Win-builds and Mingw-w64: Package manager and modern toolchains for Windows

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Win-builds and Mingw-w64: Package manager and modern toolchains for Windows

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Win-builds and Mingw-w64: Package manager and modern toolchains for Windows
Setup your development environment in less than 5 minutes
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Building for Windows is not the pain it used to be. This talk is an introduction to the history, philosophy, and current status of two FOSS projects mingw-w64 and win-builds which, when combined, offer a package manager and up-to-date toolchains and packages for Windows. This talk will present two projects: First, mingw-w64 which has brought most of the current changes for Windows toolchains: better API coverage in headers, GCC and binutils improvements, better standard conformance and Windows-related tooling. Second,, a software distribution for Windows which can be installed on Windows or GNU/Linux through a package manager. Roughly the first third of the presentation will be dedicated to mingw-w64. The remaining time will be for win-builds and will feature a status report for both the package manager and the packages it handles (i.e. your code). The intended audience is not limited to Wine users but also includes anyone interested in Windows support for free software. One of the goal of the talk is to foster cooperation between free software developers for this particular issue.
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yeah I know who would be the use of the so that you here of rules which showed you have to do the things that are uh new editions things could really like what you all of which we also which was the thought that you'd like to to find things to live a life and that's when those those wind Fujitsu is given to the dividend in a kind of water and that the US General from it this so so that the focus on those is all of which are used mostly when those who would then all of the of the movement that made by the what elites and the goal of chose to use the various other let's think is a fully and that is used to fulfill is faster than the the the that is used to be useful we used to have a you of where it was still video you in the Bible and its due and is the
in of the I believe that the future of the of the theory behind it is called easy to which is also the reason for all right death 50 years ago and 2 of the great we looked at thing which of the influence because I because of the knowledge of the and that you in which made
by this call I want you say a in reaches its you who follow the flow of which you know that the rest of unusual that you what I'm only applies to you so you might I think we do is to give you know it's a I believe that I used to play in of all some of the 1 of my best students to the the origin of food and that the Convention and the reason to do that you will be you have to show up with a with share so that the 1 you want of yeah
alone diseases that's a
you will be of the of the latent distributions uh you and maybe we can look at all to change of this that is on the there is
the need to so is the kind of the things which model that's the meaning the full of a crime is will all what you should do in the light of the 2008 it uh putting all the things you want to sound as in both cases you have of you know all that which of the user so that is the result of the use of you material that's and then they use it is the soul's on the was that you wish to be where you use but something we do something pictures and uh they just think of it give the reason is that you want to go to the next best move the let I wanted to to be closer to better results 1 the idea is to the children we really to have to that is the ideas of Excellence we is a founder and been working on it you uh and sitting in the back of the use of your own musical and all people a what that is used by the as the sum of all the information as well you know who I learned thing in the of the of of the the and the injuries similar that's on these ones that business in the world so many that is there the more involved in is you want to and what they do and you and the danger of the of the of the data that is lower of than that of other things that in so that would be the label is most of the 2 things in all right the interview you can but yeah at dilute good of what you are and his theory was that there these efficiencies you it was just you know who is ages and it will be the and i these these facing so I so you use it to moles in which and you know the less painful and it was the 1 that you need to know this so this is just with is to both the led building the world during our that the next because I suggest you data in the beginning you want to this down just a interesting and to me do is that in the can I wish to use the which you the to instead of all the candidates and then the end the support of the writers by so you have to use the position and also 1 most look at the students that is
you need to know that you as you can it's on to the next to uh and if you want to use the relation you can carry on for all the use of the using an expert to the plan is to have a of and there is here it's the used
I'll be issues as the the listed in the mind and I can use it to the that all the work the ladies you that kind of meaning to you but I just stages the sense that it should because of things you may continue the only I don't think so we will and so that it is I you need the the addition of of of the of the business so that we mean we have the uh the thing I don't think it's a good fit to the data and that's what you think will meet you will have the sheep attitude so you recognize that you really want to make it a little we knew little a car uh that's vision would the word was used to and it was it should be in the beginning of the and here the thing the and this shown 1 for which the the middle regularities by other and he was sent from small thing to most against a lot of end a fall was greater than 1 stage here means that was we see a lot of it also has the 2 and a half into a and so on that we use I think it's a fugitive you know it's there and to you are I of the 2 most of which is are useful for that the I think you need to do something you could the invention of year this is the sum of 2 you do that and want this is the only new ICT to they like to be thought of as way of saying theory was out the this very good to write this I know that the 2 you can see that the same of different units you will using the being disillusions he had the same I did this in which he did is he kind of user makes this because the understanding of what's out of place in them the you can just call it if he is difficult well you didn't think of it as I told the easiest way to achieve the the to use because of each the the the phone Thornton said so you don't have to use the balls and uh you anything you can use the 2 of the 3 integrations of the things that we would you know that thing or
and what I I seem to for this to be the of you might have about the and this is what is the that you can go the dimension of the lecture so I
use that using the which yeah that's that's only 2 candidates for 1 of and you you really have to be the quot to get you to into to the book
I'm here and the I think that was a little bit around to the use of heuristics to the use of the but I should and we you decide that falls in love with very high next so and so that
the most uh I need that since the need to of the distance of what I have to do is something of a painting that we do not
even if they use in the right hand where is even a few things to be cages of vintage the of the day when wanting to use it to do so we can the something which agent who was someone in interested that's so there is this in as with other due to the site the year and that was the end of the day we want to take you the to the uh work on the use the use of this in and usual how do you this the that you which people and in this all that usually is a lecture use have a to and you the measure insight is that the the theory that you did is the biggest magic you Anderson who am but maybe that's the energy instead of and uh you get in the which you can work which you read in the middle of the of the old version of something issues that that a little bit on I We will go on the reward and the people you didn't of maybe 10 years and that will reduce of the lectures given by other things did you notice further and was later so that news you know the 1 2 you from the news that measuring the true that we are yeah I shouldn't complain which do you think in the the state to do that's a lot of you you you you you you know of all the so it's in the world through the use of computers and they do a lot of the users what are you want to use to use uh at the which the condition is that used in the use of user and you have to you and then i have so now when its usability for where because of the movies you might fail um prefer a bonds all this work which of the listed but if you want to leave with 1 going to read which is just mentioned is the place the site the of the nation the uh yeah the mentioned the issue of the distance is really needed efficiencies you thought it was good that we knew the thing that I I can do this is the only facing uh the following of these realize the did in the fall I think it was this thing and it seems that those of flexibility so the associated with to what should be in that it was concentrated in this town and usually what I did give to the meeting user which they have nothing to do with I usually have anything that was using the starting off with the daily and that's that if the eyes the case like we will find you in yeah that was 1 of the 2 you know who was sent it because of the freedom of websites which when you ever you do any of you
change over the based on the data that you know we will be the thing that they're just going to say of you to have you you you you you hold to differences again uh just these 64 all this is to the place so you know I think someone that led to
the institutions do generally how from the what this guy is greater flow false and we'd be maybe didn't have also through the idea is the might I you you how you on with on the display and once
said you the and the Dutch so you are forced to same as the
time the are then you'd think it would and
then you have a question of Bayesian with this to be combined and you know that means that the influences of synchronization when it's you it nieces free fall when you are then you will only when the status of the
use of sales in disease the can the police that's fine pay and you have this creates which you so the green witch period you're which which environment use so that you because of uh because there these are the 182 to change the dual name gesture well known yeah so using the sperm and the instead of thinking of things you something that singular for the length of the to you but if you want to use from the vitamin industry this is 1 of many of these he is that the people you I am life what is the it the the the cannot 50 per cent of the vote in the homes of when we should try to keep all right there on the thank you back in Proc that led to the I was just pointing so there's 2 things with that that's way a
entry consists of only the data
that our used to this to be that the earliest possible of the of the word you could do to I to to make is that of and it's it's a good idea to support people who really
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the full just 1 instance
of saying that we should think
about what you should be many many times at the the linkages our that would get pretty much the 3 in nice children into that of the the was the thing you have to use wow that's the interested uh that means and you in the next 2 to make it work is not the right is going to say things in uh who they may that this this the reason is that the the the the the tools
of you yeah that are
in the no I the test influential nodes of the island and you have that focused on the only be needed to this that's flowing values these here on the can you think the people of of environments and fired from sequence and we we get something that I think it should be there in the thing you think that goes by the name of the word is always a little bit it I really like the way that I have what you do both the with those the the year with national and people her to read for the the light the in the from the from the website of the this is the is the readability our daily meetings people with nodes 90 % of all and all on the right we 1st of all some of the people what you're going to need the which this community In the end user to uh and I want to go through most of that way on the this for the original so I see that you did not receive 1 which is the to you do you get a because the what she thinks that are there things like the generators of 97 and then from that gets us to think about some of the data that we use you thanks a lot of the planet the following is a demonstration of 1 of the problems the so the users in the event is to be said to be delivered things this paramedics and I want to most things that of I I don't know what do is they to the to the city police of new life years of this I have here this is the law of the the thing the the the the so I think the same and there a little bit of a stretch along is the life of the Institute what i that you value topping the as you thought it was going to have to decide which we take this to get it to you in the face of it visits another thing that is really mentions of the world as well something we things here and there a uh no life hate the window Yates JC division Ieader based these I think I had you going to get to this to this to this and how to use in of the the other 2 handouts we use the word and in have yet to the major cities in the reduced by the of the was about to food and to this is to found explain that you have nice as the you have their for the in the same journal and when you do that you have to do with our of you the figure was the line and the minus which you go I will face I was getting yeah is the is the author of the NetWare on a chain of these reason datasets and treated the game
and it would be this and this is you the yeah so yeah just to
move this all the time all time of the it changes that of to the change you that's a few but I won't go into all these people the you keep
a gets all that changes that the language of the uh the other thing that is in the city so of the agent who attend you to read and use the same thing using that as the oceans and thank you I was thinking about of the value of the sum of the change was the and then you replace as well you know you used to be the
and the new instead of going to the end of the year to which they still thought of our Major level of his you can of a quantity which is the rest of what do we with this knowledge so that's the 2 reasons which for multiuser scrutiny so that the
in most words were in
the source of the world information on the
issue of having this view of you are interested in you can of so what it is to introduce you to the use using uh the emotions and so if you don't want to have the I don't
know you want to go to the reduced think you on that that is using the left the 1 if they used to be full these so you have you think some money for the peace and then the voltage full so that means that I think we could do that you that the stuff that the will uh hopefully you unless there for the 1st thing you need to know the difference in the use of force and violence by that's walks grew up of the 2 full respect that it gives you the information you want you to think they do that for each of the 5 yeah the story of what do have warnings and a unit and the I had a chance of a society to focus on the it you need to think about that land we I think that people do you want the idea of these and it's a new folders me even the use of 1 patch where so don't find it likely the batch to miss the chance to his this
many ways of using the this In our view the falls into
2 uh of the what is the relation that generates the pages I introduce that we used to be the way that we we do it but it's something which is that the 2 of the ones uh on so that means that people write using is a very you when you you and they teach unit to say on the amount of all the you know it will be due to the use of you know the 2 of you also calls for you all of which in so if you see the thing which you then you can use that in the all AC signal that these convinced the exogenous that user able to use the computer to the to the London and was very so be aware of the season is in session of the meaning and the use landslide you say that has the right to think that it's something that the kids see that the people are cookies year using the the the energy to do that so uh the the the the the intent and the uh and yet at the same thing over which the case and the thing with famed before you you can still see ancient patterns in different things and uh it was that to say on that 1 is 1 of the favorites that is what we want to know which of using and the vision of the for you to before we used to the and the the the feast of I human the lack so that it is related to the last little I think that to that the of instance of these things including it means there is anything that is led to use 1 kind of thinking 1 could say that in a way that I was in which we call the move is the face usually you to you on the so next to the but so
uh versions to capitalization thing to things involvement in the yeah so you
will very much ongoing also as a library of 1 of the ones in the poem what you are sort of part of the army there is the study is we will also continue of that on the wall and the like in the uh in the course of the of the the the group of people right
for the wrong moment role of what's on the past pattern that happens from the 4 people in on the issues the of course this was a in that you to the use of 1 of the the I think there were the 1st is that you will found that if you like so and then going to let the rest of the world that it should be the only thing power of 1 thing we need to still know there you have to go get to this 1 and once and for all and which are the phi the face and when you can know it's useful so what the user wants for the most part you know that and that you can use it well this is going to use the native distribution for the building of the data lies on that's why the the state of the and the of you have a specific which on listed thing that you can connect them because there on the right of the 2 2 thank and with the the 2 words we know where the flight of something of the the this option to be used by itself please send it to the right of the and and using that so by the way if you have the right to try and those of you who it was long case the user can work on this is the issue really is that when using engine the EGCG on and given the state of the state of no that that you in the values the you know and the the launch of the of the in the little ones the love and other belief you will be doing the right thing to do is to stimulate research the things they the human vision of and was made and I think it was due to use of all of the use of the knowledge that is used we can get the interior of meetings along with the and 52 floor the and you want to get it into different bins the of 1 of be the if