing I think should be done alive and there's a time that I am a big I believe in sparsity I mean they use them for for for prosaic like I ends bytes and this obviously this letter completely breaks out right jurist mixed in with PhotoMac and like I've never needed Asia but I use boat all the time and but actually this makes sense in this case it's not a completely in ending is a very hard problem is this an API but the tide of in-service writers and is a lot of commonalities if you're 1 cover letter to the next so the makes sense but it's also a lotta legacy stuff you know there's this AWS provide metadata setting which every time we break the same person comes around 3 months later really has broken with 0 sorry the and so you know and think we really need that so I have been thinking a lot like what can I do this desire 20 e-mails about it a lot of stress scores on our spines e-mails about it and and so I would I would like to do is fix this once and for all for everyone and then maybe submits a jazz band which if he doesn't know sort of like and and he just project for gender projects that are popular community stable and and are maintained by a group that I mean i sort of remember that you know patterns in libraries were libraries and die but if it works and it's good enough enough so I need some help you I freelance time I do not have the 1 month of work would take for me to to fix this by myself so the company wants to donate time and money or you're interested in spending on it but the velocity will be no made at the joys containers the margin of each their pet feature I never see them again so I was at some major projects and I'm giving a talk on this and other stuff tomorrow so but she thinks that the standard Capon and programming so do many Korean speakers in the room yes no the Chinese speakers momenta injuries when OK so all of this sudden me statement and meaningful right so other on the select that the dance like an output that 2 videos a little later for you to
this is a video by a group called that so specifically it's OK
is the Korean version and so this is
performed in Korean and Mandarin so but it's OK and so M the way the city thinking well that's exciting go to really on but you're wondering probably warheads is with the programming 1 of the things as developers that we often hear about programs were being hired is that people looking for rock stars that are off a programmer what we think of after we tend to think of someone who is high performing individual may or may not work well with the team that if you actually done any sort of professional software development or just contributed to incident of just project you recognize that software is built into it's not that there's not just the lone genius remains off on the amount of the minimizer which includes and then we are using this wonderful is usually solvers robotic games and so on if you're looking at hiring in is that the yeah this
if you're looking at hiring people
and to build software for you and you want someone to be a better team player and so as opposed to a rock star what you want is you want the bottle and so the questionnaires why like a carbonyl are generally very well trained but as you can see here they function very well is teams and this is what I was really 1 of the defining aspects of cable bottles and so on it's a little bit humorous but it's also a billion dollars worth of true there are these 2 billion dollars for the for the companies were built around the tip of the this group of 1 yeah so there could the from the flagship middle group would have got as an intimate which is valued everybody knows immigrant stock market so what are some of the defining characteristics of the K-pop idols that was everyone has a specific defined roles that you have vocalists who had been XYZ you had a wrappers and the heavy also individuals who were more training acting and you can drop in television shows things of that nature so everyone has a clear role and they know what they want to do but even more important than that is something that I think is missing in the American programming industry is the aspect of training so most of the gem you see here have been these therefore the measure in the early to mid twenties now many them they've been trainees as they were 12 13 14 years old and so they had been trained to be the vocals to these rappers these dances if you're looking to bring in quality people to help you build quality software your organization needs to have some sort of way to bring people in and then help them become the demobs people the back developers the front and the road you want them to be and so you need to take more of K-pop idol approach to bringing people and train them to do to perform the functions you need them to perform for your organization to succeed instead of hoping you just get a random rock starting will show up and do his roster magic and fix everything so all put links to these 2 videos on a chair is 1 in in in the general counsel at but that is elusive you think about In the light of Mets rejected with dividing you to to keep that in mind maybe here maybe at your next problem here and that we will adjourn and had to lunch rejoice with you tomorrow that
the the or just