What's new in FreeBSD 10?

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What's new in FreeBSD 10?
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The new FreeBSD 10.0 has been released just before FOSDEM. This new release adds many new features and enhancements to FreeBSD. To tease your appetite, here are some of the highlights: FreeBSD now includes the BSD native hypervisor bhyve. The build system now uses the CLANG compiler instead of GCC by default. The ports and packages system now uses the new PKGNG package repository by default. A new kernel-based iSCSI target and initiator have been added. FUSE is now part of the base system which allows you to run nearly all fusefs filesystems. Growfs can now enlarge filesystems while mounted. A new and better implementation of the CARP protocol. The PF packet filter now supports fine-grained locking which significantly improves performance on multi-core systems. More GNU utilities replaced by BSD licensed implementations
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what's in the the and and and so on please welcome our next speaker pulsing thank you felt was a independent these deep consultant from the Netherlands and he's going to tell us about what's new and free BC 10 place few thank you uhm I've been doing this before BBC I BBC 8 and I don't know many times I thought 0 due to a little bit different today and that Stern is in the workshop release notes have been built around so here's a couple of days woman out there on the web site I assume you all have a mobile device 2 inches thick 35 so go to the release notes meet them and in the last 10 minutes will of grace what about it well in the OK I previously in the least and was just released a couple of days ago I wanna give you a
little of a few of the freebies research at Willie's engineering model I um the little picture here shows the way that the versions are derived from the BBC deposits Spain um this land line here is what we call that's where the sort Frank that's where most of the development takes place and then every now and then the currently at the spatial about once every 2 years we get annual major release those are the horizontal lines and uh every release starts with a point 0 which we consider an early adopters with these means least science as much as you can with the staff that you notion databases but so keep in mind it's a new material things can go on in unexpected ways because what developers do a lot of testing that's don't know your X worked out then the following releases 2 . 1 3 4 and so on are generally considered stable research and when every the least it's got to go from the train we get another small 1 inch and they're depicted by the little arrows pointing at words the that's what we call the security branches so after release comes out say 10 . 0 then this middle ones pointing upwards will only gets security fixes or very important prefectures stuff that we need uh affects almost everybody like if they find a last-minute glitch in the sort of Irish raisins or in the networking there but generally speaking on these were these wines things are very stable and do not change that much anymore apart from all these releases the stuff that you can grab as ISO images database and install yeah there are also uh nightly snapshot builds um there are are 4 while developers people interested in early testing but they get no support and well it's just to get a preview of what's being worked on 1 thing very important in the freebies the released model this step within and nature will lose 1 lines the kernel Application Programming Interface Gaussian kernel application binary interface remains change that means that you've which in a piece of software for version extra y then that piece of software even if it's a device driver should work out of the box which all the version numbers that starts with x so exported 0 up to the last 1 fictional whatever that's not the same in all our of weighting systems per say that's previously price is a very important feature the sub poor that's the freebies the project provides for the operating system and for the releases that depends on whether the certainly it's texts as cider and early adopter the normal or extended support releases of early adopter releases are 2 . 0 when he says that I just explained they only get 6 months of support all the ones I've divided them in black and yellow version numbers the black members are normally says they will be supported at least for 12 moms or at least until the new were stable these has been out for months so you get some time to upgrade to a new release the force of more for your also release stops and then we have 2 arms are called extended support releases they even get support at least 24 months after the release date so if you're running freebies busi in a production environments and you do not want to a greater system once per year or if more frequently then you can just hopeful extended support releases so for Institute in machine learning on I don't love you can jump to weights to your at 4 in gym 2 9 1 and most probably 10 . 1 will be another extended support loose but so completely banning all what you're running your freebies on the way you using it for its of personal usually used for playing allowed were used for serious business you can't use the basic which you that great your system the by 10 B is the
10 10 is a number and we seem to have some public with numbers we keep making mistakes over and over again um why 2 K would doesn't know what's the why 2 K columns course I am 9 September
2001 we had another similar problem will anyone else little hence it
was at 1 46 for UTC united the UNIX internal
clock weights the value of 1 billion that should not matter because it's 32 bits of binary value but still there are applications that handle Unix time converted to a decimal thing the and that's cinco one-digit larger and has caused some problems the why 2 K 38 will hence please a few more force on the 19 of
January 2038 1408 UTC unix
dying we'll web around shorts into their order of 32 bit integer in which you store currently that's even more scary because if you add 1 seconds well I can't take it this time it becomes a negative value you next time it's a signed what does it have to do with the these 2 10 well
10 is less than I am but if you do a string comparison and while working on production of previously 10 use lots of scripts bloke because they did this thing compare if diversion is less than a certain version behave like this and all the wise behave like that which worked fine for freebies T 2 3 4 5 6 and so on but not for 10 anymore there be some discussions on the many things even people suggesting to continue with system them 9 or to start would letters or whatever work allows the in fortunately the wise people of 1 and said no 9 British 1 is 10 if FAA for sure where is broken diverse kids are broken which is fixed and don't work allowed it's because that's easier but of cell the as I just said we have a major release coming out roughly every once in 2 years so what's our next problem on it's challenge the
21 94 Free BSD 99 babies to 1 and 2 brace yourself the OK uh level flight staff
let's go on with the serious stuff what's new in previously as always summarized here and notes go into that there's lots of security and bug fixes yeah there's a new device drivers when new hearts announcements to existing drivers enhanced missing the networks that have the same goes for uh libraries and commonsense duties therefore urgently
also if you knew works will be introduced I'm sure police all of fuel helped projects sending a problem before choosing sent the and if you know the polymers and how to fix it she just fix well it's a project which is mostly done by volunteers and I think I'm a user in the form of developers but I think it's the Portuguese doing also job here but every bit of health that can be this very welcome well with big numbers I consider 10 and big number compared to the 9 which before we also make changes we've used 10 is really full of new stuff um
1 thing that's been going on for several releases between these 10 makes that big step here is um getting rid of the glue license stuff why is that well the GPL license it's perceived by some people as the most free license that's infects uh it has all kinds of all 4 strings attached and in GPL version 3 that has been around for a couple of years now 1 of 2 new strings attached is that if you use development tools with uh GPL version 3 license you may have to allow released a software that you've built using those tools the the same GPL license but show that 2 freebies denying the were stuck with old versions of the GCC compiler and the binary util states are needed tool the power system and an old saw fitted to run on its because in the base system we do not have the right to a newer version of the GCC compiler divided into teams that carry this studio version 20 then you can go several things you can use stick with whatever is the last uh GPL version 2 compiler which still allows you to compile use the will use it and we use the license or you can look at what has been changed after that's in the GCC compiler and more that yourself well the first 1 use standing still and standing still this mother was thing indigenous to the 2nd means a lot of effort so the most logical solution was find something to replace GCC and all that no license to which would be working on that for several releases Aidan freebies denying the already so that's playing were selected with the mouse it was new a C compiler in the base system In previous the 10 it's the only compiler that comes with base GCC is completely cut out now also there libraries and most notably the lips standard C + + library what with the static nor licenses and was taking considers speaking a a lot of work has gone into replacing them with the lip C + form the LLC and project all LVM projects is the project it also created some the line then if we BC 10 a are the archive manager when lip and some other tools have been replaced by tools that are we use the license or at least have more relaxed license although
non-development sites we already had so the archive which is a library that's can read and write all kinds of archives lecturer and C P you know uh we see and and some others and utilities like tar and NCBI 0 have been we implemented on top of that library completely BSD license and for a while there have been both system the old no License version and new BSD License version and the the beginning the new License version was before it wrong but if you want to try to you want we flip that I think previously 9 and these deals became to before class but it was still available and now it's just to be the ones not that nuance of course are still available to watch but not the basis in law and well CPA always from swords the 2 calculators BC and DC finds
was already place sometime ago but it's our new finds its fewer features than that no finds that use before and some of the most-wanted features have been carried over now of the we implemented in agreeable into our BSD-licensed finds what does this all give you well as a user which they of March we have all these tools read have the stools again but it's then however the difference sure maybe even different options and a different license but why we care well but I think it's so uh what would happen to the party actively haven't done moldings the freebies deported use tool and die but
right is um rule has seen this Box session and section in 1 of the freebies the mental pages and will can tell which mental page contains it um new 1 for those who have been around for a while was based on uh software that was still partly copyrighted by 18 later no fell and therefore the soma court cases about what's in the the holding all steps uh under the supervision of developers of the other party on the BBC projects would have to take out all the offended scopes and we start from scratch with a côte based that's completely free completely BSD license and at a loss of 3 BC 2 . 0 that I will also need a new installer and 1 of our founders job habits the he can make you out a new installer and broke the mental page words and wrote in his mental page well it's a quick hack we have to replace it with 1990 to be at the well if it is the denying the already got so criminal page costs the
and that 1 of the problems is it's completely written in scenes it's not even that that insights it's even in some places quite genes but adding new staff is small that easy so storage always lag behind of all the developments new operating system like you file systems and and all most of we
got a new installer called is the install in freebies denying that's uh season stole still there BBC 10 does not have sister stole anymore at least nobody which is still compile it if you want to but it's not so they're right by default anymore is installed it who thinks 1 is uh installation of the system that and the other thing was the main you where you could you will work your time uh do you networking at some users and stuff like that and this means split off we now have to separate tools be useful for installation and use the the for all the post installation system mangement because people want to be visited and don't need the installation stuff anymore it's
mostly Witten as shell scripts and interaction with the user is done using little poem called dialog dialog this Tuesday little tool that gives you OK as key menu or in inputs fields or forward in fruits and that's the only part that's what written as a shell script and everything else is very easy to maintain extensive where the Soudan was being using static what the it's also a subset of the functionality offered yields uh sitting still away you could manipulate the duties petition and stuff like that it was there it had to be maintained very few people knew that was the end users so they're gone and we got
mother installer you um the same time that's in the freebies the project people working on is to install some other guy working for a commercial company who goes a lot further these departure was working on a previous did you I've desktop operating system using these new I'm sure you've heard about it and he wrote his own installer also mostly it's just it's very easy to maintain a very nice user interface um there have been lots of discussions right of merged tool or choose from and 2 other 1 well there is still a lot of overlap in the tool but they also have their own features that are not present in yellow arms so um PC season saw still exists and as a core to see it's included in the base platensis until now so you've got George here and these in stores would you get me fired up here I show a match that's if you want the extra functionality which is in the season stored someone of a clear what's thinking years maybe notion um is a way the available in PC sucessful that you can do a complete configuration offline stored on results and we played at and the do we payoff for uh sports all for the he stole options on we know procedures and so well it is it's really BC CC has some very nice functionality beyond so that all of these can be stole but it's not maintained within the project OK I'm on the porch people have also been very very busy over the last couple of years and the all tools BKG ADS-B the lead info and then all the other ones yeah find them most of you will have seen for RGB banking PKG which is the repository of all the packages that you installed uh for every package reports there was a step to actively with the name and version of the installed software and that's doing contained 4 or more files depending on imports um all the laptop that I use every day of something like 11 and not a trough ports installed and some other machines even more that is quite a lot of small follows a lot of i notes and that makes handling and the package repository slow things can break free easily and all it was a very nice design when we only have a few ports installed 10 20 ports from a system in the beginning but nowadays it just doesn't scale anymore what did we get in return a single command called PKG that's uh does all the work and you just typed in kg space installed or the space uh based or BKG space uh leads to work which you install packages and the repository has now moved into a little equal lights database this 1 little file you can make backups quite easily can be checked and it's just a much better system all the packages are for those who want to binary stalls if you wanna go with this the sources compiled from ports also
also love of things have improved their um originally when the port system was invented in previously over uh by the way it's 1 of the the features that we made freebies stand out from all operating systems right from the beginning and although the systems have adopted so course system afterwards that's I yeah if you have sports where you could at compile-time makes all decisions whether you want feature X in or not for instance if you on its with curable also or without catalysts which yellow pages without yellow pages should be kept using uh make reflects on the command line so you would say minus D no caribou also or later on chasing to minus the without careful sh a couple of Wales's ago we got so the options framework where in the Makefile reports which is to have a list of options that can be switched on and off and uh the 1st thing that's uh make install which make would do for you if you had not long before is give you a little menu using the same problem called dialog that used by the installer we into at all the options and default values and a short explanation the coach would it make you and Jager compile-time options very easily and your answers would be stored in for RGB ports show next time when you greater same quarter or of compiled for whatever reason you'd controlled answers but that was a good step in the right direction but uh it's still lacked a low features and 1 of the most constraints some options can also come together uh sometimes options in the choir and all the while and in 3 BC 10 now supports system has a very nice enhanced version of the menu that knows about these kind of constraints uh if you can choose between a and B or a B and C to build reports then you can only choose 1 of them in the manual and that all works very nicely another thing that has happened recently in the ports uh area is staging um originally the port system when you make and then make install reports would install it's directly on to your life file system if you don't need of the package type make package and it would crack the files just installed wouldn't it be terrible together which makes up configuration files and that would be a package that you can install somewhere else can this has come along more than once the because the or it's a skeleton must know which files includes it sometimes happens that not all the files that were actually stalls and at the end the terrible then attempt to problems 1 policy you moved to port afterwards you do not move everything because there is no trace of the files that were installed not migrant or not register and the other problem is I know carry over this star will file to another machine installed they're using PKG efforts and again completing stole minus a few files which is beaten me several times in the past the new thing staging means that we do not directly useful in the life of operating system but instead an empty directly to these the agents installation goes into it and directly to the and a package is created for their and then installed as if it were a binary package so we know exactly what we're installing and we cannot just forget 1 of 2 files or if you forget them there also not installed on my life systems so developers will know very quickly that they have coughed up of the problem of fault you know we all of 25 thousand ports no he's why it's not a big thing
in the previous teacher and there's all of work on into fertilization 1st a few smaller ones uh we have better support of where the Emerin now and multiple Middle East nodes between the quarterly reports I learned recently that's the company behind the American now also committed to supporting free BSD licensed drivers that orders for a long time but now 1 points which is great and they even supports the Freebase baby freebies the Fundación now financially which is also quite
um we now have before it a yoga Riva's In our genetic girl virtually all books crucially uh implement storage drivers in such a way that they work nicely together with hypervisors we don't need to emulate a hot anymore uh feeding that does the same for networking and the 1st available room is a memory controller device which allows multiple virtual machine song 1 computer uh to coexist and uh use more memory than is physically available and the broom driver let's want virtual machine grow and the shrink when needed the saliva start originally developed for Linux KVM most of the hypervisor nowadays support the for then we got so uh hard-sphere uh bound for the virtualization support you our solid kernel show with no also works much better as a uh Domeo an example but then the big
exciting news and I don't know if any of you have been in my talk here forced and 1 year ago and when the the buildings and previous Kingston's seems like here as you'll when you use the license hypervisor for the
height last year I told to guys that it was only 2 weeks before force them it's uh beehive flows included in hats in the development speed it's now part of they release forms which previously out of auction it depends only genetic kernel you just have to know the fuel loadable modules and then you're done the the license that it's very I performance but it needs a little bit of support for your CPU it doesn't work from all asleep use it's needs uh announced page tables and virtual machine uh exits and treating the that's there a virtual audio exits so on near LM course would choose like this you're starting to him general show and war 3 I 507 step in afterwards the is usually should war doesn't work on below and at some machines but um it makes building a hypervisor March much easier and so the Beehive code is much smaller March easier to understand than your lab devices are allowed and that's why we could develop it so we and it's already we very stable but
whites I there's a lot of new work being done on the BS hypervisor it with something in the quarterly reports that stand out trying to integrate it into some very nice clout sure sure culture for shorter um you can read on that in the courts deported him out a couple of days ago that's this is gonna be our future is going to start on the the previous T and as natural as jails are since BBC for the eyes will be starting freebies dead lights
and I mentioned so of the Intel and Intel-compatible hearts where the I we also used to ship more uh spot professorship power PC and we've even for well supported Itanium proces search but the big deal kid on the block the 1 that's getting everyone's attention in the world at the moment this line farm social and there's been a lot of work going into armed armies very modular platform showed on many different sample researchers it's all have more or less features which makes it less easy then supporting a platform like uh I 386 were a AB 64 but we are finally getting and the points more and more machines are if you support as a work I mean the Westley by which is
reversible credit words the I believe it's only 35 dollars it's now supported by freebies to 10 and 1 of the tables downstairs here in this building I saw it as we buy will stick on the words we use the term so um this gives access to freebies BSD also for lots of students will play with this uh these little piece of hardware and for the industry at large that users are among a set of books entertainment hardware mobile phones tablets and so on and
obtained um and that's working people of also been very busy a cop which is our the dynasty particle much like the API that's fear appeals apparently licensed by Cisco so that's why we got copy from of the the purpose being the wits and completely it's much cleaner now supports all of new features that were very difficult to implement yields carbon that 1 little feature load balancing use not present at the moment I believe it's being worked on that's for doing uh high-availability computing or firewalling this for good news we asked the 3rd generation firewall in previously after I WIP IP filter which we got open B is the this effort for a long time album easy people have focused very much on security and security features that's they did not do march in a multiprocessor field so b f was always uh for a costly locked and did not perform well if you have high will hold like 10 geek interfaces all the multi-core computer the freebies the team has been working a lot of got P f prime courts think looking into and we have no also filters very low and high speeds so you can do your thank internet connections filter them with not worry about your sleep you can attend or not um IPS dober you'll got a little announcement for different you know different it's share-purchase co points these the new framework called net map which is designed for high performance applications for applications that do a little uh nets get lost packets in similar of Beckett's outs thinking about lecture version of thinking about a proxy servers they can do networking would march let's much less copying of Beckett's around memory that's the limiting factor nowadays with high-speed networks and well on the driver Shiites many enhancements annotations but spatially also into 10 Gigabit fields another
piece of calls coats debts we have been carrying our islands ever since the beginning of freebies D that's causing more and more problems for for these engineering is the binds DNS software uh by name we place 2 completely different from of usually separate evolves it can be used as a alternative names driven along that services for stumbled work for instance and it can be used as a result for uh so the little nature of it at all your PCs and mobile phones connect to to do that it has motion for you most machines that you will install only need to have a these and don't need to complete authority of names here you're not writing your own Domains on all of your machines you'd use must be able to resolve so we now have a new result In the BBC 10 which is called and bounds it's it develops by an element laps in Amsterdam and um it's only result for its multiple please nature of therefore it's much more easier to maintain and hopefully less security problems then they fool talkative nature of our of nature which are the high profile targets for denial-of-service attacks and and all mishap on the internet uh the resolver is much less visible from the outside and therefore it much as interesting for hackers Adam bind is still there but it's moved to support or quite sure was also being imports so if you still 1 of bring your name server free of domains on the internet you can do that we could use that things will enhanced so binds 9 9 or the initially by intended approaches and the binds uh the sweet did not only contain the name the server itself but also a lot of small tool which ns look at the posts and some other wants um we lost and tool um as a bridge between uh just having bounds and having everything there is newport holds the Guinness buying tools which uh give should be little tools like uh ns look up and big host btw is uh still in base so if you can live with hosting you don't date don't to buy tools but if you want the can and look up just install by tools and don't OK
and whatever known starch giant of writing system the is the offense was originally written by sudden and was taken over by Oracle son was very nice to open sure sure all their culture oracle appears less nice at the moment you stand up sure saying Garrett developments on the events and a lot of people have put their efforts together to set up a new go places for about 2 so scouts and which he this was developed and for you itself the project is called the innermost and he's working very closely together with its the freebies the projects and from all the projects that use universe and the freebies the project has we based its sources remotes do I inform the also repositories anymore in either left only inermis coach and we're slowly getting into the new features that are developed in the innermost project now um 1 of the things that's uh change when see this 102 in innermost people have worked with CFS no that's both your pool and your file systems have aversions stand on its uh newer kernels can still access all where file systems that's uh you have to a gradient to a newer version if you like thank you show off new were features um that was a linear range of membership of 1 2 3 4 and 2 when for the for the to form a belief or the file system and with multiple projects working on the GFS simultaneously it was very difficult so defined which is a we features in the next version and which features afterwards they compete and wanted the and their features in before you other ones so instead now we have a feature flanks and that's indicated by version of a 5 thousand so it isn't C a which version 5 thousand you know it's handy features which means that every single feature has its own flag and uh you can have various combinations of features available depending on which culture using so it's easier to maintain in the future um we got so L 2 are compression because that is a call using my mistake where the mean and we have cmsup or now in b is the installed cost note the successful so obviously is still can now installed your who petition all may see pool it can even install its on as z of installed on top of a jelly in crypto the device shall we we have got a lot of progress there and all the people have complained in the past yourself for a difficulties for your freebies on something different form just playing you assess all my MB error uh petition based they would be used the install and you see the world as the rest of tree rights and I we've got kernel-based ice chrissy support now until now we only attached eyes-busy is a userland utility we have been using to for your friends well we can now go it's only a life file system you don't have to and mountain anymore and we also have an implementation of fusion in the database system uh fuse allow show it on 0 2 of them and uh file system codes in user space instead of in the kernel which is very handy for developments but also if you want to import uh file systems from all operating systems and don't have the resources to build it into your kernel well some random
changes in the end almost last nite in we use to support wanted a byte of memory uh you're company has been building an ice machine for the freebies Fundation it has a little bit more I think uh the project cynical tech together and we know support full terabytes of a space and instead of just 1 uh did their enhancements we've got that the make form that PC I don't know I expect the benefits over previous 1 because we didn't use will make for a long time already it it seems to me that Capsicum and it's a framework in which you can send books applications within the application itself so for instance you can start at a Capsicum and able why was Europe and while starting you can disable the feature to i 2 certain parts of your file system or it can limit your rights to only 1 configuration directory so it'll hopefully gratefully thank greatly help us in the future tool further a good down on security attacks applications in leading our staff and changing our stuff on our days um with the world to figure comScore always being reduced rules 2 or 3 players now and and the way the on line of AMD and the built-in the consuls of Intel um we have binary support for inferior well you force lagging behind it's not being upgraded so we can support so the upon scholarship to the a D 6 thousand Egyptian and some of the score for 87 thousand you already there use the audio has been a crater it's um can you command BBC version version simple little thing that's very useful I you know what's version both previously your running all nite before you use 10 system anyone will thus you name tell you it tells should a string which was put the kernel at compile time to tell you the version of the kernel it doesn't tell you what's kernel is the insatiable Jewish kernel at the moment go to journalists when they give you a with lots of systems you the false 1 that's how do you know if you use a lens is already have 2 pets never 4 or 5 if some security features have been put into law as a juror as L whatever we didn't have anything there so now we have BBC version that's tried to find out as well as possible at which version of a police or security branch we actually are what U T M P E I used to be that little database that holds the records of all the users that are locked into the system which at the time of Bell Labs unique um which fixed-size fields for the name of your terminal and for your user name and all that kind of stuff so if the locking of your network if you're lucky you can see that you locked in form your IP address but often it's cut off because it just doesn't fit you a you to be X is a much more flexible database that has enough space for whatever uh location you're looking informed to be stored and we now finally also have longer username show well this 1
this theory and characters we can go to to allow the usefulness of plants and well that concludes that what's new in previous attempts at I have left out of his we many of the smaller details in video among by flags and stuff I gangsters the just not enough time to tell the 45 minutes and we'll be very boring we have the release notes can find him on the previous the website of course as usual so I'd like to thank all the
people in who made it possible for me to stand here and tell you about this and all of you because setting in fulfillment almost no from In I've got some
references to help with the side effect after the last 1 and we can find your stuff of course uh the website but also a a few Beastie announced mailing list if you're not subscribe please do it's a very low for your mailing list but at least you know when you please come out and when important security fixes are around if you wanna leave more and look at the other the mailing list there are thousands of them and depending on your needs you can find most of the information of what's going on and furry the I think very worthwhile to lead are the previous the status reports day should come out so roughly once every quarter and they give a summary folded development that has been going on but also the project work has been going on so ham
as me to ask you do you have any questions yep the you said that you that so the question is if there is any performance impact if you move from GCC to crying and there is no 1 answer that's I answer so all the cases um I'm afraid at is not in the room he's the guy would it close to work but and I think at a moment's going produces code which compares quite well to GCC and all the performance side and I know of 1 functionality which is missing which is an embedded functions but um I think most the crank and anodal what we use to do CCC before Das Somport steps use uh features of the nearest versions of GCC so if you want to install those boards they also pull in the latest version of GCC and supports and modeled and of all of them are yet uh available using kind uh as the sale of the all both the base weighting system can be compiled now the user meant and kernel and as far as I know the performances comparible at least to GC so for the recording and the answer from the law is that on the freebies be built across the world ports are uh regularly builds a compile-time it's roughly designed to build so we report using kindness as well for the use the when building with Jesus because by thank you other questions the does the new hypervisor supports only Intel CPU store or doesn't also support new AND cheap used um when I did it so my last walk on the beehive that was a couple of months ago they were working on a piece of 4 I do not have machines myself so I've never tried to do and that's a I know it's there now or at least it's coming quite soon and more interestingly I would have expected equation does it also support other architectures like arm currently now but this summer ways lists and people are looking into that for specifically the Dodge 64 bit so-called sure rights and I think that's so we're gonna kick me that I'm going to be kicked out only 1 question that I may say from whom he think about it may go in but
so for those who want to references many thank you for a given the opportunity to stand here and talk to people the IBP