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JSON Web Tokens
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When it comes to implementing authentication on web apps, one solution you’ll definitely hear about first are cookies. Cookie-based authentication uses a server side cookies to authenticate the user on every request. A solution you’ll probably not hear as often is token-based authentication which relies on a signed token that is sent to the server on each request.
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it and and this is the kind of thing you know that this is in the and that the theory so thank you have so many talking to you today about data with the or how it's set to actually pronounced dots or just a sum of tokens of
my name is possible yeah I am from
Puerto Rico memory and were it were we have beaches just like this in the summer all year long and so you're getting cold winter field you feel free to come down I
were and cofounder and CEO of land of we do a Django embryos that India's consulting for all kinds of clients and we also have few products around mostly around the team collaboration you can take them out admin . 0 the I'm not 0 so
to collaborate have a couple of open source from my own that you can find it up that's my username I also tends to about start of some related experiments of my own I want ever get the chance and my love for the but so why sort
and just what so convexity providers away to simply send information Wisconsin's can be verified to be trusted and there are a number of scenarios were they actually come in handy on some that I find useful for my use cases our single sign-on where you
want to seperate authentication of server that sends user information interest away the also actually links on if you're running any kind of service that uses the e-mail from mediation method and you have users you've probably implemented reset your password workflow were these reason you know how they click on a link that really residents of 1 and then they enter the patent rights on this links usually contain a token that identifies their use right so in my case I always tend to generate this opens in America the runways and the cool thing about data see is that it's a standard that works well for you or else any time that you need to communicate a small payoff information between 2 sources like via web books and this will allow you to actually validate the payload while ensuring its integrity but in other ways in other words you can so make sure that soberness have been tampered with the and now my favorite token basic endstations we've all know that the 2 most common ways of implementing server-side authentication for client-side at all now adjusted pericline set up an maybe the traditional 1 is cookie based authentication where you have a source i for being that offensive his user and request and then there is the more of the the most modern way of saying which is token-based occasion which relies on site so again that is send up to server might request to authenticate the user the so the benefits that actually see for using token-based approach for a completion or and when using cookies and prosody requests but they those who don't usually play on nicely on but when you have to be based authentication you're allowed to make a disk also server on any domain because you're only using each of the others the whole thing is that you need to process and store when using cookies usually have a database of where you have your sessions for you have a you know Mongo already semantic test as such a source this also allows answers all your static continuity ousted variational images URIs that's right from CDN and just have your Serbia REST API that only source and data content and let's say Jason them you those who need to protect against cross-eyed quest forgery attacks on cisterna using cookies in distress those types of sort of the the on simplifies Mobile native applications of the apartment occasion when you're will when you're using like I as the Android and you build a mole as flat usually have to take care of these things called conducted the containers that which in my experience have been pretty annoying to work with but it's also very great for authenticating WebSockets and when you're when you have a sort application of visionaries WebSockets you have to know authenticate to give the user to be but then you have to make sure your authenticating the WebSockets connections well so what is
different so it's as defined by the IEEE T
of the Internet Engineering Task 4 is a Compaq all means for representing claims to be transferred between 2 parties the claims in a table the are encoded as adjacent object that is do you sign using day of such no cool thing about this standard is that its use by companies like Google
Microsoft fire based send us and applications like Open ID connect and Silverstone
but to part of a bigger standard call of the masses of France I find as my name will say it's we have nothing to say some the but it's
actually JavaScript Object signing an encryption of the idea José Working Group is actually satirizing specs for the purpose of adding message Security today's the so we have things like deal
or Jason what organisms
which reduces cryptographic algorithms identifiers there to use the font specifications like
do you look a word j somewhat what the which is a decent instructor there at the sensor character graphic a cryptographic key and then we have to the or decent
something like already said the that is a complex neural safe means of representing claimed to be transferred between 2 parts of this planes cannot can be do you sign and or a trip to
we have data we yes or Jason was
signature which were recent can't insecure with Abdiel signature using Jason based data structures this signature prevents tampering of the pillow and use with a BS prevents minimal text but appeal actually contain sensitive information all the user like password or any personally identifying information about you should and need to actually create them using
daily or Jason
whether scripts which represents critic constants using Jason based data structure so we think of you wanna think Jason data on so only going receiver actually can read the payload can read beta this specification what we tell you how to do it but today it's all about
data the and how does it actually work
well there's the ancient graph those offered by Michael Jones from Microsoft that's around about 30 33 pages on becomes is all there is to know about Jason so grants you should the food to get out of it but to make it a bit shorter and until you basis on how to create additional token just using the Python Standard Library the but note you shouldn't be doing this yourself there are many of the programmers out there that actually handle the encoding and decoding of this opens and handle all the other special case as well so this is what I do sort of it actually has 3 parts which part based 64 encoded strings with all training people science committed and they're separated by periods so I wanna be using this and
to actually help us cross-domain took in this and the green represents a header which specifies the algorithm will be using to assign a token the blue the blue part a true % the payload here the data you want to buy I encoders token and the red part represents the city
so this is an example of how this this object containing the weight or types that indicates that this object is in fact the day what token and they also has an algorithm or failed the that indicates the algorithm will be using for the sick so in this case we will be using age as 256 which actually stands for H mad watch out 56 the the doing this the salaries policing from you'll do some basic imports or you import with this model the basement model and as I said would be using the shots the 6th problem and so we're going to import that although from the hassle of model then since our friends are actually basics to form products strain on the safe for your also will actually using the you'll save the 6 Franco not model from the of the search method for the basics of for and the 1st thing we're actually doing is creating additional strength from our header the chain In this case that contains about tight and the algorithm because of the form so we create you will save basics for unconstrained and we emit an equal science from the and and if you were to this header of value would produce a string that if we will use it to replace our 1st part of the data would look like this the so we've
replaced the green part were diagram with or just generated had a strength so now will be creating the 2nd column of the payload which a little thing that contains the payload to move in this case are payload just
contains a key you trading that's value so similarly said how we already generated are will be creating a user string from very low which contains is reading and spelling will then create you also base form for string omitting any trailing equal size the if we were to take that payload variable you'll produce a string which will we use in the 2nd part of a token and
replaced In a diagram will look like this so now all all what's left is actually producing to create a signature we acidity
and this is the key is shared between the 2 parties that will actually be encoding and decoding the spoken so in this case used a B C 1 2 3 and not very secure but that although for now and so we then compute to compute a signature so we take our are encoded header and payload friend that's that's a minor and then we use are chosen program was for sample is H. Mac chart 56 we create you all save basics of constrained From this H optics lightest M we omit again any trimming people so if we were to take that of Tobin variable which actually puts bipolar of segments together will end up with a total we've just replace the red part of a dialog with our signature Elias said you tall don't want to lose yourself on every time on but there are already many third-party libraries out there that are already tested and have a cool features and actually implement all the cool parts of that the the so just to be clear everyone to decode the token we just created we just reverse the steps we just do that so we 1st create a signature from the 1st 2 parts of a token and then if this is the 1st match we'll be able to correctly extract the payload by doing the 64 decode and correctly handling our user Indiana USA valid so it while the quality the cool Python I reserve out there is tied to but I happened to be 1 and sales of it and you good start from text but it's also the it's way is what is important if we wanted to create a token of from payload which is in this case is just the cells for user 1 we do Datability . and center payload picturing University and that would generally generate the exact same spot token we decide if we want to the decoder and obtain original payload dictionary we don't LCD code send in our total strength you society and you'd end up with same prediction in the city the city attracted a match because you can use other sensor that he used to encode again this library will raise an exception I'll let you know about it to handle it and it also supports by all the algorithms we just saw page map of its Mac 256 so but you can also use RSA keys and other the and algorithms on it also supports a cool claim from the from the standard the lets you at expiration is tokens you can contribute to this project and get help it is at its it's pretty much further that it's got like 2 years perhaps on a will test so 2nd so now use Django arm and you wanted to use diesel tokens for authentication I just below a package that provides days web of a token of indication for on my release 0 . 1 way to raise the event on so it's definitely of pretty high on all its tested but it still needs of all work done on also basically how it works is that it provides the view to authenticate a user it returns additional token from the user's username and password and that's open can be used to authenticate all the request so to authenticate of pursuits and but something you use received using the authorization it beheaded it's already implied by a solid produced all that deal with the and right now it's pretty simple on it actually provides a makes an called Jason what Tobin off makes an on using clusters use you can start using this arm I should put in there and decorator or something for those using function-based use on but I like best if you myself so and so you use that distance of of and information on classes you in this case are restricted view actually a return to the string with the key for undervalued bar so you plug in your your also on you can actually use of built-in view of that's that's used for actually locking in mediation buffer and returns token so the 1st year all their and then we have our restricted you your the I like it that is very of beta on work of the time you can get involved and help shape the future of this project get help at got appreciated now if you're using generous framework always had a couple talks on that maybe some of you are already using language framework actually build this 1st on it's a appropriate factor prepackaged the provides do of inference occasion you can install it from that to consolidate Morris from a batch state of the scene I work similarly it's always tough obviously and that was based off on this 1 on so users it provides a lot in the kitchen class called somewhat token authentication which if you've seen at work with general framework for you plug it into your views of individual classes and that's all you have to do that you will automatically on often the any request Clinton from clients and it and it provides no a building do you believe in use to obtain is also those phylogeny so that's how we do it and then a have a brief example of downstream stripped of just read the client is a degree of which 1st post or log in the URL sending our using password and it returns and it it will turn on October so we can use that and centered on the authorization they should be header to authenticate our get request to slash restricted the that probably would return successful but and you're to look consul lot on that you see through more days the I yesterday or the yesterday released version 1 . 2 . 1 which contains support for 1 . 7 this library is much more mature as much more will tested so you can still get involved help shape the future of it that you the
so of brief recap of and why additional tokens the it's standard and it's easy so I read all of other standards on this kind of Jason message security and this was by far the most easiest understand and most users to actually implement as we saw we I just implement and how how it works and you know a few a few lines of standard I replied but there are tons of third-party libraries out there I'm not only for Python but for no go on this works great for single sign-on cereals and it's also call for action m my produces is from the indication you now have to struggle with cookies cross-origin quest its state was so you don't need to such a strong more you have to deal with CSR tax and like that how you're client out also and is so much of the creator and faster and more performant and it also simplifies mobile WebSockets and speech I
also want to point out that I am leading generous frameworks sprints on starting tomorrow so we're backed by Denver framers original author Tom Christie and so if you want to get your hands down and help move this process forward so you can find in the hall and will get organized thanks questions they don't find the slides that you all the thank you for that