Women and Technology

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Women and Technology
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Most of us are aware of the shocking statistic of 'Men vs Women' ratio in the Open Source world. The tough job right now is to find the reason for this shocking difference and figure out ways to get more women involved in Open Source. Being a woman in the Open source world, I have analyzed a few reasons for this scenario. This lightning talk will let me share my views with others and in turn will help me get a more global view point. I would like this session to be as interactive as possible. The slides used will be simple and I will try not to throw any technical jargons at the crowd
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the OK does so this is now a very particular moments In that day no because we are very lucky to to welcome prey on gas she she comes from India and she's going to share with the results and their experience in our country and that we would we could compare to our experience as women are about women in data and technology and computer sciences is especially on so prelinger is a Mozilla reps and she is member of will was of course uh woman and modes in our which is a measure station and in 2 modes are not she's a proto representants of was and we have the very proud of her to be part of that experience and she does localization what Phobos modes in the and we keep in depth and we to big sorry she is a developer and it is also passionate towards technical documentation and software architecture designing so poorly is really welcome pre on the but as the good evening my only thank you of people begin to me now show of hands how many and while thank you thank you so much time and this is flight to be rarely get to see I mean at least of that in my name then we have open source conference a technical conference the number of female participants the number of female contributors is pretty and that the exact reason for me taking up this topic city and a bit about woman in technology how things are at present in our open source was and a few of my idea of how things can be better having these requests
you do like of giving your idea of what you think could be done to make this situation better in the sense that this is a very clear report of my it says but what was moment that's another amazing things can happen and this is the exact reason why today we have so many different woman fainted groups in almost all the open source projects so all along present in this room if we this accomplishment to this mission of thing and the woman outside this room don't the cluster in technology take the 1st step toward open source model I think by next year when we are getting eaten this through the internet number of ended up with very but they're not changing things are getting to words that from 2000 due to the development of the fact that it says change something like this so in 2002 but the number of female contributed in fossil was 1 . 1 % did in 2013 as last year it went up to 11 per cent but I did take part 11 you have to change the sentence by only 10 % is that the fish integral the In this the today but should only 11 per cent Female contributors then we see that the consumers of there is almost 50 50 almost equal number of of a woman of iron or using other of their own feasible using Gmail doing all that stuff but when it comes to contribution in terms of getting back to the community the census is really and surprisingly so there are some very unfriendly knows that we often come across and as I am sure on my hand of female friends present in this room would agree to it this is the reason why exactly invented to alignments on the and and have shown that many of you understands that on in there is not intention to an even greater but the dancers demoralized although I believe present there this is something very common it has no unsafe movement as I mean what's the settlement go together so there cannot be of the video or of the moment or something like that this theory that born of hate as so if not true we had that the as the only I would love to be violent you woman I said I think very interesting and very demoralizing of thing that happens is and the reaction I only got I mean when I was linear of was in I know this is the kind of performance and you could only done and no 1 could be or you know they probably the only from India and only known want to ones the so the need for this different open-source conferences what happens in the the lot of all kinds of coming years of privilege that you that query log in this you that's awesome that's encouraging true that kind of thing that we have kind of been treated as some special species we want to be treated very equally as the remaining members in so that is like almost all of the reaction is something probably do not want we do not like and the last line to if I go around asking any of caring about music I think it's open up wishing conference and it is you know what you think a number of the main contributors insulin-loaded open source projects are added in the in the world the 1st the they're just not interested I but was there may be I have their own and try to find out why not interested in how we could get them interested is not saying that then not interested some some some some reasons
that but I think it's a sources didn't falls on other itself on having a set of known number of female contributions in any open source project in that in the light of this that they can things that has been a very generally to false projects whenever it comes to open source people are not very clear about how it was 1 of the time what is the difference between robin brothers an open source product and not only idea have his open source means you know the means of that domain that you might want to bring it back and that's all we don't have the most you cannot use a and something very scary and not user-friendly at all so if you want to be in the open source like if you want to be open source contributed you need to be of order and that's it I am not a good idea not to mention 14 so I said that they need to do on a lot of dust your life and read the we need to reach out to people explain and that open source contribution is not about what contributions on we have so much more to do that the most of my contributions are mostly documentation localization like the fact that I am developer but I like doing those things you so these are the points which we need you probably not too high of to everyone who is interested in general but mostly to the female ground out there who are probably scared of force because they think they're not good enough according to come and a very was scary MIT about false I believe this people don't understand the idea of walking in a community then the idea they have at least my friends have back in India is kind of like OK so if I wanted to do all those those projects so I'm sitting in 1 knows MIT ironic able with my buddies online Amanda sitting on the other hand my members sitting in front so if I start I know that means I have a completely on my own so I don't look like that the idea of how our community what's called nobody but I able to work together and how best in provided if I have something we need to explain this people and that's another reason on demand because of its edges many people don't instead of and of course if all units is very unfriendly open-source products are supposed to be on the community and you need to be very big genius with a high degree of these you know something to get into was but this reaction from people that I say OK I I I am open source on and well I'm good at it relied on I will be doing something and all I to be 1 the so we know what the problems are mean null and the problem lies with I'm now the question is how do we change the situation how do you make of was 11 per cent up to lake of at least 50 % so that we can relative if to their equal number of male and female contributors in the technical of open source was so how did it can I mean how things can change while they bought point is more visibility at 100 stated people are not fully aware of how old they can contribute to the open source 1 called a little contributions actually come to a lot of matter a lot and that is not a big problem because of its people don't want to up I on that and the idea of policy matters to me that that question to be answered a any we want 1 inferences opens as 1 friends and like talk about Mozilla out of about Wikipedia talk about open source in general not the best way to get is that all you mean you not being used as a volunteer their time spent so much time working it why do I spent so much time working on it and the very explanation of how open source warned on holiday and that community-based projects what is the 1st answer I generally have to give in this country the key steps how this area is still not very clear to people or how know that the instance the signals and 1 thing is the need to avoid the kind of discrimination we have I think things that changing very well and things are going to was the dimensionality is the happy I trying the best to get more female contributors and there different initiatives being taken the different projects being taken up only for this book was that when are together in a conference yes we need to take care that there is this no no no level of discrimination being done nothing I mean woman not even supposed to treated especially even if the majority I mean maybe not on 1 of understanding not supposed to be treated like all thank you for coming at all you're doing a great job no this week anomaly BWI the other filaments Paul woman 1 very very important point so it's a responsibility given dual on all floors contributions present in this room are there any fossil intermediate if you know a woman who might be even remotely interested in joining the group this try and have them demonstrate how they can do things are how easy it is what it is and what In doing how and addictive this 1 can get so just had in Parliament desempeñó them and I have to take the 1st step and I think that's the most crucial job we need to do if that everyone hole holiday contributions are valued and but even if 1 single spelling I and some project or in some localization is directed even that 1 of the things that come into that into is is really appreciated or value and how much that is appreciated value that is something that needs to be explained so so this is again something of which will ultimately answer the question that and if you are not been like you do this kind of what is stated that because they are appreciated for what we really I value for every contribution the the of well known then I like to talk about 2 very important initiated that I want go from being a woman and being in the technical was 1 of them is all because of its weight is speaking about in the morning of it's it's very similar to how do you stop words I think most of us are aware of over the summer of water and how it works so happened I think about to the out the use of a very few number of female candidates we use of language is the condition was pretty bad number of made of participants used to be all the high the high so we don't give up with this idea of studying a separate program going out this program for woman which would I like concentrate only on woman but is an insult for it to be out I'll be looking the only requirement is being on so it's not of and that is not going to be uh student only you can be on research in the of professional and there's still be obedient Luo Gan and it it works in the same way so it's like the same 3 three-month span of internships and other things that in Amman being given out and the same common demand the communication process that happens for use of arm and 0 it's always the same number of open source organizations that support you so i supporting of opium to the soul of beginning from BD arm of the the anything you can enable 1 to they be anything of any name also is of presently supporting all of this so there was itself which any female candidates can take up and no kind of us study just like and use of word so this will all be done in this so please don't do let's say many
of know not on slash for w of yeah well you get introduction of because you and i if anyone is interested not of applying brought me give you an idea of how we want to apply for the new program and of but I did some of indexation going on given began in January and the ending around much and the next 1 will be coming up again in from me to all so if anyone is interested in the money is interesting of reading this information out of the of the with all the female candidates this is the link they can get from and this is this is
probably the most of interesting project and most of and it's interesting to me because I was the project I sat in my mother contributions that well moment is a group of I was the only woman moment there are sufficient number of of does in this group so because moment in was it's a group formed to support of the entire idea of getting more woman contributors To that end I not do mosaic but to the force 1 of but we don't want or any any group as such of the head all want to change sword Rubenstein and something that people are not if they want equality and you want to be treated equally like you think you need a 2nd group over there the affected group because but it's a fact that may be hard for the main members in IRC channel and there are only 2 female candidates that then never speak up just we don't have the ability to raise their hand and but then I have a problem I but a separate dedicated IRC channel Armenia sort of group that all of the the candidate can come up and just missing and say OK this is the answer and this is what I need has been argued that this is something interesting and good and I think this can help others as well it it kind of is a more friendly environment it kind of encourages any woman or a woman contributed to take the 1st step and what kind of confident that their free to like not this kind of almost figure that other projects and you know immediately is less time in the homozygous years of later this is kind of almost
out many things so that is almost out of it's kind of a bit old and the end of of looking on the on the new web site and this is going to be kind of innovative
the of so what if you are interested and if you think you need help in this domain so the was was I assist and is actual most item was in so I was that's taking on picking up this initiated by its there other open source of organization almost all of those organizations now have taken up this initiative to head all get more woman contributors to foster there's moment a woman over into woman no moment B-to-B woman droplets exponentiates Debian moment and so on of this i this story and I'd
like to share before the end of the session today so beyond omission obviously he's done venture was mother foundation and not only want to on sharing those are sharing hostility is the moment if she would do it there's no reason other woman in not for any money insisted that thing they cannot this kind of woman I name is dame Steve Shirley and she is of the world's 1st freelancer program if people are not very aware of what it was lacking in back in 1962 during our are struggling days when she was in this trying to stand on 1 side of and everything here's the final name has didn't and because it was a female name that associates used to get the response she was getting was kind of making things very hard for them that is she had a shift from bank those feature she started signing friendly Hastie shiny and not revealing that the fact that she was a woman this to get the initial of these of and and get a started started but on many not started and on established but she made this decision of I only female engineers in the he is still I would have had on people are on some very fond of new recruitment process and it anything just as that may remember this movie hired only if the think they are sufficiently small because she had looks like a lot of being being a woman trying to get at least in the thinking of that was a that was from the reaction to everything so the only reason behind my I'm trying to share the stories as they are changing things are getting to one's betterment but we need to do a lot more like to bring from 11 wasn't a 50 % is not going to be easy does it do best tenuous at 7 10 % as I do not kind of support is not because but be used to get the others but it wasn't so we speed up so that by the next 2 3 years we get there then the ratio of male and female entrepreneurs as a 50 50 in the technical was on the forceful also so that's it that's
all from my side of so if you have any questions please wait for the microphone to reach you and in my and the the so I could everybody wait until the questions are over before leaving thank you the and I'm so uh I worked through an engineer focus company uh it's out of the 300 engineers that we have there's probably following with um and after being released from Europe uh in October of partial presentation kernel team women the revolts that how wall which or recommendations speak to me to put forward to more senior management uh and our right child of parliament to try and promote and get more women involved of 1 1 this is to as a company we work with our partners to try and get more active things like w and but another such things like uh university graduate program and suchlike and what would you all recommendations they so what I understand as of this moment I kind of scared of it I agree to that but but we need to find solution to that will not element and even if I am a woman who is in the technical and and I I understand and not being scared by and that the reason why I don't understand some of the things I'm scared off some of the the the statement that logic and woman cannot go together this thing is a very harsh statements which we face every day but that's something to I mean if the is the sum of the successful woman stories and stories of successful man made just proved that this statement is completely not woman can be more that this modern men while a domains as point of so is that the material questions are probably the most by of ladies in your organization they can be the best resources will kind of shared their experiences of all woman in your organization to kind of encourage them by how the I'm very confident that they are whatever their story is they can share their stories and all other candidates then you are probably going don't for recruitment of campus to resolve it with the processes I'll probably is this because this is how all of the going from being a student employee and how their journey had been it would be more helpful in directing under a woman sitting in the audience and the of it a thought yeah if she could either of that is 1 thing to you that's really really great question it's very encouraging just to have people posing that kind of question I actually run an NGO that's promoting more women and girls in digital sectors of course this is where the pain point is the worst as and for developers and I would only add to what she said by saying it's about communities so having you know things that are focused on women but also some women in leadership roles that's very very important so you get you attract more women into your organization if you have women in leadership these are just the best practices and the other is on uh uh if you take for example I don't it's not widely promoted by organizations like Etsy who actually just cultivate talented female uh pulls pools of the of talented female and kill them in the house so it's a 4 it's pretty much a no-brainer but if you can just find good women that have the basic talents and invest in having them in your organization especially if your organization has women as your consumers or you're you're your market that you bring them in our cultivate and given the skill set that you need you will by doing that also attract women who have the skill sets into your organization of those are just some basic pointers so the I was just want to go back to the 1 thing you said turn you talk that actually In many cringe or that that I'm a really enjoyed the talk I think it's a very important QoS out to from the fact that there should be more women in technology and the deflation be more women in technology I don't like the fact that you say um we think sources limits limits is just come on line and we as women we don't like that with all my complexity but we don't need to go to the source that's not true I mean yes analytical to building open source that is true but then can be on some collars women don't have to give rate of command line we should say that women concurred as well as men and they don't need saying that they can be in open source by being less than than than men and and still be in this note that this was a good image of snow help because I'm sorry it that a game of wrong I was trying to say that that is 1 of them is that people have that power to be an open so small and you need to be very big the I completely agree to your brain can a woman be a very very detailed the building and I I do the reading of that a woman can be ingenious and the gradient of our uncertainty upon computer and that's all that should be denied you or I think the point out that the fact that but that is not only a domain and then we're very probably not a male female but that's not the only only another contribution in other domains of contributions also explaining to bring that you wanted something I you review there's there all the domains of contrition open source but they're not initially for women yet and woman can know some colors that's all it's thank you thank you the and she and that was the last question and the fact