Webmaker and MozEdu - Mozilla in the education and the code

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Webmaker and MozEdu - Mozilla in the education and the code
A new way to learn code
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This is a project that already has been in operation for a few months, born about a year ago from Mozilla Hispano, primarily about teaching young children and schools about the dangers out there on the Internet, how to avoid them, privacy in social networks, and others. Webmaker is a preamble (prior to beginning need to know these things). Success Stories of our events in Paraguay (the pioneers) and other countries, with rooms full of people who want to learn. We will also show webmaker project that seeks to encourage, teach and motivate people of all edadea create anywhere you, through simple and powerful tools that mozilla provides
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the little on a so we will have only 1 day this year as you may know that I can promise you that it's going to be the amazing day because you learn a lot of singers discover but not our last tools and of course you will be able to ask all of your questions and I'm sure you have a lot of so we have here for you we are there to share power of 4 modes alarm and 4 floors with you the Sierra there's a kind of topic that will pervade that that day that his mother z allow for everybody is truly and existing for everybody if you take me god or not like me I'm not to become a tall found so you will see and we will show you that everybody can a rich modes allow that's why we've decided to introduce that data with something very important for us something which is that we deeply believe indeed education as part of oral so to begin this amazing day let's listen to Eduardo and floor but before just to world about i she sure who was supposed to do that torque was Eduardo ashes 1 of our contribute tools in Bangladesh and unfortunately it didn't receive his bizarre the so just bully is a have sold for as you show because we would have been to with us to that to but today so 1st we have flora through our is contributing to from but in time it there is 10 years that she is 1 of the creators of the French Community she is a modular reps now in 1 of the leaders of most and she is 0 so I would make her and I said 0 well maybe it's due to the fact that she has 2 lovely children she is already teaching them by what frost is and how to code if no and then you will listen to it while delayed model is also modes in arrests he is the founding member of the modes that Paraguay community and is part of what that is by no he is a software in generic and they're walking across Paraguay and surrounding countries to give lectures on free software maybe you become very comfort tables with speaking in public so we you will discover early itself they would present cell with maker and most a dual which uh it bloodily is doing a lot in this country this is a fantastic adventure I'm sure you will love to discover it so poorly is welcome Eduardo and flora thank you OK so I'm going to present you with making it would make him so thus in the y y and whatnot you want of the available 2 women who know the 1st thing that we really want a public generalizable to all of the women achieved but that's not what being in the firms want to turn it into a TV but we do not hold for all that we think we believe that everyone can be aware nature when presented with a simple and reliable tools and that's what here and when they get is about learning by making you know and I think that most of you in this room practice if you if you could also and as we know about the neural code by reading moods and so on but you can also called by looking at the core of the written by all the people of the movements are institute say we don't want I should I should go that and and and what is the nation of some of the is a bit is the Internet the world needs and and if I if I ask you what the what the what is intended the 1 in but probably will you in on so that it's not an intended OK but what 1 of its remaining open intends that it should be know about that we should the web of course it should be there internal problems because we are using the comments on a computer science and that's on the full sometimes them to you know a lot of devices and we should have the same experiences on uh every device OK and then it should be on the Internet should be ours we should make it hours so how do we move when not for making them I know about we should know more about the OK we should do well OK and probably the most important ones is the bed again did I think it is interesting problem in which we all know what it means to to do this but uh it's important that know each people know about it so this is what we mean when nature because everybody should we should be able to to make something on the internet and how are we going to bring in the brain again was like what is its when nature that is web-based that nothing to install again it's is a website so you can access it from a everywhere from every computer connected to the internet uh which runs the windows only units on my class OK the Committee noted with all of them were also so you don't have to tell people again you must install this on the on your computer on you should use only the brother because it's something from there the can use when again with everything again it is only the meaning of moving up so many a symbol you many that us is name and to save and share new projects again
for the on the of the of the of the customer because it's a there's a look at that went into something about a of and you will know everything you need to again so the when can't tools of fast valves similar and HTML it up you you can see the the the the the caller the and the the preview of the of the web page again and show you all modes that it can it is I know that you know you you know you prefer listed in any of the the DOA me I'll something else again and that that flow normal people average people so they they can just seeing what the change in the in this box is a screening it's immediately visible in the preview so you just change the link to the speech on its in the in his pocket and you can you just changed bit by bit the it's something and you need to have of the theater the changing the content of the HTML 5 senses recompiles it's and it's good book the it's not like you begin to to but it shouldn't wanted to see what what it what it makes and that that's the kind of people coming by making again so judge him and there's also about comic and that's it's all about the video again that the media making use of the of the 3 but you have a pretty about here like in the middle of the lines you may and even and and probabilities itself it's 7 it's a bit of work with the you you you that you can make the my make you immediately and by then taking it videos from you choose nail her home music on SoundCloud and remains everything was just from the US side of own computer not from will not the global Wikipedia pages standing there with in the in the field and I have also makes for a good and if I can just say the which to win we the the so you see I activated the explained all those but on the stage so you can see how can I move the point is that the the the girl the overlaid on every element of the in the world I think and I will burn again I take it will by the naturally found in a 5 5 for but the that's the you the you would see the the code of the elements you can't change that's and publish it again and you you you put them in and I can do this using the the web devtools of 5 books of course we began with this but I'm not sure everyone using a modified most of the tools and we do this without there being afraid again so that's the simple in the this I'm sorry so you can see again that the code here OK so right breaks in the keyword of others but you have to take it in mind that would make tools are meant for the for the betterment of them so people will them about as well and it's that meant for all of the the school kids for conveyance of students for the full and also that just want to move around the middle of good old shows that make some good things on the internet with and without the I mean but for example Clinton much that going Gianna and of course we make the and was the that that that that that that means that the you're in your makes your project of data and the available on the Web major samples so you don't but you no matter what about finding things semis and you can just say that in the US and friends shown in in social networks so button if the price is that you will you will hear people that you know why I have to make something that looks like that's convenient to web page of you so you just have to those I'm looking this projects in when maker will get you like it you want to do something like that but it just read Schengen whatever you want and you will get so let's what I already said something environment and you can start by releasing an existing projects of thought from scratch what you want and the back of growing use it and all those little bits when making an indication for when it has no life in 12 languages and missing it's important that it's so localized in as many languages as we can because for example kids that don't speaking English not the regular along the walls speak English than in the schools in their own language and the ditching kids also because it is in deficit in their own language but the teaching kids by in English so the limits OK if it if you have a question on this but there is a bit of that at the end of it speech Thank you here thank you thank you thank you of that
it's not the issue it's screens and just rest I don't think that we can think of the and want to make sure that the public has 4 parts in the in the data on its some technical parole elements the all which is the that it you yes all you know they can look at it from console the the but not to take I think it's going that's too difficult difficult screaming good the so think you know in new market all I don't know why it doesn't work we this you don't need to have something to detect screams and it's a bit with the slide and most of it at the right the whole idea where 1 area I have some technical problems there but I will speak gay we don't we don't slide in house an the was blooper II I don't go above the malls and virology it this broad Werner a in into mosey let's final air some 2 years and and go and these basic carry air this broader he's about to learning yeah its children's and adolescent of or adult tool korrekt easily correctly use a and the the Internet they're headed down there arose in the internet etc. and aid to consider concious and so it it was a great aliens if people the before whom to use would make and then the Our elements in these in some colleges some college in principle in schools yeah and this is the principal ways deals these for the children's care to whole a whole to make the called and the Internet and their particle RDA our probe patient these they're pretty much the privacy did principally in for example aired their children so that he use faithful and their it some some have have holding to corroborate children forward on Florida at at that you 4 and that the Indians to not not to be maybe 2 of I I forget that had some words and then even if you were my presentation I mean I can bear a showed varying in Florida Our evidence in by weight and
variance 3 months ago there was air our 1st 17 Brazil and so on so my my eyes at this late the than for the but in the you and have any questions Florida and they had a lot of our way of maker in of what about their expenses because both of them are really walking on education but some things through Mossad useful Webmaker and and really it's unfortunate forehead model not having it's like 2 calls and it's a deep Boolean truly expands that he is knowing in is in this country and what is doing it's just astonishing so arms I'm sorry for you not seeing that but they really deeply encourage you to as see them after the slot if you have some questions because government lot of seems to bring you went to to teach you around education encoded and do you have questions I and the and I think in the yes and again so the question was was about the teaching kids again now uh when you go to the Webmaker sites would make a little uh you uh fessing you you our projects mother projects and among those that teaching kits for example if the mostly most of them are about the against all you see on the HTML page uh it's geometrical these don't again you can see and uh the commands are used to directs the student's again the 1st step 1 uh change background the image for example OK should I should mention just the post count for step 1 tensor back from the image state to uh for example change Lynch uh the image points to uh and 5 about that's free-fall CSS of OK you tensions the transitional so so this teaching dates are about the guiding the uh the students through the call that for uh for the student loans more about the HTML CSS on the floor every rejected the it is the development of the student will be indicated for a beginner and advanced and the so you can use this gets 83 on language if needed all make your own kid and share them on the on my been corrosive sites located but the question is and but there is air and order of questions for my product ie I less tool to sell my hair beautiful local addicted to this project and Peter words in the event's but there because they technique of problems EDI you want to be able to which and then add Adam and you'll you can there you can go out the 2 our boat they it they ask for me and the question and and can show containing the names this slide to my lost the slide of the just go to the both an Oscar ask anyone about the when they can and they will direct you to the best fit of the direct or move Mozilla employed to you OK my sin Geesink user much my however my he he put my my he the
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end up a my my my my my my
my my Sonoma Lumley I you'll need
some fellow Malaysian vendors CGS is really the Mozilla spirits that you will see you because you have balls unemployed found a contributor that they're doing it told together this is really the idea of Mozilla
knowledge to walk hand by and he announced between contributors and employers we are all members of the community and so you how about robin case not that bad about is knowing him as Cairo on the
Robert is project manager and the mother less-studied it's you he is on all the members of the not that old should have had a member of the Mozilla community well invite he has the low the than this
did not allowed in 1919
9 which is what what which was very courageous so at this time we the and is also providing demonstrate out and
then since all the same data and contributes to all of the multilaterals and when I tell you all know it's all if this is as the nation and and so carol comes to divorce them from the beginning so I can tell you that falls them wouldn't be the same without him then you have say active set it's is 1st calls them so please welcome in beagles I know is particularly happy to be here but is not that happy as we are because we already have to reciting is a contributor animals in RS Montoric is a member of the and Indian community it is a web developer with a particular among co UCT or multiple sings just picked he is also contributing to also follows projects such as media we keep the number cryptal cats there are what except that I said there was this incredible look at and duties doing but remote into would then and but fixing so is doing everything as well so we'll really of balls B guy you know in the community so please welcome them they will talk to you about um needs will mostly concentrate on tips for designing and developing apps for the Web as a platform while using the lattice development tools and resources for Firefox OS in an efficient way these will come taro and sigh act