Writing novels using Perl

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Writing novels using Perl
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Do you need Perl to write a novel? Indeed you don't and many, if not most, novelists write them without using it, and I'm positive about this. However, Perl can help you through the process of writing a novel and that's what I've done with the open source "Manuel the Magnificent Mechanical Man", which you can either buy in Amazon or download as a CPAN module. I'll talk about how I organized the workflow for writing the novel using Perl, Git, GitHub, and the modules and Perl features which helped me through the process
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checked these things and that's all of you I think it will be local that's let's thing in this and that and a million eggs on them or whether it is so and with that there is you and then you come back from our analysis is that the only you so there is a new variant of the life 1 of the individual very the useful for writing is not anywhere in the candidates and it's a place to go out and you may very well it so as in many parts of Iraq in fact uh during right so that is everywhere you don't have to read the and the loss of so used to do the in any way and that was 1 of the following well known as the way the nonfiction books of the and in the middle there is the sum of our review of rights and all of the above that was the right way to people like that alright the 1 most
these and know that is at you have so so the thing is that there are people that you have to let In the talk your way of saying unfortunately think the use of of the
and really uh 1 of these lines in the range of the species that is of being something the of that but rather in the world because of the that
you have right that the the right and on the right side of the star in the handling and the people were not because they want the people to the need behind on the sheet of the knowledge that there have 2 different ways
so the question into the balance holidays so they were the main so you have to make that the the latter it wouldn't make things think so and so think so what
you need just as made the right to do so it I think that the the results
of the world that that single thing you need this is the most important thing in the and In all this person right there with the wrong 1 for what yeah it but it's and the use of link I knew you that the world is that world ruled the work of the and and not the kind of man and all the this is the so it's actually do you like and part of that that you 1st long as you the back this guy
so on just start on top of these of the variable there is this and the fun of it around the right and then they go anyways the ruling out their right to the 1st that account for household that really the result is that the people have been there was unique we arrived
at the ladies In the I've got who who is something that we at the most the of something other than that's of the quality of the fact that the long
combined so there is then an example of the of present the words of the with now what kind of only because it's getting money is always
that was use of that the this is a revision of that so
FIL to read the status you do something like that that kind of the from the so and
above all that this everywhere we don't solve anything useful so he's going to the level of Cervantes this
is what people it affects the cost of the
university of Nelson go for certain this is not a lot of
this is to go is the it's
going to let you know that and as we said is this that I will work with these units of the so that could also going and 1 the you to infinity as far and that is that is in fact that is
that there is a of doing it and then this shows you hope their use for anything else
and so on but rather because of their religion as they used to come this is what it does is it that's the file with 9 thousand 999 for use the it's map and what it says it kind of has led to 3 choose whatever it is you set it to those found by the name of the blast some some random effects in a true comes for 3 and they wait for a 3 4 and then and there was there that all of this from and you know this is the view that some of you have ever had noticeable by and mostly knowledge areas then please let us know if you remember but you have it is at the top and so you have to rethink the it was inspired us so in some other areas of the field and before you find I was also the area you have been on the surface of a number of materials science at about 4 and the knowledge that doesn't is the of the inside of the sole chew and this matter Parliament and so we will do and I
of course of history this is the thing about the unit and some some investing in that change
with time when a of version and of the procedure is as the novel right so so at the beginning and no middle name you are from other regions you know what it is it's going to be right and so on and so that labels my name and lately there and that is combined with the people would look forward to going to trust me it's the vocal kind
the order of things and it'll be only these if you want to read about it when they do they have authority and when they are and in the end of the of the of the force over here is the force all overlap these for some really scarce then you and then that guy it's but it's also that art is not a that of think of it as think are the the the the imagery of the budget and the receiving you know all the answers will be and they are listed here is this is part of the most elaborate at the other end of the you have to let them go eat it and move on If you're the standard grasp on some sort the of anything you have you have posted back
to do this and that will mean that the problem there
is another way of writing so that is another invasion of media relations or for you and for is celebrating did there is a whole lot of most of them ever sold the mission of knowledge did more so that was the not all that could be they
all tendencies and so I think the Government to look at put
the notes this is the is the modifier just after the day of the form is about thinking about the debate and you
know it that's the reason the it is the use of the domain and what you lose you measure than and some more of years behind 1 or 2 of I think that this I don't know what it is next in line with in the the 1st so is going the with a single node or a single source of writing like it's a and schooling our way of a by around he needs to different things that I know and all the laws of the game who is not a by the law is not that was passed through the little in the different sizes that looking so you would do is I have have devised in this by a lot of things and we do is to generate some rewards and let them sort of chain the some of so the they they are based in 1 or more the most frequent are maybe not something that and this allows for a change but you're right it's all about that's kind of a it's long time many of you here is a lot of Jews seem to find things
to go over the different things to me it was the wizard overrun was these with the with me and my eyes and was with this with about this is anything the the lessons
writing this the so called on the right hand in the in the in this in this and the loss of precision crucial importance of the job and all the rest of the world but there's a whole bunch of for as prior to that and something here and and someone that it's necessary that we have at the top of the going to make that and you to really necessary part of family of all the timing of it but it isn't in this unit is the 1 who did it become of to do you know what you can do and what are the other things that really right so the enumeration of the the it was Hagrid right and that means that something is isn't all that we have a a lot of you know these the things that is so that title this candidate is that only sees the story that is not was a 2 year old to be a leader of it so happens that the time is 1 that that is is rather that by and what we do not and they were all over the world yeah so as not so so it's the same and they've assets also goes to the song and then asking what we came to and you can say what the ability that's I have you they UN Monday and and the and this is what it is that how so it's being done all that kind of thing and it's time to make it usually usually in the summer that are the inference then gives us a story about so some of the following the with the the the the
set of vertices and you get out of the each of In the know history the the so all of the time I and was and the the role of the yeah on the the world what I want and the people that don't contribute important it's an excellent the provisions of the another it was essentially the same thing what I want well that may with this analysis revealed that because somebody brought words of the last 2 we had you about sense of the and this is the anniversary of the 1st in the nation looking the last somewhere that also like we need and stuff really they are being used as additional they it 1 of the guy who anointed and then this other standard right them whatever he did from these things so 1 regard the change from the of the of the set is going into the set of terms which is on different from from a spot and thank you for this set of data in the economics of the last of the 4 from the other class and so this thing and if you have I don't think so what can you do I actually this wasn't just last I was set in the space of a because it's not the final goal side of it so that it would be less and you know and and some shade of thing so animal fact and they have a very strong will develop on the new stuff you don't names because it's important all the data is named you can call that on it or long audio whatever that the original 1 then the 2 of these because were frequencies you and media whether these stories about if it's something of their hostage I was talking about the ask whether you you have to direct those works for chains of me right so what was it says I have a meeting every year or this is always be in the operation of war were because of will and also correlated the information on the dance at show that I think that it is you know there are a special form of the real names and and you want to do that the last while because sometimes in a single mother had come you thousands of different menu commands names and names the names of streets or whatever so you know that you would have the most people 1 because of the missing in the humanities have not next states that you must much the features that was not the thing itself at all and the you of be your that you and it was during this must be a lot of work to do to make this fact the 1st thing you have to do is to sort all the more frequently that and then you really have find in a new from the movement of and I would do is you 1st what is the this out and you video at the is you what workplace because sometimes the world view the effect of the somewhere to overload the 1st and they will use this is you and then this with varieties of foreign wars with enormous this and you got a guy named and you they all the that is the sort of and there are several finally started so this this thing there is for this reason that you so I would lose the right to have the same and writing about the activity against the the western so far or series of responses which with cover what happens in the bottom end but is not the same so I really existed in the from basically saying that this is the meaning of a you so you can say something this the the of the this story in which was written at the University of century was part of the time but it's not from smoking of so the so far we have the following inference on the on and off what pay and some other places are not knowing that you've got does this the idea that the 2nd thing of course that doesn't mean that I'm going to read I started from there and I will to a off and it's it's a degree of a girl of that assuming that I'm not going to be what do we mean by the end of the year that this thing that's the 1st step and then doing a revision of the things that but in measurements and decisions that something that have every before but issue of what does it mean it doesn't mean that you should write freedom so some people and they were just off the west and come in the form of a form of correct but they always source with that this was the members of research results that is a testament to like the 1st time it should be that is to be up for right this is the real world we you know that really like most of the time while this moment that language is you have to worry about that and you have to look at things that simple things you have to be very interesting that so police later but it's a little more complicated but anyway and some we had a is something you write something the what really the and is so what I mean by that is the of babies so all the sort of knowledge the the and the related trade for for for a all of last summer and the number of well enough to know that you know that the standard of performance for now the you to the longer analysis time to look at end of so we have the 4 right you know you have to be really it's it's a very it's of the quality of the used mostly all you know we know of whites and Mitchell people using it the same human theories about anything all of the this indicates that is going to be desirable and because of the medium together there I don't really think it's very very good writing the reason for this is back
you can do a lot of over the years everything right you understand what I'm saying that it's a bad thing is that and we got with that of all the time but
it so happens that it's very easy to use so we have got to have about the quality 1st this the schools do what is called is something that is not so much useful DuPont and something about that is that we're that's together when you look at this postponing who writes I also look for something that's interesting which is these functions so they can also have some excellent to do all the things that we have based our basic different brands of your master and the the of so if you want to buy a new because they were there you only you have to select the right because the all there is something I explained to do you just put in the fall of in this slashed holes you remember what was the meaning of it so you add this starting the standards of the problems with the use of well this include the area that is he looks at the money and they don't have to change and then it's the flight from that must around 40 into the France that's something about so of these section because it is useful because they know that some of the and then the world economy important on the on the tree so as soon as you will find you have a valid the some the and when using something called the set the volume that comes with the they set the the the the 1 that's not in the maintenance of the the natural to look for it and there is so much use it's not suggesting that the or it wasn't that suddenly now but these are going to the minds of the beginning of the end from the distinction that there is ample room you would clearly this is not the best you can use it to the right so it's an it's not really something you know it's there is little Anthony because as soon as you do something so that when something is found in other social it's and the it our the correlated so source that is so not so is there of something this analysis is finished
it the don't have the vessel it's not offset and was very active at that in many different ways that during last in so that it said this is this is the fact that everything is in the hands of the demand for it you know from my own let this sort of thing you know the right thing at the right speed the going to and that's the
thing is you're writing everything so that you know warts and all this type of that that none of these things but they company I have another very nice that seems to be just right for that reason so with that the the the sense and some of the next and whether you there is evaluated using the new thing and anything less is the of the regret of my own these there's the way I set it up as a result the status of of the human right this could a what you you see but we the in about the human and that's it so what the need and this is the kind of thing but they should do not provide exact so what about the same and said so that it means for the integration so this knowledge come from the very beginning from you another enough from the generations right
so the look of the invasion of the it was also want to the the and do does your whole different operating some must that sort of thing to do so so when you the text of the whole ran some tests and the 3rd but not of is the nature of mind and then it says it says we're the 1st year or it's very and so it's title coordinator and was a very so it is
to create a model and we have the following that the data is not and that's really what interests best basically because the type of people are still smooth and it was kind of like it was the people that the so I heard you the mass of the but you have to think before you and it is this form so when it is at least as as the base being model we will move and then and it follows that the best it if that is the text of of with this was the best that world and that it what it's are going to be even more so in fact so what is the analog of the you're going from a from J is the idea of letting is
saying 1st I hear number of tests these theory that's this is also the number of what you read and it is very there is that you of your products and he gave it to do this is to lessen the same for all of the analytic well or didn't it's do not exactly equally wars will only because you know here number that's a number of right so if you these individuals that have the same what is that you have very little cost effective what it is well 2 so that you know when you the mark although we have no way of knowing whether there is no more than a thousand and of certain other anaphoric Morris from 4 those among you of being in or Stevenson but there more things for the press this our test on mission there is the number of different what you think of what he agrees with use so if they have a lot of these people are very powerful and you have a follow-up will allow it to come out to this idea that Japan is not 1 and the so big you must keep this using something and if this all July or to roll on the people you know I and actually and saying something really was something that was made during and you find the right and it was sufficient you really want morally that the on the right and that's it and that's cool he that all the possible this detector you have all of the amendments around 200 and there was any of our with the use of and say how many people how many of you have a lot of people knowledge and think it in in uh having a very fast and I believe that the brain and I think of all the different forms of people don't really the ball in the in the in the in the area where we can move on and after 1 of the most anywhere this this this is made out of hand and head of the original reason reference so in here and say that anyone website so and all that kind of so how do think of this data and the associated sex on is that there no you know was and you know what that would have been very rarely makes those units what is a waffle on this you're you're assessing your book was written on the sale of the various sort of you were right and the father of using the this tool that you can buy so people don't know the man and the thing about which but this is something that you're probably the Newburgh something of the knowledge everywhere and you go on and on the right what this says that the sum of 1 of these will be there is there is a state of story of itself fault is happened with that's about at the bottom of your and these are source of and then is a certain in the about the role and I was like to and some of its it was really all the samples is somewhat was going around the fire on the some people the which may be true or not so all of the the story of this person would be there models grounds there are rest people there are no sources people and some of it's it's services in my you have to abide by the way here just below the about you see on the best following the horror and the president of of the Verilog test on the what is because the thing that is something that it in and what and how it's basically so that know the the the significance of ways that you can from compare and on and on and on the other hand of all these years you know about a lot of it is a unit for formal tests from all the for and so by using the model this month I will
not go for I'm a I'm mole of all meant for modeling and so this in your research and you start and you see that in this area the whole the whole thing is that have these kinda the bottom half of the people in the working of the century box of so all of you have read what is an excellent so I just told you that we use the details of that in the form of a set of patterns that you mean because the only a moderate size of the of the validity of the news and itself right you will be responsible for everything all most of the day and all that is what I would do is I want you to have around the the the the the the use of the of the of the a and so on right of known on the the back the site from the I
has a very and that of the same
vector and thank that was just happens is a good student and then the
year they know they have to mention is that they are of the of the of the of of the global agreement and an error here and then that the that the obtained
in each time he's won and actually of the basis of the model of the wants and
I think the answer is no thank you you that in the in the in
the in the in the in the in the in the in the in the original and 7 and in the period and then we can model of women and men
sp I think
head thing the head of the yet it so yeah I think
the thing that I