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and I'm
of the uh which is
sort of most issues about scale and performance by using was the trigger of resource of that all inter-distance also Jacob Ojanen Princess the man of the hour I
was so so don't worry jails in life I was imagineers the media and
then later become being wrong so I no experience with running the running larger in size and the arms and the resolution systems we call companies but scalability in bonds bonds unfair the longer the little the building of large scale genome projects for clients also of years well I'm I'm going minus is supported during these have to be like it's actually the the solutions is related to the from and this will contribute 15 21 minutes of the meeting is going much questions really common questions that come up and running and longer 15 to 20 minutes you an exception for you guys ask the questions you want of these guys focused the problems of scalability and performance art often sort of tongue-in-cheek label as having problems so if you're adding all dead or your customers in your bed with monotropic and usually good problems that but because ingenues endowed attacks and so objects on procedural elements that even worse those I worried about the images optimization and so what invited to give people before the even ones start project what should they actually spend time on and make sure they get right the 1st time in that doesn't matter at all they actually have of the backgrounds this idea of Putin's so a lot of the early in the and optimize heard about productivity and your goal is to features this thing out while this is possible the base model for making technology decisions that are going to to the later on so uh I would say you know it you don't need a lot of the things you're going to scale here in the process of like crazy esoterica database that you I think it's a solid cylinder problems I would say that I was using his to stick to the known tried-and-true solutions don't reinvent the wheel my scaled up with their bosses over a pretty long time so you're scalability problems could promise so yeah you especially for a stress it was the server and Cervantes these things you really far also I would say no those ones soon don't use don't want some crazy technology just as you think it also led to that I 1 agreeing that today begin to have a monitoring system that systems and looking into how things go once you will be the production you should always have a record of things for how things are now and where he that most of the time or what would component is giving you the most probable even if you start of absolutely standards that you should have a place you can later identify was problem you never have to sort of gas and assume that this will help you with that that's a problem that's a couple that to and fully into as well like I said a lot of there's been a very flat and named 6 months that he starts at the underlying that people with the of the knowledge about a dollar and get out like this funny enough that's quite heavily encouraged simple solution of moment also moment and all of us if you want to train people rings of external contractors is yours and I was going on was false possible by doing this strange Esther environment with special models and you didn't hardly itself your use of the whole certain user is actually true and you should actually do those things but I think it's kind of natural inclination to walk figure out what's the what's the fastest way to do this on so I have to will think about what happens when it is the easy way to show this data when we get there let's do that what we should be delighted cells into a quarter so that makes that possible 12 stuff road or do like the the this way I you know my I know my hands patterns can be like this normalizes is resident 0 my god I want to work and actually I just kind of like the well smell and you want in there and so that satisfies the beginning it wants to know what to do and we also have a plan that there we go all so you know technological great loss that make everything slows the world but so I want all the things when you have site now about that you you know this is the right and now it's against the wall at the fair and it undercuts such started outside of but also in an hour and then going all the from you want us to open up on the insulator among the nations sort of close the the next EU will get issue that comes along we start talking to people and about performances given only and that's what these performance and was still in the doctor changed with the using conversations with my website so I when they cannot so there actually in ways that I can't fit it anymore and concentrate on the minute you want to address the 1st yeah so that performance is how large scale of asking you serve your concept that the important for use it's the reason for general incorporation side and in the analysis scalability but it's not the same thing scalability is the question will always be able to serve n times 100 times a thousand times their loan transactions people in the content based on life of migrants acts and that's the scalar will scale to a serve in and it doesn't necessarily have to be the same performance you can assistance in our interest overlaps with until all anything on systems that are very slowly scale infinitely for example if you choose to use as free as you as you read it will still in definitely but it will never be really fast so far it is interesting that the but use of difference in the information society that right fluency Roscoe's so long final tensors became knocking out the main memory map that once the months of haggling the real rules of feature comes instead of like we need find answer and that's the density increase great but it's unusual since the object by foreign firms series of small windows at the other peaks the way we did a famous Japanese workers personal something this find himself just fine but than you so so is also a game going into the were there must be some what is the significant effect people OK but the letter was sites that and actually need some of these sort of really gains of the 2 guy really popular the and they all customer data that the store that way and so on and observing as we had this school and adapting the slow on that website scratching so what do we do of the whether we should people were 1st when this happens in what kind of questions should they be asking themselves and where should they want to fix the problems so as I said earlier into the monitoring they should they should don't they should have been monitoring all along the line and see it get to get to the place they will know which 1 is the problem now this is genuine rules would say that also isn't true the the yeah so so in that case it's the and on the line and the the piece that's giving you trouble release and and the important point is if you replace something for example you have a real in the real world we find that we have the following it's or oversight and they tried to make to the 100 thousand space literally had 100 thousand patents and I'll be willing to myself obviously because the sort of 3 different 3 different ways of doing things so we want that was my generation with the help of right so we use for is about generated just useful as was retrieved the rest of us and then we went in somewhere else can we use this pattern to alleviate the pain and we have so once we've once we fix 1 instance we say out now we have different
you non for other uses for this to we also have a word like all of us so this is also always a 2nd set of nonlinear people actually actually to yeah I was in your data going on at the end servers in a server over here in the absence growing figuring out where the hotspots distantly related maybe is and then you know attacking it from that angle if you can still currently there is no adequate easy with respond profits otherwise you sometimes really quick injury testing solutions like it is learned that your databases and getting us stuff like that as the regions that as the faster and faster is this view of the world just you know he was and the time pressure it's the same goes the graph servers bullying have our servers from that of the artist in front of it and just have attached all your anonymous users starting office earlier it doesn't need the 4 hours in the apartments the to alleviate the pressure who those or so when we talk about it on the ecosystem around a jingle over all ready mentioned varnish mentioned and then get engine on this this scene in Django of jingle 1 . 7 a feed you feel should be in court for ease growth that it sort of always genders mandate to be very easy to get started and possible to scale out and uvulars anywhere in Django that is that you are not a and needs to be sort of smoothed out of all knowledge and so the coming from 1 side and on you've structure of this ongoing all the things I wasn't wasn't with a message of this incident right as retrieving sentences some kind of like if we have firstly that these things accessories is greater than 2 rooms also it's not like that of the lovers and some decent money sending messages to mobile thousand and with the we have made events and I have some today is about count that's reasons and these these of the revised of which we have small site perhaps plays in the likeness like likely to 1 like you can make use of my house has like this we have like data from this consistent it's and it's a very but of Anderson rules at the base of the test framework world that's so that we seem the override a lot to 1 thing like and hydroxide here using test framework quite a bit you have to the spice as the catecholamines space on the the application you everything gets passed in fact down and you get this kind of way so 1 thing do ourselves to static and you're in the text so you have various but precise at all you want validate it was a couple of things so the another trend is to try and take things out of course about of but I think that's something will moral instrumentation in the course of the inside of lungs server as part of loss showed you how queries something that gender due to a something that was built into the system so we did have a little bit better probably testing unit testing tools around some of those things online I'm writing like you know so long queries is less than this amount I don't need to have no that's exactly to it's that that wasn't in 160 and this is an varies like that it's factual but I just wanna say you know and I am 1 of his failed it jumps of so there you the digital that there others will adjust like to say that a lot of things and said you're actually don't need to be in jail over several years and then adding injury is something that you don't have to worry about in the beginning it wants to see his theory of just grab and all the shell of cash back and from from gate of a lively I Adjust just 1 in is revelations it's also something that you don't for example using double or staging environment so those our ways how how you can progress you start reading within a naive anyone GenGO and a new better so replacing components for example work session storage room for the caching and we also a word about our own against like and which actually does like the summary reduction that it will randomly not return the cash value once so we will get which is really the man around instead of just having tension intervals friends trying to do the same word and so on and so forth we also works lose a lot of work because you spread is or cash so we expose a little more functionality there instead of just included then that there are cacti as it but we do more and then something that you can introduce later so it's all tied to the previous questions like you don't have to worry about this in the but note that these are the places that you want a lot potential to choose to better adding instrumentation in general as something like the production and limitations I know you guys when you're using so I like backwards but that's the didn't you you know how many the queries to this request fire often you know i wanna start at the narrowest and its status to use that that site and track their performance over time it would be nice to to have some the better us right information yes so that's the thing I'm about to go on and and embedded in the and lessen the biologists these by well-known track queries you itself and there is that a lack of host China to how I view the logical for implementation 1 of the things but now migrations is much more time 100 times into there's something like this on a case do you want to see every group comes through this list or do you want like practice in a time of stuff like that but I don't know how long my eurozone text problem when it was something like unintelligible takes it again a some easy solution but it does increase the overhead people focus geneticists unfortunately this level is not the the so this will be the last question for real open up so but the user goal actually done this was on the other side of the panel on the sequence solution that take account and and is such a popular topic that it was a plenary sessions everybody on every 4 years since the end of the wonderful noticeable progress but it was mentioned in this talk on what do you think that is I was I real but yet all of the but the 1st of all the test signal is objection to the the title of the season mean that there was especially that's 1 of the things that moment induced by a lot what is really by things happens then is that people have going through the process of scene that they're exchanging ability of an exchange back don't soldiers is convincing alienation only saying things like indexing the changes in says that works as as an instrument motion might impose rates now has pretty much 1st of all the stuff is at its fields they index is it's I think in foster business on multiple queries so I think most back and so if I virus and solve a lot of structure like that this service the subgroup itself just became was she like I I still see told that problems but will all of these factors can be used as an
last thing so that was doesn't really very complementary things that might become dangerous jobs call you could write such right of that's Christ so I have collected the 2nd algorithm for the motorcycle set that were but you have be you know the time time was you how originated uh that were by your edits the I think we now learn that be something that you don't need to use the primary data store for most people in most areas of relational database system Is that what you want is for your primary data source but there's all sorts of for a release of where this test data this is really search sorry stuff that relational data bases to it also like if you use something else and relational data store and you don't want read as relational data store so there's no reason to pretend to hide behind the city guide to use the jingle where is to query also surgery in baseline the given data storage is nothing because you can use all of this entire power you're limited to 1 and what and what and sequel database could do so it doesn't make much sense and people have realized like the all control is a dosage of the story was later choose the right tool for the job so if you have a search problem we used use search engine if you just want something quick and easy and very easily obtainable use relatives on something persistent and reliable useful for us and like you can use a lesser charge this problem the ABC station and quantities piece of objects has been about exposing normal things that there is something that we can have frost you who's doing it they actually a lot of the uh select summarization made inaccurate area suffer from all of this is luminous as thing it's the difference in the acting as a whole lot of time it was what it alright small informal questions you got a power of over 20 minutes so it was you have against these come up and microphone on and my right your 1st no we're not my son's I actually run this this but they don't they for be awesome Enel I I'm wondering I I think without exception we heard about some elements of the apps that their implications of scalability I I am kind of inclined has seen its stock project question that started this all of the whole word unit that went into it and is it better to you think you useful with Lego company starting today focus on today I'll leave you like Jenkins from day 1 instable and Dr. from day 1 he's the other whatever is not a new the DVDs star where there is a better becoming a tradition and so on so i'm seasons my my 1 responses that you use whatever is commonly used in lending at some level we use bombs only allow some local comments I was adopted acts as the 1st preference was on things and the longest and I hadn't seen but if you want to use is far the 1 generally change was not of a fixed also you can change from system you that outsiders sort of accidents remain projects that I would say in the field was comfortably lessons and saying I will not always extending that after the School of International and shall not in the I'm inclined to my right it's a unital playbooks injections configure fairly substantial there's a logic error matcher that there is another way of saying and all that you know some point at the same time as opposed to Boltzmann and not by the payback so I think don't do you don't have them as fast and think of you invested so much effort into a cultural like the 1 tools at time for much from data with 3 widely by so we have to solve is the continents and all its speed when it's time to go to the long time so the going gets into might find and also stressed and fighting 2 balls and like revolves like in the it's more than just the on the things such as of as you mentioned monitoring several times and I'm wondering what sort of modern of and a particular question also about modernists or if you're dimension and things like that of stress logging on of you know did started the neurons pretty interesting so that's what about slavery and this is how many as a little tiny isolated word reading about this and to is there any that's uh you review will start of that's that's when to buy it at some point there is information you know what that you wrote it provided that other tools that that that's not trivial undertaking together all things like community there's something yeah you use tube on last services online product they say a million tools out there I think those are you know I think there's a couple of things you wanna know you're where you lots of things so that's a problem but there's anyone in any 1 of the numbers which traveling response times all all word in and properly respond or any of the rules there on the other yeah I think that the it depends on the size of your company and whether the upstairs exactly which is that if you have that adopts people then don't have the same ideas about what they might use these kinds of and what you'd like to be able to see all the things think reported if you don't use a service you know there's also a graphite there's keen I there's all sorts of places that you could push this data and all that is little bit of so think you know but what about a month or something on 4 to tear orientation to get the services of running that they did you start the I know I think it took me more than a full day to get a fully working graphite set up following tutorials online and I'd like to think that it's set up during pretty quickly but took me like a whole day so it's easy to get into a time sort setting things up and then abandoning them and don't you will do them later in the visible so that they're just use the services of the data at some point somewhere you having the stress logging again and others library of stress analyzes that there were only 2 not out there I think it's fine to do I just don't belong to the same just that the parts used for data and indexes so use a sort of a lot of talks and then my money back over or you in the ball out so that you can look at specific queries patterns things that get the biggest thing is is not out of the door was was going to say this is base on while taking was known as the parameters that have landed on the inside your nomination in columns useful site in the mountains the line of that as so we can say a slippery says well the centuries and they from this year out Tech which is considered Middlesex sets this and we think they're full of low-lying system for a and you that you that you need security at the appropriate something you want the other guy saying no way that by equating it deuteron receivers of stresses that enable staff statements which is basically like a running slow query logs you also sorts stuff really ask so that if you're in it when you're after is what worries slower the what's the statements will
you all I'm sorry just obviously where actually worked for all 6 urges correlated what interest for storing supplies and also on the back of a really really highly variant that was there a reason why I have pain worsened licenses and those information great but you need to get into context so you need to no like so I had this high and low and all the all the database the I did my assuming that I had more dependence OK but if I had no more queries on all of each view it was only on servers that means that something is wrong and need to the integral this and that personalized monitoring and logging everything you much more than that each and individual of the otherwise even is that would be more detail so you have this overview and to be able to begin to find patterns so as a for example the use well along somewhere visualize and and timing Lord of the world the most useful so if you've been grown begin congratulations saying you can you can build it yourself with just the most useful thing and then you can start adding your own information along so it's going to be able to In this additional metadata so structured morning if you need both of anything at all the information is there in there because this recognized by about the authenticated user or not while awaiting word use come from all this stuff that'll give you more information EDU evening he just sort of this so you of back only later on we will do it only the 1 you almost like even better to have this data points is invaluable to beat it and find out where volunteers were were quickest it's bouncing to borrow the from that people make is they worry about how long and keep them in a search of the state on way too much money at I need a refer to multiple times a day but with different clients can remember last time that I needed more than 4 orders so the only reason I needed 3 days because if you happened 5 o'clock Friday after seeing it on Monday and the reason that I needed for for this is something that I get to that amount to set of like that we need all we so people worry about storing the last 1988 which also here and there and then just so that every query reviewing which so that your upstream and durability look at stuff and you know sure all that in the limit on it you needed to it on really only need to actually have index the last these in most cases that wasn't as and when required boost-invariant letters was in fact the the things a was an inventor on hand and the and you comment about putting in there your our was that image in your area passing that is a common cells and and while after the education is the back as the fucking that on the part of the 3rd Reich basically and you have so has think that this past that levels of everything in yeah inspect call stack to get the mechanisms and this is where the system best interval and then you should do this as I I get a certain of the results fantastic most of the file something jacked up to be I wanted to go into the on or what about like multiple human but Muslims like 1 the such good said on had some all ideas about you could improve in Sec Django where do you think there could be documentation prevents there is like what the frequently asked questions or some place and buried in and documentation about small optimizations that I don't think they touch a single thing you guys and this panel I mean areas is the cat framework areas passion but nothing there really loses those all together and no here you work in a book about this is not a resource the community by where where James will be better about helping at least 21 right direction of the principle of it it's stuff that of passed cheese think the power of 1 does exist for a long time that the failure as you start can 1 America's there a total we going to use in his brief but it shows you this this going light of its experimental that some thoughts on nodes and is the about actual sparsity the much smaller now and even operation but had like other like lines we can pages thoughts so we deal with it becomes very difficult I'm not sure residents you expose eyes past there is a pool of some kind more like the following topics was like very recently and these are the things that but oftentimes within this like South especially thing John Doe but not the was existed but wasn't what this is we think about like they're like you will sounds that it was never and that of man after this eventually i in I don't know what it is about the sampling variance so massive gt Poland will buy books and things like that I will be quite those to think that the user was a red giant really lots of photos that follows you would like to find out things after learning was at the and what is very large or not in it and I think that the baby but I think when you get into this in its interior is really going to have a resources but you don't wanna know that there's a difference with the servers possibly was amended said this is the 1 used the visible and I don't know if that's going to dance place say things like that so so yeah I mean maybe it's it's third-party resources that say at the the that is doing is listed as a way of thinking is or not at the following there is a need for it and at the EU research that isn't it doesn't belong in 10 . 10 regards the the Gnostic how you how you use it every day so there was a general in trying to cover all the bases the monuments asking and you're going to be using it you will see to it at last now if something has to be you is absent of the course was all this stuff 17 almost every word you drop the new user it was the story about at all so I think that at the fervor about 5 minutes a day on a new dresser I talked about a bit about how the union of what some automated checks but that made up some no progress on but I was in work on it but I just now remember that so that the so the influence the also of the various and common things like in restoring of the database just a management command to run and against your existing settings and saying all wrong with the all loop at all this the book if you use the is right but that's what we would expire but it's really easy and I had done on their production sites I don't have to be changed back and you know you can in the 20 per cent performance across the board so just by swapping acid reticent actually on so there's lots of little injuries you forget you know when you're using attached below the and things that our novel that all about the immigrants that tells you exactly the selective performances should be used in production but there is no easy money to equip culture on my settings and see that all the police not doing the top 10 things that are at the I'm only do 10 more of those things are never going go you know the site specific we stand out of the 10 no easy easy the rest yeah I can
imagine the 1 situation technique that the effect of the agreement readability on the Israelites meeting the tagging performance astonishes is always the current stuff that you users will want 1 of them wearing inscrit algorithm at the Nintendo side the BG uses the fact that these it 1 of the problems you like to have and that is the with the island is now around electrical gobble up this talk about the data also with this may have been lost go away and if you have more problems trends don't charge more money to collect and this site will have activities can be this small useless large and had it and when you cross that boundary as solutions and so along the volatility platforms like that is the area the force was the same right to a force on several different strengths you have multiple neurons which of these things that I think from lack of labels think of things like what things are going use and confidence energy but in 1880 false holes into the strength of a brutal round and actually makes the whole thing by concentration of that that not single I think that's a false things a little bit like especially cause some problems on so what happened was that is as that he was restrained by crustal and of that access decision like cancerous breast I was the better part of the action of the of the things sounds very useful the use of functioning and formants and this is likely because just at some expected me your this website imagine faster someone says they do not trust there's a lot of like someone only through the entire regions of the it's those Hollywood that is the part that if the services related this dialog of the novel on you would have reason but with about and we would have a lot of clients I don't you you more interested very expensive at a certain point the ROI of both in terms of flexibility the tools you want to know about them side and that just the sheer cost of services make it make it cost-effective to you know that a person to look at these things for 1st 3 months of or hire somebody like us to come in and do stuff for them on think of you can get very expensive very quickly with the service but but not all that I like it is are you explicitly on a single server you have which is in the kind of what is forced by is server you have your app server you static files users was cells going from that to you model soon your app servers which have no state is pretty easy so going from 1 server as you well what to serve step by step and 100 that's easy but all you're doing is you're after lowering the stack so that if you're if you're dealing with 2 servers in the restaurant and it's also known as servers are overloading many data 50 out of that same databases and all that track problem so you you was done stack and need to of the revered as this that's not the things you just turn I squares logic stuff there's no that you on your Europe statements yeah auto-scaling it's lots doesn't you all so that all things stand like you get on his ongoing there so that the net engineering of short wasn't through the following engineering like like he addresses the task family throughput 14 after the pressure is so much you can't expect 1 solution to problems like thing in the belly like Netflix very different kind of correct but like we have basic facts on sensory job so we actually like you checks and some of example tickets and then stop and we respond to learn a great deal of money from In the enchanted like it was the same I suspect this 4 months old it come from of cultural and In the basis of the problem and knowing exactly would be done in this talk I'll be done website that contains up to 1 gigabyte of of is the uniformity was you know on a really high website I would you like 4 or 5 customers heating 3 or 4 times a 2nd when we use drugs lot it is society we we use single as I might excited to actually just sound really seriously even if problems there's the a lot traffic you really shouldn't be that honest signals and don't worry about something and almost of science i from evidence either go 4 thousand per 2nd for 1 so because it's a very simple form structure spent on send a request from the entire cluster because so I think it's not the same number of the 2nd is a dominant way around so for like natural scene against the normal materials as that's the burden of right associative job on thank you devote a buyout thing is a case in the was it the the the point where the growth of the speeds far outstripping you would have got a basketball strike right where a small seal the people with mental we're not publish it will cost the wife of Bath was the was and what was wasn't much you need an obstacle you need to separate sort of like you might not even be my so again as in monitoring and the resource utilization or a machines you can monitor or pretend to know your team on your ability to come cope by sampling you you you're you're doing the neuron and sample you can see that here no locally last enough so it only need like once a week change of either by allowing more people using different services using different technologies or or something so you can find useful incentive for Jelena 1 until you will the right solution for that b and others you give them a lot of money so by then so sort of but this material will lead finally where the word means that if you if you see that here's here's the OK and you use a lot of building features per year OK you don't have to go looking for for anything else if you see that understanding that almost no resources alone have any free time together with the features you you need to do something any instance pure and simple business business population line do I want to spend more money do I want to spend a lot more people or do I want to hire a consultant or spent time investigated better solution maybe I change of architecture may be gentle features whatever I think there's various areas you sites that due to the phasing talking about or should be and this but having a lot of people like to think they are governed by the that vary in their size and the power power of can the by school so normally in in a in it is learning more about your stack and your all set in buying so much time you you find that 1 now and it was stressed during Barnett whatever it it's like going out might but you just by our tools that works so you know I would you're you're at that point so scale is a major it's like a standard soldiers no longer serves you really do have to a that things to to work I think all for many years was really such phase where the state doesn't work called Leonard and think FIL
in this time 1 and
this and that it
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Abstract Have questions about getting better performance out of Django or scaling it up large? We've assembled a group of knowledgable Django experts who have been there to answer the questions you have. While every site has its own challenges most follow similar patterns that are often easy to solve.

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