How do debug tool bars for web applications work?

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How do debug tool bars for web applications work?
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The Django debug toolbar is for many an indispensable part of the developer toolkit. This talk will look at how such web application debug tool bars are integrated into your web application and are able to inject information into your browser window, how they capture the information presented and how you can extend them.
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2 does exist the environment solutions exist for violence the Python as well really DAG people not knowing where that body 1st original with possibly the 1st example I know it's agenda deep up to about of many of the assumptions of semantic India he'll jump up Nelson and only a easily that but in research or I could only find plan and that was unevenly recent-onset entanglements as will lay out the action when the occasion debunked allows a piece of code which is embedded in the new where cation once enabled when used in axis so when the case of a browser at 4 outside of the presented along with the normal page response you when applications for you a real which was visited From this tool by you can then access information about specific web request which is just might a right nation that requests may be presented genuine inset panel selected from until about this can include performance data such as Helen request to execute seeking Europe at Resources Commission or other operating system prompts 3 questions you sleep on when application from the browser as well as the responses that were returned by the tension will also generally be of 0 as we do each of them in your request grammars and copies a right and away even framework specific information could also be low this may include consist information derived from copies the euro match and then there's the actual on function would process the request In detailed information that was done within the context of a request what database queries and template rendering levels and in all the case gender about to love is only showing it provides a quick self instructions the ocean integrated understanding of each of the after having done that and agenda debunked from ourselves to the list is full application Jameson's since model there is a need to ensure that gender running indeed it is not just system no running up a genuine so that new already good correlation observed the Quixote destruction of gender have developed a value funds with a nice day choose message we want you possible impending doom a so like maybe area this answer raises the question of what is gender debug tool but actually doing on start it could cost function X including the possibility of securing ports and telling is configured thinking correctly the to this lies in the nite in the documentation saying is willing and that is engendered mental to models using a little hack beach traversal this is a congenital but to allow wants to mountain patch additional configuration into the gender settings model and your own words the using his hijacking evaluating database models when using the development to run code which has nothing to do with the actual data now I mean it's it's sort sums changes in gender 1 7 related to application association that is possible this manner longer generalize but what do you do you what do you do a descendant of lot money because of this assistance is in work-around dependent on you through January development and you use gender debunked tool love an alternate web service such as what with see this measure on gender is the data on the web eventually conditional explicit set of instructions as well the 1st step in that is that you need to tell it in agenda model to not do table pop monkey patch the and gender indeed ontological this installment patients this is still require large genuine not the weight of 1 study for ourselves intended false agenda debunked to love you hands require they are and what you'll need leader template does not exist exceptions from where action exists in there that next we need to change the gender or else configuration this is to insert special gender debunked to love you hand the process any requests which receives the under the down the school debug sub to gender pitch was the music Jang and even to question in the use of i production system said this is also gated in by checking gender debug this is of course assuming you know why he should not be range gender reduction in people flying out of the right talks and security took the common talk suggesting a little bewildered the word the constant you will also the gendered about talking about we need to add a new where cost this is a quantization college entity of ToolBook in its place in the new classes this is also very important it must be placed as close to the start of the middle classes as possible that out in a way that encodes the response such as Jesus middleware finally version here and gender the but a lot own is going to protect you can access it the last thing you want is someone being out accident access at the conference network while watching my talk at the documentation does say and if you don't say it is it will do all to 1 2 7 0 0 1 and cocoa mumps the the the 6 but on how is it loose on animals and into an KCA 0 cold call 1 ball trips by I don't really understand differences this should this should but it is still I think I do when I got my VPN going some so telling please do that that's engendered certainly should be overly the impact of speech tracking by gender database model the patients God as should those risks warned about module input samples and strange exception but it's a the real production-grade was he said such is not using In this example all make use of model with the express Athens this stylized all-in-one whiskey by running keep installment whiskey if using naturalization almost organizations if you're only makes you might find you 1st have to install the patch development package with because specific period of Linux cut that is generally but of there's actually a package antigen that she just broke and you're not doing music given so the randomness of anatase packages installed where the net Apache can start with this alignment with the express command given a starts to condense normally would provide additional I'm too risky skirt fall but we use a lot we set off here because I just want to see is social you things have really and then I know the browser neural the users of the action was the it just started what we should do is known as fast greens thing I was working at it as mentioned to run natural whiskey application at this point because pilot part to the whiskey script file ignores use the minus so option to get information on all the command line options because you would change that the list of specified ritual status it once upon a time mentioned with these presidents and from a look at the time I POS furniture emphasis of what I know and the government do more to reassure the and you find some nations and because we using gender rollin point him on whiskey expressed direct at a whiskey fall is better in agreement with human gender itself every year run 1 with the expressiveness and now that gender specific requirements the study falls the do's and 1 is the don't so that into the agenda installed allocations list of agenda setting then that doesn't I had a steady positive cash how these using a whiskey so integrated so really awareness such a case of what we see is really
much better to use that the web so we have also application for the study faster reside in London gender click Static management Click to go to the static files the different style that cases specified agenda setting forth including gender develops over which the user do not renew gender conscience study falls from stall that this is because the genuine debug tool about it doesn't want trust line out on doing and considering to file it doesn't think static files that will be serving up that is so this follows so intractable just now not take away at the core of to actually run along with the with gender this is the outline of the Apache we simply wrong the wrong model whiskey mentions this will automatically generate an Apache configuration falling on the floor dynamically for listens this'll included mounting gender location they have studied almost all because of development bomb we can enable automated kind relating to good measure what was the expressed worry about all the details of getting back to look as well that was a bias for this so it's a letter that was the 1st the so if the so that when men in the living linguistic now gives you a real access fossils location at iteration generating cage do 1 program learn from what I've done generating and the natural in case something does go wrong you need to look at the application wants to track down in the cells exceptions loaded measurement of distance is about the gender debunked allow will now also with and that's because we followed as explicit instructions so we can explicitly gracious gesture chrysogenum indeed tool bars depend on a number of key things In order to their pension studies less but hasten LCs 1st JavaScript and images the edges a series of new handlers which I used to produce data for each for about which in turn potential require page templates to render responses on requires a general meaning which useful is lasting agenda debug middleware which is the key to gender debug tool by working is a middleware which allows it to look into the different phases of having a request gender the gender and another to allow hooks into the prices request processing on process response faces gender based on this allows it to perform actions at the start of the request of target you had being invoked handle requests a final at home matches at the end of the request as well as action you collect the response return from request know that this is for any request not just requests made against agenda debunked was and you have I hate the problems in she is made 1st in the made occurs in the process response effect is induced by toolbox itself is injected into the response that comes back for request before that McDonough is necessary to 1st determine whether the pages in fact HTML but it makes sense to certain there is no point trying set the tone about into images the plain to explore for and interests and Haitian we also want to avoid compressed data stream response and this is where is important to where the place this well so if we put it after compression is being done in this financial action during his own and modifying response in the region has to know corresponds to to so will be injected into the regional Haiti no response to the request this injection the by Hasan always done just prior to the existing closing body tag combination that Hasan also the style sheets and javascript code which is in turn in which in turn loads when many in the browser results in the sidebar appearing alongside the content of the original request as shown in Figure the sigh about under the title and time caring show how long requested to be handled poorly up until the time tool but page to know was inserted into the response when we click on the time counter in the summer of then do got to love panel we display with more detailed timing information related to the request was designed by itself came back in the original request the panel displays the result of this separate Ajax requests made as a result of clicking in that category in the toolbar In a user support requests to get additional data where the data stored in houses the answer is that the general generated from requests St. away at the time of the request In the tokenized all it comes back with a response is a storage ID field which again a false occasionally the original request when drilling down a request is made that story jointly along with the ID of the panel corresponding to the categories later on the sidebar we should then this blind people died from the original requests and concentrated into the details of the on everywhere in the nite so any data stored in the case must have a finite lifetime on of the number of requests which data is retained 10 this is actually quite a big limitation as to as Russian means is that the debug tool toolbox is not very useful when you trying to use an application which is any traffic beyond just at which he mainly creating of your browser this is because any data on the request you're interested in would have the following away by the time you don't dropped down to a loss the rotation using data if there are other users can call using the same with applications the data in meters if you are working in the pages that have JavaScript compare which makes additional I judge request RC initial pages ports it the energetic quest of problems and cells this is because generally do this this is generally not to buy a lot ability debug the primary hasting all requests there is no ability to get details of any and all subsequent pages requests made from that page limitation agents requests of the tool bars displayed in 1 to calm request and better understand what I mean by this is actually help helps to look at how the heat up to about the tree framework works in comparison to that agenda In the puny did not to write do not decide conquest history and an icon indicating tool bars operating when the iconicity on it then goes on to completely separate the Mountain training generate department didn't by does is not showing details in lines the consequent is directly whereas axis details request from a separate window and shares last 20 requests when taking on new light on common initial pages balls it'll pressure pulse the details of that specific request in a separate window was synching now see a recent request you can also see in the separate AJAX requests so by way page of other assets associated pay and ultimately can unless look at the history of the syllabus as the same as far as I know it started out as a gendered the bottle this was summarily copying crane if lasting up to the the notes about the game theory will be saved but when adult height period as far as we know the exceptions apparently they all simply copy the involved all to debug toolbox as originally implemented by gender any training branched out and trying to address trafficking rejects requests opinion do not to allow analysis on improvement in my mind they have 1 the title that means that they are also
listing implementation that is the general implantation is intrinsically weighted to the general structure but implementations of panels and is jagged you had was using gender templates ask users isn't under ginger to and so on and the others would be to bring closer to the this specific way of doing things it changes tiers of concern as well as to find words at the lowest levels implement the whiskey specification this is indeed not to allow us to offer some panels which framework specific additional functionally environment they can be implemented as a whiskey this is actually quite a lot of different wastes in creating these implementations where is it was done the whiskey analytically 1 debug to lots of all of which worked everywhere the measure from an 1 that was best of breed we someone enhanced due to what they found when using this this the went from the other way from framework could benefit as well and that the wonderful efficient Python mention use of a history of not cooperating is proving the framework is the only true way in general for me is that different the retina and we happen therefore is that they do things which will only work there is big fine with someone annoying something up the other thing we can do better it the sentences with such a great idea let's have a look at that implementing the basic mechanisms of the debunked ToolBook the whiskey level using with the way and until the look at how we can manage to inject tool by signal came into the response for a request then right handed out and well I'll write this room in in the notion of it may not be obvious that there are a couple of key things which are going on in the 1st is the hate to market is being inserted just prior to the closing bodies and the 2nd is the content link for the response of being updated In other words it need to operate on the spot this present as a new model of in was the applications to response doesn't need to come back as long Boucher a sequence of botched as far as I'm saying something in the end of the body just have a look we could just look at each separate archery and to respond closing type of the body in in so you should use so we were also need to update the content every time and length of 1 is being inserted into the center we can't just the content link at the point ahead is a standstill still strain response eloquent behind response content in the way and then operate on the complete response content this on standard on after adjusting the contents Cheney conveying not meant to do this and whisking middleware according to the with his 1st cash I think there's applications which slows training data time brightest nothing would be set until content generated the actual size of response contain could also be a problem if for example 1 restraining very large following connection fit in memory you can choose a name the bodies such horrible wiring saying that point anyway the reason is that part of the resulting set of consistent JavaScript carry and residents of the ship whereas been set at the end and body so as not to delay page and by doing it earlier in the page then I will be the case once upon a time but but having a better ways of doing it which would allow us to in his studies at the start of the response quantity that the among Rasmussen diorama needing to differ things to the end of the body we can study led to JavaScript from the handle page not a node should be loaded asynchronously rollin in Montenegro equates and the asynchronous it will not the weighting of the remainder of the page when the job critters landed within the to trigger an action to go back and modify the doll for the latent page to so what we want to be there in the 1st place that be changed and doing this so as we like we need to ensure that the might have actually been completely like what we can do triggering action to modify the dog laughter document being ready in the JavaScript parallel and this is how the the reason is that we no longer have to buffer the complete response on to beyond the inserted into the into the body and worse we have to power up to the start of the body the but they now we have to buy the opposite analysis a dozen presented issue with memory is this a higher unlikely industry in response to that the heavy elements he sensed learning task if they have to be sent in 1 go from and what any needed body which was sent out slowly begin on insertion whether you like so the problem of existing tool boxes that the URI is intrinsically linked to the euro routing request header page template systems of those specific from I suggest a solution for this and have a REST API set out of on scandal for accessing any data stored in about requests
it's the URI within the JavaScript interface rendered the climb by using a REST API in whiskey in a way to get access to data with then separated from the specifics of particular went frameworks way of doing things figure in this unit that had debunked allows the head you haven't power what I really wanna p is the idea that kind indeed until about could do would be available In particular there is a great opportunity to come up with the deep ultraviolet could work with any whiskey framework I think we can build a better ecosystem and make their job a debugging possible effects a lot easier the 2 people from different wavelengths contributors is similarly benefit from the 1 thing like a person do is integrated into the debug toolbar features so the how did you additional performance monitoring data this is that an example a woman monitoring for my whiskey but which using newly platform planning system to do initialization is for the use of regional like when I announced it on model with the magnets and of 0 users of a successful inject to not be and to be self-hosted what but I would have to do those developers separate new half a dozen different frameworks this and they don't want us to provide a visualization the same thing as psychology it relates to the nearly Python agent object I work on Matteo and is a wonderful tool for with application forms monitoring and you really want from his but what I would like to do is bring some aspects of what we do you really into local development integrated into a deep and to learn more is the induction capable way of monitoring whether it's so why not try make use of it in the volume environment will the reason is I you know there's action is an inside that is actually the tweets in the problem of how the problem of how to use hasty Milan's responses is something that is already solved by the newly classification across frameworks rooted as we use an exact technique in order to implement any news monitoring all the is since we do not do that already having low developed life for the neural apart from page right now I'm using is a place to dig up to about they have varied and indeed tool you can use when using the relative reduction so the enactment of legislation to implement the same number of the songs and then optimize shows part on a yearly she indeed by so well tool called P. Heber this actually embodies many of the same always all I want to achieve sure this whole idea this includes the idea I have that 1 could come up with a limited to about which works the productions he here is so again about specifically to gender economy then but I'm sufferers exactly this which is acting what I don't want to the then the have to make it so what I'm showing is a little nicer nearly half of they give you a subset of its functionality the use and development of our using its mechanism Haiti no injection to that to and soliciting about system can then provide access to nearly data as well as all the data debunked allows presently father just framework specific on top of that I wouldn't need to allow it can do a lot to the up state information production environment so inventories always lag the wasted effort be done by different all each different when framework for in-house it'll make a great deal of sense that how should optimistic but I I do have to know I had a I have 2 meters above the solitaire victims as well and that is why is that is that I think that what we really does is also and the do not about provides just be away from the input he new relative Unamuno local environment will see an idea what we can do it how can then be usually productions anyway constraints imagine that I'm saying this was too great the so so long ago try you really is you I'm just now at least but you Irish to improve on existing Web applications they don't tell us about the content and tell me what your value for what's and ideas ages I was seen so around the springs and we working on this 1 and we see that the and to me that an analyst on the international page or the so noted that nearly can you just met so we are actually looking for someone who is from a contest so come talk to me I suggest that other drugs that would be important know and that's all half of which were