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DjangoCon US 2015: Opening Keynote
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for both and the and the and and the and the the I and the good and talk about a contact attack has been changing in government OK so how often do you interact with government when I said that I meant I mean your government it could be local could be state it could be federal the in 1 year so and for folks to do it and twice a year this your hands Ch OK got a couple prevented a once a year doing something the government at a young couple couple more and I know is that OK if you do this file taxes the the the
so I have In the past and and missing my notes In the past 12 months and this is how this is on average how many people have signed into federal government websites I ask the taxes question because that most folks only interacting with government to do their taxes however
this well the at the time of the creation of the slide so there was I have for the US federal government 161 thousand 495 people at 1 point I on US government websites with 1 . 4 billion users for every 90 days there's 3 of you in this room right now and the scanning we you can find information on analytics that USA . gov and then you can dig into where people are how people are using government websites on the federal level so this happening a lot of things are happening In on the state on the local and the national and international governments this is what I'm looking rather a lot of initiatives include code for America which was spoken about time and both the creation of CI and CD position CDC has been chief innovation officer not information officer and as Chief Data Officer positions of those cities like Detroit and a new work the so I am I talking to you today because I'm on a mission I don't really really excited about this I am on a mission to get folks involved in public service and understand this area better passionate public servants article cornerstone of government if you're not excited to be a part of helping out your governments and the things that you can do by the end of this talk a loose you know 2 things 1 genders using government and you some of the resources that you can find coming out of government in the open-source world so fact about government so then I so I know a lot of stuff in the gender and Python community and buttons and here my official capacity today I will talk about my professional self a little bit more and I'm a former journalist that I can be Django and I went to the Washington Post the agent whole body worked on and I inherited some of his code the when it was that pre 1 . 0 and and that of journalism because of the civic mission the idea of empowering people and empowering citizens to be able to make decisions and it currently I work at 18 after which I'll talk about later which is a part of the federal government to me it's the same mission is the ability to empower people to make good decisions and to be of offer them and get them the services that they need they can have adjustment the story the 1st our could do and now that doesn't seem to be showing up well OK well known the you can this is a map of the jingle con attendees other the and I think the the and the day you can organize this where were a nice enough to let me use this from their invites and but I wanted to I was talking to and randomize talk is mostly what's happening on the public sector in the US federal government it's important to know that this movements happening all across the world area government entity has 1 thing in common how to best serve their people governments around the world are changing and I exchanging ideas each 70 is also made of a new unique set of beliefs to say that my cultural beliefs in in the US are different from other cultural beliefs in other countries and also regionally something's transfer from culture to culture while others do not denying the views on privacy for example in trust what do you trust a government to do what you trust your government not to do the instructions about which operation within the government and is is had an effect on the approaches that those governments and and other entities have taken a centralized government offices versus independent and government offices the so unless example I hope you learned something today on the impact that you can make under country and your municipality and I had to make the bet to make it a better place for the people who I like you it has all the even in the private sector we still have this measures how do we best serve the people the people being a customers and as I said this is
happening all around the world if you go on and on the a of government that did have dot com forward slash communities that you can search to you can search the whole branch uh various entities on the local state international level and you can see who's doing what you will see a huge amount of countries located internationally I can't talk about every 1 of them today so I will highlight 1 it's kind of
considered the leader in the international well which is got that you can the the launched in February 2012 and those sort of considered 1 of the uh the learning examples in government digital services the senator reminded
little bit and start telling you what's happening on the federal side of the US so the Library of Congress and the Congress is this is the 1st the matches that that UK and specifically gender is used in the latter conses repository development center and including gender pi and the and the lining Matisse and projects include 1 of them is called chronicling America which you can is legal and it's an old newspaper archive that's a project and that I worked on after leaving journalism and another a product that uses j is a the deposit electronic deposit it is the electronic intake of content into library Congress before this point time people would literally walk up to the library Congress which address when they Hodgetts and still to this day some folks are doing that depending on the content depending on the size the content but this was the foundation to allow people to find electronically for copyright and then do that that classified in the library Congress the and then next but is the world
Digital Library the standard had really is has the Congress and some of you might know 1 of the major developers on this which is Chris Adams and his longtime member of the Python and community and and he seems to contribute under the radar to a lot of things but yet on I couldn't find 1 specific thing that was like his His will house that he's and he's actually then and then to remind the super awesome and another 1 that has been a
leader has been the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau if you've never heard of this and you should know about the great and the decoded on July the 21st 2011 as a legislative response the financial crisis of 2012 to that is I 2007 and 2008 and the subsequent a great recession the confluence of a consumer that don't handle consumer protection the financial structure the just options include banks credit unions security firms Peter wonders and motor service operations and foreclose relief debt collectors etc. well below that level of encompasses reposted about the center existed before C A P B C if you be was an interesting use case because it was a greenfield project it was an agency warned agency didn't exist before which doesn't happen very often and and so we are able to really push the follow up the buffer word on what's happening in government and
this is a bit of good at it's built and gender and you can find it on see get had repair owning a home API basically you can look up on this interest rates for your geographical area and I have to say that I was making the slides and I went in and I had some some links and see if you get I went back and when I saw this I immediately sent it to like 3 friends who were trying to buy a house right now including my mother's trying to refinance and I thought it was fabulous so it's not necessarily getting your interest rates from it private entity where you don't know what's happening in the background with respect to advertising dollars and so to give you a good baseline for what the expectations should be
another project is even solutions it won't even this was for short keywords the may this project makes regulations easier to read and digest and even easier to navigate the title matches the section the title matches the section of your updates as well so you can send direct you else to a specific section of the regulation which as you can imagine a if he becomes sounds trying to regulate some of the financial markets or some of the things that are happening and and protect consumers and this is a great way for people to share information it then so out you
can see how about the title updates honestly and and this is I can be I was real excited about the slide moving yeah it alone so I had to President Obama said we must harness new ideas and technology to remake government this was on January 21st 2013 the as part of
this he launched the Presidential Innovation Fellows which was where I went after the library Congress it was it was established in 2012 and further about is the 1st round of fellows and and the purpose of the Presidential Innovation follows it was to bring innovation economy into government this is the reference to use the private sector stuff but can talented diverse technologists and innovators with top civil servants and changemakers within the federal government to tackle some of our major nations biggest challenges the
so some of the projects that have been worked on at the Blue Button initiative I was really excited when I saw this in the private alike in like fun my doctor you can now download your own health records and show them electronically that's through the blue the blue that initiated increases accessibility to electronic health records at the group that can agree that connect reduces basin showings bears by providing consumers information on how the power with the power usages and where it's coming from not alone that love is actually a very interesting case and land out there that wears a White House initiative built in less than 30 days and it was to improve the transparency and information sharing of sexual assault prevention and enforcement data for schools for students in schools and as you know I skipped over g here because that was my project
and so are doing my fellowship I worked on a project called you Q which is an open-source disaster that enables mapping to will you can do mapping workflows but as a it was used in this context include in this context for disaster response recovery it crosses geotagged photos to coordinate response original idea came to increase the speed of damage assessments when Hurricane Sandy hit by it took it takes so have notable effort for multiple folks in multiple jurisdictions to be able to assess the amount of damage on a house at the same time people are sleeping on cots and don't have a home that they needed people to physically go to the House using imagery from public from social media and using imagery from the Civil Air Patrol who does that flyovers after disaster we could start to and it starts to identify properties that were such decrepit condition that we can then issue money to be able to get people on their feet faster and back to their life and this project I also learned that the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to join get hot which is really sad because appear wave for intelligence community entities and to be able to post repos publicly so this this is really exciting to me the changing landscape with the the landscape and so the changing landscape is saving wives and saving money and Jane goes beyond behind a lot of the work that's happening the have an agonist 17 2015 which was just a couple days ago and the president signed an executive order which made the Presidential Innovation Fellows a permanent entity within the government now 18 F
which is where I work if have came after the presidential Innovation follows it's enough was launched on March 14 14th 2014 it's a digital consultancy for the US government inside the US government was that where it will I component of an agency called the General Services Administration and as such we do that we work with other agencies and help power them with digital services currently working with a head more than a judge that dozen agencies to help them deliver on their missions In user center agile open and a data-driven way are we we ship code practices and culture so
code we are open by default you can find all of our code here and and there are so many repose that defined so if you're looking for something specific by please let me know or I'll answer the question after its and but 1 of the things about uh being open by default basically as you can see I'm working on a project if you were to go to my hub history I published a couple days ago and it's a really dirty prototypes and for a date API is gender and see how you can it's not that people aren't we're not scared about sort of throwing things out there if anything is not publicly needs to be a reason why and then it's published that it's specifically not public so 1 of the quot 1 of the
correspondence in my opinion open SEC and easy data that was hard to LPC was the Federal Election Commission and the handle of federal financial data for the elections and it having this API allows the American people to better understand what's going on with elections and how they work by browsing reports document data individual donations whose donating to whom Our granules spending data it was launched are actually in July 2015 but it was not that in general but bottom flask at so who
here has a 4th grader really set about this the greatest yes of it you don't live in the US CIA now that's kind of stars was extended until that the the well and can type was
launched in September 2015 and this was built in Django so just launched is really exciting and and we can apply it gives US fourth-graders free access to all federal lands in water including national parks 1st Wildlife refuge refuge refugees and marine sanctuaries for a full year families and friends can go for free as well so I need to find a 4th grader if if you have a 4th grader if we can talk afterward so would be
the so that they can apart that and there is a sense in some sand although this Samuel W. Tucker elementary school which had received every can apply past and and as I was built in gender 1 interesting thing about this project was the special thought to be put put into the audience the audience being for the rest so the text was written for 4th graders translators are too young to be on Facebook so things like linking after Facebook was an option it was really invented and thoughtfully made to make sure that it was audience appropriate to get kids involved in the national parks it
so said could his practices and some examples of practices are at at 18 F guides and the link was a little bit long secreted bitly Lenk and bitly 18 F guides and including there you can find various head diets on top of those topics and the 1 I'm most excited about is accessibility and I do we have a sort of working groups and I was um 1 of the members of the Accessibility Working Group at the idea making websites accessible to everyone and analytics agile practices API is some of you might not need but there are some great and resources in there that you can refer to testing play cookbook automated testing playbook at contact design methods fun and and grouplets which is how we sort of spin up our good place which is so high we spin up sort of working groups to get things like this done which art direct projects like every kid in a park I'm and then how we handle open source and if you'd like to make our suggestions are updates you can with a pull request Boston at a ticket and we can address the for you so and practices
teaching Agile using wages but this is really exciting and that if I have for that enough and said and guide the open ended we have to do formal teaching as part of the work we do for example Internet consultant that common the workshop to teach the importance of agile methodologies to folks who want you soon practicing agile methodologies the story he gave to folks was as an office worker I wanna laptop stand so I have more despots and the task was to build a laptop stand out of Lagos the teachers it taught these people had to communicate early communicate often and communicate continuously so you have a laptop stand that built as opposed to a whole desk culture and about
matter this is hard of that links all long immediately link it to F that COC from the code of conduct example and this is our very exciting who could and it would the content of we actually have a code of conduct for my knowledge this is the 1st on that not just legal requirements but this could conduct within the federal government and it was inspired by 10 different notable could convex and we requirements I'm from good bridge found really open hatch the Python community pi ladies initiatives and more and if you have any opinions or suggestions please feel free to submit and we want people to
participate uh and last but not least the United States civil services with it was found that a little bit after 18 up and all it was found on all this 11 2014 and it is a part of the White House was Office of Management and Budget the mission is to improve and simplify digital experience that people and businesses have with the government
so 1 of the ad 1 of the things that they're working on is improving services for Americans veterans and USD stood at 18 at the VA and I had to create a simple and easily navigate the website also to improve the benefits claims experience for the actions USES is working toward a more efficient and effective veto that delivers for America's actions and as some of you some of you might know how data he was recruited for the Suffolk so loud scanners now living in the city he moved and then was working at the Veterans Administration and interestingly enough I don't know this when he was hired and and we had a meeting agreed for the new team at the Veterans Administration and as review floats and how I turn around and Faustina is standing there and I was like what are you doing here you you live in the scene not and he goes high and part of a new team and so if I found Alex was in their hair Alex was in DCM I'm really excited that he joined government another thing that has been
created as the US Ds playbook which is found at playbook that CA 0 . gov at this creates a set of plays for CIO small on the business side to be able to understand and things that need to happen in a very high level where things like felt by open to understand what the people need to understand the whole experience from start to finish make things simple and intuitive but the service using Agilent iterative practices both men and women experience teams choose a modern technology stack the flying a flexible hosting environment on the testing and deployments manage security and privacy through reusable processing is used in order to drive decisions a lot of these are things that we take that some of us might take for granted as yeah of course these are things you're supposed to do and but this sort of gives these these recommend these plays good CIO Ozin government uh a guiding force by which to make decisions that follow modern uh modern technology stocks and methodologies and sometimes it takes a village this is very exciting and and this was the partnership between 18 nothing US US and that was it pick and government now 1 has and the memorandum and 15 13 it piracy to require secure connections across but websites and webservices was signed in June 2015 what is that because creating making HTTP only standard in the federal government and pushing making sure all federal agencies moving that way and was this excited because people like you have to make this possible and to create this policy to say that that there should be a thing that we do and so therefore and making recommendations to make an official thing with makers and
so I have this image it is an an image of the afternoon in a very accurate map of the United States and how we ran out of room so it's not that 18 out you as the as the BAC FTB and other folks and in a lot of these uh as agencies and remote teams spread across the country that's and folks who joined us from the Python community include Christine I had a late from LA 1 of the founders of pi ladies and Devlin from Dayton who runs pi Ohio and Julie Elman and in Raleigh which is very close to Austin in a very accurate maps None of high ladies angle development and and then of course there are a couple of the Presidential Innovation Fellows have joint and also of folks active in non Python I communities such as the Allen the founder rails bridges is located in San Francisco at but in at we come from the folks who joined come from a wide variety of
backgrounds but this is a an image of the background from the 2014 presidential nomination violence and when this is any kind of folks FIL divided backgrounds is important we talk about diversity and diversity work in in many different ways and why why is this important of because we are
representing I'm a large constituency of folks at for the people by the people this applies to everyone in every sector whenever people you are serving you cannot truly advocate for the users of your systems that you create if you do not represent the users audiences America and everyone in America now and last nite and have added a 1 AM herself and I got a video in my e-mail box from Todd Park I'm free you guys very exciting uh and he basically created on an iPhone it I and a yes no yes me but yes to a time a topless and another glass money and Sancho enzyme and that and I said you know there's a lot of it's OK but this guy's state of making this video for you guys I found and he is and technical advisor to the White House and the former 2nd and CTO of the United States now
this is where it gets tricky
yet thank what you because of that the I will talk about in and so on remove the all in all on the of you and the of of the and most move most of these way you all of these are all was and the used you using world as we started so you won't or used as and or or inform you had over the world that this are in the here we will never know her there was the it
the see that's a total of about the web
that's been happening and I told you uh you can find work that's happening outside the US later said there's a lot of coordination between and there's a lot of coordination between various countries are we've I've personally chatted with folks and work on the UK side and the stocks in Indonesia there's folks in Australia the we've coordinated with and that's not just at the Fed level is also the local level of your local community and and empowering the local citizens to be able to make decisions that so if you're interested in 1 local stuff I encourage you to go back to the amp I can't talk by Catherine Bracy to learn a little bit more about efforts like Code for America and but but yeah there's a there's a lot of work to do on all levels and so I hope that I hope that after you leave today and you will start to get involved if not obviously not everyone can just pick up and leave the job and Italy thought as side effort because we need we need help we need lots and lots of health there's lots of work to do and there are over in about 100 federal agencies and I just told you about a handful and this is not to say that our efforts happening in other agencies backed up this is this is not to say the thought that agent and efforts having other agencies but there's just a lot of work in every corner and whatever your interest is in the local their fellow government please come and talk to me and and I will tell you about various opportunities whether your interest in financial whether you're interested in data for example census where they're interested in you know helping and their cultural institutions and even your country or an artist thank you be it thank you Jackie furnished and talk with your 20 questions and identical or myself and this clearly lots of things the Internet could be involved with 2 you reach out agencies or joyful for them to come to you for help yes and so a definite combination we have something called a product and take meeting where we discuss sort of some of the e-mails that come in and we review them and 18 half is run off agreements with other agencies and which are called interagency agreements and within those agreements we write and stuff like Agile we write and stuff like open source by default and have a 30 day eggs applause and so the relationship does work out we have a way to exercisable we've never we've never had a situation we had exercise of always been sort of able to get through things together hi senior geo Q project was reeling to me it's like to say that I'm from New York and seeing a lot of the tech communities response to use any was refactored let's have storm analyze the came that didn't end up helping people uh so is a real thrill to see what you did and thank you for that and the question is how did you do qualitative analysis on the photos so to say these photos were taking and so there's more damage here than there is over here check and so when I was working on that project specifically all with a having got up to that point in the process so I can't really speak to it however if you wanna see me afterwards I can and provide a contact information and to the folks that are currently are working on it work on you can file a get to get in every person's is open and I can point you to that and and they can they can answer your questions thank you hi j he and Carroll knew that I where the corner where Carroll was in San Diego just at the very bottom half and unwilling to IAEA I found out about the 18 F guides from Julia back in February and their outstanding and I highly highly recommend everybody take a look at it I'm kind of thinking of the cost the moment that you know that we have highly these remote maybe it would be nice to do a series on the diets that relate like a specific guide like accessibility where of you a topic on actual development likely through asynchronous teams and remote work year while specific yeah were like seen here we have a lot of evidence that come back and we have at the FabLab grants for her re-entry I wonder if there's a way beyond just Code for America to engage people with and those communities that the project served to actually contribute chair I think I mean I think the the I think the closest thing I have seen to that is the local offices of Code for America which is like code for DCT code for an they can and should use a code for temperature scale brain code for Los Angeles and and then and actually code for all effect and then when you go to those so close America itself has like that the fellowship program if more structured program when you go to the local ones and you walk in any say on the work on this project who want to help me right and then you can use that you can serve you Sagerer bullets like reach out to people so that the same or different and for a mayor and I believe it's under the umbrella of Code for America for from for example like Code for America has a summit every year and all the the date captains from the city some the city's go to go to the summit as like default so they're like the it's like 1 big happy family don't think you yet there from so the new questions was interviewed in rituals fj it's my my my my this my