Brazil: How we are gaining space with Django

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Brazil: How we are gaining space with Django
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It is not uncommon for important django applications to be developed or used by the American or European universities, however this is not the case of Brazil. It is very common for Brazilian universities to rely on PHP or Java frameworks. This talk aims to show how we are turning Django into a viable solution for the development of software in the academia.
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and so that is a useful apologize this is my 1st OK English but we're not English natives there so speak Portuguese there so 1 might say something that is longer incorrect but I'm trying my best so the title of my talk is Brazil how we're weirding space with Django so let me introduce
myself I am EDT pity I am a board member of by Brazil it's like the by the soft information but in Brazil I'm a Python programmer since 2008 I have been using Django since 2009 I am an assistant professor at a local university and I am not an IT analyst at another university but I'm going to speak about the
not goes of this presentation I still this is light from just seen that yesterday this presentation will be about cold it would be about soccer at nor can evolve and I'm not going to talk about Brazilian companies using Python or jingle because there are many of them and I might have missed and someone the but I'm gonna
talk about the goal of this presentation the goal of this presentation is to show how we are developing stuff in Brazil in how we our that forcing general and how we are are using Django to help people in to make who stuff I'm also going to share my experience in my teens experience integrating some systems from legacy code to jangle in Brazil so let's
start by saying something about Brazil I'm pretty sure you all know that Brazil was that South American country we have a division of 27 states plus of federal District are kept so is not winners iters so if you think brazilians kept those but as you around are capture was Brazilian which stands in the middle of the country in the Federal District we have like 170 million people living in Brazil but this is a pity pretty big count phrase so it's it's here we are no soccer and for carnival but I'm not going to talk about that and you talk about genuine in Brazil a recent
survey showed that general was Biko's number 1 framework in Brazil out of 151 persons 139 said the use Django on a regular basis the this research is available for that link you could check it later other of many many many details about Python usage in Brazil but this is the most relevant 1 uh I that the past few years Brazil was a great blown country so we have many people people there in right now we believe that there are marginal people than blind people in Brazil so we are winning we have a released cover jungle Brazil mainly least which has almost 3 thousand members we have over 450 e-mails per month last month alone we had almost 500 e-mails so that's a lot of activity for a community based mainly and we don't have a general cone in Brazil but we have something like a bike on the cow Python Brazil this
year's by from Brazil venue is the bitch it it's a pretty nice place of Python Brazil will be happening in November the 6th the 7th and the gate of November imported alias which is this marvelous bitch there will be a general track there so by Denny Alex IEEE or neurons loss of good people will be in Brazil you were invited to come it's I have a nice place to be and I would go there so let's go back to
Brazil uh I leaving the Sultan most state the blue 1 right in the bottle is far from the capitals it's far from the center of the country and we are nowhere near huge and there were some power which are the mainstay to Brazil when we talk about development and I work at a university in the state I work at the Federal University of Santa
Maria in Portuguese it's 1 of its value for the absent and the mighty uh or university has 5 campuses but this map only shows for there's anyone that was recently built the end I and work on the number 1 which is right in the middle of the state yeah we have
almost 38 thousand students over 400 in all over for Tauzin 500 employees so that includes professors and technicians lots of stuff we have over 140 Undergraduation programs in over 130 education programs but we have a problem there
all of those former 4
thousand 500 staff we have a
we have got only like I t analysts or IT personnel or IT staff is very small compared to the rest of the staff at the university this research from Gartner that shows that the average a private company in Brazil has about 5 per cent of fighting please so for every 100 employees you got 5 IT personnel the Government races in Brazil is 6 . 6 per cent education average is a little under 4 28 at my workplace would have a little over 1 per cent of IT personnel so that's why 4 times what we would have to to be a level company or
T is mainly done at the CP the which stands for data processing center we are 7 IT analysts with cheese just and they are face many for computer personnel uh these analysts work with infrastructure Users support development in all computer related stuff and the main programming languages user there are Delphi which is not much used hearing America but it's in the language Java and speech before D Web related develop so again it's it's a bad choice but it's the choice to head but averaging
changes so i ji this university about 2 years ago the when I joined we started doing some changes we started working with some technologies but this is not about me I'm going to talk about a system
that 1 of my fellow police work that the system was cow the cow it was basically user helpdesk system it was written in PHP in the early 2000 uh its use it lots of absolute 0 of obsolete technologies like a passion conjugation and PHP tree and lots of stuff that you don't want to touch and it had no metrics it was just a simple crude system where the user would create a ticket and someone from the the maintenance would move that tickets around and do what had to be done so this is then but it was it was a big problem it was developed at the speech again it would have to almost no development over the next 10 years for example and so we had to change that and we are working on implementing light at recipe D the end I I talked with my my fellow locally in his that he was gonna rewrite this system in he was gonna deleting Java so but a Java that's fine but you should try General and so he did try Django and
he wrote the the whole system being almost 2 months he had never programs in Python had never programmed thing jangled and the system is like 20 times better than the old system and this is 1 of the interfaces of that the system but it is a simple interface but inside this interface
for going to bring to the system we have lots of functionalities that were implemented using Python using Django uh this is similar suppose a to be built in 6 months was the Java and he built only 2 using Django so we want for months there renowned for months that we could have spent a doing barrier stuff or working or creating better so for this system and this
includes many things from user usersatisfaction section surveys to to even working in generating graphics and metrics and OK but but this wasn't done by me this was Emperor but my colleague well and it is a brand new
system it has like it I'm going to guess about 40 models and a hundred feel so OK it's really but that's not that's not
how we started working with Django and my university when I arrived there and there were lots of small systems lots of spreadsheets way around that we had no back have or that we we couldn't automates some process so I started working on my own I started creating stuff I started getting those spreadsheets and creating systems
using Django with them so we have lots of these small systems running around this is 1 of the systems sexually spreadsheet
that the simple credit that generate some PDFs and there some reports the
and this is so this is actually use some people has stopped using the spreadsheets and now have are all data automated all data with backups all data generation reports but we also
created so many surveys for 4 courses of for evaluating disciplines at I'll using
Python Django and so this
happened while I was there we also use the
GenGO to support some legacy systems had written in PHP this is a shared system that their people from Moodle user throwing up our university it was written in PHP in it was managed directly by going to my sequel and creating chat rooms there by hand so it was a simple trick to set up a genuinely interface
in created on the genuinely interface so we we have been doing that for a long time right now by showing to
the administration that we could do with these with Django we received but a great chance to develop more stuff using in Python using Django
no earlier this year we had the chance to rewrite or website forming website using Django actually we where open to any technology we chose jangle but he took 1 programmer for weeks to code on your website it replaced at the year old PHP see a mass the or website
he over 60 thousand hits per day so it's it's for Brazilian standards I have a website uh we have almost 5 100 simultaneous users and this the general with a simple set up in some caching and it's all done 1 programmer did this in 4 weeks at this website is used by many people might many users and inside of the gym at the is managed by the Django at me in you can post music and basically do Watson yes would do the equal and they were we had a very good reception over the site we also certain another project
based on that the call project I told you before for this project is the minor project it has been in development for almost a year now and we will manage or services so all services so our IT services unless at wafer Sam will be managed by this tool that it intends to be i to compliance so every service who have metrics those metrics will generate reports that will then help the administration uh a decent house solutions so we have developed a beat from from 0 from sketch well
this still always already working we started we we've but we searching searching jobs this week we have to programmers working but it can
generate face reports like
this 1 and we hope this can help as I do a better job with less people then we should be doing
basically when the user cost war since of poor service central IT ticket is generated at the system depending on the service and the circuit is then forwarded to to the responsible people and this people can and then solve the problem in give some sort of sect section back to the user so this
is what I am doing Brazil this is what in doing in Brazil if you have any questions we can talk about it and my my my my