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How I learned Django while working at Eventbrite

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I have a book deal with that of the end of the of the and the and the party that I Ch thinking of them as that
of the fashion of accessibility and certainly not in that you the a a little more
about me why are you here while you listening to me the on a group in Ohio which was really boring so I went someplace wholly different which was Illinois no and I'm a computer science degree from the University of Illinois and then as lignin is still actually really boring so I ran away and joined the Peace Corps and top people how to use computers in Cameroon with b squared for to have years and then I came back and I joined
eventbrite where a missing is-a for engineer but
know that actually matters those are kind of like the highlights the successes of my life why I know something about not knowing anything is because at each of those points I I didn't know anything so why should you learn
why is important to to say what sort of Burma REO so that you know that the field always changing there so many cool things you can do the like yeah at by Weiss company want you learn you always want to know but maybe you're doing that and secretly but this way should be doing it on company time the 1st of all there's a
bus factors you haven't heard of it it's the rather morbid term for how many people can get hit by a bus and have your company still function it's also
the term unicorns which are very rare people who do exactly what your company needs to happen the community where because they're almost impossible to find so I say you should start as a horse like start and growing so
this is kind of my history of 1 of when different things in school I did Java and C + + in Visual Basic and met and since then I use none of those surprise surprise I don't use OK a lot of great I my 1st job I started winning HTML and CSS D shot and I have not you the short since then and that event right answer with Javascript Python and surprise you actually need more than just those things to do your job so you start with a couple other things I started working on a research team and wind solar and then really you need also some Cassandra and some red SC you pick them up 1 by 1 but it's not just the technology is it's not just the languages it's also all the other tools you need to do your job it's very grandads docker it's a text editor all these things take time to learn in you can't just do it instantaneously I also think when had a company is actually really awesome so for 1 you people talk CEO there's probably some be there who knows we're trying to learn and it makes a lot of sense to be able to go and talk to them instead of finding some be randomly online by gunfire C and the like are they going to hate me if I ask them this really begin a question there's also a framework already in place it might be greater might be bad but the last time I decide project they took 3 days setting up my environment and all the technologies they needed so knows knowing how to do all those things so just giving past all that we and environment the 30 set up it's really useful in figure out the other things later you doing something that's useful if your company successful or if you're not your friend make them successful it something that's a product it's going to get used to it probably alive and well the most important thing you can do but up if you're working on something as a side project you can you can just be laid out all of these things you guess won't work on it today if you're making something for your company you have to continue making it you can't really like always too hard I guess I'll stop working on this now the so how do you do it may get in the schedule the title this is actually how I learned GenGO out of brain and the torque is actually more not help anyone wins anything any company but by this is kind of my strategy of how I did it EI and there's actually a lot of different ways people may have different strategies that hopefully it's useful for someone so what I always have to do and I always
have to remind myself to deal is do 1 thing at a time bad giant list of things to learn don't try to do them all at once do 1 of them but similarly if you know Django really really well and you keep getting projects at work that are doing Django over and over maybe expander arises maybe try and work on something where you don't know anything really try and work on something where you're learning 1 the thing but you can talk to your manager you can talk to different people say need help on that you need help with your go project you need help integrating posts crescent of Django and you can learn new things that I
the I'm not sure if anyone here is a manager leader as senior engineer a really anyone who is making scandals and telling other people what they should be doing this is actually your job ideally people are going to be coming and saying I would love to learn more about Javascript the but they might be quiet so if you're telling them what they should be working on maybe see what they're interested in tried introduced them new projects maybe there's a perfect but that's a great introduction to something else In an easier done and only 1 person knows how to do it don't give it that 1 person give it to somebody else so where's the Peace Corps my title was teacher I and classrooms of 80 students which is not efficient at all by we did a lot of classes on pedagogy in and how to teach and how to learn and there's a lot different cities by a lot people talk about visual auditory and kinesthetic which isn't actually true but humans love categorizing so we're gonna go with that and you might recognize 1 of these is how you learn you might say 0 yeah I'm definitely monetary learner I can stare at something for days and have no idea by if you're a visual learner some different ways that a really good to learn are pair programming maybe it as an observer you should also read speed as well but figuring out how somebody else is doing it you could read books you could read the documentation you can read source code something I noticed that more junior engineers have trouble with is diving into the source code because seems complicated that's on the best ways to figure out what's going on especially if there's some behind-the-scenes magic you could Goulet you could ask around but the fastest way and the best way is poly to go and look at the source code you can also watch seminars online there is new to me income Academy in so many different often ways so i'm stacks of textbooks different fantastic they hold of my desk I read them very rarely I think once like and I went down and I was actually trying to do something and a star algorithm so I looked it up but it was really weird of my roommate on the other hand will order basically new textbook once a month in actually reading it I don't know how he does it but that's not the auditory learners they come to conferences made you online classes most importantly talk to people ask questions eons kinesthetic learners if you don't remember hearing about auditory visual kinesthetic that it means touching things like actually physically doing things in your hands the fear kinesthetic learners would is most people happen projects maybe follow some tutorials online the things that I always do our Post-it notes and wake boarding we've some giant with words on the walls all take over and crawl over them and frustrating actually when working with people on a national office to the big weight what's in that corner the later thing it I also used to have 2 monitors and my 2nd monitor was only used as a place to put Post-it notes which really annoyed my co-workers so they got me whiteboard further behind my desk the most important thing to note here is that no 1 is only using 1 everyone needs a bit of all of these things so start with what you works best for you maybe start on a tutorial yet if you stopped maybe go and talk to somebody
so some tips working with other people this you don't hear the Brahmins might of what 1 is clearly the best friend means sometimes they will curl up and sometimes will attack each other and who knows with according to comes and work on it but there can representative so the best way is to find some new style complements years so you you're comfortable asking questions to but maybe that person doesn't know everything In so maybe there's that 1 person in the corner who you think is going to bite your head off if you talk to them so how you that person because of that actually not as scary as you think some really great ways are to schedule time on the calendar don't come in interrupt them in the middle the problem the belief kay I'm trying to figure this thing out can I talk to you at 3 o'clock because I see you don't need bail don't say it like that the palate things together you can also talk about what you figured out hero if you come them and you say OK but the model in Django they may be kind of annoyed they should be everyone should be a nice and ponies impossible but the complement the I read the documentation but what a model does and this is my problem right here so I'm trying to figure out the best way to implement and pass codes on the model you think of a better this way or this way and it gives them a lot better foundation of how to help you know and where to go and there shouldn't be any resentment there another cool thing to do is if they're 1 those people who but they the only 1 who knows anything about the payment system and so therefore nobody wants to bother them and they always busy fixing bugs and payment systems you can go and talk to them and say OK I see a really busy I see this is I could fix this by could you help me and then there's no way that they can really say no I don't do that because you're helping them the
so what you were on so yeah it's a job sometimes you have things given to you and sometimes you might want to work on something different you might wanna learn something new the best thing is to deal with our to figure out what's really important and then talked a manager and the Akaike my work on this thing for a while and so those things page could be working on our what's important your company it's a really easy cell the like K I do we need to learn Elastic Search because our search the better and no 1 else knows how to do it so can I work on it there are more likely to say yes if you like OK ElasticSearch is really interesting to me and I'm working on a homicide project non-starter start up and take just like take couple days to learn it which they're more likely to say no to that but in another thing is what if people complain about are that time tools really bad all our the sequel queries really really slot maybe you don't know anything about sequel but you know that every day you're admin is complaining about this 1 query it's really slow and everyone's way too busy and everyone's avoiding it MIT because there's 2 key things we don't know about by whatever jumping take that query and say I wanna make this better and you make a lot of people happy and people also be willing really willing to jump in and help you because it's something that the pain point for a lot of people so you
have all these things you wanna learn how do you do it you have a job how are you still being productive while you're doing it but it's really important thing is to time box don't stand a week reading a text about something it might turn out that your textbook is about Cassandra and then you're like 0 wait readers to be better and then all the time is but we still now you know about the Cassandra but not relevant for you not being productive so give yourself some time 1 of my favorite rules that on some you gave me early on is that if you work on something for an hour In you having gone anywhere then should go and talk to somebody you should try and happily 1st yourself because it helps to learn better but anything longer than an hour don't get help prioritizations really important maybe elastic is more interesting to you but for your company making that equal query faster is much more important the organizations a really hard problem it's not be solved in 1 bowl point by try and think about it when you're working on different things what's most important you should be doing that you should not be training videos of your dog and together they were I would never do that Our another trick that doesn't really fit in the time management by that has really helped me is to leave comments in the code when you take a break the so it often takes me a long time to context which Americans encoded converted all its go get some boba good yeah that's really nice outside would go outside and then you come back we was doing that to really long time to figure it out or it might even have a file open you we're this file was so I always leave comments and sometimes they're in a in sometimes like I was turning the color of this line from blue to red you know all remember that approach you want so
after you've learned everything after you know everything in the world as you're going to the next month how do you remember the
write it down so I'm constantly taking
notes and you can also be writing documentation you could be writing bug reports maybe you are just getting your dad environments AI and it's taking you know a really long time eating it as you have no idea how Dr. works and then an hour and you don't have somebody know at all you don't have this package installed yeah like weight I spent so long trying to re download it and it's a spelling that's always the documentation wrong and so should go and fix it or you can write about report maybe there is actually an error somewhere that should the text but that for less I basically always
have at least 2 lists going on 1 is 1 of RT learned so as I'm going to the week I really like think I did on the that how to turn the news into that's a straight up and then you'll be able to figure out in a weaker until when you need to train more videos of dog guess how did you don't have to go through the same process of googling because it's really easy to forget you is something 1 time near like undone and then you need it again something that I actually did when I joined about rate is I had this secret GoogleDoc where rotates as like this is how I run the server this is how I index Search and I thought this was really embarrassing but I can't remember how to run the server get my development environment up so don't tell anyone about it and had the secret document and then I realize a couple months later that everyone has a secret documents so ideally be shared or maybe it's just a reminder that it's not embarrassing not every company has the dev environment set up the same way so just because you don't remember RS and nodes only 2 keystrokes if you forget it it's fine maybe that's not how you did it before the so it's great documentation for the next people that seek a document of mind helped when something else joined the Csibi lately How do I get the demo server up How do I make it stop threading like 0 wait I remember all these things because I have this not see the document anymore I'm sharing with all the of documentation it also really great to be able to say hey look at all these things I've learned especially in during in the process of learning lots of new thinks it's really easy frustrated might be like I done nothing this week I have all these 2 gets I've accomplished nothing the but if you look at your list you can say well I figured out how to make sequel grows faster now figured out how to rein Cassandra and I've done this tutorial and I've read this text book so yes you still need to be closing tickets by it's really good to be reflective and say what have you done what you know now and also to communicate out people it depends on how your company structures set up by if the main record of progress is the connectivity of closed in even only time learning maybe a manager doesn't know what you've been doing so communicate that say these are the things I've done look also my M it's also really great because when you're not cycle of learning in figuring things out you probably have your confidence being Lord that I don't know anything you're impostor syndrome is gonna be getting pretty hot if you have a but when you look back in the late 0 no I definitely knew django it I have that going just because I don't know how to write go that's what I know this other things my 2nd list it is what he was land so when you're trying figuring things out it's really easy to go down the rabbit hole to good and that spiral and say there's so many cool things here late I was reading this tutorial a set high to do multithreading in that I could do like make a chat program in mind you I'm going to follow that was like a way know and I really does need to be figuring out how to put words on the screen I give you wanna use eventually so put that down as something you wanted you later let's say you're figuring out how to write equal queries In you're reading some overflow In fair in a has a link and says yeah that's a good enough solution but if you wanna get 100 times faster you should do it this way and you really want the comedy like to have a good on the radical but you should poly put it aside it's not immediately relevant output on the 2nd list and be like OK is why is going to later general I figure out how to go back to those when I have that problem again maybe I need to make a sequel query faster sleeker only that other time I needed FLaReNet OK so it's probably something that's really valuable and not just a trendy new topic I also know that if I don't break it down only really angry at myself for not following it immediately so it's kind of like you know I've acknowledged it it's there don't use during now ordered someday the and the
best way to learn is actually to teach so people often will think I just like this I am not a good person to teach at the people who are best to teach are the experts the people than doing forever let the weight line the poor bastard teaching new people is people who have just learned and a lot of that is they just went through it they remember what was frustrating the remember what was hard the there's also the pro that sometimes the all the set up stuff around teaching is the complicated thing and some news dev environment has been set up for Monday is not going to remember so there's a lot of things that I've talked about you should figure out what works for you there's lots of and things you should take the time to learn it's really important no 1 should ever be able to say don't do that on especially that's not a priority for your company has been really fortunate that of right has been really flexible that said you know nothing about searching JavaScript engineer have fun which I don't think is actually normal by it there's all these tricks you can do it and say hey this is ben really hard for people there is 1 person who is the only 1 who knows this and so he got hit by a bus at would be out of luck but if I learned that can I be able to help them but most importantly again to is to have fun with it learning should be fun it's 1 of my favorite things about computer science is there's lots different things you could be doing anything so don't get too caught up with frustration or by saying I don't know anything to FIL the not that this kind of what's worked for me and what where people have talk to but if you have any other tricks I wanna know them I want add them I wanna help people so tell me please the end of the the of the keyboard your 1st project and EventBrite for your your 1st jangle project got my 1st first-angle project was actually making our teams feature AI and it was really interesting because I had been a friend engineers and I was really gonna job step and the assassin like who we have started as a project here being paired with the senior engineer who knows everything about Genghis Sulu front-end yielded back and like all no problem then there is some critical bands that he had to go facts and I no it's not it is like a hammer you set the models for this it's like models what what that mean document and I started writing them in and here we only code but he was actually very busy and other things and I ended up writing most project so this really sort the goal of to go of production it then it is life it is used by tough matter which is 1 of our biggest clients if you've ever signed up for tough you've used my code will also do you have any advice for a this is more like a city you do you're a situation where your job is isn't so flexible and you know you've and besides get another job are funny how you navigate that like you wanna work on something else maybe your managers not really minimal that you could do the job but I've been at this position I cover drop father yeah I was revised the 2nd right it definitely tougher and I don't wanna be like quit like you said but this is a video you can try and talk to another team if there's maybe there's another team doing some that's really interesting TO and you can be like how can I work with the old and maybe you're mn structure of your direct manager Polly 1 like that too much but maybe be OK to switch teams into something more interesting and get a manager is more flexible or just try and say OK there's this project we need to work on can I do this part of it is kind of like slowly shift so something that I had initially done when I was very interested in search is was ousting front-end as like all maybe I can just add this new fields the database and busy and then they're like wait we're busy so yeah you should be that India and so I did this great page had a program for a long time and then we had some shuffling and I got a new manager and use liberator contrasted like yes it's yours now and through it all on me so some of it's like a slow progression and sometimes it's dumped on your that's great but you mention that you had like your own secret notes file and then everybody you discovered everybody had their own secret notes file on what's been your experience with having sort of like of a company wiki or a team wiki just to collect all this knowledge and because uh I you had like 1 person sort of in charge of that or is it just me left out for everyone to sort of organized or does nobody actually contribute it's just me and you would be from the acid in your experience so we have engineering documentation and it's fantastic when I 1st started it was actually very difficult to and you had to check out the repository with all of that you
had major changes you to commit your changes and then if there is any formatting was wrong with here reStructuredText is in this giant link bleary e-mailed all of engineering being like that those sailed like the build failed and so people work really intimidated and for some reason didn't wanna modified the docks so I think 1 of the best things we did there was actually just add a little edit link ce could directly edit it on and we remove that really horrible e-mail and so it became a lot easier for people to go in and change the In the past like the user ID called eclipse Metacritic if it has 1 killer feature it anywhere you type into the in all caps the stream follows that is not captured until less than another pain buried someone yeah but you can find if you look hard enough and then there's the entirety of acrossrely projects orders anything like that so that you've run into 4 I thought as it seems that that seems likely that I would use that exactly for the situation of them walking way the and it's red and the Act on fast 1 amazing and I don't do things that complexity with you it's more like this is the last thought I hadn't shoving it and right there by I also use notes embarrassingly enough where I keep 1 of my list so that's an equivalent ushered does anyone else have an answer to this but I could also benefit from the ever you search do like a global search for all you to do is it this the the regret the the answer there is sublime as opponents I we want to know for the despite term of anything the part charm looks for today is to if think you and extend the questions and you know something I think yes thank and and and and this is a
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Titel How I learned Django while working at Eventbrite
Serientitel DjangoCon US 2015
Teil 05
Anzahl der Teile 46
Autor Lacker, Allison
Mitwirkende Confreaks, LLC
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung 3.0 Unported:
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DOI 10.5446/32765
Herausgeber DjangoCon US
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract We all are constantly learning new technologies and strategies to be more effective at our jobs, or just because they interest us. How do you balance the need to stay on top of the latest and greatest changes in our industry with making a product? How do you take a new hire with amazing potential and help them learn everything they need to know, while shipping at the same time? Shipping code as soon as possible isn't a cutthroat business decision. It helps people learn faster, be more effective, feel more valued, and keeps them centered on the right goals. How do you balance learning with shipping code? Is there any reason they have to be separate? Too often we feel that these are discrete tasks. Benefits of learning technology by applying it to real world problems are: - Fixing a real world problem - Learning something that is immediately useful - Remembering it better than if you had learned the theory Dangers to consider include: - Not everyone learns the same way - Real world problems can be vastly more difficult than you expect, unless you've already solved them - Revealing embarrassing legacy code and decisions earlier than you'd like

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