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Wagtail - Yet Another Django CMS
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Wagtail was launched in February 2014, shortly after its first implementation for the Royal College of Art. It has been enthusiastically received by Django developers around the world, and now powers sites for small businesses, UN agencies, and global brands in tech, political and entertainment sectors. Tom will explain why his agency decided to build a new CMS, share some lessons learned in running a growing open source project, and outline Wagtail's roadmap to version 2 and beyond.
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more but the thing that it be at the time that it will help you to be happy about it and put it at the time that it will help you to think about the fact that if you have some Ch I run as it what is said under 1 instant Dyson and I run into a box which is the UK agency we do digital work for people making the world a better place for people like Greenpeace Oxfam right across the United Nations we built a con system single wider and so on and talk about the next 25 minutes this is in the particularly capital so if you're not interested in the story behind like cell then you can just pretend to listen and you can use the time productively by building a little white site so instead by Microsoft uh I've got a a promotional idea and if you show me a lot of site that you go by the end of today I'll post to future
is a 1 minute version there we get started this gets far as the admin interface you don't have a photographic memory where you can take a photo of the screen that was giving online is there a link for the extended 10 minute version this shows you how to build you'll find page models and templates you get stuck with anything and be very happy to help you of and finally for the super lazy you could destroy out denied this is running on a little dog container on my colleagues to vitally digitalization also maybe and try 1 wants the the the back to the story George Fox has
been working with John Kerry since the early days my my brief my fleeting claim to fame in the jagged communities that I've made the 1st of gender costs in 2005 Soon after I hired Simon Willison and and the government in fact so the 1st version of South was built by entry through 2 books project we have a team of developers to proxies using gender world things like it's semester delivering personalized agricultural information to subsistence farmers in Kenya ecological footprint calculators graph management systems tools booking basing cares but for the last 5 years for big public content manage websites we mainly used to used
to the this may be about it it's easy to be read about the book but it's very powerful it's it has an enormous community the ecosystem of modules in group was probably as big as the ecosystem of gender connections and most importantly you don't get that far choosing that's especially true in a number of this place where most of 2 boxes clients from and we Mason through such that we're really proud of particularly about Oxford
University and the wall Institute of
Foreign Affairs both of these a high profile sites big excited massive content high traffic they work well for the users and most people say nice things about but people as the close the 1st of these is
the configuration happens in the database you can imagine why about working this is a good idea but it becomes very painful when you move from a developer to staging an introduction environments and new client was you this this and this a problem you can't replicate because they can figure things differently to your version and a similar point to this too flexible the power of 2 gives administrators particularly around creating new content types to user interface generating columns in Tables becomes for developers yeah performance is initially Mr. results rely heavily on varnish and that's OK for so static may need maybe read Heaviside but Cervantes doesn't help to looking at it is you have to put up with sluggish authoring experience and when we delivered to site we have to train users so disaster but I think I did see if you can signed up for Netflix accountable Bible kanamycin then you ought to be able to understand the fundamentals of creating and managing content on the Web site on CMS the tuples was worse in my opinion is that it's opinionated mark up Drupal generates additional for you this restricts or designed in IUI choices and it makes I mentioned slower for developers most importantly makes us more expensive for plants so space for these
frustrations weeks later 1 of our clients the Royal College of Art the the Commission us to build them a new CMS gender we launch that sites in late 2013 and we want to resource projects in February 2014 agenda weekend an excellent short conference in college the I guess this was Mrs. half about being a good so citizen but all commercial we knew we couldn't persuade nuclides to let us use wiped out to build the sites with any people maintaining it we're a small company in oxygen countryside to be honest we were very well
prepared to manage a reasonably sized so projects In spite of everything seemed to go perfectly the 1st few weeks on the day my colleague Mathieu announced worked agenda weekend but this is a link on Hacker News announced a couple friends with these same parliament to operate and a front-page and stay there for a while and for a few giddy days we were in the top trending projects get up and then the contributions came flooding in obscure European language translations feature suggestions 1 evening summons we noticed that an issue and an edge case With that happened emissions at the bottom learning something Mongolia it's fixed it so like we discover perpetual motion people on the Internet doing all of the 3 for 3 weeks are courting to developers were told on what we thought was the most pressing issue a tests we went from nor % to 80 % coverage pretty quickly and then we start a couple % every day until we classes about in the late nineties we honor the still documentation additions and thoughtfully worded enhancement suggestions kept flooding and in all week 18 meetings we were referring to this Gehenna strangers by their 1st names at you scene Jess new work on refactoring jobs you see what or fills ideas around documentation but after a couple months we
realize that as we were investing more more time fixing the bugs that other people were kindly funding for us the volume of contributions started diminishing and the town of engagement shifted it took us a while to work out what happened and I think we've addressed measure those reasons the
so from my so vast experience of launching 1 open source project these my talked Tips the 1st is to use that energy of launch the people want to be part of the new things when we when we announced on Hacker News in it and I go on to the front page that's what you know that's will engage people and make them want to be part of something that looked interesting I guess I'd imagine that there was going to be a gradual increase in engagement but there was that there was a a big Russian this those 2 weeks that we've never really recaptured and I think if I were doing it again and I would make sure that we had even more resources available to support people and respond and feedback and that it's not really face yeah the 2nd point is about establishing a predictable rhythm for forward so this means being giving people clear indications about how often we're going to deliver new releases uh how beta testing process works of the roadmap looks like In this case I think velocity isn't so important is just giving people the impression of constant motion that's what people wanna see that it's it's steady and it doesn't stop voting again I would start with that documentation particularly around making a really easy for people to get started and I would start tests not because tests critical for project as result because to avoid having to consist not comments on red we made some assumptions about how developers work for example the torch folks we use vagrant heavily it's so that means that we can clean parity between a developer in production environments and a Mexico much easier to get started on a new projects and you can be forgo the the pain of Stalingrad j again PostgreSQL others on our sex and and we imagine every we'll sell the same way but it turns out that quite big proportion of the gender developed community don't want to spin up of just to test your shiny new continent similarly we these parts question we'll we imagine that most well those too but it turns out that that's not the case I think reducing barriers translations really important an example here is that we use fast to create the to manage the CSS for the admin interface the and my colleagues had its philosophical objection to shifting the combined compiled CSS files in the repository so this man we required anyone using vital that lets us which is again it's find vibrant but it's a it's a pain to to build on concepts another develop environments now imagine there are a lot of people who again been interested in In White House and and and and seeing these posts and you have tried out enough 15 minutes got frustrated about having to build obsessing gave up and probably never came back and finally as of this last 1 is about communications and I think it's easy to fill that people on constantly replying to tweets and blog posts in Google group updates doesn't mean they're not there this point came to me with that will 1st they like tell clients and so the broadcaster and in LA and I went out there for the meetings and it was surreal experience for me I was sitting in mahogany table leather armchairs just like in the films and the window I could see the Hollywood sign and the guy across the table to another man was talking in talking with amazingly precise detail about the coding habits of my colleagues and enter you know I realize that even the people aren't writing to to tell me that that using an inch and stuff you all under scrutiny of people are interested in the fact that they're not communicating but it doesn't mean that it's not important for you to keep posting and talking about work the so what do we fix these
problems in particular ones around documentation and tests and establishing a predictable rhythm for releases we started seeing some really high quality contributions in particular the 2 agencies on either side of the Tasman Sea they both decided to switch to white also and to invest in its development spring-loaded it's an amazing agency in New Zealand uh they do they've been building Martel sites the red cross and then use the government and they sort of prototyping in next-generation user interface react to take flights another fantastic agency based in Hobart Tasmania people I suggested in and implemented some fundamental changes that we should see which started and then in the US
we started to get interesting I guess that's why I felt now I should make this trip from from box to Austin because I started seeing blog posts and work by really respected agencies like cactus and rats this link a new reference white in high-performance gender book uh water school of business here here and how to fix in 1 have to fix never met anyone to but that in some really good so what and innocent big sites NBC variable consummation before that building at a massive news sites on tell as a political campaigns and tech giants both running sites that you've heard of it but we know lot to talk about is that both of those sites use white tells static generation feature which isn't really really prominent in the documentation but thing makes sense for uh for sites where scale and security is paramount the UK and finishing US governments using right up and I know this because I can see the products and get out NASA announced values but so sites and common factors and this is this is recent as an unexpected moral dilemma for us we would work for some of the organizations who are benefiting from using because we don't know what they're doing I can't think of an obvious way around us as far as I know there on the open source licenses which in usage of the 2 organizations to conform to my fluffy liberal Western ethics in the so that's that's where we're at now and the next steps are really around defining alright now more clearly the killer feature I think of why tell some good stream field which is a bit harder to explain is to demonstrate essentially it's a it's a specific content type that lets people build the sort of long full narrative content rich content we used to seeing on medium or New York Times of God in in the UK but without storing and every everything in big blob of unmaintainable out for those of you you undergo talk about database and patterns I was pleased that he he he that storing storing sinister content and Jason fills the right way to go because that's approach with the case with with stream but we've got wide Islamic history should even stronger and starting to remove the requirement to have was you make interface is a tool the due cabbage text editors tool the other ways in the way that we've got to have this this support region must internationalization in whatever we need to we need have a better built-in interface for the White House tools versions of all content but you can't currently uh referred to previous versions through the through the UI and we want to have a clear separation of the internal API and and the user interface so we can start doing cool stuff like that like the reactants for types that's to promoted into we want better support for really massive sites with millions of pages and terabytes content on remote storage so we're identifying was in the word map will move more particularly we we using web apps so you you know about text Python Enhancement proposals which has been very successful part of the Python community and it's been adopted you may know about gender community with the debts and uh and you can imagine what what web so this is our own version where we this again of repository of structured structured feature requests the fixed explain the motivations behind the a feature and on the implications of that might be dealt and having and guided with a with a wet is that it's a package to another developer what agency could pick up and understand the bike contributing they'd be delivering along the along the lines that we want to see what over finally I'm going to address the title of my talk why did we build yet another content a someone he used to code and now many managers coders I recognize the constant fight against not invented here yeah and it's true that maybe we maybe would have been better open-source citizens we had contributed to that effort to an existing platform building or the as nodes and very established projects has in his 1 we use mezzanine for project 2 years ago when we like to invite some model is inspired by by Mezzanines key principles and gender semester of course is a very powerful very mature we reason inherited and standards in this project for UK Government a project and going well there's some fundamental differences in our approach 1 is around control of this flexibility is is a bit similar to the Drupal point in a way that might help it's you less flexibility from an administrative point of view and hands control to develop so a new filter defined by developers use migration to make changes the standard gender templates the tools that you used to work in a gender is a must for its recently on front-end editing and was you were getting which is appealing and works in lots of situations but frost we we follow more than a simple code model create once publish it and and and that means having a more focused editor interface that the answers the authoring experience aside from all that we had a basic commercial imperative to build continental systems of clients want and based on the cruise quicker for us to start from scratch and build on an existing projects but I think this is a problem the demand for the new content and sites is growing more quickly the supply of new content management systems more quality tools and agenda ecosystem should be good for and when you all knew cooler gender-based CMS it's Hacker News next year all small ruefully and I hope that you make fewer mistakes and we the b was be
thankful be hi I'm excited to get started with liked him I didn't understand your description of stream fields or whether it's no wonder he can demonstrate at 1 point he said it would probably be easier to show and tell look at them I think that the way the best way to show where it's it might be tricky tricky and on the this is mirrored enlightenment on in agenda ones are a better example to the so an example this is
1 which is a kind of template for gender and proposal which shows the metadata and they get some of this and guidelines behind might structure you have a feature request although it's simpler than this because I think I just wanna make it easy for you get started the basic it's it's a structured a standard way of describing features and the motivations that then gets agreed collaborated on agreed and becomes part of an establishment figure where have time just improve whenever the very happy to demonstrate people straight of this I had been building a little site last month or so it really enjoying it and I highly suggest everyone here gives a shot playgrounds free-field wrapped around the idea and see how it allows you to build your own widgets for different types of content 1 thing that I was noticing reviewing my head of the last couple days is that I have a lot of at ways that I'm including resources for individual revealed fields in such as having a widget that may be displayed 6 different times of needs an individual resource each time a little bit J and so it is with the time because I was already there is any better wearing future plans to integrate some more run and functionalities wasting resources in and extreme fields as built this because I see that just continuing what will next I that's a really interesting point and and so so bored Frosty to look at ways of people using all software and I discovered this essay with with monte dissolves the 1st question I went through the process of 10 minutes of the sitting and immediately just looking over their shoulder notice some things which which are obvious to me but but but would be obvious to someone coming here for the 1st time and similarly the way we go to Austin Stringfield objects are in the same way we made a mistake about sumptions by the way developers work almost certainly is not it's going be the the case the same way that you wouldn't think of objects within 1 this is maybe having a section the documentation around recipes so we can have some uh some some examples and and guidelines of of of how to do this in a maintainable way but also ensure that there are improvements the way that we can we can offer steep hills and predict the provides hooks around the around the the the new job script injection which means you know again have repeatedly because of the it the is anyone managed to make galactoside during the the natural the right 5 that in this you haven't tips you have 1 of those other on the masses so genders he has said 1 might decide to use it in the generative in my office or something like that shipping is somewhere where we can learn from from Drupal Drupal as a very good what you put migrate as good framework or model that's the way they produce they have become an interim database and and you write rules that get in intelligent database and then that becomes a common format it's easy to import and I think we could we could do something similar to that because they're all standard answer to that question is what has just China so anything that you will be able to the to to migrate and according to gender you should give you like to minutes it's that's a bit of a cop-out thing because there are a in the there are some conventions that uh that we use that may not be immediately obvious but I think it's if all goal was in a mass adoption of white which which perhaps it is then there then I think providing some some simpler migration from PubChem perform the could the the way to get into uh an organization's existing our username and password structure with all that covers yeah as a really common requirements and it's 1 that we've done many times that for a 1st auto project will College of the so based on on held-out l that is really in gender is doing all the hard work for us that all that was just 1 line Conf change importing elder library and we've also done it with the sample and shibboleth 1st some other university sites so in until page is structured content and walk is also structured content and you're currently using J. sort for string field and interested to know because I had situations where maybe only 1 of whole well particularly walk inside page I will be possible to models so this is represented in the database in the same way as when think about how the page pages are represented in these were it has like a path right then the infinitely fast walks like what's the what's so that of what like 10 almost you would technically also have half of of its own page so this curious to know your thoughts on representing walks and he being 1 type of data so 1 idea is that we you we we move away from adjacent representation the morning and relation papers but I'm not sure that's necessary and particularly as you probably aware that Jason supporting prescribes means that it is possible to index and filter on content within within and performance that is getting better and better and you know and I think as grass makes a fantastic document database and competition something like longer so that's possibly once polarity that doesn't help much sequel uses so much and things do get hotter when you have uh when you have the the nesting and that the amendment Jason's handing which you have the time and my my my