Architecture, Data Modeling (Conceptual Model) (04.11.2010)

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Architecture, Data Modeling (Conceptual Model) (04.11.2010)
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In this course, we examine the aspects regarding building maintaining and operating data warehouses as well as give an insight to the main knowledge discovery techniques. The course deals with basic issues like storage of the data, execution of the analytical queries and data mining procedures. Course will be tought completly in English. The general structure of the course is: Typical dw use case scenarios Basic architecture of dw Data modelling on a conceptual, logical and physical level Multidimensional E/R modelling Cubes, dimensions, measures Query processing, OLAP queries (OLAP vs OLTP), roll-up, drill down, slice, dice, pivot MOLAP, ROLAP, HOLAP SQL99 OLAP operators, MDX Snowflake, star and starflake schemas for relational storage Multimedia physical storage (linearization) DW Indexing as search optimization mean: R-Trees, UB-Trees, Bitmap indexes Other optimization procedures: data partitioning, star join optimization, materialized views ETL Association rule mining, sequence patterns, time series Classification: Decision trees, naive Bayes classifications, SVM Cluster analysis: K-means, hierarchical clustering, aglomerative clustering, outlier analysis
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Data model
So why everyone and welcome to the next stop on the far lecture the housing and the mining techniques and with the best for last week to look into the housing as look and applications and how people use the word houses were to because it is that you would try to on was the warehouses and leader of the House of life cycle of the lower house what you do with that at the time but that you will cover up to to actually issues mostly polluted knowing how to deal with that that is the basic them more time however is that there were calls actually built and the part of the about him he identified as or Ketek Seoul components and will start some some basic Okotoks constraints and and look at the of the class log attacked go until stage-struck chose to see where they were where and how this stood there can be used in the customers in the door of the docketed into a before it was time the stages but that goes through until of finally used for a issues and will be built a in the future about distribution the what can distributed there were houses to that and then we as have a large part with go to bed modeling find out how bad it is related to each other and the world the seen pulled out of that water stalled can be calculated on the new
And consuming the by basic and the basic object of the dead were found allows us to look He identified a group for her to carry identified Cutliff stages 1st we have the right that the rate at a basically comes from operational systems from the dead were that you across natural for example production that sales that whenever something is download whenever something of accounted for all the people in accounting or in the production about Mindoro says people put it into a computer it somehow transferred to and from the start that is operational system and planted out last week the main focus and terms of the peace and terms of operations on the stock is on the way to the online transaction-processing behind that would be basically do it is to take the data you put it into the database update that he work with the the bat and sort so of this is fully operational Systems sometimes seemed so that 5 Phyllosilicates some extra man something was destroyed and the and the and are like especially as some of the big players and e-commerce are like and has come on the day do things with the these days said that unemployed Relational databases operational database and more but he rather uses service-oriented approach and that will have on stretch structures and the case of an and by the time I'm which will be considered and and different lecture so that would be out of the scope of this lecture but if you are interested in these kinds of pocket taxes and how to deal with them of Distributed databases I'm pocket pictures will cover the if you're interested in the basic stretch part of such plan files on inflows those oriented environment that we all stop of a lecture on an X Men and the I'm very nice to see them up for a lot of this is the basic unit of operational system that was 2nd only to HIV which is called the staging the staging area is I where you prefer operations you cost the operation and the data were prepared for the fun of the rich in the actual and this is basically where the death told kept and from holiday captain the where house you go to the presentation area the presentation area protested that its use and its use as a city and the state of the art of the end of calls with part And the 2nd part of all the cars will see the mining of the of the of the actual mining takes place at the weekend the identified the basic Ipecac took components the operational full-system staging area where has area and that the mob of presentations starting with the 1st 1 up once again today from the original site and the staging was use of staging the use of staging area is that the operation would the a plant just the start Austin has to be transferred last week you could talk to the bit about the and the 2 addresses extraction transformation loading again in this executive and the head which is focused on the staging of extracted from operational that this or that and that is just sent into a world where the image you want it to be so that no of inconsistency is and should be are like a redundant that and all that kind of stuff you take the day off and then after that his band he loaded into the way that he sees basically the extractions step is here from the losses into the staging area balloons that is from the left and the staging area into the actual that early and with him the staging area transformation processes takes part cover the transformation in 2 lectures on accepted as into lectures as later that the set up of the way the transformation as we will and is quite a complex but also and the not so much Birch consuming but the
If you are consuming still very time consuming such that this area of mapping the every as area in its own right but it is actually a very good idea the interesting thing is that while the is in the staging area it should not be touched in any way any of the EU's new should use bailout from the operation assistance to influence the way to the mesh should use the lot from the and the rest from the and rising from the dead a presentation pop into stating that actually looked like that like it out in in a restaurant kitchen human went customising your kitchen because you cooking that and the way that they do not taking the heads of the pubs in the UK will have to do not like a new Anurag but not the stock and it's kind of the same thing he at every to which uses only weeks that happens in the staging area and the fact that can affect your statistics about that and that's my are the I'm beginning processes and the closest they came about dedicating as it is a very interesting and and the skill of a profession that interesting evidence that will go through in in a couple of lectures and and will find that the best people are concerned with the and the less people touch that and somehow or so that the standing at the back is for the N time because he will have to control and the 2nd talks after which he processes and the number is the presentation at after the seeing Load at its simply will come to that in a moment code that what you do with the storey that the time of the heavyweight case that aggregate something that joined something and very often left in the match you will find that many people are interested in asking the same period over and over again in a row for example salespeople the state in all the memory developed 3 months later however the to say is an all American developed you do with this kind of thing that you can either do directly on to the gift optimizing here aggregate the values Loblaw block that we could see a basic that's through a cricket something event and the and broken the that and this is exactly what the presentation area of the island was a good the deep into the well come to and high availability of basically the debt that is in the presentation later and the day was in the warehouse house is the same kind of that it's only a different view 1 it it's a materialised reaggregate version of the dead in the warehouse that prepares for certain and that all of her and a cake but I do know is that there is a good way to prefer is online and ludicrous to repay ups on very important of some of the data mobs could be prefabricated reported that just whom taken by by use of the land and is basically something the extraction is something like happens in the modern world 3 T a database of detective we have this view layer of the external later the basic he said this is what the uses sees the uses not so much concerned with the way the uses definitely not concerned with the ritual of racial that is also the uses just wants a certain view on the order of the day that of she needs to all the data that he or she is allowed to see also security reasons apply here and there but that some Hopley optimized to make that the excess quicker and this 32 everything the use are interested in and in the presentation area up today to the You as a happy and everything for fine and that is basically what we are concerned with the and closest getting a good structure in our house and the fabricating the right presentations the right time for the use of the intensity of the standards that use to stress that the database of December part can be done in several way the Australian is to put in a database management system mammal Relational database management system in the middle of this has some of system will some of large scale system running their but the debt at the end of the day I'm not should be extracted from of them off the database can be the Relational though it can be multi-dimensional and now who has ever heard of a multi-dimensional that nobody and that is because this is not a commercial paper that such at the paradigm like relaischateaux that they saw object-oriented database economy act on 2 Relational come can match on 12 object based from its just a way of presenting the death in a multi-dimensional which will go into that in minute so wanted to take is that in the staging area usually have some relations that exist at Eden biassed Milan but he needs to of calculation so that should be strong machines strong mainframe crews are allowed and that is just for the cleaning processes just thought of preparing the data for the way it presentation area is certainly of preparing the dead unique agreed a should look different levels the wrong to say that on the day to day level he wanted on among the level he wanted on the fiscal year it depends where you try to do with it if you want to find out whether he should close down you shops and America over the weekend because the stop to much about being so the and you can save some City across you need a day to day level it doesn't it will not be idiot monthly ever just because the new about the weather over the weekend it is good for business all that focused on the other hand if you are interested in in knowledge Texas yet to pay in the fiscal year it doesn't matter how much sold on all non 1 day it even opted every somehow was the other days of the fiscal year different different structures and this is why in the presentation a area you definitely need something that multi-dimensional just at this Relational structure that a much damage to the system was a Relational Modiano Relational that they still had to Relational that of bomb and basically a database is a collection of product that all of finer said of the
A certain number of the most of what you need and you declared a some truth function in a way of replacing a OK this is like saying the income that you get by part of sales could be a valuable addition to the new kind of cricket that counts for some all averages full prices for the profile of the book of the where you do basically innovation not is I put relationships between entities the entity that you concerned with for example a few books that a book is to be planted but have title at the publisher might have category of joy and where do not is the relationship between the publisher and all the publisher that are all publisher of a publishing houses exist whether you sell some books from it or you don't might consider this a different entity and 42 in the relation Amalie the relationship between a before he relationship usually I'm and this Frankie references the publishers exist for whether certain trial of the book is existing and wanted to create a year and a publisher that publishers books above certain I'm in certain categories above the value of what for example is a typical fantasy book publisher where do basically is that the description Fondazione take the form key to some of the books but take the fond keys to some of the publisher and into the joint can be trying to get the information that is in the book said the public of the book at the table and then I know what publishers all provided and and in the fantasy of and that's easy on the eye and the West Lovejoy and as know from from the Asian was databases to British this to not amend the law to many of the book demonisation way should and that the interesting close so you probably should take it if you are interested and information systems as and that you just have to believe me in front of 1 of the most costly operation you can do interest because you have to stand through tables and tried to match the books in the book trade was or the publishers and the publisher of the monthly fundamentally can take that that top but you have to and from the more which is why that morning basically is used to describe as a table has the name of a woman in an attack is a role in the state and the broker has set a tribute of columns in the UK and solo titles that are the peak objects whoosh politics that are high in the table shed certain set of attributes a certain set of characteristics described the object of its like like a typical index Cup enough to put something on top and each index called all full for some entity of real-world and then I just put the values for certain characteristics into thinking when I do my Two-Dimensional that and the basic I'd you the same in the table that instead of now pudding where the data in a nominalised cash and none redundant fashion you prepattern daily redundant information that you might use later you for certain types of period from what says see the do is in the in the staging area linking the Battle of Britain that under quest to stress that somehow relation of the bases of the play out if you don't have the data and the monthly day for you that a new if the aggregate all that you look at the joint just pretty annoying but at the time comes you for basic in among them and the is you define demand and that the model for different from the last 4 different of the aggregation level of different agrees application of established at the time them and you can't data monthly that the dead hand everything between and let you go into the public humour or remember you you you are interested in details the deeper if the for that began was imaginative as tabula that like in the real official model Kent and the 10 billion debt and you have far example sales of the value and then they put the same Taibu but you into a week the scale and what you do is you group or the other tributes and aggregate over debt of falls in which the new to think table again and do it on a monthly basis of and this is basically the table that you have the right to different coloured time demand you don't you will 1st table Woodcrest bound for the 1st role the time dimension 2nd table Woodcrest and the 2nd row in the time that she could would cost of the road in time and then can be as many demanding I want to give called acute because it's not just Two-Dimensional tabled a mighty damaged
The basic idea behind and to get there in tuition about multidimensional data will Intel to and the with something about
Thank you so that they can example so that the new rules but the again but they understand the base multidimensionality With the current price Siegler Of entrepreneur the World Cup both manufacturers who wants to increase the size of cost in order to increase the says he must 1st see how he is where she is at Highbury his aides to him so he's interested in the said he wants to see this by a man those Corallo followed the and maybe over time sold which wants to see same for last year something right actually so that you can get the feeling that this is the sort of can be shown displayed something like so you have to look for and extra alike below for with many by mansions graphic presentations but with more interesting than the 1 that was Hepburn's under the law the sole even bigger classic relation of the diabetes which is part former then you could have a table for the corresponding the idées is firmly keys collars again other tabled ideas that links to the 2 of them went to the court of 14 he's and say it's a good to the about 14 in to join them together and you get such a table for a simple quick-witted 1 so not walking what that my says by and College you imagine that they would be have mentioned the about James in order to to reach the state just aggregated data respectively the says voted that can do so that discussed becomes become in identities and the they against a or came to interesting via made by mentions the and the Cup
Band have my says numbers For example the new events were sold 130 Miliband's in Seamico of black 120 and so on their high also have the aggregate debate which has been previously calculated doing it but also the low cost because the next step might indeed usually is OK and don't care at all about the more than and interesting interested in all the black so what I'm just interested in the movie vans and are sold in Britain and that the aggregated data wanted to search for be Voskoboeva over such it is not the immediate dimension of Structured with the the lemon juice and the say this is rusticos multi-dimensional database which is based despite the cost this was easy for a player mentions widely believed they have not by mentions ahead but then values we would seem the only to those tree-code 3 Tremeloes and then dimensions for I've had given during example for 3 their mansions and just and their a snow database this needs 1 thousand roles
Something like this he presented in with the new multi-dimensional but the mind you just used to treat them mansions and the corresponding fact information represented in
It It's take another example Around to search for and sit down social by US Open the I'm picture beautiful Load Germany on and interesting Could you could go back once life these yet by the it that became clear
It was a basic amount of data that he of to stop for the Swede Emmental the 10 each day But each single that a yet dulled Exactly the for each where you want of the dimensions has to be filled with Mike 3 and then it just depends on the number of love believes that you are a paid my database and and insolvent objects it will be 3 thousand What happens if you do it multi-dimensional Exactly to start will be agreed patients together with your original that Again that is a basic point well as late as said the saving the data is not really a problem the rebate houses will really have to concede that large hunters and so on so what trying to spend here is a cut creating 1 don't want to wait to much council quitting the seas while also and don't care about how much he has stalled during the was not when it comes to performance in the case of 4 of the 10 thousand files
At the other than the 1 thousand IMI to lead for today's of database all of these records now index exclusive that the close 1 was a of Iowa laying the index on the Dow including the accessory thing but this is not with see what what of what had once when when using mixes later So in the case of a lady databases eye would need to go through the the whole of about 1 thousand records in the worst case when the information is exactly game but also that they were in the case of the multi media multidimensionality databases ahead of how the additional each had this this their mansions side is need to save came at would be the 1st time mansions and the closest to the then they use which correspond to today's ban mentioned for the colours searching for back it's easy Icelandic in the by mentioned cause then I'd find the or below what they were killed by finite said that in the next and and then find the Iceland but in the time it took in the 1st case the blast and was then means that I am a few competitor people 100 feets rainy of a big improvement in themselves if you consider that even the every each case of worry a survey published this would part of world means more or 500 and 1 2 0 1 plus 1905 who where in the case of clubs are multidimensionality base is this is 18 the city's 1 price and divided by pulling the strings on the limit for the over time ferry 6 my by beating their mansions it still 18 cities which will be put before the end great improvement in this case where it clear even now legs so I'm just going to search for all the said downside don't care about the colour of don't care about the club and I will again be a snow databases need to search the whole 1 thousand records while in the case of a multi-dimensional databases I'd just slice the size of the deal which would response to the US and the it actually also human move to 19 and distant is invested in the SCF 2 sides estate hundreds of this will be found by going for just been recalled the type of cars them or so I'm each much faster the daytime interested in is the new speaks for the performance advantage that their multi media promoted by mention of databases have sold out on their own money to buy the invasion of database management systems for such a queries such is exactly what we used for what we need for the big about where houses and this is why my immediate multi-dimensional databases The Best Buy big money for a alone or these
For the stricken implemented either of radiation the called for multi dimension of has emerged Rossini's in the physical stories of this social comparison between the 2 of them system advantages and disadvantages of those who technologies was stuck with the presentation saw the use of data presentation maybe you can remember the worth of the company which resulted after the close the campaign from the lecture all of whom wanted tool to perform 0 0 koreagate politicians and they needed pool compared with his own this year would last year to the turn regions where bring something like this based on the recent of the above is something like this has to be the key when doing something like this would with mounted by mentioned databases ideas come out with a group this is much more important is the temperature writing with a review on the order of the day dislike and presented or so of these issues but in their last some issues with the in which which 1 can use 1 relations database or a very good example of this when idea blamed the cake released by 1 behind about the 5 chip this book is in fact for example bicycle poky creating the wanted was something like this and it will provide a completely is with the fine using all optimized Scalability screens in 9 from 0 0 1 of the of so that last this found that can probably about use some of function like for example stuff stop off but which are not for the fact that it's not found that in all over the region database systems for example my use is something like a 5 for the full Road and uses something like the greatest request 1st and goal numbers so it's tactically very tedious fast food was something like this in a spray of something like the same multidimensionality doubly is actually match adjusting the 1st reduced provided by the might of the mansion my today mention of the boundaries and other than the Tuesday was maintained by the need to pull the but from the start as the Asian between what the user once and that was the day that looks like by Mike Leigh's based on by mansions and packed ahead them stood and a multi-dimensional database of don't need because the joints and stuff like that another vantage I'd don't need those of indexes we change between might be diabetes which saw the performance but the saving again maintaining the index very costly against it might is caused by a résumé of their mentioned database of claims that the film is also a very important factor is I've said I'm are on the brink lost their my serve the database doomed icon loans to and 1 of the possible load of Hall quiddities which it would certainly need the user relations of the of the system and the iconic obligated on everything multidimensionality at the basis of the information regarding the aggregate to of the places where the additional databases should use the components like aggregate navigate the loss of some of the that would provide disinformation
Of greatest ludicrous to without automatically be Languages multidimensionality the basis for everything you have so great 1 of the place that is not the basis for and users that well not suited for everything is great if we have data which can be speeded include by mansions impact and so on but I have something like this way to have a name for some in the 19 man with have postbus spice to for of both information which actually doesn't need to be strong and the following the operation or such multi-dimensional just was time
So when I'm multi-dimensional databases procreate appropriate when we have highly 38 data said not like 19 per cent or so of the recommended for spacing their users you wanted a time they provide the authorities of Texas for that 96 tasks in classical examples flaws allows for something like these findings show that are not says the 14th team promotion taking useful the included that multi-dimensional model that this is a trade space storage space for all the time become excuse the about their housing curious as a very good idea of cost good or during the laws of the very good idea of the that relation that basis would not and is 1 and 2 were not a relation of the spotlight and particles come was a multi-dimensional at and and create brigade all kinds of things that exactly that is a basic problem updates and because of what happens if you have to do an update and the aggregate exactly the daily aggregate if I have to keep a new model when sunk think changes also aggregate might be changed the average of some work here to recapture the if the put into that they would fall into all update the the cost of calls a lot of time for the King trade off between the time the unique for building the multi-dimensional mobile in phase of update and the and the time that I need for carrying the a much damage from that is that the central like and allows us get away with it and Owais rely on a multi-dimensional model is exactly the basic point that if you remember the last week's that is that the benefit in a in that half the and the update slow that yes and large millions of dollars aid and and a Greek but it's not like an old Hickey systems where every 2nd of updates come in and that has changed and that was a key player in the history and that has not to be updated so going the extra mile recalculating all the aggregate Kumala sums is a good idea for plastic fearing a and and was made up of a city that cover fumble popular are could take form their houses are concerned with the team that you have the right the by particular saw was kind of like the layers of the cake and I'm not component comes where and genetic who has duty or where the surging area and the and the and the presentation it and then you can have independent demobs that extra the station area began dependent often operation a can of magical amaze effective way out of the targeted to go into them up in a minute and the lack of other cities that have been discussed the basic it comes down to this issue the genetic to rocket it you extract the debt but the extract that until the staging area into the dead half and understand how stupefied while the creosoting eating and basic including the curious about the post to the where and this is how you get the to T S Eliot who is basically you expect that every night told once a month or something like that he said reconsign inconsistencies where everyone to and in the next step into the non but loading operation 1 big operations with a group it although over that I need for for you damage and and if you do that and that is a sign that comes basically and 2 kinds it happens in the usually lined way get the data from the US and then do what kind of regulations that you that you need and declined the 0 was a popular and regulations over could Processing while the aggregation said on top of what is in the well of and suicide in that case we talk about inclined dense means I'd just over time of year client that is basically from tribal 1 of a more by device that is just used as the interface and should from the survey is the propel the result not the order of the wanted have been that excess treated at so for example are the people that are involved with customer care they take the laptop and of course shipping or a bed on the right to laptop overnight cost less bandwidth of law time and Computing or a complicated things on the laptop coleslaw of Runtime that results in a long queue time not what you would want in a customised action on way for half an hour year that are a result of was inclined to would just use it beauty in the face on the blind side to which the created to the the Solar computer everything and just ship the results of fine results for presentation to the clients that the US and is exactly the opposite of have climbed the fact finds very part of the rise and that the really delivers the at the start to world that it would be executed by the end of the texts that I do the aggregation over the things that you that you were put it is executed on the client and and that is not needed is just full of system the problem is that the communication between the 2 and decline is a heavy the and with computer assuming on the other hand since December is not load because it doesn't have to go to to Dorlick to ease the path of access to the service is much higher because just gets to create a what that is needed should adopt which can be done and the in the efficient fashion and then we get to the next request for something totally different from a case where the and 92 aggregated an ideal need to defend dry and that might need to do whatever and may be prepared for a full presentations that only excess lights out there are a lot of you want on the presentation and ship them out much more difficult for the trading here that find was sent and is Lexcen on the server and several note roses the band but that he would shipping pen depends on your application scenario would be a neat and went to bed an independent denim off for several independent that among a where you get to a through the air like a picture because he still had the staging area and that the extraction you have to start all the time how you feel part of the state in the area and from that day on the you make several snapshot the you don't have out 1 but that allows was and more but he for it a full during the year furious that specific the work on these different snapshot that can of course be distributed to different service is going to problems that this is a small don't have a single but that allow but more than a mild and the excesses of the clients can be paralysed pudding different demobs 2 different service followed your ways to that was the basic is advantage of that are pictures and redundancy yes someone and the book was also and the Big that good doing all pre aggregate who have lost just redundancy but you introduced the mould from the problems of the last round of some them up may have different dimensions different facts and a different agreed duration levels supposed to work with each other also exactly it might be that some presentations that some Rupert really needs to accept several of them up and then John Reid the results this something that you basically wanted to of the land during the Big Data where house you begin to use it to the back if you work with a new and that among the basically body do it is the beatific if we don't want you to know that I'm not because you might be joined the them high not dependent them off still saying he became staging area status as it off is but where do not wish loaded into the death of also 1 but that are not not part the staging and then a man but the part of the presentation area and from this you extract the them not that you need an eye you is that I do you don't work on the dam all see that the more information if they need to combine several that I'm not the kind of work directly on the and price where advantages disadvantage and and you will move was pretty obvious that exactly the computers and get it into the them up and then splitting the big them out of the big players and said that amounts takes some somewhat longer than you can handle the risk is that up that unreliable and specific that I'm not directly on the dead Amahl so can again distribute some of the work that all of the rest of us stood there are accused of involvement Adamov where we would have joined operations in the Independent that amounts and we can look directly on the enterprise with a and that I will be find the new that model and Load in phase that that the logic of the mountain to act as where house well I do you is that you put the status Stewart the staging area and the actual spread which and that I'm not creation into 1 or 2 textual component you that the data from the of racial Systems new real time into the but there were also you enter transformation later to the lower house that immediately after receiving the data transfers and which the transplanted into several denim and the dead are not by just logic views of the by the House of record of materialised use that can be used but not materialising them on different hopalong different part of the site where the keeping them logical views of the where you get very fresh data on 1 and and you don't have the ahead of shipping that 2 of them off the Europeans are welcome so was a very fresh data for example that if you stop Applications or something like that men's this basically is is is a must and on the other hand you have to understand that the staging class but were house that is a big big of this advantage of 1 of the main things that has to hand the everything and 1 big compiled on the other hand amazingly found that the act as part and that the directive part is that he notification where the something happens where something changes in the air and in the system you immediately extracted put it into the house of the and the and needed to use a presentation to and talk about their mouths all time so basically was a difference between that and the House of the Dead a mob was that and tuition about now everybody knows what the amount actually and anybody wants to raise the definition of the dead amount yet that set a subset of the land and that is specific to the application that these days against from aggregated for the application to run the education needs whether it be used their there was a certain geographical spread its pre paid for by and settled into the spread of the debt and then that is run centralised component of and then part system and in the West that it might mobs is decentralised and only applies to a certain applications and it just happens in all that occasion the poses she that allows may decide that this is good ideas getting amount for hire of the debt and the dead are not so that they would energy only Ostriker that up to date to the early aggregation levels in the diet and not you take only those aggregation never this the debt that is needed by the application of care and and their talking about my resolution in that there hours you the slide mobilisation of the dead in that I'm not a very high the nominalisation because you just the aggregate that the need you may even get the basic data on the stem and some on a possible on the staff of the dead are not created full some application for this type of the main of the intensive subjects that the model was concerned with a single central subject those concerned by the of occasion the those that also the might of the subjects such as but there will be extra exercises that I'm not just gets basically a Snapshot from the West and this year was as the main difference between the amount and the well really of of you are on the big that allows that is specific tell that to the needs of certain application and well extracting the them up costs time campaign that amount up to date cost time so the hours should have good reasons for making them that means puréed on that march behind the occasion that uses amount should be very of used for something akin that I'm and then that address to the high red-eyed detectors so for example necessary to rock attacked with a well basically the operation of the dead at a house it is the tale this was the and staging area and there was an independent them out that has been derive from basic well and the queues of only put on the amount and but online each the different to the difficult here period that can be handled by a wonder mob up and you to build a new them off to good across in all of joint of that Adam but would not persecuted consultant to react to the way this is the team that in the middle of this not touched by anyone distressed from the staging area has been cleaned and because we don't and that match is was to arrive at the home office of Wild Book of the Week on Saturday that can be exploited for instance and you could do it but based just 2 of the with that coming find out which saw that close to the base of the web and and create that a mob accordingly that you could never take for that and have a of knock rocketed basically that decide who need for water who get what so that also has to be a depend on the half way off work with a some than the other way rocketed just for example that around to lock attacked and that is rather theoretical types of basic the work directly on the hour the presentation to the faces were directly on the lead and then in the staging area that it is possible that the difficulty here is that everything from a single cell of the body and Williams fell complicated Cutie area trees and complex complexity of the working around so it is a challenge to say that he said is sometimes comes from a diet applications would Lewis inclined like at just want my might my BlackBerry on my mind my PalmPilot or you know what as this inclined and everything some the services of 1 of 2 in the staging of a well but the you will never see the practise unless he were Nokia and then there was the Antioch attacked the storey that she had let us as you go is very often dined with the so called X approaches so when every that as active components that creates more than mottled 3 8 more than the few might need several levels in the UK and the complexity of controlling all that that keeping the re and scene cheque of Glasgow's was a number of Labour MPs and their old probably of bad idea and then as a weapon of a stock attacked the interesting thing here is that you distribute the death with house and good rather than service-oriented so you fees are considered as part being on the bus services about it and load of central decentralised this has I'm you put the where it exists or where it is basically comes into existence of racial systems and then just to work with the services of the data on the other hand if you sees based on detectors I'm here to make sure that the services that work that really do what they supposed to do so was not supposed to excess some that this was not supposed of Tampa with some that they need to keep it out of the system in a way they system this is so far the biggest of flexibility basically within the lot of authentification you need lot of all 4 isation issues tool to find out to X he can do what was 1 of the big problems and and service-oriented occupant just that you will find nonetheless in the lot of companies that actually work fully the service-oriented these days and has been 1 of the prime examples of the even of the of the purpose of service orientation a evangelists which is really an official job title I'm who goes for the business and tries to find out where my services could be useful and were well worth some components that are still not yet service-oriented before to use the service or the basically the AUC attacked the that allows could have a Christie up their state the take chocolate and reacts but and and will go into the modeling issues set up over the weekend that the plan would cost about 5 sell that them and something this said said before ability to never off rather than and how do you do that just shot note on distributed around this time the basic point is that over the and the degree to which they have to do a lot of players needed and most companies read realise on a centralised that allows 1 big place without the data put together and I can do everything you want of and this is where the basic ideally basic version of the dead were a house in a different storey which houses distributed load top place run make where house where you can find everything and then we have to stand up production or you are with take from the same where house on Monday to accompany becomes cry globally distributed most companies today off as well as doing a centralised where house comes with their own problems or not and if you are replicate the health different geographic locations that you good thing because you are dissolved the safety of all if you have the power company here on the part of company in the New York or something that you've just copy that allows acute threat because of the way then whether your Grahamstown is no concern of Hughes because he still had he used in the big house and the company burned all there is another squiggle whatever in all that time I many people in the this city where they they are just waiting for the next because quake
The executive said Andrew for political skills Blinky again and that could destroy last after setting because 1 of the most appalled of strategic decisions a new company is that stalled in a way is the historic basically or should be the basis for all the decisions that he took and his decision supply systems can only work if they have good high quality that on the other hand can be reputation in cheque is a problem because the deal was OMX inconsistent that in the different where can happen by some mistakes that people because some update stalled 1 day the operas in 1 of the their way out those were probably of something and they inconsistencies albeit at an anti American branch tells you where we saw tension and you can do that without the said that no you didn't extra made that difficult to do all these things that is a good of this type of Distributed where houses and land was talking about was the geographically distributed at a well so I basically local instances of below but where he could have technologically distributed where houses the there are lamb several service that different part of the wealth that especially if you have time independent that amounts is a wonderful thing to have a fan of because different service could so different parts of the of the business so that might be 1 so full accountants weight to only accounting stuff and all the while basically of the dead or a poll of all the and take a series that you might need the might be run for the seat of people with their at their decision from officials at the time is all what they should to push in promotions all kinds of stuff and of course as you will need some of the dead amount of 4 of the management that somehow a complete all the dead and show a different view and then you have the into a independently of having distributed data with this the most tricky part of and Distributed that allows well over them off are left to the devices started a mock Bazzaz basically depending on some some some big that was all the expected poses sometimes directly on the expected because I'm but the and the development of the them all becomes will away on for seeable Celtic the unconfirmed world of what you need every day amount that need something that will take it from the basic transactions are from the basic operation the and the rules on top of it might be a little bit difficult because you again replicating lighting up over the area as geographically distributed of his said most of the preparations nowadays are big corporations out the spent all the way they have global as a and the information is there with new locally and field surround if you have a head headquarters was in Germany the top management sit in Germany but as to allow the American Branch and under you pay a branch in the for Africa broncho load of and you put all that together and of course they don't want to see the Americans that they will just focus on the debt that they need and Distributed at 2 hours and that was makes sense and that is an area of about when most of the processing really stays on the local level if you really have executive the only concern was that to American sales not really depending on the European market where should you put over the European debt into a house in America that makes sense that could run into the back of some of the for the American that may be New York based on 1 for European the Navy Frankfurt-based and the previous that come from the European Braunschweig erupted a European without all the period from the American Braunfels will be Rotich to the new where house that kind interesting and that sometimes you have to aggregate so you can offer is the site of a reputation for ready distributing the that really dividing up that reputation very good in terms of these after recovering replication very good in fact management that need all the death
So if you have large a decision involving also the other markets then you might need to step up to the disadvantage of the dead were in and out of it technically distributed where is the for example that you have a you where has about the idea and Asia where the decided because they are so very good roads and the about 2 hours may be made to between idea to other and the that is said 1 blow with the house and different snapshot about all the different sides of what you can and locally you should before the things you can decide which to and stick to certain to certain technologically technological decisions that you have if you Asian Brahms use side based on the data is shipped like the technologies so they can communicate with almost
I'm the technologically be distributed data without I'm is basically introduced by by the vendors sold out many have of distribute databases on we of lectures interest and the advantage is that the distribution is part of the database management as they don't have to care about what you replicate the donor where the created such because that is part of the day of the base management system time and it to which she comes at no cost for it even the basic and a price version of the beach or different note bacon placed it that way and that I'm that it difficult to work with if the gets to big because for upscale solutions of plastic or that based systems and of break down and most of the companies that are concerned with real but that like for example global was the and of with the sales of the word was out that kind of database management system that this really indicating to the needs
The parent in this technologically distributed that the house is that the bigger Wells gets the medal this replication feature take in terms of communication from the Federal replicate that that comes from operational assisted and after replicated into different patients and their with different Prodi technologically distributed that for the communication cost increases for example to consider that we are in the words that have the death of the last 4 years we could excess that the on each of them out of them would have to drop in and roads the individual that we could take the before views and footage replicated on so that they could answer that reduce directly just dressing 1 on the other hand who would need much more storing spaces and we will need the reputations which is the time consuming and lack of communication because you Dubai loading by floating over the book is a very bad idea but the service is kind of difficult if you will but the mammoth from with the arrival of than the specified database distribution and the 1st case in terms of distribution this within the independently of having distributed that allows and that the problem was that there happened very off because of the high 0 organisation built this accounting weekend production the for the production have the marketing of the answer is no usually in a perfect world there we would be 1 big team you not like and really really doing what they can for each other 2 0 use all strategies that are possible between different to pop man's the reality is that this is simply not happening rocketing couldn't care less what direction does as long as something is good for them they will do it production of accounting does as long as they get away with it were they will do well wanted and I'm now that is basically a higher these independently wailing where houses originated because some people are just thinking about eyebrows might be a good idea and other money was the highest that would cover might production and thought introduced 1 and either side of the right by the riot scheme of them I don't care what scheme are might be helpful for off department because I'm going for it again at the end of the world with an which production may be the 1st that the sun financial departments come into the game and to the same and now we have different scheme the point of the idea that Wales gone having this integrated scheme adding having that they could be to the good side of you whom on all your operational that all all your company that and the fact to get integrating independently of all where house is a very big problem and integration and we will talk about that later when we do the tale of this because of the system in terms of how to integrate data from different sizes and how to use the data to over differently evolving where houses the something like that happens and the company and you are the better housing UK attacked all the analyst do everything you can to get to 1 of the other solutions for distributing that away houses and the land of its distributed that is basically a good deal of some old geopathic Distributed but not independently of all the UK and the US and that his son was abandoned pipes and go into the next the to to see a little bit of all time rather than the network databases could so we finished with pictures and we come to the new came after they had become more than a 3rd of the new indignities practically creating the data more land lazing very quiet mental for business processes of cost this is also cause will called database design this is called databases only because into to intuitively we says the data in a database talking about those some basic singer the data more linked what is important is that they are models provide the definition and for Michael following the of cost base can beat the specific for an area of interest just imagine of the gate and the price is just spoke about the Belmont in department and so on and you have accounting again and Mike if you want will perform it undoubtedly now got the woolly got lost says really got the client is just denied the don't I care where the client leaves still what kind of book you count as he had for what kind of interest has if on the other side we consider my getting the every well interested in what she by his what he can buy what come where he was what kind of creation she does load we have read the cost them if you can go conceded the enterprise daytime what you have to say that also described the Tory views over data and more than to get on the other side of the Rosario we also can now performed the subject area data model which it is and only the 3rd data on 1 of these new Prince point of used to the jewel development left side firms everything starts with the requirement on August seen classical soft development
Then you have the function of a quiet events which we would be nice if you this is the programme development of the don't of soft originating soil and go into this part of the day but after performing requirement on says they by has pulled out of this has to be found in this is out in the developing the 1st night of respectively on Sept pulled out of the city that only the abstract information about my my business process is what kind of game the fees the Speaker ball blind clients blind says what they might be interested in after another game on Sept designed the political design comes in place if the conceptual design is very up the cost of medical designed makes the about road it on makes this abstract view the database management system which led using for this afternoon on the line soft so if this 1 is independent of the soft this 1 makes the transition after which had been go about what they thought neurological level we can go to the physical design which not only example or simulation variation of the database management system where using but also behind This is where all the physical design good so as Bodega mentioned the concept of the law is high ever does not containing the implementation of the ban and the independent of however and soft it describes the data in the fees which are being where which are needed for the business processes and the company variations between the in the and constraints into song metallurgical designed were adept at The Independent conceptual now for the database management soft that makes basic transition the physical designed is worth describes how on the day that a section instead exemplify have lawyers relation of a baby's management system I'm based I'm interested in the fate was spaces in the big cities in how access but before it viable multi-dimensional database which is physicalist board and I'm discussing about the raid Maddox's and cancel everything is the founder of causal saw database management system
Now going from a faced with next about we must 1st or good the out of the prosaic with 3 Rosi's 42 face these means that going from the perception of this I'm the Boudicca these on high must have been used a conceptual design the way have problems with the new ball to come from the same grows also for but eco design sold finished 1st conceptual design and then give it a simple political views and for 1 of costliest this phases of also accompanied by a few days for the fictional Penrose and so on Iowa business Post which is not to by the conception of design and the inquiry in the US this month occasion the bodies Luigi physical design the concept of and is the highest level and that is where are the scene it is group of ideas as said very it naturally clusters the information which is due out this throughout the abilities of those they must be read very of onto vulgarization so everything stunts with the Wymondham of this on the basis for says it describes the major relationships between the subject we have selected and the point is that it's a moment of the day or night romantic information new can open 1 0 on Sept some of the in no relation of the business 1 lecture which is actually a part of the picture of the passage of the bill contains these 1 example would be a card account for about clients and 1 but in the for example is an hour do before cut and relationships between entities example percent owned Scott Roma complaints model in the world can be seen in this example when the flow of before you want to describe both all management of the lecturers woman University and we would have a lecturer in the team
His those also has an engaging students for press office cost of studying we have had to be based in the for example of the way and the other selectors take place they of the week room semester song was student has a decision on 1 name and then we have relations between these entities For example students at the lecturers and those also studied and so this is the to the point where you don't have followed the case database many of the database 1 picture for the ones that are not acquainted with the addition to the grounds is because of the nature of the lights are on the Web 1 all rates with a and other possibilities for a long described the conceptual model is the only 5 more than England which and though that usually described the full cost announced they pick becomes across those of you pull used tool Programming job loss he was last in described classes all take on understand is that when they sold an entity becomes a cost you then of course have reacted but it's also a very good team and then have relationships which had become a associations of cost you have special also officials leg generalisation composition aggregation's which seemed example before it as last lectures and and they used
1 special now than Dakota more than about makes the connexion between the US and on Sept level and the database management system for the regional database management system and this is the case of both tables which described pulled up attributes the points
And there was a points of cost dating 3 to units a database management systems of regarding the physical model has previously mention of the slow way 1st full height of the is for example on the House behind it comprises data types indexing Chen's about access fights and by the time it was a very just the previous here in each of how this would look like a in Niemeyer's could database we need to see the data description could now that they've seen how this can be classical Ugandan a loan creation of databases Lady what happens with the downloading Bendigo where houses
That has seen the basic steps of how do you define where you need what identity of interest was the basic relationship between of the entities of interest is exactly the same in the dark hours of that it is in relation to the case but the problem was that the house was is that the environment but the environment is rather complex so that along a single relationship OK a person on the call something but this is different aggregation levels hominy bucolic does a personal how do you deal with that as long as the major problems of database I'm that there will be a relationship that exist may change over time with the whole of historical that of of the dead in a relationship that used to be the 5 use a goal may not all be present or not been needed any longer and that the company sodium rabble kind of evil residences including the sauce or not really present and mainly a show that there is something that is new and that needs to be addressed in the where houses and that is land part demanding that more complex than part is that the modeling in with a lot of steps because of how do you deal with a novel database what the basically decide for some rallies this is my entity it the customer and the customer and the cost of this to entities and relationship between them the where house you get the data from some operation on the basis that after a certain scheme that has a structure and you have to respect that structure Islamic state can on run and not let the and on the other hand you need a different information the information that is needed for this is a point that could get data from the operational data bassist into the film into the scheme of the wanted to be a new where house which again refers to the extraction translation loading steps that has to be maintained that has to be worked out and set of cross to end the user on the presentation side of the dead to understand what the is about how the does organised so that there are fewer than a house that has to be some explanatorily for me in a state blamed users all application designers at least hydrostatic can be used and that the semantics of that really is the limited severe to do it is you want to know the business here and of course when you have this this really does all with a certain paradigm was a sudden vision that it company and compulsive something that the company's interested and of course the that is needed for this decisions prop should or focus on the use machines on these ideas that he and basically on the business model of sent off at Old because the most decisions that you have the Welsummer strategic decisions that you need for a company are concerned with the winning moment retaining more customers producing more about getting more money for the company for the good of the agreed that is at the heart of it so you need to identify the questioned the entities that you are interested and did I to define the purpose and the subject of the day away but the was accompanied is a service company which should be at the scent of a company which I adenomata focus on the to provide services from this problem the cost much the world and should because he's a service users and the mental comfortable customers was those offered the Betty business case if you're production company you producing some good the customer may not be too interested that should be a market for a good show but who exactly by the abrupt probably couldn't care less so the customers not the central part of what this is the kind of place that you have to the dress when I think about the group of about among the public that they have the subject that in the 2 consider the said parts of the customers who brought part of the Jews who stood the products of that she said where has sold when where that told how many were sold only his questioned for me a rise and maybe in cheeky away as you had entities a new release on the days when the concept that model of good did anything so the concept should design and houses the simple and the relationship or you amount techniques are not employ appropriate because
You want to lead this multi-dimensional then and was IOC or you M L Hewitt the modelling data and the lowest level on the leaves the agreed edition of and then that as a good gated than the Strand planted Ibla but may be vital information for you companies can be expressed in the US but than is a basic idea and the island has been built to remove redundancies and to get down to individual record that is something we do not want and it allows you to embrace redundancy because it makes off and that is as quick as well as country will as long as over this reconsign we don't care about Stellar that means sales of today's sales of yesterday for the picture same thing and and this is why it was that the city was the conceptually zine in databases optimized online transaction-processing begins Procrit update 1 of them in the case of the houses have to be the processes have to consider that utilize useful different stages of a cricket have to consider how to get is related in different stages of applications may be further tax income only the you need and it is interesting how can that be reflected in the mobile may be from the sale of some of promotion did I want to do for some surprise only certain geographical regions interesting to promoting fridges and optical will probably not be want your concerns you promoting heating systems and I'd take taken might be quite interesting but it for the long but Mockett but still that interest so less this and the difficulty of that you that you have to to deal with this and the way he blew in contention model for that warehouses you focus on the fact measures that engines and hire robs artefacts the facts are the basic entities that you interested in the example of the city of that could be a very good track the customer satisfaction the of figure affect it is that you are interested you need for a strategic decision is the and of course if you have affected the savers ISA that to see how the mesh at this level measures come and this at a tribute that described the fact that it was not interesting event on are much Ohio much thought she that led to the birth of sales from the dead tributes that depend on the state of the UK and on the facts and that make up the facts of the French measures describing the fact he might have no information on the something so this is a part in time this is a date of the state is not only a allegedly loans to some which would to some period of fiscal year whatever it is that this information is code mentioned it a well basically a and you access the largest different agreed ations different closeness or focusing on the special day and then the high come into the game but if you have a dime engine you can have a hierarchy have information soft or the daily that could be aggregated to the the weekly data the weekly that could be aggregated to use dead in any of 3 3 times kind of the same day it is not for use less than a month are made up of 12 month and each month the made up of about 30 days
I'm sorry for what you do when you have to conceptually designed that allows you use among the mental entity relationship that I'm not imagine your mouse who would have guessed that he needs to put this month many information into directly into model found that some of them as the damage affect mark the topic approach to the way that we will not discuss because of means that different different times that of getting and I'm well of and in any case some of the major integration is an intuitive representations of the data with the mud into information so that you can pick the distant agreed a should step the you need for getting good information quality and cost success the information service multi-dimensional rather than transport but that is available in that allows but they can be used for analysis or a poetic easy in prey equity cash that and and expenditure component already that shows you how to work and that is against the law and we are not so well usually have the basic entities and the relationship between things that you have the possibility to specify or multi-dimensional semantics was that and was a hierarchy that given by the time of the census is specialisation of the IOC knows you basically use or the API off part of the Ogilvy off Paul if the entities in small boxes you have the up up at tributes and that was over a and then you have relationships between the time and the with the news that the basic city's taking the least agreed geisha step into account at the moment he I more which would find but then you have to find some dish and mentioned to express multidimensionality and of course that should be rather than the number of attributes City at and that makes it easy to understand and and that the biggest problem how to get the multi-dimensional semantics into the game basically straining construct the 1st round is the fact that what the fact that is the entity that you are interested and as opposed to the books that entities are made us in the eye where you basically do it as a little kid and to show the multi-dimensional idea behind and each fact is described as a tribute to some characteristics and the news that special classification edge looks like this tells you watch classification level you off to Egypt to characteristics could be connected to sometime engine that she was certain classification level of the number of justification level allows you to take Woodgate that or to excess create brigade shot example that could in which we have a member relationally all model from the stand and the storey is in the city to entities entity real-world existing and the city is a entity existing into entity that that the relationship between them is in the city up and and probably that describe cities by some characteristics and reviewed the city as a name citius in some district so of for example a male and Francisco Kanafani or something like that would be a perfect description for some City and eastern said some up to go so we have a lot relationship year to the end entity optical may be at the top of relationship so you also recalled the date that something was sold on and off the coast pectins package and then sent off for an off to go beyond to assert that through and that can only be expressed by basic he on what was a difficult enough if something about 2 with something is settled and on major concern is probably the optical the productive in question that to get to where and how to get this settled which 1 joint to giants to get to the information and aggregation and their lead provides the worst in the less can find out where the city is a new but with the information about the units can be captured the model so that we can move is we can say Well run interested in the fact is that will concerned with whether there are many obstacles also what price and these are the characteristics these are like a tribute of the City of her for example 1 of the characteristics ahead and the action that was the date of a taken of the West of the team not to go settled on a certain date and Transplant that information because of the defining characteristics into my multi-dimensional model says a certain says some so that happens on a certain day for some so that in a certain style of Kent and that is by no the edges and the with the novelty of the shootings at the time that should be there is a high risk of a group geisha behind the basic information so some is not only a product is served in a spread that some data the the same information that are happy in the relation model that the spread of the rise in the city and the city rise in the certain district and the district licensed regions and the region rise in this country the this the diamond geography Aga and not all of them have to of the joints to the crease on board were sold in the United States but at half the level of aggregation and pre computer when and how refer to some say you want to know what the hell it was quite a well worked so well for so that she in in terms of country again directly get this value from a multi-dimensional not apply the same was time same that with a product that can be put into product groups opera family and crack category and and seen as a strong hierarchically for a do it has to be drawn to some year this it has to belong to some country of some distance and that they could offer is also be automotive of some of the day to a week and the last 2 months but the of identity to any specifications whether a week beyond to assert month for for example that no just of alternative in my multi-dimensional more and this is due this week main types of information that a conveying the facts not the characteristics than to described the fact and the hierarchy of information that these characters takes are made of which is basically a set tailfin and include he said this works Invensys why this is a very much of a bit of explaining quality
The basic idea is that this model like direct the see Welch that what characteristics not actually pretty computed so can be directly except without being any joins without doing any complex operation which is basically because the and the hierarchy and eye concede that other basic ideas behind sales from my company went throughout considered and the Baltic location type of optical the type of and time for example price has not been specified not compiled for much as of it would be important should be in the mouth somewhere like and the and the relationship case if I'm not world from private like model the price as a tribute or not my decision have to work with the model of the lives the model and order different applications such can only relied on why do more it and and that the city was that the fact not and the Jews and have a product that you practical area and time than any zooms upgraded to are represented through basic classification levels of some of the snow level by like like the product of self economic by part of the product for the plan to step up something in my mind after at a higher level is now does not like to talk about their part of the scene and was not allowed to talk about the idea that they are on sale for stop talking just talks about the day to stop the ball just talk about the optical not responsible for the and that could be because it is possible classification there arrested something assisted has been done in a week of something of the of the level and that the connexion between the 2 this left unless you was and he relationship modeling right now inexactitude dined with your mouth so that all of these multi-dimensional their ideas to a 2 to ex pound exam at so you can can actually use it
And the basic the there are some remain specific issues that can be used for building multi-dimensional models the longest Dupuy types but can build new elements from existing elements which is kind of the idea of a full fragmentation detect the which on new properties and the constraints Wigan at me with semantics point on top of all what would you say I'm going into the stereotype city of my to them and William Hugh Grant special semantics some construction without actually modifying the origin of construction I'm them basically a couple of representations of the stereotype of basically that the item and then you can be up to book about the basic fact which has called the declaration on a flight and annotations but then you can't talk about that you talk about the fact was labelled and of course it could be that could be filled with a different types of representation for the character attacked about you you can't just say that have attack that describes the values about and the sudden death of the early work of the attack is the value the 1 possibility the of use Europe prizegiving by some pride that you could talk about some family witches which computer that value which is used by group geisha if to do so for that you have something that after Preecha gates commonly used were sent in certain tiny and making that he this aggregation can be specified in multi-dimensional that explains how the and different education novels come in to be the answer if you go into the euro man you have for example that I'm engine sold products from which were 1st to protect it will live up into the product Group the into the product pedigree and was basically the idea of having the hierarchy across the idea of the geography of of the old city regions and and then the land with an order to do away from the product into land and so on a pitch that it is simply that table here the dam engines are you can't just different way showing the you takes that getting used to but it you do it it that way but it's really a simple and the self explanatory from well seeing what it that allows about what the basic items of your concerned that on Tuesday it will today considering start structure and need an extension from that is present in relation of to the case by the numbers that this is whether they are mapped to release or whether the current state law that files saw what not not match the multi-dimensional structure of the debt of the much damage database paradigm is before the Apotex's their basically want rocketed of the rather theoretical that value them from those Austin and promoted in into but literature for example England with talks about Austin talk about 1 UK pictures of the dead and the other theoretical usually have Antioch attacked on you going crazy said that to that the most popular up to 150 or could take just off depending on whether you have independent that I'm off the and then the weapons are take which leads to a reduction of costs because because it can should that different and you can't keep up technologically I'm advance solutions that are managed by the based management system that you could use a headed genius and vitamins depending on the area where at about where house built uses specific where up landscape ordered the do on the other hand was a stock attaches to get security real issues a you will have to think about authentification you will have to a lot of for that excessive and that's a good idea maybe to go into whether they stop addicted because service-oriented up processes are less popular not and and most companies so this section adequate idea to for and usually at the Bahamas will with large and wants a company is not really about the euro you fall Nextel Coppinger for what it is but rather company and the International lagoonal Ibn ball them some banks and then the that allows becomes around and to be to be kept locally on the other hand is too dangerous to keep it low key because he could use the and and you need a certain amount of trepidation so early duty distributed geographically and usually you don't want to care about the exact way of distribution so what you do is you let the database of take care of them and he was distributed that are based management system that and the and conceptual modelling of with seemed is a close to the end he relationship mulling Altium modeling that you come to use your regional Relational and relationship the relationally because you have to add a hierarchy the additional values to stretch the different the addition of the levels of a gradation that you stop and to you that you have to go out and to allow the fact that the basic entities you concerned that compost somehow all the characteristics that I've been mesh sometime mentions this 's something different a profit methods are much damage and relationship biography of 12 the Ovila that much damage your all 6 is can be taken reasons and and any kind of book about the way housing holiday to it basically just not patient but the basic concept of has got to be a big at the different levels of equitation the different in the facts and the characteristics described the questions from the message that he had and the next to go the deeper into the logical moment until physical model that means how to actually be that of a warehouse if you're in a position at some point to designed and built the where House of the Dead these skills that might come in useful for understandable questioned which doesn't seem to be the case thinking for the attention