Wine - The User Experience

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Wine - The User Experience
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Report and discussion of issues that impact Wine users.
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that I think that there is a very old piece the that this right all I have to have a new kind of thinking of that the mind there at time the the now looking at this it looks like you like the current development of this that you will use the current stable that's misleading you see that the but this time this time period and looked at it 2 weeks 1 of the 1st thing that the the the the so people on the other end of the year the think content so that the efficiency we had for a particular problem would be when French the next plot shows you by and my side of the the alignment with 6 use the word and my it was really which is now and in this sense the development process were also means that so that initial development expected when well with set of them people is that job really was unexpected is knows that the 1 of these cases usually of Canada and by the end of the year is actually below his 2 previous and this is something that has to do uses for that kind of thing and so the the free so that this is the because people used to model for weight all yes is the fact but since here the key the talking about could don't necessarily know there is something that there is a request for a consultation of the of the of the this is why the problem a of part these the that in the back of the hand of the form it follows that has these things for a long time ago the and I think of I so that it probably for the the it turned out that it's it shows how the can the uses the experience of part on the the they have things that you of the it's on other this year was about what you what people do is they can use of this so that you can find accurate online and this and that so is this part of the package of courses that you call that the what was the the but in a way it's the way in which the history of the a lot of things you this is a that you were in their 1st of all the use of the theory of the way you get to think it the and then you can run 1 169 to us I don't think this through which some of the the 2 ships in other words the reference this what the side of the of the of the the baby then I over will get a handle on the reason for that is not about this is and this is this is the standard normal with group said to have a stable release around that I have no directed at expected going up the hiring going out is the other big thing that happened last year in December so the basically all the that it was a system of rest in of the day the variants of the moon is stable you can't really that that that was the time from the time the it was a little later that the people at the so again that's also came from people who perhaps may have preferred to stay state it is the it later in the text of the everything so we have a shot the question what the user the right itself the you at the origin of the in the of the decision making and this rest the wiring of the head of of using the the end users or the of the years that have raised period after the news data rank that will let you know how many members of the of the of the of the and then as director of the then there was the name of the use of it back on the stack and you will find in the name of this and I hope you I the experience in using the and you can share with a review of the of the of the idea is
that the the you don't know what the users opportunities in the on the body and you so this is not you but I think saying that that speech all I'm seeing users were very unhappy at the back of the not out of that in fact meaning that you it have is standing in the range so that you and I thing and acts and the 1st thing you would do this to be a good but but in general you will find a stable branch branch of moral development grants In particular there is 1 . 4 . 1 and the reason for that the particularly frustrated that we use for the span of the 4th and that these are the cases where you want for it was not yet ready the enough time to pass that fit in with that with that so we're still we're seeing in the form of a graph is the unemployment fund that were implemented the months so the land of the president of the of the leaders of the problem that they want the the French and they had to use a little work and all that the that the issue of the 1 or the there was a thing that you the was of the to
creating unnecessary for the no volunteers we and you would vary the you know the the the movement of a in the payoff I many areas this data to the legend and the
use of the idea prior to you of the this is the maximum value is the same as for a higher for a sense controversial because you know officially on this
work playing with the use of the formula to using language we accept my parents in the house mostly in the case of cells in here for my speaking for myself so some lessons of the scientific problem with weight vector with i I wanted to know the answer to have that was to be In so I was kind of land In the 1st full time in and the other is lying on their findings on the planet and the the wrappers in this is a family of the center underrepresented in terms of people who are actually out there using grammars and so we have to what are the ones you ask for it the if you want to go on and on a very good major-league and asking for help you but I can see the and the what on the fact that the
fact that the and it has that that was not so that yet In the area of the original 1 because of the need for command and knowing that there was some of the of the changes in the plan and asks you ask for a in the back of the universe unless you think but problems
building this is the kind of problems and I want to this problem the following that's surprisingly that you the
the most of our users can but you have to do with various reasons and usually the main reasons for the land use you that this is the fact that our state or the content the sometimes it is that we have so a bit of a rest so during the forgetting and that such problems Our Policy Act this is the the things that know the reason is that there are instructions on the rise in the hierarchy predate and what they're totally useless for the the bad and then from the using really all there is to be it the answer is that you have people who need help and I don't know that you know all right on the advice to anybody at your theory is that in the meanwhile dedicated to the time of day is it with you here have any is usually very grateful and I'm very grateful to you and I'm assuming that the the in what is the pose the problem of your students are more common on the on going to which also use multiple work would be and you know they don't know we also have somebody did the things that we think posted up today instructions for building wine and and it's the ones that the people said they had search the parallel find up-to-date instructions that you know I actually found a lot that looks like it moves the maps in the various users to this blog entry nobody said it didn't work force the problem is that of the event where the other they it is going on in the history of what seems to know a lot of as and then you get it could have a we who knew so that you give some data there I need something out of all of the land and actually there at this actually is the anchor of the dual of and thinking that you know that kind of problem that on that it in you the prompting using the disappearing is is that you know if you have a suggestion here again In a next has worked in hand and it is that we thing you know the thing that I would say that said in the role of the of the view that the but that is being and that this I want to use some of the some of the guys at the in the theory of the year that data thing that they actually have a similar problem he is getting our date information as well and that it is a sense in the year of the of the the idea is that don't really in the I I I think in the in the world you know I look there because I think we can even below this all I and you know could can we get a further problems so I I look at problems and spelling and can you hear people don't you know your of in would use it happened when I need all the think so this overwhelmingly
that kind of
stuff this the user experience but primarily although these founder of experience in the the In timber
and other actually was a lot problem with that and everything the stuff June so In the sender the problem
turned out to be our instructions on our website
for any the EPA and there was a like you have completed
the proved my pictures and it's very worried copy and paste this line now enables through that the that kind of media because there an extra space in the extreme and because of that extra space is the of the of the of the of the that the string of these newly and former insisting they follow the instructions to the letter and they don't work I think the use of the raw prior knowledge is and what it means is that the work that you have received off so someone thankfully finally figured out of it that's it the batteries were used it because of that this was our fault and we can
all the this is the only thing I can do it again because of the power of the in the next this would be we have find have to use this package manager so different you right in half of the values but I don't the the some of the to the for the actually the dialog of our now the analogy is the this is because the reality is that the this is an questions on it is not generally the people asking for us to but you know that the answer is that it is very general having in form you have is the nature of these events that a 1 of the so that's something that we don't know this but this was definitely
the yeah but you don't know what
it is of experiences in the what the OK so I also from head this problem underlying printed problems are all over the place but the healer they cannot most often the rest so when he says something necessary for of the people at the scene around this the variance of the standard and the fact that that was not in the United States is a stuff with the and In the last a lot of work this the on that side of the and this was actually in the late stages of the questions you want to locate the the number of data in the face of influence is 1 area that actually had almost as many questions I and
the others in the areas the that use at of the is present in the area last time this happened and and so we had we had something to propagate as well and that as opposed to the benefit of using the Don on this kind thing a range of problems in the body to use use these things you can do so through the course of of the use of who they are who get last tagging and basically accepted FIL how the user perceived this is what I'm looking at the of set the In the end I have found that a process of using these tyrants and stick the the the the guys in the public right of things in these theories so it'll be on it yeah let's listen the time of the year you know I have can't yeah uses a headache and so for this
taking and this was In all of these people have the vision that this sort it looks here that we're nearing rapidly or something is not showing up at all the results and it was on the theory of so this is the law and the state of the in in some cases they actually found out that turned out to be actually language variable problems usually you know I'm going to write Japanese from the if you trial adjust the program resistance at which just of work same or after that yeah yeah it to the local machine matches will probably reveal any any stacked in a in the rule of a noun some people about the arrangements the lecture notes of but it but the best arable land variables 1 it's actually not that humans we have actually periodically questions about the user guide you FIL moving I and this this and will get to more more and more of this is an oversimplification of the user myself the standard error of the redirection algorithms but the information it's clear that people really should the many thing is that I had to have you this here the in the you know my background that we the I am straight lines which means that it's better to do the work if we aspect the work and the the the but I also know as a teacher it was found that can save text announcement of there is a lot of students and was the in the teacher I have to take look at so I want to have so into something that you would have the right to the yeah why you have to think that we do that the is example of the problem and page is the example it's our fault in trying in now it's obviously now they don't have enough
information so we have a bit of a the head of the of the history of the US hasn't worked the
kind the of that is the world and that the terms of the of the most of the which might be there might be something problems is a violation of things that are based in position on the I have here usually works on the set of all of the farmers 16 of of the so it's not like some information the what if any of the of of and that is the well the obviously you unless i'm Viterbi actually works here is here is a list of we always a lot of a but they tend to in central the the 1st thing that is coming from the left side and the other is that's 1 search and looking at a and harmony he gets the farm then I have been produced in the last years of his the the role of prosody in this graph the library and they there is no air forget hand you know this is the information need assume that has a high and was that there was a few things on the so if you don't underestimate the difficulties faced by that and let's say decided search more than you wanted they will
sometimes find not a pages on the same thing
it doesn't really fit with so I was a little reading and and in this and as you can the to sense that a file of they also has they begin something bigger that contradict each other hey so let users going you know the meaning of of you know that the it happened to have a set of structures that happened really the can I 1 this is a very real danger you're just going to discount all the In the past you use and they're on as but this is what I think you know you want focus users can be experienced users violence has problems is that of the present you can't fix because it the information we need to think about it or if you it balance thing right so the patterns instead of the interaction of genes so you know this is good sort job that you can do of you were wire and still widely they see as could be done by there able to right we require start the use of the fact that lot here and of all of the reasons that because the variance of the the by the fear was that he was of the well I think this 1 is the power of the of of the at the
terms used in kind of this group that's the way that this is the final step of the way the main thing is to find that was the now that's a lot shorter than at the time of the year people are not going to read this you see at like and this and this the I so and so we yes we thank the that he
has been the case in the past that is the the the the the the energy that is not considered as a factor but the thinking of users and the reason for
the needs of the time but I experience of and finally the fact that it have the fact that has and what steps on you the you know so that that's the that's easy to to the quality of the that you can think of this presentation is the name of the man in time the this there will be a that so I you know I have a sense of bonds you can get a good this is good there you know and you know that now I will leave it there and so you know what the the and he
had obtained the there is is the available test on the on the bottom of the list of 500 well and I see all of the development of of 77 100 of let's say that takes a lot but some
user name the need to bring about how the next step is this means that the necessary and that the end of that so it's not that out of step 3 make sure you are using the latest stable version of game similar recently now it is hanging just about a bit of a there could be some kind of you you were used for 1 of your but also because want you do with this new article on the sort of love and how you use 2 of you I said just looking at the grammars cited service and if similar books have been fixed in time of the it Due the effect that they need a way of maintaining that using I know that the meaning of the word and understand the meaning of the word in the in the end of the line reactive and the use force now I'm here for about an hour and then the rest of the is there now are related to the size of this has nothing to do with the answers to that of the players in the in file is but this late is what we know that page has the actual accurate operating with the escape from the law of the land has anything to do with what we already know about the same size as us who can really effort you might do that there are only 2 of you actually have to reflecting the very this final actually to find the so we have a series of instructions which cannot be so that reported at the end of the latest training was in fact know the so in the you have to say about the new experiences in the direction that training intelligent people who are the what we're teaching and that's not what I to do it that you so the derivative at it worked on usually the was that you were the to the 1st the