Sequence Pattern Mining & Time Series (06.01.2011)

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Sequence Pattern Mining & Time Series (06.01.2011)
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In this course, we examine the aspects regarding building maintaining and operating data warehouses as well as give an insight to the main knowledge discovery techniques. The course deals with basic issues like storage of the data, execution of the analytical queries and data mining procedures. Course will be tought completly in English. The general structure of the course is: Typical dw use case scenarios Basic architecture of dw Data modelling on a conceptual, logical and physical level Multidimensional E/R modelling Cubes, dimensions, measures Query processing, OLAP queries (OLAP vs OLTP), roll-up, drill down, slice, dice, pivot MOLAP, ROLAP, HOLAP SQL99 OLAP operators, MDX Snowflake, star and starflake schemas for relational storage Multimedia physical storage (linearization) DW Indexing as search optimization mean: R-Trees, UB-Trees, Bitmap indexes Other optimization procedures: data partitioning, star join optimization, materialized views ETL Association rule mining, sequence patterns, time series Classification: Decision trees, naive Bayes classifications, SVM Cluster analysis: K-means, hierarchical clustering, aglomerative clustering, outlier analysis
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Metropolitan area network Data mining Physical law Inductive reasoning
The around should probably begin over so about their could not come to date he has an important making so we moved with this letter to be OK
So the last time before the hoping that he with discuss the Balco of an introduction in data mining but of quality and we went in for a 1st approach 1 of the most important in data mining respectively Association for mind with discussed his about up your a loaded the downward closure would would establish couple copulate so that and confidence will be introduced or a complex approach the multiple meaningful of approach and then we discussed the bald head of these lecture will discuss about the sequence and the both times he actually later is quite of connected to the last lectures 0 0 0 should it would be helpful to remember but above obscurity brought him
So what is it with these of sequential part that mining widely read something like this The idea is that led interested in mind that the group could be in the hands of the events in subgrids subsequences which requires that as part solo classical example which it is lower of pick up the phone climate and declined and the is line of the New might ages stuff that after a while commanding me some promotions for better I'll be they know when to recommend the best the thing if you have and I'm sure and you want to claims to be when we do recommend someone such a ploy some bad political designed destined see when the but these are not fit to be a solution the other 1 is to have the data use sold up of customers who sold Akapa since the musical so low that someone that has grown which has a political clout to months later has brought back the and not only someone with a 100 points So of fame by off to months is probably the best ones to concede that the plan could be interested in that it is now so this is what they've done this seated at the head of customers by after the board their across that their command them online music maybe you bring to cinematic after a while they commended need useful but we did not play with my petticoat that much time though it was probably this accommodation comes because most of the customers by after your soul new bed rule of wings because they there but this is what we can find out the sequential part of my we can see what the other side of the world in which we are now so this is produced will come discussing the ball customers attention and some other example which will discuss about him is that it is bad luck predictions that my 14 exchange this is also a very good example for seconds sequential part of my life that you do not example or for the right to sell the stock market do world 0 0 on the time Mugsy's will take that pulled disasters as you can see when something happens like the days gas us in a way some number of the about than the of science is high this means actually you can see appointees graphic but the index is for bespoke might get went off
Now sold Stowmarket is that it is very sensitive to such a such international match the idea is that when you have the possibility of you can predict so as soon as you read something about a potentially International disaster coming up unilaterally happen with stop you can sell you can buy you can follow followed interest the Before we go into the elbow it's the only thing to do some vocabulary and will start with the item said that it would will be introduced also last week which the Solar we consider might and set of ball for the Sept of Pope possible items which away to speak about the case to via the and we will speak about the
Tampa Bay for the conditions and the say OK and event is 1 on the list of items that this year is an event that they actually means is that they broke the 3 items in 1 transaction now has now them with the same time but in public on what they say is that in any event the least order slide don't care about the order of this is just of the transaction with the events weekend fine sequences sequences at all over the place of events now and then I'd have for example a secret is not to buy the 1st event in the 2nd and so on These are sequences best example for sequence is that the client has brought to the transaction of ought to be destroyed the ABI seat that the 1st event and then the next day I want some of the time the tree items you see a defeated said doesn't matter
Not and this is the 2nd and and then ahead with this believe and event 1 and event for the sequence which corresponds is is the author of the police both events Young who would will speak about the length of this sequence is the number of items in this case 6 so where a speaking about playing a number of items in the sequence even if it repeated said it a for example in the way point it but the interested 6 where will also speak about those sequence of and this is and don't want me to go for 1 as a team Hansie was Casey gruesome only not patients and the NHS things become a bit of a bit more complicated the
We will be fine subsequences and supper sequences with conceded out from as a set of the event so sequence of a sub-sequence over the time He each he even from of fell is a subset from 1 of the inventor from but what this actually means as your problem but understand on this example if I'd have the Seagram's this is the event won the easy event we on it and 1 indeed just 1 eye period and eventful and then have the time The girl without the events this is the 1st time this is the 2nd round by saying that the fight is a subset of the house because he is a subset of the 1st event from but the he died and is a subset of the 2nd and from but is it the at 50 this is limitation No 5 miles within speak about the sequence Abbey's what they did it but that is where their codes of secrecy pretty easy and you can't say OK disturbances across from its customers and saw Sorokin than mine and this kind of data of We can now defined no of its usual though so that meaningful board and grant itemsets based on exactly this patients this is why Reddington using them as soon as the system with It seems to fund the loan Weaver have not where we want people to get rid of this smoke from the UK it will have to find the subsequent though sub-sequence and the your sequence we can all speak about the supply of a sequence disappoint before sequence is the number of record which contains Huber sequences of of 5 if off face the Seagram swept trying to find the support for would just looking for the database and compiler be shoe sequences Volvo ahead and then they say OK this season for for where they can be fined frequent sequence saw them out of
He was a frequent sequence if it so there is greater than a given minimum so for think could pretty including the same as it is in the classic about the way so we can be fined enemy meaningful that potential copulate was bought a follow up and and say OK frequent recruit sequence of indicate that should this frequency are also called sequence world but that it's about the this is exception exactly what it means and the and the European No also quoted by its slain sold if it has 5 items inside the needs of 5 points a full part in the three part because it is exactly that many items and speaking of items not events so kept an event can have 1 or more high the time you should or on differentiate between items and events not let consider an example of the stop by a positive industry but there but he is this SEPA's database have the sequences and that these were have the ball cabinet these of the items redefine a minimum so or pool of this would be also expressed a percentage would be brought with something like 25 per cent since we have no 50 per cent as we have now
And then will be the 1st to the 1st tee and you can also for example each year these event of just 1 item appeal more time it that is a single event in the purest as an item in the 2nd event in the US also has an item in the 3rd over the length of the season 9 and Load will be allowed 3 appearances over 8 in the 1st sequence We are going to cut the bustle pop of 80 has the support of all 5 0 but the wish you called just that political this is just 1 record doesn't matter how many times the Pias conventicle you are just going to cost you that the 1st appearance so this contributes just 1 for the support of the so that when I'm going to copying the superb of various a walking 1 appearance yet another 1 Shia another 1 Shia and another when he saw this as a purple fees for 100 per cent skipped mood taken American completely part led city
We want to study these this sequence this is out of the room and we want all Competa and find out that this is a sub-sequence of the 1st record will I'm going to start a I'd find it she I'm going to search the 2nd event which is based team and big with the 2nd events from the his record high confined each year and willing to surge of the event confined each year and I saw then hiking concludes that this time he is a subsequent of the 1st recall according to a member of the so and quoted for another example would be a this 1 with events seemed be on my blood the same alterations look ahead of their Easter and 18 if would on paid the 1st event there is no comparison to be done right so I'm going for the inside the 1st event from she Is a subset of the 2nd event from she is still alive as long as she is a subset of 1 of the following the events from the point of the transaction this is the case here so this is also a subset Pulling further along with recalled creating this circled change I'd find it here and their friends to here so this is also a subset solo so for them to be found in the supply of Prestowitz estates demeaning mums minimum for point so this is a sequential part of the by its at about but because it has to act and to events but there aren't makes Izzard yet duck group
Sell What's the problem with people find something like this but we have some Challenges some of Asian 0 2 there is a huge number of possibilities debated separate sequential part that he'd been in the database and will be the maverick the discovers the island what it has to be corrected has to find out the complaint set off by the tide don't want police and a by demand might be very important for my but so I'd don't want any any loss want my mind it is about to be quite the and don't want with level because if I'm going to stop performing well the communications it will take some time for huge amount of data by 1 the that that the database will not be scanned too much and too many times for a want to use the access to the secondary memory and the cost if I'd have some users specific constraints want to to be able to and that the remember that item of want to introduce multiple means for These are worried should be able to cope with such challenges of costs in the literature that are the approaches will discuss about the generalised sequential and which is strong radiated to the popular what it's based on the number of calls for between
The order also somebody Asians the prefix can piece band speed and gross banned by with the command if you would like and heavy interest in mining sequential Botham's were leading to take a look at this it's 1 of the most important that we win the went before the sequence Botham's but it's not the 1st in the and the church with proposals also told understand a generalised sequential by this is what speak next
Well it's based on the popular to prop up the and the idea here is that he for the sequence which could be called S is not frequent sauce not the popular but then none of its Shubra sequences can be a part at the easy and logical as an example alive taken she the sequence and if this 1 easy infrequent so it comes up in just 1 1 record than anything that goes out of these sequence it'd be cheaper to buy what they were found to be taken on the part of this is the idea so if and when to take each me then the 1 and this 1 0 also infrequent The day gap Questions will world the is going to get worse so that would qualify as a 1st step cost but with lower with the vocabulary and see each item is a candidate and but we have to stand the database cheque after the world's we can go from a generalisations and conceded that some of the killings candidate whisk on the database for copulated sexual support with an established a Cape at that this was all about what frequent identity remember if of cake count and and this is a figment itemset Rescate that the man or case would generate the next level but give us 1 candidate
Low intimidating people some candidates we need to be kept for the pay attention to the period of what they said before regenerating gave us 1 if 1 of the sub of sequences is not in is not those about than that The keep on but that is not that it can be fitted World this surrounding is Asians step would be defeated 1990 candidates can be found so that about moonwalking linked frequent sequences bonus smile example soloist up with the initial step
This is the book cabinet so I'd she says she needs to use the key which the page and the genetic policing the punk events these out are candidates We don't take the database And we take the support for the case yet it's not yet the end each year Few minutes he sold for Bautista 3 down for week And the and the same wants twice 3 times pawed plans 5 times This 5 and half for G and H those is 1 of the median and so that is defined useful Sobeys told had not those can be found can be defeated that not of a pigment enough so them not part of this is run by a man who have just won a lament So in the next step we want to find out to buy soaring tools It's a how this can be before the simplest solution is to build the stable and combined with a single point events a combined with a results and the difference and the combined a with each over though he events and will be more full length candidates
The cause the of the museum broadband Where quintuple from the communications in but brokerage ction sold the 8 can be the kind of the same thing the order in which the items were what is different so that a tools sequences For these are candidates we have an additional set of candidates the once when from the items have been bought to get in the investing the transaction saw she at Wigan generate steel blink candidates update 1 the he has Campbell together see has been motivated baby has been well together and so on how it makes more sense to have something like the 18th because they have the same items they need to be a wild white sought to we know bosket As I've said in an event dying items have not order them up separate transactions that the same transaction sold and it doesn't make sense to have she gave and in the Eighties Because the same thing there no order between items in 1 event now is the everybody the goods About you can order to observe that the of some of the candidates and generating should have been put on hold although as a with have puted jeans and then H which also generate candidates on Friday that they be of some some possible candidates the same rules for she fuelled populated distant to publish the names of us what comes up few Well led 1 point appropriated not nothing happens calm but which the pudding step with the fund
We did a 51 pulling candidates found this candidates have the beating take into the database slide then have to go for must come and see which of the candidates are also available so which of them are actually about my boundaries and it's about 19 problems and that of question after generate candidates of Frank 3 with the 19th Pappas that result from she now we should skip of some some more Steps in between but the again imagined Whitehead conceded becomes but the big Invista can step and then it is going to be smaller than support due to the small number all 4 these out in between It decreases the and with just 1 at the of playing 5 so a 5 at the end this is the law And don't of cost if you do it with all the communications with the high difficult problem PPL sold for the huge database but the about what the me stations which are possible because of the popularity of the idea here is that when I'm going to offer would join which that's cost that this is an event of laying 3 And this is another event of the same length in the wonderful during a employer for length candidate the secret is to cheque that the media is the same contains the same height and in the order and the only the 1st for the 1st and last And you can say OK this is my joining board and what they were does not respect his vote at Wenger in Iowa critic and the White does something like this would be like a night with myself multiple following every combination but just local system for anybody this is just another game Asian did not prevent each year but it could it open up the secret This Is this 1 she to enter the house is not a frequent Adams's refined and genuflected like this then that the other side which it would have used to join as a useless because I've found 1 firm killing treatment that which is not a group which has about them which is not pick so disliked the this is like including a convicted of this is an Optimization New York and read about the issue which 1 but adopted fuelled the full for results when performing on large large collections
OK so the drawbacks or for G speed is the should set of figures candidates especially for the of the 2nd for the 2nd stable degeneration when have the 1 patents and you want all generated the full length candidates for the 2nd Problem number of stands for the about the game published candidate goals by and though the biggest problem is that when I'm going and by the time I interested in seeing the appointments not only to stop after that the game is in the Copa example or a week but and willing to see the city's off events like point sampling the stop my limited now world wet was would not the same as that which spoken about the event but not mention off by winner on segregated and but we don't know how much time has passed between these events this is why was the could be about densities that's the different series cigna's but sequences with time should between 2 events that the cost and time last found these will become the 2nd part of poetry fancies databases 18 but because it reveals that the import of the case of the processes that has generated the data and the database the values and the adventure and the change with by
And of course the database is recorded the figure in the UK the best solution to imagine something like this is the again to stop might where you have peaks certainty for example insect this dramatically the 1st but it will you can cost of this kind of because it a good idea that about between a price to pay for the and so as where ready dimension to 1 of the main applications for pansies time cities used Stoke not says for testing and impatient with which we can also speak about pop on Sumption workload and processes and so on majority uses also time seized tool to predict where the so we see the world Flow use for for the taking time cities daytime disco must book this site is comes into steps 1 would be modelling The Times he sold it in the feet above the process that has created the data to analyse the by state that you get the feeling of how some of the richest and the poorest books like a new used this model the before they passed to have and the present day date the present they and you can is the made how we'd been the next next peaks for next time out
The methods we will speak about convicted of Turner misuse and the simulated which was stopped with a friend on a sense of the classical techniques which aroma will discuss about which are actually used of studies stable techniques you have shown shooting the ball to oppression Iles's and some of a weekend was admission on August to construct a model which is independent of the fees ekes of the process so I'd and all the post but the head the data on which the process has generated and to the state owned by Bloomberg model which explains that the power
The secret is have to have a moustache across or something which can be distinguished from low from the dummy became and which is time early on the other the most basic example is that the British temperatures but if we did variations based on locations from of going to of some of the for how right we know the fragments of all the climate but you would pay if you would have the power to with the cost of some of the richest time which came in a statement of the posted told the temperatures will be on every Schnittke's here at the same time that we give you an example Emap's that this could have put the cost and the funeral their salaries to not we all pulled a numbers in all but 1 1 of them has a set of new 70 of 100 thousand and 1 of them has a set of 3 30 thousand a year and then you know that 1 of them is a big house and 1 of them has a flat don't know which is which which has because which has still you probably confessed that the because most fully with the 2nd employability belongs to there with the bigger set up to help the amount of data that can perform such correlations you can be them a model for all of this stuff integration Iles's remember but the both aggression Iles's and this is 1 of the most popular of solutions for more of the time cities
It helps the isolating the Isle pleasant datasets and for finding and this is exactly what we are interested in finding trends it functions based on dependent vibrant and 1 or more independent by a on the idea is that the dependence by will is more loading equation based on the independent by what they see and an example that's consider the among 15 billion for a company which is the and students campuses weekend conceded the city was over 1 semester is being Load dependent viable and the independent by Willis has the Mokadem strategies where going to use each we have the US the Dow like for example of advertising
The French campuses in the past and we know how much of a new Big produced we can build on that and we can predict what kind of sales the new we can expect this kind of all my taking company and began optimizing say OK I'm not interested in composer a deal published team for some sponsorship pulled off Sami that this is something you can buy from a traditional not so if you want to build a model for something like this Donald have the ribosyl you would have to open on 0 James constant which if the aggression line
If this is the nonaggression on this is the case as a classic looting and aggression and then you have the independent viable of closer to on the Blue inebriation roaring ride only 1 independent but called out on stand by and see what happens with the same could be dependent without a classical from the aggression where the defendant is the predicted squad which is predicted squad has said this is the region cost on and the other side of the aggression questions highly can go could that aggression Coefficients the for allows for the soul or denied East's criticised his 1 1 the solution for book operating aggression where efficient while once you have established a model now but the the words were most important here is that you can't play the same way when they are not later with the viable you call Independent so 1st during the of
Think this is the 1st of the sides questioned this correlation where efficient on the multi but in this case you will begin to dependence on all of the correlation or fixed and head of the Independent or in such a graphic of the presentation if this question where efficient 0 them those poet of randomly through contradictory think if there was a positive correlation then it's clear that the this city is a vote was the with for example 1 0 modification author independent by about and an air of certain percentages well before if this this correlation where efficient is negative Soldinger have a minus 1 million people look something like this and there aren't equally continued can still say something about the dependent this is the idea so established a correlation you below them although look up in the quiet fish and and then you can predict the said This 8 yet When something like this you can build the and now
Cities Chaos can to the so called aggression trencher most adipic that then changed you have the and line which is copulated to aggression and then you have to attend land and options actually the boundaries of the charm and when for example she they actually venues That should be used in can see the see this is the causal possible pocket but each year the center then you can come to the conclusion that there is a trend that can be detained would change and a new need again to compute another British and see how it will not part of the day this awkward and murder and land worldwide just used the stand out of the Asian below and upwards of the aggression and just after the start of the Asian and the role of subside from the of the navigation data of cost of living mission is so is easiest to case where the European have lost will not only navigation sold the function is not out of order and airports will based vision methods and songs of another problem is that the aggression on can can not kept show of the moment of something like point emplaced my and the power of this season's but 1 has to be compelled this time cities scene for some standard basic movements this is the solution rambling to also here and the idea is 1 can identify and the most classical component then season of movements imagined the Christmas sales season of movements
Psychos which are handled system of move movements explained by something goes so a kind of Customs season of movements get treated the same but they are semantically the business process of the company someone should find them and then irregular movements some of this is what happens in this book Mike where people Start behaving which So there is no no to Mojica correspondence happened in the match and and you can now pay clampers such a dynasties of with for example
I'd model so I can say OK or time says can be compose south of some of such a such movement with the peak at the something like this but the biggest problem is bright fight each of these 4 4 movement time and this is exactly what we speak about
If you have no database solely on the tool For this identification of large collections and you want tool to perform turned out not to identified the and then you can put it just by looking and you can see OK I can see a trend in the movement and of the few growth this is called tree and the and it works for limited smoke from all of the take top its practical for some obligations like 14 exchange of another method is based scrap-metal Ivorian the mention and popularity in the grey officials for British aggression and the some months some long classical solution The movingimage map of this has been teach that the in the need to seek legal and seasonal as well as the public face regular part so it leaves us with the track The quest levels in Sunday dubbed the beginning and the end usually members someone in order to operate the movingly of the Jews siding with deciding window has a length and the and you'll man of include as essential for pointiness sliding window exactly the last point equation don't have any follow so kind of was the and doesn't at its most in the amount of data were to be destroyed the window for the morning average for good Of course is the most most basic moving giving too sensitive bulk life but for this reason the body Asians of of for movingimage instead of a exponentially movingimage where you can increase the importance of the scent of a lamenting citing window and so we see the world pressing the movingimage examples of the idea is to establish the link of your of sliding window in this case for the war another sliding window sizes and and then do some of the 1st and a lemons divide in my and that the 1st lamenting and then the sickened by summing up from the 2nd of Dorian bustline adamant and for the 1 0 1 spell example with a sliding we lost his summing up the 1st 2 elements dividing the mighty populating there is out there and the next 3 and so on and you get something like if you have such a graphic of representations with this kind of all clients you can see that the new Bangor which with the window for the Israelis and you can easily get moving every of 3 is not quite that would have been amount of the time you should also consider the sliding window size but during the snowbound could send you can order the identified and what then not worried by finding out what it scan work 1 this kind of thing every a mentioned before have waited moving average you just out the way that for example the dissuade picked off and sale came the 1st has put away before on the scent of the new as a way to put it in the last of whom and you got in this case give impertinence so if it's cool small to give morning for
For the real thing there are some that flavours if you feel that the data is not fit for a 4 billion the sliding and you need to be that from the beginning until now then and you can do that conducted moving in which the you actually equalled the last of each and Calculate the again with a new base at them and now this is the every age from the beginning of the existence of my data just 1 number which on within the party and the cost of moderation 6 1 Angel with moving to reach which gives Simpletons pulled from a recent observations so I'm I'm interested that the past is the way to lower compared to the police and recent not numbers were spoken about the trend but we have we still have some was season of operations and the of the season evaluation of quite easy to identify Walker 1 actually does it is a fluke this indexes for example the city indexes compared to the average
And if this is something like this you can see on how walking this is much about the average should consider using the siege of season of index for this month to be able to cope actually with from July is it is not a can only world cyclical comparison with the last year with the amount of global November last year but affectionate wanted more public my sailors were compared with the rest of the year deny should just globalised and by the postseason on index Now sold in the processes of the season on Wednesday tousled book adjusted with this season alike seasonally Boteach this is how it looks like a few hours in the line as sales they classical sales data and a few glasses of the of the season life is the time to get more walking the sales have continued to increase
See you can see she had increased compared to the beginning of the year but not due to this season of the influence of the season lost their actually he really increases in sales which Avinel duple Christmas or something out endemic and the might of the navigation function on bass and they consider how they visit and then Nikon Calculate the by 1 up 1 down and they can say OK as a break in the 10th the Thames changes This commission of the cyclical variations is very very similar to the season over the top on the day of the World 0 semantic meaning for the company for told in this case of an expert has come into a where for all of this business the months of July and the August of all for a cyclical game for us because we stylised somewhere where you want to use of
1 example account of the problem lies with the year ago variations 1 solution is to go before from up on Iles's competency but if the data is actually underwhelmed by the almost 2 solution is is the date the account the of integrated into 1 of the 10 seasonal of secret of body Asians then it's clear dignified each so 3 explosion with this kind of movements were not able to perform the loan much wanted predictions we were talking of the beginning of the week and the time cities the casting with the certain and quite a sort of cross a point behind across and but it's still helps us come near the venues rambling to be just that in the future
From 1 of the most popular solutions for offering of broadcasting is actually based on the movie gave squalid operate received integrated moving every and that it can be applied in the case where the w what eyes with time saw its non station stationarity depends on the time exactly the case of Diane this is the condition of bloody mind affectionate comes from the idea that moving every to stand up and defend going into the weekend pulled over the face of break
Solos then may be tougher for No came early into the tone of have chosen for presenter and examples from the of for Knicks 14 exchange might for but then not exist of a bit more practical and you can get them Ugandan get the feeling about how this things work with a lot of Germont of data and we face changing the of his anyone trying the foreign-exchange-market the invest of painted the 80 1 They OK so what we have is a high volume of data and small that under the information that we have she had discussed eco information gives us the price in time for the euro but the devotion to the software example winning goals we know that the euro has called stronger of the bullet will was weak not would cost on is the opposite of the problem is you have many couldn' since and then no you have to to go smoothly You can set the plan 2nd you considerable below 1 2nd so a large amount of data they mean data which officials said the cost And then you can have a very large amount of Beckham you can start with whom we have built and imagine you can have prices for 9 currencies 9 of such a of beds for 1 year to and that from the Unilever's ease political night simulator and were beginning of trends and say OK I'm buying because identical is the and his downwards for the public and the Government wanted to discuss the specific early this example because of action such information is present in the data warehouse disabled version of the committee that the idea is that large companies like all Muslims for the baby will be name this sell on land in different countries and though think there was an example for among the Campbell's millions of dollars ring changing the currency is the change that not only have the data where whole pulled established that the cheese but they can be dealt with at the time that there would be and it will host the guiding the currency's went with change from Quincy for not the and you can do this with a might he's OK surrounding the 1st the fuel of small details about what you going to see though you see she the club sold so called the job loaded on to want to see this we want to see a good and Load to reach its bases and I'm on the the amount of data which allows also for decisions the most overnight for this is well worth so called of Japan can order Campbell's Mitchell your such a presentation this is higher candlestick looks like this but it has
An open position is the position from the beginning those 4 hours the price of these crazy then it has a high this bid has gone up to such a price has moral it was embarrassed by his during those 4 hours and it has close position after the flowers have expired what is the price in the future and local came this is open but this is the cost price you can see that this could see his point of this is where the money is there The and if you try to locate the price has gone up the area will in names such close which allow will trading below made with their muscles a wooden but my money on a good run stuff like this but it's quite interesting to see what kind of because they allow you can see such such candlesticks for example of the scandal speaking shows us how much this could see there has grown in 4 hours She have would be case so that pivotal do so well
We can already see that such close allow us something simple like a moving to and it calculated for so what you see with the headline is that is the simple moving at which you can see them as a bomb at the of the sliding windows size Hughes 21 BAA's and you can order decided the graphic could a presentation smooth So 21 but as a like 84 dollars Of the is not a much this is full of examples us because they are not if I'm going for a compromise to be in the trend and avoid some some of the speculative for transactions that them will when I'm going for large at the of the fans with a large windows booking 1 based on this condo for a simple moving give it reached can stop the cancellation of identifying transient see what happens in which case
But the idea is that the simple we need and because once we find at the end but the then beginning we can open a position we can buy is that end is that it will waste she also have had something like this and the that is going up so I'm worried tool for by here and still some she when the and changes at make up of from the off the other way round if that and that the place is a can sell off and and by what I've so that you price and that made the public from the difference this is a strategy for open the opening the position is called in the 10th and closing the position and the position poses when the fans and the so on new detect the 1st signals that the trend is going to be the big question is can against another chance but how can Einar when the trend that can I'd take that of the many autistics for the 1 of the most well known is the burning the band so called boring and that is nothing more than a a using the of the valuation of the moving of each 1 stand out of variation upwards 1 by 1 and a once you have something like this
So they actually data breaks a brooding are bound operates so the sapete avoiding band and I can see how this moment she would have been change public so why should we do something about that because something this would follow the same thing will happen if you have a big bomb when the secret is to consider the momentum of the debate so is the biggest sold smiled conceive point this candlestick here you don't actually have up of momentum than its me statistique information about pump of the train can now can change all cases have spoken about the banning the band's depends also emblematic and you can have most under the you can take my 1st under the addition of just 1 or 2 local costed went to buy or rent and was stabbed not the complaint about the lines
Of resistance lines such something good interesting when trading and and in the diocese because they are not to be generated by the by their version of the events that by led the psychological humans called as it You can see she that there was some interest in the end up line from she the and and the and the same became up to the same line you can predict into the future but that humans when the market but we close will be close to the line Yulia and say this is amounts in this is a line Atlantica up in the body will sell and most of the traders who was being afraid that after this downturn will follow this good psychology is has been has been shown that she once Adaptive such resistance line actually something like this has happened to the Dome and the method of the market crash things that was called The Black Monday something in the days of just because some people have reacted for resistant line resistance line and either have ordered the said they had a few ups and computers and to stop the most is that the film The OK when the price which is the standoff high don't want to go away the North Sea and the computer after some resistance line was hit by a member of the human spirit and and the computer said that the pushing the pricey 1 for the future of this kind of stuff can also be full of food and and even crash
Another interesting But the Stokoe's of index which which helps us of the take up of the 10 banks is I've said is that this is all the the more mental Moffat candlestick you can sit here this 1 has a great moment when there is a great difference between the opening enclosing position and also of the body of the kind that is quite close to the meaning and and not advantage you for much room for more this means that the scandal has led for quite a change in the price so you can go conceded that after such a candlestick then that this is the idea of Polo 1 can now used to and I'm not least used to invest in the authority pudding exchange market for just play with pickled magazine plants and the by England will remain high
That was smoke Oscars crash cost 1 on investing on the stock market but let's cope with a 2nd part of fund buying cities respectively the simulated to talking about the usual databases who have agreed to put the Queen to the database and you get the more you give the exact nature but you don't get is the date the which slightly the 1st from the creating it is very similar to that they not the same but the a might be interested in that and that they get team for them for the world point and see this as a problem for classical database Systems a problem which 1 came from a rise as they say given a quality is appendices identified sequences that the senior 1 and the stimulus sequence this is what we will for this is part of the lecture and the cost applications for something like this again classical stop mounted in order to find Stokes which he militants you can for example of the kind 1 1 stroke identify what cabins with did identified the strokes which it will stimulate I would it and then game and they are the ones that the vote simulate looks load
A and the and the run is a classic amok Muscat on Monday since you can find similar sales 1 about and another about Dominican can estimated based on these correlation with the same policy was although slower saving for that to be the of closing scientific databases the temperature that US and the road also multimedia database it's a very interesting helping the ball to me allowed search for shapes tickled nations that interested in the financial my kids and my last month the sticker classical example which both actually has happened thousand 9 of identical fuel who have followed the news but codes at the end of the Thousand Days beginning with the football's thousand 9 there was a drop of British people in the UK 0 Mockett cost of the folks by the end of by soft actions and there are a lot of the people should have more is
The world's second by his father from Bush its its major its major client and is the stalks of folk spend prop but that a later by just with a smoke on all of these in the world is exactly what happened also published its clear right he for acceptances Scottish Walsh said the spot this dependence only in identifying last simulate these between these 2 overseas olfaction could save me and filming OK you are willing to so Welsh right now and buy them a belated time when folks pregnant does but the it has nothing to do with Bush has with books and Steeleye making long before the Welsh my that this is just a simple example policy rheumatica search can be used for so over here
The spoken about Medicaid but what these days to simulate it's just that the degree of sympathy for the resemblance between 2 Marco objects of classical low measure of this is the it will comedian the Stones for example usually to consider this Lions he told distances you can decide once your body let them how simulator bailout of cost so this seems so simple for such a road easy line but the problems that can eyes out of this world quote followers of whom and 1st dismissals
That imagined that this is all a bit of and we want to fight global behind stimulus sequences PPL given grid where willing to the candidates and and then demonstrate de probably to for a blank for a couple Computing distances with all of the points in the database It is not feasible it will take for much so ahead we need some some estimation we need to points on established a set of candidates and public only for this candidates the greatness of the simulated and if the number of candidates its much is not is a road is larger than actually the similar sequence Which is just 1 fewer than have of points for which they need to achieve a from the populations of added that not identical load of candidates which are multimedia for the pretty was a local time performing the Tests but this is not the strategic as in the case where they prefer and closest missiles in the case of poses missiles I'm Uzi sequences which are simulator for migrating and I'm not growing the them because as it is on this is a much bigger problem this affects the quietness of Malcolm public OK we have to do with large amounts of data and we will also speak about high dimension of time cities for the 1st step will be duty Dexion production for for all these large amount of the top Tiger for pawning world told by a man she met with the Dutch 1 classical Solution of 4 0 for preferring to scramble flow of reduction used to use the transformation of the best confirmation for the is the discrete Fourier Transform Asia and his variations can also resisted costing transformation where possible nation for something like the like these the advent the joy of using such a transformation is that it Kuansan treats the ended your off each sequence in the 1st Fuqua fish fly don't need the whole playoff efficient can cut for the 1st 3 and not the cause of most of the data that this is how reduction is both fell by the most important property when cutting these days of grey officials is that the law bonds over should the stance is kept this means that the fungi and book UK
The state of my creaky and have a point here in space which is represented by just the 1st equations 0 4 0 0 0 for a bit of point in my database defy copulate the distance between the 2 points and a fine of up to 8 dec showed distance with below failed where fish and slipped it has a 100 of point and then this point here come to be closer to my creating it can only be for because I've got to from the way patients so I'm will I'm really going to use The Dow with big October for the next of this point account for this now eyes is the actual distance this is a very important principle this is where I can use that this could create confirmation could free advice rich and regarding the simulated such will speak about for aspects this week about the mating and the cruelty query is compared with the quality with quote complete completely and the word about the more complicated case when William pulled takes up sequences cost time cities that looks like this this is migrating and then consider the 1st record his is like with the I'd that match on getting in the car but and going was a sub-sequence made their 92 big despite and movie following the is beginning from here and see the match than hopes and the kick off in the history 3 again so I'm going to compare issue and and I'm going to shift in the the and then a bit more and a bit more on the way until they shifted with a need for a 5th of and would be something like this deny would find also this point and they are not sub-sequence made it may choose she not so as the whole of the moment which up sickness matches life on the part of these beginning she in where have a match up of causal so that could I can be a divided into thoughts and their subsequences can be computed subsequences from the table
What is the distance we can use the data for comedian distance as the simulated measure and in order for the demise of the opening spell and our Efficiency we can use multidimensionality Hendrix's for efficient such will be with spoken in the case all for a bit housing about multidimensionality indexes and though with local media about the trees this is exactly what we can use also he of white Bellini multidimensionality mixed way to think we would need something like the 1 at just to Zimbabwe mix while times cities multi-dimensional said that using the discrete 48 postulational saw costing transformation and what each datapoint board each time cities we stood the quay fish and we decide Holman equations we want to be here now index those caught efficient out all of the dimensions so I find willing to compared operating in the UK when they will be presented in the frequency space discrete 48 equations so if Ihara the 1st equal efficient than have worked three-dimensional 0 space and this is where I need to use for the file 20 coefficient actually the number of their mansions irony is a modified with to with the because the equations complexes numbers selection need for their mentions for each for each of the British child is less complexes the of about the most important property she is that I'm not going to perform in a false dismissal the Suzuki due to the possible storey and although the distance in the time domains domain have times he told the stud transformation means frequency domain where the distance is the same for the walking and distance between 2 points and time domain is the same as the distance and the frequency domain is just another for most of resentation that would is out of the the and the method for climate change is then
Phoenix building and possessing the including but is out of line this is a major vantage handling of the quake time now and I'm going to cost to perform the 48 transformation or 1 of the records of the time cities over all of the time the database I'm going to build the index with the 1st fully equations and as I've said it a to their mention of space because of the complex numbers and 1 side of the head the again before quite what it says by just need for the discrete Fourier transformation from the creating and was food to give an inch 19 next to find out which of the points out that most of the land distance and its demand is a small of comet of automated which I'm going to give to find out the symmetry together point so which which of the 2 points out of the snow the away from a quick and cost that would afterwards I'd have to discover the 1st A don't have any falls dismissals for possible but they still may have also are like an eye here for so long carried imagined wife out there and was thought the for some sort of those by more not conceding as candidates although there seems films for those under the for systems the for some sort candidates which had actually not seem with degree although 48 transformation has all losses I'm going to want to the only the 1st which he should slime introducing some robes and cutting the squad efficient boast efficient can lead to updating the distance and seeing that some points higher closer to the creator of as they immediately after this is the reason why I need told to take against for so long that it is someone on 1 example within it would be clear for just imagine that you you and you have agreed to fund you have the time cities and another 1 and you've just got the 1st goal coffee shops the discrete 48 hours operation for these 3 times he saw them have actually is just 1 equation available by mention of space him for just 1 the the 1st great fish and then you have the right use you're willing to take against to the settle candidates for simulating to cheque in disarray use a new home with everything outside you is based on the index for the schools stress and not willing to eat anything from the database and just ask for a meeting that could resentation in full year taking the 1st where efficient taking the the index and are already point 19 and was handled the database and then by the main with the values which according according to the index in the circle and weren't with although because in each of exactly this would potentially the city's according to the index early
Scums boundary of the city just according to the next but the index is lost because I've got some their mansions because every mouse some 48 Coefficients right sold the banks which are for example here which has been open for the 1st or efficient but he filed into the database and proceeded the completed presentation in 40 with 100 quid efficient actually this point will not be cheap but will be here so just outside this is right here in in this room has to to be checked for of both the poorest UBS queries and which actually not near the creating the index is at because I've lost some information when they are not 3 because if you think the whole world will complete its right outside the board games before his uncomfortable poetry morning this is why it's to a very good idea of the solution would be to introduce more efficient have higher than mention amid the should have had the match nudity early and in the cost of their mentioning the space during a remix exponentially increases with the number of dimensions not to mention the 2 have multiply by brittle because dysgraphia on bricks numbers everybody would other any questions about why he would hold this happened Nadal this before the everybody was to walk can see now that was spoken about her to what about sub-sequence making with said the whole reaching his greatest nice went ahead of the smoke times he what to have much time seas and you want to see just cautions for this time cities compared the Amanda 96
Well in this case We have pulled before a set by the British repetitive comparisons which shifting and is going to perform by accepting sliding windows from each sequence while right wing using sliding windows of wind Imagine something like this competitor for this by using the sliding window and growing Bookham parishes previously said this convinced slided convinced by the convinced and so on this is a sliding window effect up again and again use what they biggest said so why can make each window Palo pointing the multi-dimensional space and what they still can't look as the presenters each of these sliding windows is a trip to see what Kuwaitis trailside very with ideas and then to divide the state into Supt and then applying the is 3 We disjointed to the minimum bombing ranked director of the remember them in London rectangles the changed indexes we needed discussed the Baltic for the dollar Inc
OK so the idea of the sliding Windowie discussed above the study the the 1st to indulge in the 2nd window and there is the ideal of over mapping so practically here and deciding which with 1 a lemon for between the when I'm going to match and not willing to use this led window mechanics many NEMO and were to not would mapping windows so that they can compete with your wife
With an all time this in Windows Ibuka and the players look like this and was the property of the state is the each point each this is the full year perspiration representation now for not doing the pandemic NEMO where and a multi-dimensional space for the 1st British and ahead to account for me in each of the sliding window into its 40 of the presentation and then we believe as a slight Whitehead points with a new build the full year presentation of the windows which are which have a high degree of Mapping estimate so the point connect these why we we will painter out what would happen if we build directly on the street you should be made industry as points this is a point this is a point in the the point and law that would have put in such space he should be very clear that it 3 How will begin to look like it would be out of it would be like this but not that it would be public inefficient if I'm going to go searches and so why not the final did this points out near each other users bonding rectangle full cut slices from these days when the Tuesday advantage over a trees and Group these points because they have seen problem these EMI's to diminished most based this is what do this meaning bombing rectangles this is why after words would have been vintage when sitting in the 3 smile at the highest number of ranges from the rule Eichenwald that it did and pulled over the I'm not going to tool for such as she would then going into the public eye this minimum bombing that of the bill its again about of the heuristics sticks from these sort of have to avoid the space executed between are much from this of traders and willing to get into 1 1 Memon bounding rectangles O'Hara many points it can make it can fit inside and the whole much space with them all to buy now This is actually a said as part of those between a minimum saw them up Samantha so and then before the to the bomb set by Expo were so although the firm has now different or performing sub-sequence making becomes then accepting the citing windows from the sequences in my day but I don't mean to be a theme and painting the equations of which we know all the players and then dividing the to stop traders and including its update included your said that the findings of this is just giving the index that by 1 of the great and the want a buffer cripple system so ahead of the density of the great and case that these joint windows on the grid wide and any more sliding and lost on the way
Adjusted one off though it up points which implicating begins to be termed sliding window and need the other wonderfully icann bigoted the distance away from the St the firm windows these joint windows adjusted to agree distaste distance into on divided by scribbled the and then icon no limit to the number of low comparisons The end of cost but instead due to the limit of the dimensions went on to win the curse of the mansion and at the time going to discover for salons by competing with the actual complete runs from the database and see what was actually outside my banditry what was once a member of the so called the of the candidates
OK He's young did not to have some of the problems we have different because we have the need for scaling different computer to different and will not hand over a classic example should is the baseline all footprint euros for stock competitive this sort of the to the baseline if it were as between 15 and 25 has it has a high bronze is the same thing the surround then or or 20 wants compared 1st revised between 19 and 100 then it does not over time so if you are willing for companies such spokesman in a pool of blood samples from nation some of my money stations some skiing some chief and on so that was jump in Pool transformations has already dimensions shifting scaling Mondays Asian moving the bridges and time working in order to follow may be you'll have discussed the bulk by more people so summer multimedia databases for someone who want me database for although the simple idea of a night in time working into scoring were implemented here because we are not discussing the skin in the game Hugh which discussing justice but they gave Dynamic time working is that you have to his which is were of the same but different times length you'll see the so very often in the case will go signal-processing signal with a different way of playing the cause was fostered and the other 1 but it has the same behaviour fluid and have a word for 1 and the need for the time off the other 1 in order to be able to call and this is the abandoning program iterative interest just ask me from well by applying to survey some formation where it will pull pool perform some hands stimulate the search
Which into should allow also for get that of the so called semantical get like this so this crisis is financial crisis or such behaviour can not be O and his team mate the boat Road take caught with simulated such metal this is something which actually account anticipate and there explodes of to say OK which should allow for gets and this is a semantical get these days this doesn't have to go into my mind and my through each day should be left off and the outliers which will also don't get tools to will include the 1st about this or sold this kind of for cuts in my signals from 9 time series of so called The end of the enhancing about it is that should allow for complete with scaling offset constellations carrying and stations And what it actually means is that when the going to cost you to sub-sequence his is being seen for on alliance week the 1 in the oil and the role of Cape similar but on the the other ignoring the all players you'll see those understand him below If you have the signal that its among the systems in the world but actions gives me the chain of the size of the Epsom and when I'm going to go Perry for another sequence to see if it seemed to give the other sequins numbers inside December or ICI de simulator so between the lines that the number of Not good for my window Upul subsea sequences lookalike when estimate Road then now we can be fine what was sequences of milk like when they are stimulus or if for sequences called stimulative then they must have suffered a threshold for of non core overlapping time 1 of the best wine on all Alleppey wine on offer the imagined have again the favourite signalled and that you have sliding windows and you have to scrape injury divided into swindles this is not over yet but if you would allow overlapping hoops Then when you get she of this competition you build and that of the ones that you would allow the 2nd affiliation as Wolverley and this would also be counted because it in the same and the but it's a slight is not the ideal not ideal window account so this would take how agreement the shoulder and say OK by from the order with the same sequins and so this is what men were left in the series way we speak about secretive the non overlapping ring and on the last of last but not least of these by bombmakers they have to be specified by the the user or by be expected here and she wanted for built with a window size with spoken about sliding and non slogging windows of spoken about holding the and that has to be spoken about the maximum kept and the of what I call a much from though the could have to to be simulate in order this year American victim of total requested a success
This is the lowest of Africa example of how this should wait meekly where we have the original sequences in the major cities of the sequence the gritty sequins and this is 1 c from the date of this amount include drop this 1 would be a no fly order aiming to Montecore accommodated kept extracted from expert montage when he became the business removing the the gap means cutting the data of Wigan also see there was a message yet so we can provide translation what happened here and we have also pulled was killed amplitude so that the 2 groups can become picked out there would almost scaling we do the subsequence match and with good and winner by we sold post in the wood and US with window from the and so on and again by using the Campbell in deciding if but both the cost Groves life life within the and that we have a match so we have won the 2nd also so have The before Match of the cream of the London states with building the index this time we get those we will suicide in Windows was man with the mention of index for by mention for with the and then we were off on Cray processes Burrup persisting can be performed interest Swede post before my commitment to soaraway we view from the windows to get free windows that the simulator where we came from the team we have to get and mood the windows to get the publicity the stimulus sub-sequence after which ticked up only we may supposed about cutting get Davies resulting sub-sequence compose tool sub sub-sequence his which would about again this is just the 2nd to win the stage
And the costs would have to keep in mind that we need to respect that and and 1 of the bad enough to out in about the same as we can see the quality is stimulus followed the particles and the whole idea of the true if you want to use the created in this is the of the airport and the database is used for a single life the Stones this can be the walking and the status of these political shook them as a matter of point you yesterday points a game can be discrete Kwiecien transformation proficiency is the distance between these funds in the City is now them into where 8 is 0 the scaling caused ensemble into Scalia to win and I'm going also pushed shifted from applying transformations this is what has been modified when complaining of the classical may be on this the in hands making and other the question comes out of the unique way in which its which are capable of doing something like this but it's to progress their rather than something like this and the parliament for such a quitting which is to be able to identify single sequences for a given sequenced to a given class of again at the centre of puzzled by the city's given the city speaks and then classified of the of the Derby is a quotes has grown 1 of the other and then you can take ultimately decisions based on the book in which he recalled the creating order in which was the cause of the crash realising the this is the closest point before pristine database can be
Of course this has pushed superb arrange queries speed is the nearest neighbor produced as well go closing the lecture just a takeaway slide solo with discussed with the about of the did generalised sequential part that based on the operating download from the problem game with discussed about introducing time into sequential but that this is why we introduced time cities she we have introduced a man told the to another since the busy movement which weekend differentiate in such a time sees the and season Psycho and the regular just time on the dole all players
The gets come from something like this you These conduct on together their semantically differentiated and the trend is still owed to the fiction and and the creation was the most painful and hour and methods for of detecting trends biggest cities and moving regions Of cost that also a map of stability such more those we introduced by the might of the US in the 2nd part of the show was about discussing Copeland simulate in such a prime cities database the possibilities world of making a big simpler and subsequence matching the more complicated the of of the makers will book for the 1st permission for them Introduction it makes you saw the 1st of the autumn so where not only to perform in a false of dismissals but we suffered from the for some points of because we use the number of grid patients from open for their mention of the cost and that's about it next lectured will discussable classifications to introduce decision to these Bayesian classification and drawn based classification