Setting up your development environment for Django

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Setting up your development environment for Django
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First steps and best practices for getting a reproduceable environment for Django development!
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and I'm going to have a learning rate product
assignment of my name is what you in the name of my over Barcelona working at the site as a sort history but I think there's a lot of exactly that going from Barcelona uh I work at the synthesis of work at that uh and and knowledge use in this great relevance and the technical director of the Commerce that sort of as a remote said we worked all what their electoral last couple years a lot of projects both here and the in services go and in Barcelona of e-commerce related projects marketing lead acquisition related products of and right now we're working on some exciting Django of projects for a productive assigned for customers and the deposition so we are looking for Jango developers would like to come the sentences go work with this this you know come catch up with us after the presentation would like information on so I super this talk we
we're going to talk about a pretty complex subject about setting up our development environments but we created a actually Ramon has created Austin repository that contains a full tutorial with extremely detailed step by step that remain dashed the resides in the paleocene but it's really helpful because what attributes step of installing the different components the need for this and it also contains this presentation so I would recommend you grab that at some point OK so talking about reproduce environments you care and well-developed scare developers at write code that need to run on some sort of divide but some sort of environment and develop precision wanna write code that relate directly with like mucking about environments like but by that's a that's and this constraint on teammates as a team leader really like reduce more marked because I know that my team can get down to our working on their tasks instead of grabbing around with broken environments and strange that appear because things are consistent from 1 place to the next hour so such people tend to appreciate this a lot because the work that we do when we're setting up a development environment for application can also be applied to the staging test production environment as well and this kind of the key people in general 64 for really due to people there that I know but uh in general people evolved in general projects can probably benefit from from having a weighted environments so what is important that you know a typical project is going to have lots of software packages and of maybe a database movies and have a web service can have some catching system it's going to have a Q of some sort I don't know there's there's new things the Django itself by all kinds of different stuff advantages of so setting these things up manually while there are some people that are kind of strange enjoy doing this like myself that it is pretty slow it tends to be inaccurate because I may do it a different way than he does it then she does it then he does it up and we end up with different environments that accurate they aren't consistent across the across the board and most people generally find this to be really boring work anyway so it can really turn into a nightmare when you have a team last year of among right when we were in Barcelona doing a project we had a remote team and in South America that they were pretty colors but they really don't have much maybe about environments and they I think that if we had this system that we have now to just created this a good repository Hlavacek that when he disappeared weeks we say 2 weeks on the you know the time of of our project so and probably a lot of problems going forward to because every time we installed a new but figured out we needed cash in this system you know you guys get unstuck after after right this tutorial about how don't stop casting and then they break it and then it was just we could have said all that by using this exact same system here your bonds can change that you know from 1 from 1 room to another like developments not can be the same stage in 2nd be the center production made in development have some sort of debugger running were probably wouldn't have the production of the other and you got to that point but that's another I don't not like over the years later if you want to tell you this horrific but and this is the this environment also change over time right I mean applications the passing fast but when that fast enough that we need to use some sort of caching mechanism so that's a change may be happens later on in the software-development what's going on so we need do some environments educ about liver the point quite a bit of an honest of these new instances in just minutes not hours a day to day so we we have what consistent results from and about all this in inverted across that we track Sherritt updated and our so we
talk about setting up the reduce the recognition some environments and and this presentation here we were going to talk about the tools what they do and some best practices least according readily that this is what so that a Rousseau this now without without groups and were really nice guys of but we're not you know world class experts on this were just sharing with you in the system that we use this work for us and is given as pretty consistently good results are you're sharing with you to give people that has served the complete written tutorial dashed DVD that from 1 could together which is awesome and when actively look at the Pollock so something that covering Jagger development here this is more about environments like look at the code and were also known to talk about Dr. science too much more than so the with the kind of problems we have that we need to solve we have multiple dependencies when it specifics versions you probably don't have installation configuration skills across the board entity and some people do some people don't but this shouldn't really be that concerned that anyway so I can take a long time we have done this so the the solution solution is having a single place where the entire environment is defined what this underwritten control so able to be able to make an applied changes over time and you know reusable as much as possible for different environments and from that state production they grab and
chest although it's what we need to get in what about the visual design of representations because that's not what we're doing so
of rum and you wanna talk a little bit about the 2 lines AA and so the global the global oats and because we got using mainly robots billboards it's a solver that will always be at all missions and duties you everybody knows the next and there and there and it's
it's a 2nd over that wraps around and below what it allows us to be screened How do we want to provision a machine uh they grant is status with a value have boxy is when Lovelock's is meaning that their their wounds in that have nothing stop but the main operating system but 1 thing that it's awesome is that it
offers a shows the so you can run your application for the little machine but you have the your application from your horse with your preferred uh with your preferred editor for example I know that I have time and then uh subversive and this year in and that's not that's OK OK OK OK you know what I like non you know was there and then you let it yet and so that you can go to local around room machine and then added to prefer commands recommends my favorite commands you use command so it's like the with a record of the right rate of all you have to do with the development of amateur running as double the repository and go in and type they got up and it will spin up fully working virtual machine you don't have to spend any more time figuring much about this to lines to where it's going to get the machine up and running and that is the provision grammars when we made some changes to that environment that provision will apply all the and will will make the virtual machine match what you find in your group have anything now the great time in order to spin at the machine that OK so we can see all
that in OK
in this that and the tutorial is explained with the small means into the but basically what we're doing is uh there and I'm and seeing as long as you waking up there is no just provisioning OK and by the end of the beginning of the speech we will see if he has worked on not
dividing or in mind to OK so that's there
and then why we like and and we like open source tools so the rank it's an open source so and we like it allows allows us to do that whatever 1 with dual machine and it's very well adapted to be robot which is also an view of an open source so there are a lot of ready-made boxes windows in the west uh well a flavor of Leonard's uh that you can imagine a yawning can also work with Windows so school and you can create your own Bayes boxes uh in an easy way in a very easy way
I I other 2 we have no what is share and but they were best served at the very end it's able to speed up a machine shaft what does this for reasons this machine style some so for inside that in that into that we will miss him but no that we as the operator like maybe uh more than the where where it's just see substitutes doing cold with set you know whatever you can do in the command line and you can create files directories the and whatever I don't get and it's easy to keep track of your configuration changes than it is to keep track of the heat so you can then share those changes with all your team and you get sure that all duty will have just the single relation uh for their development missions uh for example and share and makes all of that accessible through the network uh using a server OK so with the main difference between challenge of soulish of solar system open source for 2 shaft and it has no server uh most of most oversight of several on 1 it's much more easy to get started with i mean has applying for their and that just for so it's going to get started with that so of like the common you know there so check is not a simple system I mean it's I think that we give you that will will be giving me the steps in the in the tutorial in the repository of how to get up and running and you can kind of see laid out in a single tutorial how all the pieces fit together which is something we can find out on on on the internet on but anything that you know we could do to simplify the beginning was a big help so you know removing the server component from shaft of simplified a great deal having said that you know we do like that that ship has server because as we projects and we evolve our environments definitions will probably wanna use some variation of those on staging test production environment so all that what we've done is going to be useful later on in a chat server which is what we would do use it like this and you server to provision of different environments for our for a product sorry let's go have so I know whether we like
7 so lonely by reason that we like it should have a right because it's open source as of the company there are some things that we can mean either uh support its bit support is available which have so that's cool and it is getting the rated very well with Google Books it's very widely used in a lot of the worst with lots of operating systems and you can't have a lot of good lives ready made in order to just get started with it and just so it's great for local environments you can start wearing right after Donald that component the 1 thing that I you know like for you I'm running a team of from from running the organization this note again the fact that you can get you can get professional support from 4 which is computed mixture they make this actually they've been bombarding my e-mail box for the last month constantly kind given by this but I training available so that you know if you do get serious that you want to move forward this or across different parts of a development organization that they can provide for the you know training by experts on it so that make sure that you using them the most proper way yeah so after all that uh what we're trying to achieve and we're trying to achieve is just up wrong machine that runs the belts in Catalan when will of term that means I here and the POS application this and to that and it is thinking about words there's a kind and for that would just use a when the server to level 4 and annex estimate using the year that you saw while you converters a tutorial but it's interesting to the to have 1 of those the Python Django and was the skill as an engine it's just domain thing growing interest in guy so normal with the need to do all of that uh we do have installed in our host machine read to have this fall review this have development kit below blogs and there and get uh all the tools that we have been talking about have you can find the tutorial of their leans to those applications and 1 of the 2 main parts that are implied uh when creating on a reader verified the bigram file it's the file that it's created by Karen Wynn use and we initialize it and it will tell there on how to create a visual mission data and we need that shift each uh chapter 10 will say water so for that we need to getting something to the launch of the it's looks so good at going Seattle and here and of course the application we want to rank OK k so matter of file everything that just defines a real machine and how colors of the emission is defined just put in the right pipeline they you may have installed for vagrant just say you know how you want the network of for aeration free real emission the processes or whatever you can define the in the in below but you can define it in a script you know there and something to it uh of a release create so you can use all the power over really just just for that fire so it's really there yet it's scripted so as it's a screw it's very easy to keep track of the river is that by linking more on this side this is my
attempt at my work here and that's a pretty good guitar player but the visual design is not my thing so on so talking about Shavlik set has these kind of main concepts in a really cute names that all fit together their kitchen and then they have cookbooks and then they have recipes and then they have the knife so we just talk a little bit about what those are and I kitchen contains many cookbooks at the kitchen it's like a project right a single project usually has a single kitchen and cookbooks a collection of recipes so you can get predefined cookbooks from for common tasks but actually get them from the shaft supermarket as it's called or from get repose or you can create your own about a cookbook is like a collection of and related tasks you could have like an Apache cookbook right it's style Apache Server virtual host set permissions gripper logfiles Blobel or my sequel codebook would do all these things related to something about a much closer of the recipes are just specific instructions that are contained in the cookbook to do certain things right on and then there's also the the command line tool for using shop which is called knife right and I guess you know how long this the application that you're going to serve up would be the main course right and you want to go but
the shelf and birds on yeah as of the standard file uh extend this we don't have like food names you know that the boats of his just dependency manager thinkable bursts of logical thing about P. and maybe together whatever and the vertical just list what good books that we need to we need in order to install inside the promising as their destructive the file is quite simple so there's a source uh source learned that says uh I want all those cool books and downloaded from supermarket picture of the column you define what could the 1 in diverse have example for DAT Kabul we want to uh the 2 that 5 that 2 version not all every group who has to be done with the from the source you can define you can say I wonder was secure Google to be the most different people who gave over here even about the your of your very different these OK in universities these and university that day you call OK so like we made 1 there that so that itself is what cookbook that's going to install the are right so like it is it's it just point to the current directory sector all of suddenly kinds of and that's what going from everywhere and workshops as we but seldom found gets installed with each of the K that we have said before we need it in order to stop and preventive OK
so that I could I created this another I find attempted graphic art were kind of lined up the future names with what they really are so you know you can take a look at that kitchens of projects cookbooks at like a story the you know group of related tasks recipe would be a specific task tonight commandment to embed shoppers dependency management workers when you're new to the to the to the shaft wall it would be quite confusing the terms that it's used in here but I went to have that to have had that at the beginning Friday yeah we need suffered a little bit with that you know it is pretty clever the way the thought of the naming conventions but it'll tool that's a lot to digest 1st yes or sorry again and so I
will want to create a kitten what we will find in it we will find environments and nodes basicaly and some of the things that we're not going to talk about with the every longer uh speech and data but and rose uh the same things about you the way that we're using is environments notes yeah so good so that the environment environment
defines a type of mission and be development Shane approximations these emission were ever made to the type of machine and it's defined in a file named whatever you want but Jason so it's Jason file and you can see an example here at this uh there is nothing to add more to say about that gate you can set attributes for the books you have this and went that we're pretty well defined you know files in our energy because it could those yeah so I know Justice yet at environment a covering note notes as a very were type of machine note it's a specific mission particular should they so in our case we have a machine that's name all start symbol the it's Additional file as it was an environment and it has a very cute i to named run list and run this is a pretty important to that in fact because uh it will use every loose wrote every recipe that we 1 uh 1 hour amounts to get install OK and they just to rest is but in which order that those stress recipes these have to be installed so you that in mind because it's very important everyday a recipe that we want to get in so as to be said this around this is so cookbooks Euratom excellent book on dialect could so so the cookbooks and is defined the recipe specific instructions they have about some other components and well as in in a in a cookbook cookbook I also uses templates so as for the use of a lot of things but we've been using it for like configuration files right so we have a a prefab precooked configuration file right like for package for example but and in the pedophiles this a good that apache . com files could be more or less the same except on different environments and they wanna set different configurations different amounts of memory and different patterns and so forth so those things that change from 1 environment 1 node to another so I would certain attributes spot right so it's it's got quite a bit of a quite a bit of uh of configurability depending on how you want to set up and how you wanna use it across different environments there's also the concept of resources so resources are there like reusable class methods from other cookbooks dependencies and I think when you see in our I could we set up the the post rescue all graph it like it it requires the Python Cookbook in order to set up some of them to the user for the data in Figure act right so so this is kind of what what cookbooks due and you know once again you can download existing cookbooks from the from the supermarket from from get of you probably find a lot of what you can create granted on creating kitchen is really easy on I'm not going to go through code here so like this if they exist so this breaking my promise that was a good use code but just to show how easy it is I was able to do knife solo in it . 9 being the command line tool for Ruby and that set up the entire directory structure for the for the kitchen which was great and setting up dependency management with which a public self was also really easy all I did was created this but file Colbert's file in the root directory of a project I list the service which is the supermarket and I put in the different dependencies different places at different cookbooks that I wanna grab in order to to sort of my missions and this can be local they can be remote that can be from the supermarket that you get up the and in creating your own cookbook is really to that that the tools that shaft only give you your are really pretty good so I was just I went into this there's a directory called psycho books which is where you keep your own custom books are your your extended cookbooks and despised typing you know the command box cookbook my cookbook it set up the entire input book structure formation and I'll have to do at that point is at a little bit of code to the to the recipes defaulted file default be and that's the 1 that's gonna be run when cookbooks called so like in this example at group the same time this is that this is a recent yet talking before download that uh shared who has many resources 1 of them is by allows you to Duran because it's around uh aligned uh come line we acknowledge motorboat transient recommends and but there are more and I'm sorry and in as you can see English native-speaking dunes grade you talking give better than mine I would have more resources we can we can use of the use of simply that we 1 of them is quite self-explanatory there's there's a really pretty full set of of you know commands that that uses that it was really help to create files to us set missions to run bash commands set of networking parts and and there's a there's a whole lot you can do with it so the part of this is just to show that is really pretty easy to get started the last thing you need to make sure and do and we will put this in because we suffered horribly about this this yes so that happened realized that we had to do both of these things we have to add you have to add a new cookbook the dependency manager otherwise it doesn't know it's there and we'll just ignore it but if you want to actually run the new need added to the the ground no right to the run was to denote an image but more so those we thought that was what we had enough suffering on our side but it was worth putting that into its own slide in our presentation and sell it to you so you have that's the OK so it can it get into it's
the idea of haven't talked still little bit about rapid cookbooks but this is an interesting concept for me in particular that as I've been saying Opscode has all this great cookbooks in the supermarket you can get use HTTP servers databases catching systems in Python PHP Ruby whatever you need on a lot of times they pretty much do what you need to do but you might need to just tweak a few things so you might need to set some sort of configuration that they hadn't included in the version that that that probably got published so like my 1st temptation x to the 1st thing I did was start planning these and get help but and then I realize that you know I'm kind of dating myself into a hole here and I came across the concept of wrapper cookbooks of which is actually a lot easier than trying to continental cloning manager on your cookbook you simply define a wrapper around 1 the existing ones and add in the new functionality wanna use so it's really you know following the dry philosophy that were also fond of that on it if you do state using this technology I recommend you take a look at this so of blog entry called doing wrapper cookbooks right but Julian done I guess of got but the Lincoln here but just google that and it'll come up everyone refers to a very hopeful is there so
in a somewhat that much at the end you know can give it a try and check out virtual box bigram shaft for development environments of the reproducible quickly and accurately everything's going to go on a version-control get save a lot of time it's cold and their their skills that that you know you can use in in any project really don't it's not limited to Jane Goodall you really limit talk about gender tech about requirements so whether you give another project that's in some other language PHP Ruby what not time the i it's all these are valid for that and I we do use it doctor so I there's the link again you want check and see if
that actually works yes from university
if the words and so do
about it was like and it the
right so we just the way for it and that's the amazing balls tutorial application ones that the ones that the sky will thank you thank was identified will also 1 this is going to that painted in so it has worked at components you can
download the debate about you that this amazing applications designed amazing
application at the sum of the Columbia so thanks everyone for your time for listening if anyone has any questions will try to answer them as I said we're not we're not lose something but I will try to answer that began in anybody's interested in come in and out of this set of that doctors and it's just above that you would have in the people once who was with a couple years last year I don't yet was so here's my my