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DjangoCon Closing Remarks
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the 2 and the
and the way that we know
and right Helen doing a kind family the really close now it's our intent
gender upon you and then you you may know from a talk I gave a couple years ago I'm an english major I could not figure out the proper way to relying on the lessons so go that and for all that good if you can tweet me correction if you get that then given that it and the tenting upon you and I thought would be a little bit finds you and take a trip down memory lane to prior agenda kind in the United States so
if we go back to 2 thousand 8 we can see on editing of project blog the announcements that there there will be a adding upon you as and over the past couple of months we found volunteers to take on the task of planning a Django kind and again as an english major I really appreciate the quotes like we weren't really sure what this is going to be at and then unfortunately the the website for the 2000 aging upon has not in CSS is not provided content has arrived and that this is the only time to my web archiving you know it just how we were not able to find a better thing than this and however there is a projects going on right now we're we're trying to restore the old websites of prior dingo crimes triaging upon Europe so if you were I would like a spring
projects you can you know chat about that at the sprints that the wonderful thing that you can do and there's this wonderful blog posts that
I've again web archiving and Google and I'm very kind people on Twitter have have led me different places so grammars are and I think that many of you know he is not able to be here this year and wrote about her excitement about being able to attend the very 1st thing upon US and she said I was that frickin 30 this morning on the off chance that I might be able to get in on the 1st round of doing a kind tickets I believe in that 1st year they were free and from what Barbara says on her blog that it was a good thing she was the of the because by 445 I'm the website was airing because so many people were trying to get those to get the very 1st
of the US was hosted in Mountain View California had the Google headquarters and so this is what that many looks like and think you James for link system but like using your promise nearly along with a lot of others and there's there's a picture of a panel
I think this is the cauda team and you see here so we have pictured here is Adrian Holovaty James Bennett Simon Willison Jacob Kaplan lots Russell Keith McGee and Malcolm technique several of whom are with us here today and what the key that year was given by a man named Carl Henderson and 1 of the
lovely thing I that I learned that in 2008 the website on the Internet with the most traffic when the other thing that I found a number of looking at the old diaphone website is that the number of keynote in the way the keynoter described has varied tremendously throughout the years so the very 1st economy had 5
kids it was a two-day conference it was supposed to be to track but I think you can only call at about 1 and a half track because so much time was spent in units of those keynotes were given by Robert locked house Guido van Rossum calendars Mark ran and then Adrian indicat Kaplan did a joint here together so 6 speakers 5 presentations and then
here they are I decide you know how much of the scandals taken by you'll read about
reversing upon US Eric foreign-bond who gave a keynote in a later year they're doing a kind great conference or green conference ever I think we know the answer to that also Rumbelows over the 1 knows where he said that inspired by hand something in common distance 1st keynote at building like uh in 2008 he that don't and after 1 that was often and had magical powers were somewhere in might well somewhere in my head I agree
that's how we got the dinner funny In
2009 general kind was hosted in Portland Oregon we were down to a respectable looking
1st years were given by or be Bryant's even ambient Bikinians had long and I was looking to the federal today actually and before I came to see Russell's talk this afternoon and there is
this user number sort of space time thinking of going to simultaneous talks and which means you divide and 355 Russell gave no bad and also getting the most out of the test client I really like to hear how that he was accomplished and you have the 9 also featured in
wired wired referred to GenGO as our favorite web development framework framework so wired talked about Django and also urging upon pretty exciting and another panel
this 1 features Justin Braun Joseph Hooker confidence and James Bennett Russell McGee Simon Wilson and Brian Roark and also the money and other cannot forget for anything I also
do want to mention that the precursor to general kind Europe euro GenGO kind it was introduced in 2009 and was this is where the Internet Archive failed me I was unable to find anything that the lanyard website for that that this is you know part of the project restoration so that when the existence and it that something you can work on do not intend right back to Portland
and that the Aquino mystery there were a couple of double-track talks
that were not have you know and there is a keynote what unintelligible and then there's the distinguished guest understandable in the block and also in the scandal those names are never mentioned I'm no were so that was rather the beginning that it is good that it has been wiped from me from the internet history so that necessary is that we we won't go into war on stage violated Daniel Greenfeld said at the conference on like a family gathering and that's something that I I was I was really proud to hear such a robot and you say that to me and your other organizers so I feel very proud that we've been able to keep that spirit of family alive than at least 2010 to factor
also said that this standard brought surprises from a pony in this slide back to the discovery that you can get falls to the point of bursting at begin restaurant and important so I'm I'm proud to see that the important thing is being people right and was in 2010 it is lot of a
restaurant where they have little about the general contact that was the slide that year and also large by fun in the pony I do wonder is this the only that appeared in all this was also no 0 now and then that would be that be damned impressive I will say that 2011 gains a traditional data
on being in Portland we were really kind Portland every few years we were back units
they mediums Russell the Brad Fitzpatrick even defeat and left left the where RQ speakers that year and you going to have this tradition where we give a couple or if they at the time I was involved in a couple of no slides to managing the media file or to the DFS that to give a keynote so that kind of explains the extra key notes a little bit but I still think it's funny but now here we also have a bonus sessions a fireside
chat and that was with the media felt that idea felt unnamed so again another general upon history mystery at the end of entire ladies also organize themselves in came to in a crime if you look through the dinner kind candles for the 1st few years you notice that while there were some meaning talk by some wonderful speakers The because were largely 1 and in 2011 the I ladies decided to organize and they wrote a blog post about how they were encouraging women to speak they and had workshops encouragement is to submit talks and the result was amazing there all
that that that year there were 5 women speakers acting upon you asked and also 1 of the speakers was art genus data from today Tracy of corn buried also helped out at a tutorial and in India but instead they gave 5 but here we still have no current connected in
Oakland when you look back through the early leading constables conic form the product were really thing yet so I I noticed that I was wondering why was the year that the group is introduced so that we bring
to 2012 where we were no longer in Portland finally went somewhere else them rather than the west coast we were in Washington DC and as a result of this was my very 1st and we had a good that's at the
dinner upon which may be explained why I have been tested in lovely time at the gym a good conductance
here but there was also the 1st year that
tutorials became part of doing upon US and I remember taking a couple of this tutorial imaging or adding upon without tutorial so I'm very very happy that and explicit learning that a deep dive for 3 years 3 and a half hours is part of what we do here too the
this is pretty funny someone wrote 1 post this event that year in 2012 had exactly 400 attendees I just don't need to explain that entertaining we did have 5
keynote again idea we what's really excited about a lot a units and Eric Sterling wrestler keeping he's Selena decollement woman keynote speaker Adrian Holovaty injection at worst speakers that
2013 brought us to Chicago all I intended to do something and I got Henderson right up here so you stop now and I'm going to backtrack and asked if you were at the jingle kind 2008 we all right that's not very many this and actually this is more fighting the the effect if you were editing upon in 2009 can use hand and I know from Brussels talking from Adrian's introduction that there are 2 candidates can get tired of this if you're editing of mine in 2010 was OK in other 2011 we get the morning this time 2012 that the DC here Italy and that's the other 1 dollar and now 2013 a few more OK I will be doing an noun and do the others as we get to the you get arrested I do love and that there are actually so few hands raised because that means that over the past 5 years we have introduced a lot of new people or community that's another thing I'm really proud of forging upon 1 thing about 2013 was really interesting there is only 1 keynotes it was
wrestler keeping the the the the neck and probably right right at 100 is not nearly reading upon US no we had 2 plenary sessions that year that we distinguish between the keynotes at the plenary session analysis the friends and I was there so much I didn't happen last an America Boston and gave the plenary session vitamin a king I
do also I mentioned that 2013 was the year that we look into doing upon Australia to reading a uncannily I know we have a couple of adding a posterior organizers with us here today so we I do want and switch tones for just a moment to have a more serious tone
In 2013 we lost a man named okkam technique I never actually meets Malcolm but I've heard wonderful things about him and so I did wanna take a moment to acknowledge him he was a part of the very early stages of Django he had a wonderful reputation as a friendly person as someone who was actively encouraging to new people and so in 2013 the Genghis suffer foundation established a memorial prize in his honor so Russell wrote in a blog post announcing this prize with noggins memory in mind that yes that is proud to announce that with the blessing of his family will be establishing an award in name the prize will be awarded annually to someone who welcomed supports and nurtures newcomers really gives feedback and assistance to others and helps to grow the community and again as I said that I did not know nothing personally I never got the chance to meet him but I I do sincerely hope that he would be proud of what we do here at and upon you today if thank 2014 brought us back to Portland mineral love affair with 4 and the keynote how we're down to
2 and then add any president Brandon roads that really was 3 those with a topic that spans both interval also gave a talk about and that's the end of the session was intact as you know and there is some inconsistency there for several years
and into the photos that was the year of the duck and I was putting these slides together earlier say and just start that and he said you know I I a I really love at and so happy that that their responses year after year think I they've never runs out of a hat if you really want very wide and and and appearing in different places I was very years
2015 and ride as there will change the 1st of all it bride dingo kind down to Texas to Austin and that was the year that
as we talked about this morning dingo kind was taken over by the writing events Foundation North America so that was leveraging upon transitioned from being run by a corporate entity to being run by a nonprofit and consisting solely of volunteers that was also the 1st imaging of
girls was part of jingle kind we held our 1st integrals workshop in 2015 in Austin Texas and that was the year that we raffled off
the very large the kind out of the the copy guy who have a name for many of the thing Hank thank you thank you think of that my my handwriting thing in 2013 or even do that the 24 uh weight divided over to was at the 2013 going be 2014 Jing of that was back in Portland and hour in 2015 who was in Austin pool and our mapping fighting at the time
the year we had 4 keynotes Ricky Ansley Jackie travel than roots and Russell keep making and so I think you might win a prize for most attended tied with India but also because she was given congratulations you're prize-winning registration and 2016
last year brought us to Philadelphia which is very exciting if you're in philly when now there we go that far I yes
we had 3 keynotes last year so on you got injured on engine is living and 2016 sponsor and you made me cry last year whatever they can to mean is that we've been coming here for years and this is the warmest Ingo kind I can remember that something that is really 1 of the organizers heart to hear that the attendees responses volunteers are having a good time
so on 1 marking a speakers that in her blog posts and all these little ways they spent a clear and cohesive methods that emphasize the importance of making everyone feel welcome so that the like I'm writing on you know my team all of it but we in the in the thank
the by family photo last year we had started up but what is that you're going to become a tradition that they're ready and thinking of adding upon so now we're in 2017 greater
interior inference and if I 0 there we go I the applicable then not out of the time so I do want and take some more moments to brag on general model that also let you know some numbers about what what happen that in new this year we had 335 attendees that all you nearly 18 thousand 735 dollars in financial aid so thank you very much to their agora interleaved here for managing and thank
me and gave at 1825 financially recipient the thanks to the next number 1 I'm particularly proud and we had a record 245 on the theft we period conversations about whether we can make a 3rd track work this here and we we can make it work this year I i'd I don't know what the future holds for us that that that that number of admissions shows that people want to be here people have wonderful thing day and you want to hear from our 52 presenters this week so I hope you like and entered the and the wider literary did you use them to keep talking for a while the image taken on on the and the I'd like a little bit about many of the financial that we given away by the incumbent company during conference that is affordable for people to attend cost money and that money comes from our sponsors we would not be able to do Jing upon the way that we engage in your mind without support from sponsors that other diamonds on we can without
on the on the uh and
on the right and
left and right and so on and so on and in the in the in the in the in the in the eye
and in the end of the the digital right now and it all I also want to and I know that all the that we would not
be able to have a conference of knowing that there will be no this good is the only inflectional and so I do want think all of you who made the trip out years depending upon to attend talks to have conversations in the hallway to look for jobs you hang out in the hotel bar to attend tutorials and we really appreciate your time and we hope that you have an actual experience for your reading a so I'm organizers will you join me in thinking intended to be a factor that diet like channel analogy with our because than our tutorial presenters there would really mean and not be very much reason for everyone make it about here it would be really fun to hang out with 300 was friends for the weekend but your bosses probably would pay for it so thank you very much for our speakers and for for being here and spend their time and all the this time it takes to preparedness data the people meaning around about them and 1 of the things we really love that we've been able to do that possibly years is that all of our talks on youtube afterward and the others they can do that without the excellent eighties down and for that I thank I think although we're here in hotel RL he very much the hotel staff for everything you don't words being at work cleaning up after us thank you so much thank later on the part of the reason thank you very much for being here yet but now you even lovely even trying to get a very nice portraits of all of the speakers which is a nice bonus for because they have the early Hathout food and quiet and everything going on around making local that although if you volunteered resting upon if you were the registration desk at minute session chair session runner came in and out and let us give you a round of applause a Thank you didn't have enough people to and to check everyone in without people to tell because vertigo and introduce figures so that volunteer time really is here and of the wiring is in there is all the organ and if the doing mean and things and I know you and me and I find you all again and when you you going in and then you move them into happening so that if you mean and and so it into 2 would be speaking so I was there but all of these reasons so that the problem was due to the use of with the and there are only 2 more things computer science elevation things will fill was wrong there is a 3rd of surrealism conference and mostly to conferences even greater profits reporters in the months of things from the possibilities of sort truly inclusive reversible because it's so always use laughter Markines profits by what done in every i every T all levels of you including prefer the fierce written so I can see is that agitate for 2 years on the order of of the train lazy for it last year and then what you tear this year she's a wonderful job so everybody years receives this about this year's Batesian abuse would be and whether that was in use this period so the honest with you but understand the need of this bad reviews the University of Texas global view of the and that plane here healing and and so however we create a special Black Swan beds lazy and assume a 25 of them the mortars and back and Lucy in the universities we would use in 1 of the few from among words between this year so please you was the movement of a the seed and serve if this