Wine on Android

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Wine on Android
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This talk will present the goals and the current status of the Android version of Wine, and explain some of the technical challenges involved in running Windows applications on Android devices
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the bottom line that fits your and from that it 2 is not all that interested and also if you try at the something you you would get we use this warnings about the using because there is a ton work that we have a number of areas that runs using that to keep it down to a minimum and it's kind of dependencies
and these are of course not directly to the algorithm to to the church of wants to them out and the 1 that to used for you then you do that by and of that is reach most of the time so just a matter of you can't do that holds that the sum of the model to this is also not really want to but but it's something that can be written about very and that is that's 1 of the things to be a lot more more and the last thing there is 1 thing it needs
is a graphics server the together that is not what you want the moment it's the 1 that is that's all and the strategies using on the death of more more using side a single window and you windows doors the question so this is not supposed to be defined and hoping to learn to do research and there is much that the and realize that doesn't do too much with that is that you see that the use of the and would it be
attributed to respond to up to that service is injury
fall in the and in doing that it works on the and is it's still you make use it these are the slope but that's because of the the the theory
that this just good started the morning edition and all of those the best model that's what are the things we are trying to address is that you don't really to know what you want to observations that you the pieces that are well think it's an icon of the but now it's what then you
get and so many other things so this is 1 of the wonders of the hit on the security of and also the best doctors if you think that in the best of everything because you get the icons is the same as a and most of the time couple of the feedback and so so the tricky to be yes
of so it is a wonderful
if the so and she carried using those that are at the bottom of the house which means that the easier to use this Sloan impacted that it it's doesn't get guaranteed take on the and the items you to use your finger the figures of the figure that the pieces of architecture he that would staying on the so I think that all and that somehow it guess we stated here so you can actually use it to you finger assumes 1 on these streets the make basis the
of on the use of this over here because it's getting out there in the origin of the speed so that's 1 of the things we need to address through some kind of that he goes to the junior year interface that that can use this application of we the
bottom you can do you where we have that there is so if you can enter you see that it is the result of of course is eating up the only I also had some tags the total of people yeah you should understand the meaning of that doesn't look at the moment so there is the cycle that sure and for some reason the of that's not all and to Florida logarithmic in that the people he that 1st and Arab students this the because this same 1 of to and then you can actually get
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it so that we can use
just they did not use the word the best known of these usages plot for can we trace the history of the world and so on In the past month and this this the following moments to that line up the inside of the which in human creates this
is the eventually be going the state of the so you that which this
is the 1 so some of the problems
we had to do achieve that and then we have to achieve a lot of vertices joules and recognition so we can end talk about and actually value mechanisms and article needed for and from 84 to
all that data this is that the value of the right people 1 of the issue these areas that we use that most of the entries in the eyes the minimize and so on going to all on the main job is to get a lot of interest from the data about the doesn't really have the solutions to meet some of the decision makers cool to major the which leads us to the issue of the classes that data because fuel and in general you you have job the journal of machine and that this doesn't really students at running the Windows binaries which we want to be there on the 1 of the things that we more of search there is the issue also the missionaries so this is the piece of evidence that the 2 most island you don't look the the already established that there are more than you need to use 1 the argument that both of these rocks and fairly use some of you and that enough to be about all this is a very the visual also is a lot of people are not so we don't use the issue here because of about you can use the software and the people of course fall into that this that allows you want to learn from games with quantitative he wants to utilities are Spontal so that the then we need some sort of the mechanisms that all you have to she got rid of all of data so we're going to so the amount of losses and so the problem that it's in the you of the precise bundle of the last the especially about the scale of the the so what about and then you get a very small reason 1 of the 1st of to use this the part of the interface was sponsored maybe when you don't have you consume and don't get it from the the so that's all media IDS means you think that's the
more that it's a very high resolution there's more to it so we need a way to do get to my that of yes sequence is getting all multiples of this in there are always the mean to do you think he added moment of vision and so it was you the local literary and that's what that's this is not the fault of the the so you so if we really want to do that interesting because of the room you get a tool to assume that you do you want to to be rendered as the webpage in higher resolution because we know that all of this is going to be that is going to be the last that is the best this as follows over original there's only 1 NGO yes come and realize is which is the closest nodes and the result of so we need to do to the retrieve the ontology yes is just a any model in which it is going to produce a little rigidity so that's an interesting challenge and they're both at the moment there is no way out of it because than doing the best of all that is that this here this result is that the interview into the additions so we are actually used by the users of the we released into the desktop and the context of the and of course you don't reject communities to that the rest and of it so long as there is to be the religious and of the and then download restrictions on this of year and the advantages you need to do so and it is in that's the problem we we want again dimension to it the the conditions of the task manager right now the 1 of so that's 1 package that use of the in to be
a that thing that larger there is a need to be area that we take you you would lose all adaptation we generate package we did appear on the cover of the gas generator that if use this set so there are ways around that it's going to be to MIT include like in the that is century and and the job to distribute that it is and distances to the best of our knowledge the size of the that is going to be the in the next size and constitute the 1 that be the or the discovered but you have to do is to build a survival rate that is found to pretend that it still 1 of the reasons for this and and the that the the goal it that has going to be addressed so I don't read about
the the data of the word iterates over here job then so he is main process that's the time of the year camera was generated the advances in that must not actually
respond the prices layout each of in the that does not create any new costs the for them to renew these quietly uses the dark as this you that is given to you during the patient like the you know the the windows why not use inside the job losses in the sky is the use of the of the of the of the the of history during exploited it also to be so everything so these get all the inside it almost renewal you want then you get that out of all the things that the what I do we need fall in existence meanwhile process which eventually you need process there's no doubt about that this unit costs the and that these things of the Treaty of because from the rightmost sees want the states of the 3 there's no way of doing that because you get me job that you me cause of what that that is not the time to talk react the moment data through the inventory Alonso and what is the meaning of the use of numbers and everything else is using the convexity of the where do you want regional sources 1st get out of the need these ways than we have I am 1 process easier we conform the get is the opposite is the 1 we know that you this began the signal and the for everything we do on units busy it's it's a it's some of these fossils I try someone to me every process in Dallas this allows you to jot goes from in the this in the very there is no way you can get control of of the job is last but is because the the environment by those through the use of the architecture so the so what
we have now you also use a lot of work that's all there is to minimize of the the incident to wall of the knowledge involved it's it's really task these to understand that use the natural thank you you the last of these and the rest of the to the this the next thing you know the use of much and that that's mean you're working on on doing do we know management to integrate wall to the greater the role is he giving goes out into the screen area use injury but all of that the we have also proved that the median of India of us and so that he does we need some of FIL all sorry I say that the use of them from the cold the result of this kind of thing general like all the different the and idea of that's the use they that you know you that and bearing and figure out how to manage all of this is from the tree is going to be interesting because the job of also of the status and that the the user's and we used to understand the whole job and the job will disappear right the you read out this is our standard on the value of only the interocitor job is just I don't know answers on the intermediate to be integrated in the intermediate the just made the so that and the last thing we need is this model results in terms of not through our investment in France it's meant that the if you receive a lot of human knowledge and already made plans to take any of the 1 of the guys that that's also got a few because sponsored in many of these things need to be part of the package is is the view is that a lot that you think about it in the sense that it used to be that again after the fact that that that and really get a than usual also and this motor commands that not useful 2 states that and now it because the last thing you do you use a lot so the can index on objects and that being treated in that in this from working with you the procedure you which also in your in the street the you know and what we should you at 1st instance right to choose the kind of success guess land to you to this is yet to
determine you so long you due to its institutional is used to learn the whole Latin and during the In theory everything what that right that's the seats in the and you the thing is unintelligible do that because of the wire and its job of and I'm not you guys get gets index ACC talent in a job losses of q so I can actually do it that using the keys are going to use all of the way of so storage location opposed to get them to the benefit song all the so this is all the are but this is only know it goes and only at the point where we try to run and it's it's it's we then I will launch cure new process and moan East basically binary inside cured so the advantage here is that most of you know that don't because everything apart from the from the 1 about the different meetings why so about the meetings it would be there ordering management to because of so of this year 21 small of all the time and the formed from some of the theories in the that into your your parents came from the very small then that adherence to framework of Spanish try these and the thing about the the the the music and sexual and what you'll being don't use the universe and give me half is 1 thing that we can assess the government really of of the training set and and something well the drawback of this approach is that because all of these are the boundaries between the 2 forgotten what the hot reservoir was was nearly as basic version 1 for this so we think that each person B of the In other words this is working in I actually have the device that that nobody's going to be there to see because it's very small there this region of the the mother
doesn't seem to so value the the language
the and so the but that few of them from here on the wall and it's already and the the in base of the problems with the around what you have to use the ice for all the reasons that I think about it for instance the goal here is that by silly notes with that and that means all of the radical over there is much higher regions you get to the root of the word in the so we see that the the you this is
a mess but I think that the difference
is produced actually you can you can read the that's the because the norm of under the guise of searching for the optimal uniformly from this
distance right so that's where the into to do once we use that universities should be moved to the everything gives us in way as we on index last of both government issues that you learn from
your data that because we have Armed Forces is and the process is running this once far and the latter is meant to be more support for and the to we
don't use the instances in the registry we this redirect severe information so all tools on CPU information on that you mentioned that's the sort of issues that we need to start of of the the transparent you're the richest region and rich process experience with the introduction of a the Book
of on Acts in the yet is kind of the same mechanism of the romances so there are no windows in the to do regions and that yes we should use a lot of so that's the file is division some version of the
treatment last question in this is the last that actually think that them all
each of them last year in the name of and event I get right so far the database and at the moment is this your that the students being a state that that give to someone and do something useful for that's I will be trying to reduce that use the example everything that's facts BAT did not emerge the and will be not of the much it can start that's to true for the register is going to be a while before the and on response I don't need anybody to test at all that is the problem of objects in the I the so that's what I thought of their possessions the last we
get that the sum of so want to jump from that's that's the aid in America bombings in use on the the Windows parties have mechanism to run into by the it does not because of the good yeah I think you could do is to run Windows on boundaries on the wells all fatal they don't even officially let you run of the running Microsoft yeah you can you can get from the news that they needed to good in validates the 100 times more and that's not yet so it's probably not the the sort of policies that and you all the size the we not be at all so we just go in the eyes of the support 1 yes yes you can run so we might occasionally you use that to make use of the of of the of the of the the the In those of fill the in all but you think that because just 1 of the there is the use of the and by the way they use of people that you would like to know what to say that so you have an if you have a lot of the people the book and you are both commodities the thing that we did in the 1st year of life yes the it's actually the way more than people you get the problem for some users of the whole get the the office Sunday's scenario where there is this is pretty initially you thought about session the to the deceased's next round of on so don't what we want you back the invertebrates to be the position of but what that can be about that you get to the top of the of the space and that the again depends on the quantity of the it's a not day study then you the use of these the and that's the that's how the heart of the there is no you end up in this this was written on the you that also use of this it will also I mean this is all the gooey and clearly it's grows and then Neuron-2 to just also it is going to be able to get John is someone who many restaurant so what do you need a new device yeah I years we as part so is the at the moment is between speakers and try to run the store was installed in the PC to that you need to send ships that together with the fact that in this but it it is to you on the spot on the last of the users the directions of the of so that the GAO through the use of all the the all of the people if know and the old plan the 2 systems you and your observe was going to the CEO of and I I realize that this is the 1st time in the presence of a lot of her but if you find this this in mind Be it would make sense to be signed have the to use of the because they have would also like so you 1 the of the of the In the case of yeah maybe you don't really need to go through the processes that fall in excess of 3 that you and of course it the be if