Automating Your Browser and Desktop Apps

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Automating Your Browser and Desktop Apps
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This talk is an introduction to using the Requests, Beautiful Soup, Selenium, and PyAutoGUI modules in order to automatically grab data from the web or interact with desktop applications. Attendees will learn: How to download files and pages from the web How to use CSS selectors to find content in a web page How to control a web browser from Python using Selenium How to programmatically control the keyboard and mouse
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1st and so that you can think of a lot of controversial things in the program at the time of that the where the tension in the and the program so that's the quantity of programs that really belong to all the words of
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of DNA that is in field of a lot of people of we work on the computer will be doing work on it all of the confluence of the light I think you know him you know about 10 minutes to 4 people were trained on the net and then on the training program that build on the web site of the world that that that you can still have some of the people who can require of all knowledge about networking protocols and immediately you can say whatever of the evolution of the last year of
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longer and longer trousers there over the fall of get on the test the way that you don't want to tell you know when you component some of the as it would produce running all touches on page the at all that's the thing rates and you can see the itself of the installed in the the validity of the the count for the love of companies to department was using in the office while of the complicated and it's actually the that's what the do in the form of the creation of this half-a-dozen things that you know and all of this applies the network so we is know that of always attacks it along the way and it will work on a lot of people aspire oxygen and this will actually launch in the fall of all on of you you hear thing that is rather of the components in the central site in the new CSS selectors to find you know only 1 that was the only thing we were check parts in the middle and the out of the use of the method and present the it and you know what we want so that we got the hand of those that goal of the cell and in trip so I'm going to do something that is incredibly ill-advised and that is a lot them in national having out powerpoint
and I don't anything can go wrong in the light of day
so also is all the folders fully of flames of insight in the same time so it and with models of new important driver of overseas units of meaning that you know is that you actually have to do this exact same the syntax United States from leaving what are you can have important Australia and like that but you little thing that's the kind of thing that you're that this with a and be that so where works out where the progress of where something else you can use of globalization but this will actually go and launched by the OS you here on things on this side and so I get that is to say it was a kind of appointment books of 1 so the points of the column AC now in progress full and so rather from a threat so this is the In a website and you know the sign of body test you ought to go through and figure out what the 2nd question put on of where that finite so it was just a that here going to have to get an element of the conditional on the the next 2 years for the whole the law but they find elements on the distance so that the when when they were hanging out words using their names this method was part of a line of that yes think of all of the above works of entities and in the CSS so you use this image would you use in the U S 2 of but any of its most of letters and literary expression for each you know it allows you to specify some particular part of that you know that that went on and you could learn all the things like that the radius of we cheat on using the rather than than that for you and put them in Dutch so it's like that of replication and so is that a little of the browser tool every modern browser and some form of developer tools this is the consistent with the world of area so in C at of polymer notes on the selected for this particular summary that select probably needs selected so in various browsers Monday copies CSS selected conciousness have something over others have something like this something that based in this lecture is really particularly match this 1 can uniquely but you can also work general workers to match several different elements so there is this is solid objects and and we want so we need to click the and
easy see now we're going on the introduction part right there that's pretty handy I
finally my years later is the method that you use about 80 per cent of the time was also find elements all so the 1st line just the active set of nodes in the returned with all the little final by the link text finally my he would find only by the use so there and then there was the was heavily object can put on things they also said he would be so this element for text field you can take something in we just put on a general loss to the other so they have a lot of
that going on and on and on what you
want someone test for inference into
search field of copies of DNA
yeah the at this search elements and yes the CSS selectors the mass of huge over time the in this and and these are all this services for the so the let's face it yeah and this is
this is really have a newline character in the 1st century we find that the a the but the thing is that I will be to review have the elements form some elements inside the nation or you know that consists of the action just so the on any on that the search and
natural the WordPress search results from that so so you need to like that a photo of the features
prominently in the image manipulation chapters for of all the descendants of the parents house in along with that and the use of of this is of that so and this fine or you the more you learned you represent a single letters of a string with the Western press the PageDown 1 on the on the on button of in the and
actually security Slovene has a constant that you can use for this is that he's he's down again arrow keys are home they're all these like this 1
model which has been unfortunately because going on with the measure the from selenium dealt with driver I don't know whether that's coming he
he's with a cavalcade that was right so that is an animal cheating GG site then that he's that contains all the names of special people care about and so
and yet his his name and when they are and this is then going the fact that that this is what we don't have a name by selecting the the of the keys are inside the 2 that you right and eventually can select the next year and this is all about and this that you could have been tainted forms that's basically what was is that all Europe on me it's a lot to do with how we can also known to interact with other things inside the browser but you can also for some you probably never get used to it would be that for the 1st I didn't so once you have gone through enacted through your whether you want to check to make sure it's actually displaying the correct things so in the text that's all page from the last thing that element of the environment and look at the fact that it's a it's text which is a reasonable basis for reconciliation of paragraph and where in at that text and as a of the entire continent that page the residential and and if you want to get a particular X you from that elements the link element in 1 each point of the interval of its each row and you know the transferring with the constant has to go so all that you think you would get attitudes or OK so that's not the case in that there is no way to get a list of all the things that have around the power of HTML at mean of the wheel that is a return the entire HTML tags all the content a need is used for expressions from on the way so that the selenium units own but that's basically so yeah that's the thing that is surprisingly simple tools is not a lot of use just the following around getting islands objects using CSS selectors going on being and using synergies times and then reading with taxes is but it's that's great so the nation of graphical user interface formation that sounds really complicated also the just means to control the mouse keyboard from from the approximately so that constant that move the mouse on itself of those for this undercover cover the height of the modeling which you can install it sort of works on right onto and we don't like Windows Linux and Mac and has the same so late in 2002 on line on the outside or so of in attacks slightly cover of all various functions on the length of this so all but yes so that the full text you something more fun but
possibly people might face of the gene to the audience and most of them so what I was doing the 1st function position of the mouse cursor is on this thing so this right here just as a symbol act like water it is the same it's like on its that are commonly used in programming where the origin 0 0 and of course the screen x increases from the right and why increase going down George minus the full size the resolutions think of science and the truth that really doesn't really work on multimodal setups of were slides here is under fire like the program and they say well we have so so the and cause of the most example where that's the sum of this over this file and you bring here and probably New Member of the Order of the just as they are acts as a personal master rate the same with the euro you know I'm writing some service and the testimony desktop at Sony vise figure out where exactly this in the so called decision in the sixties and I'll discuss those supporters of the function out my retired FIL on there put so that and and just have also those audits as well we moved to I was in the females that that but he also just 1 minute using what human does and does have a problem with a specified duration he work was a we will go there in order to set certain here about the funding and all of you just adjustment screen on the full of what was that like this theory and they say you don't really care about moving to some absolute warranties 1 whose some relatives in the 200 pixels right where it is there and those the moons of some of the things so that 1 can have like you this sort of thing I all the places but yet and it allows the mouse but also use of directly with background of which do the testing of down and you're going to out going on in test and terms of of in
all station so what displayed observations of the plant what exactly you have to click on your program is a function of his little tool to figure out where exactly masses and it also gives you the RGB color value of whatever pixels and have been over what they're the only with bring more bring the issues of and think that
that's true and he so also
reasonable to me you there is a favorite the
the yeah In the light of the chance for everything to go over the long hello world I all right so this will send a brutal keypresses wherever of whatever text you know when you can has focused so that whole nature clicks on this of course readings of the mouse over this order and around at the end of the of course you don't want the instances in the past interval during this process that part of this was in between each he and OK so 1 here for a lot of information on events and just slowly time in history so the only thing that the of you know I think this is a this is paper and is 1 of single key is
pretty obvious names for them on the page out dissent pressed age on all those users that material he worked useless what but there are also lower
case and the square of the number of persons in this list and
that is when you have the conditions in the Arctic and the key press down the pressed on things dissimilar but just to and he
worked on it and take control
of the dialog and they cut the control and so here I will focus of on the center of the completely messed up the you all right that these 2 areas of ordinal and 1 of the things you think he did we in the double-digits OK so they can like completely did not do that and we did not follow from the so the that's
what it was like I don't want to get into buildings and so on so let's do another light and you have the wrong the
closes and opens the best thing
that ever come from Microsoft and things and this program but that will draw out a little squares
spiral shape of the features used
those drag relative recognizing the descended from around you to draw out in square spirals we show that the evaluation in this analysis the here and you want to write so know this is how the and of all in this is that the president because the influence of all people in this problem and we were all these units were inspired 1 of the little form males to control all the programs that the use of all of these things many many of the things that the this is the all of the the of that so now using genetic sexing program in In this from this and I you know where I wrote it looks a little bit and steering wheel producing something and that is in those would be a non-trivial task so sometimes you can actually start writing programs that control other programs which of course is over a lot
of things of you have a and all of that of that warning so there's is this movie Fantasia and see if there's any analysis is source of a disease
that has to fill this that's watering cans of room to work in the room is among the carrying out this task in the filter what it does into the of she's doing that is 1 of the subsets of flowing and the wizard can stop it from so when you're writing programs that handful of house he wore it and it's hard to move the mouse over to stop the program that something is going for the head of the that have visual states of
the so what is it and we can just went out of the top of order and the text in any kind of we call it it's other etc. 0 because we use the same except that it starts to it and also after single call it has a 10 the 2nd pause at the end of this month in hebrew was light on the genes of 1 I don't recommend it but there's a lot of time just when the amount of fuel and stuff so
was later on in that show
again so the enlightenment of who we are a nation that takes we for mouse from of a program that has a lot what we parts of the thing neuroticism and so of of the last finally we will hopefully it's sum of 1 your own and what is a whole battery of my life and I so this is the only 1 reason is that in the OK OK yes so animals there mn ECOC exceptions and so that what they and also to keep the program is that something that you have to keep in mind when writing on it as the 1st few times you moment Automated Test among the they just make sure you know not wanting to have the
so what is so we can control asking for the work but it's kind of doing this line that you have a lot of well arm in a car batteries so if you're going to go here and repeat that over there is essentially no there's a car in front of it it is available you will hear what you're the saying thing with your plan the script is just click here but here here from that but that actually tell you what it going on so I would also have a view of the entire mission capabilities of they mostly rely on filters and the dependencies without your own also to solve the structure of the screenshots so the first one is reducible just pixel traffic light on its coverage of the color of what they call a an explicit that the 2 or so years that is but not increase the book and checks the unit is actually very that's a nice view of things done in way of of saying I think that not just the the jobs is just the log of the program is doing what the screen looks like at any given moment in program the main thing that is really nice is below on-screen part so that the image of something you want to put on users past that look screen and turn it on its 4 where and so if you get another modem demo wants Microsoft other theories application calculator and by I have a screenshot of a
set of keys so this is just the sum of the file and others have at all trade finance and so far
in the look on the and that image files the because the the so that you think you should know about this on the 1 hand it's that's what it takes a full seconds to actually find efficiently so on screen and there's somewhere the without the need of a little bit you can it for for real time yes and the union like the stream that some urination explains that the that and also this has to be exact pixel perfect match of the in the past so like that said and he just even slightly overlap there that a lot of most of the same so yeah is like slightly current it's not on in the reverse come on yes so this is just a tool for it's just the top and left is the it's like 1 of the top corner the weight and the height of the but so the overall 1 use is looking center on-screen this return the center it's like portraits of that the case into the ground of so the so this is then you can just pass it to find going that and despite the x and y coordinates with they think that it is a little uncertainty know about this node is constant so this is the 1st year of automation of test so
again what is operations for someone to put this land was beginning to the end of the list of those lineages with greater operating browsers without us anything said something about the Great War on the everything else that's on the side of the king that you know in you grew up and read in full us to work with even inside or outside the family flash or for each evolve I can users of nuclear somewhere inside of that used by the group to click on something it is a rather not to know but the best thing I've included revisions so right parts that will cheat at last the system by the so the last and also the dishes like demos varies annotation is this 1 never so I
have is flashing calls to
around it's like really don't you all questions or the cost of the
colonies were solution you click on on the users and the cost analysis in order to reduce the loan itself was arrested in on that so I think it is always get a witness to secure a lot so told it's if you go around where the last but see is actually works any evidence of some of this you in mind who use that and go so in love love of itself using more so this is a
major initiative on whereas it is and i its crew program location of all the decision tree in silicon detectors 1 of the things that I think the bottle of water and all these theories but yet so there is is not perfect and that there are no any can sort of get used times but it gets a high score was higher than anything I've got to go a later routinely screen shots of all this is you know or floating above the heads of the text that region for you know of any organism we see here the distresses you which is living in that in that region and then it goes like pre-programmed all the recipes for all of their yet all along the that the top players in the high for for the same work public double the score of the spot and this will arrested and and kind and that also hit the great NASA will start this this variability by some of the interval and so that's the way in which
a few quick and put it all in the mood of Boolean lower the effect on the real line of lower the 1 in the north the people of if you know you might be the hand and things