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Through the past years is being noticeable the interest of our industry in increasing the diversity as whole. People are getting more conscious of the importance of having a balanced team and how it is beneficial to be so. This talk is not about gender war, of how one gender is better than another. Is about how having that balance the productivity and innovation can increase to make it a sucessful team.
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1 of the of the of the of the of the of the and all of the time and the the hello and the explain the of reality that's the hottest at many English so that this time the and was even acanthus while I was the only . only in on the word map from Jackie stock from Brazil there so that's the I would like 1st to thank the organisers for being somewhere off the that of diversity that they bring me here to help you to camp of the discussion and I must say I'm going grasp about me and I mean in that I saw on this conference I music I used to see tell me now at 200 is some covers that going to and just just show me then we have almost 21 per cent of women and now I think it's almost 90 women here so that's nice nice to see there has so taking place you can go regulations for the effort the me you know only I'm not
on gender developer and our Python developer I'm PhD of I work sometimes if nodes still and I also don't have a degree in women's studies are topology all this is from my own interest in the subject I had a passion for in technology a major to study and development but I don't work with that and what about the sense and I'm usually in my spare time at bluefly goes and have like 25 thousand pieces of yeah yeah that's off and the way Lilly earlier overboard them that but this new label set the two-week emerge from sing songs former by that time not too tired of people the so I think expect from from this talk I will talk about diversity and how biased painfully Feliciano as our decisions and what I need like a girl some companies diversity reports on how diversity is important sure company assigning natives there there are made and to some or sponsored by other companies I don't talk about how 1 gender is different from the other that's not what this is about and this is about how both genders working together can make about the it but the workplace so my as little as a teenager in my biology class 1 of the few things I learned because of with animality was that I about buying the nativist use the species that have the most diversity and they have a better chance of survival we can see that in bacteria phrased as of can appropriate other DNA from other bacteria as to improve their own survivability although this is a not 100 % our analogy I think the idea is the same the mother's 1st on the more chance to have to do something great the you have different types of diversity you have generally diversity of hard ratio engineer and don't just mean male or female have a lot transgenic does the other people to and I think it's diversity also sexually insatiable city I wasn't able stock here and I saw a girl working there at a speech was mostly she was is and that he jabbered I think is better the name and I thought that's often because they're not discriminative because females and not the not because of a religion since just working there like anyone else and I think that's the to make because you're not the tape meditating someone in what they believe or what they are but what in what they can do to help you with that's I think that's the the thing that people should look for what you can do all the talking to help in bias is the well known and that it's it it's the no notion that what we believe that people should or shouldn't do we have a set of parameters that need to 0 like experience and sometimes is a if a person does a few different as you get light confrontational or even get Ingres hurt someone or get some kind of heated this and it is in the fundamental level like prejudice is like you get your bias can cause you prejudice and these people have concepts that they met the demands are at your actions so initially you think you have a any prejudice you may be discriminating someone because they're fact of because the old any latent notice if it just do it without noticing some some time ago someone I noticed that people when wounded seats now to me on the train at the time I was waiting way more than I do today but because because fact I would see the next me on this right and that is so when I lost weight that people must sits itself mixing but I don't think there were like I'm not going to sit next to the fact that I think maybe they didn't have to have a K something like the thing to bend you can make the that people of color Oct to people from other religions for and is sometimes it's something inside is that it makes the guy the whole you know you really content further out of the Brazil said that those trying to make a compliment but why because of the vocal grower can you owned by now and not good enough to be confident that the army so because of that there is this project for harder Harvard University called Project implicitly they research the gap between intentions and actions by the measure the response time between proposed situations for instance the house of pass there you can tap are you can measure the gender versus science to see where you are on your inclinations not so they put the couple words that are female or male Eric aboard their size Oliver arts and you have to associate now and according to your time response you want they will see you they will tell you how when you are for instance
these are the kind of past that have their own what and this this is the 1 that fits the slot huge and I did this last 1 and the this stock last year and I did this yesterday again and this where my
results last year I I were more inclined to the 6 per cent of the population in the past I had the marked associ associate more women to science than female with the male there's some explanation for that in my case for instance I study in some things I was 12 in a school you where stamp area were more focused so we had a lot of women there so for me it's more natural to have more women but for the majority of people use and how this is what you can see to the 26 and 28 per cent got the majority that associates many science than women and today and in the path again and I was like I hand of the neutral position that's what user of be that everyone should be that 1 region having having kind of association between gender or interconnected domain but I think that's lot because my mom community now more aware of those needs so you kind of get things and so on so what people can say any you you change that I think if you can look at you you start to change yeah yeah so why
cancer this has come to the fore with a story that happened to me 2 years ago I was working a company that's why but so many goes I've been maybe work like 16 hours a day and when I get home I D 1 even to look at a computer I just want to the something that happened after the abuse of like us and we're having this problem in fact about 60 per cent over because of amazed and the problem involves money so every time there's a problem of money a lot of people get money after you referred to solve for me and my colleague was working in who was responsible for fixing because his was up part of the project that only he had work I I do have any knowledge of it so every 5 minutes someone will go through the door and mass you to solve here and every time every 5 minutes people from finacial from a Java from every single part of the company so it was the conference room 2 other things seeming and the standard the body in the cold after 8 hours debating together we fix the problem tested batches and the applied to the to the production servers everything was working that is no Alice Tyler could see clothing if further me for like 2 basic you don't need it will be enough if I hadn't see again but he stops looks looks at me seriously sales you know yeah printout furniture yeah and like a major part this that and he was using was talking you really part of the complement but because his life around I have some with this with him I could say some out of it's I can't tell now because of the time would that also netted him because I I know we begin it allow IID and you what he's annotations were and our environment and make is his love for mean help me so I didn't think of but In this company not I had and was the 1st time that by had said that the people had called me stupid before but slack they on trying to ultimately there were just write a family lives is just the 1st 3rd someone tried to call them at me and they offend me with so the and that got me thinking but as soon as new and we can then we don't have the literary and fail if both if we will fail everybody analysis because you made a mistake because the women you because I want that's why I made of state and how many times have you got like so laureates about doing something so wrong and New after just just remind you know is that when to stop and how you don't have you heard meaning can drive like and resume and people that does the screen on the streets all the time we make a drive by pouring at the end that they're they're provoke allowable back American evoke about this to In the IT industry that so the charming and you can't fail so you get or not because it can fail is work harder in other times you hear violence any work affects the that's cool what a little passing on prisoners of war OK there's a lot of are politicians people that I know they're really really good on the right I can do what they do and not like screening them but you have more reshuffle women working on a single so font and I I when until you know I was about the the 1st thing he asked me idea front-end about it must he's the facets false ever seen as no warmer back into developer before why didn't the camera from about the all because you know design and stuff all the I think the doesn't Winkler or reacts TS because I don't know that stuff I wish I knew but I don't the so we have this association this because you're women you have all the spectators because meaning and it there really can have our are awaiting your shoulders thought working this field it this and I think that for the past 3 years you see more companies were about that and they started to believe this this diversity parts and going talk next this n I think this culture is more common here in america everything like a girl you like a died girl in Brazil did you just call someone a fag even though yeah they're female discordant 5 and it's the same the same thing as calling someone like a girl here that's the same effect he the and as a matter of fact I do anything like a girl because I am I eat like I know I work like 0 I collector the because I am at the any and 28 and I go by you get this but impact new is where's the male lead developer in industry can be the main thing are perfectionists we we may use we are demanding all perfection is we are bosses and to put it mildly had other stuff but usually bossy this and I was working at this company I was the only female interior developers and she said I had a potent she said to me In I'll have a responsibility here I and also as the only female and the team you need to know become part of of of of the it's without losing identity so that you will learn how to work with women we doubt TTY command and how many times have you heard a sexist joke and just you ignore it because if you bring back chop ancient phi loss someone as he will say to you quit complaining just suck it up or are in 1 of the bacterial bigger the complaints that girl that makes everything for case but this is healthy so what she was saying to me is I need to make my colleagues respect me because I'm a woman and kidney like a and I said to work this is a lot of responsibility I can do half its money the firm each of those letting go and I'll see you have to do that and I mean I like to think that I succeeded baby to new value well sometimes they do what open another that's our place but I handled actually I don't think that's more because of their age but then because of their gender yeah like to any string along the the and the most of the diversity ports and shown here are from Google Apple gone the Google Apple would Facebook and 2 years I forgot it I
had a young but they need in the he will use their tips 2015 diversity parts if any of i building this counter so unit people separately because that's not just binary and find cool because you have a different statistic there you can see that nothing changes really but the good news is nothing but a losses that's OK yes loss so that so that improvement am you see that the reader has 4 points more in the Pacific such real elected we measure measurement because if you have 1 person anyway I get to pressing gets in % provements so it's hard to tell how how many home much relevant business but let's say it's just for the sake of argument and so e all areas most companies are have the same you can grab these reports directly from the company is web pages it will have not only gender were parts but of race and some at the new city so it's nice to see In fact things got worse than it's worse do you have the ampersand before and they 30 % yeah I just random go to late from Intel they double the number of minority Hyades there but they got out of program where if you he for someone there is from minority and the person gets hired you get 4 thousand dollars so money is a good incentive an but OK it it it they have results and I think that this companies in general have we'll be fired and process of i the nation I in any try and as a few times there's ever telophase for that's OK founded the apple perspective the numerous clear because at counts a little differently every females saleswoman at cells on the on the Apple Store is counted as at Sec hi and I want to discuss if it is or is not attack higher because for I try to see here is a self feeding years that the Bayes especially stuff like that not Lexias person but but it's their rights to count is that but that's why the number it's higher than the others no effect it's smaller balances except for and you see Facebook got 5 per cent more hires from this year last year for this year and to be honest I don't think the 50 50 % its tangible I think you should aim at back but you won't be able to get that and if you do it's like more of a casual casuality there like a result of their efforts because it's just a such a magical number and I think if you only it between 45 to 55 ratio I think it's a good thing because 5 per cent it's not that they were it's not a high of difference from 1 another an about level Helen elements of the call Senior High years are people managers of CEOs he chose people like that as there plenty of art shows that companies that have more women on that's on on top positions they have better the better it working environment for women only in 3 levels because we know there are managers know how hard it is to to be meal at a company or you be inexperienced so they tried to create a better pass for women to follow not as a main job but just in general to because they way through that they know how that works the and agency that from going to be there have 1 person more and the others have that same about 1 way is the mn are the same from 1 company to another it doesn't change much you know have a company with 50 per cent women out of 10 % so you could say this is our bubbling our company but what company usually do it's chill blame on the pipeline because of all have enough women doing our Stan courses suspect college I meet immediate the True Blood you can only blame on that's you know there are women there that are available for hire to be promoted and you're not promoting then any not high and that you can't see may be achieved 50 per cent from 1 year to another where you can I 255 to turn it's not impossible but you I only see company complaining about their Anglesey C Company doing anything to further that to make it matter it
that while while don't I as much promoted as me you see may have 2 . 7 more chances to be promoted to a high-level position the wheel and because of that I I can I can see that I am 1 of dispersants I know C I T as a meritocracy we we usually don't appointed to the to the study that's not me that I'd say next this this study but I agree with that because I don't see isomers are preceded by see much about nepotism and favoritism I saw someone before being offer a lead position because he plays soccer with the boss AII I'm a wouldn't play soccer delighted and sold C C 2 was on all boys activity on the company I like soccer and they said to me all you can go to the soccer game you can bring you can make a barbecue this because I'm the almond and then I but he was hired I me and I got mad and just let the company because it if you want to make it better the if you want in his mind and I would be suffer self-restraint to continue to work there it's just better to leave companies that I have meaning then if from the fact that more women wants to come to work for them because when they see a company that has of someone that I respect from the community was working there I see they are friendly I was working there also i You hiring it's the 1st thing and have and so they have this advantage from other companies because of that and the lack of role models that was founded the study it's not like we don't have the meal the meal developers there aren't whole whole models we do all I can say about the fight from general community but I know a lot of good female developers in PHP community a and they are whole models but what this study means it's inside a company you know have a more modern side of the company so if you don't have a home on inside a company internal hellfire qingaq if it is possible for you to get there and to include bath and improve the ah yeah technical education because as by the we never stop studying we are always learning something the an In this case the this study shows that the lack of role models as there are seen as a problem for men and women also agrees that is a problem but Conway's itself don't see that as a problem also they don't see the lack of materials all but both male and female people see when Mora voters more flexibility in man that has an explanation very obvious that this may fall on the that category that we now have 2 jobs you work at a regular job and you work at home and then I heard that it's at job that's where you make a self feeding because you need to be reading so have 2 jobs it that there is a book on that I know member than it a friend of my said that's this apart shows the majority of women that works in fact have a partner that also works in back and I think that it's like linear said Dr. dating and other locked it's because the other doctors knows how crazy their hours are whole you have to pick up the phone and run away to attend a patient and I think as we are developers are also like doctors if there's something fails you need to stop what you're doing in angle buried fix it because it's not people's minds where people's money is in in a couple capitalism and yet but the in the same manner working nights she have more times more chances of having women having their partner of being responsible for their primarily responsibility for child care so the male here that you have for has more chances to have the the new art the abundance I don't know taking care of the child so if the majority of the males have a male partner in the 90 so yes to have 2 jobs there so that's why I mean about and more flexibility than men and impose more money than me and this leads to a factor that's we move leaving the workforce because of that not just because of that but this is a contributing factor the you don't have flexibility you have on a job that's hard to the successful because you have less chance that a man to get a better position and
this he also have the responsibility of taking care of her family at the same time another article I write today it was about apple and Facebook they were offering to freeze the mean and z x yeah so they can work now and get word to be pregnant I was like OK I don't know what to think about it but I think this is more a reflection of america culture because you have at least he was talking to you have 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave in Brazil you can have 2 4 to 6 months of statement and the and you can be fired if a pregnant if you are a company has to he hire you ought to restitution if money for all the monster losing from jobs it when you come back you have 5 moles of stability they can fire you so I think that's why they offer this kind of things because you don't have our I'm going to be working well false mothers to take care of the child so the more time you put off to have a child more successful you will be in the company and marked indispensable you will be so you can have a child later and don't have a career in a the career budget before returning from neither carrier is stain from that and but I think it's 1 of those those ideas there are there are a good idea in the of the surface but usually it's not in assigned like it's like someone's trying to take make your problem at the actually the training I think it's houses in category because this is my charts I'm and a gets a benefit you do what if you want but like if it's everyone is doing it Wyche lines you you get pregnant now some expectations come if all your from female colleagues do it and you decide to their pregnant pregnant the mutuality of you inject you because you want your regional tool but tha dimen yourself to be better that and I don't think that's a good idea on the long run because of that in the same study shows that you
have twice as many men in the proportionally the of course in the high-level positions them women this is because of this family and because of work for station women tend to leave when I and the me and you have more all albeit reliable the men women leaves mean physicians s twice as much as the man let me this mean if it's it's you have 5 men leaving the company of a month you will have 10 in 11 leaving the company of because another seemed to offer that can be the token is that means I don't if word means to have every we mean a stereotype embedded into you and have people expect it expecting you to behave like that for instance the hello that workplace Rice said about the guy playing soccer so they had the wheel will do me a comment amazing tho and every time the final funding was ringing I had I had to be the 1 to pick because I was the female and my boss told me was that because the cost of a customers like talking to you I was like OK but I don't like talking to you I know I want you like to know what stopped people do what people so that's wasn't there on time but it was all of 1 of the contributing factors for me to live the company its and so that happens to me happens so in other women there since I have a lower based so it doesn't need much from food to the to just leave it it and will do everything and anything that I want and it is known that confrontational in it is a more fit you so why wasn't
matters well as before by that you may be diversity and the some studies shows that in and the have the companies that have women and the Board of directions directors get the of equity are written of investment as high as 35 per cent you thought effects himself again depend how much a method but it's a huge number 35 % this study was made at Carnegie Mellon University n another study was made to see how groups reacted when solving puzzles and 3 collaborative tasks the they create groups from 3 to 5 people often they all males all females and they put it will only 1 male and 1 female need to group to see how people with response and every time a test was that they would would measure their IQ's separately as some up to see how much the collective IQ you from the group was they discovered that diversity increases the performance of have the the collection because is increase and because of that and when they increase you have a team there more effective and they come with better problem solving in 5 better than of innovative solutions how they did that so loops were supposed to talk about a problem or interactive this out the also solving and they saw that look where 1 person nominated that group was less intelligent then develop where people were more collaborative to solve the problem so which have a better conversation turn-taking perform better than groups the where individuals were the majority of the problems this is what they got but they're not saying that because there are women there they're dumber that's the whole lot but this this this data but no way if that's what it it's the following they got a group with all males and they measure the collective intelligence and they summon up for for 15 and the same another group with only 1 women and the summed up to 4 0 5 if like OK they're dumber than the other but the group was the only 1 we were performed better than the book was all males there that's because we will have something called social system very it's higher than men's so the bad if should add the group that had a better score from all males in the group that had at least 1 Lehman if the worst score that was even better than the 1 with the best score all male so it you know only 1 moment to make things change their these sources sensitivity is a trigger for a the number of speaking members what this means is not because we will talk more that's how hot the enemy they're saying that women are more engaged to have other people participating in this problem solving so as women women we tend to have more effect we see 6 people and only 1 is stock we'll goal that say something we use are more preoccupied with that while men have not that we have 5 usually that's what they were saying on the study so my ideas were exchanges so they got a better problems of skills in the they also discovered the diversity powers innovation interference innovations like key for success is see a lot of IT companies when they don't innovate the gaps like behind the use the phrase instance but to bury but I mentioning many people think there is a link between women and innovation there is there is no I think the dome of the calls act but they think there is a link there is the center of balance for innovation they found this correlation but some things they can they can be sad are combatants active it is because of the diversity trumps individual ability company because there are more diverse they have they are ahead of other companies the 1st groups have outstanding performance and for instance in the academic field since this is a very city but since and other studies that have mixed gender on at the site 30 to 40 per cent more often then only all males all-female studies at CardSpace from universe of Michigan sat if people think alike the no matter how smart they are there most likely we'll get stuck at the singer locally optimal solutions innovating by thinking differently that's why diversity powers innovations and makes sense if only 1 you're going to think that way before all black males and the feet away from our want is I think away so the model is about people have have the model but the idea is that it makes sense so but people usually choose to unite and other studies on 1 the business closed concluded that the optimal representations 50 50 but it depends on the pasta doing for our knowledge a transfer experimentation and the performance is 50 50 per cent better for some called analysis and if it's a sentiment that had been and this is me think that's not on the study does mean conjecturing something that's how linear all all the crowds and there are more women there you make you feel more safe because as idle where I saw this but the right man and the 1st cause of women's deaths if you if you come out count by domestic violence and stuff like that think it's more about our limbic system there is major protectors Olympic systems my like the audio you run are you attack it only has to responses and if you have more females by the limbic system responded on each such that it can be they're cool it's more like a primitive response than that our cautious response that's why I think but you can put that could that's OK and on the talk about is that we and let's face and the guy who does cause most the about serious and he has 17
honorary doctorates that means he's no he students the and an there's a conference in New York where people were talking and about what but someone asks what about you insiders and the media sides all someone he wants to talk about the genetic differences between man and man and was like high I wanna talk I never been female but I haven't but all my life he starts and he starts saying that working as a mass of physicists was the path of most resistance to him and I Q relates to that because when I told my mom I would like to do that cringing URI ID 2 years of fighting Union and my family was all I don't you wanna do business is elicitation on overseas schools was like an old hag told and he he was still the same so every time people would take should down its into they were trying to minimize your dream and say it's not possible and this so true for of him as a black male and as for us as women in science and there is a link movements while there you're going to see
and hints that before we start talking about genetic differences you got to come up with a system that's equal opportunity then we can have a conversation so it doesn't matter whether generic 2 different we have different opportunities I guy has 4 . 7 my chances to be promoted and we don't have the same test so we can talk about genetic differences could offer me the same chance as you do the other so how can we as a community helped improve diversity I won't talk about this this is our project from a female co-developer in that the PhD community to the news at but that's did you know that it's not just for women it's far everything I think it's our ecosystem to empower developers you have but the nation of you shouldn't connect someone because of what we believe or what the art boundaries it's like your comfort levels as a different mind so in each we learn to respect that we are a because assets none of us learning land was born knowing everything we all learn from doing on wives so because of that we are because assets sold what he turned the favor teach someone respective finance up to 2 orders like you wish to 0 you wish to be treated that right everyone think should think like that I don't want to be mysteries or what we see others this thing was that respective but we actually cry race so as I heard my male colleagues say that I was the belgians Virgo islands by 10 but it will the service anything in that it wasn't worth its salt the to be to think better how to respond to stuff like that and opinions edges that opinions if use back to your own opinions you should expect the opinion of others so if you know you don't we should respect their opinions and sure is imminent so you to buy you universe the harnesses stakes sometimes people you say something they don't mean and you should learn show not a conference on it because you probably going to do it some time at some point so that's my description there on the web site and you can help less to you last year we only had 7 items do the tour is your men that's new so you can always to be it's not only for each at about for the whole developer community
the other is 1 I saw people talk about mainframe and I this is the example we have the duty so people of cool have time available I listed there to help someone that it's it doesn't know much and this is not only fold for minorities is is for everyone so everyone can help someone and there is our IRC channel all free nodes at the case for PHP nutrients the same name so I think you you can take this as like an example and took what is basin's fiddling are comunidades for that it works but I have a mentor and he helped me a lot of to improve my performance to prove my cold and I think people should and I am ementary someone else so it's like it's you'll learn when you teach so should give back farther
and other programs that more folks and only it but I can talk about the other ones only from page you wouldn't but we only would only have women there have a lot of there to that's that's all enclose that everyone can participate we don't community anyone along a white males the had 2 and they help us and we we accept it help there is there's any uppers out welcome and I think I the mobile the other than the nineties aims to be inclusive modest closer and questions the
if the can the women you've had that question that's about a couple times that that as a compliment of with you IID very talented for a woman can you raise your hands what is it that could sister summarize the thing that was every woman in the room of the eyelids and by i Kreutz uh encourage that discussion we could just keep going with are experienced looking as women have but I I would love to hear more about as positive forward specific start state you've experienced as you said that you left a company have you have had to confront anyone and what was that like for you and or something along those lines I actually have a very confrontational spirit the I learned that at work doesn't bode well to that's bad and at the beginning of my career I would like to to say that for will space and the will would mean usually me getting fired on people not talking to me for all I because I had a lot in there because they did understand why people were there and after a while I learned why people are the way and how can I and I learned that the confrontational it doesn't help you need to be more and I don't need for it to run away from you it but you need to show some so what about you need to show some data because of all the stuff I told you here are from studies some stuff on other where my opinions but because usually from people from our our industry people rely on data and much less the union so if you come from people with facts and not just opinions it it may be illegal goal better than just why to tell them for that's amino maybe that I think it works better but usually me getting away from company to was my my me running away from its from the problem because I couldn't deal with that and now I know a little more how to the with that but it's it's still hard because it's easier to run away and get another job by reading some polyps the biggest is sees uh sitting in Brazil so there's a lot of jobs that so OK of your I went to see the land as another company I can and that was more valley in this is hard because any will to job interviews 1 or 2 jobs yeah you know I I wasn't feeling shed some explain because usually the people fully job doesn't doesn't always has to be a woman the indices and it just have to say all the downsizing and I'll have to lie because if you tell the truth that you left the there because you were to that we begin to 2 with respect they're going to say this is problematic the people don't get that usually a frightening I mean they're in my in Brazil it's like that so I had to say yes light it decries says that don't know the economy it's something I don't fossilize but you have to go with that because of my in so they want dispute about this but that's OK all right has an office in Sao Paolo and we would love to have you know that that I just got a job contained this OK I think you again thank thanks to the the fact that it could be 1 of the things we do with all the and combines