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of the book so that at the time and the and and the and the ch of all the hearing about what great I'm going to actually taking this conference pictures use of the pictures and you can write after all crazy and X is the panel right ready right eye and skin you can take a picture of me to invite and who do that the way most of year I indicated OK so if I am super excited to be here this is the convention this is actually my 1st gender kind and in the US and and it's a good that kind of peak and 1 to a to a new country often and now the excited now that that you have e-mailed me as well the invariant thank you for the conference organisers for having me as well and so we have this and you can't do this and we're best and how best to set up when I think it was and the equipment and track the human hence the natural comfortable with that my fiance we went onto the censuses Anthony Anderson simply play that the whole world to the 2009 movie interviewed and opportunity to do that it is fricking awesome and the remaining in and you have the food and producer writer obstetric he said you have quotes and about the diversity of the show but it's actually very relatable to on diversity as a whole so I'm going to together he said not had to adopt
that needs to be solved immediately the when not to accept differences between ourselves and our ideas and that's enthusiastically welcoming welcoming enjoy and the prosody contains many changes as as women for us and other worlds and we will find it impossible to few diversity and to enter into the future at the same time so it is very confident when I 1st heard this quote from someone so prominent and that the culture and and actually work with my father watching like the next generation and the space 9 will do all the series and I think the next iteration is my favorite 1 and here he is actually legitimate follows like the jet double going data which which adjusts for someone how we need Dieter Blackman open you could get it out of my group and then I'm thinking I on suspicion that going up with that was started in the background kind of subliminally influenced me and so on that the TV series as an adult and but the discourse that they have it's diplomatic gradient and the characters had very optimistic about personal views and they apply when to add a difficult situations and not promise at the start of the is and is purely humanitarian and peacekeeping efforts the the and and then the series itself was used to reflect on a lot of track then turned cultural issues and including racism sexism class warfare and among others and you run himself even said that and I could new world with new rules and I could make statements about sex religion and being on politics and intercontinental missiles and there's a not to have a show like this especially in the 19 sixties is now that I have come out of myself as a technique and and a little bit about
me and as I just said I am I would stuff I and back in engineer and based in San Francisco and I am also 1 of the 2 Vice-Chairs at that point on suffer from 1 and I am a part of the code of conduct many immigrants Committee for a and the D. and I also lead as Francisco quietly and do a lot involved in a lot of the global pieties efforts I also and so have a lot of stickers with me so if you wanna confining afterwards at play for you and that in many ways and look at perhaps an eye and what's any presented you and efficient kind that perhaps like this your 1st Python Conference General Conference ever the movie and major just started to learn Python agenda but to get everyone up to speed and past years has been a huge movement to improve the diversity makeup of arc meaning and 4 years ago I had 2012 and doing a common EU and there is actually and my 2nd conference ever in my 1st time speaking and I actually talked about how what I was doing and to affect adversity in and the Python community using a lot of data resources that kind of 2 treatment you conversations slash meant to talk that and found it appropriate to write for years later to give sort of an update of the of power doing the and I do want to note that this topic and it's focused on women in science is I am but when I work closely with and that ideas and premise of and this should be translated to other minority groups as well and within the Python community in the tech industry and I also I swear a couple times you thought as to its that I'm not a set of like that but I'm just emphasize a point and a kind of heated and you know the possessive about answering conversation point so I drew still free if if a certain of saying somewhere the young properly you had lived mind and but I'm I a constant so this is still there and media and you knew about them like a glass of wine or something who and it is and this place about relax and have a link to that size of a blog post I wrote up for this at the end so it's kind I want you to relax a little the and I said no caffeine you that you are a slight differences huge and to give some contracts and I can try my best to explain and why having a lack of diversity is a problem that we should care about that and in recent research and some insight the scientific papers and found a few really get highlights and that does a better job than I ever could and 1 is from person from hybrid
this review and there is little correlation between a group's collective intelligence and I Q and of its individual members and but when it but if a group includes more women in its collective intelligence rises the next 1 from the National Academy of Engineering creatively depends on our life experiences that diversity the life experiences we branch engineering problem are limited and as a consequence meant we may not find the best engineering solutions the and from Scientific American and when the goods and when it gets and intelligent individuals are working to solve hard problems that the diversity of the problem solvers matters not their individual ability that stability is not distinct from enhancing overall quality it's it is integral to achieving and from the same icon that Continental under the under representation and in the workforce leads to the inescapable conclusion that we're missing critical contributors and to a talent pool it is hard to go work for workforce let alone the best workforce and there's a broad representation of up to 75 per cent of the talent of the potential people and the Masson from a different Harvard
Business Review case and after 10 years of work experience 41 % of women in tech leave the industry compared to 17 per cent of men that they are not likely to leave than the women in other industries because of having families and so when you look at actual data you can see that the lack
of women across thus avoids there's no major tech company here and there has more than 20 per cent women in tech many to take note that this group and who is the only 1 that allows employee to self-report not identifying with the male female gender the
and I mentioned earlier that there's been a larger initiative within the Python Django means to increase their receiving so what exactly are we doing not and list them in that to go groups not an exhaustive and if a word called the here for while which is kind nice to say you had and they wanted a few highlights what and certainly where this is my 3rd
term on up and appears to have 1 and in those years have seen a large influx of grant requests specifically targeted for and diversity initiatives and just last month there may be a multitude of we approved at 3 general girls and funding requests to grants to help icon UK specific targeting to get kids and teachers to the conference and had to grants for workshops in low economic areas are areas that would otherwise and difficulty accessing computers and on some back-of-the-envelope calculations and we get in grants to over air over 20 grants to Jinglebells totaling over about 22 thousand dollars and just in the past year and we also try to be a bit introspective as well and the past elections and the calls made to exist in the end members less and to pleading to take diversity into account when voting for the next Board and I would like to think that it had some effect because and had 11 positions in the words of them are women and up from 3 . 3 women last year and 2 in the year before 3 of the within the pipeline centric uh conference network you may notice an influx of because conduct adaptation and certainly been allowed opinion that occurred conduct is not needed for conferences and here to that to explain why the and that they can connect isn't necessary for those folks right the and those who are and will likely to be affected by harassment by resulting behavior often the minority in that right they are less likely to be visible using a time line on the Geek Feminism with the right of a public events and that has that have happened and silly non-exhaust as an exhaustive list but it is actively maintained and just shows that these incidents do happen in and when they do we as a community and we need to show that and those that are affected affected that we care and we support them and that we're here and we want them here to to feel safe and really didn't and the vendor 2012 and the patterns of a foundation board and passive resolution and that will only sponsor comics is a has a code of conduct in place and as the past few years and conferences that have also been organizing or supporting women only and events including like pi ladies lunches or and jingles totals are women attendee cocktail hours like and I wedding in these events myself at Superfund and it was in the time of the praise and that and food for being in a room full of women and pretty awesome and the interaural and that I can launch a pilot is larger kind and women are encouraged to to stand up and basically promote brag about themselves about the talks and tutorials lightning talks this is of the given living and so maybe it would be embarrassing for and women to talk about themselves but to have like and a space for them to gene OK encourage and gives a lot of confidence for this woman and the 1 and the beauty fountains of like Python fallen doing a beta found and both had given us some can i and j kappa must link and have been using their voice to enthusiastically support and the very active in and the diversity you think that that has an quite an impact on our community and having and the creators of Python in Django and actively as part of the talk about the need for diversity when a community in a committee that wouldn't exist without them and has had an a significant impact and and have been there at the that I'm here is actually and in the Bay area they certainly and make use of his close proximity and buy into a lot of these plants but and if you take a look at other tech communities and can see the lack of support from leadership really affecting them and take the Linux community for example kind don't think I have to explain much better and binders himself and has said that all the diversity stuff is just details and not that important they also well known that flame wars are part of the Linux communing and therefore the leadership the time that they set it has to affect and the diversity make up in some way the the ability to community and is 4 . 4 per cent women and the didn't developer community has 1 . 8 per cent women and I'm looking at the and you can see a lack of leadership support there as well and the conversation in response to that Ruby Conf announcing and their 2013 top line up in the lack of like Debussy speakers maps the occluder Ruby on had said that bias to minority does not solve the problem it just creates reverse discrimination and where the center commenters have been very public about the lack of diversity 1 even Council there conference over stand as straight in and very well known Ruby developer and speak about diversity once treated that and I'm continually impressed by the Python community and that even at a community member of the things that she chooses me never she wants to be in and that the Hanford Ecclestone has done alot of work right and they have girls girls grills bridge the light the fact that conversations over the last the diversity exists says that I get these efforts actually and taking effect in some that I can't help an imagined and if if Matt's work was all the more supportive of devoicing that or if like predicting the Ruby language had something like the PSF behind it and if it may be a little bit better and so moving on to something and deeply involved with myself and highly useful as a study and then new 2012 and no loss and the loss is the a group of women getting together and saying why don't we just to use more regularly the and insert them their pilot is expanded
to a prior over 80 locations by now and calculated at her said the locations a couple months ago and that each year we days about and tens of thousands of dollars to help women get pi kind of speakers and attendees and I was there was a 70 or 80 locations about 50 of them are end 4 meter and they can see that there are over at 12 thousand member is a part of my meetings and them this planet is the groups we hold and events like and beginners workshops and top proposal brainstorming about speaking preparations spans current coffee ninths well-defined yeah and actually going on because you know on the programmer and some data mining and understood the need of groups and thanks to the mean API and
has a lot to get the amount of that new private is joining every month the this this is my super scientific regression analysis the conscious level putting up to the considered is that like when you're trying going upwards and we take in the context of a and B n you apply punishment right and it may have some effect and folks to join policies with those and mediates spikes right afterwards and you can see in some effect when looking at and the largest 17 chapters studying and Elijah 17 adjusted and inconsistent spiking after an hour with along with these new chapters and so so what's the
effect of of pilot is exactly now a bit of a flock for learning might notice I'm not a statistician but I like to play on stage so human the concept of like and
13 and policies led workshops for women to help bring some talk sessions atop proposals with the help of task and committee members of the Program Committee members and users we give and give folks an opportunity to actually practice the charts and before the conference and we've been doing that ever since as 13 14 15 and all that and you that again for a next icon and and some true you relate to this and there's a CFP that was announced and deadlines like in the mountain like Michael the i want talk and you talk but all obstinately later and procrastination it's best if you need an action in this talk and but I found a lot and part of the reason like appreciate that time to sit down and actually think about a talk and all of them feel like they don't have an idea for a good idea and and having that sounding board and a previous Program Committee members of of empire is around them really helps and firm up the proposal in and press like that brings in Bendigo hands it and so then talks going set in and you're on because can relate that will like a moment that value times except the 90 X. enough to prepare or actually like right all the contents of AI person do other constant development where I don't do anything until it gets accepted better to have someone have a committee kind of like an committee appears really like so what you in your idea and allow time for you to speak of the carbons inferred brilliant nice feeling presented to think that giving that research that time the pilot cases had effect on the percentage of speakers of you can also see it on the fact of highways in a more regional as well and 3 cities that have a large by finding a prayer and the Boston and San Francisco and to see if the community reflects any difference with the addition of the local police and so this
graph and it shows a number of new members and every month for 2 minutes for and near exceed Python and a new exciting and certainly some of the tree's growth is attributable to the popularity of Python and as a language of wrong as well as the growth of the start of industry there number 1 I can see that pilot started in 2012 and in the respective units and saw a much larger sharper growth super scientific regression analysis right there and and so the entered New
England and Boston and is also very great help for Python has a very active
the danger you got enough Python user group however you don't see much difference least with the Python user groups and in the growth of new members after prior ladies Boston stars and but perhaps you familiar and some Pielou's inspiration was actually from the women only workshops at the Boston Python user group has started back in early 2011 so you can see a larger growth rate and once a region introduces 1 and focused events now on the
same Francisco my home in the home of the largest by reasoning and is the patient
and we have a bunch of pi bond centric and groups and I chose specifically that the largest most active ones and the growth rate from the membership of these mutants and free knows suburban of in April 2012 and again super scientific regression or but it's interesting here as when I switch this to like line on
2nd line graph and you can see that when SF highly started that the rate of new membership specifically for the SF pipeline pub mate and needed that was not at all affected they suspect this has to do something with the presence of alcohol and or the environment that may not attract highly is anyway this is just trying to the users needs trying to quantify that the effective and the region effective pi on local meetups in if you if you have the data and I have everything in an IPython notebooks set a link in my blog posts which you'll see at the end and right so we're doing pretty good that you
think can be done a lot we can see some effect and we are not done yet and so much more you can do and I'm just throwing money at priorities isn't gonna help the please give us money appreciate and and so
people caring printers and developers alike company complaining about not hiring women but the lack of the corporate diversity in general and I felt the same base cases them all time when trying to hear diversity the confinement and lowered the WER meritocracy engenders manner and so I'm going to introduce me and my superset scientific term and maybe no call bullshit these excuse so that here a bullshit then I can show you I'm so what is said
and done quality it's not a problem here this things don't matter and there actually here is and it's not a problem to me and so this relation is certainly more instantly notable shipped to me it's essentially questions a person's beliefs and if it's a problem of the effects of some concern to increase their genders and generations it should be treated as a legitimate problems the if you think the problem access and questions trying figure out why I have so would you think should be done and intern understand a problem because why would anything like this he said to begin with friends and it's another classic 1 in a here is we focus on quality not gender but and similar similarly in we are a meritocracy that's bullshit of and so this thing is that you find quality to mean software written by men the Quality is an objective word rain and do we encourage but code our task coverage there again simplistic code whether but other values to be had to quality and I'm hoping that agenda kind of the fired quality so the system is essentially saying to me we don't want to change what we're doing here right so I've heard this 1 that girls to and and women just are interested in this and this is an implying that it's women's faults and are they are women not really that interested it's complete when with me bolstered mind that you have all of them said that that's what I and we participated in events stock on Caltech alone and meant for a secondary girls and sponsoring companies hold workshops and to give a sampling of what the future holds for technology and they had like robots computers in the printing and possibly geeky stuff there were a whole late excited about an in-service proved that proves that this is something that girls are more interested in and so long as they're invited in and police itself was proof of that too and and provides an invitation to women and to join the Python community so this is a classic here so often we couldn't find a woman you can actually hear that didn't put enough effort into it and so what I have to say to that is that complete culture and so I'm going to go out there and a single job that for Spotify wants to my local Piraeus group and I get 40 responses within the 1st week 40 responses added probably not more than 200 people not meaningless in and 40 40 women actually spotted and so that's a super massive response for a sometimes fails to actually work at your professional network like look at look at your LinkedIn profile ever procedure connections how many actually look like you are what's the agenda of ethnicity or race or whatever but the distribution among your contacts so you reach out to the same network but yours reach out to you know get the same people flying so yes it will take work but the women were out there and so this this 1 has seen a lot of this on the Twittersphere on red and queries that's reverse discrimination and this is actually get a lot of contention on know what the some semi is an he want to recruit your friends and who sure will also look like you it doesn't help that we have like this referral bonus culture and to hire friends and I get the reason we want to hire people like you know that a good like you right that has consequences so the tennis around maybe and so Twitter recently and said that they want to increase their an ethnic minority among the workforce from 8 per cent to 9 per cent so what if they said right so less on only higher 91 % white people that sounds weird right and that intended interaction to think that there's some sacrifice that will be made and you will find some standards and have to say that is bullshit and my so just put a bunch of research beginning that says that that's quite the opposite but diversity add to the quality it it is indeed the illegal the US to make hiring decisions based off of gender race ethnicity etc. and saying something like we must hire 20 per cent women in Mexico defined % legality into question but a lot of this narrative a data-driven training and so how are they can see how we can improve model at time usage statistics and we and we want to measure things so we can deliver a product so why not measure how diverse are hiring its onset goes like increase the number of women candidates by 20 % the regression the tire 20 per cent women that should be to make sure that everyone who is qualified is being considered during the last 1 moment you're all familiar with this that and the is hiring a crazy and and they need need that's now you much and what this means to me is that you don't actually care enough to put an hot into diversity in into your hiring process and that was once it with me but that's bullshit become on 1 that that's always a of the this implies that when I do the work was to ensure that you have proper practices in place that diverse networks and maybe remove edge and identifying words in your application process and consistent metric someplace to see how you're doing it's only doesn't take much effort to do for local communities to reach out to the the so when I hear this anything other than the the bullshit in natural waters and attention not the only 1 to and pick up on on that as well but this this actually hints at a larger issue these excuses hint at a larger issue that there's a
fallacy that there is a bad guy certainly you get wide diversity is important here the trying for goodness sakes but there's a notion that there's a bad guy behind the lack of diversity in the intact in the center of tension and given to someone when they say something about like of understand widespread have booth babes at a conference and the ones like others about guys like I found him but we didn't get here because of 1 bad guys and where all the bad guy were all complacent we have our friends we have we have the uniform looking network this is something that everyone has to consciously and actively work towards yeah right so
those are and Patsy agree on Anthony available and that we need to do more so what actually can we do right so have you heard Google yeah
and so the the if you could actually use it against the and this not times and people come to me to educate them and that teacher and if you want to learn more about feminism about unconscious bias about privilege that super awesome fantastic thumbs that you but I'm not do the research for you I don't have the time or the patience especially for it that the debates that usually happens afterwards and I'm but I'm also I'm also not the network for women are not the gatekeeper to 1 the lot of manifests his advanced joined them bigger engineers and to build relationships and that kind leg work for you use Google and obtaining the Picasa untapped resource and that this 1 time only 2 of them and maybe you a
set of like and readings to help you kind of and if you're interested vectors of education so minimizes like arranged a morning of this one's actually it's only about those 2 so you'll be sitting in of
so it's after some self-education from and know some actions that you can take the
1st is super simple and programmers for like this and switch and the use of the word female to women resemble female attendees to women in 10 years and you might ask
why I'm 1st and they mean different things female is often said in a scientific context frequently referring to the ability to produce offspring the term 1 instance of the 1st to human while female refer to entities in the species the 2nd reason is it's kind dehumanizing and to be reduced to my productive abilities he had no money human and it also excludes folks that were identified as a woman who may not have the physical ability to bear children and not all women were born biologically females the last thing and when used as a noun it can imply inferiority it's up to me is a native town meeting in so you can see this if you and search Twitter for females and found a couple of interesting groups and female should stop when they get so we all know the truth uh I contrast females and so about females we're a reduced to a species and their separate near other and even see many in might go search and where word females but I would highly suggest getting a drink 1st and and so
on those lines actually I think if you need a gendered identifier more often not you probably don't need to for instance at work and I am frequently introduced as this is like an our female developer in there's no need for that right there's only work for what I am I'm a fucking engineer people call me happy lazy 7 whatever please I have seen our women developer when when only 1 gender is really relevant to the context should you specify it like like an event specifically for women so another example a few weeks ago I received a message on link and recruitment spam the immigrants at exactly this I am really impressed at your profile I'm especially impressed because you're a woman I don't think my hand hit my forehand as fast as it did developer right so another my action the is to assume knowledge assume everyone and has a reason to be at this conference a you where workshop whatever and that's 1 of someone else begin and Enrico and allow them to re review whatever it is that they want to but as soon as the reason for attending is the same as yours this price sounds better than this 1 is
specifically at some various been 1st designed for the alliteration but there's no reason to use female other than engine so so when 1st design and make it the default pronouns in inventory and reflect a woman for instance like documentation parts user profiles from values whatever the reason that this is so impactful is is that it's signaling it signals to him and that as a developer you have thought about them it does not mean patronizing woman by painting painting a product pink or were having fathers across everywhere and to see a striking difference in could you to like find members browser extensions for where browser the use and there it switches and not pronounce a female are gender neutral pronouns not as funny is like the kind of but 1 component so the impact will nonetheless I
said last month action it's very novel I know but to reach out and a couple months ago and all staff he is 1 of the maintainers of IP i am keeping me on niocene them he needed help with high PIN and both Armenians and but fixing an as well as a lot of greenfield projects and his actually chief him that he he recognize that and there were no women behind the scenes out of the so so that that's he asked us he asked police to help alleviate his work with and to be honest wouldn't think you'd get much on let me take to help now back to his disbelief Anatolia news that would happen within the 1st hour you know he got for volunteers to help out so this should actually works like actually reaching out it works
so that their actions that like the low-hanging fruit OS mismatch and that we can do to help you and welcome women to 500 tech industry as well as workplace but now onto the difficult stuff and it's
very comfortable hiring working hanging out the co-funding of with them people like you with your friends but we must be prepared to get uncomfortable 1 way is to take is to take on a sense of intentional curiosity because remember and that let me pool that for you that why find annoying it is indeed commendable them to want to know more about something that's fantastic and then actually takes work and again I can do for you but self education is key here and 1 thing that's and model is a sense of curiosity así when meeting people not like like you social or workplace situations and curiosity about what makes a team better on what what where and how they work together and and how to make it better from where you are now it's essentially going beyond your comfort zone another point and not accompany sub and super good and being introspective and it's embarrassing encompass uncomfortable to admit mistakes but and seen a lot and the service goes down a company is often very transparent and very apologetic about it we tend to share what we've learned in that process but there is that same level of transparency down among the lack of devoicing we should had postmortems about the subject like for instance here numbers for 2014 here's a action plan for this coming for the each on diversity as 1 a similar problem to when services Donna fail well in the document for the rest the world and visually open up our diversity the standard isn't exactly like a trade secret it's not like Google's like search algorithm yields Mrs. rankings from instantly scary like to admit fault in some comfortable but but wouldn't be awesome to essentially see that have a lot of companies being introspective about the diversity the last bit this is this is a for for women and other minorities is to say what you really think I mean this very seriously and I spent a few things that work noticing how often I would be interrupted unacknowledged or just talk over and in really made me mad 1 time has actually been meaning that there's only 2 other people there kept interrupting me has got fed up by the research for fuck's sake let me fucking speak they did not consider buffer that they could fully like understood as the consumer behavior but it following the defini speaker so I honesty say what you really think rich quickly meaning if you have to know that is otherwise it will continue and will get worse yeah it company the super behind diversity and with with hiring but but if you don't have a voice at the table what's the point so next time so a lot
of attention turned into a bit of a region using well on and that I want to finish and 1 positive note and another in this article for you answer from a certain philosophy and gene run very sad and
humility will reach maturity and wisdom on the data begins not just to tolerate but it takes special delight the differences in ideas and the differences in life forms the worst possible thing that can happen to all of us is that is for the future to somehow press as into a common mold where we begin to act and talk and look and think alike if we cannot learn actually enjoyed the small differences to take positive delight despite differences between on kind here on this planet then we did not deserve to go out of space and the the diversity that is certainly will almost certainly up there thank you it
but not all of the of the of the world and the fact that some