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will also be here at all the to listen to me thanks to Christoff writers who invited me and to Stephen Nancy and the rises and 2 volunteers who have set this all up and I should say the and that's action Pre Check lights and at midnight last nite and woke up in a table panic thinking that new data and I'd set through my policy as a constant problems and soon was mainly it's a apparel concluding that in my eyes a little bit because I can't that will try is and and myself if you nasty cuts mentioning this morning so I hope the cleaning staff due to a need to call the police station that's a the In my so I'm not entirely perfect physical specimen I try to be to reverse the sentiment of the parents and children have to be speaking here it's a little better than me and now know rules so if I upset along with anything I have to say I'm afraid that I might and you can use some words that but people don't like to use special in this industry and talk about some under unpalatable concepts and and so I think are some hard to swallow truths so many different world spinning and spinning it my talk and and delusions use less of the pattern and then the project and kind of embarrassed and I work that give you a remote at uh from the of Zurich in Switzerland the then and and when the cultural development team also at 10 the and the traditional it's a snow uh Swiss company they're extremely active in the world China both as enthusiastic users and supporters of it and I were around that gender CMS which many of you probably off familiar with it and then something called the region which is not cloud-based platform all and changes in their sites and ii up and on so that I could ask for a better general it's a supercomputer with and well the language do is the work that I really not doing which actually includes speaking at events like this because part of my work is actually using the open source development community behind projects that genders innocent of course gender itself and and they find they could do so so uh is hiring have a look at our website to view of . ch and no demands on site positions and then in Zurich so please come and talk to me afterwards if your a whole interested about any of that but as a citizen the business Nintendo coral to developers and I still call it the fact that I was invited to Trinity and and right now I could hardly be happier with that well by myself in my work the assume with no questions and not as nice as a predator that sometimes it is how did I get here of I'm actually a slightly unusual patterns program I think that most people standards because I didn't start as a programmer until about 5 years ago when I was in many 39 years old and had had a couple of different careers neither of which had anything whatsoever to do with parameter and and and not even the very good programmer or suffered America and slow inefficient inexperienced and fumbling and I have to and the taxes have been mostly put another way to same things other people can do that and much better than I can the so when I look back at what will it take you to get here well as soon as you know is however and a lot of it it wasn't easy but it's amazing to be here now is greater page of if the members of the retired and delighted that the things that we don't have turned out right and I'm enjoying every bit of it I was I and the this final minutes is recognition as in for example this it's a fantastic job but like so much the mind the invitations to to speak to participate In the congratulations that people so it's it's it's it's extremely nice defenders of something and to be told that you do the so in the and you can use rules your hand it can go but most folks senses had been dutiable part of work on that OK back and it is it is a very good thing to feel that you deserve your success and I think I have an extremely healthy capacity for recognizing merit where students specially when when is my own the what that and so this summer narrow belt that snow part in my consciousness is available to ask and that is do right during the and this the and I think about inerrancy ostioles was guess actually I don't know because the additional head and manage you things that a few years ago and even have imagined David and I honestly do think that I deserved the successes and rewards and I think the same goes for you know successes and learn from the successes and was up and people following the hard work but what this the about and this and is the key then we get what we deserve if only because what is that In other words just because we've worked hard doesn't mean that it's actually the reason for our success and that certainly applies in my case so for the sake of argument let's accept the hardware is at least a part of it of minister I have noticed you have going for us well actually is this recipe on subsets of parameters the the hobbits that better so an education I've been lucky enough to have a fantastic education been to good schools good universities which I didn't even have to pay for because as a kind of uh society uh and then teachers and parents and can deeply about my the education the I have intelligence let's say that means no function powers of analysis synthesis and the comprehension I have the X social skills and her husband ran what kinds of people in the good impressions behave appropriately in different situations uncomfortable it in in less than I have be imagination required and to the to function well uh in creative and problem solving at work I've had good exons employers actually as being willing and and it seems that supposedly as in my work so that it 1 1 and and at my x and employers and I'm also confident as
habeas rights and as a result of some of the and these are the things that have an remember mine OK to ban I have English as a 1st language that most people here in this room have English as a 1st language but that's not the case now industry generally I said that my notes and the people I meet in this sector are not a native english speakers so it sends me this is the extra effort to the documentation or speaker recordings speech here I don't have to do any extra work and everything is that my concern president dividing induces for communication what that that's quite easy when you're doing it in your native that language someone was an advantage that and have a good head it's hard to to be successful when you to to work I have disabilities daily life is never a struggle for me Maynard have during other people's and it is special assumptions about at the time being successful then you don't look all I had no excessive burdens I don't have to look after other people have done and what intense I know the people who do have excessive burdens so you think from view when it comes to success so the I have received a slave numerous new diseases the flags violence corruption no danger of my efforts in work could be swept away arbitrarily In fact but also say that if I they become ill effect is they lose my health under some over there is free medical care to sustain me so I will have to for example and stop cooking illegal drugs and selling them to gangs like women documentary television I saw so I would than remove man's most of you know in some measure that you know we know that from that I suspect that you 2 could at take those boxes I'm sure income that I think you get the idea so it was on the bed and up up would not quit for success it had been a remarkable if I were not successful because it would have been too well equipped to fail succeeding is the least I could do not succeeding would be like numerous a lake in a safe and comfortable and with everything I needed and completely dedicated to to my being and drowning because I couldn't be bothered to so the last 10 meters to show so if we said that the springs and distinct about but and it means that the success thank the comes from and to what other and the answer is that they are all and then I was given those things I did not work for them I didn't them and struggle to attain them the children the odds the fact I don't achieve that at so in each case we would do that to me the provided to me I someone else whether parents teachers schools my society of and from the Internet over the next 2 here is not whether this Houston the company and to events causing offense and just say that it begins with the the grams of fat the that I have to say bad and certainly has been used but what we need is not and the desired level of it and you can have a look and I am here in York because we are now because we have been lucky Blair successful because reality and we rewarded so out of luck for OK but the I don't want to name him with an argument that just sounds plausible when you hear it and then in the corner right and they start to to to further apart and affectionate later so I want to show you that I'm I'm prepared to add to this the little dt they're important nuances of Fresno this composting because you know the little briefly considers convinced to show that uh uh it stands up to some scrutiny so for example said that's of course been lucky doesn't mean that everything is simply graph granted to this plane so being easy most of you like me I'm sure had to overcome setbacks so even though years because success is not guaranteed even to the In this example of usable 0 I decided to become a high school teacher and I wondered about matched to that and I was very high hopes and determination and the messenger most successful successful experience so we can call it a severe disappointment it did not last very long and has a hard time and my lab and that's how many of them I was able to move for was sufficient enough to make it a real success and finish definition was sent back to his when that usage in the notes at from becoming friends a genuine sense that that was funny is a struggle and you're lucky gives were make that easy something that and I gifts you have been doing it wrong has limitations and sometimes you have to work extra hard to get around your limitations on work around and find different approaches to a problem it's and sometimes find ways to turn your limitations to your advantage the so my the radical program at said and weak and hazy understanding of many key programming concepts sets been of much of my time meaning meaning documentation asking people for explanations and then having other people explain those expressions to me be at the time of page enlightenment made my weights and comprehension I'm actually in a position to write a better explanation of what I've just learned men that even people like me can make sense of more quickly so and certainly not a member of the gender pointing because I'm a better developed than other people because going so that the case but the reasons I is that actually I can write better documentation I can improve it and that's because in the perspective but my limitations have given it another example when I approach and the solutions to the problems solutions and and this to the choose and was 1st the and that means that the that problem that I need to solve for the person for the user who needs a problem sold and was remains at the center of my perspective it's not I'm not distracted by tools and methods and techniques it's the problem is solved that has to stay central my thinking because it the the tools and methods and techniques don't come naturally to me so a man has served me well served in finding ways to turn your limitations to about his tumor advantages noisy requires work and is mostly about everyone has and of course hard work hasn't thing that I'm saying that hard work doesn't matter of course adults in it is not sufficient for success it's still 1 of the most necessary and environment worked hot I will be here and you can be here if you haven't people don't have to worry about immigrants without the free and lucky gifts the the if this is really the
point seriously OK the recovered from setbacks dealing with limitations of ministers had necessity for hard work respectively don't seem to invent rock the so the to recover from setbacks to mechanisms that next requires the use it wouldn't come from it residents of our own making and the fact is that if you are not really equipped to recover it he will become the if I wasn't equipped to recover the 2 conferences setbacks and I'm simply but not and my resilience was not conjured up out of nowhere by me it was invested in me by other people in exactly the same way that for example my social skills were invested in me by other people by my surroundings by what I was given so this to a kind of from setbacks itself another lucky gift and that makes it possible to turn a limitation to our advantage and so another like again it's only wire because someone else some education system or some social order need very business to ensure that we had that resist resourcefulness hard it is not our own doing the and then having to think of working hard is simply a matter of having the will to work hard I don't think it is I think that working hard requires knowing how to the cart that migration is 2 forms and enjoy myself I had to be troops to cause and I think is the thing that I had in begin to work hard depends upon knowing how to work hard just having its plate chest depends on knowing how to play chess it's something we have to learn something that has to be taught inculcated the and in person and wasn't blooms No you don't work hard and don't the it's natural and invest thanks to the painful efforts of other people have to teach the again those lucky to have good teachers should be by example and then during week as much walking said my names the how to do it for 2 recalled so this is what is up to us to work hard that people would work hard knowing how to work hard knowing what it means is itself another a gift see who homework work is not truly our so his son unlucky gift so we can add resilience and the source the list of them and given hard work is and not simply a matter of just working out the act OK what other people think this is typical it's amazing how often people think there is a secret to success on and then hot work and I've gotten through the 100 pages of Twitter slides to show you on this subject and so on and this doing image search if you like to know whether the terms hard work and success were Mediaset should find all kinds of thanks they're exactly in this no great success equals hard work and success is the result of a work hard work is the guarantee of success with and some dissent sometimes a new rental ification but not that much and people willing to do this they needed to this it seriously so here's a good man mention briefly I found attempt talk by something called picture so John from the and that was 1 of the 1st things of that search so he's apparently the successful these an entrepreneur management because of the reference and you might books about B 8 things success that people have in common that a they is a black belt in judo and runs marathons and climbs mountains comparing with 2 pairs of mountains with various continuous so that's and was a really popular term here called now pays to apart and it was popular and people are mapping this stuff up they you love it and he tells us after interviewing the 500 the 100 very successful people that Honda is the secret of success trust me says I interviewed over 100 successful people networks and that it can easy well notion what would rented exactly did you expect them to say 209 so I have to admit this increment success that I was in the right place at the right time needs friends in the right people had the right kind of education and the right connection times the right and the parents the right in the face on when the right and screw and the right kind of health because of the surprise that here if that is that many of the 2 and talk and so on until the of this but is kind of related to IT and the 6 DM minutes in his so tentacles are fundamental parts of the image because it's clearly was about 7 1 inside their admittedly uh argument hard work and metabolism implicitly because they don't have and to attend to and the Pentagon had generously provided the matching gifts and entities so there is this talked independent whether Sweden analyst precision things about investments 24 hours a day 7 days a week where death is not after the symbol child or a sick parent with the death and doesn't have to worry about the health the fragility of his own body not much and he told um which is a drama about how enjoyable or this hard work here's how much from how many things how extremely that astounding numerically that it has come to a pleasant surroundings that was not in recognizing congratulated in which you read should found that enjoyable with a surprise and so and we don't know have about this but I would like to ask him and the other 500 it's not faced process of mythologising certainly instances to and from the subsets and people use it how is it that you cannot currently so and the to it the until and when I don't know of any such as the person who has not had just hope things and like at did it and hence the change of people despite the vast quantities of hard work will never attain success the people who work harder finger in announced Johnson like that in doing and when injury anything like success network and then how accession to work for a pittance doing presents and unrelated there that will never be found you will never achieve very much doing it you will never be successful behind with the secret of success and we success that people apply it would be moving in Sub-Saharan Africa not top independent Wall Street analysts and sometimes minimalist secret of success humor diamonds the evidence an into you have hundreds of students successful people in swimwear let's say because the evidence is in plain sight everywhere and I have 500 people and not thousands and millions but Indians of people and it's pretty inescapable by the hard work it is not the secret of success the secret of success is locked and in a few cells actually just are severe enough
innocently too much so concerned by good side consisting little bit about fading works without of cells here we are not the on the
failure if you entirely it's quite hard to fail only really bad luck will bend your success only that work that behavior will bring it out we've got 100 told us about after because in in the questions asked about this because the government doesn't make this 10 and if you know that then federal right is less in the end anyway as it did for me and then I while hiding mistake call my teaching career failure but it wasn't success and if an wasn't 8 permanent failure the and reduces the last systems for 25 minutes and the the however the commented US yet so this applies especially to our software industry and also to us and will gender for these reasons a interesting really very deeply in in this with energy this ideology rather have success and hard work people are industry the successful ones and also among gets assessed in France trying to be women to believe that it's a meritocracy where hard work Grant success the and our industry is a very influential if ideas values with attitudes and practices and histone emulated by others and other industries that industry determines how people live the underlying the world but the rest and slavery increasing the so when and and the way it works is going to reflect our ideals and values and our industry is not working very well for the many its if exclusive and blacks diversity it disadvantages the less like a companion there lock while insisting to them that it's a meritocracy and what they need to do is work harder this infatuation with this notion of hard work Hans even the ranking and the successful because working 80 hour weeks however much n is not good for you and this is why don't they exhaustion and depression and and we intend in this industry the so it's I think a dangerous likely In other words our industry believes in a dangerous harmful right that obscures important truth about success and intervene to recognize the role that luck plays now uh industries and the success of success in that industry would risk allowing the industry to harm last and to harm the rest of the world the and I think it's really a very effective lines of aluminum because it covers up its own tracks it focuses attention and individual and that they have to do also from the conditions that made the individual and under which the individual must work the music of the very successful to rewrite the history of their success and not worry about but there when given that success in make some machine movement of data to symbols holding back and that's the it makes it easy for people who are trying to succeed to do that have to do it entirely on their and success into medics initially power for some people the outside the sacrifice themselves through the use of things In attempt to against into the cabin now of course then I quite like explicit plants expected and the number and implement the many of them and being a member of an exclusive contract and it does it does make me feel good it makes me feel better than other people the In addition to all of that's natural it's only good so right it's unjust and is unstable but it's really seductive the and then this slide is really seductive data and the right side of it or the wrong side of it the the conditions in which millions of journal and it will be the year of an acid has a k that and how that happens responsibility in in your picture of things you know do not fill out the picture uh in had and I said I think that it is known for the picture I think that we have to find different place a proper place for individual responsibility and there's a place where it makes sense maybe fetishized not be part of a dangerous slide and it makes use of a new kind of responsibility collective responsibility the when responsible there there's more and better responsibility on us not less this is the notion of individual responsibility is sentiment that we are actually responsible for all of those responsible for that was sensitive to the real we the pattern of the so what does this have to do in specifically where we I mean the general community to be added inclusive can't when that anyone can join and participate in we wanted to be possible to convert people to be successful while being generous and the burden to generalize he thoughts
to the patterns that I stand out at times so the Django project right now is being affected by these problems by this ideology you can trace them right back to this ideology of work and success the imagine contributions to gender to participate in the projects to that engage people need have is little energy and time to spare but remains incompatible people in the project In the quarantine through burnout exhaustion frustration and dismay the the using computers who do not because they are trying to get into this kind of participation and how have they work acknowledged and so on and have failed and using them we going to gain new contributors because some of the barriers at too high for people who are not already on the inside and to remain holy under this and the 1st gain contributors and new ideas and new approaches from people who I'm not like the people who are already in the clubhouse so they this generally have is not 10 some hidden-unit you'd just haven't town it's wrote we are in a danger of becoming the the and the number of agenda quarantine and the but there 2 the the to talk and think about you know the the the cockpit so the new lasers for our islands hide away in the bunker in the scene where we do think we talk about fiendishly complex aspects of the right and that no 1 else could possibly understand where well I should never and when we talk about where we want to grab complied with is the gender uh community special overlaid questions of inclusivity known how can need during the participation how can people contributes to the better part of it how can we make each other better by having a healthier community and it was about as the committed to gender participating being successful a successful part of this project is more difficult than it ought to be for many people and even even on the website for this conference uh management criticizing this because so called aim entirely well-intentioned but was unfortunate solely referred to the core team as the got in this you trust me the god the courting because agenda Sin other than that shape because that's not how we see ourselves and actually is not how we want everyone to see ask so all that we're doing that that's not what we are doing with the yeah caretakers of the community and that's the right that's the kind by doing this out there that's the kind of barriers being raised even if people don't realize so way it is quite useful that's that uh that was posted on the site because there are the highlights a problem for us but we need to deal with so user-friendly I they overseas and he's 1 of the core developers the and she's listening finds need some changes so what's interesting that His the different political political ideas from these probably quite sick of hearing me talk about ideology or is much too polite so that and and they have had recently that the the other we have until I project is being heads bad ideas about the current at successful participation that often many people want to believe that enough to be part of it when the should and 1 of the things he said when I was talking to the same he wanted to expose the hidden power structure within gender so that we can do something about it that's interest me in power structure that you know it's but he doesn't think he said I got an idea logical analysis that Pepsi does not realizing so if you can and have a look at some um the development documentation so it's not yet into a yeah agenda release that he has done a little work in the last months to me right somewhat this to me said that toad to reset expectations with the hope of there are people and murdering some of these barriers to success and past participation and that is the kind of thing that we in the all team already comes about so we wouldn't really to library for this homework is Polish yes it is it it's communication to me to know that even though as I said we're very political difference that actually Washington the same lines when it comes to this but and why should you care about any of this new were probably pretty likely already otherwise you will be sitting downstairs and my mice held the mice computed from you this where you need to care about this world China was not just a bit of software it's also a community of software uses it has an effect and 1 of principles of inference is that participation engagement and success in general should not be reserved for a lucky few and that is in also built into it by its founders
expense expressed an example China's outstanding documentation of successfully achieves its aim of lowering the barrier to entry it the the documented documentation expresses and consideration and respect for numerous newcomers 2 GenGO so that's an interesting way to think about of documentation as an act respect to other people is expressed in the town of communication within the project on our e-mail lists no IRC channels selected tracker but
communication is from could use and helpful it's expressed in codes of conduct which govern uh that residents at this level and conduct if people these events which is so welcoming to some friendly and of course the gift I didn't mention that slide and activities at was lucky enough reason that I chose a gender and not something else because the amount the extra but it's like being given by China and and it's community can't be understand we we just that was 1 of the like his choices I've made in my life I need it because as for the website site was a nice color basically you know I motivated to page document from a manager rationalizing it but I think that was the real reason sigh that was the what she had because I think it was announced live in communities for the privileged only on the burning towns of communities as unlucky in abandoned houses of communities is unlikely populations of must patients it to crack it does matter for us in the commuter about well we all know that in the successful remaining to be active and engaged satisfied with the participants now community in our industry in our world but we don't have what it's a time of universe sesame had but that's not focus on the individual this is 1 of the things that things that we as individuals can do these names are that responsibility is shared and the current due to make more people lucky the tends to given will not he gives special weakened including employers and collaborators people need to share skills we can help people develop the self confidence they need to participate effectively in that part of the Szczecin arrays but most of the sightings of Mandarin deep political aim a copy the responsibility of individuals requires a shift in our collective thinking about success and the role that luck plays in at the rabbit and is the stroke at an event like this where they share something know is doing that did to pass on their like to other people what I do mind said Russell said that I would be running a little teacher is out of the on 1st the spread scope don't be afraid to commit should Remington participate in country gender but then at get started to come along that we can make laughter mathematics we tried to do so ready so for example by closing the gaps that and the person with fewer lucky gifts has to leak we write out documentation from a non native english speaker whenever the barriers to participation we try to make different routes available departs station in general so you don't have to be top-flight program To make a useful contribution and when people would not touch top-flight programmers to be making useful contributions there's more than 1 way to be a successful part of this community and we recognize that some people don't fit so neatly into our industry as others and for example our codes of conduct I wanted to ensure that government to filter comfortable to be that and then we can do is to change what success actually actually so for example of friends which is say John of the world that tend to occur managed to get into the I had a very successful people that he will be to consider the possibility the that's example thinking of finance 24 hours a day 7 days a week is actually pretty shitty way to spend your time and understanding you're not working 80 but there was a weak that's life is really worth aspiring to how ever much it earns because something else is missing from it so when people to write that reaction should be to lock in a kind of we embarrassed are meant to implement so there crazy quantities of hard work in the this is like saying that kind of he was a minor in the soviet union he was a hero of sessions labor of the the evaluation sets an extraordinary record by mining 227 tons of coal in a single shift so let's standing belongs not court match and it demonstrated the superiority of the Communist production systems so the satirist Al standards movement was a huge propaganda tool for the Soviet Union and the this is how the system works this is how we work this is communist this report is this not all records that then it hasn't had this method true workers to follow people were murdered kinds of males for huge amounts of productions book in fact the kinds of things made it possible for him to achieve this record like being the best teams to work with the best tools is the best uh according
to a person to and apparently having a minus production quantities counted in his own sky helps and isn't possible ideas from other workers to measure their success the gates as the was seeing here in our industry it's are ideologically motivated propaganda you we are facing and and a 2nd that movement in which the set of methods have been replaced by individual hard work but effects some of the of creating exclusive clubs may hear hard for people to succeed make it easy for people to try themselves in the ground in the tend to do so so and so the mean of the guidance by this line and there propaganda heroes where there soviet minus well 1 street analysts been success depends on like gifts whether it's your own or other people's and should it and don't be afraid to demand the other people share this to so thank you very much promising to under the pressure you can e-mail and phone to get in touch and I'm organizing gender conduit next year in June 2015 which will be held in confidence your own cordially invited to come you come to be the the and in fact if you'd like to talk to me about anything if you like to 20 around about dealer or the jobs or about the quality more about don't be afraid to commit parents or similar minus or fewer 29 because you general quantity than any of unstructured conform 20 I We mutants tool to spend so much as to the future the for data which then it on the way out of a couple questions if there is a keen on a mission to alternative is to get the ball rolling this the the 1 most media no immediate and were not even a question as a back story to consistently you want talk about about that and 1 of the that 1 of the reasons are why has it that that success is measured in his wife is because it's easy to measure that for example people in his startling people have become members of the court chain because they have contributed a lot of that's all I have posted almost seduced to Jaguar Jared about us I'm and this something there are added to it because of the the locks and had to have the free time have the expertise have all the other factors that you before the guy that's effectively the reason that it's become the same that we we used to judge whether someone becomes a member of the quotation is fundamentally because it is something that can be made is a quantifiable that number lots of is not what do we replace that we've had they have use 1 of 11 matrix can be used on biased phone she quantity of of contribution did it take into account accounts of the the the what factors and all the way back apart from mass just that thank you that was made to use questions I'm sort of remember now because it really having a very if I had a very good answer for that I would have spent some of the last 45 minutes giving you the answer and I don't know really knows that but I think that we have to keep talking and but were no I think that what the quality that can be listening and user community have to keep talking and we have to hear your complaints and frustrations and sometimes people get 7 frustration express their frustration for example on the gender developers this about their work and how it's been ignored and that this is a closed shop and so on and there the until my metallicities this is part of uh so you because that has exclusive clubs will and news of reactions and really hinges on the web if you must be aware that they are a natural reactions and we have to look I was happening and and you think with community you know I'm eric and thank has the gift that the that can be found in that if he were supremely added with those gifts but is not actually piece and the undertaken a very humble piece of work and his knees were plotted for that and I think that's the kind of thing would I think there's no single thing there's no messing so we don't know he's gonna columns and this that's all applied on the use if the patchwork of effort and when has take part and that's the best news source of 1st thanks again and so it's very all other the basic things in fact