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Accessibility Matters: Creating a Better Web
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Overview This talk will go through accessibility concerns on the web through example sites and code with both good and bad accessibility to experience what some users have to struggle with daily. We will cover well-known concerns such as low vision/color blindness and deafness, as well as attention issues and autism, and discuss the limitations and abilities of various alternative input devices that people with motor control issues rely on. Short and long-term fixes will be demonstrated and taught, with the overall goal being that the participants leave knowing how to find and solve accessibility problems. Why Bother With Accessibility Not only should you want everyone to be able to easily use your site, but having an accessible website comes with a variety of benefits. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, around 19% of Americans have a disability, which is a large potential audience for any site. Many companies also fall under accessibility laws they might not even be aware cover their products, with lawsuits becoming more prevalent in recent years, and showing a good faith effort to improve your products’ accessibility can help keep your company out of hot water. Accessible web development also tends to lead to better UX and a happier user base. And, another plus: It will save devs time and frustration when they’re working with the code, since good HTML is enforced. Who This Talk Is For Anyone who wishes to learn more about accessibility. While we won’t be going over the absolute basics of accessibility in detail, the examples and resources will be easy to understand for people with very basic knowledge of web development.
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in the middle and I thank you for coming out I just wanna let people know right off the bat this is all levels types so I'll be trying to cover things that are better people in a designer developer experience and also currently things there higher level
just a little way go you will be going to ruin our give my interest power introduce the topic and we'll talk about some bright ideas and also I'll be giving some specific examples that I find helpful there will be a bit at the end to show how to identify and accessibility problem and solve it and exact lots of weird stock images and screening out to I don't get a chance to use the much it had this particular presentation will
not include any nation there will it should not rely on any finds that and they're not really pretty you so you're not missing much and there will be no cap curious sorry and a dog person and if you wish follow on it you can find the slides
are dragon with the U . tax slash Django Condado Beach came up and
back and address will also be at the end so don't worry you won't see the later a little bit about the the I powerful stack Web Developer that's where I often do with accessibility issues on our projects and work closely with our product managers
and design team to find solutions
I Oscar your standard Keegan trancelike comic books and more movies in 1 hour and I also happen to have made a career transition into stack I have to expensive and they in international peace and conflict resolution and 1 of the main focuses of is understanding what causes distress to people and even in cultures that don't resemble ones are familiar with because resolving conflict often means finding what someone means of under what stating what which happens to be quite useful when applied to being like accessibility and user experience so but into the basics what is web accessibility the World Wide Web Consortium also known as w 3 c is a community that develops Web standards so according to their Web Accessibility Initiative AKA the people behind the
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines EK with tag it means that people disabilities can perceive understand and navigate and interact with the web as well as contribute to an these can
often be remembered troop or we tags acronym bird guiding principles
of the 2 . 0 standard what it you put on your website it must be perceivable operable understandable and whereabouts we weekend is adopted by multiple countries as the standard of accessibility including Australia Japan and Germany Canada and is slowly being integrated into the United States Government accessibility standards under section 5 508 word In recent was but would sort of disability is do we generally mean when we talk about web accessibility they're forming categories where some of the disability jury used to considering the Web
accessibility can fall and there's also ones that are generally considered there's visual so for example Linus Sinclair blindness are very common considerations for Web accessibility but it can also include include conditions like glaucoma cataracts which also make it harder to the sites this
auditorium like include I issues like deafness and auditory processing disorder but it can also include issues like tonight it's where if you require someone to listen closely to something on your website that might interrupt the motor includes issues like
Striebel me of her in the women's obviously you even things like our arthritis can affect how people can manipulate inputs cognitive includes issues like artisanal or dyslexia on In the whole slew of other issues and the language speech are categories last 1 and I can include things like selective mutism more stuttering and this is especially bad in recent years because of Apollo their reliance on tax that requires I'm new input from users but beyond that people also linked to seperate who we need to consider webaccess that successfully into other categories to better understand these users David Byrne and Canadian accessibility expert has taken as other categories of people use it and created this particular list which I think works well there is permitted such as being were blind other side which can be PTSD you were something like a temporary honestly the little there is acquired which could be eating away that and societal for example left-handedness because there's a lot of assumptions in hardware in the user close that users are right handed it people who need a web accessibility might also be using other alternative inputs now poets such as touchscreens eye tracking and braille displays and they may also be using screen readers user applications that read off the content of the page as they navigate through it often with the keys of the keyboard instead of a mouse or some other form of input screen readers may be used by the wonder visually impaired which the National Federation of the Blind the estimators up to 10 million people just in the US but it can also be used by others who have trouble reading navigating pages but defining people like categories are devices can be deceptively simple category is often give the impression that people can easily be placed in just 1 of about in reality people often fail in many of these categories after all on his staff can become male and certainly they still age they cognitive Speicher visual disabilities as well and they could be using both alter its inputs and outputs and various types of each well some people made up my nose is edge cases that dismissal of a very real problem that could come up with your design and develop as Eric manner answer walked a better say in their book designed for real life it's better to think of the situations of stress cases the moments that could a designing content choices to the test in real life so what are some of the ways you can granted he stressed instances your code can post standards but with had but really standards generalized there are meant to give the best experience on average but not necessarily for your users so you may have to consider all options they don't discuss from a design perspective you can consider inclusive design which is sometimes known as universal design or design for all these are a surgery strategies that consider
accessibility issues to ensure that designers work for people with the right
needs and I everyone can get a similar amount of usage enjoyment from what the experiencing you should of course consider user experience whether you're a designer not because most actually good user experience also helps people accessibility use should logically in Korea your case as how would users of approach what they need to do on your side In a variety of ways when is your typical user flow for example and when minus l how can you make alternatives were and just have compassion for your users understand that they might not be able to use the level the way you do and accept that changes in tinnitus as well think about how you can that S is people who are just like you so welcome compassionate a little kind can go a long way but even these basic steps accessibility can still be hard to get right because it's not easy or simple a lot of people when they hear the term accessibility think of accessibility in the physical world wake of a building and in many ways there are similarities let's imagine someone being modern building it is done everything right it's up to code and then some it was a easy to navigate
hauling it got out of doors everywhere there ramps instead stairs throughout the lobby become applied
easy to find elevator is just about everything you could want it but when you approach this awesome building parking in a large very close handicap spot you realize there's no
they have a high curve and no rampant site they've done every vary
inside that have overlooked a detailed that makes the entire building inaccessible from the
very beginning someone say in a wheelchair would get along fine inside but they have no way to get that let's can be the same way
people run all sorts and has to also so it's about it's America who get 100 per cent with triple a school workers but they will
actually go through the entire process of using their product from the point of view of a user with accessibility means tools are not everything task can with issues and they're often also generic that means they don't know how your particular user is using your glorious
site because little as you use are not the same as a human being using up it and many of the other tools we use that on accessibility suspect are just not checking for accessible but they're actively optimizing accessibility away the people working on non can decide that something like an oriented that communicates with screeners is just the access code and then you have to dig through their docks to final roundabout way just to keep included so even if you could was accessible medium non after using certain products and why don't we spend a decent time working with media people come to our website looking for video and making sure users can actually get to it and watch our content is very important to us so everyone Arnold will do an art of other sites with video not really a competitor is because no 1 else is really behind her sweet 50 bucks them along but I'll whatever media sites we think of in some of the more I ask you to for
example is just a great experience if you want to experience video well keyboard navigating I'd suggest going there but some are coded by people who were probably just checking boxes on a list on what makes a site accessible work didn't check to make sure the could Steve accessible in production when we went over to Amazon say last year for example but allow users to keyboard navigate to a video although that was pretty good about it
and when you pressed Play on video it will pop up as a moodle this box is that appear on a webpage and what the content behind them and they didn't pass full gets to that local that means the user is still on the page behind video going through the content about purchasing in data terms and service
and are actually getting to the view controls the only way the stop and was either refreshing pages navigating away in fact even today while this is actually just yesterday but they have avoided implementing common easy accessibility way you can't close their video related models such as an error message easily with the keyboard and such as with the escape key which is a common feature and it's someone had gonna a ticket telling them to make it possible to palladium video by the where navigation n no actually considered anything beyond that
and the thing is in helping your users isn't enough good accessibility is an even just for that but according to the survey is 15 to 20 per cent of many countries are disabled so at the top 100 users but good coding is than cold and accessibility Nietzsche right that is a good brand among crawlers for example such as the Google search benefit not only from those SEO
tanks the your shoving into your website but also from well structured content and other devices such as a lack echo become more popular having websites that can work for programs that can access information the way your average user would is going to be very important after all they're not going to play a video or listen to your audio then went on to notice objects
that are heating or require interaction and you even a fellow of accessibility checkers are web crawlers so backing an idea of what they use it also makes it easier for new developers to work with them because you're headers sense you're not inside bars in content are clearly labeled units something at the button performs an action and where a link is you're making less work for others there are also legal repercussions who had accessibility in the last few years there has been well publicized cases of states being seen before a lack of accessibility for example the University of Berkeley got in trouble for edits videos that were notoriously inaccessible liking closed captioning and transcribe that's having nothing to describe any of the figures are graphs and you may have heard recently of the Winn-Dixie case in June when someone using job was down there sigh
inaccessible intake of the 1st full-scale trial by the federal court in the US on issues of web accessibility in the US government entities in those receiving money from an as well as sources of education must follow certain guidelines from the Americans with Disability Act or Section 508 or 504 with only a few exceptions for being late nuclear warheads this businesses like Winn-Dixie fall under the ADA because of the public accommodation section even in cases of third-party applications on their site so if you have to ask who is the accessibility for no that's her basically everyone uses web crawler is developers your company's lawyers everyone but when good accessibility and what are essentially the that you can pull on your site color and size of are a great starting point there are many tools to check contrast between foreground and background color on your website and many will tell you whether they meet certain standards for accessibility this finds immediate access also manners the bigger the better the a better having alternative tax your images is very important
putting all tags into the image mark upper other alternatives help people know what's in that space even if they can't see
it also John include the word image in an all tanks screeners neural it's an image will informed users that it's an image and hearing image image of lot lot over and over again and it is not a good user experience it
never lie on just 1
latent form someone had an error or a alert if you just use changing colors people who can tell a difference form that so close ensembles work well a mix of words and symbols for an error is even better because symbols don't always mean what you think they need to all of your users but also know that you'll have to update the barrier attributes for that are you are not to be too can and the marker
for a screen readers to communicate with putting in on role of lower will lets creators no that's something that might change in would need to actually interrupt the browsing the user there are other similar areas where it adds a very important and familiarizing with you that from memorizing yourself with them is a good way to find some easy wins for your website if you're not already using especially when you're working forms where you can match labels of form fields give longer descriptions and a whole lot of other of very nice magic it is but I also think should not feedback on other things in many ways as possible don't just have visual or audio our haptic cues that convey information about you're using try handle all 3 for example yeah and try and getting your site with the keyboard not many people I know actually end up doing this and it can be very revealing you may have to change some settings on your computer and you may have to learn a few keyboard commands but it can be very helpful for a learning the stress points for users and while you're doing that remember that's creators very they have different ways of conveying information and yet to try a key difference and check on multiple
browsers will doing that it really wasn't people that regularly use screeners are not the same as monachus using them to test them every so often it's might be a clean and you playing flag football there and about but for some people it's easier to consider what
could go wrong and take it from there so styling very important don't just do something because it looks cool without considering how different users would perceive it something is not good design it's causing issues for your user infinite scroll is something that designers seem to love but putting content somewhere might need to access the someone may
access in the market after the section within its role such as a right-handed side bar or whatever can make it impossible
for someone using a keyboard or other alternative input devices to access at lazy loading 2 can be bad for accessibility a screen reader a user could be interrupted every time something you appears or they could be alerted act
where they could not be alerted at all and completely some of your content so trying to push back a little bit of this in and the last year so I've noticed a lot of squiggly line is being carried in 1 designed and sometimes they'll run across websites where the underlying the
and even we lines those to make people lose concentration in cost-sharing visual issues such as the him again something will lines moving and having headaches and order in my case is particularly on and Eisenstein line of like
that but do you move book on if you want sites and others I have seen zigzag line information all over I don't have attention initiate this attention is you and I find constantly moving lines to each usually distracting of imagine what that would be like for someone with a she's it by the way also very popular which is a bad idea for lots of reasons of course but also because it is rarely accessible it can interrupt screen reader is making it harder for people depending on them to use that it's also often unwelcome surprise which is bad for the Eval anxiety disorders and a distraction which is bad for people attention disorders if the person's audio set to a high volume or the video has flashing fast
movements it could also cause migraines panic attacks and possibly even seizures that's 1 reason reason that people use at blockers below often prevent video and audio from a lot of things but because so many societies get revenue from hands people are pushing for walking that oftentimes this involves the model that pops up and tells the person to wait with the fight and sometimes the modals not accessible making it even more annoyance for the people of accessibility needs so
adblockers may be bad for business trying to block means you're actively losing business anyway and I didn't with the models phrase I did models for our website and it can be
hard but making them accessible is not impossible just spend a little more retiring along with that In images are also popular and also with of issues for example making people click on in animated objects to get further into the page you go to a specific link because it's fun and or having text move around can be bad for people with various disabilities there's even a few major websites that like to use random gets as the entire background for each i still have
flashbacks you the word that was tumblers login screening if you messed up the 1st time begets were fast moving and brightly colored and you would keep going and going into you are currently typed in your login which which you have a higher chance of messing up because you're in a rush in the screen would come back with the same information different horrible give each time they in
turn that down a little but some the background there still gets in our still badly chosen gives that that was recently is a like multicolored balls bouncing and height in moving with too fast into distractingly for the screen you may have heard term user hostile or the opposite user friendly and that's what this is created a user hostile environment which brings
us to a very serious question is your styling causing horror if you are able bodied and there are parts of your website begin you issues you can be guaranteed their worse for disabled users beyond that consider the Web standards consider what you see users complain about and what it might cause difficulties for people who are using the site way you are and if you're not achievable not best but when we have to bring in
some experts you can hire consultants or your site there are plenty of those these days but even if they're not hiring accessibility consultants you could offer to higher users with disabilities as the weather equivalent sensitivity readers just to go through your site and tell you where they run into problems after all if you have a UX team you're probably paying for basic testing anyway people are willing to sit in cafes handing out gift cards just people go through the wire frames you could do similar for
usability for disabled people to but can sometimes the experts actually get things wrong right Blake but then you can have similar they take a symbol that represents many and they updated with the best of intentions but the cousin controversy because many see it and airless choice the originally OntoCAT-simple could be many types of wheelchairs the new 1 can only be a manual 1 which serves to further isolate many of the people who can perform such actions
and this could have been avoided if they just consultant some of the disabled people who focus on disability issues in their community and while you're at remember that all of your content is important it's not just about images and market of your written content can harm your users as well I want to say recently looking for ergonomic keyboards I'm reading the content it's looking line and the negative way worse talking about usage and it says no Spain application no it's fiine application we don't know what they
mean would they probably show us how long her saying and that everyone reading out with mental health issue for who cares about that new the person writing it didn't care if they were being insulting no well mean application no logical application no good application on a professional spicy you should not be insulting your users you should not be higher
according to your users in it anyway because you're going to lose some of those users the people who don't care 1 even knew this if the words are there I but the people who do care well because which is accessible for some does not equal accessibility for all some people don't care what you call another group some people do if you do have other accessibility need and go well I I'm not upset by acts that doesn't mean other people on In the name for anything for your styling bold colors with high contrast our great for users with vision and use but if the break or if there are too many big could be bad for
users with the tension is used in both graphics and great free people attention issues were reading issues but they're very hard on someone with vision issues we have so much control over our websites look and feel and their content these days and there's no reason to leave anyone behind with that and you're advocating for accessibility but no 1 at work care sometimes that means you do have to find a middle ground you might have people saying that styling doesn't it for example you might have stakeholders and says that page has
something or doesn't have something or designers who have very accessible design the don't changed were developers who say that making something accessible take too long hours to our see my not
people to have perfect accessibility that you can push for more you can make their as accessible as possible because that's better than thing which is
sadly what a lot of sites how here's 1 really easy when the focus they is an echo line that appears in roman element page indicating that were someone's navigation plates it allows someone say is cited by relying on the keyboard for navigation that amounts
to know where the equivalent of the mouse pointer it normally appears as a degree of blue outline depending on the browser inspiring it is also very easy to remove it's just 1 time and
CSS and some designers really wait removing it but perhaps well browsers handy votes for a reason because people are used to them and they generally work if you need to change the colors of works slightly adjusted the bed that's still better than not having it so in the end while you're
accessibility LPF robably not perfect and even if you tried very very hard you'll probably missed something at least you'll have something you ready for mistakes in this stops being a gracious events pointed out all and don't be discouraged everyone goes through there and indefinitely don't think that just because it will be great accessibility you shouldn't bother and now the
weather or a related related example I work we use switch from an I can't bind asking bright and you can go acid user considered very accessible this we part was an easy way for but 1 of the reason they're accessible at is that you can put accessibility information inside the actual at the G and work on images cold because titles description other content rate
there and you can also put the aria labels that point to the in case the
brother doesn't support that but that's it you include the STG in your work up for and in many cases you want both reusable SPG is mean separate files that you can
include various pages and as he's are placed in an image directory to keep things organized this makes in inlining SCG is including the code as it is in the code of the document a little more difficult and if you put STG intonational image tags the way you would any other image
it loses a lot of its accessibility we decide to go about solving this by making the function that takes the path of a icons and inserts them into a templated from our static directory where we kept images In our templates are we need to do is use that functions a color particular STG and now it's an HTML the page as an actual SPG so we have BSE with its REM labeled by property pointing to the title which also still exist so screen readers can access it instead of compromising on what we want and on on what we do we took a little extra time to think about the problem and the steps necessary to resolve it so I said we'd only do a little bit code and there it is but is anyone wants to discuss details about feel catching
out out around on I'm I'll be practically anywhere on before we wrap up and I also want to go through a few great Walser testing accessibility quickly on your own but you can find these in others linked in my website that you're all be on the next slide add the crown
accessibility Developer Tools is a browser extension that you can use with current falls in gives you accessibility errors and warnings as well as I told you so late the color contrast rates under
which 2 . 0 no copy is another great extension for Chrome it allows you to experience the way people at different visual impairment see webpage which can be anything from cloudy vision to color blindness to things like wielders that can interrupt the view each hectare is a web site you can give a urine or copy and screwed into to have a check your accessibility Bill we've evaluation tool is an extension for a I think other rather that will do that in brown and by me just screen and there is being still the most popular screen in use it's for Windows and you can download a free version of that protesting if only runs for a certain amount high before you technically have to restart your computer so if you can get 0 Windows Virtual Environment running all you have to do is just we start by over and over him to it and the present and by the movement contact information I abandoned linked to resources and fights from my website which is dried the you . 10 and that the stock image sources are after this in the slide deck for anyone you for some reason 1 of those and if you have any questions for me of the in the after this war you can e-mail me at 11 dragon at gmail dot com that's Allison Lindsay and in the shower
my last and just say thank you all for coming in a given query conference then yes and certainly on the right it the
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