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The shy person's guide to tech conferences

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well I as coaches said and this is the Shiite persons guide to detect conferences and this talk is dedicated specifically to those without much conference going experience and or coming from another country maybe English is in your uh 1st language or if you're just starting your developer career I hope the stock is going to offer a few useful things that will encourage you to make the most out of the conference Jennica's specifically and hopefully tech conferences in general From but before I start speaking about the specifics I wanna share way think this topic is important in particularly but to me the so I'm a freelance web developer having doing a Django and contributing also to mess see message Django days a content management system for about 5 years now and I am what you call an introvert RSI person you'll find me usually taking the back seat in conversations listening more than talking and when I 1st heard it was agenda con around 2 years ago I was very excited to be around people who also loved tango because uh as a freelancer I'm from of Salvador Central America I don't know much people who do Django Python or programming really and I were by myself so being around people who are also excited by Django and Python was really excited to me so I was like I came to us in 2 years ago and I was very looking forward to the you know the technical details I wanted to see what the top-notch developers had to say and the and listening to Django core team uh speak and just you know soaking all the text that was happening at the conference but I was surprised when what really stuck with me after that was of the friends that I made and the relationship I build and is a cool people I met the and to me this racist 1 question and that is DEC
conferences what I really about I will say that conferences in general and even Tech focus ones are about people but in the end what we wanna do is to be together with the faults that share the same interest as we do we gather here to share so the same space the shares sometime in just to hang out together and go even further and say that technology itself is about people any technology is only useful if it uh provides value to the pop up in a person's life if it helps us all a problem or if it improves the that the level of our lives in some way so technology only hold value as long it it serves human beings so going back to that 1st conference that 1st Engelken I attended I was of says that on you know checking out the guidebook app and trying to figure out exactly which covers I was going to attend which starts and after this 1 I have to jump to the other room and the real quick but but I want to consider a situation so let's say you are in a hallway just before I talked start and you have a great conversation with a friend or somebody used met um should you drop that conversation well my proposal here is that um you shouldn't you know you can skip some talks in it will be a waste of time it will be a waste of your mind know to be they're not advocating a missing taxa you know the organizers the organiser have made a great job lining up a great set of speakers I believe this is 1 of the years that has had the more proposal so the toxic UNSC here but are going to be the best of the best right so definitely make a your best effort to attend all the talks but if you find that your butt hanging out with somebody you're having a great conversation somewhere AdaBoost feel free to skip that targets remember you can always question later that I think the most important thing is what makes a conference unique you know you can always watch you can always read about the talks online later we cannot tap or hang out with someone as you would in person we know you know video-chat slack you know is not the same as being with somebody in the room right so try to remember that uniqueness principle in favor experiences that cannot be replicated outside of the conference over those that can be read or watch online right but how do we in this principle had a we a really emphasize those things that are unique to a conference well I would say Dr. does the beginning there's a secret conference get you and by that I mean I don't obsess over the minute by minute details of a conference that you can embrace the unexpected and build your ideas get you scale and see the see how we can do that but the 1st thing is you don't have to go to a talker's because you should right it feel sometimes like when you're because data has to that delicate has 2 tracks you always have to decide 1 talk over the other so if you feel that you have to go to a come at a topic because you know that's a topic that's a hot topic in everybody's talking about that and I should go there well if its interests you and you feel you can get the most out of it you should definitely go but even if you have to go along to another top or about what people usually call soft skills stock feel free to go if you feel is going to improve or provide valid you remember we said a technology only serves us in the in a way that it solves a problems from the or improve life in some way so feel free to go to talk so that you're not maybe 2 from with try to avoid those that use rehashed that topics the already very knowledgeable about and maybe start exploring new things and start going out of your comfort zone and learning something new the n the 2nd 1 is that all conferences offer a ton of extracurricular activities and those are in and out of stereo so make sure you check those out as well I don't know if you're aware there's going to be a picnic tonight and we're all invited so I hope you make the time to to be there after all the top Don and just hang out with people so at the park this also volunteering opportunities there is a great way to meet uh speakers and to also meet organizers but you can help at the registration desk you can help being the session chair or the session runner and incoherent shirts gonna share more of that later also most nights people get together in either wrap something to be played games more games for just hang out so make sure you are aware of the
Twitter hashtag this lack channels I just try to go out with people and mingle and explore a CD together and there's also sprints those are the last 2 days of the conference I know not anyone not anybody can state but it's a great way of packing and computing to Django itself or related projects while being together instead of just and submitting issues through did have an e-mail and all that and finally you can also maybe after that this conference you will be encouraged to participate in local near and your CD and you're a at where you live and also related events like being if you're new to Django you can up at is really a gender roles the workshops workshop or it can already more experience and you can coach at 1 and you can also contribute that way reader so and you might be saying well that's that's all well and good but that sounds like the kind of things that extra it's you right like and your occurs with the things that I don't really feel comfortable at with and that's how I felt for the longest time myself but what I wanna talk now is that not everyone is a natural you can build up your own conference person n this also very important to me and and lesson that I that value a lot now is at most of what we know we learn and that sounds very obvious but it also applies to the social and the soft skills department so to speak none of us were born being an accomplice developer ah but we build those skills by reading practicing and sometimes the even failing right so we can do the same but when it comes to non-text skills is not about being somebody you're not is that about being you know trying to phone it in a b a a hypocrite you can learn these skills just as you would any other you know you don't say why not I I was not born knowing Python so I guess I'm never gonna learn it you say I don't know something I'll investigate our it I'll have somebody teach me and I'll learn so you can get also on better at public speaking as social skills and many different things without and betray who you are right so in general try to follow the same steps you will out when you are learning a new text you so for example 1 of the keys to learning is repetition we only get good at things when we repeat them a lot that's basically what experiences so the if you're exposing yourself repeatedly to situations you're not familiar or comfortable with and you will get better at so don't use i've never done that as an excuse to not do something that's how we'll start this we don't you think that we start see them and we progressively get better at then the 2nd point is that failure is OK I think of each mistake you make either you know it and a new tech skill set or your non-text skills think of each mistake as a step in the right spirit experience there's no way to move forward if you're not making mistakes so sometimes you'll venture into a conversation i is going to be awkward right you're going to step in and no akward silence ensues that's fine right something's a conversation won't pay off right you thought where gonna hang out these new people and it really wasn't that great that's fine too and sometimes you might even be embarrassed right and feel out really are out of place but that's all OK that's how that's how we all learn and the 3rd point is you should always ask him there I think of clue you follow in social media or the people that you look forward or up on on a 1 comes to the developers skills now you can also ibid can also find people who can inspire you can you can learn from the in this non-tech department so to speak right there's a lot of resources online now a bunch of people who are willing to mentor even in these aspects as well so in general you will uh feel equipped to navigate this conference in other social situations but with this mind-set that is this is something you can learn this is something that you can eventually master you're intentional about any of you are from ready to put that the time and the working so the OK maybe you in your now filling more equipped to and go out and enjoy the conference in ways that maybe you didn't think about before but I want to push you even for the have you consider speaking at the on it well you might say the speaker me yet you can be you can sagas begin career here and is I know it sounds intimidating but I wanna start by bussing some is related to speaking so I'm gonna present for
speaking is and why I think they're faults the first one is you know all speakers seasoned experts so if you're going to take a stage you better know where gonna talk about and you better be like the leading person in that field well let me remind you that beginners can provide a perspective that experienced users cannot and that is what it feels to be new or something so why not give a talk on learning new technologies where where you're something blocks what were the things that you liked what were the things that call your attention that's all the stuff that we can then we forget as we get better with things so you can provide that another option is maybe you're working in a field of this very new or that not many people know so you should you can also share that experience as a you know a busy don't know what I'm doing but here's what I found and maybe even in find somebody else who share that or to build that thing you're doing with you the the 2nd 1 is shy people you know never give talks like that's the thing for the extra that's a thing for the religious law the spotlight on them right I'll never got microphone by myself n again as we learned before you can learn to navigate this situation and public speaking is a skill that you can build that you can master and the can be intentional about so again you can start learning you can start practicing lighting talks what a great way to start because you'll have 5 minutes 2 % a very defined in very small scope of topic then this the 3rd 1 is only technical talks are worthwhile you might be thinking yeah I don't have like that much data might try to have that that enough knowledge you presented technical topic but remember as we said before will 1st of all I mean the starts pretty useless because it's not technical and but remember that we were saying that tag is only available to us if it provides value in itself uh itself the problem or prefer life in some way so if you have a story of How taking the most maybe or related weight as improve your life or the life of a group you care about your friends your family and organization you work with I think that's something valuable that can be shared and that people will find useful because remember we all people in the and we're not just engineers or developers we have many other interests and you can always contribute to that by giving a talk in non-technical that topic and the last 1 is and nobody wants to to hear my story or my experience right you might think that the you know I don't have nothing and have anything special to share but I would I would say that nobody wants to hear generic stuff or the same things that we all heard I think we can all offer a unique perspective you can offer a unique perspective on a lot of things really you have a unique experience personality education cultural background friends and passive as it make your life different from anyone else's right so you can share that and it's going to be your target and to be your thing can like how this was my journey from seeing conferences in the very DEC only way to making it you know 1 of the best things that happen every year to me so now maybe you wanna use you're starting to feel interested in being a speaker but how do you even start you might say well in the what to say department and so only in how you shouldn't just give a talk or at the top because you should be there you shouldn't give a topic is you should like you maybe you feel I know about this topic so I guess since is what I know is what I should share but in reality you should probably talk about something you're passionate about something that you are are you feel strongly about instead of just something that you know something that you have in your knowledge to me even if and even if you're not the most knowledgeable in topic I can I think you can always sure about that and the 2nd thing is how you can say that while the when actually comes to putting the war to the in in paper focus on providing urinators princess again because if you're just going to say something that we can find any article line it's very general advice then is not then there's no difference in you giving a talk over any other person so try to imprint talks with what makes you you what makes you a unique unique journey to the whatever topic you are sharing so we cover a lot today but I just want to review together when we use when the
so going back to the beginning I would say to make the most out of a of the conference of focus on the unique experiences that you cannot get online fight embrace everything that makes a conference unique everything that is unique about being together with people here that you cannot get a by Internet later then take part of all the non top conference cities as we said you know a sprints volunteer opportunities is hanging out with people after the the the talks I tried to make an effort to participate in all that and then thirdly be intentional in building your uh your social skills you this is something you can learn you can master see the asset and other like during a new programming language or promote anything you can get better at and finally try out your hand of public speaking and again I think lighting talks are going to be a great opportunity you haven't considered aligning talk I encourage you to do so and to submit your your idea and then just 5 minutes of the mike and share with everyone what you've been doing so they were gonna skip this 1 and I just wanna
say as my public commitment to everyone here but if you see around say hello you know and we can talk about a bunch of stuff I like to talk about text what you like a week of what you like Django I'd like to talk about dogs they have a Dolly and I like to share my dog started with you and your dog 3rd me is this funny phonatory duck pictures and stories we can talk about the solid or that's where I come from and talk about where you come from house life at home for you and we can talk about video games are like that too travel we can talk about faith and spirituality or whatever makes you passionate whatever your passion about and anything you want you seem around feel free to say hello I'll be more than happy to Have a great conversation with you and make new friends so that's all from me and thank you very much and I hope you have a great conference and all the pictures you saw where actual pictures from last year's conference so thanks few yeah so use the asked about I heard about
the pacman method when talking in a group and yeah it about that a few weeks ago by my theory holster and he says and I think is a great advice if you're talking in a circle don't close the circle try to leave you know 1 or 2 people spaces open they can from above it can look like a pac man you know because like a pilot that flies cut out so always when you're getting circles readily space open because that invites people to come in and participate in the conversation there the removal of a few churlish so P
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