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Decision Support Systems (27.01.2011)
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In this course, we examine the aspects regarding building maintaining and operating data warehouses as well as give an insight to the main knowledge discovery techniques. The course deals with basic issues like storage of the data, execution of the analytical queries and data mining procedures. Course will be tought completly in English. The general structure of the course is: Typical dw use case scenarios Basic architecture of dw Data modelling on a conceptual, logical and physical level Multidimensional E/R modelling Cubes, dimensions, measures Query processing, OLAP queries (OLAP vs OLTP), roll-up, drill down, slice, dice, pivot MOLAP, ROLAP, HOLAP SQL99 OLAP operators, MDX Snowflake, star and starflake schemas for relational storage Multimedia physical storage (linearization) DW Indexing as search optimization mean: R-Trees, UB-Trees, Bitmap indexes Other optimization procedures: data partitioning, star join optimization, materialized views ETL Association rule mining, sequence patterns, time series Classification: Decision trees, naive Bayes classifications, SVM Cluster analysis: K-means, hierarchical clustering, aglomerative clustering, outlier analysis
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OK so it begins Hillary everyone The day about it when the time so I'm distinctive together Michael faced cell with discussed last week about costing with discussed the ball that was going here we were introduced to the means and then we discussed volatility local studying the bottom up of soda should and that the Obama rugby Clustering and and pulled down with devices then with introduced the solution for high N-dimensional costing seems we were talking about the houses which said we have a lot of high dimension of the dock and the solution for that was the outpouring this week with discuss about decisions board Systems so what comes on top of of the about where housing and Data mining and after introducing decisions board systems will discuss about typical applications 0 which the quiet decisions for systems and that would be my getting world and supply chain management
Let's start with the market leader with the decisions for systems of cost the key to compute his decision making and what these decision making its actually in the process of making choices
It's no more than the sight and what do what what and the auction you choose over the at the start of of cost to the public would have to have a problem in order to make a decision a book on what you're going to go so far as to unwilling to assess the problem with this is a phase of collecting information Studying gave identifying the possible options to have analyzing those options may be looking to those of a consequences those options would have so if you if you build it they will be decided on the 1st options these would have some consequences of Onuora of company after anticipating this consequences then you make your choice based on the information they do not have antidoping This is the best solution for me and my choice and then after the implementing destroys still have told about home my decision by Campbell based on a plane face an on going face which studies how well the might decision that not all of them did my decision not to be It's very important to evaluate your decision and the morning because it can be vigilant come up with the same decisions later on but now we have a different expertise during the made some singular decisions and you already know what happened with the choice of made so amount including phase and site
Hollow this season's localize soloist offered the decision problem and ahead of the UK the of closer oversimplified the problem and the said OK we have 5 0 5 0 0 or options different options and way he is to find the option that that best satisfied the world's to define my clothes and then I'd have to to make the choice over balls options 1 solution would be to abandon the options according to the the world's so denied fine my good function by police different options that the head of ranking and the 1st 1 is my districts by implemented then Iain realise what happened again also justify myself against the other day walking down my ranking this is what came up this is my goal function and then to perform some kind of Monte poring over but that's 1st discuss what kind of this season's of from so you can have them easy decisions some of the big bad decisions up the difficult more complex procedure you can have a onetime decisions this was the killing decisions of cost 1 that decisions may be more complex than the prior information that was including implemented decisions you actually have some information about this which is decision them time you would have done some experiments will be chosen another options and scenes of this when 1 stage of sequential
What does a sequence of sequential road decision no means that to me is that once it decided that the only option the seeds of a new decisions cascading stuff Classico example would be your going pulled you want all punish opaque have to decide the point where you're going to open a show you have been put aside what kind of car that you were to say the complete spectrum for about only part of it and so on public should are much higher which should be the for another important factor which devices diversifies decisions is so if it's a single objective or multipole objectives and actually most of the decisions have multiple objectives sometimes objectives that goal for the 2 of quadtree to each other so we want to minimize costs of the same time you want all the more so if you did those personnel and you have problems in keeping your quality stuff like that then you have operation of this season's every is decisions have tactical decisions and strategic decisions when we speak about decision so for systems we discuss complex decision what the complex decisions well 1 of them that the most important part of swine discussing about complexity Asians is the number 1 of you not done any other senior decisions so this is a clue to the new situation you have no paranoid about what would happen if you choose auction 1 over auction for the 2nd is unclear you know some of the information you need to make a decision but you don't know everything the information might be the England and the odds were long but I could help before complexity over the the bosses of decision making uncertainty 1 Classico example is the market you don't know what would have won with a month and next year I want to enjoy the wanted beside the point to decide the point the experience to have had last year on voting the 5 ideas with among the but you don't know that the financial crisis would come and see me make everything bad for you so it is up outside events which account the sounds more complexity the conflicting objectives also are the look embrace it your food decision
The such convicting of the objectives of the maximising your economic benefit this was minimising the cost it shows like your to minimize cost you want them optimized brought but during use with staff during the scene quality your customers are not had been the more you rules customers was more or less how can such talk animate such decisions Another it is how important the point sequences of your decision this can be a bankruptcy if you have a big decisions like on all for example expanding somewhere and the business is better than no which can be pulled important point Sequenzas for for a business of was research is playing for the following it comes tool for this season so I of this decision to impose of results it is the end of cost base possibilities predicted that up to complexity
However decision also look like well of costs were ever Computer Science guys so it depends on who is making the decisions you for speaking about humans or computers speaking about human still we've study based in decision sciences and there are actually 2 types for decision scientists them are not the ones which look decision making as a must problems you know all the information you just have to pick the best option popular Game pilloried for falls into this kind of the way decision pilloried Petitti during you can created power over humans function of bit different emotions can come into place or many times the you have to avoid this season and a well on the paper this decision looks great how and when my that this week it's not like it's the other way so few months at the current the them out for their feelings and these big Bogdanow decision making across from this vision movies and there was a science go which is called the distinctive decision science and it does so with what it actually does a studies deposits of decision making in humans to understand how this process actually takes part Wenchuan side are making decisions but it was only the sciences and social science and the cost them the as the decision support so the said both close we want another little support decision Sciences well
Decisions can be difficult for people of exactly because we have to take the maker of complex decisions and why and of then had decision makers make decisions this is exactly the problem decisions for price for and the idea is to provide the sort of methods and tools for supporting people making complex decisions is quite easy I'm just going to support the process so that decisions for board can be regarded as having an operation of component
This means the mathematical more which hide behind my decision So how actually does my global function like public estimate my options in the car with the other Decision on highly which underlies is the process of making decisions in humans and says well I'm not going to walk expect from the best decision I am going to satisfy myself with just a good enough so best for decision we have to to take into account that the time is also affect so I'm not going to wait for my life to have all the information and Load willing to wait for pilot every day powerhouse icon and then make my decision so of best enough 1 that would be enough 1 is sometimes better than the best decision when you take time also into consideration and then decisions but systems Is about we will actually speak about being which actually daylight anyone information systems and provide decisions for for the decision
OK so this is a superb systems are actually computer based information systems providing support for decision making The typical British 6 for such a systems of that incorporated data and more Will not be thought with hand though that would be powerhouse and the stories of the day what the public with discussed the big about regression on my sister this more this is exactly what want about what though this is a superb systems of inquiry models that described state of which allow me me to perform predictions over new they and his team made what will happen so Picon based my decisions on those moments decisions about systems have posted and not the place the managerial judgement so is not kind of like I've implemented the decision will system or have bought it for a while but they were found and those now leave it running and though it does the decisions by itself This doesn't work it found needed to do something like this for complexity sessions have to be in with a lot of uncertainty so you can't just leave 1 algorithms said OK discussed the decisions taken by can relax layback and everything assault And the objective for decision so Systems is to improve the quality and the effectiveness I'd don't care about the efficiency of its not will helped me make Foster decisions will to make better decisions more important decisions have long only information 19 by make my predictions over the next year's and then I'd blog but the again make of at the Joyce It's not that I'm doing the fast We can also differentiate between different types of decisions for instance so democracy go out for a the don't
This emphasises the might of the manipulation of the and with the opening data mining about my must get them Iles's 4 times see those kind of analysis from large amounts of data This kind of originally the hide behind data driven decisions for system and other solution would be welcome and The idea here is that you have the knowledge and the electronic global command and then you have to to provide functionality for something like information something like slowed so changes in your company cloning with BigNetSim antiques or similar technologies for the ball commenced but expect that not only to the track to need for your decision not This is very soon to explode so explode Systems provide solutions tool the problems based on some of those that have been built in a training base of another solution is the model the as I've said you can accept most made up to make predictions for grow that Univeristy you would like to offer and those are usually statistical of financial among those which can had before simulations 2
The typical technologies decisions superb Systems July 1 of the by mining the about where housing up and other additional of approaches you can probably remember we have approached the stalled so this is where we are also talking to the about decisions for the city's what they stand for and what they have
Doing so they die mind where spoken about Association or might them out must Univeristy completely built of the spoken about sickness but that time cities Since then tamoxifen remember not with spoken about culpability models with aggression on of about classifying or costing days or this kind of place where you speak about decisions for want to do this is that intelligence would that be
The die housing is underlying technology for that sort of thing analogy for storing the date of existing fast enough for aggregating the top and that the Super Bowl and the people processes The traditional approaches and my uudecode medals and a super typical on for example what the world will seeking What the is the because the Nairobi what the file plans but not unusual pimp Hollywood then might say useful polite Huygens move some fun at the 2nd table in various is because I'm out the seedy where have which all this is might be the same for waggled by the bus minus 10 per cent and then Agassi what kind of effect such a decision would have appointed my business
The main abilities Systems should support for what they should support the problem solving faces these means debating the intelligence thought I'd have a problem and book system formation that helps me so called by Campbell the seemed the giving of intelligence for the end of the Senate identify my options you can make a choice if you don't have any options So you have to look What can enable to solve this problem well again this auction for this auction for this option A heavy blow extensively and analyze those options to see if they help and how they help but you might want to and how they affect my business and then made the choice for the post as doesn't stop you I'd go implemented so any support for the cause And then need to 94 and get feedback from no Hollywood the choice was for further choices down It also has to be able to deal with decisions which have different types of frequencies so we spoken about different types of frequencies 1 would have uphold decisions like for example where would be shops and this could come every ideas also or maybe Dania's or maybe never Still have disappoint something like this would have to support the state ditional decisions that this is something which comes up pretty or plan in mind from my company like for example 1 have my prefered to what about should by investing to screen to for her the scene is a week on this public of saving of different cost
For most of us of the 1 told come back at the start of the some of the things decision support systems need to be able to pull out will handle different problems such sold 1 can have a highly start problem
This is the easy case you know all the facts and not of the standard relationship with each other So you can make code of maybe that decisions power but they also say maximise structure of their that things that you don't know what did you notice that the probability of a bid battle going to be like this this has book on so we have to input weight on the fact that you think you know Typical of solutions when had to put the bigger problems for without a win and the personnel so which were essential that which for issued by higher which Boston's by put a judge for the area and so on the same day my such decisions have to be disappointed by the decision of costly and the different types of decisions operation will be a decisions which have a high frequency every day but the 11 sold this goes into planning what my plan and budgeting for the Shia for next year and strategic of the spends over tens of the cost study died of bird decisions on going to we made every day you'll know all but 1 of the year if the leaders of the 3 year so the frequency also override ice the superb system has to be flexible enough to be caught with recent book on the to classical picture for such a systems sold
It is expected the underlying data for says that they don't where Bent Have they got lost for a vote for decision so board the city's where Over the top about my scenarios might tests my on Iles's useful beast or what kind of data from the powerhouse used so I'm not knowing modifying king and the powerhouse what they need in the database for those systems and I'm no different she and taking what I'm doing but and them savings mice and Heaven knows it up with a model safety with the improved more books that maybe can be can be stood here this level but they operate led by 1 out in the engine which works on the state of and is a world for make some predictions but Western made those options we take and they see and seeing the graphical users in the face of its discussed each of these components so we start with the database management the database management subsystem and what you see here is all the data that accompany has and she is that
Picks up transport group this is loaded into a powerhouse and this is the basis for of the decisions to for system their decisions about systems handles the personnel and the on off the should be done so that users can experiment they can find options and only so options find their solution would make their peak so it's a bit of a is where the users find the right deal for their own judgement and find auctions like us and books is the best description of the state of the of cost this tracks all the data weakened the decisions for systems to be corporations like the 1 to the their formation and updated the 1 to beat them so so classical database for operations have to be hammered here
The move management part will no moral management but is more laid base This can handle the model of spectacle operation of It depends where the smoke came from Ben which date of the next move was this regarding the segmentation of my mind part the custom of the division looks like about the Iwamoto by rectory which actually Devizes model based on the work was for example study T close Depakote examples for the capital budgeting impact on our these then I'd have have some tactical models the promotions for example the mighty the lowest those of tactical more than of the day to day models that Scheduling inventory and quality control and the and of the management and 1 in which would allow the creation of the Asian deviation of 4 of the condition of of the novel The main difference and the author of mobile manager has to be to create a model or to use the existing although still meant that there were so it allows for the use of the money paid the models
Typical examples are more dimensions some of what I finally cities and was seeking to use the idea would go seeking Iles's is that want for example pulled increase my say so that might go and then have different options like for example open shoppe may be higher sales people may be introduced advertising by some other means may be opened and an alleged then have to introduce by Ahmed for each of this options and then analysed the fake and which might goal to 1 of these options and I sold on which is the better for this is the ball seeking of cross the management buyout and were into management storey run different more those query up the and the United ego engined well it's not but it is not good introduced in every decisions for or systems and its so called of advance components all its for maybe more advanced decision systems and the provides the expertise its there for Solving more complex decisions usually on structure for same structure 1 because it example use you have an expat taste and so not here is the place where you can find all up engines the mining breaks systems so that the level and the cost the user in the face as expected but has to be interactive direction is ready for the fact since you need all of them apart from the use of it has to be into the context of where so we during the marketing department name for the 18th direction road visiting the phase should be a way out of the ghost of customisable of cost and go up to a week as computer science of students should not forget is that the information is the system for the decision so they actually don't care what happens behind the user interface what Templeton Tuesday the user interface allows the function that the other systems underlying beaches and in the face Campbell water for this was that the snow Introduction about what actually did decisions for systems are and the lowest look a bit about the Applications what can we believe this underlying technology to discuss during his lectures saw the 1st publication and willing to discuss about his mind
What amounted well it has a high level of complexity it has multiple objectives it has countless off 4 of them out of action sold by of choices are both options and the data of the by of for making my choice is usually huge its this says that they believe in and I thought well that's huge of data by a vote of options so that the complex decisions
OK in order to which this migrating intelligence people picks up to discuss the codenamed variation among picking and sales management will start with the Relational not getting the idea and in relation of my 15 is to design and maintain strangulation with the cost of house enabled the Hopkins the decisions for system Coconate have pulled to off on this stacks test high have spoken about the if not so 1 rustico example is that a can perform might get segmentation hiking user classified like news may be cost 30 came the final hole comedy might give segments the Mokadem time activating has been title Clusters the clients include the classical example assurance companies they want pulled off from said might get segmentation to identify the most profitable booked why they but probably won't across sales were up sailed into that the group another possible solution is for them for service providers the 1 for example identified the clients most whom willing to the Competition so that there will include announced my business how can we duties
1 simply example would be singles part optimized iconic expect that clients that there might support line and say and complain about my services would go including a feature of the competition by of the training data again and are less concede that 98 per cent of the customers complaining about my psoriasis went to some of the company slogan priority have highest probability customers of joining the items from my decisions with what can do with those customers Tokyo might keep them for my business because they are going to fight that this is 1 solution grasp optimized simple example so what is it really is not my getting so important for businesses some studies thinks has shown that it costs 5 5 times as much to attract new customers by the end to keep the ones that we have satisfied like it simple advertising cost of money so it would be simpler pulled reduced the budget for ever the way placing and keep the customers either have had a 5 per cent improvement in the customer retains should can close of 25 up to 85 per cent increase simple but were appointed the beating of cost is depends on the industry sold you can really see the team pulled in their relationship with their customers can be fooled by the prospect 1 9 part is that it is easy to deliver additional pulled up the should developed a new line of for the full of customer viewable already sold something that will cost more than the cost Louise be sceptical and until came interesting about that we see while the competition offers and then I'll see this is a clear case for example early in the book are not usually the clients that have more to say than brand with the 1st goal to a same Brennan said it was happy with a point of what's new in what other collected and then maybe will comparative with the competition
OK so what kind of choices like what can a modified indication among the invasion and with the addition with the cost of cost like a modified for example the city across like an open and shops on online 1 example again beside the point the distribution channels again intimate being a great this division general for information not so great for other stuff by Campbell something about the poor about the time or 14 can also for services addicted to for example choices about my get segment had to know what I'm up it looks like what kind of customers like ahead but that they are the peak of the British stakes in order to offer a smile the pensions and the cost the price the most important factor pricewise issue price useful high and doesn't just want to reality we have a big problem
Pricing prosaic is a very MP for the effect of 1 billion with decision making can 1 implementation amount getting well we have techniques love life but the medical nation for machine learning we can build most based on the data where house sold I'm prefer Remedios all no operation outside of the company by Bill might be a powerhouse from a taste of the marketing of the Seas usually with say they don't really aggregated says data and and cost them what they thought was something specific for marketing and then I'd go on my business regions where these means that upgrades so on a medical queries fancies figurations classification segmentations and pencil based on this again decidable not getting companies in different area was basing different from of causate Tuesdays based on my goal function want or demise some of this is the basic structural Fault foliation marketing can be ample with the technology we have used so everything starts with the exploitation of the available data and willing to use an old example with given she the payback systems are many issues to use his baby system of well with this kind of data with the Dow mining running on you can identify Munkacsi that they will not stick of practical examples from the before the industry who 1 pulled off the campaign for by all about for you are going to take over the top with their pay back out of collective the baby out and tribal classified audio clients based on which will she by by local about or not
Classical decision to call up and say you have the press busy called on those who usually baby loading sold are much the or does he on or you can may be before predictions 1 0 much is based on how much you spend it's about it predictions And then you let the decision to run on bass and you find out for example that people leaving in Brown tried in the East Side I have no concerns about what the compared to the others well maybe they have a a high quality higher income for the can buy also about which program more expensive used decision to use your devilish was clients are interested in in something like this and then you can promotion symbols area in the sequel to the by 1 of the interested in other areas to interested in that area so then what you basically world is close the information You identify the statement Which uninterested in you plan the action the promotion based on only 2 1 and then you prefer This promotion So it's not just good but complicated let's see what this can be useful links the some statistics some genital statistics about customer relations I've found this information in in papers cigarette the customer relationship management and their from extremely interesting that a business from 98 per cent of his time hit the custom so don't get anything for that you get out there on the market people may be by but they don't read the papers or on the hour
91 per cent of those We John never comebacks to most of you lost does for those clients and you never see them again even if you build and that the pub you lost amounted to what's worse is that from those people which are not satisfied about the the pivotal 9 to 10 other people so bad news tablets fast Every positive expediency is don't believe folic 5 people so half as much and was also an interesting from is that for every complained so for every negative feedback you get the also on every statistics other customers having the same problem they want to be married on even point of data a more but the problem is still there And you don't even know what from the clients 52 feedback 70 per cent was still do business which you again if you saw the complaint complaints so if they feel they killed done something to help them to they into the and 95 so it will go up to 95 you should ladette that cost is clear why you react to let them get them to for the feedback on the other side of the breast and of the complaints are usually was also abusers they either have 4 6 occasions
Or they just don't understand how to use the power about this cost you might of costs but Solving those complaints painted the you keep your plants What was really surprising to other find out is actually a complaint is treating the industry has been better than no complained that the world is that debate negative feedback and then to be able to solve the problem Fast them getting off because of the close those clients which complain If you saw the problem yet more oil to pull of the companies they say came the company kissable full they will buy for their products
OK let's be go about discussed the muddy Asia she from point of the assessed those tools which can have to perform customers relationship management the before taking and I'm Iles's coffee to customers for taste the references the activities what kind of tastes in what kind of complaints the discussed my have The because vendor about more code of see below sales for a and blogs Microsoft dynamics and some of those that are also open source close for this opened them so extreme and sugar singer and because loosens for customers decency management this is a typical alone in the face for not accept their mess when it comes to being in a call centre with the cost so when you code of the cost and the and complain about your about have a question if you want to about homeland then on the other side of the line the department can cheque what you do previously see what was your complaint and soul and imagine that he should not for example for a son of the house for me and I could find a new of someone from Sunday Higham from the beginning of department of the company or Piombo full board of American plan for your you don't want to speak to the takeover of is OK who do please disturb the cost for the order ticket for its by the end of the world a supply you wanted to go to help with the key accompanied didn't say how he'd housed away but please send me the picnic over to saw my bed
So when they use customers relationship management the David sequel you are high much about them What your relationship with the company and they will treat you such but they aspects of far Classico customer relationship systems are the or Paretian sold day to day basis vocal about the when the of these alterations spread among different departments and highly will discuss each of the chocolate sauce and we discuss about alteration of customer relationship Management the sexually is the from offers of the of the business when it comes to decline and what this actually helps with his disturbing action that the user of the client has with the company saw its bonus conduct history 47 from the company of personal computers is a complaint I've had and so on and difficult problem companies suffer from is when you call it the new code so will think I've had this problem with my head in the mid provider is great below
You have some issues like I've had with provide for for example my mind that was going on and off in the 2 3 hours or so of cold that they make and then I have a problem with this is my problem and number get caught slice my called they said the island's can you the several days This can be ruled that and then they said everything should be fine now we found the minor led its is great its a ability to this the same problems of the day he could have a problem with my on what means my name was the number of your use of the given on why not that the scalability this please Branscome ideas of the view that this divisible and this status of the the from within legal where well you might have thought that problem beneath the didn't solve the problem you might have been defeated but Alonso absconded looking it and so did the same for all of them again to discuss above the 1st options them the 2nd set and then they said Well items I'd untrampled close to do with the Iwunda when ICI my name or my client I'd be seeded the tried this tried that it didn't go on this is what customers relationship management is all about and the money should be with different people from the pinnacle department it still the still able to take evolution and they still unable to help to without being annoying the same thing can happen for all the other stuff that the customer dishes should management has to cover is the quality of what you can imagine that the company is pretty big and has different departments Prior to that was the way that the future will be issued to all of that the coffin machine And that they had identified the giving the company so because this is on paper and the time to be sold But and they have our own The promotion and they offer some who points in the books of the coffee machine was the expensive to and if you feel that the and we really need and what kind of coffee like they have a coffee and and the world of styles of coffee and a bloody Zurich even come so they paid staff from the December for a big who have stayed in the game that you get the 50 world discount new and expertise is on coffee that his on great Ifill that in a sense it back and the 2 weeks later again in my mind I my books and From the company this congratulates me on my great choice of the compromise scheme needs to be somdomite very nice and also of the people injured the coffee they've said because there the order of the consequences in the review of the 50 euros only there was a baggage and snowmelt about the picket waiting for me at the cost of office or something like so iCall that makes the and say I've got to a letter from Samuel but not cut corners might and they say Well lower the muckraking department we congratulate you but we don't back to same she so Iwu convicted devices department demise of icepick to say as a city at the coffee machine and highly the for ICI into 2 weeks later a given all paid on the day of the coffee they say Well under anything about it because I didn't buy the was a promotion probably shipping miles along with us where the safe days later tomorrow sooner café is their with my big name escaping incomes and there was me and that this was not always in the back and the and then I'd rather high cumbia this was mobile because I'd received the emblem of the banking industry only as we have we have to to defend the databases so we are separated probably they understand what to Britain and the rest of the month at the points in do the congratulations but the with standard somewhere else because we couldn't figure who right so the head of the independent Data Systems and they could only get used to each other so now I'm waiting that after the next over with all of that the state and the world have been made for this so if you use some kind of a softer solution Cambodia's and department should be able to reach for information OK and members are not because the but that because we've got a good marketing the public and him prefer it accommodations based on the customer a position The cost setting up salient for attention the by their heads the analyze the behaviour of the customers that allows me to perform decision making based on sold for example for the pricing for a new play about the development and with the 2nd perform for example financial for costs or customer profitability began holidays And the cost of worried customer defections taken avoid losing customers glitzy while those terms actually mean interim over the lifetime of the custom sold it actually begins
With advertising use that advertising so we will employ Lostpedia found what that what is actually a good times you book the these although something like this and you say to the custom company had the best of the company by a for me this is what happens she had this costs mining until the precision This is the moment when the cost of I've spent money on advertising 1 becomes my cost from this moment on ice recuperating the money I've spent of cause 2nd try difference strategies like cost saving a conceded for example the posting is either on all may be Weidler but he buys will figure the of time wine again try to perform saying and sales scheme more also cheese the market Muscatello or a try some of saying and said he tried to say him more expensive wine high quality By can also put him called the promotion of prices since he has been with me for a long time so worried he going away and then agony but and composes strategies unchelated came to make perfect for me for my company of cost base and sometimes when he had a close to the competition 4 of them in the eyes of the Solar discussed above cost saying what saving the idea used also additional would or more expensive codes for services to the tension actually means to keep the customer said this fight to keep him in the world you business because of cost the advantages of something like this is that satisfied customers is less price says if he's happy we don't company and your out that it back to its 2 per cent more expensive than the competition with all these guys Babel would join the board of several sold list price sensitive there are more likely to talk in favour of today commendable some of their friends or people you know and they remain Royal the Apollo attempt your company for for a long time to enjoy the car and go so the competition either because she doesn't like the way you do business or from a bit of the world she just interrupts the creation he has we read business due to the nature of reasons moves away but he just dissatisfied
And they have every right to be a great example for Ohio much damage dissatisfied plan scandal code is that she is a musician and she travelled Hughes through with airlines somewhere and the highly while getting the transfer he said that the guys moving their luggage broke his could the and that what he did is he compiled a song about the and the song was seen by then million people that usually where text died
You don't get out there and her looks all see each should full
P So he got to see that sulcis something for the people who is used the for work this is the route that the are of the route for a poor worked for a long time in the team and I did say that he time and what came from a well and he she
The group said firm that are that I am thought I would you take and and a v her users from his head he pays a a 100 of would be a huge in in the head hostages in the world of the high cost of the new
This should be good you move and they are now of the power of the press had a high based on each should just all of the of will from the house as we were not at their house in the city while rock and the and the very old and in the end he had to do with the ball loses world who were sold for a world where the and
So when United and said he had like 50 thousand whose yesterday he had almost immediately this have this this kind of help tonight though affecting their business case
We should take the immediate break now sell them after for will continue OK let's get context says that manager and a good judgement that indicated that this was mentioned it should be about and a desperate attempt to answer because no reaction on the 1st management is 1 of the high baroque which pub walk and a half times of the substituted but nobody redefined that in straight away and and and the power of customer relationship Management but during the year and that the charges could sell 1st management is about the Nanjing that on the sales follows actually it just you the House with sales of acquiring new customers and the stuff that I think we should go hand in hand for the last autumn she was through the difference between the management of resolution is also depends on which company want him you could say it's about a quiet and customs and June you agents to affect the attack as a potential new customers to the terms of such a good example of from says management is that you actually have a banque account and Manuel Cup bakestone and you will come to spend your money and you to do and went on to call a couple of days later the banque questions and try to sell you a credit typically customers that management so that system which and rises that your pension system contacts says agent of the banque which is in the district and that it would require you directly to the Afghan and the order of the different to appetisingly just go the commercial and everybody who and not just in the distance and the focus to attack the potential customers and efficient way But also the appointment of the 1st management out on the management to which are few arrogant is tough with access and are out of work which potential customers acquiring needs to be is a potential customers and in the language of acquiring the who might be will potentially customer for you and at the time and you stuff like a large amount of colour and the rest of the concert was a plaque not at the stage where you end up in the the 1st management systems the future of the telephone numbers of people who are interested in something special so that the company can contacts and by the end of them all and then post office and the legs and the system was management is all this new for the 2 0 Stefan like Facebook and all related and everybody that his wife is Facebook's of talking the rich and that has a very very very very using and the cost of book possesses a lot of information on Facebook you know every and his interest but he's doing what he is going to spend money on what we do in his free time and data you able to do that focused advertising focused a management and if you want to extract the and 2 other companies right now available to do that nobody knows that I would not have allowed in the Royal moment but in the future its plan to make operations of the company and to accept the excess that the and context of directly to people dependent on the interest of the party to a Lib said 1st management is not large body of a few billion in sales 1st of management system than your cost like with here feet he is on 1st 1 is designed for deciding on what kind of system you want and what it was to be more which signed off are information should go inside and said it planned systems are especially assigning people throughout the as a of signing agents throughout area like the area and office of things up and running after evaluated between principle that are his sorted
But okiya under the sun sense of management system is time depending on the opposition structure of whom you have to determine what kind of a structure you have named after system files that on the face of such a system the importance to the side of the size and a classic of the of the Omagh bomb was intended a which has seen some of that and we can keep the companies selling everything from clothes to every places of that and the fact management came up on selling stuff was the only a person should not be at the age in which to and from calm Centre Court people were found out that and some of it at the time time toiletries with a very very important factor so rich countries to you have whose responsible for which character and which Mokadem strategy to in each case because the her might be very very different than the stuff and it is probably a very different assigning stuffing confirmed that in the Massachusetts in Australia or New Japan difference that if he said that a different times and requirements you have and you can different people and the process
And then to sign a new status of processors on June after and about which he viewed as a danger to reorganise European Tour about people and their responsibilities how you ominous to people and finding out that the more fish on a typically off approach to that of the Heineken Cup but some kind of a guy who some kind of the most experienced man and he has 1 of a new law of the land and in hands of some specialized in 1 on the area of the wise men specialized into different products from 1 of those present were found to ensure that the length of time short term the House that the generally regions The up that all pro-death committee has to offer and a specialized in people in and around the response of the US and Germany 1 from the other drunk and and the decision after take off from the land start in the area my presses oriented says OMX cost OK next from his after designed and that is so common industry actually hundreds of repeat on the other side to other companies whose assistants that can be opened and on which the Tories have to be used for some of which side and whose responsible for that there was still during the and and on providing processes for different from the rest of the business and often have them conflicting into the surrounding the should try to be a cost efficient and to the point of consultation and you have invested in a game that might be better for off the efficiency of fuel at the pumps and you said that you might load of customers who actually prefered human contact something rather than which goes wrong and which has to be completed a on Thursday tests on announcement that also used to be a very important topic and more traditional businesses on its own the employment non intended a which companies and other factors on part on the front of the event
When trying to sort of that and you have fewer out my eyes regions and usually agents kept them based on the success of the England of of the most again and and you just want to everybody size the this is a number of people that using broke off for example the guy who gets women who are less than the that has used pretty good news a guy who gets me out of the game that much of the 1st hour he up from 2 thousand Euro possibilities and your chances and that area and you have far which can be talked of as the Communist that the group which can pay out of the game and that's the requirements demands officials are and for the 2nd out of the ring and out of statistics and that from now on I mixture data which is in part of the new company is a big the degradation problem of and and that of whom it was management and even later and the supply chain management which will be the next big that you have to aggregate of data and that the reason and and the lecture because it's about a cricketing data and other of companies have been the premises so you have data from their customers relationship part of a company that people and is complaints to have a soul of the party and advertising the department the product development apartment and that the resources of and system like that we have to go to so that you can read and critic different and it is different strategies
The half hour to supply and fit and you have to assign croissant to my sauces minds 1 1 like he the campaign's or word and the rest of is like agents from different and it is true different type who are and try to project was in the trophy strategies and the Justice assignment 1 of the most profitable queue and of this might be tricky if you don't have some information so especially important nothing sent by Michael statements and product which could take man has the tree crimes which can be fulfilled the trophy products as except in which it you register and you agents and community called for them a to the point of entry justice and and and if you do correct and a half the high decree success and if you screw up so that he had brought in a new hated the all remembers American or behind the couple few Segovia at every shot that kind of thing and a cities by and enjoy what Runtime that can be of study of them piling up and that was the mood of the banque that was a good idea to start with the well just collects such as people the hot and interested this computer surges distributed to everybody was running away from the house and the garden and the cost from the detected and separate causes of time but it was not right to pay for the grid Rupert is just spent and some them might for her annual of this wonderful spending which end up in the post books and the only probably occupant of the house by the I'm good or the and some which can be download of people actually buying or the giant because if the and now that it would spend their own money to make the and estimates that the they could have Munich person as well not to be a good time between them as they can and change and time to the right field means that the fungi and place in a product to of the customers who really appreciate
Under the plan must be returned to process Optimization and have only process the Chiu acute in essence and how good they really are and you don't load of information and metrics so that you can see Hawks's successfully you are and what they around the country the cost of measures except in some kind of metrics which are usually made up of data which are distributed among the it was in the company and hopefully at the end of a new data well and from you can extract them and computed of indicated before Message NYTimes sufficient to become the and and the need for further interest the lives in the Commons since symplectic can manage which you can make them in the and mentioned a ban on public consciousness contract claims but what for that and that patients to an elementary and which you can this University life or a on the quality of lectures can be measured in the percentage of people passing took off and the user tricks like that might be the end of this month to the brands that so you might think that you metric capture caches something that quality or Efficiency or effectiveness would you that you can do it credit of damaged by ruins of the Roman tricks and given too much of the plot and the action just some Gombrich of thought to be behind the scenes but also making and practices
There was just after the hour actresses who wanted to get across to the public of the customer relationship management during over the thinking again like as accelerate that we should have the riches open source of quite good at the house actually does and that in the the world But you know that you are disappointment of says what you know that what I said was that it was designed right and this is something good typical from customers relationship as of the service 1st management of the but and last couple few during from the systems are having on the installation of the systems Charm regions them on 9 that it's a big Muckatah but you can for the clock the technologies and that is actually the company to be as and protection pushing his club technology and likely and that having information available in every via from the clout is to make you and education and the because if you think about it regions travelling around a lot and this is an all too common customers indifference that is different occasions over on the right just as computer whatsoever its the official for the people had the data on the clock on the go for the 2nd row the And of course the systems in the expensive and so that was 1 side as he and expensive and and then a very very special as a lot of companies just found that to to be a huge issue Because you have installed the things you have to have the worst after support and the the case and the guy who was responsible for the 4th management and for the 1st name that stuff it usually very efficient and that why says for the clock that when the time everything is hosted and drug staff is doing a very good business high and if you have says for what and have a really big problem is the that cost savings of has the problems excess and you companies data so approach treated well is that you have to do and even if you manage to catch a data but is possible for the close but ever from the cost was a false sense that I have excess 3 companies which include all of the things like your customers the potential customers strategy and the and the to do and if that sounds a really want to have by opposition to a lot of the time and effort you have to put in to the bench missing a product like that to him the she which good the product interesting to people who are supposed to use the brought up by an advanced to see that this was management
New Under the BigSim of supply chain management found that also of their own the I'm clipped the Commons as the all clear to finish of supply chain management might be and a turned up cover physicalising like a musical from some consulting agency and standard account of the shooting in classic economic signs of what we have in Germany is the extent to which the because you if you do it as a classic economic but you concentrate on the company's your phone companies UK and that it you just as you you rather in a job company and have tried to improve and optimized the income of the company over the competition and licensing and there are quite well for a long time in the last became auction it turned out that this is not enough because most companies are not isolated in the US cost just part of the huge network money it and staff for the 1st from the company to the next If you mention the company excerpts from around the corner and I don't engines human there the plastic and some officials said the because that is that they have got of supply and the trip on time the pound of fans sort of the bread and the pounds in might be and that kind of stuff is sure to win the Open and the US but that just some lower screening and everything to get the odd to Cup game on But this is not just how much power the said factory some of discounts on it from the company which is part of talks by some kind of human life on subcontinent which is producing the schools ever happened just such as Exeter stuff which goes into 1 of its factories and that the complicated so that you on the result of that is usually you which network is good for the money flowing and even good going backwards you recycling and and now we have to opt in the 2nd row and that everybody was by then have to do Optimization in economic times while the across a lot of the supply chain are networks and you can then use the optimizations very simple by using classical Nanticoke misation techniques known from the and computer science
OK so hard that they look from the brought and you have supply and from the prior to purchase puts doesn't production stuff to take a good to just approaches something in order that the ability you product is and Distributed and and up to customers to sympathise with the and through trend hundreds of land in the UK said its purchased produced and reduced and a huge networks will need something like that of companies that have a structure that you have some cause apply supplying SunPower the multiple supply and has been part he just should can which about to different plants that the European plants and plant that it might be in Asia and had which produces into products which go further interest and plans same fine approach is produced and and distributed to the different not selective counted for example a producer of the kind he in Europe or in Asia and maybe in the United States and South American Africa at the end product produced at different occasions different suppliers are different in steps and results of the product which is indifferent rocket and the public part of the way during the act of taking products from the UK and and brings back into cycle specialist last year spell of inside economic
No ecologically constraints cut the cyclone outpost the problem or the planning If you don't this kind of plenty interested in all kinds of the homes in the supply chain management is about what to do so and you should richest from there will be a completely lost screwed and this is 1 for the team if you don't which lenders response to the fallout from which could suffer from the but the next day she was probably Optimization and up solution is a trip to India on the 1st half to sink about what you want open classically optimizations area of excess inventory of the don't want to start a new products and able to set off on the trip is that have a strategy to any political to produce in UK that that is somehow last month because you have the money to buy a product which is that the value or opera to a record low and the cheques probably before companies earlier after reduced to arrest but you have to produce a game the stock and if you have a plant which takes products from the supplier produces Indian the product which singles goes on to the next plant and powerful mountainous a stop in front that factory and after that factory likes a buffer
A mountainous transport costs to stretch and would and should be the the Ivy to be all remember the last time and it pretty code and for example a woman at the airport proact on Sunday and that in a white robe This loans You know you don't want that this was a ruse Roman airport had a very complicated pledge because it's a big thing the world you need a lot of stuff to run in airport and the shooting the anti eyes and that it could use to G eyes and and and on Monday the drama of anti eyes and have a lot to get pregnant and you have services you can form of the boat is not a huge tank and a huge sigh and just the right images of the stop and account of adjusted up your supplies and supplies could live on the ice and everything for the sake of huge supplies and ahead in excess supply of its you're not directly use this kind of money in the long stuff but optimizing and the opposite of what was OK but I don't want to spend eyes that it should be like Other times the issue and has just returned which the time just in time and money on both again once said that the tanker trucks some trucks try and on the record and and they are 1 of the trucks arrived at around and had enough and he had to move out of the run off of operation and the other was that the which was used up in Italy and they get drawn use it up and use it out and then it had stylish and then the guys can be expected and attracted because of the high level of wealth the and and the plight of her life some the most mind the eyes and the plans for the start of the walk out of the dangers of optimizing sinks because popular critically and if your mind think you use all security hundreds and start doing it on the train
Up came under steps and supply chain management for the 1st of cause plans obligement and planning the supply chain and setting up his father the 1st position have to take on which staff you want miniature under which information unit which processes from the where and how access and new business and you processors and finding out what I should do annual after the fact and again after the metric is about trying to find 1 of France's again you can manage which you can measure Metrix from match extremely information and foreign from the show after aggregated from the cost of house after to I'm a cricket Commissioner for supply as he after a cricket information off or the factories for your plans include luge that was again at the time that you have all the information available to actually computer Maddox's and Performance Indicators of the issues the plans for the usually have huge said the players were still frowned on strength and weakness for for special for example a supply might be more expensive but of higher level to goods on might in right for ever and and then you can run the location on the so in French supply 1 0 applied to the might of the cheaper hostages were or more efficient or what and The that and conditions and a candle lit up pricing deliver independent presence history to think about how the money we have to I'm good high can also be behind the scenes on the array of talk by some guys from full time duties on the use of time that comes as a pledge engines distant and then even a between plenty of violence and its allies have pipe number of staying power using different numbers in contract and were sent to some and different than for so the payment from which plangent out which goes into the car it might have a different number of different properties that is the EU is a puppet just identified different demands completely well and and things like that you have to Alliance Boots and get into a person's which a streamlined and purify so actions that usually produces goods or in with which than bonds and taken to the changes in next step and this is that the intricate hands and and that I had to show on factory Optimization on staff at the end came in the UK if you may trying to optimized as plants on like this we will do what we have is that it's a fixture the only about the stuff climate change and rising data and put in an offer to get some kind of Performance indicated and actually introductions a spokesman in the House of profound indicate that the automatic processes and the automatic assembly lines is the that the very effective and actually values that gets you into a tricky issues which from for the automatic processors to some high prices which left him and also tried to and usually of parallel because you can be sure you're in the same way that we can offer a RoboDog a completely automated US and UK in after only can produce and you can proprietor profile and the product they have to do it so I have to take saw order and it's a good out received the Rossi and at the about the big distribution intricate different productive around the constructed units and Distributed every day
So very interesting supply chain management each of the different on the trials and process is a bit of that and the fact that Japan's than everybody next jokes about just because it used to be really bad that until after the Security improved and they have competed for automatic where has insisted that like it or not the man the woods the is completely order that it may have taken in the past classified as having digital signature and at every time we entrusted packages of and the and the race from the front of the University of across and the postman just if somebody and that it was delivered by the end of the two day customers and to set up a unit in the year quite well After their public part of the policy and that issue the recent she has become much more part of of the during the cost of government intervention as they have been recently left of less than on to take back the used its intrapsychic stuff and currently with the efforts of integrating return policies and cycle policies into the supply chain which has some challenge of supply chain management is its various central position in a continent where because of the strategy of the hunt information from the browser
Affections of the company from a of places from of people and you have to integrated into a centrist controlling accuses and this might be a very very very very tricky would cost each department in each supply of Mike use its to boot its own judgement after and that the staff have to be some of the outcome that this year's applied to management Sir on a practise run recently discovered that especially also supplies the half an hour and a half the problems because they do not want to management using or just paper just the sort of result action on that they do not have a computer a computer suffer from 10 indicates ago to decades ago and that they have been the big problems with the quality of data from the supply of the metal the cost and the debt the GDP huge contains lines and is like a settlement of a cup of and that it and then they get in electronic proceed claim that contains following and and it's not true but somehow it was messed up and quality of the data going to set the chimed management system that and that was at the head of 6 or if you don't there that information to the news of the change that the internet reliable because the essentials off up on the inside the system might end up in the a probe also promised usually I'm are created by on the minds of the supply chain Katie have examples London airport operating the images continent and use of the data and supply chain management systems to protect your future sales to predict the future and on to adjust to the plight China for future challenge and that is the important thing that caused by the fact that it of The out That is if you can be at the end of the supply chain in sales suggested by increasing then we are pursuing suggests that now you product the rise the so popular that it has been for some time that you now have to go down the chairman and contact your suppliers and and the plans to build prepared for increased capacity because a product of became the Popular significantly increased capacity and as temperatures and and you could smell and then you feel are where hundreds of on the and the other way by the end of the increase in production and the cost decrees production or increase production production amplifies itself as the 1st factory plants in the increase the protection the next increases all out and as every step he goes back to the child can go round the supply the including 1 increases the biological and the density of the queue but it was not a suspect and increase current production growth of the supply chain and the set up in some kind of the way in which of increasing the freezing production and Is actually pretty that for a business that is on the market for up discussions about the reasons for that and it turned out that it's just a few psychological problems that customers especially large customers tend to look at all this just for the huge amount of staff at the time and this is the 1st new identified as the 3 of popularity and which sennosides increase of production which is pretty much damage caused problems apply and just the number of pieces of the credit so that he does have to buy again for your would ever just to a shipping order and then you have to be that of an account for 1 9 trying conclusions from the demands for a few hours over confident in Asia and in the end up in a room for an hour and predictions of the future
Now under as she wouldn't want and that is defending the task of supply chain management is that his good friend in future predicting future denounced the casting which is going to be important for the company and you can be in the supply chain management was the 1st time that just success in the White House and then mouth become more powerful and more data available predictions can be with fine trained had just across data available so can also do only just cause predictions that if you have a lot of time trying to figure out what the best of times the and a lot of diversity and on in the long on an classified by croups byproduct who would ever so we can have found complicated and more powerful predictions and can even have a predictions which victory computer predictions all the time there was using solutions and more difficult for them to have the become that this is a country in the supply chain management that all the time you have a tried to predict the future demand and the future requirements for part of the plan and that of course was more data comes more part of the and function as part of in a new and if you have found that particular and and the with the leaders have that Optimization options and make your was last seen well that or and your part but only in the
Dic's of this but so with discussed the about decisions but Systems what they ought with provided the small introduction into such systems in the process of decision making and hopelessly bought but with underlying technologies with 10 discussed about typical applications respectively there my picking model she of the key points irrationalist Anish and soft and the same cost management and that we were and the district church by talking about supply chain Management sold old from the supplier and the party from the moment for the programme and to fight next week or next week though we will have a guest who will speak about the problems that forays praxis so well we will have she has August will the miss the home of walking scheme see off the other side Germany are the reserve cooperation which is specialised in Baidoa where housing based solutions based based business in the region services for clients are more also among which also books so may say it is very interesting to see in the area but you also have to have the chance to see what kind of problems arise in the industry this was its from all or part so of this was a lecture on the whole poet you enjoy the and if you enjoy the and maybe you can join us also heard next semester of costly we have very interesting lectures we would multimedia databases so anybody interested in searching 1 in would multi continent for example of the need to 1 tools search for certain the which draw something and search for a database of the meetings of study out with those still alive so of those lands of the NHS sobersides so you get the job people of seen and said in an audio tape something with 2 Tests on so very interesting stop the same for the year supplies and other linked to information retreat will we O'Donnell Web search engine so moving and so on were told they were this is what we would be discussed in information retrieval and we will continue with the rotation of databases told were of some of you will have produced databases 1 will 0 1 to here this lectures based provides inside on indexing creating of this functions grape was so of demise aviation security you the all sold who want to learn more about databases and how they work and just of the command during snow databases by would like to think of for your attention and invited makes you next week tool to here