Why You Should Be an Open Source Project

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Why You Should Be an Open Source Project
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You are a collection of code. You've got your initial commit from your parents, the pull requests of childhood influences that they either rejected or accepted, and then you've got you, grown up project who can decide how you want to develop. (Pun fully intended.) How do you continue to develop, i.e. mature as a human being? You expose your code and accept pull requests. IRL, that means sharing your background (bugs and all) and integrating lessons from other people because it turns out the same things that make a good open source project make a good open source person. While you could certainly be a closed source project that doesn't make any changes unless you see a clear benefit to you, that results in a life where you miss opportunities to better yourself simply due to someone believing you can be better. This talk will take the criteria that make a good open source project and explore how they can be applied to being a good "open source person."
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was determined to be done 1 do Susan commute to marketing manager Martin would be interested in what you should be looking to screw project with the Government of whom are we all know that the the the what is the medium the head and a cell and you know that you about why you should be an open source project a century open-sourcing like yourself and yourself development so my name is carol long I work at Monday the on the community marketing team on before that I was working in higher education organizing student groups and actually before that I was studying psychology as user research into self-control which is how you view yourself in relation to yourself and others insult and sort of a ball about the lenses there which review lines and and like any of as linear all as sort of a kind of money is the leader of spending a lot of time thinking about how to be happy and how to reach the next set of my development area as the working of source so that that I could take the framework of an open source project and apply it to my life so when I 1st announced on Twitter that I was doing this talk of somebody actually ask me why I said open source project instead of an open source person and I thought about it and it was really just because it's 6 of 1 half a dozen of another because people are poor you collection of code say by initial contour appearance depending on how much you believe in nature versus nurture you got a varying level of this you have the power quest of your child influences that your parents either rejected or accepted on your behalf this is probably coaches assist teachers is your childhood friends and now you've got you knew about the project and you still have people you to change the only difference now is that you're in charge of that instead of your parents so how do you decide what the next version of the is going to look like how you which had you develop so our common feature of projects is versioning and you probably the status and when I ask what is the next version of you is going to what is the next version of you going to look like and what is this really need to know all the means
that you a work in progress to all works in progress there is no end point of perfect just like there's never an end point of the software project being perfectly not done just because he's not the next and sometimes we think that life is going to be perfect once we get that dream job once removed appears once we need that perfect person the development staff development is a lifelong process neurons and needs are going to change and evolve just like your friends are your significant others are going to change and evolve so how do you figure out where to go while
you're not just like 2nd year the project and use just an example of a roadmap that use it happens to be what I got from our Director of training and development so it has all the different aspects of your life release my life and I'm trying to think about and that sort of thing as a timeline there which I like to try to do things the next month is to say it's not so far away that and that's gonna forget about it and I look at this right now and decided to start filling in and like I would like to start writing in our twice a week and that's gonna be Virginia 2 7 7 of the 10 and maybe also like to do my taxes that able than in else on international in our common moments we don't visit my friend in DC elegant apartment
on them you can do all this at once and you don't want to show you features of one's just because you can't work on everything at the same time so you
create a more realistic roadmap that some things our society different religions you know I talk to us about him on and just like with any other way that you share this with people and you're going to get feedback from them and and how that is a good thing just because reach and research has shown that people who have a roadmap have a happier future down the line even if you don't end up meeting any of these calls just having a plan in mind having a sense of where you're going it's actually enormously helpful sustancia so some of my friends and like this is the kind of thing they tried to wanna try to do can you really get some feedback community feedback is an essential part of any open source project and so maybe my friends and tell me it's really hard for a new but it time when an hour twice a week so I know you had 15 minutes for so weak and the talk to my PC for energies of really nasty since I moved away but I'm visiting is essentially the most of the easiest way to do that and I'm really busy what we just try to talk a little bit more often than any other time on them they call her once a week to be expected that as a cover so we have to get a lot more grief now don't do so accountability is also a really good thing for this so that you always have these decisions to make on what you can and should manage this is your internal roadmap and this is really just to help you allocate your resources and the same thing as it does in development this helps you allocate your mental your physical and your emotional resources and so how do you do this long as feature of common another feature of a successful open source projects that having a common goal that's something that you fortunate to have been feature of all research projects state of being community-driven as they are as you need to have a strong leader you have you a personal a body of people who were in charge of development and unfortunately for you this is you in both of these cases your goal is to make you happier in Europe person it should be in charge of this level of the whole problems of our world today actually is that you
kind be whatever you want to them back economically available in a country where you have the freedom to do so you because become anything realistically you can be anything so surprisingly my agent really wanted me to become a doctor that's a big surprise and as a child of immigrants who have given up everything to move to a new country and a lot of pressure to to do this but not somebody who likes chemistry like things that they can see it like week a lot of a lot more pressure to accept this request this change on my being on myself and all my life but as you can probably guess I decided not to go to medical school I declined the call request on me I was an adult at that point and I was a choice that I want to make the 2nd that you change for somebody else is the 2nd that you sold that your project and you've lost your gold standard
cell but sometimes people believe that you can be that version of yourself and this is an opportunity to better yourself so I said invention a school in the states you start taking a language until too far too late to be of any use of a French teacher in college you notice there's really good costs and encourage me to challenge myself and take summer classes and I always thought like languages I thought I was pretty good at home so became somebody who had decided was inter-coder French classes and that led to the studying abroad in France and then part of what you today is because I can negotiate with the bakery in Brussels for cupcakes the SOB be cupcakes municipal different tomorrow so that's something more question that was a good 1 for me and went on myself I became somebody was a challenge myself of language as any became somebody who was going to hopefully be good at it so the main point here is that you're in control your control whether or not you wanna make a decision that's going to change who you are and simply making that shift in thinking that an understanding that you have mastery over the events in your life of all is 1 of the most highly correlated factors for happiness that is the 1 that is that both of these examples required knowing something about myself here that I like chemistry that I love sleep too much that in like being a workaholic when I could probably do pretty well with languages so how you figure this out of all the need to know your internals this is sort of knowing both your weaknesses and strengths of your bugs in your features
so personally micromanagement is something that annoys me a lot I snapped couple managers because there but if you think about that it's really was self-starter I don't need a lot of hand-holding I don't need a lot of management you pretty much can't tell me what you wanna do and I have my own schedule I'll have a timetable I'll tell you what I need and you can just trust and getting it done sigh 1 of you being a self-starter being an independent worker that's a feature that how do you
figure out what these things are what you share your kernels and this this is scary because sharing yourself genuinely with other people is a very very scary and a hard thing to do but people want to help unfortunately in the real world they're generally a little bit nicer than they are in the internet so I started my job mobility a little while ago I was scared because I got into an interesting point in my career development where I couldn't pretend to be somebody there wasn't any more in my 1st job you give somebody a reason they do it in a certain sounds great that's a wonderful idea but at this point I simply could not pretend to give a shit about things that did not actually the shit out and that was scary but it was also liberating at the same time and this is a good state to be and this is the same state that you're in when you're with your oldest friends are your close family and that's when you get into those conversations about what you may be really like to do we're afraid to you're struggling with what you don't know how to do so I can mention the work on the community marketing team part of what I do is I help engineers together talk proposals for conferences and my job is fairly mystifying to a lot of my high school friends none of whom were contact and I explain to them that after a couple of months of doing this of helping them with their proposals as the kind of odd because I had never spoken at a conference and they were submitted to a conference and we were even then on the speaker side of things at all on them so they ask me why not you know why haven't you done that and they have a wonderful perspective that I was too close to see which is that I can't get a conference to that's not just something that helping other people do and so I submitted in here and I am part of what I'm trying to do here is I'm trying to redistribute collaboratively that's 1 of the key features of an open source project you share out your features you share your development you Shannon back into the community and even if they just a variation on something that somebody else's talk about I mentioned earlier that I decided not to amend school actually ultimately decided not to go to graduate school at all that she worked in higher education for a while and that completely turned me off of going to graduate school and I share my thoughts on this a lot of my friends and I was coming from a background of having worked in higher ed and I recognize that my perspective and my answer is not only the elements not 1 answer for everything but it was hopeless some of them just understand maybe why I was thinking that particular decision and maybe something else had really good reasons why they did go to med school and their approach is wrong it's just different every project develops differently in trying to compete with other projects you can draw inspiration you can draw ideas you can draw support from the and then you want and that's all he makes decisions based on how much it helps other people use sort of and long life is thinking this decision this thing that i'm going there is going to help somebody else further on down the line and that maybe it's not exactly the way that I think that maybe is not exactly the way you think that you can could incorporate that into myself and incorporate that into my and all I wanna help engineers speak about things of the passion about the people who care and 1 here what they have to say that finding a community for them and community is key for an open source project to flourish and it's key for us we know the community makes us look happier and healthier having that social support there is often 1 of the most important things in you just recovering from a heart attack or just feeling happy in your life and people often when working with engineers on top proposals feel like they don't have anything important to say that in the worst case scenario that somebody else is already said something similar you still have a unique perspective and background that nobody else does that's worth sharing and somebody else might learn from it and that's why we have conferences that's why we're all here so while you could certainly be closed source project that never changes unless there's profit and for somebody else never let people see you who you are because maybe you're afraid of what they find you know why would you be must be which is unsourced you'll be happier thank you thank you and you want you using all the ones that you can use the the distance and distance from the point of use of it for about
this is the state that we use in the future