XMPP in the world of IoT

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: XMPP in the world of IoT

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XMPP in the world of IoT
An open standard for interoperable IoT
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Talk on how XMPP fit into the world of IoT. The big advantages, technologies, possibilities, and differences. The XMPP Standards Foundation has accepted a series of extensions for internet of things available at http://xmpp.org/extensions/. The talk is about how XMPP could be a solutions to several of the challenges in deployment of massive IoT This talk gives an example on how to connect realworld devices using the extensions XEP323 and XEP325 The session is also an inspiration for the afternoon hacking session where people are encouraged to try the code out and Gives a hint on how a Semantic web approach can be added in a secure way.
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the thereof full please no new people in a room this room is now full so there is no more room a where to overcapacity were not actually allowed to sit in the stairs or stand on by the rules of the university otherwise the OK thank you for the last 2 I suspect someone sitting there you the the good and I think so we hope that the what the the sir yes so what is gonna testing microphone little bit more here testing the microphone stuff happening with microphone significant here this is closer Robb OK no OK so the next the next presidential be from your him and uh it's gonna be about x MPP which is a system for presence and messaging which I'm sure you what's going on in the context of I O T them including XML on little things Our terrible OK sorry well gardener albedo but recall validating engines and so on on on your on your body is tragic so yes but so were just sitting is up there may have some applause and see the generates some noise problems yes excellent OK thank i can't yeah I can hear you know this is a tragedy occured it it's a very small screen as speaker very close to the microphone the and when I have computers there is no the of while there yes using relax and screams isn't just went away it's very small uh so there's more fully formed you the and I have 10 I mean you this I had my for this the only way to move the lesser his from the right corner In this very far away now the 1st thing you so see mentioned you know looking that just
almost going and final and it starts
in the middle so i'm you work can be imported from
Sweden to uh I've been working I
work at the company called sustainable innovation we work with energy efficiency services uh energy efficiency FIL we working with very little companies uh academia to energy providers in utilities is all and as you know there's
use device explosion you probably have a lot of the system in often you better than
yourself and would you do that
while you would like to connect and in the clouds that's what you will do 1st thing you do you get it on and in through data to database somewhere I did you do it by yourself that way by a
thing with the service in its so how many have the thing with the service to it yeah so it
gets on the net wifey whatever and it throws a data to a server somewhere creating a very nice business either then you get a nice open
API hopefully it's somewhat the
same and hopefully they do all the so you can combine them and are not everybody them so in the end in your home you would have heat pump with an aunt just skating with an refrigerator with another and then along with an think could the possible to interoperate between them the so as a customer is
seeking there with all these companies the trying to get a smart home if you haven't created it yourself so getting the temperature From an alarm companies the sentences to your heat system it's a very long way the there's a lot of
interoperability issues in between FIL API is to travel and a lot of projects to do with big companies so there is a solution that we tried the in the projects it's called checked
how many has a chat client Alice video
so you had to make friends and when you have a friendship relations it can talk to them prefer B on a language both so you understand English German whatever this part of the
chapter message transport and then the company of the project would do with energy efficiency services the we now
have Dixon pp to the devices from all these companies so my little friend smoke detector can be friend to might from
regardless of the domain it's originated in the so the smoke detector from very short could talk to my heat pump Dr. C. no problem which attract but they need to have a language of course the so all these the generic service
this available next BP network you can implement in a language you can implement any server in any language to choose a ready made so as you can areas are at home if you
like your on 2 main or you can let the company's actually keep the
silo but open up the the device a view the chapel bankrupt so if they have an eternal API you can move that to be its and pp the U. N. be federated which we just heard is very good you would have different identities that different identities solutions you can hide
every nicer to protocol behind it so what we done with the long companies they of course doesn't
open anything locally it's very secure enough so we only get the API on the server side but we have then included some pp on it so every alarm instance would be hit a jet on Nixon pp network so I can talk to my alarm asking for smoke detector number Ones
temperature yeah and move that go to the heating company the so that's now done in Sweden in this project with and to come to get the language right it's MPP has a very
nice view of extensions anybody seen those extensions and yes the optimal so and when you
do an extension to the network you don't really in demand any changes in servers for most of them and if you do publish subscribe you would need an instance work being in the service all but most of the things that doing client to client for example an extension all presence or you the you have or whatever the you need to have the so we've done extensions now to send sensor data which create an excimer language very defined 0 how to move the data between 2 clients on any domain and that's quite useful so go away from the actual chapter as a pure tunnel any data repeat you go to the x amount transport with the defined namespace to read and write data so you know when you get that that's smoke package not this is a temperature then instances I could come back to convert it to Fahrenheit if I wanted and I will be interoperable the between different systems between different domains any local protocol and yes this is just another way of doing standardization of course but if you wait for so to do to help to make the Internet of Things transport protocol we need to wait for all of and the good thing that's MPP is that this 1 authority all excessive formation that dust the standardization in the anybody can contribute and these extensions allow an experimental and so it's just too at 11 and make them famous so we can change the fight is a very new initiative with the standard for a year now surround talking trying the done implementations in Python for esprit and yes no we haven't should be mating it for Audrey knows and we do Dumontier less no chat client should ever do anything else so this is not an aim to make your walls which turn on lap it's not a name for this this is when you are away from home need to turn you state of the house to another state look at something and help or con una k between company dimensions the so at an sort of not really and the bare gold to best briefly through the steps that we have the 3 2 3 which is a sensor data read to that's the way you go to either between 2 devices or from a statistical
engine poll data to Watson good what's the transport is looks a bit complicated that is because you never know what's behind that chat service it could
be an electricity grid so if you are asked they give me all this and it would apply accepted and then you will have
data for months the because it will spontaneously provide you with messages
all the devices that's behind so therefore the book that complicated transport but you could simplify it if you just the temperature you get a request and you say sports so that's were reading and of course almost the same thing is
for writing 1 last example of natural XML you do they get with wanting to read momentarily values and you would get requests accepted and then the message is poring over with values and those could be either as each messages if they are contained a separate device or they could be a number of values that's part of that message if itself has a lot of edits the and another thing for doing this is that 1 device could take quite a long time to calculate the value you're asking for it could mean to
do uh from physical thing with a lot of and looked around devices so I posted and then you need to have an analog O conversion and calculate perhaps it doesn't have a very small footprint so when doing control and
the choose were doing another namespace is that you can do in Excel pp do
discovery she could talk to any chat client and discover what it's capable so if you do that for a chat client it would respond by condition and these devices can then respond I can do and I can also do right you can it and interact with it good the an example
right so the same I do set
and I get a response it worked and now you
can do that cross over the world to any device anywhere that you're a friend of good but if you a friend with my alarm I would rather not let you send the control of the status of my alarm setting is to op perhaps giving up my very very best friend so therefore we
need a notion of provisioning and security for authorization
we have the octopus authentification this time in the network as part of its MPP
already day less passwords you can do any the could use certificates or whatever to watch a server the so how do we let my mom not respond on the status to a friend because I need the find redemption measure list the relation so that to be used for the 1st so then we have Institute used the best friend which is another client on the network so if you're device the first friend you get would probably the get best friend and I could be precepts from the provider for you
started in a push on a button and it'll be an a la mode to actually accept friend requests that could be you on your iPhone or it could be a server somewhere having a bot so as soon as this thing it's another friend requests what would you do all the DOS the parent my best friend am I allowed to talk to this guy From this interesting domains we no definitely not so that's the 1st step on and making it once authorization to the nodes using a friendship relations the next thing would be OK I'm friends with this poll and he was read the status a lot is that ok and the best friend can then respond yes or no and I can catch it if I want to I can't really read the cash we have a double communication so this server as soon as I get the presence on an Turkey could push me what we have changes in their relationships of your friends so can push down new settings where did love so the study of a provisioning there also parts of tokens and so on to you have lot on used to talk and that's why they could be transported to the main network so that's the main things you would like to use doing a secure Internet of Things interoperable transport layer for any device more less any domain if you're doing respiratory control you need to be taking care of course if you have some very nice and hospitality machinery on the other end the and there is working we've gone run through several service we have Python implementation job implementation we have a very nice index the the real-time lounge uh where we can even demo communication and therefore perhaps to and have a little demo as well yup of yeah but they that we don't do and I have a few slides left sorry that there a non thing all these devices xn
pp is of course not a protocol to
use communication between those devices at home as we set the could be Cb said wave 6 Chopin of course or whatever but my history ongoing industry and everything is that regardless of the
protocol you find if you do that you do in such you finally IP gateways on and several if you're a meter industrial protocol there's tons the gateways at that level it's interesting to go for the exam pp transport are the do by itself where it has some kind of of you for example the Phillips you lamps have a RESTful API actually on the date great Britain to do an exam pp the transport from that at upwards the and that's called a concentrated so I can concentrate and
networking behind the gateway and with the
extension concentrated i.e. cued interact with the network so I could also well you have a several nodes how does the tree look like could interact with each other word do you just provide every the use of the whole network as just a list of attributes that more or less the full knowledge that we have today uh x
pp does have publish subscribe do you have a multiuser rooms way you can be anonymous so for example devices going into multiuser called your smart city anonymously could share data without revealing any Europe did so so the smart city could use your power level or bumps in Rhodes so whatever you find he just poured into that room but very interesting the so the main idea we find more on executed organize project site and so the main idea is to
go beyond those Silas open them get into them get your data back
because the statistical engine can be any client on the network could be a phone for your computer at home or your preferred statistical provider so let's see how if you define an interesting them up since my broken when a the so in the real-time lounge in the k building we have a few you lambs Phillips you lambs hanging at the ceiling and they're controlled by a you bridge your skin created a British the and adapt so from X and the BTU bridge to we haven't gotten to the point where we implement as all this protocol but we have at least something that is now controlling the lamps and this is the 1 that looks like this this uncertain but it they're not stop you can see our 4 of those lights and they they have slightly different colors and uh and and this program is changing of a by be able to say to to show you the data the original you application that is connected to the portal that of vision equals the the the the status of the of the lambs so that new cases here this actually the hold a different name I also have a friend and with those lights in the phone so we have but it's a lot of linking because a lot of hands to those plants not the as they is a fun when you sort of mimic the world's down to the devices yet and there will be a session on often were we can try out so uh if you like to and this going to
and on on demos of fun it so now we're going over the chapter transport layer we just set having language same time equals u equals brightness equals the set equals so that's more or less all sitting and chatting to the device what I'm not sure if you can see this at all I'm the but this is the original after it has 4 markers for each of the Lambs 1 and at the core of you and there it is indeed the after uh by default pools every minute or so that the actual status so if you see these these these markers
moved then the actual color back into the ruling is this what it was there that is this a lot the basis a Texan pp large and see them really the light blinking any questions yes yes you get yes you can arise you once they are on their call of the uh same as mention you might know where the Beatles for each of
the as you can see George John
Paul and Ringo and and if you if you send as 70 and messages like this size you uh equals and something between 0 and and and and 64 K the brightness goes from
0 to 2 uh 54 and the same for the saturation then around then you will be controlling those slides so come up to real someone should hang out on our Verena's being bags and just know the with with lies there thank you very much then serve him well over 5 minute break and then we'll have our next talker