Top tips for developing and deploying on AWS

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Top tips for developing and deploying on AWS

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Top tips for developing and deploying on AWS
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leader in cloud computing. The AWS service offering is vast and continually evolving. As AWS grows so does the pace of innovation, there are hundreds of updates every year. Keeping up with the changes is not trivial. This talk will highlight top tips for both new and experienced users of AWS with a view to deploying a website, powered by Django naturally.
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I'm not related to the end of the day uh all there at all about her player there's a there was a woman throws so it'll go about myself and this is
set my background is in computational chemistry and can't Maddox which probably doesn't resonate many of you and nor should it it's a very special does love on using chemistry to help design new drugs is the is the main hearts and I've been using for nearly 5 years now just slightly scary and look at a few tips along the way and most recently count apply them on an wasn't so you've had a open-eyed people have no idea of what we do we do molecular modeling and
Informatics too small job most external you and the changes in 1 point things are is after attending a talk from Russell Christian the cone open eyes now a gender self-presentation corporate members we're very proud to respond to the gender and Asian and in keeping uh we also article Japon of Amazon so this is open Python do so is a 1 of
our pieces of software at 3 D Visualizer other pretty picture the middle shows you the a protein and a drunk and how they bind together monopoly again to how we do about the that's of science that we will look at doing open i so this is more the molecular modeling and then we can use cosmetics to take the information which is
initially 3 D and projected onto 2 D images the image on the lower right if how we share a protein binding sites in flatware key a legend and then the drug what other science grab afterward be at the reception going on to the conference I happen if you and they stick more IT for the rest of the talk and my previous employer before open was a pharmaceutical company name is AstraZeneca and on some may take
some medications Aviva down gender is used enterprise don't worry as it had revenues of 20 billion dollars a year they Django that's another discovery projects so you can rest assured using 4 related stuff so on the left you can see some of the chemists of work this is less is a concern lobby images so entirely true uh Michigan re to re-elect chemist was not far off uh demands although this talk about cloud Malta dissonance process prefer a very hardware so the box on the right is an IBM place and and that confuses harder which you deploy gender 1 when all sensors in the can so
who here is the user all knows about AWS the pretty much this half you've used up on the the so it's some of the kids have time some again clouds and big buzzwords kind of order so open I we really embraced and and and 1 of the
reasons is it's crazy crazy size so this is an a quote from year ago from the had US and is published 0 truth monist and that the MAC has to be have is 5 times more than all 14 major competitors if we think about it is a huge amount of resources and when you look at what is and has been doing for the last 6 years of a
page from the corpus slides and bacon this number of features released every year and as the years go along the numbers you often up and the last colonization so not even halfway through the and already that we must match the number all releases the last year how to keep up to 180 release updates in year that a lot of changes to the model of you the bold services a branded product we introduce double 74 laughter in some very rapid pace so in this highlights some of the most useful products on the range and so of you may have had of some of the new apologies affects all owns and figuring out uh but thinking simply by making websites persons how you get there new DNS entry needed some to register a domain and a root 53 is the service for that and traditionally just DNS but since the last month in average due domains around and well and Tenneco Islamism during the goal of context another company for this weekend your DNS and registry in 1 place it gives you an expired student before should the mining attribute on a person grow and then the genus is Kirby hand you control for the API which we'll deploying new software is really handy to change things over pragmatically already you've heard about
medicine man Casanova talks to be useful tools for the pointy website 1 click 1 of and you can register the another clicker non-cash over and then maybe not that holds in store but you would have to maintain another server in addition to a web servers and the cations their little databases and catch is the Amazon product gives you easy access to these very popular technology maybe fancy the most equal
the and officers were dynamically being isn't on the sequel in the same way let's Monge deviates slightly different that's very powerful and credibly fast uh many Python you might check out my co-workers libraries at Pine IDB for a really easy way to access it and both in Python and using gender if uh databases
talk of the day gender 1 7 is now there's migrations are ready to roll and beginning a database to throw them at so uh 1 show the 4 database of there you of your own personal preferences I'm pretty sure no 1 wants to actually stole it they service my which really easy but all these again one-click right so maybe you prefer to develop or my sequel but your your client has strong oracle made and the licenses and then if you really nice way just don't pop an opera database test we don't close it down Masson easy semantic a quick tangent away from the services and not to talk you people lunch about less so you want to be having no indication securely between the different services you use of animals um ODS edges comes D Ford actually no single a few weeks ago I want you find the proposed a state-space let's say everything can be done through SSL TLS communications if you make a small change your settings the and under the Options section that however and still for revocation of SSL certificate and how and provide a location to this to get the provide this is the the public aid can easily download they can also use TLS on bees at low balances become part of Cloud found is history and their endpoints that's really easy to shortening critic medications well and calculate so perhaps the most well-known Service Amazon
has is S 3 the Simple Storage Service where storage really is unlimited it's quite crazy how much it has to bear on a daily basis to history users 11 minds and your ability so it is a man it's pretty much the the this is a great place your static assets you would heard from other talks today people like a straight through now facets there works so well and and what's even better if the couple it with CloudFront what essentially gives you your own CDs so netflix play crazy amounts of money and short video on everyone else the you can get your own CDN for really very small amount and you can use explications provided for you so when your customers go to website they get the assets and the closest Eureka location and as alluded to TLS is available by default at the 1st time we are testing Taylor spot and websites and we found the balls and re-use to we allow the wisest yellow tens of images 1 kind as of source which is why you don't get the green have to have everything From a TLS provider so 1 change to come from and stuff the uh you know the ICS assembling a service as the name says uh and and send e-mail for you very easy and it's even easier with gender ICS module 1 line 1 line in a pipe and settings for 2 lines is still the apple at 1 the settings and while your e-mails from gender being sent through Amazon's you have provided and the last 1 is the PCs vertebra clouds and this is part of the sea to basically being the computer component of public clouds which he called out part Amazon the network to enable you to have much more fine-grained control which is great source of much more secure but he falls no public-facing peas standard however this thing is a complicated I would you docks and read the White Papers we can again and again and then you might understand going on uh the poverty of the complicated because it can integrate with your own process computers so we have the pin connection from OpenEye officers directly and is really handy but it's not easy to set up the money on no ministry to give hint of that want is up and running server so so much better the and something enterprise really really likes they're like having the data the machines things called away in a sense to place so this is the highlight of some of the services and hard to get access to them to show you what boto but itself and a big announcement in the weeks ago but now moved on to Python 3 support which is great that was 1 of the so the top 10 blockers although the biggest part packages that you have 3 support and it was a sports east to roll with John covered a few slides and the other thing enzyme is least and later last year was the degree of the light just minor interface to access some as an and which is greatly Daniel API we may not realize is altering a Python so once again pipe is being he Jameson's and deliverables and too easy pedestal commands hey presto you got it so if we think about gender website read a database with an application servers the load balancer CloudFront all sorts of things so my
look something like this is a little pieces which are birth has and put together a well-performing website but scalable rescaling groups has low balances 11 database so how long it takes to set up the the get a store all these pieces by hand so a lot of work a lot of effort this maintain a to members of some quick easy ways to serve as host that for you as they call it and there's a lot of work so maybe you mall developer inclined any audible to find in which case there is another product from zone called Elastic Beanstalk which might be very handy for you
so this is isn't so compatible tour OK maybe the is that much more about taking a nap and applying it and and you can do it in English literacy steps that 1 gets the page press
launch so too hot way for 5 minutes
and this page will load of show you a instance so you get that increase of your rights 1 of the top right so small and this has created a database for you institute instance for years but in scaling groups really about lost any these things and all for you and you click through and you'll see a nice
sample whatever given you and if you wait and gender up occasionally it is easy is just clicking
in the middle way of running version of but in a plugin files and away goes redeploy as his Special coder and as a small extension you can add like a gets pressures well to estimate version of code sends a copy dramas and they put in 3 prosperous and uploaded to redeploy similar to this is very handy for small
applications and but it's any sort of 1 particular way of doing and have to have RDF chapter of this and there there's no way to do red it's easily things like that so if you need the
rest Amazon and services in communities confirmation we have to write adjacent template to say I want an easy to instance of a database of I want elastic what less best for these things um but how meteorite Jason the hand it's not much fun a quick look we have 1 of them which 2001 lines long I'm so glad we can laughter at this there's no applied by school troposphere researcher right hypernym and develop of the adjacent which is hugely hugely profitable and from finishes so awful so and 1 the reasons amount to do this this here's another architecture that doesn't
talk about this users uh the other services such as Hadoop and beta-strands this one's wealth of online gaming and confirmation and used to very easily are all these different pieces in minutes post same-store 1 machine and so the software bargain of machine again makes a really powerful it the Matisse destroyed start again so i'm shift is all
but to security the and sums and have a shared model so they look after think the land the hardware make sure secure because content in these patch the 1 show on the machine simple easy to you your responsibility you open every called the final demand or being attacked the tough not your fault you gotta to be careful and make the unconscious and correct decisions and likewise they have another product which
is called I Am his identity and access management the and Monday does an excellent uh slideshare the day the last year the conference the covers the top 10 things you should read you I am and run for the very quickly all of them you can think this is so obvious because it really that easy and make sure life much easier as well uh we don't do more class but on missing came around and have activated or 10 of these much easier to use hints so as I should making users so these numbers in again at the IP MIT a user ID anarchy essentially and we can have more than 1 per account but how I mean something of critic of attached to so barrier 1 account 1 critical of like that uses everyone has their own credentials and 1 can see the emissions and they don't overlap so that makes it far reason that built dependent on it 1 belongs to group them this way when she got a permissions right you can make sure everyone gets them and the 1 has the same 1 and we had a few cases where users have so custom emissions was some they could all can do things it wasn't clear what they can do this set is get rid of those 2 everything into group the amazin follow the at least privilege role security so we don't need access to we don't get and that 10 plates acquire restrictive as well in terms of security and that really does and work far better and no one's ever comes missile created in the 2 missions this new about that mean is always there were around emotionally us fracture access the idea by accident and that inadvertently deletes every works that we are running this I'm looking happy and all that so did cost words as well because every strong part of policy in a symbol was like things like that and be is need a positive API password is purely for microphone so securities on allowable console then think of In the best basket policy is where there is nothing to break that MFA multi-factor
authentication that's been around the news you know of ways of even in the phase get can be broken around and but you get you want to try and user interface so the roots counties the count but you get we 1st Ray Anderson and I calibrated US on the credit card on that has to happen they are real and affair and the best policy of the single and then after that's how users those that can do a lot of your account of his uncle myself I can do anything more or less my account so in anaphase well by she's my the energies and having a physical token Temnikova of users we decided for deem that as being how users we actually have an yeah roles
is something which attaches to the C 2 so want your code starts to run amazing boto gender need your credentials to doing so was that a new promising credentials into until code on get help plain text this does not end but not mention changes often anyway it's how to go about doing that their role was basically injects a credential onto the instance locally so you never need to actually touch any passwords and when you boot up their instances so it has a role a role as the nation's a access 3 of 4 needs to do and amazon automatically irritating 3 times a day so this is really really good way to ensure the keys on public and they get changed the time sharing is a great technique to so credentials between accounts that we have to account for the sale of business grouping a marketing group you switch access to West 3 with the developers to marketing you can do so using roles as well and rotating keys is really important so the roles automatic what users whatever policy you have a legend password usual you've API keys the phone every so often you should go through and reassign your users new data access keys in at most for ones wants to like in a seamless transition you can add conditions to provisions as well the 3 to things like the Terminator 2 instances model to say you can only do that if or usernames Craig and you have and your using security less again point and your your political IP address example of a site so you can do quite granular restrictions as well and the route to count only the 1st 1 again the general interest of user it's too dangerous so somebody Amazon now don't give you a case of taken away with itself to secure tourists in the news people that there will credentials hacked and also in the heart of for ransom you can do anything close controls you can delete the data they contain many instances is just too bad just don't haven't been column and display the fiscal and if is well surrogate of sport is a is a paid extra uh something that gives you you now in 24 hours and although I find is less and you get access to telephone chat which is pretty much instance it's been really useful for us um members of the saudi features very often their baby API and site but as I told raising confirmation they don't add confirmation always straight onto a new feature so example is the B at the time at which it now figure the only manually so I wrote was an e-mail ontogenesis super but we really needed the confirmation of the feature requests and Amazon really customer-driven so you do have to be very practically as saying that this is important to us and they do get around to slowly changing it the uh if you are serious reason is another commented upon network as well because 2000 was you but duty of those credit so works out and make a new easy easy when it accesses and training and things like that to as a really serious and then account manager of the Ohara like crazy um then in the a signed and then they'll tell you things down the road map as well as well as the access to private beaches the sample that you see today we had access to early which is really good test amount of feedback and and finding about room that features is very handy for the kinda wrong where you you might make a larger older of you know the copper and then find out the next day that the features ones the life was hard way down to do it so it's a good time to be in so that I'm keeping up is the tough part of those quality ways that I found these Beaverton is just so so there's and what the following if you the blogs as well which like become topics that security job the data there's meaningless once you join find you so start really you anyway the Twitter account is very useful in like the blog this in some accounts I'm a for the top tips they do summits around the world so I one-day conferences in Tokyo Singapore the London stepsister place like that and then reinvent is then your customer complaints that's also worth going after 3 days must gender consul information turn you so what was the the feature Japan what this morning to Sergei
confidence Norman jet barber senior engineers but is blunt about and fitted with tweets about a slight change to the interface for easy to and how you can filter instances in a small incremental change but 1 day my coming from the feature the light for months is now the what so just
conclude announcing is very easy to prototype web services maybe you don't always acted for you maybe orcas crescent slightly different flavor than they offer but just get during what is so easy just enough use then and then when you're ready draw your own that that suitable you from PC to every like and gay I settings right from day 1 to top 10 tips you could afternoon and you will be grateful down things do change so 280 changes laughter will the 1 on the way to taking an overweight you here you have to keep up and just as they released new features of surprise drops this has been a 45 per structure of so you get new features and a bill overall it's always going down so it really is that worthwhile and many for hedonism is a freedom to which last for year and includes lots of storage and all sorts of things it's worth trying to yeah so just for finish OpenEdition this tag
uh for a number of representation to more my workers is talking about a lot to think we found a very important for a circle and thank you for attention and the gonna questions feel freedom
in your Twitter profile be which thanks to the arrival of the student and this is a this is a