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DjangoCon US 2015: Keynote
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of the book so that would be at the time and the 1 who 1st of the of the the world but of the point the of the of the of the of the IP Ch but is anyone's 1st time in Austin right and my 1st time in Austin Salomon rolling I lived here for your last year but we're very 1st time here was in 1990 I was going to say to you in Lawrence Kansas and I take our spring break down again it's a few months later I don't get it to you in a new tier him in entered sometime after school solid opinions and then eventually I transferred into that into and eventually I graduated from UT answers and really for me or sitting back here and I'm you haven't worked campus yet I encourage you to walk around and have not will hold wall and sign up there is a whole was right across the street from the university and if you have an and it's been around since the early seventies and there and they have a lot of and and that started there so it's a cool place assigned to that given in areas that a lot of Austin history in music history so his wondering how and why I would use the hinting that kind of finite with G over the yeah I think that's a legitimate question but I am kind of connected and go it's a funny story you will so was just mentioned and I
had my peers started as a summer magazine after I graduated from UT on it back to Lawrence Kansas and then I got a job at a uh tech publishing company in customer service and after a few months I transferred over to my 1st started and in publishing and systems not around anymore and certainly this is about the only sign of that I could find line the magazine it's unfortunate because it was an exceptional magazine I'm really proud of them I start there but even if it was by accident and its way introduced me to Linux and and and it was just a journal for Unix cis-elements and once when I started data you we extended coverage for Linux and also and so the relationships I have all these years later date back to the very beginning of my career and so am I wanna talk about and doing it what you like to deal with them for a long time and with a diverse group of people that you like working with into like working with you which is also important part of this yeah so great whales have written
here and and this is an example to the other end up working with for a long time and he wrote that 4 s and that in 2003 I confine our archives from system that I could find a newsletter Online which is really we heard and that so this is a newsletter is now in 2003 writing an article that Frank row forests
yeah and sunset as a sum of about 10 years and then I moved over a German company was an expanding I wanted to open an office in Lawrence Kansas and so I help them up in an office and I was editor Linux pro magazine which is still around and and and they have since won several other magazines if that user magazine had magazine wanted the writers from sysadmin Minister contributor and magazines and so the general will wrote an article about this was it 2007 and is enough my with the general world heard the world's company right see here the talking again ahead so as I'm traveling the country in
kind that conferences talking about Linux for a magazine Linux media and how we have an office in Lawrence now I kept hearing Virginia's around and aging was not even officially released as the project right and so this is really weird and that we kept hearing has and from people you know differences those you know international people who revered events is very strange to be hearing about this already and so when I got home I was a key
frames can you have read an article about this Jingo-ji keep going about it and then that said he did he submitted the article in and it is most needed about August 2008 because in publishing and you know that in prints anti-Semitic several weeks before it goes through printing now and then it hit newsstands in September in Europe because that we were International on the cooperative on your own you like all that French free that was the title of clever and so it again over here in the states and talked about so it's sitting in Europe and in September right as single 1 gets released so that's kind of cool yeah so
did 10 years later finger at the university so here we are 10 years later and and 19 years after I graduated from UT 22 years after I started my career in type and I'm happy to say that Frank and has even contributed to that project them on our open-source are coming and I encourage everyone to be that I like this long term relationships and hearing about projects so in a way that might
have and what inspired this talk I I wasn't able to attend Python better I being from Lawrence I know a lot of the people involved in and take on projects and ginger ale and so I was watching some of the YouTube videos that came out of high column and so did keynote hands and I really really liked it and he thought a school had he was able to tie in you know the rock star and developer met and tell and if you ever seen a talk at you I really encouraging he talked about how we needed more average developers and and you know that idea rock-star developers very limiting he enhancing into time travel and what about school and at the surrender of survey as saying inspired the stock and that
if if you're not familiar with the whole concept of the right circle meaning of your orbit and we also have some your people here and it has been a pet peeve of mine for a long time given that talks about recruiting at other conferences and and how we have to get rid of and this idea of recruiting for rock star developer and has 1 of the Brazilian articles you'll find online which recruiters apparently don't read these things and this when this line and was interesting because on writes it sets an unreasonable expectation for regular folks calling out rock stars to motivate the team and telling someone to their roster cause and actually believe it and 1 of the reasons I have a problem with this whole I give a rock stars it takes a lot of people behind the scenes you know it as an editor and publisher often that credit for the magazine and I was like and I was honored to plugged in holes there a whole bunch of people you know that actually did the heavy lifting like writing articles and heavy and doing lots of you getting into the print and all that so same thing with this idea the rock star developer and so if you increase
diversity in a state of was talking his now and you and this is 1 of the many things you can do is eliminates these some limiting terms and you know that clearly when I read as I mean people see different things may see rocks survival preventing and young white male you know when I think of a lot of people probably see that also like other country some might not really to this you know and and and and and a lot of that have no desire to a starting like when I see him at head recruiter in the talks about a year in the kitchen I personally don't work well after countries during the day and so that's not a big motivating factor for me to apply for a company there's a cake in the kitchen so
and so on of the little more about what people said about right developers and and Nathan Hurst red on higher higher like he wrote an article about where developers think when you see rock star and he also has a question on happen is an ass developers would you think when you see a rock star and and yes some pretty funny comments like this 1 have so the I like that when I get my right so you need someone that diesel might comes in later nowhere has we're contractual demands and treasures the tolerance on business trips then yes I guess rock star when do I start the don't forget to bite the head off about interest rates on your way out and 1 of the comments that was kind of funny somebody and actually the appearance that what you mean by rock star and she worked on ceramic into and so it is this is an from the article you know he said and next and you're thinking about same certain jaguar accelerated up has considered it assigned yet more thinking to do about your hiring requirements and means it's lazy this a rock star inter whatever's leading it doesn't say anything to me when I see see that I'm thinking this must be into he wrote this or somebody who's an I have no idea whether recruiting for business the technology perhaps there's in the business if this is where the going so it would make more sense to say what do you want me to be able to do what level of experience you need for 1 of my supposed to know what you know what do I need to be really an expert in somewhat confident in what my despicably fast on the job and the more normally and this is in my career where I wanna know we have to offer me has now and what's your company like was her cultural life you know and what am I gonna like about the project and so that's becoming more sense when you're recruiting and want diversity so back to Jacob stock
and I I have and will the it's not that they're not listening to you as I'm watching his type on top and 5 steps ahead is he's not talking fast enough as far as I'm concerned you know and and so on Thinking steps ahead and and I'm thinking that I've let past talking and thinking about gender Reinhardt which you know was working the gets its name and highlighting away Martin haven't listened to him I encourage you to it's wonderful to to jazz music it never goes out of style that here's a willingness incomes and gender is because musical influences so I go from Jacobs talk up icon gradient overly Nelson moments and all have really fast and so and I went home and likely do I put all my records my
certifying layoffs enacted after work and that if you not familiar the flat when the albums LP and the ones that I have said they play a much bigger devices increasing on the cat was I do not place sorry for anyone study cavities themselves all in your business not to have merit but the so and that's what I was doing when I got home I started losing records and and
what you need to videos and I'm thinking about Willie Nelson developers as opposed to a rock star develop and so I wrote the article on a way is really an developers to be more like Willie Nelson I thought about lessons the willingness and has for developers and I'm not literally here but I have a few and 1 of them is that he helps other succeed his he actually for song is about 7 and and you know he did make a big until the sixties the seventies if he'd been doing this for a few decades of were used to forget really big and getting getting jobs some things and this he and he were behind the scenes by 1st and he was the Addis jockey and he played bass in May prices stand Austin College was excellent recipes and and he he's written a lot of songs of people made famous and he went crazy which is you know consequence probably because rates and and that he wrote songs that were represented 50 billion the other people have recorded it
and then I think that all of us and not as developers should not only be learning new skills and Williamson I think is 81 now and the and the 180 weapons 81 in here that has to be but fell to celebrate his 80th birthday so this for recent terror and his loss and his not at half learning is still see them and in addition to mean a recording and writing music he and his 70 I believe was an absolute it's a hazard and he's on and the cold bare and christmas the home of the special whatever it was and he said he would even with only 2 there's a video of him doing a magic trick and his tour busses refining and and you know just a bunch different scales yeah and then I also
think that's regardless of where you are in your career and you should be accessible to a wide range of people and and so as and you know really recorded with an hour a a range of people have relatively new in the field and and and he just released an album recently his with moral haggard and and where they do and jingling heart songs hands on Jimmy Rogers songs and then i've seen him play and and uh radio tense situation a county fair and I've seen him play really fancy very expensive theater at every tickets are 1 of the men and then have some play an Liberty Hall which is that a cool historic theater in Lawrence Kansas and so intimate the in line for tickets but they only about 30 bucks so it was a portable and so I think that's a big lesson for and you know anybody who's working in open source that it's very important to be thinking about helping new people in addition to working with the people that you know I can work with for a long time and that helps that all fresh also yeah and so he also
and uses the best tool for the job and if the only plays and he said since 19 59 a believe and and notice extenuating 50 bucks for it in the classical guitar and it's not meant to be played with the taken enough I has a giant 1 it if you're some way that propped up there guess that and he said catch repeatedly and and he was inspired to guess from doing the right not sometimes altogether and his effort decorator places that not normally what you hear in country music that he gets his unique sound out of that he really likes and so he has stuck with it and and used it in an innovative way so I think about that the next time you're at an open source Linux event you see people with max because I'm assuming a Mac to events and I would get refunds style and I was like you know developments are allowed to use multiple operating systems you so I I didn't you don't have this friend you have a print or online is your favorite you can subscribe to a magazine and really you know online publications you're allowed to do this rate think you have and I also think
that it's important to lead and let it said he's perfectly comfortable working in background roles he still records you know I'm on other people's albums and there is also a leader who really set the tone for his and and and if somebody who works with and who calls him seem really is so delightful to work with and that leaders and I know some people are feel really uncomfortable being in front of people or you know Arabic talking stages they don't want to leader and a team you need by answering questions and I a seat you know you can lead by the and welcoming newcomers to events you can lead by helping organize events were attending a need at participating so there many ways you can be a leader in open source and you have to be inferred on the all yeah this is not a picture of 1 of their
mouth picture had and collaborate with a diverse mix of people and I think this is really important life and this is not me so much my career and you know any time I'm feeling a little bit stagnancy you know it's very important to me every getting what warehouse haven't I worked yet what happened I learned and who haven't I worked with the added a way that haven't identity I haven't intergenic on it I wanted to come for a long time so I was happy to get invited to this event so and he and Williamson records with and everybody in he would he be outlawed music scene that he got into when he moved back to Austin he kind of retired and written in the late sixties early seventies because he wasn't getting the fainting at the end up record sales whatever that he had expected that when you got here you he started hanging out these different people that Austin people and then helped and up with this new sounds that long music in a sound and complete change the direction of his career and and done and he doesn't for commercial success finally and so in his recorded with you know jazz artists in the country rock artists and discover a rock songs and his recorded with the dog which I think is kind cool and I'm county the kind of bodies and hang out and so on and that's and that advice from well so
and if you were not a rock star developer and that you know you never feel like you're going to want to be a rock star developer that rates and like take says watch the video and it's perfectly at all seem to be an average developer we need a lot of just a dependable developers and and willingness to make a request from him and you know he's been around for
decades now I and he said I never give up on Cantonese is it because I knew what I was doing was not at and so in these in these to migrate songs and not the best-selling album see now at a whole range in and see I recorder radial arm which I've never heard that's apparently was a huge hit rate so that then I think it OK to get there and try new things and gonna feel as some of them you know and you keep doing this stuff that you're comfortable with also end up in that year that pays the bills I guess so here here
the few the highlights from but I think we can learn from 1 of the many more but I I know this isn't a whole week about what I think you can learn from our Nelson so I try to convince that of others the that learn new skills and be accessible to a range of them and the people in the community and experts analysis also identifies important beacon and considered for people who don't have the funds to attend events because I certainly have been in that position and I know a lot of people who are in so make sure you're able to buy and you know and be accessible online and see your community against low-cost events and use it as a tool for the job or innovate on an existing tool or create a better tool and words in a document the tool because you think it's crappy realize just the documentation scrappy can help that way to and play supporting in leading roles and collaborate with a diverse mix of people which I know here you'll really get about doing that we can always improve in this area yeah and so
if you have not seen the ruling of the statue that was developed and it was sad and dedicated if years ago on for 20 and hand it's over and unclear when Nelson Linnell symbol solely at about 100 miles from here which I would say what separates us be about 100 degrees out and but I think you find the did over makeup pilgrimage this picture and and Twitter Instagram or wherever and tagging get kind because I love to see if anyone makes it over there exists a cost that you yeah and I want to thank everybody for
having writing and also my magnetic questions after this and I will have to be an taking questions talking everybody in the hallway track during the break and and if you have questions about source sigh commentating contributor participate please let me know that it is a matter my my my my my flow