Why, Where, What and How to contribute to OpenStack

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Why, Where, What and How to contribute to OpenStack

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Why, Where, What and How to contribute to OpenStack
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This talk should appeal to curious developers interested in learning about OpenStack development and why contributing to it is a smart, interesting, and simple move. Although familiarity with open source development is assumed, no previous knowledge of OpenStack itself is necessary. OpenStack is a software stack written in Python that you can use to deploy public and private "Infrastructure as a service" providers, potentially at massive scale. This talk will look into why contributing to OpenStack should be interesting to you personally, where in the various pieces and teams of OpenStack you should consider helping, what various shapes your contribution to OpenStack may take, and finally deep dive in the details of our development infrastructure and how you can actually make your first contribution
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the so we're we're here in the militarization and infer assert is there room and there is plenty plenty of interesting talks today
mostly about how you can add to make use of interesting projects but also of the new features invites projects yeah and this talk is slightly different because I'm I'm trying to
address this is a devil and some trying to address the there proportion of on n and try to answer a few a few interesting questions for you like why why would you ever want to continue to open site ways it's something that's easier for you what would you do gain out of out of being interested with this project and once we answer that question we can go a bit deeper right where where does it actually makes sense to continue being open site which is a collection of projects I what type of contributions there is a willful flop stacked and finally you're like fully convinced how 1 of the 1st steps for for putting it to others so that the 1st and most important question to answer is why why would you ever want to contribute to of insects and I would argue that it's it's because a smart move for for
them record for number of reasons but 1st of all you get yes there are a number
of companies that are involved in OpenStack today and it's of quite a significant and cross section of the industry it is represented here this is the list of sponsors for our last Alice
Development Summit in in Hong Kong and if you look at the name is there it's like that most of the IT industry is in this is present in in some form in OpenStack is normally uh last cross section of the IT industry is also like the the Open open-source finally portion of of the industry so you and that if you walk on a perspective and the being visible analyst by by those companies it's not just open source for the companies and it's also we also have like old Microsoft all him where like continuing stuff so it's not it's not like all all source companies that most of the other so strongly companies will you will you will find their when that no that would take exception of 2 like Amazon and Google present in OpenStack because they by security closed-source proprietary software for their public cloud offerings so did not extend then you can get a job
quite easily because the the other side job market is is quite hot so you this is a graph 1 did indeed that come on getting and the growth of jobs in recent times and so you can see that Titan is pretty hard then cloud is very hard and then that of insight is extremely hot so rented you we we start from nothing so it's quite easy to
get that have been there is a shortage of knowledge in up inside the reverse the we were asked for someone with a 3 years of OpenStack experience or otherwise the number of people can actually answer that are like a handful of persons and so if you build some kind of expertise in OpenStack it's actually quite easy to get a job from our last Sunday to hard like of working with maybe 3 thousand people in there and all the companies were when we ask that you ask them to raise their hand if they were hiring and like all the room was having their hands up because they're really having trouble hiring enough people to walk on this so it's smart thing because you actually can get a job walking on a free open source free software projects and then profit on because the since the
job market is it constraint on OpenStack in there is actually x value in getting an universe and same same company need then come doing doing starts its US Sarah's
is not French for your cancer is that we can see that software the proper spike and ever-present Java their workers are like at the same level on what was the sum of all our whereas not inside them over the job market makes the the mechanics of the job market makes it like they more so you can plot and then the gate
arrays and not and that's an interesting thing that we don't here because of a site is that project that is opening up any developed among a set of companies there is no like companies
means forms or or or anything and so it's not companies concluding code to open site it's actually developpers represent universal to encode 2 its xn where's the Linux kernel are poor at she poject the so whatever influence revealed when you walk in OpenStack is
not your company it's it's your inference it's sheer um the expertise that should be on it yield we know your company you don't clear what benefit would benefit from that obviously but whatever the influence of the of the project cost statistically alone or the products that are your name so it's quite easy to switch on for years and so you can switch for the 1 that gives you the package or all gives you the ability to work from home all gives you the ability to walk where per cent of your time on the upswing project and it's not just like a method not just like upon yeah you will be able to switch employers whenever you want if you look at this from this is that they can clearly hear section so the people that I elected to make the final decisions so every culture their votes and we get some some of us get elected to this this ball and in on this picture more than half of the members of the committee actually switched on pro years since they started walking on some so liked 7 out of 13 people here items switch Korea already so it's not just like something outside of the to to try to sell you to open site it's actually happening we built a job market that is better performed the and finally the you should
continue to oversight because you actually changing the world use the cloud computing is defining how IT resources will be consumed in the next decade and potentially after and there is a lot building up which is Amazon Web Services and they are the
defacto but standard to have the the market share their the the the different inter and if we don't react and now we are actually giving the next Microsoft and Google and with potentially form
from reaching consequences that's the main reason why I'm working on perspectives that you hands on as an easy victory they're they're very good so it's a whole fight and and we're trying to find it the you also push that more vendors weapons also was mentioning earlier Microsoft Oracle the where they went to other side because they were kind of forced to and so if we can move more of those traditional vendors to an open source for any project that openly developed and not not like an open source so it main sponsor thing and then we we we need to accomplish something we brought free software and open source to larger group of companies and finally we also point what a model that is that is good for I think that robbers and of free software in general which is about a project should exist outside of any corporate Cominco point sponsor also that's what we call Open innovation daily at multiple companies should contribute to a saying the same project on equal terms without the the the the field of play being being sent 2 words 1 of them that's a good model and continuing to OpenStack is also a way to encourage more companies to switch to the mall which the so I hope I convinced you and now we can go go
go and this and what
and of the so the question is at
which companies at hire people for 1 hour and I not want 1 and 5 has thousands of dollars per
year what i it's it's the companies that
you've you you've seen on the 1st slide with with the number so that would be the idea and direct that's the uh some in a in the white space how how to so they're they're they're different different positions obviously you you can be a bit customer-facing you can be fully on on the open source project on you can be mean their their their at the lower end jobs that sometimes it's implementing sometimes did declines in fact it's it's a it's good injury connected to the Web when they hired another site that operates at to contribute to the to the open source project so I'm plan and and 1 last thing about this I haven't seen yet someone showing up at 1 of all that a person is unemployed and not getting back to the job so we have 1 in in Paris in November so that's a good place to be if you're looking for if you like to know how to write some code and wanted to get a job so where i other 2nd a collection of projects so there are plenty of areas if you have some expertise in some areas it's interesting to to know where where the landscape
looks like at all named interval is what we call the decoded worries that's the stuff that we will use every 6 months as as a common noun as a common thing that they integrated projects which are like project that was to become part of the and they don't really is and there are a
number of other other projects we recall
those projects in what local programs which are like basically teachings off developpers from Vice companies that get together with a common goal and walk on a given number of of contributors so you have an identical ones like who are of which that up 1 of the key components of of others staggered also always 1 each way or infrastructure where the goal is to serve all the rest of the project that with a with a various things so let's look at them more in detail but the main integrated projects
on over which is like the ends as service the ends and you you have an API you get the impact and you can be that stuff on swift is object storage so that's
so 5 storage Broxtowe engineering and
fashion as senior is block storages service you get back in the of the devices neutral is all network resources so community book segments sports our firewalls between the MDP and so model balances that kind of stuff the and then you have 12 which gives
you that is is a service so you like can pull vision that is is that will be by captain and scaled and and you
can like you have an API to create table users etc. and she still is a centralized invitation falls but the thing so if you like more more than authentication authorization person that's the good errorful you I assume they're provides metering and when you monitoring for the world running thing so if you want to when join style for operational that's an interesting wanted to continue to have arise and is the way you so that's the user friendly face of OpenStack people at 1 3 1 to play with the rest of the i directly you can you can use to the when you i and if you want to JavaScript and and bootstrap that's for B 1 good place to go and finally heat is orchestration of resources the the ability to describe a set of OpenStack resources in a single templated deployed that in in a critical fashion so if you're more into of configuration management and and orchestration that's a good place to the other project that just
like Bob bubbling up the top now a civilized processing a service actually uses Hadoop find now and so you can like Bush whose jobs and and
OR trees results of mockeries message chooses service supervision emission she with a you push messages in your messages designate is the service so that interact with name services who were arrested yeah Bobby Kennedy is management of secrets so there is like and uh they very off of secret keys cryptographic keys and get source of randomness in such but the difference between Bobby Kennedy and something like Swift is that you got to have put its but it's often who accessed what when and which is quite interesting for 2 cryptographic keys the ironic is about different workloads about middle so well and for the than the you could actually deployed at the same or close on to uh we machine I use is like speech to tune with the machine and then deploy stuff and against is actually has been up of the data that was in Nova as an independent project because getting actually something that other projects can benefit from so it's wonderful to reduced code duplication between withering projects and there were
plenty of other programs the tradition we need the condition and because sometimes it's not really clear how to use
this infrastructure that is a major program we have and it's all the Deborah pretty faster for we have you weapons I won't get into too much details on that because I have another talk tomorrow at 10 AM in the testing and automation ever so if you're interested in how we actually on development it's quite interesting that you should show of their QA because we do have tests and the deployment is interesting 1 and this is actually quite difficult to deploy so how can we simplify deployment of insight and that's where the triple point and as need is run OpenStack to deploy OpenStack's it's stuck on OpenStack and so you can actually pull 1 key a deploy and continues the delivery of stacked as as you go and it's it's like the new things it's not completely or partially yet but it's like 1 of the most interesting and that up and that we had in the last year the common libraries and other program it's the idea that we have like 20 of code that is we use across projects we should actually make libraries so so that we don't evicted code or so it's a good clean up the king king the because size over his management is my program and the ways measure for OpenStack so it's time to talk with gets done and and would you when he's over 6 months in a critical fashion it's also about security advisories and uh stable Frenchmen and finally best actors or last program that stacked is already 1 history that we have used in integration test to check that if we install everything it still working altogether so it's both a way to in-store OpenStack full development also heavily used in testing so that gives you don't like the
picture of of the landscape of projects we have another site but that doesn't give you an idea of what type of contributions are
to wanted in in OpenStack I'm doing not to that and so we have that repres obviously we
need never appears and for coaches is that in the features that can be but fixes but the code is mostly by there is a hint of
JavaScript especially in the when you either the we still can use java the reversible despair that especially we have pieces of the infrastructure that the like 1 guarantor Jenkinson we sometimes need stuff being Bush in the direction but it's mostly by the at that point you may 1 area that that sounds like complex stuff I actually do that and and the answer is yes because Python is
easy and this is actually not rocket science the mean we are not writing new hybrids or or writing a new
log device for for our broke device type for for the come on we're just interfacing were just the grew between out between uh REST API and we'll resources that's not people actually work and so the trick is to do it at scale there do wield think is is that we do it at a scale that is so massive that we discover new problems but it doesn't rely on a pre-existing knowledge that only a handful of people that started walking on cloud 100 years ago we would have its it's not what in science it's actually if you if you don of special system management by programming where where you were committed things and and you just like created grew between applications actually quite what we're work we're actually doing there's a specialized areas like networking where we where you can't really think you don't know anything about that working its way but on the other is interacting with Linda apply simple we have that the newer presentation just before it's just about maintaining out the grew between DAPI services that this data that lets you get which machine you should actually get stuff 1 on and and the and the interrupt calls but then we also need
DevOps means that we we run all infrastructure using puppets so if you like to write puppet recite is that it's actually quite it's contribute all FastICA also
completely open source and and pushed to get trace so it's completely up and you can look and see and if you're interested I'm pretty sure Jan will be happy to discuss with have we need continues deployment expertise for the stability because they are addressing this difficult the question of how can we continue to deploy OpenStack that we can and do that in in an open source project that you can re-use if you want to but you can also just the user and support users that asking questions on all and that of and the longer website it's it's 1 way of continuing to OpenStack as well yeah but we also need you it's UX designers
used when you do for a living is doing wireframes so we are actually trying to think about some of those
that did you why the of device interfaces that would deliver now and so there is a place for you if you were into where framing and thinking before during and that would you it's designers group and
we'll see technical writers a lot of the and we do what call books prints which
is the right to write a book in an open source waiting uh as as a group so they have those of did gather all together and and how this book with the codebooks France where where they share of the the this period that the chapters of the book they're trying to ride between them and in 1 way diminish should write a book that already is willing to publish it's for not to that and this is the opposite of Russian guy that we have also have another sex acuity I that was written this way so we push open source or free software stand development into areas were were things will not actually done that with which is like butchered any or all of you I where from the we could also use centers and like you
can see here English is better supported than anything else parents as that point you might be also asking well being that's all fine and dandy but it's a bit confusing where where can I make a difference where
where if I show up and do stuff that I will be seen as a good citizen rather than as someone that just 1 wants to have a job and my response to that is you should continue its strategy conclusion but button and practical contributions and practical contributions would be this so called our futures stuff that you just only you care about going on prior cares about of drivers and support for specific technologies so you are like a vendor on and you just want OpenStack to be able to run on top of your hardware that's not really helpful for most of us so I think of think options adding confusion just for the sake of it that's really and fixing your own bags of bags that only effective self whereas started different emissions
so fixed critical bug fixes we have sometimes critical bugfixes especially some of them blocking are continuous integration of of
automation and then we actually need some people to be willing to tackle those how issues and fix them and and that's where we go strategy contribution of walking on common code libraries so interesting technical that is also a useful article 2 meeting integration tests and that's really useful because if we consider that is if it's not tested into broken so when there is no integration test it's actually broken and had the tradition is always useful and strategy the security but it's and patches also things that are generally useful for the part of but maybe will pose for question to the to the end of we have some as we have time for them but so 1 last parts of this position is
how how would you contribute to happens that this yeah we're not using flow across the never stuck where we have a bit a reference muster deeply into the trees and will have commuters we have only have good reviewers so you put was changing gets reviewed the number of people and at some point it gets approved by the required number of people and then it gets worn out to all testing the mission system that all present tomorrow and then and it's it gets merged so you don't have lights someone with power that is superior to anyone else that actually has the ability to commit code to represent everyone goes for this could be used stand there is no out while column that's you can use it and if it's not tested Canada and if it's not what can and that in the In the I've got a trade so there is no way to break things that we to the test which is the reason why it's the best it is broken because so that's how we do things and so this is how we commit with the change so you would close the beach was pretty tree propel the change in your branch submitted for review at that point it changed its
automatic contested so you have a Faustian pact with emitted from our the in testing systems then the changed its reviewed by humans and some was humans have a formal rights that I will if you have enough of them then you can visit him and get approved then the change gets protested with the current state of of the code is a tree just in case something break in middle there and then the changes marriage this is how we do things and before you continue their down number of steps most cases so that you add the right
accounts for the quality system so you need to create a knowledge that account because that's what we use for authentication we're gradually
moving out of it but at that moment today this is still the process you should be following you need to join the OpenStack Foundation because to continue to a section it to be a member of the of non-profit as a group that runs the the wood infrastructure and and and 20 trademark things on OpenStack then you can log on to the other side that called using the log in you create with large bad and you can agree to are of the contour license agreement is not the correct assignment it's just a license of uh agreement so this is actually acceptable even if we try to get rid of and all those states are described and that wiki page that I put that the monomer of this page and then it looks like this we use gates plugin
called between that we developed within and stacked so that you can have a 1 in
1 command to submit a change for reviewing our new system crickets that this you get clone auditory and you um vans use key trick you humanists as to set up the remote that will point to the Garrett's couldn't a system that we have then make some changes you commit that and then you do due to a view that pushes the changes proposed to uh our coding system and you can and you have your all that you can reference and then I guess that humans will review it will get automatically tested in humans we review at the surface of everything that is proposed to a 2nd goes into this final and everything is visible because all the query is happening in at a public website so that's something it's really easy to perspective then this is what our could review
system looks like and so you have the change here with a commit message whoever proposed it here is that the
pool things so actually unit but I don't have the power to
approve it in a way of fly he'll here uh proved that that is not really that is 2 of those scoring worse to put it before it's accepted but anyone can basidiomycota reviewing all have to be a special anyway and there is the change you can and here is the all the comments that we pushed to the could system for that change and the thing about going to the and comment at levels so you can have this small discussions about this is better or not and and I have 1 point 1 things this is how it looks like what you call to be 2 of us like we contribute duct this way conclude in faster to change this way would continue everything is where everything is code so the basic thing is no 1 to interact with it because otherwise incident difficult then I
think and done since the minutes and thank you for listening and hope that was this before you
few and we have 5 minutes for questions the that good it and the now they're just 2 questions that I didn't see glands in the in the list of parameters the subproblem OpenStack program glands the image of a service then so that all interested but so what's the image as and the other 1 can you briefly explain the answers lies in the the uh I named no of knowledge in the say know this you know more about mental so it's not
it's the license grants and things that that is according to some earlier it's necessary to to contribute to another nation's project for food production but they don't all agree on and and the reason why we're trying to get rid of because it's a barrier to entry and its about the business according to half of the of of so we should try to get rid of it because that creates especially for companies virus to enter data that you have to read and to understand it and it's very confusing that's a license granted nightmare units using online and those that
included schools school and you you know
would you use it in a more of a name
and then I have a time and I
think that this is a kind of long
and and
and and so on and so and on
and on and on and on and on and on
and on and on that is