Do you have to be brain damaged to care about desktop Linux?

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Do you have to be brain damaged to care about desktop Linux?
A personal account of severe head trauma and distro development
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A personal talk about what happened when a car crash left me in a coma for three days and the recovery that has happened in the two years since. The ups and downs of this is mixed with the ups and downs of developing a KDE Linux distro, Kubuntu
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as can everybody hear me is my microphone working uh so this as as a it's going to select some projects in my humble opinion and it's the best community within about 2 move to as is is a project has a number of flavors you to unity in a new bond in the budget of support at about 2 was the 1st community made flavor and that I started and it's got the strongest community with the new bound to in my humble opinion and and it's a great community to be part of because you have good fun for 6 months developing this project and then you get flowing through to exciting places like Orlando here and and you get fancier tells me yeah yeah the sun and it's a swimmer and and of course we spend that week working really hard on the next version of 1 2 and
then writings banks and and we we're long subsections all day long and it is a lot of hard work but but we find it rewarding and uh and because the the the results and because the good friends that we make we we find that next important to be part of is is in Orlando in Florida which is that a crazy city because if you look subsidies we spend all they work in these rooms and then go into the center of tender and all and there is no center tend to go into for food in the evening and there is only 10 10 just need to go into the evening or a universal studios world so you end up going to having the kermess burgers or public um true Cohen and in the evening um which a very surreal place but that's all part of the fun all working in bond to go around the world seen different cultures including last thing culture and and and and being able to enjoy the experience that um and because I often
I work from home canonical sponsor me to work on couldn't um a definition office and have any immediate colleagues than the because you get talked over the Internet that that's all good um but people Watson said when you go and and work on a Caribbean island somewhere so instead of going home from orlando went to Guadeloupe here um which doesn't know where the edge of Europe is somebody had euro notes and the 5 Euro Notes on the Simon but my wallet that he had that well anyway the busses that you look at you have to look in the back of a you know there's is there's what you know we think of as Europe but also that in court and the court is random little bits which also
Europe and turn out there physically actually on the other side the world in the caribbean our instead America um but they're random parts of France which are a part of the European Union and on the other side world and so you need to know about 4 to get in these places these use the euro they they have European health care they are um have all the same losses as the rest of European Union and you need a visa to work there and things and so what I just that so it it just go there and it was great fun you can so the beach all day and drink tea punch and so classmates said about us this has a different attitude to life people are bit slower at the more relaxed but more pasted happier it's a bit more fun and and there's a there's a rainforest in I could be walk add up the road from my house and explore the rain forest which is an incredible an it is the been and 1 as the sun sets the nite the fog start squeaking and that millions of popular idea and this latest noise that you you ever heard just broke squeaking always quite incredible um this is going which is the time that I lived in the nearly kills appear but it's got a it's got a nice harbor here and I always go canoeing regular what I enjoyed I enjoy canoeing seeking and partly from here from the technical there and you've got perfect flat sees the Howland anything here that's because couple hundred meters offshore there's a rocky reef and you're standing there come come over the size of the seat of you in this from the other side the it says there are theories so so all the symptoms of the Pacific um crashes onto that so secure server and I said ma'am certain everyday then go pockets of everyday but if you just 1 I begin stuff or you want the next size started in Poland in the flower water so it's beautiful for anybody lots of stuff um this is the road the good in the eyes and here and like most these are just a single road the good friend the islanders a dual carriageway road the
cars go round and and roads come straight on here and I will come up here so that when I went on here 1 day a ecocard into my card about 150 kilometers an hour and and the like are over there might have been jolted forward and in a sudden rush and I would bind the head against a steering wheel and the brain inside my head it's like everybody's brain of course it it it's strand a of fluid um that would be pushed forward into my skull and and that would have creates large to bruising inside the inside my brain um and then the copper started taking
clock starts ticking because as soon as an instant like that happens you have to get half of you can get medical attention since you can otherwise the longer the estimated and the more chance there of of not recovering having permanent brain damage of having permanent spine injury might be another issue as to the the ambulance would restate nuisance possible armed I believe it was a helicopter
came to handle of the unconscious of the time the nose of opposed them but I read in the newspaper the helicopter connecting asking shame that I would have enjoyed watching the flight and the paramedics with what is taken from the top very careful not to um be moving explained his is spinal injuries um they would have trying to they would measurement has become a scale they would have um show the road of course um make make next states 1st we would have done um showing off the road would be major instant silent that's why I was in all the newspapers um they would have a fundamental skill they wouldn't um only
well I don't know what they would have done because as in economic and and been in the self so what they often do in these cases there is the probe and you had to make sure that the the the fluid doesn't build up to create higher pressures so most brain damage gets called a higher pressure in the brain an and and to most of the poems after severe head trauma like this is is the ability of creating higher pressure I don't know if they did not as conscious of the time I don't think I have a scar so I don't think that that to me and that they would also monitor whether or not my my brain still the actual function and there would be massive prudent course internally into the integrated would be all of neurons disconnected nodes neurons disconnected instant um and which would of course it's going to come from
and and their than life and and then do not very much Joakim musket measured on what's called
Glasgow coma scale invariant to Glasgow there on a Saturday nite it's pretty rough and his quite it's quite have that they have their own come a scale for measuring what happens on a Saturday nite and and this not in nice thing ago made it it is on a scale of are you Contra sorry unconscious and do your eyes open my eyes and evoke enjoys a I'm talking and then go making sense of my would made a sense to respond to move movement so think you're all the way down here and you you're just gonna be dead so I I would been around that 3 on a movement stuff that they they put found so they can try many factors and things would have moved um and then over the next 2 days would slowly With woken up and they spend the next the next day unconscious in the 2nd there would have been drifting in and out of consciousness and I had a gradual realization of being aware something's going on here and point the become and I vaguely remember the notes tend to speak to me um but since I Data remembered being infected franchise but to have that copy to the speaker potential 14 I bet you remember my flatmate along to some there'd been an accident that is quite bad and then financing and they remember them then sent home after 2 days but because I could begin to organize collapsed so the let me stay for 1 more day of and then along with the dataset mechanism from the text
we're not fortunate from Congo on disarmament axis with all my notes so I don't know what happened hospital because of we see that I met at my notes syntactic um so know what happened and I had no idea of what to do next variables was massacre home life in my own bed don't have the energy to get and you very much and more secure 1 another find reason to work on on the bunches of project and getting it occasion on private jet flights anywhere you want it then Mason asking me what kind of things with it uh so I had to get out of public airplane get myself but which critical to do a new year's only just by conscious and can adjust operate a computer and had to go to the colonists to to get the all-clear to be able to leave the islands to say you know useful walls of models is always like drinking the time that our own a car maybe as regions of an advance arguments and that it was my fault sororities none of that and we would care and there and there was no reason at the time uh it's got the car hire company in and kind of apologize them in and get myself in the car and their and their scalable excited and
that in Scotland baby the also there being an MRI scan which is is as in the and MRI who's these machines are incredible any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic and these machines are are pretty much magic they just John magnets and the giant magnets they resonates the exact resonant frequency of of hydrogen molecules in water and the use of spoken the image inside your head coaches incredible and so daunting spins when going into 1 we want to do as a young child being you know that be all I can't really fun and interesting this is in my mind that this is the MRI scan of another guy give a talk called what's going on in his head and he's got a call that's there uh that the floating in the in the heads the electrical brain damage that will never be fixed and they said that I don't have any and that's like that so I still have fully functioning brain with with just connected neurons and those the bruised survey the work of recovery may or may not be possible the nobody knows doctors so little is known about the brain that nobody knows it when when and some of that happens if they'll recover off cover and nobody knows how fast the medical nobody knows that they might recovery 1 year over 10 years and and even the terminology used for brain injuries there is no consistent terminology so concussion uh head trauma or brain injury acquired brain injury EDI um this come about in some ways to reverse a mild winters depending on who you talk to could be severe head trauma causes in a coma for a day or might be about mild brain injury because I can still enough and function work with them them but it so is not severe brain injury but the terminology is completely and it's completely fluid because nobody understands what in the brain and there is no way of saying is the dividing line between I just become cost are you should brain damage so all those technologies that she just mean all the same thing so I went home and
I let on my back in time I recovered and over over Christmas of holiday and I watched box sets I watched excessive haste a few other things the other time like forever ever spent time watching box sets costs you better things to do with the unique thing in and you have to do is watch television and at a much slower pace because it's good good diagram all sides started acting a lot like the character has because he is a country it to you that doesn't that doesn't feel the need to say please and thank you excuse me and I don't have the energy to say please and thank excuse me when you when you're recovering from the severe trauma like I had um Europe Europe In stinks um take over and you your you rational and rational mind anything that that takes time and thoughts and a bit of energy that is close window so so I ended up being a bit of a graph pravastatin and not not being very nice to be option have good friends and family who were able to the customer me I to gained interest in psychology at the time of course I was lying they're thinking and the only thing I could think of was or something to my brain functioning in psychology and as geeks typically quite bad understanding people's and our own behavior and our own emotions of needs and but as those emotions in need so we came back to me as a to understand that required that I think that why why did I say yes in some quarters the separation between the rational mind and the instinctive mind and typically instant of mine works a lot faster because it's a lot more so more primitive until devolution and the natural mind so noticing when it was an instinctive mind just made me do something the actual mind maybe agree to it of the actual mind manicured Niger on it and I want to want to do something else instead so I know and our guys uses a wheelchair users paralyzed from the waist and he says that being disabled the best way to learn and understand how the body works of the muscle does that into that things so that's that's why do you need a muscle in order to do this action Is that always understand how the body works being being disabled from which state um as pretty or way to learn how the brain works but it's a pretty successful which led by not having a completely broken and we said as lot like when those magnified the metaphor when when when needed going out of in a coma that's cycling power out of a machine running Windows 95 back of slowly and into the safe mode and so you you you start off with no rational thinking abilities and those eventually come back here is that the safe mode tangent to live a normal winters like motors and I don't know what about
Bruce and is been discussed and we don't know about religion on I trying to users of that stuff in the morning uh just because of the instinctive need all of our group and that's because the scholarship and as well so my body with my body would have been using a lot of a lot more energy so reasons there to what this kind of Reston Internet recovery phase of the problem would have doubled about 60 what in terms of energy so hence the claim sugar it's not but not the best that's immediate health way to recover the um but something to to do with what would your body craves and
needs the so I went back to work and work on Cuban to and the really smart but it might go back to work because people get severe head trauma 90 % and then go back to work after 2 years now back to work after 2 weeks of the sparse vector and working them where Milton community in in couldn't do we with about 50 registered community members and this is how many other people kind of have social forms and other methods and so they were still are working on it and an output of the survived being most active action and they they continue to be working on it what I was getting back into action we we resources on the reasons we have this part uh we occasion go with greater it habitabat version or are for mobile phone version of something that all these plans and which which we hope will be supported by comical many Concorde would is the way to go there district to support and because we got that 1 for convergence between uh mobile phone stuff in KDD and tablets of an index of stuff and even some stuff and all right the uh so we you have been planning in that we reason users as they get by a one-vote streams pity and golf courses for
us some other interesting projects like Large pattern and those are the users of what happened was I really 1 1 to get but so then they dropped them on horseplay oral button to maintenance mostly to the result with the products which is a shame that reason enough that 2 people use those are um and and while this was 1 of the most original plans for canonical would be to to take Tagalog by distributed revision control of the original usable distribution distributed a revision control system and for whatever reason it hasn't had much take up in the world get came along and was much faster average is a shame because I worked on the surface of constant and every nice system to to use and to develop on and a much better code hosting site is it still in my opinion 1 of the greatest psychological much potential for durable uh Google code sets to adjust but again very we used to so Concorde Robertson and and kernel calls them in my post for acupuncture redundant they they said they wouldn't spots work want to any more at the time count was going through a restructuring and they they had also decided that they need to make some money which is of these more guess them so they they move the developers ran from from these projects and commodities and told me that I can work on about more um which was going chain which which I worked on for last previous 5 or 6 years and and and
when mixing with all these other elements that I think of as a result the head trauma has had a profound effects so tried its and hidden disability nobody nobody to see and you would know that disabled and I had a stretch ligament that my eyes so I had to wear an identical analysis on the double vision which is mostly killed oversight and and so this is the only in way that I without it head trauma but because of the hilton where the I catch much anymore um but I still had at the time and still due to some extent get all these crazy we're uhm uhm problems in my head is the random as far as anybody's concerned when and how much the happens have even with the the policy have chance necessary move my muscles very much because the body the size of the origin takes inherited it takes way energy from being able to move any muscles and yeah have not emotions in a kind of mental depression in in any kind of illness mental health is well related to your physical health and to some extent when a brain injury equation is exactly the same so so be who have severe head trauma of to get anxiety depression and all that stuff and his mother attended To the extent that I have felt fragile enough at times the time speedups when we run because your brain slows down when it's a trying to recover than the virtual teams to speed up the days and weeks passed by um and memory lapses what's a person's name where my keys the Kensington's of everybody else gets be getting a lot more it's a lot harder to think your way through them if you write it common he spent hours searching for a peaceful or something else that I should know where it is which would happen in a normal everyday life just have no flow model look hard at work plan and it does the brain injury so make so that and with with being told I can work couldn't anymore as a kind of it then and and
the commute Kubuntu community here is is that when these registers a cabinet member and did some soul-searching there was any need for this this flavor of onto anymore the part of other KDE distributions over there um and we're on the sub-brand of amenable to brand so terms of mind share the we don't agree on enthusiastic incorrect results and open source and there's good move to because that's the main branch so as you need for this is there is any purpose and it should be so we just give up and say they often move on thanks for the hot tub parties the phone call then make up a phone call
from guy now geico now he was a businessman who worked that column and then you would use to work and all he worked in something where is use worthy getting a black acid and selling stuff for node no useful server and he realized that there are no all these awesome free software projects out there with business models just waiting to happen just needed somebody to make those business models the in the resource to developers and people in the business world they still use the things and I can't remember last centimeter actual phone call talk to somebody for for half an hour about something and but this guy really good at making phone calls so the amount of and is in the miocene but he's very good at putting you every single day to say can we can we do the deal here is that some possibility for you guys to you guys to to be able to make some income so even me and said you want a commercial for service and if another company in england your gonna provide commercial support service for about of time and people e-mailing me say here Capone uses it is supported being dropped by canonical and can ii depend upon the stuff I need a stuff just analyzer my school and all these people have told him the we can get commercial support again and so he successfully tried to put together a deal for commercial support abortion then plot by of the trademark to it and prevent it from happening for a long time which is a shame but they know that and this person but in so much energy that maybe there is a need for this if I got people telling me there's a need for a hint button that much energy then maybe I should put in more and you wanna get there on e-mail from a guy called Fernand saying I'm starting a comical the systems I would like to sponsor work on commodity and I was also I was pretty skeptical about this because the rare somebody wants to hurry back the same job just made redundant from uh it's pretty very reluctant to do because of the recurring health wise it was a good time to change employer from kernel with this this this could all go horribly wrong whatever it was for the quality offering and to go all the wrong but he kept even in the here and now just say the word now all support Kubuntu in whatever way you want so eventually had to go to meet this guy did this year exist and I wanted to Germany to see that so the mass of conferences to see that and he does exist and he did want to home accountability and times of the year and because meat factory in France here vegetarian and then I want you might not be the distribution for you but I mean he sold off their shares in the mediation wanted new things to to invest in an and seriously work and 1 of things this is going to the and so he
was great so I thought was great we decided to continue that the the community each side of the was need us so or enough people saying we want Katie flavor in abundance and this is about the combination of also suffered desktop software and also distribution we use it we need the people provided sponsorship it provided uh commercial sport eventually once chronicle got through their their trademark stuff and so we're happy and so we answer kitty conference and I still looking at 11 there OK and that's the only the eye patch but that would happy and say that we will continue doing this stuff
um so there's there's frantic bunch of people at uh kitty confidence in the in the talent in Estonia and and we managed to get some useful soft American and told throughout streams very important as a distribution that we have always aligned combined to to the KDD upstream projects of much as much they can I want to wanted to be um a distribution that shows Katie's softer at its best because I think when the reasons why use KDE software is is not just because 1st I haven't come across or because the community so often cutin good-looking but because because the software is so high quality that the framework that creates the suffered Putin and Kitty libraries they are and the best and easiest-to-use so working with TD upstream by just shipping Katie on-stream and maple training patches Gulfstream making sure that we don't put too many changes in the distribution and any changes in condition must also got the impression that means that we get the best experience for our users and then we had another UDS in in Denmark
this time I another crazy who tell massive because our in Copenhagen and because this
response should complete systems we could sponsor of the commitments should noncausal sponsored top going then we systems and sponsored the other half and we get smart shots and and we could look like a real presence within the to community we we're deciding corner we work and they're putting ourselves as the main community part of come to so and so we made other
these consul and and and let's go much is good and
then governments which call so of great that maybe not quite a good so you want to develop a similar to the center on the highlights work and eventually they get should take the Sydney here you get uh meet different colleges he develops the world and and work on inventory with if they people and In this case it was all in 1 room so that can be altered in 1 room and
ended up in overfitting just by anyone who is found incredible it and the events that was happening and they got canceled so Kunkel about them from this anymore and they found some rubbish excuses about increasing inclusion quite should turn into an online and the only event which seem to not look like finding excuses to fit the lack of a budget for learning these things um and that the risk of we gonna run a community part also worry a community meeting composed all this stuff or to have their own people go there in the sense of that the that the community that made most of the country was unable to in in person and watches the a big shame into going an awful lot of what maybe 1 2 and then you go to the distribution which started I am as well as promoting no man and the community may software and having naked people on the cover and being an awful uh being the police enthusiastic crowds like the ones here um they end
up redeveloping development desktop so dropping a community may suffer from a lot of hot wanted those they make unity just their own desktop to replace them stuff um and another making near and so then and so they're they're replace X with near which is insane which is great and so they're they're moving away from any community may sort surges just such a such a shame because it destroys not of what made you want to go to automated fun to work that was that it was made of then and so no that kind to miss their and the space around well we love can but to continue again that we come in person more and more we don't even have not a display to work on the moon get support from anybody else with new to community when they replace it with near it the and also the
time my my head trauma which kind of recovers in this step logarithmic graph you you get periods of no recovery and something that essentially you can stay up until midnight that people in and and things are more focused and there were a few weeks ago and so I kind of positive science and change but all this all this problem over of of a company from which the community and then me being departed community that something that they're really move away from but then
the community rather right we we have the systems had this meeting so this bunch of people respond to no work on KDD and and so we had a hard at village in Spain by Barcelona and support from the from weakness was taking us back to the roots of what I really enjoyed it I want to commit 1st answer which was that we can often same long you reach other work and we could we could work on on a similar projects working toward a common goal in this case the goal was porting can lead to acute 5 KT frameworks 5 so we've got our kids which is quite big monolithic libraries that onto the sheets library for making the applications and Katie frameworks 5 which marginalizes that's that's a dollar 255 different beds and 62 but he you can just take whichever bits you want and others and add a big huge dependency to your application talk about that desktop room final it that that is going to go so Terry enjoyed working there
and then we had another Academy and and these continue to be incredible I mean this is happening in the real world if you work for Microsoft does this happened maybe there's that should not often that you get that rooftop drinks inference the the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao this is gorgeous and and that we could could sing and dance on the on the party at the at the stadium and and again in Bilbao and party afterward so we have because the sponsorship from the system we had a number of extra people they're from about usury would have all day dedicated to prevent and out it's our next releases or or our existence for person so the the EDS is that because they had been and require flat and we're able to now on a small scale which is OK because we can we can often the same room we all know what working towards so we can have a single day dedicated toward and applying the next months of work and then it turns out that it was actually quite a bit action UDS because and because it's all part of talking downstream at same time and because we all know each other people in the same room and and were not just a part of a conference which mostly now focuses on whatever crock once the server the cloud for that for their proprietary cavity unity near software and and then these guys
formed from you know if they have 1 or more fiercely accessible as Munich city council they would want and all the computers then they got a graph in the office of of how many computers they put at about 2 on the target is 12 facing the progress that it continues up because the the rest the city council said this is great should of our computer science and so they and their alignments company to do that here they are again offered us a we can spend in their offices and so we all get together to again found our work and do things face-to-face and work out all you know and so we're all still surprisingly would then expect when when companies dropped uh so much of its support for combined to restore a functioning community we still all like each other was the work together with other than G to be with the stuff and and we can still do that with and want to so do you need to be brain damage to care but
that's the Linux is a question I do care about this selects I still here but that's the limit but sadly not the world doesn't care in the way that I had hoped the world would care next 1st after this by the year 2 thousand or so at that time we went to learners conferences I'm and I remember going to IBM stand in ABM guy was going islands as signal from 7 no so we have a question about analytical invest estoppel replace windows and what a happened which is a shame it's never going to happen for reasons that nobody is quite managed to and then wise KDE and Gnome failed to take off the 1 might be that the fractured nature of the urine and they're both trying to achieve the same thing and then the have those in other major desktops and that that have come all try to much the same things that fractured nature might be part of the lack of QA my part that 1 the interesting things that canonical now does is automated QA which have a problem happens at a normal software companies but that I haven't seen it happen increase offer world so much and encompass but in all work together automated QA so every every day if you want to build gets also the tested by by a machines and and and that helps them off a lot and unfortunately we have some 90 but not as much as as it would be nice and biases not taken off uh what we there's no integration the hardware manufacturers again caruncle tried that an awful lot getting people to integrate are factors number of other companies tried that and not quite succeeded for for reasons that will be quite those and then you came along and have done that with with Android and Chrome as well so you can add to PC World big big shops and and just by limits on the desktop there but it's not it's not the limit so we all expected it to be a decade ago which is a crying shame and but for whatever reason it seems a community mean software can't quite work with and the hardware manufactures in the way the hardware manufacturer like probably don't pick up the phone enough support police some divine not the bits of the phone and calls on every single day say we a script that you want to work with us and but we don't think of doing that so for whatever reason that has taken off and and then combined to we still have problems of of near which has been put off last 2 to releases um but may well happen the next release um and and when they change display server about 2 will will combined to be upset maintained by the actual with away and um but then do we have the knowledge and the the time and energy within the quantity to be able to maintain that still with the unknowns it might also fall apart the next year we do have an exciting year for Cuban to we've got along tips for release and enables the work on that I have tried to remove as many bugs as we can try not to add any features even though it is tempting um In order to make a good enough for long-term support but then us that we've got do we switch to wear and quite possibly we do do we switch to KT frameworks 5 to switch to cute 5 quite possibly we do and we will have but that will that will probably be a lot of a lot of work to make sure that it works correctly with with the with the current generation software and that will work with on where and and what and that you have that you have got to with running units year-on-year and and it's so could onto that Mr. Weyland and how you pick which displays over all these are completely unknown and and less it off a lot of fun to to find out how it all happened so do come and join us with the an open community that anybody can join us in my slides a
few other any questions and mercantile and quotients users wound up here and it would have been in thank you future this way um how how your relationship with the the different committees sends given all the stuff canonical this this is down in the use and how do you do your diesels my notes you know good and supporting mole distribution I have closer few that in the lab because we have chosen we told them and and they could ratify and we also take a lot more from that in then we can go the other way in inventory general with the single architecture from that and when when we add the patches were change anything to the package and I think about 2 we have a policy of sending upstream that is in the case that through a bunch of us and then move on to have a positive sign in KDD but it has relevance and is that in their policies and interventions and we succeed in foreign policy we think we're pretty good but we're not perfect we had at times when we don't than that of the um in terms of work on joint action over different distributions so we we camps and work on on this that same page in the same time because we have different time scales but when we have new packages and not always there in the the segments of the so that we can tell you don't duplicate work and getting them outside has just leave you noticed that a few weeks a acting that's all and and I read set edges starts a definition you should take these packages huh because otherwise we must duplication of work necessary and so that it will take the packages and moving sold the mistakes like that in them and that will will be helping each other there's always like they want air pressure then if he did decide to change the base destroyed work from Mr. community cohesive enough to take them with you and then you continues user-based places like meaning could type into different destroy or even different operating systems because presumably they care about KDE and the best top from that what goes on in the day and so should we change the show would work we change the base distro and maybe but probably not when we were having problems when example 1st draft of the support for about 2 wouldn't think well versed given name because this trademark we wish to answer this commercials board you and that of the late for the 6 months to years because they didn't have the time engineering character which is a small part of what they do have to give a simple trademark agreements 88 into this so we will look to changing the name of them and we went on hill get name and and then Marcia what's that will pick a project to do so we stay the name and an image that would have been good investors in the bundle is that in the it in much the same stuff should get then but a lot of what's important about what works quite well of activities that it is part of larger and it does have a big of the following the community decides on an array about 2 and and as well that the infrastructure like launch pad and and the quotas and so I I suspect that we going to something say next with a change in a moment another they're in interactive different suspect can we can maintain all the people will involved because they just go well maybe that oral report should be equally good options so we decided that was applied happen within want to even though there are patient disagreement other questions of action a see earlier today are if people would be consider and just you know stage the questions in order the room but now the duration area so you are I I I love here have to watch about thinking about the season to whether the challenges that they been throwing away pretty well compared to of the other teams with and went to thing in of the other flavors and perhaps the multi-tier as well and give advice you can give the seems to things they can do math lessons they could learn from Clinton and how they can reinvigorate themselves with a further say on the parent most most successful community with an I couldn't ironic it's not behind right right RC channels of like many and and but in order to In order to increase the quality it's important that you have an accurate account of retirement have quite frequent meetings is important when some begins into the channel to say hey I'm interested in my help out of there's somebody there can respond in time and is a list of things that they can use you can say that this list and I'm interested being on thing I give the tutorial that you can think of that important it's important to make sure that people are on the planets about to 1 of the following so that it's visible and it's important to have face-to-face meetings so again getting rid of the EDS is the thing that will be quite the motivating of people who were previously most of the community contributors to to a bunch of patterns and near that might be interesting ways to were had to sponsor the economy's in that but I think it it needs a lot of time and it's only there as well you can do it almost full time and something doesn't go away on holiday so low the community managers inventory that are employed by canonical go away for christmas all of which is when all lot of community contributors want to come in because they're the only in making use of them right it's not a nine-to-five job being community manager to converge on the internet doesn't sleep I think so I it need somebody around all the time is able to handle that thing the pressure of other remember a few years ago near the beginning of the winter projects Mark Shuttleworth came on station ensure memory very so ostentatiously you to research to show he was wearing a KDE teachers to claim that he supported k is an equal play within the continuous generally wanted to be seen as a supporter of the community I dialog Debbie and I just wanna help it was a was usually on and that seems to evolve into something quite different and if you look at his recent blog postings that tends to be quite a lot of almost tetchy much operation when it comes to engage with the community what's changed has become disillusioned such that the whole winter was no disillusioned project should be should you be worried beyond just near as was said earlier and think about I'm hosting yourself from what mean and looks like it might be you might lose interest in front finding an interesting question pattern is going to be in a lot of going to be a community project at any but will want to still be a friendly place for me it's it's it's a country is is slightly this so that unknown because when you consider like that destroyed a lot of community made software so when when you want to 1st started was that this is done for call those wasn't that way of this is that make money this is this is where the values can be added and so forth and so on so it didn't do an awful lot of of of being lesser-known being lexical units next I'll other extremes and then they take off at the end it the word 0 yeah manufactures the shipped with to honor down data that occasionally that that that kind of way and then Android cannot know pretty runs limits on their mobile phone on on Android with with open source but not really community may software so my suspicion is that it's in the habit of using protocols and other companies not work right the image of the world and has been moving toward in has made software you want everything they've done that the results are a community offers an operator that is hard to cite the research of instead of advanced ergo library what were present start to code a library got people up there and that's our and deciding what other sources should be and then had decides to programmers to code of the 11th will tend to produce more training mostly more software that's what that was very good at my draft the very bad at the hands of markets and raise with with unity and anything else that it is still a great community is still a great place to work and will continue to be clear that is no that out of their portion in the question of a lot of time we're society you can talk to me afterward you which which a lot of people