Data Modeling (Logical & Physical Models) (11.11.2010)

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Data Modeling (Logical & Physical Models) (11.11.2010)
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Balke, Wolf-Tilo
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In this course, we examine the aspects regarding building maintaining and operating data warehouses as well as give an insight to the main knowledge discovery techniques. The course deals with basic issues like storage of the data, execution of the analytical queries and data mining procedures. Course will be tought completly in English. The general structure of the course is: Typical dw use case scenarios Basic architecture of dw Data modelling on a conceptual, logical and physical level Multidimensional E/R modelling Cubes, dimensions, measures Query processing, OLAP queries (OLAP vs OLTP), roll-up, drill down, slice, dice, pivot MOLAP, ROLAP, HOLAP SQL99 OLAP operators, MDX Snowflake, star and starflake schemas for relational storage Multimedia physical storage (linearization) DW Indexing as search optimization mean: R-Trees, UB-Trees, Bitmap indexes Other optimization procedures: data partitioning, star join optimization, materialized views ETL Association rule mining, sequence patterns, time series Classification: Decision trees, naive Bayes classifications, SVM Cluster analysis: K-means, hierarchical clustering, aglomerative clustering, outlier analysis
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a pleasure to welcome all to electorate that they were housing and on the line and with it the post and and today we would go into the mowing domain
sold last week were talking bowled well that houses that lot and storage structure and the and the offer to Wells can be done on where you talking about a little bit Omaha to make movie some entities and the and the relationships especially with respect to I'm well degradation levels on so something could be on the day schedule on of weekly scandal usually schedule something like that I'm and hot throughout the noted that and and and and look into the relationship modeling or and you this week want to continue with that willing so want to be a little bit deeper into the issues that are and interested me
a nice China good
and we to be a little bit deeper into into the modeling issues that refined and
basic idea is that 2 kinds of modeling that on the edge of the logic of that would the highlight of the logic logical model Auken the logical model of the of the distinguished from from from biological models of with them and in relation on that basis of a and the 2nd was about the physical meddling on how to build the actual tables how to build the edge of the town to a halt to stood the battle on the basis that excesses can be done very false and and critically this is where we want to do today less logical metal
balletic commandos deals with the structure of the that the relationship of the and has said in the centre of the room databases over the where house is the subject that you as business leader of tomorrow are interested in under the to see the and you find this kind of subject was is that the customer is the sales is it would be getting on revenues what you are interested and then you create the facts and the Dam engines for each subject the 1 about the if I'd tap about sales would be appropriate facts for the price of at all hominy items to sell their products to the cell result facts and then we have the dimensions sex so things to sell when the film time diamond where the seldom Hugh graphical dimensions wept product categories the cell from Germany the of these of the dimensions of with and a mood of close we can have a little dimensions different granularity again this depends on the look of your where and was
interest the logic of structure of the MoD to them and what which showed last lecture already then looks like follows basically if the subjects that interested in the sale all or the prices for in the interest some authorities you the facts of the of the amount of the unit prices have you stop of was stopping stuff and over these effects of the subject to the books apply to some dimensions of for example telesales it interesting to the home something with Sale were sold well some single would without lesser would end of cause when was sold out for each of this questions have the diamond and the time the client damage the optic damaged and for each of the stem and he has different agreed cation level so 200 you sell something about to certain plant which is basically single person the declines in some City so assembled something to New York to customers in New York the city might have a district in the state of New York regions country different levels of aggregation from the individual customers from from missed a well up to the with customers and Germany overlook customers in your of depending on board a wanted singles where something so from the individual spell in the new abroad striker something to the list stalls and Germany where the stalls and Europe that has sold from the individual pride that I'm not the sort of chap order to 0 assault furniture assault 1 of its house products or something different levels of a provisions that you can determine and there is no way to get that automatically somehow from and if you have some dimensions like time the granularity will be quite generous enough that this kind of that time will be some are distinguished in minutes of the they use money you describe it as you might need something different sometimes so for example summed up the global rather have the use other people's might have fiscal year so that from 1st generate to to 20 30 1st awful flood December but rather from March Chilean a February because it's just a fiscal year and and tax return issues for you can have them in a different on a different scale if you want end the application of the tournament so well to the right scale for example is we have a lot of the stop company from selling stop so I'm dealing with stocks and 2nd would be a good time unit because seconds in the market and the stock market can be a lot Europe is that it will be interesting for investors and hedge funds and and and and stuff like that the sale would go from 2nd to you what if 5 of World shopping malls something is the 2nd something was cold really interested as something Ausubel sold really interested would probably not for you say that early if at all and well on the day the basis of at the end of the day you do the greater than over and see what his all make the inventory of that depends on your own education and as no right and wrong this no but that is only I'm interested in the subject that want to see the facts and into the aggregation dimensions politics that depending on the evidence of this logical design
and the dam in to see off entity that chosen for the specific purpose Indianapolis the set went and is the example a not to go in terms of the sale and but also sold in terms individual purchase is points or 0 who that wept together in terms of the price sentiment some kind of public are so it can be used to define women want you and usually lament the hire key might be the IRA key was was of lot of levels might be just single level to levels of the Independent on the actual
of the depends on the edge of applications that it is the worst the time and an IRA Keith outward worries over the success of justification that and you have different dependencies and the classification levels for example several days make among the the vote months make way several quotas Makiya up in the days may also make a week at the end of the week may not make a month of for example we could spend all but 2 months with difficult to put them into some of the spectators what do was weeks that stops in February and and in not in all so you just have alternative way of whom hierarchy over here and you have the other Hideaki over here in same them and in same kind of information that different that of a cricket so that can be can happen and the idea that is only 1 idea that winner from Relational that this is that as a function world dependency again at reduced function dependent on some of their tribute the order of the value in the domain of the attribute the 6th exactly what I'm and that is interested point from the domain that corresponds to so far this single day by can find exactly 1 month of which the day as part the 1st of many obviously has only made can never been April and November because it's the 1st of many of offers advice the Moon in a certainty that the EU is due to the if this made up and the and the believes that featured in the Daily is 1 specific but they 1st of may all picked up and this is what of the day the begins immediately clear way month of this book quoted as would unit it somehow included in the data because the big of the of the month and the unity of and this is a function of a and the and it is immediately clear from knowing that it would unit costs this was a single solution but now and
then with bit justifications invest will say the classification scheme up is a semi although set of justification logos Weiss annual it but I or because you can avoid summative Burkinabe monthly you never be a week the year well fall to a meet your because we can stretch of road yourself that lucky from the fact that might be well that was a basic play of semi although not everything kind of in came up with their mother in order to be the friend of of different 2 0 branches by Ricky and the summer is the demand the case 0 0 is a smaller was justification of the smallest granularity that we had to the cause of that on a daily basis is not so that we can find out the exact time of the day that something was taken for this we would need be all out all the time step in the right to decide for 1 at some point we have to say Look at visibility on start with a visit granularity want a bit of on and but
if you have and set of classification do is call the Paul sold for example he would from daily command to quantity that as part from day to which is a different parts of the UK and of that along the specification and them with Kenneth time classification of this year but still where this single element this is smallest and that is common to all of the branching in this case and the flat a lament could of course also happened for off the tree but some pointed can't just from Left of the party through the justification the up was if
you have such a possible the high than the classification are acutely find the classification Iraty we can say that the classification higher he was abandoned Street where the notes of the for the bombings of the old different live unified with the for which means everything equity and and the edges and the part of the function dependencies was a part of life in all its said but as the months of the year stuff that everybody knows about them and means that 2 difficult but that is not an
example where the classification IRA cue from the product that meant for if the optical product Group the product family and the product lot of the time that we can have them on the classification Iraqgate offers the it thoughtful was the optical and this is the latest pop the Brahms's of the leaves of the category because that means that is no small under a new Lehrach there is not part of and optical although some pride that is not spent part of something like that it's just not model in the system as well as we can have because they are sick of sight of the tedious as 56 of the Chiara are 34 is just off and what type of up to go out late to which the group the below that they are videos because of the indecisive video because my a shoppe also so Campos and digital camera as the new what not now everything can live in the 2nd of this 2nd category in my demanding reflects the patent notes of the not so that the public can be from the new Department of the proximity to the sea and the video also has all the camcorder sold audio Kookmin turned over to the use of the the product categories pedigree full video earlier TV is electronic of and and then we have to lot which is said be unified so union it was low which means that they look bad categories together in 1 single aggregation dozen men with its and colleagues or closes order its daily optical that with that a brigade to get a picture of a little under this is the wrong knowledge of all the occasion he and now I can look at a higher he had ever read that they wanted develop into a have information to by category eye do that if they want to have a good information byproduct biological Ikea into that in the dead of Alice will create grid gave the world those will use and the and the chief taking peacefully a set of 3 aggregate of the at compute APEC easy concept that
is very sensible now the 2nd film that we need to know about is acute was acute acute is basically like the round excrete in allways new this would be that I can't turn and that has different styles and of different colours is 1 of similar here because every part of this rabbit Cuba is a single cell in these differences contained 1 or more measures was was picked for the diamond that make up the queue so acute scheme not consists of a granularity and a set of measures to each granularity that we have we have set for each to sell each product carry get to sell each of the book several you it to sell yen to serve for the optical gets the prise as a measure each proximity get the agreed gated prices as a measure each Productivity get sick agreed prices as a measure of so M the queue is a set of well acute also do moving so of the different regularities of different diamond or Crest was the boom aims of the measures for for every type by of the fight for every point family to the price and Sol LeWitt Cuba's the example deployed
on a flight to set are the justification knows responding to the cell so that they would of interested in sales up and and police say that the measure was a dose is the turn of the UK and how much did with chernobyl this is the measure you get about what that needs if this measure that turn over specified which can and the turn over her client all who we get in the truck and early on 1st day all well Wigan at the turn of the UK to go what and the turn off for the day when can this is what we recalled Baltic look at a possible and with the granularity seed as the lowest granularity help you will also contained the degradation steps of everything that we took care so the
dimensions that we had is to supply on the city of Quetta and the product for example the and then said as well but he is my problem and you for every computer for every audio for utility but for the telephone a this at the time demand in the clothes of the wind them in the time could be close this of them engine or what all and this is the way the demand the patient and then we have the supply supply-demand icons effort amentia cubes on the Isle on the slopes of eyewitess domain Lethem's kind of the stem and new supply 1 supplies to supply the UK and and the each across product that we have a specific product in specific and a specific locations the specifics of the supply we get a single several showing us the measures that we are interested in the trend of the Sinai what this is measure me was a basic statement that the sale makes at at at the road and as exactly it had less a specific supply supply 1 because that's acute said demand 100 computer less in the 1st of the Quetta in Berlin up and this is how we should cells was information APEC as easy
well as was found and engines and a seat in the 1st has put together and that several cubes of the type next to each other in with storey that this was the way it does the and a multi-dimensional cheques and that can have multi in and I'm weekend but a and the and the any kind of dimensions that we want to win which is basically meant acute pendragon we can different agreed Asian levels of behind segregation of up but we can have it is everything we want to equity if we went the tale to turn over a of or company 1st called the a picks pupils a measures in all Cuba us summed up and make the apex and then we can go Dulwich and that will agreed only 1 Nemanja of example we can aggregate while of the city suga the began a cricket while the items to be either the week integrated all used to get the and the other 2 are basically of the information that we have we can have the cities and the items cities and the use I items and the is that we can't have the city the item and the it so busy the hardest Escude looked like common and and of have dispute down whether that looked like well is obviously exactly what
of these cubes the was at because it has
an item it has the you Benitez the city UK and US through them and a present and then after that up this the cell as well that gap year the mine Three-Dimensional drawing is thought to be interested the grant that the basic you let that comes out of this 1 of these cubes like we've just seen was over different sales in UK and a lot less aggregate 1 half of the house I'm a 1 of the dimensions of the 3 dimensions of we only interested in City and items and the aggregate all use Publicis Cuba look like and his staff it is just a good at this spreadsheet exact late because of the item anti of the said message and the values the turnover use that will use IPIC from this can buy can just learned how many items so little time Iseut in Wales city at the from all only year as UK and the same happened at the height of the items and negated solo kinds of items that said in some City per year and fined a high many items the said per year specific products independently of were sold them up and was a good it 1 dimension that the let's move to the next level you Schlopy to we Hollis's Cuba looked like this exist exactly because we just have to see you look issue for so from and and OR and had and are all the same and and for every point we just say how many high big was the turn of UK and that the use although props in these policy and finally policy apex look like the it has seen the number of exactly this is the number of high many products Izard Load lived following as the justice and the number different aggregation of depending on whether or to know I'm need the different regulation levels of flexibility like you use was not Africa of you as a good Littleover locations as not a good idea in that case would be in this part of the queue but up and use any of them depending on what as long want to know of him but and I to the patient information to count of everything that was not Africa for everything that this the Hugh as because in this part of the queue of fell in this part of the queue at is can up distinguish between the you as and opened of Africa and and the information was aggregate at from UK and this is a distant point in working with sale the firm that the have is a lot shows of of different Diamond and the stock died stopped and was the 3rd try out PPL every them engine that by the time and and said the damage in that it accounts for about 3 dimensions 3 dementia queue and 15 nominees for 15 and mentioned queue and and and a single damaged everything a created to see them get caught up the car and that the measure that the turn of up and that has different aggregation levers that's right now but the aggregation levels depend on the dimensions that reflect the turn of the for from the individual that use he would by basically see all the different items that were sold everything byproduct by city by you up to ICI brought us all to independently of product you location everything of his that the promise
that the medal items you have to get the complicated because that's listlessly demand led to fellow have the time the item that locations supply which basically allows different agreed locations because a can ungritted Eden around of the UK and the UK and other don't have time I'll take item location supplier of the identity of the pride that I'd take time locations applied identify the location of big time item supplier and care for the supply time I've indication that possibility now take 2 out of each time item location and time items supply L for both result in time and items this is a cue by the American derived from both of them on the wrong end of a UMP equivocate while the suppliers in the UK a sacred world locations a pink 2 ways to get to the same result because the same to the mention of Cuba and so on and so on Monday night at the time and the item the look case which will give them the time and so on and so on to the US and that his growing as growing amazingly false the number now we have to stall players they they but I'm so Acehnese cubes of the practical folk pupils because it contains the pre agreed to the results of different periods and depending on where peculiarly as well as a crude has a time compound and 1 of the time cubes is could have a location compelled to enable obligation to Cuba is that true have the time and location component I'd 1 of the having time and location in the heart of
all that we get some of this money them and alumni dope we can't
have different basic operations and the classical under operations but we know from a database of from from racial that of fist it is a selection on 1 and 2 the production in the up but we have some well with acute joined of some in the aggregate footprint of adamant that
start with a multi-dimensional selection is basically exactly specified like in the case of the pace of the selection of a queue of some of the meetings and some measure those but some political it is defined as the scenic you but air the cells from the queue where the predicted applause and but there would also have to be classification level you all which function depend on which of the 2 equivocation of of the university's likened to with the justification and and the different measures that it would each sell of each so that several merchants and these appear in different justification for could so something like 5 and the same goes same as different measures for a child to a price and the location where for sold both local PPL applied book it is a measure of the sweat and interested in the crew now ICI elect something and by selected by fix 1 diamond you to certain value so the Pratt group of which he finds might agreed geisha vote in the diamond she got out his for example such to video which means these for the valuation of the security for the road issue of this election would cubes can take from book and take boat cubes that contained the optical demanding the item nominee because compiler ballplayer groups as a underneath the medals for all the other 6 the they can be agreed from only interested in the property group will take opens the way land
of the item cutesy the here can select the of group that everything else is little pupil right Cuba to do all selection funds to public the
Protection looks similarly the projection basically the project some of the measures the interested to for example the Stadio it might have to measures turn over the right of Ivell I'm might not be interested but also a predict what that what might be interested above some sort that 2 of the load you use by megaproject you for example sold items will want to see those items of those measures that this is queue up in the UK and defined world to see some of funds from allowing the prise demand in the show me that turn over and sold that at of measures of says fact from the size of the UK at the
exact same like had and relations that the so M but different cubes don't operations can be prefered for for example equity interested in sales but could that so be interested in prices because a want to know what rescue on creating and revenue is so good you times the price any levels for can dating the revenues up and led to a new joint for example the launch of the Turner although lavender don't have as a measure now could just calculated unit prise by unit of from and I'm take took you say Cuba and the prized you want contains the unit told the other country Budapest and they can only joined if this the same granularity because Islam Calculate in 1 of the groups of only prizes for groups and the other non wants to stabilise prizes for different products al Assad also different products that just another aggregate and because identified the prise for the digital product but 2 for the price group of the total proclaimed the drawing eye them to be on the same level of granulartiy eye could aggregate round was not granularity of for example the and only product into product groups and then joined that would book again up and so we need the same granularity and then the joined basic is and make you have the new granularity would when he led a team that has both of them and just combined the mesh of the members of part of the new Hugh in the specific 20 's acute joined everybody understood that acute joined that as do and the 1 UKeU from the previous 2 cubes that contains both mesh but
when the where it is at the fate will have to aggregate 1 was smaller granularity to the needed claimed that he suffered some good if he said that the Times in the entry and we say that the suicide regulated by the U optical stall and plant of the sales are only considered by a month optical stalked and obviously we can put them together to go as well as the individual item that we can join was seen from its new Candide in run Cupreous of days in the other Cuba the and have all the months of and so basic I need to do it this year as exactly will have to look at the sale of still rope and a new mood that these into a mound of care and then we can draw on the with a way to go of the city we cut out this at and a new 1 he aka the basic idea behind my fault too difficult
so that we have the aggregation these big radiation as the most Implementation said the alleged that they were doing and we have some lounge of them so it Eskew area over some media low some the Edwards the account of the minimum the maximum the load of a go at the front of the building into a scaled Artemov some statistical function as something like the mean the merlot standard deviations stuff like that as well as the existing in in today's as of that and I'm at this is that it was also used in in in order basically up most of the time these basic functions to look at the ability medical operations of times and the right to buy and stuff like that yes but basically vistas dust the so we have a good for example due we could look at the centre of skew and and OR to some of the the Capello groups the city's and although much of the summit up for 3 months for the city for the group at independently of the of the items now not and of the items independently of supply in the UK and this is basically this type of and the patient is basically high built the highly order cubes and event the for 1 out of the another level higher in the last and moved to some of for those with suspected the city and amongst much looking at the group stop looking at the supply aggregate APEC was basically to
tell them by the idea of cars is that you have to compute the granularity is a scene which other the same which was fined and we so that Letty's finer than some other granularity with that will the granularity in the cost Cuba the Blues the granularity in the finer queue that can be uniquely assign so it a month granularity in 1 cute and the community in another queue either functional dependency from every the to among of for every entry in the month queue is Keegan what everybody in the take you belong to fill a day Cuba fine and the cost of a month to the pretty at the time I spent with housing most of the stuff he of the cell and nice to see and was that we go
into the to would and look at some of the justification scheme schemers as the fact that I'm in practical terms quotes Austin how good though modelling looks like which seem to have discussed the patient scheme us we have to schemas classification yet or this information states with building that they got where house saw someone does Unilever says the answer is OK because occasions he must should look like this which will be such films because this is bowled by low business Emily's without processes which Adam within hours of business the problem it is this classification scheme this year they will with time requirements change the about using changes also sold the about where houses also need to change let's see the practical examples of how this
can happen so Iowa they where the previous examples of the lawn and the sale of other pentatonics and they decided to build a powerhouse that on 2 thousand feet so the 1st though classification she bayhead look something like this for them by tie with simplified in just more by points full to to get there but that engulfed by Teplansky we have had a on and a classified Jassim Qabalan capable was treaty capable the corresponding for the sound of this classification this was fined 100 thousand date the new oppressive occasion
was enough for a while the public statement had died of Aids in the Dow where house built thousand though 3 G devices became part of the 100 became chief enough for the producers to decide locate will to 3 G is the only way so that they decided to analyze them and the device that should also be Gigi capable slogan are well scheme is not affecting the reality NEMO more with on table connexion for the new data between the ages and the world to with modified high which is now capable of 3 G so that they found it is good for both we did we need to a world also of classification for
the of cost later the new life on came on go on the march and have authority with a new category of about which side the head to head with the Indian they powerhouse for based they also more defied the classification yet by of course all these so about
modification have full keep track of how the data has evolved if high would be able to keep track of what happens with my but they wouldn't be able to do not what was happening figures of but the same time I'm me to start the new modifications of new about coming for my slowing the overshooting system which allows the avoiding the couple be also thought we will observed that this is very very depended on the by by that over time the powerhouses gold pulled they would find so why not use timestamps for my something like this was a 1 of the most of used solutions just used Stimson about but my takes
full panel higher order classification headachey of all of this is what the Green also with this example so from the beginning of the day powerhouse we know we know that my by the firm's classified as December and to some point in time which has not been reached the same happens for the poor about so the in the goals of the house when for this from all pulled we know that they have put used of December 0 on which the Eighties only onto the said on Monday of the thousand now so approach here and and timestamp for notified the piece came up we say there after the state despite the stalker they 3 G but pretty simple to the same can be done also affirmed 0 going on classification yet he with lemon sole here just conceptive and lemon preaches by the only from about the state the April 4 thousand fans with the corresponding objects what they worry me from with the use of the gym As I've said
something like this can be will Estonian a became takes such a Multics Cambrian they presented song here with trousers Behrendt kwanzas child about on the basis on should we would have them by the end of which has GS them on 3 G and 40 eschewed the and with a bit of fun with the team they will then have a the will for the description of the the few with Jews and some again with the ball about with the 16 with the limited by the between 2 thousand 300 thousand and the 1st new modes with the corresponding children think his 15 lot of costs
it may be that after a while December devices will never be put just again and there would have been in my of 0 but was it a Iowa offer them for sale in a more IPO just the them all right and the classification scheme will not quite defied the them accused information icon mobile queries a more which I got balls and of devices would pull is we have set the scene formation humane seemed to be about where to buy the game for example the Pompidou where host just include inflammation in the right so that the his shorter not an option the solution of for those
such problems is again modifying the classification yellow said 1 can simulate these days of the year and still a long way is like it is now compared to this was yesterday again also although some Univeristy is likely is that this was because it is my scheme eyes of ever news came out to be want to analyse the data from the last yet again disabled pie-eyed don't care about the relationship in the past by just wanted was the last game before the 1st high wants to analyse the data with the most actual scheme a broken by the run Iles's and they don't care about this evolution this is what a lot with my the volley diplomatics at the same
time iwi inflexibility if I'd say I'm interested in the same way for the I'm interested in seeing how I've sold with regard to this evolution and high can perform as easy as it is used as well as well as and say that the public after a certain they will take this came out with the modification applauding provided they might think that the euro Paul about the 1st in the eye with the old scheme pretty easy the
same thing they can also by prosecuting the most came away I'm interested only in the past and seeing how it was going into thousand for the beginning different possibilities has said that such a large amount simple much rigs offers of high rates to be another 1 0 and that the wedding is likely this was light where I'm actually interested only in Bhosle Dixon the classification yet he which would not be voting Baltics which are pretty stayed in this case of more can make review board and just want to see walk Walker might do England is not a voting
for that this is the possibilities of the way of 1st not only the classification of the event was a another plausibility is up for this game to avoid we members that we had not only of his own early and the and the world to the Jeonju Sam and for do and so on but it will also have different classes which he vile were granted that he would have a word up about group who have about the same really up to the all of us of cost base can also be modified by high want to be able allows you might have opened scoring the might of living also want to be able to bowl the possibilities of scheme of their shingle also mistaken
example so that these becomes clear the way if had different troops from sales before chases and price and 1 by mentioned the optical by mention and during the time observed that actually put meeting it is not Querido appalled by my businesses and that it should not be interested in but when ideal might be powerhouse is the scale of look like this with a coy about him in the eye would still need for copulate and aggregate everything for the loyal fan I remember their latest was pretty big so high would poems before mode of unnecessary operations slicing walking the needs have changed the business and don't want for the family and the more finely 25 this scheme what can either should by just the if I'd just really of cloth and was information because nobody between 1 for full quitting the aggregated the which have already been the powerhouse from the rest will be able to put in more so what can by the board that
the scheme the solution to use the local on from the softer intimidating I'm I'm able to run on scheme I've ocean again with this so bandstands and those the main advantage for something like this is that if I'd be a lot of skin my evolution have only 1 scheme on an idea of I'm able global possibilities and with the same time it will told bullfights of trust be processes but that was flexibility because they have only 1 scheme which is the motion account creating for the best of cost the other solution
the stimulant full as far and way 80 was version hidebound of allowing the day by just say OK came you sometimes will want to play for the family and my day powerhouse has a lot of data which is that they waste and negated with for that family inside the island beginning with this year I'm not interested in public premium or so why with their time and at the same time steam still allow crazy into the best right
so the main advantage in early in came of the certainty is that I'm allowing caught by the 1 Iles's with the best them allowing for people to ask how was it that the pro that they may be last year account for their the plo-backed familiar with today but still compared to the public because of family is not there any more in order to do this a with have global additional populations which will be done on the flight so and the flexibility comes close of cost of the trade off more running time by and this is about everything
they wanted to see about the logic model with a all for the bill to the physical model because that they were not all that everybody is understood logical model was different kinds of huge that was a different time engines and aggregate of the of the dimensions high would we get down to the physical model how do we stop the actual that because obviously we don't have huge stalls of some all Stella different cells and the 1st idea that comes to mind when starring data is a database all we are databases so why don't we just spent that and the database and that is exactly what the point was about where the money but at the and the basic to what was the point was about so we have to set up a database and wine somehow installed at and then we can go on to physical performance during like the mixing the that publishing of the dead and distributing all the different of materialising the useful aggregation's and so on the sale of this Islamic to what we want to do next lectures of makes that will go into the ideas of indexing petitioning McEwan applications today will want to see what different possibilities all the display all actually Hugh that and this is the basic to stop which are could take you want to discuss some of them just shows some some of popular notions on what is good and what
is that the basic but to kinds of implementation that 1 can think of the 1st round is all too easy Relational because we have relation of that and we love for alleged of and a different kind he must prepared for the start of that year and the scheme a basic who go to the dust and the sale we could just stick to the multi-dimensional Eddie of the queue and destroyed as a big big big metric for so soup looked not Polimetrix followed a big array in the strike and the dress every step of and 2 possibilities of advantage as and disappointed but stop was the Relational model
if we remember what the aim of the relation a model of the relations databases walls it was basically but for all that he stood in the man redundant where is safe and completed you can all create about it and so on and so on and thought so they want to do is we want know mass of cement acknowledge told all the justification accused of and the translation from the multi-dimensional cuties to Eskew L because as to how we do relation of the flaws in the way of that we had ball cruise last time should be a transformational automatic and from nation in Eskew L and these as he argues has to be all demise some Hull so that they can be evaluated quite quickly than and so the so efficiency point basically and of close we also Physics extraction in the transformation loading prose so when you get arrives has to be put into the tables of was split some all you every sell go somewhere of and and it has to be clear where it goes and that and cricket
fashion so more if you want to go from a multi-dimensional notable relation won't if to think what reputations are the full acute for them and for the 1st occasion are accused and for the new show at a tribute the because we have only 1 hand is the complex Hugh only have on the other hand the relations that the base the tables Oldham from with a show that the base of 1 of the work of can we identify walk and we put together from basic I'd you leading all the classification for and is well I've acute certain diamond you so and for each specific said of the man whose we have value for the facts the aggregate volumes of the given about so that don't we see the whole which Huber the 1 single table and you stay book we have the by men James at Fulham as a tribute and we have the facts as and sense about millions identified each sell this is the Prime Ricky of the tape and in the fact that tributes just the values for the facts for the specific of top of the UK and the basic state where do is due to the bigger Taibu the queue to you that has a number of them and I want to free and he of the different upwards but are just the from the arrangement of the demand for example of the Berlin Strauses in the year to fold end of the for a group electronic saw something was 1 of the Stop they identified sell costs by make a prime you of the and for every such couple we have the mesh us from the fact side so why don't we just put them white here 1 9 2 and so on and and and will just get them into and each with different colour each such coupled in the table is basically cell in Mike you look at end each tribute with that the the him and each to computer he reflects the mesh and this is exactly how it stop this is called the fact that the new beaming been most of that so that spread easy and we could fall of still and a said these the test case now keys off from and what do we do with the players and the justification out Kenneth difficult because not the different days for this from pops yet before you consider of see them engines again for Mohmand where you are and the 2 of you had than full a different amendments somewhat the can be moved into different justification higher he of cost this is not part of the table with a we do any ideas die this talking with state for example with the date as a dam in time at the time and and with the day granularity in this column that several these days Balanta 7 months media has few could split the table but the were for use but which time you would need extra don't potentially many tables for doing all different but that idea that idea a by in the coastal this the items here in the table with house sales up his 7 Rodale in the table as a single cell in as a certain they it has indication that has 1 of the and has a turnover of prise what evidence and if consider that they are now want to see the mountains of the state best the months change for different Tiepolo's was the same day the British for the so dimensions UK a fixed the same day will ways means and months will ways be in the same year a case so what can we do yes the and is exactly how some say she would have been around 20 use earlier you would of them into the that a way out of it but this is exactly M with a very
simple idea that do is facing the you take the queue up a was also also every cell can be you need the identified by the prospect them and by the geography them and by the time and has a measured from the measure goes you the different that the information with this on to go for this time of this is the time and this 1 is the offer cope those he ZOQ you but only for the day only falls for only for the optical lows granularity in Solway now due to
introduce also the classification of this we put in a far and key relationship to a fixed set of tables describing the diamond so timetables that describe which debuted onto to which mind and which month we don't the which all which brought loans to which brought Group and which from approved the lengths to which the UK family and the funky relationship and a 1 to n relationship itself for every day of the month this fixed but the month and contains many days want and relationship and each sell in the fact able to the sales in the UK take time the following key idea is the basic tricky because almost different table all tables that or waste and not change but the facts in the fact that they may change their connected with some sort well some sort them and while for key this most called the
snowflake and was called snowflake because almost facts are in the US and this is where the fact table of Kent and the and the funky key relationships the interest you go into diamond tables the diamond engine tables may even have different agreed patient of apparent that will them but this that table contains the this dimension tables tells me which debuted almost which month list them engine table toast me which month we don't to which he has since them are lost don't stop to much of Kent was looked
up in the middle the pack table lows granularity ideas this specific brought sold on a specific date in a specific sought and this is the fact that sales so you and this is the fact that revenue of the sort on the state industry for office plot by sold 5 by tombs flow array of new off 50 goals of something was the tables and not released are members of these of them and you these of that the measure those but why I stem engine for each of the stem and I have key relationship to the bottom in the table that described the granularity levels of for for example Levi have the bill you there is a 1 to n relationship with the diamond of time for them and not times as well as a daily to some which the debut and to some months a month but to some Cueto Quetta belongs to some years and salt of these are members relationships 0 2 minimum are of information that can stop have to say at some point but the 1st of May on to look for the 1st of many of these of me but I don't have to save for every single or the May Day that this in the fact tape of the said once and for all and us at this point he relationship with a year this is a bit of me that every sensible and only saying that for the other 6 0 for example product goes in the private domain and location goes into the location of the with different from the protection of guests the aggregate of Texas the fact the information in the bombing tape is only interested in full the diamond the agreed a the safer to have something big Woodgate it not by date but by month would have to find out more than the base in the fact book that have following key relationship to join the month but I'm interested in these are will take all of the fact that what see let them from the sector aggregate them and can offer Micah of book is answer to next not spread anywhere I've memory information after computed on Pure atop UK and and highway computer what I'd joined the sale set table with the day to day up and during the day table with a month to move and the might of the implementation of and EU and new it will be tough but have look that's right it's a thoroughly Nabli scheme that in aloft joints and the momentum and inside the more Bonsell the highly granularity each them and the more I don't always have so close to that of yes
it you that you are in it all the for it to come to the movement that led
by advantage is also snowflakes from the site of the bomb and the tables are still you just pointed out that is heavily reduced because they are more lice idon't have to state for every day that a person might affect tape to which month we don't have the time mention table that has once and for all the 15th of November 19 75 the to November the end of the corridor the loans to the Prime group of video for Kent wanted for their you time this occurs in the fact table I'd does have a point he the damage from the something growing here is that up the fact and the and the communities the run cost 1 of the drawbacks and that as the damage a response the most measures corresponding to the diamond I have no doubt and the damage in the long list of at rebuked which may be but this novelization pays off but it's not off that if the demands of their shot and of that but it will not pay off because it is used Sean that in many of which will make the system so that this can of the idea off snowflakes
scheme was so the disadvantages that the fact today's really responsible for 9 2 per cent of the stock require it grows because it contains all the facts with the fund keys and the engines David do not grow because they are up 1 said once and for a and and and my realise the diamond now on really take multiple joins the big anyway what happens what can happen Islamisation doesn't help best time to have less of problems was consistency Watkins do changes Ezio false but instead of a small tabled anyway was appointed acting control the rhythms the efficient and update several roads for of 1 of William at time so I'm the normalisation of the diamond a is is a bit of a problem because it leads to a large number of tables and his large number of tables seats large number of drawings we all know from databases that joins allways of the point of I'm that may result in and out of 1 of the few operation so I'm if you have to that connects soprano pedigree with year and country where we have to do follow that look at want the
you which is time Diamond and on the country which has a stalled on which of to do the year over year the country is over here 1 joined 2 would joined rejoined said joins foreign now 5 Taewa symbols 1 joined to would joins of so we can go leak for to 0 joins which owns club and want to use 3 4 5 6 7 joints on the 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 tables and lost at to eat the
procuratorate Paulius
self evenly spread category is that 1 man joined 1 more during 1 man joined the get terms and UK and and the screen melted those makes 11 quality 11 tableside all that does not before roast for 4 months have been welcome we do this for year that saw the you pay attention I see that a stables round here in the diamond area are not analysed idon't stalled redundant inform me she every day is just old ones every month this just pulled ones every year has just all points every country is just old ones and regions just 12 point but with the foreign key relation to express the 1 2 and British up and that it will put them to get a laugh single-table where for every Strettle we know about the state end of the region you thought the regions and the country and this is my new tabled look at with the public in UK and this is the same of the table this is not for sale tables that need to be joined by the single but table its do realise just because if Tuesday also find the same City is the eye in the same state they obviously understand the same reason they obviously on the same thing country but still its redundant inform mation if the diamonds and tables us medal that lost 1 off all ideas that so this combined table this materialised it would not be to the UK and West but it up at the foot and the Joint itself cost time because PM the way in world it up but it it could that it would be good if the exact so that the problem jaundiced this 1 he and his 1 you and this 1 he up life that because the sea table is amazing but they come at 50 billion records if you want to join it was the start of the particle that they have to join 50 billion times for many days are the hominy part of their home in the stalls of for a not so much for so many them my gets the immediate said intermediate results which is probably not 50 billion that the more but maybe 5 area because I've 10 product categories Kent and high doses fight off the table and from the product of the pop group the to the joint again very time consuming cost the event never John Altum isation algorithms because now idon't to this John 1st and and goal to this shy but I'd do this joined 1st and then go to the store and and the file joined the to assess for that will be OK but would not be a part of but the idea was to go 1 step further and a set well if I'd the smell joints and way and their best in rather than just the 2 Elice the result of this joint in a single take and they are at this has to do this joined up and but the basic idea and this
is exactly what he does to the Stop scheme are eye use a the last game of 4 rule the diamond as the facts table in the middle of and the Dam engine tables around them like stop this would cost up to the scheme from and the
basic Idea this all these are the tables containing all the information for the group right categories time I'd the day week month for a year Stewart Allstate which country and sell up and all the No molested from and the only joined them not to do the job for different furious on all different agreed at at of grass as a trade off because the stables goal very big and I'm not very interested in the product pedigree all the old country Anacapri are led information that makes my time engine tables bigger in every Creery that idea but if the dam engine tables stay small the Nike and a 3rd that and safe on the joints and drawn augmentation good idea and that is basically the discussion style scheme
roses snowflakes scheme so the advantage of this got such off that it improves Curicó false used at yet less tables he of simple structure and bomb with 3 got tool different dimensions he of very efficient of assessing because you just need a single joint Clevedon's the disadvantage is that are that is the dam engines can be much information or if the dam engines are very died so they have a high levels of stress L granularity the resulting table before the and the resulting tabled will be part in any of the of the pupils on that he will not save well in the stock scheme I'd just this single dimension to table from and In the snowflake climbing have different granularity tables for each time and I what if I'm only interested in the 1st one day of 1990 and of Chris just as the 1st granularity level perfect for the snowflakes get scheme that lot but while still this has many probably many items during the protection on the cost side for every 3 and you don't need this table and it is very smell and so do it in 1990 ascent of the tree is very efficient and this is head of this summer right although is not your 1st take this scheme until good all your 1st take the snowflakes scheme in your flight just doesn't doesn't doesn't work that way look on a parallel not look on Hollywood Aminzai built and look on the high because the materialise them and tables off in the end this is
basically was itself in the snow as the structure of the justification Ike's Preston table schemers and the fact and them and tables on all the time the simple and the Stasi scheme the and type classification higher is expressed in just a single Taibu and not analyze Asian in the diamond is broke because they at the moment a plant that they seek the and the FIA the them engines and style scheme is a very bad idea review of many Huey's on the distant granularity levels very highly aggregated granularity levels a snowflakes scheme is a bad idea if you have big time engines end to make a curious on the high demand and the L L 1 on the high levels of aggregation and it did so at some point the stuff asking not released the these snowflakes Kemal ICI where's and and you as at Mastretta you as and the and the adult that would also have to consider what was that all the cost that is basically what same prop care for example will have to
a stuff scheme and and the Suffolk scheme that it might be that we have the fact table with the product and the and and we have the product group to follow pedigree and we have the lot categories to to they find a description and then we can join in groups and the public agrees with all the information that and we just have 7 couples in the UK and that we could put it to a stop scheme not so we of the product and the with the group the product pedigree and within easy see that in terms of couples debate off we only have 4 couples that if you come to sell and we have got the product that the Pollock description brand the Pollock group the product group described the product category and the public Henry desperate she the their land roles in the tape and rescue them with the minimum amount of information that possible staunch was the variations beat APEC and we can see you of for example the information that my level for the to a comics we have that 3 times 1 stupid update and he was immediately and and inconsistent and you decision Yulia at Ministry and you the that well problem is ready
to and what point when you and a addition to change and that the right all wrong as the said that just as a set of heuristics that think so I'm when a typical purée takes closer granularity is it good to have a premature when the volume of debt and the diamond table as a relatively low it to have met you modifications over classifications all rather competitor in session of the fact he can't materialised so you should move from snowflake to stop the heuristics welcome both ways so if you are stuck with a style scheme and new diamonds and exploded because it taking on all kinds of product and was not something that at the start of was books and now he said of everything from growth to furniture to cause although they do it at New Year Ellis and you them engine code will that idea to go back to stuff snowflake all the volume of the debt and mentioned high go back to stop it at the start of the I'm actually
but it did that the conditions about what you take all the decision not to fully cost asking depends on the necessity a want cost pupils to see if you have to control distraught and most of the time people realise of a mixture because some them and maybe the response the good idea to normalise them some ideas them into may be very thick good idea to keep them stops and this was called style flakes scheme of some of the engines on my rise some others are not analyze the normalised and those are part of the way are picked ShopRite and then we go to the to them and mum all so that will recover we 5 4 2 5 let's take it
from me and set up a
basic is said Suffolk scheme the decision for every demand that you make it depending on the frequency of the amount of damages elements the number of classification that was so big that they will be and the match realisation of the equity just like I do it in all more than a prices and the impact of the 1st you have
several several affect tables that has signed with the diamond and you might have something on the same rules the received the revenue of the website and or like that ever subject to interested and you have a different fact a before that we you might have a different effective that have been different but a damn but not not different them may be the same demanding that had been different and measures different tax in the for each of this effect table the is connected to a subset of the diamond possible and this is what is called a galaxy will different styles are kind of put together with some Galaxy when different fact tables many them may not connected to the same time and the UK and then that different schemes less than that the houses that are
not used very often so the most popular are the most de of used Relational affect tables are the style and the way they do not that affect constellations which recalculated aggregates the hot on the materialization but very quick full clothing and the so called tactless facts tables where I don't have any measures leader on of any effect but just how the possible relations between the dam engines and the subject can be you can use it for a meat and checking for example of the
sort seen as the creation of a novelist such might have some disadvantages because you don't have populist transformation steps how to get from a queue to stop all snowflakes and you can or less automatically below the Prius was the Computer relationships and I want to have the period was the aggregation level but here houses somehow transfer until translated into the right joined hire and that can be done automatically by the application of small problem but still have to translated into the representation and Blue you want to see the as the L used the amount of especially if you have a snowflakes but I need attend joint Suchanek scale statement said value you the is that they not the way it has to be kept by the end of says that has to be welcomed by the interface save Ekstract a fine interface anyway while using a relation of the high could also stalled that a mighty dimension not use a database at all but just use the race take the
match takes off the as a basic storage scheme and then use that is and the addressable storage space for starring in the values of the elementary district as Ike and the cubes and diamonds you see each Hugh has a set of diamonds and a set of measures but not and the values of the mansion and measures are not put together in a toppled in some relations but in an array directly in storage and full are kind of although some Criterium and physically linearised and of have a on to damage the
queue for the 1st time in 2 5 various a 2nd dimension where this year 5 times fell 20 huge cells up and had to stand up you stopped at 1 sell use bird the 5 cells in a rope and then your polemics rolled again stole the 5 thousand row of city to the site for 1 of the dam engines you 1 led to which you use for storing that before somebody of Liliath go scheme that showed shown here the start of the full time you write off each other so 1st their 5 values for dinner and then or 5 per useful February than or 5 values of for all of this the week of February is as the of this could be my and this could be a truer problem grant yet so every month Stewart linearised behind and the different products that his are basically just Jason to each other so well you do it was basically what you can do you can found at any of the rose and then just before the rope until you get to the point that you want and if you put an index on top of it that can be directly group 4 different roles he will have index and the to which is basically a time diamond you have to traverses index to get to the right of the correct role and the and you have to go into a values of you want them to come up with perspective to be offered you basically after the you can use it in the failure to just scans rule although parts of UK and so if you search you early in the day from acute what happens physically should like for so long march those accused days of and the and smoke which is the base of the pie exactly how to play way and that the firm will be some sort of some if you acute like tickets sold in February you go to a 1st of February and the end runs through all the different things up and and if you're interested in the special day in February so for example the full teams the you want to say to excessive this Procell just look through different area ball on to you get to look for things so the Kent was 1 day in February if part of the the array of Mahmoud to them and will for the want basically instead of which it just look like 1 2 3 4 4 6 7 and 2 0 up and this is the 1st 3 go for it to 2nd week of February and go up to 1 3rd of at which they were good at it that it it was a key will be exemplum and the and so basic he everywhere you may Taibu a response to a certain type the overview of fundamental every column in the table for the 1st to say product and make and I just for the time you items off each other welcome strolled certain offers of of to decide 40 the what the grim so
do as issues revived acute was sometime engines and and he's them measures also the types the need execute so it was quite good ICCS 1 to X and can be realised as a take weeks 1 value across the extreme where you minus 1 times the diamond another to use the card in the key of the 1st time and he because I'd have to get over all rope of the 1st time and he of the class for them and not until the 1st role for the Célestin of global both 2nd dimension up and and the and comes the new for a sort and so on so the steps are getting large 1st basic the of the so far below comes up so you can compute the cell that every Bekatorou stalled uniquely depending on the way to UK and the so
the head of the dimensions and the camp definition has certainly influence on whole false we on because of what happened now if we talk about the jacket and February and the pro from the ticket in March commander acute the poet told general the good so that what if we want to accept the product and generally has begun to cases birdied be cute because we had wee Calculate the 1st items that their this only just go to the chase and and that's it up which reversed 5 record welted want to know all about that will pens lay off now ID this St and it the to the difficult because we hope on the 1st than which reverse all those that we come queue to get to the 2nd Rovers all those we come to use it to the 3rd reverse all those we come to see and get lost so which rose 16 records for that bad idea if you have offered by part of the body at the foot of the type of acute that we expect that comes most often should be the key point for 2 losing the kind of linearization a pink
and the solution but what can you do we out the security can do is use cashing if you get some information in the cash antique and kind of realise that information already follow this busy the Dome but the operating system and the amount to much dimension of database basic he has to see that the Brooks it spells and it wants to excessive and the future accused may work on stage in the cash and their database system does that related basis and that it has its own database Kesh which is part of the of the moment cache of long Group and the summit as a summary wants to touch any of these records that the system Brokes no you can autopsies records as the benefit of a if you do that on a file system was amount to them the base of the storey and the other of operating system might cost them you cash spread circuit who can do quite a lot to solve
the problem of the acute side densely populated so you have a measure for every step of basic to a lot of in the area stoves amazingly efficient because of the things just thought wants a right behind on the other hand if you have complex operations to also launched you that you have to jump in and Traverse law things what could we do all we could do again idea of demobilisation because could 1st few the level of the index is the point of to the right place and the EU and then no use the information with the measures of thought and so the 1st level of content all the indexes the 2nd that the thought of and what we can do is basically we use indexes trees but methods of will go into that little but the next time that we were found and the compression physical petitioning or the strikes on the 1st of and that point is that the self of computations where we have to jump up in the smell of level on the index as the edge of the excesses is on the fact that is something that you could
do I'm if you response Cuba things can of difficult because it was so close Cuban literally in Italy or isation has to be spoilt even if there was no measure of that was not the wise that are because you have to calculate yet to compute the jumps and if you have no idea whether this is simply not dealt that the Russell's you can not predict how many times you have to make up and the key to structure and cheque and that was and a basic 1 of the problems with the new US law which I'm because if you ask you which sometimes happens you write a lot of non values and 54 over but law of not very good idea of what I can do is you can be used again through the use and index on top of that and just make the jumps for not values that fully to other ways order don't and for the February so I'll just make a jump point here and jump all the whole thing just next brought so upper the again holds a possible combination of the 2 of them and and below their may hold them the time of local for the
see it like that and we can use for example for modeling and campaign under we are interested in and of in the customer demand for low cost of from customers just a couple of them and basic will have the time the geography of the plot which is below the level at which we have the full cubes and put a lid on top of each you would put on top the aggregate of inflammation of the aggregate mesh of of sea from so that is basically the customer and the marketing campaign just too small measures the response and the density populated time of geography and their connected the camp UK and Canada and this
brings us to the last the true to they were conceived by higher of this stand in practise by with spoken about the physical modelling which started with the tickled model which spoke about troops corresponds to avert a multi-dimensional but the which can be done translated by of Relational told start or snowflakes came world to erase of the layers of the physical model well based on the scramble for storey to the possibilities of the 1 speaks in his book about different possibilities which have actually become was found that the date of doing what the 1st 1 the frequency the whole of the city of storey was the best of what it was actually go just the beginning sold a on standard taking the peaceful for the Belmont and doing global competition on the best of not very great idea the next though solution which actually of 0 either of them but a multi-dimensional but the row was the more up which actually say is 1 of these equally well with the bat he board in a race is reputed be seen with the nearest Asian and so on and 3 obligated information at this point in time there were no a day very pile food companies said in relation of technologies Eyebeam for example or lack of 1 origami my head and I said You know what these new home 0 multidimensionality storey with can also have a piece of this might be why not on see them that we are back to their multi-dimensional by the wanted a snow structure and we have all databases their own technology we have so many clients when just event for the technology is already we just the mapping between the by the PM and what we have and with time owned bowled all of these Technologies sold brought up and more up every within what they is called he read all up and what is new is in most of the big the powerhouses so as I'd
say that was the 1st to open the 1st Solution where it was based on non will be membership to find the 10 per cent of the target was a 14 and the competition was found and the kind well of cost base is the teaching and the you don't really do your on 3 able to perform the GRAPE Unilever's is because you are limited to a with the what you have for your best sold your country or bring compiler the and I'll easiest with higher granularity the but 1 great beauty of times well
though Stadio was who was mounted a mention the physical led from the picture 1 2 0 2 0 today based on my bidimensional you have low might be various database of several you have when you in the face which is actually quite completing the idea is that the by the used them to leave now Asian directly from the translated into into the storey to sold Malcolm placated queries also so needed between December and the data and then we have the client level where where the operations have to be times by and from what I have found in the sand sort everything she is just weeks from the business and this with his by 1 put used to buy want to see is dimensions of the want would begin to the date this size but the to of the symbol of the move up translates to says the civilian a Asian gets debate about computer everything angeles-based based with the display in the face to the user the although computation everything but is the aggregated is the foreign during the construction so there for doing the mouldings is not only the 1st loading step where you of cost aggregate of mobile they but also doing during the moulding step each week you may want to a bit of a powerhouse this is when it happens to be a daze aggregate
the Vantage's of cost the due put the segregated steps to have cost the authority of you can create low the year and you don't need the joint you just before the data before we remember a cofounder of the 1st to part of the more than hour meeting to look something like this but it has been pretty aggregated data up admit is obligated they don't want to buy mentions this once you 1 either to buy mentions estate that here is a list of aggregated based on by mansion and find to have the old abrogation sold for their mansions and this example of the headaches as we have described and the way that everything is free generated this can become
quite complicated as I've said so you should be imagined a every step on the way his booby free copulated applauding the local for addition of information has PPL based on a book of time had to be spent not so this is year of the use vantage for below
the time OK so the Coupe can be derived from a large amount of data it only contains however summary of information about when examples of this kind of evolution due to aggregation use here for eagle title 400 make up the direct should be seen for loans this opens was project it generates 5 the Gulf of data only this calculation storey so imagine the 400 mega would expand defy the how it would look like if by would want to go to have a new book of 50 the for a week the about how we could expand now but I think they will only for pensions supposed to to be the feet of another impedimenta and is advantage is that the this of the soft result and appropriate victory for of cost that the basement distribute boss Walker idea Microsoft have overlooked the 1st about 15 under Michael sold Wallace was bowled by a beauty and based by Orrico Microsoft has developed their on system and actually Apollo used only system open sauce might dimension of love they powerhouse solution which area and all right now we have just the thing for more of consulting so the
giving the soft for 3 but the you won't be able to use it and the new the by her specialist who free the you how to use it could the next step was the relation of law He things are particular start for snowflakes scam up for scoring the information in a multi-dimensional body the but a lot 7 which translates what the user in in operation through a information and gets the data from the sale of Klaas a because the presentation level is a multi-dimensional presentation their this does formation she is not simulating more it has to be said that these are the patient comes of costs of the cost it has to be done twistgrip Creeley's or a denied the light and
the world full tool to express expressed their needs of the user so we use special designs but we still suffered of the for her performance issues for distance the and the and the next day lectures especially attention to index is and look single Asian possibilities based for formation users also of so we can use but mapping the excuse or a please or whatever other multidimensionality makes his we have available of cost the GRAPE advantage its went technology with tested appropriate databases we know it functions as the most said it does it on fishing it's pretty solid technology robust very big advantage another important fact that is what it allows the storey to a large quantities of data which action in the case of my team multi-dimensional databases it's not so that might be the mention of the of of the way so more world of producers the commander of the technology up the 51 a 100 the the while up in which it can easy to go up to 5 6 per head of Yukos or a dispute about the new disappointing that by so the disadvantages here today them easy to find but the integrated on which and that such a father of 4 of them by the those Microsoft Sibella Niemi peaks of bought by Walker of the and the and is an interesting solution foreign opens was ordered to remain in the city an offer no lectures
OK so based on the Hot needs can cheap between more up and up but also a multi-dimensional of cost more up offers great credit for because it has the look of the aggregated but the club has the Buddhist for materialise whose and other inmates make unease which cost not offers can also and early take affected beating because the presentation various or actually about the way that the taste for the high level when it comes to the area by the about sex it's not possible in more don't have access to high would have existed before would but implemented said were which was the relation of a bout together with the other 3 aggregate could be tough and I just best by their negated they back into the field and that's all talk and Buddhist more common again when it comes to lunch Williams so they found that the big minus for more 100 the guys new not the enough for the poor appointed Big powerhouse both from the management of the information systems to appoint both who benefits of system easy tool to develop is not this complex from the technology point of view it has brought the whole over the last activities easily maintained the and that he thought the appropriate by technology that systems where actually the unionisation he is not doing what is annoyed be made of the downfall of strategy of different pulled demise for some difficult queries and so on so it's not into any more when it comes to the maintenance of the abnegated they found it so easy to pull maintained that the band and more allowed its high the before the symbol of the cause it has to be done explicitly metallised whose well but if you could in what is called tool of to perform medication were during the moving
across that is the main called if we how ever want to do is put the acknowledges combined of costs we could speak about the Hebrew version of the where the details of information can be stored in a database again this picking the multi-dimensional by the law and we could see were the aggregated based on in multi-dimensional puberty system for not another solution would be to put the she would call up by making do of different petitioning possibilities by vertical off horizontal
with good for example user of a part of EU's obligations stay the and more for small cost with performance brings critical petitioning and still a lot world details of queries for the day but down from the role of Board a vertical politician in world we could perform the horizontal published in a way which was different by mentions 1 classic by mention his time to stop the aggregated with more up again this comes from a way sticks now and that was over the top in the well actually this is something which I in 1 has a commanded but they have seen on the phone as they may need to put it but it depends if you actually need high obligation levels for the order of the day and you want to appoint the new reusable by the level of a handful of for the recently that with a smaller radiation and you actually need to do this exactly the opposite but still its a communication of Baltimore up and go off on the plan there mention it depends
on your needs good another solution would be to divide news is between more up and the and grow up between now and then as time as the thought of divided in subregions and say OK where there was a when of what we have to find a way to allow somewhat provisioned storey more
everything depends on your queries and hold in the UK is it is the sort confusion by just want to remind you of the follow up Babel is a is built on the stock and snowflakes came up with combinations of it is great for a detailed saw smoke ground but I think they fell in love state of wouldn't fell by his not even higher while from up the globe to of structures the store in the rating and it's good for small avoidance of data so actually if you would do like what sort of small daytime on this month dimensions for example but the best solution is to use a hybrid 0 well up based on year which could as a
sort Sunday 4 0 4 or a lecture on what they would like to pull to remember is that the medical not only the most troops and the mentions them engines are expressed charities and classifications regarding the physical level from the physical broadening it can be either implemented relationally of this past the scam on this is great for created performance for big that which is not of road which is often used it offers some of the less of tables these pool of a smaller number of smaller number for joins again simple such a great but it's a big if I'd have been dimensions discuss came out is not the solution it can know it can be these cases Ohio overhead due to my big dimensions the number of grid and and the other possibilities does not waste place camel where have normalise my then mentions again this leads full of a large number of the woes of the dimensions of the have been to
be joined the Queen this is not great indicate indicates that I'm going to take my data from the fact table with me the physique of a blue can also be a huge accommodating can also be performed by a multi-dimensional expressed through race poetry for what is important here is Panoho put the phone million at is Asian so actually you just want a multi-dimensional body into a single on array the most interesting problems of the world of the dimensions of a way to use was my 1st mentioned easy by a my bullying queries over time the about both my primary query pointless where the solution is to use cashing in Shia and need to be capable of the bill creation system does not myself with officials the multi-dimensional databases another problem has been scoop sense box groups and for this reason 1 can use to levels for each week in we indexes point for the corresponding bid by allowing for Johnson the case off of spice to for example and not before get is based on the physical low modelling 11 1 can speak about multi-dimensional up creation of up but what actually use behind him complexities is using both of them into a hybrid model next
and will be speaking about what demise in strategies about the Knicks since names of all the big mapping Nixie's trees and passion their any questions about the picture and then NY would like to think of for pension density you make quite