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Web Audio API
How to properly make noise on the Web
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Now that audio starts to get traction on the Web, let's talk about the new API authors can use to make noise in their web pages. We will briefly cover the API, and then show what is possible to achieve with it (and what is, at the moment, hard or impossible) and how it fits in the Web platform. We finish with possible plans for future of the API.
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and cheap and cheap and hey but this end of this talk about the web all deal and the sender vocal mean now bound d the presence side is simply 1 of my favorite but emblazoned mugs enough come because is very very nice and I just regret the fact that he has decided to have a bit out but that's this choice is at at at at so yes if the dead so it is not obvious for me and so polyzoa media developer admins allowed he primarily works on the old your output backends for various platforms and on the web will deal and he's a big big fan of or what is dealing with music so welcome aboard at the end and you personally went to use it the need space mix and they may be theories we yeah that's the problem how do you need to the it has something to yeah so this was real city is Berlin a slower 2 days um being but what would you because that's this the what have been doing since a year ago I guess meaning mostly not so a year ago was bearing this exact same room and exists in place and I was saying stuff like so we a state game
which implements all known what yet alleviates I'm not too good
and nearly half Linux that works no actually present the cost following firm for the as a as in
this and was a telling everybody that we lost the spec games this the people brightest thank useful respect people don't like to speccy you lose systems in from those the other guys so we have no do they cite the isostatic which was extremely simple you could write the same data In just at uh to the speaker's basically nothing more people collected but people preferred rule API which was that we would like our um so we we suite which we will we like on that so we have to implement a sort perspective was extremely sad because it was a user manual the was most thank so like it was like also there is a function in those kind of that so we had no clue how we should do it so we had to read a lot of webconsole all students that figure at and reverse-engineer the spec which was interesting also we had it behind of wrath uh it was doing absolutely nothing a year ago I said like we were close to actually put sound which seems pretty important but it that don't work the don't Fleming was alright was can working with past buffers around the it did not good but no it's not the right thing the that the right so the when was it uh Friday August this year last day of the August 2012 s on 1st the 1st Committee which was basically all the reason you if shaken calling skull MOS what context the 800 commits after we have a future complete implementation that works in the much obsessed on most of the demos of their so here as you can see so this is the timeline of the commits this is where we really started working on and this is where ships like how learned everything and and go so we have those legal so is this useful I guess to release his maybe 3 now speak speaker inference most of them as with a problem was against so I thought you were games uh what's on the use cases uh fall where would you a like before talking about how to do it 1st and foremost game developers were frustrated uh using only order types because it was not greats like you couldn't do special positioning FXa and survive out it was explained I mean you couldn't write this in the and without such an musicalization visualization as being the you played MP3 3 and you have a little graph moving and say all you there is lot of base application feedback we use that Firefox OS for example when you heat the keyboard it it goes tick tick tick tick tick like a typewriter and musical occasions people other traces things where you just gap browsers and they do music like you'd use some other softwares but since you also have where both UCT and in servers and network and like everything you can do crazy stuff in phone streaming music player so maybe you have heard of mega the old Miguel then you may get loads can stuff so have music streaming service that is where would you In this this interesting ways to be able to play flak the format on the web which In some possible normally but they did run the decoder In a worker and and by that we were doing joins it's insane but it works it's it's insane it's of mice and a battery with who cares yeah and so the proper way to do that would be to use the major source extension but so it's only newborn chrome I guess maybe maybe Safari all what the stuff I'm not too sure so we have uh most of the media ascension uh but it's not enable right now because it's finished and space officials also and ideally ends and that should make noise that so uh me that might be some problem along the way so what can you do with the level you if you are you can say can i for that contains some some buffer that an old file or an MP 3 file whatever format of your browser supports decodes it to now about so you can gets to weight the same file out of an MP 3 file which is pretty cool the precise timing of some clips so when you say you in a game you want to trigger of like of which shotgun whatever with where would a giant an extremely accurate timing control the timing which is important you can also they're sounding simple accurate matter so if you need exactly 2 sounds to be triggered at the exact same times since 1 then it's very easy to do arbitrary order routing and mixing of rules in the future of the demos coming of at fixed transitions scaling should link so if you have uh for example if a gain node will see in a minute the lets you change the volume of something you can say all from time t to t plus 30 seconds on this gains ramp in the exponential fashion uh from 0 to 1 for example to to make a sum that goes up as with a nice smooth curve so think of it as CSS animation assesses Isis's animations but for principle you can analyze audio so get for you transform for those in the know had to give for you transform and display play little bar graph alike display the average volume and so that integration with the web platform so we will see how we can hook up with to see or it it is a major or a major recorder to Web Audio API is extremely easy thanks to you people design ICT eyes and low-latency playback so easily dental presently basically revenues low-latency player at some point and it was kind of possible before but not really uh will be your and steps the sound goes from the buffer to use because the fastest possible so the that is well so I'm quoting the spec but basically you have no it's you connect the nodes and the output of a node goes in the other part of the other the nodes and then at the end you have a sink i which is the speaker's basic we can we will see that there is all the types of sink but yeah
basically idea of sources you have processing and we all 6 of the and and then you have some or you can recorded for send to with autistic so it goes like this and go that where would you graph on the left of got the uh the code that produces it on the states it's an easy always himself you get new context like you would do the API basically I show you how to decode the anode file you got it from the state or whatever you put it to to die so it does the magic gives you buffer back using call laxity sank is synchronous it doesn't it happens a little thread doesn't kinda performance so it's it's just nice then he created both the source you you but the buffer in both the source and then you do a mishmash of connecting and setting farmers and you end up with this graph and at the end you can say start and will start up a Solomon we'll you will go and get process by Dylan node going to the game node go back in the delay nodes of the feedback loops and then you will eventually at some point going the destination node and at at this point you have some so and by showing that you and so there is a then there was this will be terrible but like you elected nonsense but anyway it we you there is another country after that so source node what you can do like well the song can come from basically so you can come from Web alters the issues a major so you can say for example you might microphone and all the microphone of the guy at the other end of the cave with what is the connection that tied up into where would you the for example you can give yourself a robot voice which is kind of cool and you can play a buffer the so this is basically you a sample and you want to play this easiest stuff because the buffer is they could in advance it will it will be extremely fast to play so we don't have to do anything so we just play of samples was later nodes is basic he did you assign square wave so to wonder but you can sets an arbitrary waveform uh script processor nodes lets you write arbitrary Joss scripts and right into a buffer and explain and it gets callback whenever it needs you data but will see why is broken and major element would you source node which is enough for and yeah you been taken the order and but it it into a when you do that the sounds of output in the speakers you basically bypass the normal output of the major elements and I've even to about here so can actually apply processing of the then you can process you been but you have for example the easiest is about apply again if you have a gain of 0 . 5 then it's like you have how the volume basic it can you can the it to more than 1 from 2 brief billion a delay node basically delays in time the inverse so if you do it once again he writes some sounds the weights of its what which 1 2nd of and outputs to sound which is extremely useful also the screw processor nodes again it's broken support you too much it means broken Perspex Sultan additional but uh the scripless mode lets you write editor just compresses data but the nodes extremely useful for games let's use sets 2 . 2 3 points and the sound and the speed as well so that the sound gets pounding you in your speakers or headphones uh respectively to the relative position of the 2 points and if the points are moving gets Doppler effect for free online and stuff so it's really interesting and the that's busy phonemes uh at and then chose the cell measure uh so that's when you have a Europhile but process left and right channel into different ways to split the file and you can hook up to different parts of the graph the so we have this for useful it is you know it's a control node so one-dimensional convolution basically it's like sure church talk and then there is that's busy what it is you can do all the stuff this the most um yeah that's the most natural way of putting it but again the will demos the way Shaper you can do a distortion we the Fonsie with Saints nonlinear wave shaping yeah but against pretty hot and someone is if you don't actually know what it is by could filter is uh is a lowpass highpass you can and then an equalizer a graphic equalizer residual to remove the basement again could the base was this note dynamic compressed nodes uh it's yeah again a bit hard to explain but it makes the low sound uh be more allowed and the loud sound be more quiet so colonizers cup kind of Manises and there no codestream that's extremely useful 1 his friends which itself and then open knows once you've got you processing and it's all nice you can have a media stream destination node so made a stream is basically the the objects in the modern web platform that has view all unit and you can consume it and pipe it's through a lot of difference if your eyes for example you can type it into a major recorder and get unclear to Opus or order or on the 3 or whatever you can pipe it by be to web OTC by keeping the Patriots into another order context the so that's basically the way to connect all the chaos and with transform what you would this nation and that's basically you speakers or headphones uh so you connect so if you want some to be out then you use the body of this nation out sky process knowledge can be used as a we don't outputs to get there in the data and do some calculations that can be pretty useful sometimes and was the stuff ought to do animation and the analyzer nodes basically gives you the characteristic of your in the data uh and maybe using a transform like the Fourier transform so that's also a very useful to visualization and to measure what's actually going on in your rate uh or duo graph so demos so I had false and demo which is this 1 where you where it's 2 D uh to the game where there is little guy running and whenever you guys would screening my microphone it will jump but unfortunately it's on my desk of Muslim in Paris a photo of the code some and his but anyway so I've got
this the physical demo this sorry do you have this demo right now and you can show it like in the corridor right after yeah uh so let's do that so we we're going to get know you before souls we're gonna sets a drum sound and then we gonna do the easiest stuff but again note here connect these there and put that there and then I will Bruce again maybe and making statements and play in school again charitable uniform I think so you again see loops perfectly like there is no gap in the sound not unlike the major element and what I can but they're Leonard In this so I will have another copy of the sounds this this and so cells gross but it works anyway think of it and then what can I do it I can add convolve the emotionally dinner the the the the the data if that the real rate of effects the I what kind of the a bit like words of science and in that the the and like from that but but it the the so you see I there is no high frequency at the beginning I think this is the net normal sound the the good of the DG effect Connor was for the data all the time we by what kind of interpersonal Slater the the so sparring thing I can get my then minus 1 names problem like that that the engine works
perfectly but they don't call write functions it doesn't work uh so I'm I'm personally trolling did have manually like open issues and people's predictions they all my it was great but does when Firefox just do this and this will work and most of them the fix'd because people on ice at Abidjan boats exactly 96 last I checked some bugs to fix in WebKit's link because we change the spec uh um and yeah and massive amounts of stuff to fix a mistake because it is fall from Don and we would like very much of a this inspects people can actually make other implementations and don't go into trouble like I had to read dreidel links go was not great was a great so possible direction but you context in workers as a we uh here as we heard in previous that talks we want to do everything workers so 1 will again it will fix all the script process nite because of it is broken perspectives written all over the web so 1 repeats why right now um maybe from ISIS folders asynchronous version because we we are modern people and when at all no contributors spec and and to the code MRI demos and tell us delisted breaks right a pretty much done the so if you have maybe 1 of the questions otherwise it will hang ups in the corridor and we can talk more short where's the microphone b and and so the yes I have a question well you know I guess what I'm all this audio processing is amazing and really looks cool but how will system response if you asked to make much of them like all the filter she would over them the processing how will it respond on a mobile device if processing power isn't there yet so basically you can do a lot of stuff before it breaks because it's soul of Britain and and written of lies um simplest and as you could and the on on on you can break so because it's pretty easy to do because it had been a limited number of nodes so if it breaks what you will hear is In the audio but we have we have we have we are trying to devise a plan to a plan to automatically reduce the needed processing power without splitting but that's like no he does that leave only that we don't know that would be about open to the side of a plan would like a video 1st respect that paragraph that says all right if you shorten resources back of this stuff 1st and then the the that so we can actually like for example if you do ponder using is shot here is very expensive but you can probably do pattern you can probably get away with doing better using Laura so you can you back off quality and you will be 1 which may be released like for 1 2nd and so you have adopted their plans to do that but nothing is implemented it the graph yeah it's just lecturing the the trees of the we have classes to do that as well so little I yeah little indicator say this is this is costing you like 30 % of a graph or so profiler if you know that was all which we have a question and way that yeah held that I was just wondering about the choice to include the nodes with specific filtering capabilities and so on and as opposed to asking people to implement JavaScript libraries to do the same thing here the phoneme from my and felt it's going to perform a lot worse than the ones in the API and here so it was the thought process this so what happens globin is that there were 2 suspects there was a robot can medicine processing spec that's had absolutely no leverage by this by having a working conditions and ODP I law leverage from this again developers so that's the way it works right we have a bunch of good in 5 don't use because of weight of excessive but anyway so he was doing like before getting on sorted out it was a call for a use case is a diverse 3 see people that told to all the people the the the the use cases there wanted and I knew it was very user driven and soil that's what we have not so is now so the last question and after a few of another question said Paul is gonna be outside waiting for you when answering do everything you want and the event support the time for sorry the plant shop or to the API channel output Suriname and more more than teach that often gets rid of uh this is not about different numbers no this is supported on issue uh uh but can I revealed all of chroma 1 Mac OS this yes that's extreme precise but that's the way it is I have we have plans to that is if people ask for it what does this do it but but you can makes and process uh knowledge from Nortel inside the graph delicate as we 0 wow that's the beginning of models limited multichannel uh Oprah's file for your thank you think he's image thank