How to build things that matter

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How to build things that matter
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Building software that changes lives is hard work. This talk will focus on three important concepts that you can use to identify problems, solve them, and get feedback on your solutions as soon as possible. The focus will be on why Django matters in this process, and what Django does for you as a creator to speed up this process.
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and I'm going to do do this is the basically I I would not way of Helsinki University in so ever since all people at 1 time ever so or whether it's also as in the case of the impact natural conversation about various a discussion and that and then on the and follow so on participate so you have the of insight in the active have I was classical changes in mind as you work and so i in the transition from being in the world to go was going to 1 looks at the time really that this is the the School of Computing distribution of and then to go to work with a client when they were selected using word it lovemaking but usually it's not that much of the world but the small company with a lot of my business partner only few in the focus on the health care In the and that from about to it the nothing as a speaker and wants to thank you to the as on the being here but this is a summary of the past 10 years in you of the other 2 o'clock in the morning will talk about problems in ML and that would not be able to feed my family that would not have that much interest in in the patterns that out so thank you very much and 1 thing that this is a little bit of it back for you guys the how of the old and that's true so you don't start up it and how many of the other people clients stuck and good will and the answer is is lot we have a set of and other social network where 1 of the school a another way of connecting flight and life the music on listening to human motion has a and then you go up and talk about how to problems in trying to prevent solutions to them and you do couple relations things about this graph that we need to work on and how that those problems be solved the example of using this this is a huge problem for both financially and from Halifax and the people that we know all of the concerns that these practices and stroke and cancer I have and listen which will show you all kinds of stuff there's a good you so excited about and and find solutions for these 190 billion last year that and this is just in case the medical costs this isn't even on the last property in the notes this is just what we pay the isolated on medical care why around I will be if the 1st doing that I ensure world the significant deal 1 of the things that you can really help indeed the is something going for rock in the a lot of research this and will be exercise and then you have recently that exercise something really hard to get users to do because if you do not going a certain of exercised you're not seeing anything in there that looks even remotely like what you look like on a select 1 of the water 2 % of us to a relationship so and you know uh some of that and you know that you can see the lattice using our works is in challenging in the core of the session you can inside here attendances you drive around the town and you look at the billboards and that looks like that I would like to know it would of the king out there's just some known movement is something that could have a huge impact it could really how I will be sitting here is that it's the as you can get sugar Jason all of the musical map has on the implications as well it helps offset it was found that 87 per cent of the idea of the passion for information about how to decrease the of reported depression score thank In around some sort of movement is something that could be done and will help a lot of people I think that in this room uniquely qualified to provide tools that help people who excited about doing that in the the the it was subprime loss and case that we can use our k means concerned are just basic in using the acoustic to the drift of library so using that as a as a tool you can create the campaign of that that using a remind users that work back to the application in use it so that they can continue to get up and well there's all kinds of stuff that we can be here the man models that need I and unique skill sets about the mental health and education social justice you the word and many many more this problems or in the domain of being the change between here so if you can create applications like game that changes people's behavior in class you can you know better than benefit society this is because I have passion and they're working on world of thinking this we use a simple classification diary the and when more comfortable knowledge of polymer Mackenzie the non-staining standing appear on stage and that's absolutely certain that can be used to collect data and doing points more accessible to folks so they can understand how the issue at and the river system around this so the things that matter been things that can actually change arise around upon impact something that really going to do you have in this for years it's not a solution the application and the users throughout you have you have to solve In the application and get out so that the people at the register and I have to say 2 weeks 3 weeks I know that you actually the so you can bring the things that we could be doing to move it to people's has and will need to move that is students to our solution so the 1st the estimates I'm talking about is that you have read to the process at In the last using Joe tools have to keep people outside the application and making sure that this engaged so this is the head of
and so now I can just collect those 2 of process and it's a pretty simple process and its design simple purpose the other thing is that is the 2nd is content that there was no so we have a this allows us to really base level you probably already have got all this stuff the yeah this
lecture cases the and opposite you
sessions that captures use of his own of the presence of a vandalism that comply with the fugitive status you work in a painted studies in in people's at months to as well there is actually build the application the instructions the 1st
thing that we just focus on during this has been the setting for it don't curiosities whatever initially and users and this is and of factor on in the present of working on topic in Sicily is that that him without the I wish I had been covered up to come up with that of the this action but I think in a seminar and the idea is that if you have a natural for me you don't include me when in continuing with your application if not cleaning process by the me as it is the the things that you focus on this then have a is identified about what the problem is and what the solution in the army in sort of were running mean there's the so I'm sure most of you encourage you to go out and get the books I wish to agree that artists in there and then I didn't longer actually solving the problems when building software I mean there's a couple times you know patterns and passes the others a create some people out on the 1st owners will work with users and will we know that a lot of things about specific missions and it's sometimes is a challenge that conversation might look at something and say has developed a solution to this where the families of and we encourage users to participate in the conversation with us the College of number unnatural and that something that doesn't actually work on who has the money in region book I think and this is because the methods and for that meeting right you try to do the projection and we're working with a client that we've without conditions so is this is about the 1st year of working with them in the context of ideas and projects this problem setting it was it was the reason to know that you want to construct and it turns out that it's intuitively we would certainly look the kind of internal political approval and concentrate again I said I just because and listen and make sure that we can solve my problem so about as much the as they call them because these 3 problems itself we say this survey to their constituents and school forms and they went to read novels that the level scheme that is meeting higher than say at 3 this guy wanted it was implemented that because of that was because the social costs of all the I Q is money to witness that we don't know that this is a problem that actually itself is used in many machine as a problem users don't actually see it as a problem but the evidence which can back on as a unique opportunity for us to to take advantage of the that is should pursue reports but if you go to do this is 1 way obviously using the users and another concern of users after after a while you have and sometimes regarded as if we go back to the walking I that prevents you from getting up and walking around what what kinds of things that you could do that would have some that lower or do you have to lot that maybe that but for those having an honest probably keys is University of to understand before we start it it's animals what's the solution the from the people that you want to solve problems that you can work with a little help you identify a the top 3 things you decide how or problems about you conclude solutions for this and this is just a normal works right it's just this type of about in any code yet drawing it just talking you love me you can develop some solutions coming up with ideas and you can use this now to develop a part this may suggest to you what you're primary function of the particles and interaction that on the problems that was and come up with information that could happen and what I'm doing the year before the end of the the population difference was between 1 year that fishing reports a you know not very good for that kind of stuff so that Bandar was entitled to that which books and we ask them what are some problems that I can remember thinking and that means flies available to mean that I don't know when I'm supposed to the solution was to something about that this strategy doing slept mothers and basic science that women and that information is given so I solution is based on a specific group of probable the Department and then going out and management that's the working on developing that helps people manage their fatigue levels the standard of books which medically so we have to be a solution acts like other problems that people have when they're trying to manage their time on energy retention or are keeping the energy levels of and is a real obstacle established so knowing how to do that with the problems something simple but I need not come across was I mean the usual choose that tells me when the time is up did not only of some sort of messaging right synaptic response to that very rich stream to actually change so that I know some things happen and of like that the reason given pieces that come of this identified problem and that identifiers whereas the reason this is to rockets and the people acids as users become inference In the you develop a trust relationship with that laughter questions use the feedback you have excluded because if you're on you want something you doing socks or something you during is good so advocates of something that you can go back to consistently the early adopters of the people who are passionate magnitude doing as well as you but in the co I to but do have a vested interest them in knowing that this thing works for themselves so the only way you know much more tolerant of the mistakes you might make in your assumptions as you go well and are happy to see you on the right road additionally you have kids or something or as a or a population that this typical project you just initial launch continues to you but it's sad for you to continue to provide product provide feedback is certainly not the only nite for the morning a the about this war and when I do this this student work etc. or you forgot to return
you don't often I'm getting code of a however especially that intended you
can think of what solutions the solutions those things and it's a lot this lecture is about retaining happening already volume that a company has about a about project you are not use enough that so this is incredibly expensive if you're not only in that we should this is allowed to just a piece of paper drag think that use local with the political right would be that attaches to look like the 1st you'd so much time on you can use Google trying if you if you don't want stretching of use that in and of mechanisms callback summit have no causal which support them other than ever pay cost the days of the agreements of tools and you continue realize in the minutes and because the collateral and kinds of widgets the principle is not this is my design to this is a potentially experience how to use this after I of going through this process using this piece of it is a really important part but you can get users and the momentum by doing this so if you have kids and a testament that wouldn't have them to share by other users so are some said about what you during this is my last winter
time peace and allows person that assume account on find the the that that and so you will choose Sybase change so it turns green red under 5 minutes and there's some assumptions I hate as decided in use screen on which should have the wall it's a lot of that iconography and that's the kind on the left and right and on the bottom left the icons on the screen and just about some known you I find that a lot of information functionality into a small stream our lives imagine that I don't know what these icons means the system is not unreasonable black they get more icons so am out as much as you possibly can because you common carriers and motorcycles at most a constant look at our children that desire and team that's building based on universal principles understand a few years and most of the other you're not we use this
process you can do it quickly so that address that output users so we think of you and others were drowsily optical picture my calling in of itself the only thing that's happened the quickly this is useful because you go home and the workers and get people excited about which during your responses so someone tells you something you can push the fact that you have say use occupant about that uses the 20 past it doesn't sound like the back you can say this is not the same you have to stop putting that on the input and data and mature that users so they have something that they can I understand and excesses of 1 to when how many of you know you have to good action type of base camp counselor using based on so a couple and Medicine unit that I was working how time even with that and not because I'm interested in this was difficult because there's so instances from a system remember that this password what's so I don't have really really like Sonic the process is difficult for some leaders so by doing that says this strange out of the land in the comments and I in e-mails and over my past In only because of the things that the interfacing with you and others were at all costs think happens and interrupts so that's it up yeah of the of actually happens in case that happens like it's enough to meet someone figure them out on I can induces likes to know a little about that all around to help the friends with depression chapter the parents about depression we build a game In the mission that standard there's a lot of things in which I figure out and almost all about and we did was just right you know knows style is not what you do is everything that happens if the user with a mean of you did know was the university in Latin like looks a bit you need to get the idea that you can do something and something up at the issue of others which is really basic HTML it any fast the it will take some them can that users send them stop process it and then get back to the you you you use interest in the area but they were all working on with so you've got the last guy responsibly going about yeah
the and the so identification working with our forgetting that constantly I perceive that's evolution of his idea was light UT Austin that I came up with the action was these guys in at the time was designed adjusted for then he's going the movies in 1 of and those in we have this problem goes
back them and I want to do this but I don't think so to be you know x y and z and they say I don't know what you mean by explaining the like what we really need a chance to look at some the called scientifically and going that was and that actually of its OK so I the kinds of things and to do in the background so we and certainly in the example 1st and then I haven't allowing up created unions and other models based on what you give me as a template and not but we did not have to there so the idea is not concerned with dataset Marcus might use and so when you ask understood created based templates there are certain social things the 1 held up on the screen but for that reason uh and shows you the products have forgotten by now the stupid jingle starter kit libraries and it seems that with on solution to the standards that are so that was about it so that is a building stuff out including access to the templates and start doing from users so it's so great to be able to you know how to do this applications or whatever version of so I can't help but smile family now you can do something fun of my users have anything that and make change so this is something on its head in the background compatible with my user we considered together of but it can look at the same time accessible make sense move up know you are doing the but some of the words that make this you don't want me for the extraction of the foundation when you think about it as a set of the framework for later on is is a question we dispose of which we're about to have a solution nailed is the user experience makes sense when the user clicks on the button that says add don't is not expected to be led the excited about it is that that and if you have a good paragraph literally all I do is I conclude up using the were there any other gene not tool at all it range I cannot get the same feeling and same experience in it Schumacher of their kids with a template for something like a especially the response of the use because you can do about that works on opponent is accessible by URL so you could think of it as something you couldn't does something else OK and link that 1st so that was the total size of the Common Market's fiction case a means to produce so you know in Ramasamy and learning system of you know is that it is this will not work I figured cast adjusted with the author and stop doing that altogether and just jump right in the HTML but that the imagining things quickly and using the feedback needed to keep things moving and so have and it's been removed positive please not using Photoshop his work and fatigue during lock the that if it if I can't touch it doesn't exist and again the reason to not using bunch so the thinking in Jakarta metallic and do things on my tablet if I can pick up when will the the become a lot of whatever and actually doing something you know it's completely fictional characters the back and I will usually not something in the the I knew what he analytics or this metrics if you work as much so this matrix is added this the opportunity you can use as much it's the track that kind of stuff for instance so you have to do it you would you converge in form of a user interests only to the old shopping cart you can of just matrix that tracks the entire space for a specific user it tells you in all so I have used this metrics to look at a later occasion Clemens parameter and it seems that were for instance such like going in and we knew that at some of the users will so the was we don't find that was causing out that that these kids metrics to look at the data you know it's as think as well and on and what they do is they come from a similar thing for free so you take goods additionally you can use this on your part that will actually go and you can look at the data and all of that often have different obliterates cetera but it's pretty
awesome the dimensions with icons FIL that was reversed in a lot of work this is a stream of religion that initially In the wake and words you taps our for evolution histamine more useful but because users are most of the work that I mean that in a 2nd a songs English so what can we do so they can use this fact in general can see things quickly easily and is much less cognitive load but as far as we proceed cognitive load as far as function of you I worked the
intelligent about it is I just instead of you know do this again starting spilled out because of the you I off of the thing about it is really near euros and so and efficiency and in and it's a good use of this means that you have on the back and some of them use generous framework for all all the other than anything else is the name of the product we're still working on new I user-authentication that's kind of a tricky which but but that's correct this is working In October that is actually that using one's violence so you can actually have the 7 Jason it's disappearances you could on the service I can do a lot of the games that use of data off so the intermediate models should have a mass of anything on the back into the database it's all just before the beginning premium costs with this on this pitch the Semantic Web that actually units and I have to going in and out and that much I not that we're all of this is OK so that sounds the
things we used you've probably seen as you can so you know it's still just so said can access the place to give you feedback and then ship that was shown some some encouraging the use of the king that he will and its work this metrics and in and not something you know you would think that would use of data and I can't tell you how many times and make assumptions about how something works what the user expresses all of data show me that's completely direction so I can be in the framework and I think it's a fantastic tool of the results that are moving some of its use is because of
this so I can't do that they lied and them the contestants so I haven't been announced on the models and you can do with this moving and I can let the world know how to do it all to do with I know this tool and you the tuning that only days as shown on the news it's about action shown clients on 1 side current uses this view would reject that they were coming in is just a generative this week so that users will allow users sound like all that some of the most moved with the creation of the translation world of this can use such Southern but how do you want this to work in fact this method I used the reason project with this new staff and because it's a single page app of them make the on-screen and with screening the same view of the news and you appreciate that because you have to go back on tree at intervals and the idea came from
other everything that happens in the 1 hand and then this system was somehow the kind of population get up community useful but if you do you scare you need to know that they are these integrator at how you need to work through them was administered to take it out on it is sold the differences in the back to always coupons are with time really really they're like Google if that is the subject of I allowed the speed up to this only and enemies in I have to have a way of knowing that
to use it's not big asking the user to please some using will be due in 1 of the things just 1 when I haven't been any feedback on the similar systems on the largest island in SecondLife and I set myself user-agent itself the so while I was reading and you can so did that the other thing that you know I get to know that it is written stuff it should be and then the transition something bonuses and how high the
enchanted the collection as simple as possible and using the beginning the user support service within 150 about the 1 which is a matter work for modeling like new electricity like that but try use that as small as possible because of the use of grow quickly especially if you continue to solicit feedback from users and the externality during and since the angle of the protestant like that you're going do this a lot of records and lots of feedback so the
process and use that to go and has been successful so far all we've had experience with and we've seen outside likely out some of the jobs that and by replacing it would not templates that were building on on has been really useful so far we have had the
time it's about the problems and solutions the Americans if you are interested in using those enumerated in what them is going to the international sign up I sameas years you know and hour allow send the promises have iterations I I'm assuming that the present in some of the the the the hello so that thank you very much that was the various knowledge with of and we think about this 1 of the things that shocks he boast about so that is how often you don't use the things there actually 2 cells so the they are entirely my 1st all some of this FIL something and also the user as well as the building people living in the house he filter we don't talk would that we like use in that this is very much title and so on I think it should be compulsory and all obligatory for developers to use this stuff and you know enough about something as it that so now I have a status in general delivers it through about they're not the term and the other thing that we do need to use the tools that we that we create the patients will challenges especially with most publishers and work the way you can use the tools I'm not completely understand the problems that they have but this past spring I got to be in a because like you need college we're testing the management riveting gap and I sat there and I will bring it into sections persons each onto a traumatic brain injury I will assume 1 means outright brain injury so I don't agree with you do you know about the class to become friends with other users because you can meet him to ask us whether it's the 1st time a lot of what it is that we're doing well works for instance certainly easier the euro user would you write in CMS the right if you think about that if of this seems like a low user centered design and new also where you know all the uh person in this EU there so he you have in the book out for users by asking you know when have more say you philosopher parts of course you have that look of for people EDU so solution that's going that's that so on request is do the recommendations that's the the families you you had plays you also for the sky as he or you just never need to those your users are select users of people always so the no and so for the last millijoule is we don't have a really good feedback so major what it is about time and budget so many the things that were not in specific problems that we established in the beginning of the book that I didn't figure out I actually taken things out of that and principle of only uses the name that think about this right so new social 1 unit and the is something that we consider the digital products so that if it is not a conversation the and the of of we that is as had that at this that Republic of where items I was the biggest user of this we had what was said he is also collaborating all of wasn't like that which position because that way users were often brought about how this should what what action to had I was also support so because what do you do it would actually be back over desires you get all users because of this practice all this is actually going to things be in search do or what you use this all things that they should not you that's and that's the questions and the new recommendations that you there like flower they might be recommend recommending something that's not the best own messages and the it's about the dialog with it's about being you so you know and trust relationship and you can say to them no that's not a good idea of where it's really were you know understand which I think is a big issue was used for communication lines the words or something else that we can do that how to accomplish which trying to you that actually couple while violating copyright or was around this understanding of the world that describing so from that page put in that region be good to go at all because so suppose I penis and you don't look at me do that so of the transportation Ch that's a reminded me of the more questions at all the other things we find who is you may yes you it there the court held that that the more if you have any experience or a also on how think is but if you don't that so the question is how do you take features in a way to avoid the issue altogether so that the members that the problem solutions that it if you only have the solutions and you try to make those solutions as simple as possible and that restricts the most that can actually produced so but the fact that he had is a good example and to do all kinds of courses of action location in you know that is going on the patterns in Scotland in that it has to be some of the future of of supported and SMS messaging is another thing that we run into a lot of molarity luminousness Mr. and we have a code to the other but if you implement that you have to pay for that as a person by the ramifications so the answer to that should be the smallest possible it was intended to actually have to use something at a marketing opportunity you can take assignment just about that you do what you do in explaining what users physiologist to connect them in some a lot of did you get that another style and and the have this